News Roundup! Where’s the Beef, Steel & Aluminum Tariffs, Auto Sector, Australian Election, Fox BS Poll, Abortion Poll, Joe diGenova, Yellow Vests, COVFEFE Wins…..

Our President and his Killers showed China and to a lesser extent the European Union that we are absolutely locked and loaded to take them on in the months to come with their announcements yesterday.

What a major win for our President and American ranchers and exporters yesterday. Japan reversed a 14 year ban on meat sold from the USA (Japan had barred imports of U.S. beef over 30 months old).

From the article linked above:

  • Japan agrees to lift longstanding restrictions on American beef exports, clearing the way for product to enter the market regardless of its age, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announces Friday.
  • Japan has barred imports of U.S. beef over 30 months old since 2005 in response to the outbreak of so-called mad cow disease.
  • The U.S. Meat Export Federation estimates that expanded access could increase U.S. beef sales to Japan 7% to 10%.

American beef sales to Japan topped $2 billion last year, representing approximately one-fourth of all U.S. beef exports.

The U.S. Meat Export Federation estimates that expanded access without the age restrictions could increase U.S. beef sales to Japan 7% to 10%, or by $150 million to $200 million annually. It said the ability of the industry to use beef from over-30-month cattle also will lower costs for companies exporting processed beef products to Japan.

Also yesterday our President and his team of Killers decided it was time to lift the steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico. This clears the path to having the USMCA ratified by Congress.

Keep in mind that within the USMCA our President and Robert Lighthizer placed a specific rule Article 32:10 which grants the U.S. the right to veto (control) Canadian and Mexican purchase agreements with “Non FTA Market Countries”, ie. China.

This absolutely SCREWS China!

The consequence of China failing to reach a free, fair and reciprocal trade agreement with the U.S., with strong enforcement mechanisms, means that China remains a “non market-based economy”.  Tariffs against China now increase, and both Canada and Mexico are specifically accountable under the USMCA to retain the U.S. market position toward Chinese goods.

If Mexico or Canada violates USMCA Article 32:10, they will suffer similar consequences as currently visible toward China.  The U.S. will enforce all the regulatory and compliance verification to ensure that Canada and Mexico do not engage in transnational shipments of Chinese products.  That is the “enforcement system” that both nations will adhere to enjoy the benefits of steel/aluminum tariff removal.

From the article linked above:

  • The United States has reached a deal to remove steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico.
  • The duties were a major obstacle to passing the United States Mexico Canada Agreement, updates to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The countries will also:

  • Drop all pending litigation in the World Trade Organization related to the tariffs
  • Note: (THIS IS HUGE) Set up measures to “prevent the importation of aluminum or steel that is unfairly subsidized and/or sold at dumped prices” and “prevent the transshipment of aluminum and steel made outside of Canada or the United States to the other country”
  • Make an “agreed-upon process for monitoring aluminum and steel trade between them”

Also yesterday our President instructed Secretary Ross and Robert Lighthizer to focus on the auto sector in all ongoing negotiations. This is geared towards trade negotiations with Japan and the European Union (especially Germany).

White House – […] Following an extensive review of the Department of Commerce’s Section 232 automobile report, President Trump today issued a proclamation directing the United States Trade Representative to negotiate agreements to address the national security threat, which is causing harm to the American automobile industry. (more)

They have 180 days to reach an agreement before our President places a 25% tariff on all cars, trucks and parts imported into our country.

All these actions tell you that we will no longer focus on trade discussions with China! China will come begging in the near future because they are going to be destroyed. The EAGLE 🦅 will ABSOLUTELY kill the Dragon 🐉! You can take that to the bank!

Globalism and Progressivism are dying all around the world! They suffered another massive blow yesterday in Australia.

From the article linked above:

Australia’s center-right government clung to power in a surprise victory, with voters backing its stewardship of a slowing economy for another three years and rejecting the opposition’s progressive agenda.

Despite trailing in most opinion polls for years, Scott Morrison’s Liberal-National coalition closed down the gap with a relentless attack on Labor’s pledge to take tougher action on climate change and strip tax perks from wealthy Australians. For Labor leader Bill Shorten, the loss is akin to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 failure to win the U.S. presidency.

Morrison’s victory is the biggest come-from-behind win in Australian politics since Labor’s Paul Keating pulled off the “unwinnable” 1993 election. Like that poll, it was consistent warnings against the opposition’s expansive program that underpinned Morrison’s win.

Speaking of garbage polling, don’t for one second waste your time worrying about the BS Fox Poll that has Biden up 11% against our President. I took a look at the internals and couldn’t stop laughing.

The poll had the following breakdown:

  • Democrats – 48%
  • Republicans – 40%
  • Independents – 12%
  • Skewed in favor of Democrats by +8%

Meanwhile the current National Party Affiliation breakdown according to Gallup ( is as follows:

  • Democrats – 26%
  • Republicans – 27%
  • Independents – 44%
  • In favor of Republicans by +1%

Another great interview with Joe diGenova.

Another poll that reinforces that Americans are against the Democrat platform when it comes to the issue of abortion.

Our President was completely in his zone yesterday speaking to the National Association of Realtors. Here are some clips from the incredible speech.

Meanwhile in France, the Yellow Vests are out protesting for the 27th consecutive  weekend. For those that think this doesn’t have an effect, I would argue what you saw last night in Australia and what you will see in the upcoming European Union Elections this week is proof of how powerful it actually is in effecting positive change.

COVFEFE wins again!

Everything our President says and does turns to gold!

77 thoughts on “News Roundup! Where’s the Beef, Steel & Aluminum Tariffs, Auto Sector, Australian Election, Fox BS Poll, Abortion Poll, Joe diGenova, Yellow Vests, COVFEFE Wins…..

  1. Love it! Great news! And thanks to the win in Australia, it is LESS LIKELY that there will be either a REAL or a FAKE mass murder in Australia with a gun, because BLOOD HOAXING MARXISTS will not be in charge, like they are in KIWIPROGISTAN.

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      1. P.S. Great roundup, flep! The yellow vests are really encouraging, the Brexit party is too, and the AfD here are again growing just in time for the Europe vote next week. I’m hoping and praying for a Gerexit, but it’s getting closer.

        Sad thing is, Merde-Kuh is going to be a demonstration of the “Peter Principle”, where she gets booted upstairs due to her incompetency. Many are saying she’s going to Brussels; maybe to take “Drunkard’s” spot? Or, maybe (I can dream, can’t I?) there’s a half-asteroid called Brussels, or, better yet, a collapsar, neutron star, or Black Hole called Brussels (oh, wait, Brussels has become a black hole as it is…).
        Merde-Kuh wouldn’t be the first to be “promoted” to Brussels (exiled would be more like it). Gunther Oettinger was sent up there some years ago.

        There’s a very good (and inexpensive beer) by that name (Öttinger); fortunately there’s no relation between the two…

        Also, the deep state have caused trouble in Austria; it’s still shaking out, but it looks like Kurz (the President there) is going to call for new elections. Would love to see Österreich go further to the populist right, and cross up the derp state…

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        1. Cuppa — I am interested in the notion that the Germans could exit the EU. The intermarrying among European royalty in the late 19th Century, the alliances that led to WWI, reparations, WWII, the division of German into West and East, the Marshall plan, NATO, and the EU, in my view, were all directed at various elements of the issue of how to constrain Germany.

          While we have been taught that this notion primarily relates to the fear of German militarization, I think the real fear is economic. Without the EU, every other member of the EU will need to address the fact that they are not as competitive as the Germans. I am not sure they are ready to do this.


  2. Once again thanks. It’s so much nicer getting the real news than trying to sit through an hour of babbling and that’s just the local news! I won’t watch the network news.

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    1. B&F – You and me both! Best thing I ever did was cut the cable cord about 3 years ago and retain my sanity.


  3. Pay attention to the sound of the crowd’s response to our Lion PDJT at the Nat’l Realtor’s speech. Anyone with any sense at all has to know that this is a generous cross-section of Americans and they are LOVING our President and his POLICIES!!!

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  4. Speaking of Oz:brilliant column about the election in Oz on Jo Nova’s blog:

    Against all the polls, the money, advertising, and the non-stop media coverage, against all expectations and the betting agencies — the Extreme Climate Fix was a flop. The Labor Plan to cut Australian emissions by 45% percent is now gone — per capita this would have been a world record sacrifice in a country already increasing their renewable energy faster than any other.

    Major betting agency Sportsbet were so sure Labor would win they paid out $1.3 million on bets two days early. Someone cleaned up with a $128,000 win for a party that lost*

    and it seems like the Aussies don’t like the badgering pollsters any more than us

    Labor was tipped to win decisively in every poll. Even in the exit polls. So thousands of people told pollsters one thing, then they voted the other way, and hid that again on the way out the polling door.

    and to dereference the asterisk:

    *Sportsbet are taking it well tweeting “Yep, we blew $1.3million. Could have been $80million though eh Clive?, referring to Clive Palmer, who spent that much trying to win a seat for himself.

    Looks like Oz have saved themselves from certain (Green) doom… More and more, people around the world are W O K E !!!

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    1. I didn’t watch the results or listen to the radio like I did for 2016. What a shame. Would have been great to watch the abc, (a poisonous nest of backstabbing green/commie bastards), have their version of the President Trump victory.

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      1. A C on point again. Kappa, who made paedophille accusations, suicide looks more and more suspect. Ariel photo shows underground railway in the DESERT. WTF. Hunter Biden returned a hire car with his wallet , ID, white powder,crack pipe. Nothing done. He was kicked from armed forces for coke use.

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        1. Add Tom Hanks to the list of pedos, his instgrm page is blown up with comments, Kappa didn’t suicide out by choice he was takin out by pedowood.And now Cher is commenting ANON hmmmm

          Liked by 5 people

            1. I think she is looking for a “Out” I really have to wonder what happened to her it child to turn into what it is today, something bad happened to it for all the confusion.The Metl Den has awakened me to alot of shit on these pedos, Randy Rocket Cody is apot on with alot he post.

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              1. I sure miss the days of Sonny and Cher only because I think he could of saved his child from the living hell they are in.As for Cher I think it’s to late, the devil has come to collect her soul.

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              2. Whatever happened to Chas happened early. Parents may have rationalised it as the price to give her riches later. I think what happened to Chas turned sonny away from cabal. Note how when he died Cher made it all about her not the widow.

                Liked by 3 people

              3. Sonny Bono could just as well been called $cieno Bono.

                That plays with people’s minds, too. Not sure if he escaped the cult or not…

                Just like the Klintoons and many of the “secret organizations” (e.g. Skull and Bones), the $cienos gather TONS of dirt on people (“counseling” or “auditing” they call it). This, in turn, can be used against the PC (pre-clear) or OT (operating Thetan …. gee, what does that rhyme with?) should they desire to get out.. “blow Scientology” it’s called.

                RIP Lisa McPherson (and many others)…

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    2. It’s called “common sense” and amazingly enough, there seems to be quite a bit of it left in the general populace of the world. It’s the “elite” that are nutz!!!


  5. Thanks for another Great News Roundup, Fle!

    That is such good news about the beef sales to Japan.
    Every little bit helps…and Japan loves our beef.

    I don’t think it will raise beef prices here either.
    It shouldn’t…because it’s not like beef is a ‘finite’ supply.
    Our beef producers can always increase their herds if the demand is there.

    Thanks again, for doing these Roundups for us!

    Need to fix you up with an image to use at the top of these threads.
    Like a ‘trademark’ image…it would really set them off.
    Got any ideas?

    If I knew what you’d like, I would be happy to load it into the Media File…then all you’d have to do it click on it to insert it into the ‘Featured Image’ for your threads.

    Let me know if you’d like to do that.

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      1. Flep!! I do not know why…But I always see “hashtag hashtag –Read all about it” When I see your News Roundupis–Like when the News was NOT propaganda–But ACTUALLY NEWS!!!!
        Wheatie– Broadway musical–NEWSIES comes to mind? I dunno–

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      2. Here are some I have found so far…

        Marica mentioned “Newsies”, so I started there:









        (6) Rockwell’s shoe shine boy reading the Home Town News:


        (7) Rockwell’s classic Press Room:


        (8) Another Rockwell — shouting about green shoots:

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        1. Personally, if I had to pick…I kinda like number (1).
          But that’s just me.

          And I will be glad to keep looking.
          Don’t have to go with ‘newsie/newsroom’ theme…there are lots of ways to go.
          Had to start somewhere.

          Could also start with one of these for now, then replace it later if you find something you like better.

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          1. Great finds Wheatie!! I like them all!!! I like #1 as well–One of the headlines read “STOCKS SEEN HIGHER” It’s the Positive News!!! It will be fun to see what Flep chooses!!!

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          2. FWIW I like number one. My thought is that keeping the image fairly simple without a ton of detail cluttering it up makes it clean, clear recognizable.

            The newsboy theme is a cute idea if flep likes it. All of them are great images!

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  6. For months my little voice has been telling me that Steve Bannon is behind this nationalist movement internationally. If you read his Wiki page (gagging through half of the innuendos and propaganda) you can see how he’s uniquely qualified to do something like this. I believe the ‘falling out’ he and President Trump had was just to distance them during this operation.

    Then I see this article from today which validates my little voice. Anyone else think there’s something to my theory?

    If populists obtain more than 30% of the vote in this month’s elections for the European Parliament, it will give a boost to Donald Trump’s re-election effort, said Steve Bannon, a former top adviser to the U.S. president, in an interview with daily newspaper Le Parisien.

    The vote’s outcome will be particularly crucial in France, where the parliamentary elections are essentially a referendum on President Emmanuel Macron and “his vision for Europe,” Bannon said in the interview from Paris. Bannon, who has spent recent months in Europe trying to build a nationalist coalition, describes himself as an informal adviser to populist parties.


    Bannon has set up a Brussels-based organization called The Movement to provide polling support to populist parties that favor national sovereignty and immigration curbs.

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    1. Yep. There’s a pattern there. Sessions, RR, etc.
      Banning is good as a social influencer and with grass roots movements.
      I think he’s been sent out on a mission

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    2. I think you are spot on, Katie. In my opinion they worked everything out early on and created the exit so the leftists would be totally clueless. Bannon became the gruff, crazy uncle cast off – except he wasn’t. He’s doing Andrew in Europe and making great progress.

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    3. Your premise that Steve Bannon is (and has been) yet another ‘player’ in this wonderful movie has me clapping wildly. He, and a gaggle of others, have been vilified by the home team for quite some time.
      The falling out between he and the President………is stagecraft by the Maestro? Goodness gracious!

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    4. Katie–I have always had a “secret little crush” on Sloppy Steve”– Naval intel was the draw… And Andrew Breitbart was his friend–(I think) He’s a Player in this movie and a good guy ..IMO…I have posited he is responsible for Q..May never know–

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      1. Yes, Marica! It’s the “naval INTEL” that adds to my belief he’s part of helping to drive this movement. Discovering he’s set up a Brussels based group called “The Movement” makes me all but certain.

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    5. Yes. I agree. Bannon is absolutely the mastermind, and not only that, this is not his only project that is underway.

      There’s a story out there that was presented as a sort of outrage by the MSM that Bannon is behind a new institute of sorts to train young Catholics who want to go into politics on matters of Church teaching and morals and “nationalism”. He and a partner acquired an old monastery outside of Rome for this purpose, and the cabal installed members of the hierarchy are not happy. The other side has been doing this for decades. Look up the Land ‘o Lakes conference. It was set up as subtrefuge from the inside.

      Here’s a some examples on the stories about the effort that are nervous hyperbole. Note the leftist buzzwords in the titles.

      With support from Steve Bannon, a medieval monastery could become a populist training ground

      The fight to reclaim holy ground from Steve Bannon
      Local residents are trying to halt a move to turn an 800-year-old abbey in Italy into an academy for populists.

      Cardinal objects to Steve Bannon’s far-right academy plan
      Cardinal Renato Maria Martino demands that Catholic doctrine be ‘respected’ at the former Carthusian monastery.

      FYI, now that Danieels is dead, Martino is one of the St. Gallen group ring leaders. That is a group of leftist, modernist clergy that used to meed in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and plot how to change “doctrine.” (In the Catholic Church, it’s called Dogma.) The most famous member is Jorge Brogoglio. Essentially, they are going public claiming that Bannon is undermining them when the St. Gallen group has been undermining the Church for decades.

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      1. DP – I know nothing about the Catholic Church so all this intrigue and behind the scenes stuff is really interesting to me. Thanks for the info! Such smart people on this site!

        Liked by 1 person

            1. The problem I see with looking for information on the Church is knowing which sources are trustworthy, and which ones are off on either side of the spectrum. We have some trads who schismed themselves away and claim the rank and rile are in error. And then there’s the SJWs who want all of the rest of us to be just as happy clappy and naive as they are. (Usually heavily influenced by the new Jesuit paradigm. The old one was hard core.)

              The reality is that the Catholic Church was infiltrated on purpose to water down the teachings of right and wrong, among other issues, and not all of the heirs to that thinking have attritioned out.

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    1. Lady P!!! There’s a darling Gif that Driller posted today–of POTUS getting a chuckle!!I absolutely see it too!!!! Dontcha just LOVE living in the AGE OF TRUMP!!?😍😍😍

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  7. Nice round up flep, I love it when you update us on the yellow vests too.

    A month and a half to the start of Le Tour De France and that’s when the media from most of the world will be in France. Let’s see them cover up the yellow vest movement when the yellows take to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées during the race.

    They had people protesting on the route in another tour but I can’t remember what year.

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  8. The way to stop these caravans is to set up about a dozen backhoes along the river border, with hangmans nooses dangling from the bucket. One at a time, at random intervals, a couple of guys wearing all black with full ski masks drag a handcuffed guy to one of the nooses which they put around his neck. Then a guy climbs into the operator’s seat, fires up the engine, and slowly raises the bucket until the guy in the noose is swinging about ten feet off the ground, violently jerking his body until … it stops.

    Then they drag another guy out to the next backhoe bucket and repeat the process. Then they shut the engines down and it’s all quiet. Sudeenly the loudspeaker blares, in Spanish, “do not cross the river. this is what waits for you. even if you get through, we will find you and drag you pathetic stupid ass back here and hang you.”

    First thing in the morning they drag another guy out there and repeat the process, with the other two bodies still hanging there. Then the loudspeaker does its thing again.

    Here’s the secret. There are stunt people who fake being hung in Westerns all the time. They use hidden body harnesses and hidden cables with a fake rope around it. We hire a few of them to do their thing and later when it’s dark we replace the stunt people with fake prop bodies (another skilled trade in California).

    The people on the other side of the river watch all this, decide that is not what they want to do, and turn around.

    And they tell everybody they can about how they are hanging people who cross the river.

    End of caravans.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. pgroup – I can’t say I “like” this but I am positive it would be very effective. Kinda like what the rival cartels do to each other in Juarez….but for reals…


  9. THIS IS SO BIG! I gotta put this RIGHT HERE!!!

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  10. Soph’s back in the news over at GWP. Seems she’s being harassed at school now.

    Oh my goodness too… she lives in the Bay area. No wonder why she swears so much having to deal with all that.

    Story here:

    banned vid here:

    And because that seems to only have her banned vid, this would be her youtube channel where reside her unbanned and equally provocative vids. All quite good.

    eeep… hopes that not too many links…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. She is amazing! She is so articulate, even with the swearing. I would swear too if I had to put up with the leftist mentally ill people.

      We live in the center of the deep blue zone in WA state. We did an experiment last week: dressed in full TRUMP regalia to meet the new insurance agent and shop for new beds. Point was to see what treatment we would get therefore determine if our money would be spent in that business. Well, success on both counts! Insurance man is a supporter married to a screaming demoncrat. Poor guy. The mattress store was an even better experience! Both salesmen were Trump supporters and the mattresses are made in the USA right here in WA. They are made in a factory about 20 miles from us.

      So, I am believing more and more that we are being gas lit about being outnumbered. The machine vote count is a cheat in this state. Machines calibrated in the 1990’s when Gregiore had to have multiple recounts to win over Rossi. The more I hear about political system in the state, the more I think it is a cabal stronghold. Perkins Coie law firm got it’s start in Seattle! We live less than 10 miles from the island that the “stolen” plane was “crashed” and less than a hundred miles from the island from where the missile was launched. I hope election fraud reform comes to this state.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Wearing full Trump regalia is fairly brave in most any metropolis. You definitely have to be up for the challenge. Hats off to you both for that one. Glad it went well.

        I lived in Parkland, outside of McChord AFB for 3 yrs. Fun time but the I-5 Corridor is a fairly ruff place, too much gang activity and that was twenty years ago. But yes, clean up the election fraud and we may still find the quiet majority has survived after all. Fingers crossed.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. We are right outside the logistics gate of McCord. Our neighborhood not great, gang patrol marked LEO all the time doing something out on the main street of the area. New I-5 exit reconstruction and neighborhood watch efforts seem to be helping the gang activity. Now it is the homeless people that abound becoming the problem because bleeding heart city councils are relaxing laws and enforcement as well as providing tent city areas. We are becoming San Franshitco here. If we survive the next 5 years, we pray that YAH leads us out of here.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Lived in Drake Apts very close to the logistics gate if that is the one I’m thinking of. Long time ago though it certainly wasn’t Nirvana when we did and tent cities
            certainly sounds much worse.

            Meanwhile I’m sure Mt Rainier is still quite a pleasant sight. 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

    2. This little girl is brilliant – she will prevail. Kind of a little potty mouth, though. Buzzfeed and the Marin County Sheriff’s dept. should be ashamed of themselves for harassing her. When did it become okay to target children?


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