Dear MAGA: 20190522 Open Topic

This WE ARE ON THE WAY TO JUSTICE WEDNESDAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

Now THAT is a “404” catch and release!

You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

Keep it SOMEWHAT civil. They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM.

Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.

Remember the 5 words that President Trump and Vice President Pence love to hear:




Our movement

Is about replacing

A failed


Political establishment

With a new government controlled

By you, the American People.

Candidate Donald J. Trump

Also remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

It’s important to remember WHEN Hillary lost her shoe:

The TIMING of the 9/11 ceremony during one of her Parkinson’s “off days” was key to making this happen. Hillary had managed to schedule, reschedule, and SKIP events very carefully to avoid giving away the game of her Parkinson’s. She appeared on good days, and disappeared on bad days. This was not possible on 9/11. KARMA.

Cernovich and I were among the people who were convinced that Hillary Clinton had Parkinson’s. One of the opinions that I followed very closely on this was Ted Noel, who watched her closely in the news for signs of Parkinson’s. Here is one of his many videos on this:

Note that Dr. Noel warns that Hillary might show these eye symptoms in the then-upcoming debates – which SHE DID NOT. It is my contention that she had MUCH practice controlling all her outward symptoms of Parkinson’s. Similarly, the MEDIA was careful to do things and arrange things in a way that covered up for her. Thus, I’m not terribly surprised that she almost completely succeeded in covering things up at that first debate.

One of the things I was most proud of, was discovering (albeit somewhat later) that she was MASKING the classic Parkinsonian “pill-rolling tremor” in the first debate. It was interesting how she did this, with her hand flattened out on the podium. The KEY to seeing this was actually her trolls and shills, who tried to sell the “Hillary analysis crowd” on various extremely cunning bits of disinformation.

One of these disinformation items was to claim that Hillary’s index finger motions on the podium in the debate were some kind of hidden “scrolling mechanism” to look through her pre-prepared answers to questions. As you can imagine, such an idea is highly discrediting if it’s WRONG, and I could tell that I was being shilled VERY HARD on Parkinson’s stuff, so I (1) knew I was on the right track, OVER THE TARGET, and (2) whatever “extreme” things the shills were selling was probably disinformation.

Here is Hillary at the FIRST debate – the debate with Lester Holt and the mysterious podium-paper-snatching man known as “The Cleaner”. There was also some guy who removed a LIGHTING element from Hillary’s podium – presumably the element for the light-box prompter.

You can see that Hillary has her right hand in the air. At many points, she laid her hand FLAT on the wooden surface to the right of her papers, and rubbed her index finger back and forth on the surface in a very subtle way. I believe she was trained to do this whenever she felt a “pill-rolling tremor” coming on.

I do not have close-ups of Hillary’s fingers on the podium, but I did at the time we were analyzing this. They were quite interesting.

Based on the heavy shilling of the idea of a hidden scrolling mechanism, as well as the OBVIOUSNESS of three things that would have supported the bogus idea of the scrolling mechanism: (1) light-box turned on, although no apparent images on it, (2) the “Cleaner”, and (3) the guy removing the lighting element (clearly real), I now suggest the following scenario.

Hillary was NOT terribly worried about the idea that she was getting fed either questions or answers. THOSE IDEAS were not significant dangers for her to lose voters or potential voters. People, frankly, didn’t care if she was fed some answers. THAT is just CHEATING. Most Dems are actually not too bothered by cheating.

Thus, “cheating on questions and answers” – either by the “Cleaner” mechanism or by the lightbox mechanism – was an acceptable “lesser scandal” to promote and NEUTRALIZE the Parkinson’s scandal.

What Hillary WAS afraid of was the idea of Parkinson’s slipping out. THAT had the potential of taking a LOT of votes from her.

THEREFORE her people constructed the RUSE to both DISTRACT and to support the idea that her finger movements, even though well masked, were actually something ELSE. The elements of the ruse were the very obvious “Cleaner” (a distraction), the lightbox being on (likely needed to help Hillary see, anyway, versus Trump, who did not turn his on), and the removal of the lighting element from the podium DURING A TIME IT WOULD BE OBVIOUS. The POINT of all this was to put together a sexy, distracting, and discrediting alternative narrative to the truth – that Hillary was simply hiding her Parkinson’s pill-rolling tremor.

Do you see what we’re up against? And the fake news was ZERO help in this regard.

Nevertheless, justice was served. The Hillary “shoe” event – also known as the “side of beef” event – was when many people realized that Hillary Clinton was NOT WELL – and that she was lying about it. The fake news did its best to cover up, but they failed.

That was the beginning of justice.

Prepare for more.


Hillary. They never thought she would lose.

678 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190522 Open Topic

      1. Now you know why the “Nazis” could carry out their atrocities – appealing to the depravities which exist in our human nature.

        The abortion ghouls are our modern-day Nazis, they simply have a new cause. Now that they’ve moved the goalposts to include the born, they’ll (already are) advocate euthanasia of the elderly and the disabled. Then society’s undesirables.are next.

        60 years of radical Leftism accelerates the pace, momentum building. They are lacking in humanity, and what’s worse, is that the mentally ill find a “home” with them.

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      1. For than plausible…

        He’s the one with the PROOF of their crimes… the real ‘pudding’ so to speak.

        Deep State would like to see this particular Aussie dead.

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        1. I was unaware of that. TWO of his three convictions were voided, and his sentence for the third shortened. Wasn’t this roughly the same time period that WEISSMANN was conducting MALICIOUS POLITICAL PROSECUTIONS that were overturned? Is there a connection?

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          1. Conrad wrote this about his pardon last week. His situation smelled to high heaven. I wasn’t aware of it until the pardon. I was horrified to read what had happened to him. I guess he’s a friend or acquaintance of PDJT.

            “The two counts for which I have just received a presidential pardon, and of which I was “convicted” in 2011, after the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously vacated them only to have a self-serving appellate judge reinstate them, were for wire fraud and obstruction of justice…”


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          1. time for me to get off the keyboard…
            That’s my reply, with my name on it… so sorry

            thanks for catching


    1. Patrick, that was just simply an excellent analysis of where the Dims and their hopes for impeachment are and what is likely to happen.

      Smart and well written. Very enjoyable. Thanks for posting it.

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          1. I apologize for my rudeness Patrick…

            so glad Syl cleaned it up for me. 😉

            Happy POTUS pardoned Conrad… glad Conrad is commenting on this mess. Thank you for posting.

            wordPress has yet to allow me to ‘like’ but that’s no excuse for being rude … my fingers too often leave my brain behind.

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  2. Per Tucker, including today’s charges, CPL now faces up to 404 years in prison. 404 YEARS!!!! Oh that he should live that long!!! 😂😂😂

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    1. Elizabeth–It’s extremely aggravating, however, they will find ZERO dirt on Our POTUS…
      Another blow to Democracy and precedent going forward, however…

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    2. Wells Fargo is in trouble anyway…

      In fact most banks are criminals… already, guess they figure one more crime will not hurt.

      DIMs should be aware this sets a precedent. Let’s see Pelosi’s eh ?

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      1. PR The Banks are all involved in money laundering and trafficking. I assume they are trying to destroy President Trump before they get taken down.
        It is just surprising to me how many people are involved in this criminal mess. I started years ago studying BCCI and BofA. The bank and insurance company bailouts in 2008 were just insane. I am beginning to wonder how many people will be left when the swamp is drained.
        President Trump supporters are about all there will be left. I am glad other nations around the world are fighting the same enemies for their people.
        I knew things were bad but I did not realize how bad. I thought I was red-pilled a long time ago but everyday we learn more.
        The Swamp critters just hope they can kill President Trump before he succeeds in taking them down.
        He is going overseas again. Pray for him, his team and pray for all of us all over the world. We are in really critical times right now.
        This is the closest we have ever been to winning since George Washington won the First American Revolution. We understand a lot more about what we are up against now.
        I have every confidence we will win the Second American Revolution. God would not bring us this far to lose.
        God Bless America
        God Bless President Trump

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        1. Elizabeth,

          I share your belief about ‘thinkin’ I am red-pilled… and discovering something new everyday. Problem is I’m starting to forget what I learned a year ago 😉

          You’re on the money about the banks… absolutely they are fighting him. Heck, everyone with money is fighting him.

          Praying for him always. And yes, I share your belief that we will win the Second American Revolution. More and more every day DARK is turning to LIGHT.

          Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us… I am glad, so glad you’re in OUR tree. God bless you Elizabeth.

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    3. They better hope there’s no documents saying they wouldn’t do that. Or recordings of some bigshot bank officer saying the same thing.

      First thing we do, we’ll hire all the lawyers.

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    1. I don’t have TV and I am unable to stream LIVE Hannity…

      Sure there are others here in similar situation…

      Will someone report back to us here wrt Nunes’ announcement? Pretty please, w/ sugar on top?

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  3. Joe Concha on Tucker talking about Dem talking points..ECHO ECHO CHAMBER CHAMBER

    First we had “Manufactured Crisis”, until NYT finally admitted real crisis.

    Then after Barr refused House testimony…..
    The “Constitutional Crisis” phrase of 2 weeks ago was used over 386 times by networks between May 8-12.

    Why is not one reporter asking Nasty Nan, “Coverup” of What?? Who’s involved?? Is Mueller involved in the Coverup?? We know that Barr, McGahn, Kato Kaelin, and the WH Chef are involved in the Coverup, who else?? 😂😂

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  4. Hey–I realize this is Fake News Maggie—But how about this little tidbit–ALL the TRUMPS are going!!!

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    1. Perhaps they are all going with POTUS where ever he goes TO BE SAFE…

      I’m still not convinced he is going to UK… to Japan and to Normandy… hopefully not the UK

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  5. Nunes on Hannity. We know that On Foreign soil, somebody was running operations against Trump campaign people. We don’t know if it was Our govt, British govt or a firm but they definitely were running them on British and/or Italian soil.
    No possible way British intelligence read dossier and didn’t just laugh. He believes that Mueller knows that Brits gave US warnings, wants documents to prove, can’t get. Criminal referrals made 1)to fraud the FISA Court and 2)Manipulate Intelligence.
    Mueller knew day he walked in door, no collusion. Report made up of circular reporting.
    After Declass, Americans will want people held accountable.

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      1. What do you say Marica…?

        We need to be Prayer Warriors for next weeks… BIG TIME… friends, churches. Prayers for POTUS and family and Patriots. 24/7

        For those who are secular, don’t pray… please keep our POTUS in your thoughts, meditations.

        Cabal/Deep State are/will be plotting to ……… (can’t bring myself to say the awful words)

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    1. What you say is true, Marica, and I pray every night for God to strengthen President Trump mentally and physically.

      However 😊 isn’t this a photo from the lighting of the Christmas tree in which case those are tears from the cold weather? Isn’t that *swoon* Zinke next to *swoon* Melania, and didn’t she dress all in white that night?

      In any case, this is a poignant photo, and I am moved by its human-ness 💖💖

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      1. Nice catch Alison!! I think you are right!!! I think the sentiment is accurate and, like you said, poignant photo…I Bet it’s hard to find our POTUS with real tears…He’s Strong and very well aware of cameras…
        A good reminder that GEOTUS is actually …human..💝💝 Hugs Girl–It’s gonna be a Big Ole June!!!!

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  6. MOAR Hannity….
    Miss Lindsey, Only way Dems can get 2020 Primary or nomination is if they call for impeachment, Public will kick Dems out of power.
    After 2years of a political rectal exam, nobody’s been looked at more than Trump, they found nothing
    Political revenge is gonna blow up in their faces, “I can’t wait until 2020”.

    Jim Jordan, Dems have secret MOU’s on how they’re going to take out the President.
    Mark Meadows, Committees are taking turns coordinating attacks. Info coming that will “curl your hair”. Schiff has seen documents that will put the finger pointing back at him. 😱
    Spying means secretly recording, taking notes, covert ops..Comey aware of improper things being done.
    Info coming, We’re talking days, not weeks

    Sara Carter, Nunes’ letter to POTUS explosive, will reveal MI5/6 shared info with Brennan

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    1. I was struck by Jim Jordan’s assertion that there were coordinated MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) determining who would do what, and when. I’m wondering if they were dumb enough to put their plans in writing.

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      1. Apparently they did, he’s trying to get copies of the docs. Some Dude did multiple articles on this, they were all due to Nasty Nan by April 15.

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    1. Phoenix!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!! Let’s specifically say The Lord’s Prayer” everyday for the President!! Sylvia? Ya game?

      Liked by 5 people

        1. Phoenix, Sylvia and anyone else that want to participate…Since we are 17th Letter Tree… How about we set alarms for 5:00 pm (1700 hour) and pray the Lord’s Prayer for President TRUMP and family… ?

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    1. OMG – what a TROLL!!!

      “Zero is getting done with the Democrats in charge of the House.”

      Here is how I am reading the implied TROLL:

      “Barack Obama is being investigated now, along with the top Democrats in the House.”

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      1. Ah, you’re quick, Wolfie! “Nothing is getting done” would have been the natural word choice. But I am intrigued by your interpretation, and think you’re right.

        “Nothing is” – correct English, “Zero is” – pretzel English, requires a noun like “work” after it to be correct..

        I forget how good POTUS is at trolling…

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        1. He loves these double entendre tweets that his enemies cannot admit he is sophisticated enough to make.

          The one that he did about THE WHEEL was beautiful. So subtle. They’re always deniable! They could even be subconscious – FREUDIAN – just as good!

          My wife once referred to the Roman emperor Commodus in a totally Freudian slip as “Clintonius” and I just LAUGHED, LAUGHED, LAUGHED!!!

          Yup. “ZERO” is getting DONE. 😀

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              1. Wow! Read that post this morning – people should reread it. It’s an important reinforcement of our belief in The Plan. I especially liked this, re: Kathy Griffin’s belief in how far she could go with bad behavior towards POTUS.

                “If you listen closely, you can hear how she THOUGHT it was “safe” to go after Trump in an outrageous way, because her weird audience echo chamber created by the Communist Democrats gave her a kind of permission to do so. This is exactly how communists do their thing – “permitting” the most outrageous violence and anarchy that is useful to their cause.”

                I think this is a good reminder of the moves by the radical Left in marginalizing and incrementally destroying those not like themselves: conservatives, Christians, and other patriotic, Constitutional supporters, Nationalists, etc.Nazis did the same thing in 1930’s Germany against Jews and other “undesirables.”

                Obama’s presidency unleashed the Left which had been barely contained in the previous decades, though now we know they were working insidiously and relentlessly to get to this point. Getting a Black President in office gave the Left an automatic stay out of jail race card to go after the people who still believed in America.


    1. On Hannity, Sara Carter said documents will released within weeks. I think she was being conservative, because Meadows said within days. She smiled at that.

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  8. POTUS’ Travel Itinerary and Press Questions

    SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Great. Thanks. And thanks for dialing in this afternoon, everybody. So the President and the First Lady will be traveling to Japan this Saturday, May 25th, and returning to the U.S. on Tuesday, May 28th.

    The President and the First Lady will bid farewell to Their Majesties in the morning, on Tuesday, and then they will proceed — the President will proceed to the Yokosuka U.S. Naval Base where he will honor our troops for Memorial Day.

    ⭐️⭐️ Interesting/Weird that they don’t mention his travel to UK 🤔

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      1. Well Wilbur, it is very strange. We knew the beginning and the end but not the middle. Now we know the middle, but not the end. Plus we hear today Ivanka and crew are going to England. Very strange INDEED. 🥴

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      2. Hi Marica…

        I not only don’t want him to go… I can’t believe he would, it’s too dangerous.

        Don’t expect the WH to give the public his schedule accurately this weekend or the week of June 3rd – 5th

        I absolutely believe POTUS et al will be in Normandy on a US Naval ship of some description for the celebration on June 6th. Beyond that, crystal ball is cloudy.

        Lots of things to factor in wrt travel…

        Brexit Vote tomorrow, May 23rd and what happens afterwards… wrt PM May and MI5 etc.

        When the Bucket 5 documents are dropped

        When and if UK allows US to extridite Julian Assange

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        1. Right Phoenix– it IS Dangerous…I will be interested if May is GONE tomorrow…she’s dirty! Tomorrow is BIG!!! I LOVE your Prayer request today!! YUP!!! PRAY!!!

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  9. Sounds like a wide net is being cast. Let’s get them all!

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    1. The size of the school of predator fish and therefore the size and complexity of the numerous nets set out to catch them are probably the reasons this thing drags on interminably, must to our extreme displeasure.

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  10. In the spirit of Wolfie’s great opening post on this thread about The Hag and her illness and infirmity that we all saw play out during the campaign, I’d like to ask if any of you watched any of Nasty Nanzi’s presser today after PDJT walked out on her and Chuck? Anyone?

    The slurring, confusion, inability to recall names or titles was frankly jaw dropping. We’ve seen it before, of course. But it is fairly alarming to observe and to think this person is third in line to the Presidency. She is two heart beats away from being our leader. Terrifying on every level.

    So that made me think of Wolfie’s review of HRC and her illness, and we’ve probably all seen video of Joe Biden behaving much like Pelosi: confused, speaking word salad, mumbling, slurring. WTH? This can’t be a coincidence and I’m sorry I can’t just dismiss it as they are all old. They aren’t THAT old and I find it hard to believe they all have such poorly fitting dentures that they slip, slide, and slither all around their mouths. These people have loads of money. They can surely get that tended to?????

    I can’t even hazard a guess as to what the heck is going on, but why do we have to have such obviously unfit people shoved down our throats. My hair is on fire right now.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. I watched at least part of Pelosi. I also noticed that when she left the mic and stood to the side as Schumer was speaking, she immediately made mouth movements like running her tongue along her gums. It looked as if she felt the need to do that while speaking, but it would have been too obvious, so she waited until she was no longer the focus.

      I agree that this going on with Hillary, Biden, and Pelosi is very strange, and that it is definitely not “old age.” I don’t know of any elderly people who do that. To me, it appears akin to dry mouth caused by something, perhaps medication. But I don’t know what meds cause that, and what condition(s) those people would have to necessitate their taking said meds.

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    2. No, Miss Sylvia, not your hair! 💦🚿💦 Age, Illness, medication, or lots of Alcohol can be responsible for all that freaky behavior. But you are right, we definitely deserve better from our leaders. Just think, Only 17 more months and we get to vote!!! 👏👏👏 Dems BeGone!!!🥳😍🥳 17!!! 🦋🦋🦋🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🦋🦋🦋

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  11. Ni Ni Everybody, 🦋😴 💤 🛌 🦋. Love to All! 😘❤️💕❤️ 🥰 Overall, I’d say It’s been a very good day 😍😍
    POTUS walking out, 404 years😂, It will curl your hair, and NO, my dog is not for sale!!!😍😍☺️😊

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Goodnight sweet Butterfly!!! You rocked it –as usual– today!!! See ya tomorrow!! HUGS and snuggle up in your cocoon!! 😘😘😍😍🦋🦋🦋

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