News Roundup! Massive Wins in PA Elections, Tariffs Are A Win for Americans, Investigate the Investigators, Judicial Armada, Nationalism, Fiat Chrysler…..

According to the Fake Polls, Joe Biden has an 11 point advantage over PDJT in Pennsylvania. In last night’s PA12 Election, Republican Fred Keller beat Democrat Marc Freidenburg by 38 points.

Brad Pascale and our President know the truth!

The tariffs on China are going to be a massive win for Americans in more ways than one can imagine.

From the article linked above:

The chief economic advisor of Allianz – one of the largest financial services companies – has told CNBC that President Trump’s trade war could mark a “Reaganesque” shift in the global economic order, also remarking that in relative terms, America wins as a result of Trump’s hawkishness on China.

Our President’s ultimate plan is to have those corporations making and selling their products in our country.

From the article linked above:

A 25 percent tariff on all imported goods from China would create more than 720,000 American jobs by 2024, a new study finds.

The United States would undergo a nationwide reshoring-jobs effort if it imposed a tariff on all Chinese imports, the latest study from Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) researchers Jeff Ferry and Steven Byers finds.

If a 25 percent tariff were imposed on all Chinese imports, researchers found that about $3.23 billion of production would leave China in 2020, and by 2024 nearly $300 billion in production will have left China.

Most prominently, the massive job-reshoring effort that would result from a 25 percent tariff on all Chinese imports would bring more American jobs back to the U.S. economy by 2024.

The Democrats, MSM, Barry, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Lynch, Strzok, Page, Baker, Yates, HRC etc. realize they’re SCREWED based on the most recent polling data.

From the article linked above:

In a new Hill-HarrisX survey, a majority of registered voters said they support a new Department of Justice inquiry into whether official procedures were followed when the FBI began examining allegations of connections between Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russia.

Sixty-two percent of respondents to the May 17-18 survey said they support Attorney General William Barr’s decision to name a U.S. attorney to determine whether law enforcement officers had obeyed regulations governing surveillance of U.S. citizens while 38 percent said they opposed the new inquiry.


Republican respondents were overwhelmingly likely to say they approved of the Durham inquiry with 74 percent supporting it and 26 percent opposing it. Most independents, 67 percent, backed the probe while only 33 percent said they were against it.

Grab your popcorn!

John Solomon reports the first batch of documents to be declassified in the next seven to eight days will surround “bucket five“:

Bucket Five – Intelligence documents that were presented to the Gang of Eight in 2016 that pertain to the FISA application used against U.S. person Carter Page; including all exculpatory intelligence documents that may not have been presented to the FISA Court.

From the article linked above:

Solomon told Sean Hannity that according to his sources President Trump will start declassifying documents in the next 7-8 days.

Solomon added that President Trump will start with the release of “Bucket 5” document, the exculpatory statements that the FBI possessed about its targets before it went to the FISA Court.

Today for the first time Americans support investigating the FBI’s conduct in the start of the Russia investigation.

Sarah Carter then added that Bucket 5 includes transcripts and tapes of Papadopolous and Carter Page saying there was no way the Trump campaign was working with Russia. The Obama FBI-DOJ did not share that information with the FISA Court!

The Judicial Armada continues unabated!

Article about one of the men behind the Judicial Armada.

From the article linked above:

His office at the Federalist Society is filled with mementos of his career, including a red Trump-campaign-style hat that reads “Make The Court Great Again”

In 1990, Leo became a clerk for a U.S. Court of Appeals judge in Washington, D.C., where he met Clarence Thomas, then an appellate judge. The two became close friends.

As Leo tells it, Trump was open to one of his long-held goals: A federal court system dominated by conservative judges who believe the Constitution must be interpreted literally.

“And this is perhaps where Donald Trump is making his greatest, longest-lasting effort. But he’s doing it based on a lot of the work by Leonard Leo. And today I’m so pleased to introduce him,” she said

When Secretary Carson goes on the offensive, things are headed in the right direction!


From the article linked above:

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson faced harsh criticism from Democrats on Tuesday, as he fielded questions at a Capitol Hill hearing on a proposed rule change that would strip public housing assistance for illegal immigrants.

Some of the most intense grilling came from Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., who claimed that Carson’s plan “would bring nothing but despair to thousands of American families.”

“If in fact you want to explain to the American citizens who have been on the wait list for several years in your district in New York why we should continue to support families who are not here legally, I would be happy to join you in helping explain that to them,” Carson told Maloney.

Nigel is absolutely right! The Forgotten Men and Women around the world are awaken!

Fiat Chrysler is bringing 6,400 new jobs to the Detroit area.

From the article linked above:

Fiat Chrysler says construction is set to begin immediately on a new $1.6 billion assembly plant on Detroit’s east side.

A representative of the automaker told state officials Tuesday that vehicles are expected to start rolling off the line at the plant by late 2020.

The Detroit City Council on Tuesday approved land deals and community benefits agreements tied to the project. Michigan’s Strategic Fund was expected to vote Tuesday afternoon on the state’s portion of incentives for the project.

Fiat Chrysler is pledging to add 6,400 jobs in the Detroit area, including just under 5,000 in the city of Detroit.

The new assembly plant is expected to add 3,850 jobs. Fiat Chrysler also plans an additional 1,100 new jobs at its adjacent Jefferson North Assembly plant to build the Jeep Grand Cherokee and a new, three-row, full-size Jeep SUV and plug-in hybrid models for all.

Winning, Winning and more Winning!

85 thoughts on “News Roundup! Massive Wins in PA Elections, Tariffs Are A Win for Americans, Investigate the Investigators, Judicial Armada, Nationalism, Fiat Chrysler…..

  1. WORD on the Wall:

    There will be around 500 miles of Wall at our Southern Border by the end of 2020!

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    1. PS – the young guys at Human Events remain Coulteresque – that Trump had built no NEW miles of wall on 4/30/19 – despite much evidence to the contrary:

      On 4/30/19, when Human Events published your misleading claim that the President had built no new wall…
      President Trump:
      – had the Army Corps of Engineers at work on surveying/site evaluation/prep, etc. early in 2017.
      – had built 40 miles of wall, replacing miles of sub-standard barrier.
      – had another 172 miles under contract – and- under construction (115 miles contracted 2017-18, 57 more miles so far in 2019)
      – had assurance of Army Corps of Engineers that another 450 miles of wall would be completed by the end of 2020.
      – had the Army Corps of Engineers pre-qualifying another 33 contracts for 8 BILLION in wall construction to complete the 450 mile goal for 2020.
      – had a secondary barrier under construction in the San Diego sector.

      As I wrote Mssrs Chamberlain and Kassam: “The claims that the President built no new wall before 4/30/19, are dishonest and diminish the good name of Human Events.

      Newt and Pat Buchanan would agree….and I’d bet they disagree with Miss Coulter.”

      Liked by 17 people

        1. That could easily be part of it. I think there are a lot of “snubs” – many IMAGINARY and many USED BY THE LEFT – that are behind childish attitudes toward Trump and MAGA. If Ann Coulter has a leftist or left-promoted NeverTrump influencer in close, who is working on her, THAT would be PRIME MATERIAL. The inspiration of jealousy is one of THE BEST tools of spycraft. Coulter is an easy target in that respect.

          I think in the LARGER PICTURE, Coulter is just a professional “Half-Empty” observer, and she has decided to maintain relevance and “use” her talents to goad Trump toward what she wants and likely believes that Trump wants, but (in her opinion) is not fighting for hard enough.

          Current Republican politics under Trump is, to some extent, kabuki, which has to use all the actors – even the really bad ones who are typecast. Coulter can only play one part – Cassandra of Doomsday – so she has to find a way to make that relevant when MAGA is actually happening in almost EVERY conceivable way. Thus, Ann Coulter has latched onto the one thing that makes the net effect of what she is doing WORK in any way for our side – to say it’s “not enough”.

          Many people find it difficult to switch from offense to defense, and COULTER is one of them.

          Is she doing more damage than helping? Personally, I think she’s actually helping, but not by as much as if she would find some new thing to complain about the other side. She could still keep the “it’s not enough” sideshow as a sideshow, but find some new way to attack DEMS, and thus be less ANNOYING to MAGA as a whole.

          I’m thinking that she may have been successfully “Drudged” by the left. They are REALLY, REALLY GOOD at bubbling people and spinning them into some new direction that does less damage to the left. Very likely this has come through “book world”, which is terribly owned by Cankles and KGB-CIA.

          Liked by 21 people

          1. Wolf – that’s as good an explanation about Coulter’s behavior as any. I have wondered what has happened to her – but your description of her being a “glass half-empty” type of person is spot on, now that I think about it. She fills that slot and makes money off it, for sure.

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  2. Flep,
    Your consistent Good News Roundups are spectacular to say the least.
    I hope someone in the WH reads your dailies, it would be a great addition to their PR efforts.

    I particularly like the Ben Carson portion. I watch that real time and he is very similar to Wolverine Ross !
    Cool, calm, collected, and very deadly. That’s the most excited I’ve ever seen him but he ‘drops the mic’ as good as anyone !

    Thanks !

    Liked by 21 people

    1. Ben Carson was, at one time, my lead Republican presidential candidate, back in primary days. He was as smart and understanding of the PROBLEM of communism as Trump, but not as CAPABLE in dealing with the evil leftist fake news media.

      The two men – Trump and Carson – are actually very similar in many ways, but Carson is Commissioner Gordon, while Trump is BATMAN. When you need BATMAN, you need BATMAN.

      I had to face the wonderful winning reality that the only way to beat the left was TRUMP AT THE TOP and the others falling in behind him. And it worked!!!

      Carson was, to some extent, USED by the Republican establishment. Trump never allows himself to be USED, but the way he does it is absolutely ingenious and basically unbeatable.

      IF YOU CAN’T BEAT HIM, JOIN HIM. Especially when he’s doing the RIGHT THING.

      Liked by 24 people

      1. I too was a Ben Carson fan and remain so today.

        At this point in our US history, an in your face, I don’t give a shit what you think persona; aka PDJT is what was needed…Thank God !

        I really believe that had any other Repub beside PDJT faced what he has been facing, we would have lost long ago…..I loved the way our President handled those two commies in his face-to-face earlier…get outta my House ! hehehehe

        Liked by 16 people

      2. Dr. Carson is as good as Wolverine or DJT because he has been seasoned in Hospital Bureaucracy. A more wretched hive of villainy does not exist. He survived there which is why he’s shining here.

        I just love DJT’s leetle friends.

        Liked by 15 people

          1. No better response could have been given to this comment from the ugly heart of this vile woman!!!!
            God bless this great man.
            (and this woman could live to 150 and never come close to what this man has done with his life.)

            Liked by 14 people

      3. Great points!
        Always worth remembering that PDJT deferred to Sec. Carson at the debate when no one else treated him with the respect that he deserved (when Candidate Trump made sure Dr. Carson’s name was re-announced.)

        Liked by 7 people

    1. We won 2 Senate seats as well as a House seat last night!


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  3. I just read all three races were won by Republicans!!! Praise the Lord!!!

    In the 33rd Senate district in southcentral Pennsylvania, Republican Doug Mastriano beat Democrat Sarah Hammond.

    In the 41st Senate district in western Pennsylvania, Republican Joe Pittman beat Democrat Susan Boser.

    In the 11th House district in Butler County, Republican Marci Mustello beat Democrat Sam Doctor.

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  4. Love it flep and thank you so much, it’s one-stop shopping 🛍 for all this awesome MAGA news. It encourages us patriots in the fierce battle against all those bad guys .. and that is marvelous 😉👍❤️🇺🇸❤️‼️‼️‼️‼️

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  5. This news roundup is so encouraging today! And the report about Leonard Leo shows how one man with a vision can make such a difference.

    Liked by 15 people

    1. Yes. Un unsung hero quietly selecting and vetting the best candidates over many years. Again part of a long term plan. Obviously he didn’t just get to be potus’ chief Advisor at inauguration. I’m pretty sure Clarence Thomas and Pres Trump set this in motion long ,

      Liked by 4 people

    1. This guy is pure gold. What an AG. Great to see this issue on his radar already.

      [Insert “Obama Judge walks into a Barr…” jokes here!]

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  6. Our President is literally destroying the Democrat Party right in front of our eyes!

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    1. Copied a tweet … it might post 🤞😑..

      Katie Rogers
      Per person familiar with what happened in the room before this Rose Garden presser: POTUS did not sit down or shake anyone’s hand. He told Dems that “once your investigation is done – we can talk about these things.” And then he left the room before anyone else could speak.
      11:53 AM · May 22, 2019 · TweetDeck

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      1. Liked by 10 people

      2. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love our POTUS to the moon and back! I would have given anything to be in that room this morning and seen the look on Nasty’s face as Trump bitch slapped her and walked away. Priceless!

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  7. When you stand back a minute and really think about it, you will realize that…..

    EVERY SINGLE THING the Democrats have accused President Trump of having done or doing – IS EXACTLY WHAT Øbama, Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Clapper, Brennan, and the rest have done!!!

    EVERY SINGLE THING – every single crime, lie, corruption – is their doing.

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    1. Liked by 16 people

  8. The heartache is still there….

    Sorry the NYC skyline has to be marred by that new Dubai style ‘WTC’ with a minaret on top.

    Liked by 18 people

    1. It is disgusting, for sure. My proposal for replacement of the Twin Towers was to recreate them in the other direction – 110 stories down, with a rotating restaurant at ground level.

      And below the last story down could be an alternate hideout for DJT after he finishes the presidency.

      Liked by 5 people

    2. If that’s a minaret, that’s HORRID beyond belief.

      The Moslems use minarets as a sign of CONQUEST and VICTORY.

      So if there’s a minaret on the replacement “tower”, then what they’ve done is stamped a sign on NYC that they’ve conquered that area.

      And all the DEMONcRATs, RINOs, and sheeple say, “what?????”. Idjiots…

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  9. Very positive article on Leonard Leo, Felice. Thanks so much – your summary roundups are absolutely the best. I wish Brad Parscale would become aware of your ability! Busy Americans could truly benefit from your daily dose.

    Thanks to Daughn & others for promoting your posts.

    Liked by 10 people

  10. I really like Rep. Matt Gaetz. He absolutely get our President. He loves slapping the MSM around. He goes on all their channels. I told my brother that he will replace Governor DeSantis in Florida. My brother doesn’t see him running for Governor. He sees him replacing Rubio or Scott when they call it a day in the Senate.

    He has a very bright future and he embraces our President. He understands TRUMPISM!

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    1. Liked by 16 people

    2. Time to round up all bad guys and send them back to the desert, then turn the desert to glass thats the only way this ends.Let GOD sort em out.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Reminds me of a (sort of) joke going around when Carter was knuckling over to the Iranians, and Reagan had just been elected.

        “What’s covered with sand and glows in the dark?”

        “Iran, if they do anything to the hostages”…

        If only people would remember, and learn history. America’s first international naval battle was against the Moslems (I think Somalians). They were rotters back then; they are rotters now; and they will be rotters in 200 years.

        Until and unless WE do something to stop it (and them).

        Liked by 4 people

  11. “The establishment aren’t scared of us. They are absolutely terrified.”


    I could really care less what their mental state is.

    Actually, let me rephrase that.

    I care exactly as much about the establishment’s ‘terror’ as they have cared about us… for the last FORTY PLUS YEARS — while they were living a life of luxury, power and unimaginable privilege at our expense.

    They need to be stripped of power, have ALL of their criminally obtained wealth seized, and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    They didn’t just ‘overreach’. They’ve been having a modern day Roman Orgy for decades, while the American People suffered.

    Prison should be the least of their worries.

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  12. Wait…wait…wait!!! SLOOOOOWWW DOWN!!! Whoooooaaa Nellie!!! Or is that Nelly? Oh never mind…

    Way too much winning going on! We must take care of our lucky hormones so that they do not get depleted before the big party in November 2020.

    —Get plenty of rest and sunshine—in low sun areas a good quality vitamin D3 can help.
    —Dark chocolate 70%+ to reduce stress hormones—50 grams a day should do the trick! (NO MILK products within a couple of hours of consumption—cancels out the positive effect)
    —Men! Eat your broccoli and get your cholesterol and animal fats! Think testosterone production! Your lady will love you for it—which is a great stress breaker all by itself! (Wink Wink)

    I will stop there for today before I start sounding like Dr. Ruth. 😁

    Liked by 14 people

    1. BONUS! Stop using cheap vegetable oils loaded with Omega 6. Think inflammation….lots of inflammation!

      Ghee and coconut oil are great substitutes and work great for frying at a higher smoke point than regular butter. Try frying a steak with a mix of the two—4 minutes each side. Heaven. 😇

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    2. It’s okay if you sound like Dr Ruth – just don’t start looking like her!

      And for God’s sake, don’t start talking about sex like she does.

      Liked by 8 people

        1. “I’m the president of the United States and no one can make me eat broccoli “
          I hope they serve it breakfast, lunch and dinner at gitmo

          Liked by 6 people

          1. Boiled for a couple of hours, with spinach, to make it that “special kind of mushy”…

            And then serve it with burned (and stale) SPAM… sorry, Øblowhole, that’s all you get…

            Liked by 5 people

            1. For a moment there I thought you were telling me a recipe to make it nice. The other mandatory food for every meal is pork…….or starve

              Liked by 4 people

              1. Yeah. Like how Douglas Adams describes bangers and beer in Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Universe:
                “Joyless tubes, full of gristle, accompanied by yellow water with gas in it”…

                Makes you want to queue right up for some (HHGTTG) pub grub.

                I think I’ll pass and have a Jynnan Tonnyx instead. Or maybe a Ouisghian Zodah 🙂

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            1. How do we know. It’s like bin laden. If I was anywhere near the autopsy he would have had bacon inside. Though that is disrespectful and desecrating to the fruit of the pig

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  13. Florida continues to become a RED State! The gap between registered Democrats versus registered Republicans continue to shrink.

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  14. Joe Biden is the Democratic equivalent of Jeb Bush. Heavily propped up by the media as a contender, but the organic support is just not there.

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  15. THIS is why President Trump was angry.

    He told Pelosi and Schumer to leave and don’t come back until you are through making false accusations and investigating me without any crimes.

    She is crazy as a loon.

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  16. You can find the entire ceremony in the link below.


    East Room – 3:25pm EDT – THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much, Mr. Attorney General. That’s great. Appreciate it.

    I welcome everyone to the White House — a very special place — as we award our very bravest law enforcement officers and firefighters our nation’s highest public safety award: the Medal of Valor. Congratulations. It’s a great award. (Applause.)

    Also joining us for the ceremony is Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen. Jeff. And congratulations. (Applause.) Along with a friend of mine — a great senator — Rob Portman. Rob, thank you. (Applause.) And Representative — and one of the best hockey players you’ll ever see — Pete Stauber. Pete, thank you very much. (Applause.)

    To the heroes we honor today: This afternoon, we express the gratitude and pride of our nation for your immortal acts of courage.

    To the families who join us: You carry a great burden so that our citizens can live in safety and in peace. We cherish and thank each and every one of you.

    Here with us today is Trooper Nicholas Cederberg from Oregon State Police. Where is Nicholas? Good. That’s what I thought. On Christmas night of 2016, Nic was with his family when he got a call that a man in the nearby neighborhood of King City had shot and killed a woman and was now speeding through the city streets very dangerously. Nic raced to find him, and soon located the murderer and chased him into a dead-end road. The suspect made a U-turn, rammed right into Nic’s car, and then immediately opened fire.

    Nic thought he had it, but he didn’t, because Nic was shot in the hip — very badly injured. He laid on the ground. Amid a barrage of gunfire, he kept firing back, preventing the shooter from escaping until other officers arrived.

    That Christmas night, Nic took 12 bullets. After a very tough recovery, Nic survived. And, Trooper Cederberg, we are very honored to have you with us in the White House. Thank you very much. Great job. (Applause.) He looks awfully good. Twelve bullets. He looks good if he took no bullets, you know? (Laughter.) Some pretty good doctors, I guess. Right?

    TROOPER CEDERBERG: I had good doctors.

    THE PRESIDENT: Great job.

    Also with us today is Officer Alan Horujko of the Ohio State University Police. On November 28, 2016, an ISIS-inspired terrorist sped into a crowd of students at Ohio State. I remember that. He then got out of his car and chased them with a knife.

    Alan ran to the scene and yelled at the man to drop his knife. The man charged toward Alan after doing a lot of damage to others, but Alan shot him and killed him immediately. Thanks to Alan’s swift action, not a single innocent person that day died. Some very badly injured people, however. Officer Horujko, we are forever grateful. Thank you very much. (Applause.) Thank you. Great.

    This afternoon, we also honor two incredible firefighters: Captain Dustin Moore and Firefighter Andrew Freisner of the Lenexa Fire Department in Kansas. In April of 2016, Dustin and Andrew responded to an apartment fire, where they learned that a family was trapped on the second floor. It was looking very bad.

    Dustin and Andrew climbed up a ladder to the balcony of the apartment and raced into a blinding hail of smoke and deadly heat. They found a woman who was unconscious and two small children, and carried them all to safety. Captain Moore and Firefighter Freisner, you made a tremendous difference and you make all Americans proud. It was a great job. Thank you very much. Great job. (Applause.) You saved those lives.

    Today, we also recognize eight law enforcement officers from Azusa, California: Tommy Avila, Manuel Campos, Seth Chapman, Carlos Plascencia — I didn’t get that great, Carlos, but not bad. (Laughter.) Where is Carlos? I owe you one. (Laughter.) Andrew Rodriguez, Terry Smith, Xavier Torres, and Rocky Wenrick. Thank you, fellas, that’s fantastic. (Applause.) Fantastic.

    These officers responded to a call of a crazed man firing at citizens near a voting site on November 8th, 2016. When they arrived, Carlos and Xavier raced through a hail of bullets to save a woman who had been shot in the head. At the same time, Terry, Andrew, and Seth returned fire. Tommy, Rocky, and Manuel drew the gunman out of his house, enabling their fellow officers to shoot him and bring the rampage to an end. A very dangerous situation.

    To each of you: You represent the unity, devotion, teamwork, and swift action that makes America’s law enforcement the best and bravest anywhere in the world. Well done. And I want to thank you all for being here. Thank you very much. Thank you. (Applause.)

    And earlier today, in a private ceremony, I was profoundly honored to present the Medal of Valor to the families of two fallen officers who made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty: Sergeant Verdell Smith and Officer Brent Thompson.

    Sergeant Smith was a member of the Memphis Police Department. In June 2016, a gunman was speeding toward a busy intersection downtown. As Sergeant Smith cleared the street, the attacker struck and fatally injured Sergeant Smith.

    I want to just thank Sergeant Smith’s family. Where are you? We just left — where are you, Sergeant Smith’s family? Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you.

    On July 7, 2016, Dallas Police Officer Brent Thompson was on duty during a large protest against law enforcement that soon turned violent when a gunman opened fire on the police. Brent charged across the three-lane road and fired on the shooter. Brent was killed instantly in the firefight, but his act of courage saved many lives. Many, many lives.

    An attack on our police is an attack upon our entire nation. Through their sacrifice, Sergeant Smith and Officer Thompson defeated evil men with the goodness and bravery of true American heroes. We are eternally grateful in their debt. Thank you very much. It’s really great.

    Every officer, firefighter, and first responder who receives this award embodies the highest ideals of service and sacrifice, character and courage, love and loyalty. Your lives of patriotism, your devotion to duty, and your deeds of valor lift up our entire nation.

    Today and every day, we thank God that you were there when our communities needed you the most. And we want to thank you all. And God bless you, God bless law enforcement, and God bless the United States of America. Thank you very much. (Applause.) Thank you.

    So now I’d like to ask the military aide to come forward and read the citations as I present these incredible and very brave recipients with the Medal of Valor. Thank you.

    MILITARY AIDE: Senior Trooper Nicholas Cederberg.

    The Medal of Valor is presented to Senior Trooper Nicholas Cederberg of the Oregon State Police for taking brave and decisive action to bring a murderer to justice on Christmas night, 2016. After an extended vehicle chase, Senior Trooper Cederberg prevented the escape of the killer, placing himself directly in the line of fire and sustaining several life-threatening gunshot wounds.

    (The Medal of Valor is presented.) (Applause.)

    University Law Enforcement Officer Alan Horujko of the Ohio State University Police Division.

    The Medal of Valor is presented to University Law Enforcement Officer Alan Horujko of the Ohio State University Police Division for singlehandedly saving the lives of more than a dozen civilians on the Ohio State University Campus by quickly and skillfully neutralizing a violent knife attacker who had plowed his vehicle into a crowd.

    (The Medal of Valor is presented.) (Applause.)

    Fire Captain Dustin Moore and Firefighter Paramedic Andrew Freisner.

    The Medal of Valor is presented to Fire Captain Dustin Moore and Firefighter Paramedic Andrew Freisner of the Lenexa, Kansas, Fire Department for braving a furious fire and billowing smoke, at great personal risk, to rescue the occupants of a burning apartment building who were within minutes of perishing from the flames.

    (The Medal of Valor is presented.) (Applause.)

    Retired Lieutenant Xavier Torres, Sergeant Seth Chapman, Retired Sergeant Terry Smith Jr., Sergeant Thomas Avila III, Sergeant Rocky Wenrick, Retired Corporal Andrew Rodriguez Sr., Senior Officer Carlos Plascencia, and Detective Manuel Campos.

    The Medal of Valor is presented to these men for acting with composure and bravery in the face of life-threatening danger during a mass shooting on Election Day, 2016. These courageous officers arrived at the deadly and chaotic scene in Azusa, California, and immediately took command, risking their lives to protect innocent civilians and successfully neutralizing the killer.

    (The Medal of Valor is presented.) (Applause.)

    THE PRESIDENT: These are tremendous people. I want to just congratulate everybody. It’s an amazing honor to have you in the White House. Say hello to your families, and thank you all for being here. Thank you very much. Congratulations.

    Thank you everybody. Thank you. (Applause.)

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  17. Its official for those who live in Washington–Illegals in your state can now break and disrespect all the laws they want to.
    California, Oregon & Washington are now sanctuary states.

    Gov. Inslee signs law making Washington a sanctuary state


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