Dissenter Browser – The Free and The Brave

Take this tweet: https://twitter.com/jaketapper/status/1132047377467138048 Here is what it looks like to me: You see that little gray thing in the corner? THAT, my friends, is the DISSENTER COMMENT BUTTON. CLICK IT! Come on, I said CLICK IT! There! That's better! After I clicked it, I got this window, but was signed out., unable to comment. … Continue reading Dissenter Browser – The Free and The Brave

China Versus India

Backstory: When I met my second husband, he wanted to move south, out of the snow and rat race of Boston. Problem was, I owned a B&B with my ex-husband's last name (my married name) proudly displayed on the sign. The B&B had a great reputation with significant return clientele - I couldn't change the … Continue reading China Versus India