Running Scared: Lawfare Blog, Ben Wittes & ex-FBI Gen. Counsel James Baker

Two important articles out by the Washington Examiner make it clear that inside members of the “small group” behind the “Big Ugly” are now terrified. So much so that they are now trying to get out “in front” of what they know is coming….indictments and perp walks.


In front of a packed room at the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C. on Friday, Baker was prompted (by Wittes) to discuss the Trump dossier compiled by ex-British spy Christopher Steele. The research was cited in the warrant applications, despite being largely unverified…

At issue are the applications’ lack of information about the Democrats who paid for the creation of the dossier, as well as Steele’s anti-Trump bias when the bureau applied to spy on Carter Page…

“You don’t want to put into a document like this gratuitous information about U.S. persons,” Baker said moderator Benjamin Wittes. “You want to try to minimize it, to some extent. If it’s important. If the assessment is that the identity is critically important and you need it to either follow the flow of the information … then you might put the person’s name in.”

Are you getting this, folks? In a pre-planned public event, Wittes is leading Baker through a series of comments designed to minimize what Comey, Baker, and McCabe did in obtaining FISA warrants. Here they are defending NOT including information about who PAID for the Steele Dossier in the FISA warrant application.

During the event Friday, Baker stressed that he examined the FISA warrant applications on Page before they got signed and sent to the court. He said he was “comfortable” with their contents and was confident that the process remained “lawful.” 

Baker was appointed FBI general counsel in January 2014 and reassigned by FBI Director Christopher Wray in December 2017. Last year, it was reported that Baker was resigning, and since has been employed by Benjamin’s Wittes’ Lawfare blog and joined the R Street Institute.

Ex-top FBI lawyer James Baker admits he is ‘nervous’ about DOJ inspector general


Former FBI General Counsel James Baker admitted on Friday that he is “nervous” about DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s investigation into the conduct of the DOJ and the FBI during the Trump-Russia probe. 

Sitting down with with Lawfare’s Benjamin Wittes in a crowded room at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., Baker said he is “assuming that they will dig and find stuff” and that “…. mistakes were made.” But Baker defended the FBI’s actions, including its use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. 

Horowitz’s investigation is particularly focused on alleged FISA abuse and the reliance on British ex-spy Christopher Steele in FISA applications targeting Trump campaign associate Carter Page. Steele’s dossier was funded in part by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign through the Perkins Coie law firm and the opposition research group Fusion GPS. The investigation is expected to finish in May or June.

Wittes said that Baker “had expressed great confidence in the way you guys conducted yourselves, in the integrity of these fundamental judgments, in the opening with respect to two separate investigations and with the respect to the handling of this FISA application.” Wittes then asked Baker: “So, how nervous are you about the IG?” 

Baker said he is “always nervous about the IG,” adding that “they’re coming in after the fact to look at what we did.” At the time, he said, the FBI was “trying to do it in real time and having the pressure to deal with these threats as they were coming.” 

Baker contended that he was “confident in the judgments that I made at the time based on the information that I had available to me.” But he left open the possibility that others may have engaged in wrongdoing, saying, “I’m sure they will find things that I didn’t know at the time and maybe that others didn’t know at the time.”

“There were facts that existed in the Bureau that were known by certain people that weren’t known by others including me, that’s certainly possible and that happens frequently,” Baker said. “And so, I’m assuming that they will dig and find stuff like that.”

Baker said the FBI was careful in the way it used Steele’s reporting. “We have an obligation to take that information seriously and to be highly skeptical … You go to work … You try to validate it … We don’t just swallow it hook, line, and sinker. … We spent a lot of time trying to vet that information line by line,” he said. 

“We are the Federal Bureau of Investigations, not the Federal Bureau of Conclusions,” Baker said defensively.

Baker mentioned that he’s faced investigations before. “I’ve been investigated — or matters that I’ve worked on have been investigated — many times by the Inspector General. It’s not a pleasant process. It’s just not. The people are pleasant but the process is not the most enjoyable,” he said. 

Baker may have been referring to an alleged criminal leaks investigation that had been opened on him, which had been reported on as early as December 2017. He confirmed the existence of an investigation but declined to provide many specifics, saying, “Yes there is an investigation with respect to matters in which I was involved that is still open that I have cooperated fully with. I met with the investigative team for many hours over many days. That took place about a year and a half ago.” 

“I haven’t heard anything since then … other than to hear from the Department that the matter is still open.” Baker said. “I am confident that I did nothing wrong and nothing illegal.”

As the event ended, Baker summed up his thoughts on all of these investigations. “Hindsight is 20/20,” he remarked.

141 thoughts on “Running Scared: Lawfare Blog, Ben Wittes & ex-FBI Gen. Counsel James Baker

  1. These POS are scared out of their minds!

    George Papadopoulos decided to 💩 on Brennan’s parade.

    The POS FBI Director’s days are numbered!

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    1. Fle….how long have we (you) predicted that, ultimately, all these POSs would turn on one another, trying to save their own skin?

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        1. I will pray for the gun to misfire, for the witness to have a moment of clarity from God, for the key player to confess EVERYTHING, and for the DEVASTATING TESTIMONY BEFORE THE GRAND JURIES TO SHOCK AMERICA AND THE WORLD.

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      1. Who would want to save that lizard skin?? Come on ,start to molt those scales Shake it off and come clean . It just won’t be very” FREEING” as you hear people say, sometimes.
        Why ? Why? Because like DanB says ” Game over”, “New Rules”.
        Actually they’re not new rules for us , regular folks,us smelly Walmart people . We have always
        had to abide them . But you fellows and ladies were above them. Legends in your own minds. You were the rule makers and the “enforcers”. Some of you had a “Higher Loyalty”. You asked the questions and never answered them, because those answers were “classified” .Only for those with a real need to know. Us deplorable flyover people certainly had no need to know what 30 million of our collective monies paid for. We would be gaslighted by our betters in the mainstream media , nightly as needed. You would expose the “bad orange man” in time to save our democracy. The evidence of Treason was out there just tune into MSNBC tomorrow for the next anonymously sourced bombshell. Then check in with CNN for the next breaking confirmation ontained from Yahoo ,as soon as sooper_spy Steele wires it .
        Anyway if the “Rule of Law” and equal justice under it is really , really here now you should not be enjoying that “FREE” feeling for much longer.

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    1. Dan Bongino was ALWAYS harping on the WOODS PROCEDURE The FBI got its hands SLAPPED for using unverified matterial UNDER MUELLER and this procedure was written UNDER MUELLER to make sure it did not happen again!

      Ben Wittes & ex-FBI Gen. Counsel James Baker are full of 💩! Since the person is NOT THERE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES, ALL EVIDENCE IN THEIR FAVOR MUST BE DISCLOSED!

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        1. “Tying to vet information” sounds like a 10 year old giving excuses.

          They’ll be going round and round about verification and justification – IMO, the underlying point, which I hope our side finds and reveals – is that they KNEW there was no verification or justification – because it was all an elaborate scheme/plot to create a completely false story/narrative. There was nothing to verify as they all knew it was a created storyline, like writer who wrote a fiction book, and Hollywood pushes it out as a non-fiction film.

          Sanctimonious, communist power-hungry people who had never been held to account for all the previous times they had broken the law… in their minds, they wouldn’t fail in their efforts this time.

          They didn’t try to verify, though they’ll claim they did, because they knew they didn’t have to. That’s where I hope they made their fatal mistake.

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      1. THE WOODS PROCEDURE IS A JOKE. It is better to have JAMES WOODS on TWITTER as the defendant’s attorney before the court, asking simple dumb questions, than to rely on a PROSECUTOR to disclose all the evidence.


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        1. Oh, I agree with you there Wolfie, however these POS made ZERO attempt to follow the Woods Procedure AFTER having the courts hand them their asses the first time. The fact Mueller is AGAIN on the hotseat for screwing up is the point. And Mueller is as much on the hotseat as the rest of them.

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        2. Wolfie,
          I think the only way to get our Rule of Law back is to start making corrupt lawyers like Weissman LIBEL. Why should the Tax payer PAY for the damage he did to Arthur Andersen? At MINIMUM he (and the judge) should be DISBARRED!

          Look at the Ninth Circus. They have their rulings over turned time after time. A some point they should hve their rumps BOOTED!

          I do not know what the answer is but we certainly need a method for flushing the corrupt out of the court system.

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      1. Well worth the time Sylvia and they are not that long. You can set them up and just listen to them while doing chores. You do not have to watch.

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      2. The second one CHANGED ME. Now I understand how a NEST of the Frankfurt school conducted advanced psychological operations on hundreds if not thousands of Americans. The infiltration of the Ivy League and elite California universities, as well as many state universities, by these damn Marxists, is FAR beyond what anybody realizes. FAR BEYOND. And it has been going on since World War II.

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        1. Was with my liberal family a couple of weekends ago for a graduation(Oh i tried to keep it zipped)
          After one incident, I ended up taking lots of walks when politics came up or else I would have been calling all of them idiots.
          Two of my kids were talking about having missed hearing Hillary speak in San Francisco. Talked about what a good speaker she was, and wish they had seen her. I asked/commented about Bill being with her on that engagement. They said yes, and I mentioned I saw Bill speak in 2008.
          Both of them immediately trashed Bill from one end to the other, especially about his womanizing, even using the word “Whoring” . Not sure if it was cause I was shocked or that my head was spinning at all their hypocrisy. SO wanted to ask them “then why would they want him back in WH to chase more interns” But I just listened to their hypocrisy and repeat so many things I already knew about him.. Oh it went on for a good 5 mins with them even talking about Bill current escapades with Jeffrey Epstein with me just trying not to look shocked & to keep my lips sealed. One even said they felt that due to Bill Epstein got a better deal then he deserved. She even said Bill should have been locked up with Epstein.
          Damn this is the level of the crazies out there & to think they all have degrees.
          FYI this is was first, but not last political discussion they all engaged in, but I just laid low or went for a “Fitbit walk” as I called them. (Fitbit became my excuse most of the day.).
          It is sad but apparently many of them don’t even realize the many contradictions they kept making. Oh they were many. Worse part is they were mostly giving credit for America’s great economy to Obama.

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              1. Yes – there will be some blank stares when justice comes to town!

                Good to see you here! I’ve been mostly off Twitter recently. Missing all the folks there, but it’s just too annoying to post stuff that most can’t even see.

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              2. I was and have been trying to stay away from social media..
                But today is looking like a really hot day in many ways. …
                Scary but if its coming down as the thread and comments make it look, then it will be a good day for America.
                Yes I’m retweeting as much as I can & you might get some visitors. Hopefully no trolls. I do have most of the liberal trolls on the thread I was re-posting on blocked.

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    1. Amazing Polly is great.She hasn’t posted in a week.
      Hope the twisted Utubes hasn’t deplatformed her or cut the “line”.
      Anyone know?
      The anti Social Networks have been up to no good again.

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  3. Reblogged this on RedLegLeader Blog and commented:
    Just in case you missed it, FTA:
    “Baker was appointed FBI general counsel in January 2014 and reassigned by FBI Director Christopher Wray in December 2017. Last year, it was reported that Baker was resigning, and since has been employed by Benjamin’s Wittes’ Lawfare blog and joined the R Street Institute.”

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    1. This forum post with all the comments is so mind boogling. Can’t even twitter the posts fast enough…
      Thank you & yeas I am sharing not only the thread but many many of your posts.

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    1. What I want to see all of those 90 Urinalists go down for taking $$$ to slant the news in Hitlery’s favor. That will really shock a lot of the Lo-info Voters.

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    2. I’ve said this for a while now that it all feels like revenge. Too many former players brought in in the last 7-8 years who were double crossed at some point to believe otherwise. Barr being AG all but cemented that in my head.

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      1. I feel the same way.

        I think President Trump has a way with revenge. He feels strongly that when you get screwed, you owe it to yourself to exact a price from the screwer that is greater than what they did to you. I think he feels this is not only justice, but a way to ensure they think twice before doing it again.

        I also think Trump is great at helping others exact similar revenge. He calls them in, tells them he knows what happened and is sympathetic, and explains how he can assist. I think this is happening with quite a few people around the President now.

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      2. They are floundering. So many people and things they believed are falling apart. The mueller Report didn’t save them. RR is not their man. And now this team of prosecutors. Not a sc which will delay things. Truely the sky is falling for them .


  4. THis is a short thread that bares out what Wolfie has postulated lately regarding RR…

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    1. Conclusion…

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        1. Savage…..


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            1. I think this is Hannity’s POV
              You have Jordan, Meadows, other good guys, fighting for truth and demanding documents/answers which RR refused. No questioning, no documents. Since he’s not cooperating let’s find his conflicts, and fuss him at every turn. That makes RR look like a blackhat.
              Real, honest DOJ doesn’t acknowledge or talk about investigations. Plus they know Congress leaks. People lose sight of that fact and get frustrated. I know I have. We want answers now.

              Some Dude knows the above, but is stuck on the old Uniparty model, and is invested in his narrative.

              Enter President Law and Order Donald Trump. There’s been a sting going on boys and girls, and Rosey (and others) played their parts perfectly. Hannity will apologize and move on. Some Dude will resist.

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              1. “You have Jordan, Meadows, other good guys, fighting for truth and demanding documents/answers which RR refused. No questioning, no documents. Since he’s not cooperating let’s find his conflicts, and fuss him at every turn. That makes RR look like a blackhat.”

                Such a great point. Also, this must be a bit like herding cats. Meadow and Jordan and Nunes are good guys, but they have a job as Congress critters and their goal isn’t the same as RR’s for example. There is natural tension between their roles in the government. And they have all of us howling at them to DO SOMETHING, so they need to flex their muscles. Even if we are all on the same side, ultimately.

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              2. Butterflygirl, I agree. Lay people just don’t understand that it really is true the wheels of justice grind slowly, but they do grind – at least in this fortunate Era of Trump/#MAGA. Inexorably.

                Hannity has always liked the sound of his own voice. Rush does too, and he drives me crazy with doing the Left’s psyops work for them. I have no use for that.

                We’re seeing references to much more than the 2016 “campaign” and “being surprised” – I think we’ll be shocked at the extent of the plan and the players involved.

                POTUS has been using the word “Treason” – there’s a layperson’s perception, and then there is a legal definition. POTUS is no fool.

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          1. I have always considered Hannity to be a genuine patriot, and I believe Pres. Trump and Q trust him.

            As for [RR], I would not put it past the President, Q, and others (including RR himself) to put out disinfo to accomplish their goals. We know the Left has to be reading the anons and Q posts. If it serves Q’s purpose to make the swamp think RR is on their side, so be it. It will be so satisfying to see the traps they have fallen into. And as much as we’d like to know everything, we can’t. So many things have to be done clandestinely.

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      1. I think that Russia was part of the SET-UP of President Trump by Hillary & FusionGPS

        Natalia Veselnitskaya
        “Three Russian participants at the [Trump Jr] meeting have ties to the controversial Fusion GPS outfit, and two have confirmed ties to Hillary Clinton… At least one Russian participant admitted to personally knowing Hillary Clinton since the late 1990s, and that he “knew” some people on Hillary’s campaign. “Another Russian attendee, a translator, testified that he was previously an interpreter for Hillary herself as well as for John Kerry and Barack Obama.”

        Ambassador Kislyak</b.
        Kislyak introduces himself to Jeff Sessions at Candidate Trump's first Foreign Policy speech at the Center for the National Interest. He then shows up unannounced at Senator Jeff Sessions office. Thes leads to the FBI investigation of AG Sessions.

        Kislyak makes the call to General Flynn while he is on vacation out of the country setting the General up for Peter Strzok, David Ignatius and John Dickerson of Face the Nation, link to trip up Pence and get General Flynn fired. (I still think Pence was in on it.)

        Oleg Deripaska
        Waldman is Deripaska’s his personal lobbyist. Fusion GPS worked to get Magnitsky Act lifted that keeps Deripaska from doing business in the USA. Steele is represented by Waldman. Waldman is also texting Senator Warner…

        … Fox News report revealing Warner’s texts with Washington lawyer Adam Waldman, who has ties to Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent who produced the controversial Trump-Russia dossier. Waldman also represents one of Russia’s top oligarchs, Oleg Deripaska, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin….

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    1. Wow! I was just going to post a comment about how hot McCain’s Hell must be right now.

      Waiting for a few more to fry, one way or another.

      Great thread FG&C

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        1. Hey Back at Ya, Marica 😊 I am reading here several times a day but usually someone has already said what I would say, and I nod my head vigorously instead of typing a ‘repeat’ 😁

          Also … it is finally spring and outdoors is beckoning. Plus AG Barr has got this 👏👏👏

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          1. With ya DOLL!! I get the great outdoors!! Planted 2 flats of begonias in the last few days and when it’s Sunny–gotta be outside!!! Barr is a Rockstar!!! We got this!! borrowing Butterfly’s emojis….🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️
            Added mermaids cuz–why not?!!😍

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          2. Since AG Barr has come on the scene, and I’ve seen him brush off the snide politicians as if they were no more than a mote of dust – I’ve been downright giddy. Wittaker was good, and I like him, but Barr – oh, the possibilities now appear endless. He’s in the driver’s seat.

            He’s got POTUS’ back simply because POTUS is on the side of the Law, and saving America… I had given up believing we had anyone but POTUS in DC on our side. Now I believe otherwise.

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      1. Jane– Gorka is an enigma– He has called out Q and Q peeps–namely his friend Lisa Mei–controlled opposition–or NOT.. Either way–He cracks me up!!

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        1. I’ve often wondered if Gorka, with his background, isn’t controlled opposition! Part of the plot, throwing out disinfo….

          I don’t know. I like Gorka. I just didn’t like his Q attitude.

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          1. With ya Sylvia!!! So many MAGA peeps –Put Carpe in this too!!! I really wanna flip to the last page of the book–This is Freakin WAR AND PEACE!!!

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  5. “Sitting down with with Lawfare’s Benjamin Wittes in a crowded room at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., ”


    It’s incredible to me that “Lawfare” is the public name of his organization.

    Lawfare is the weaponization of the law for political objective. It is an open and unapologetic corruption and abuse of the entire PURPOSE of Law.

    Calling his organization “Lawfare” would be like a traitor calling his organization “Sedition” or “Subversion”.

    It is exactly that “in your face”.

    It would be like a pedophile calling his organization the “National Man-Boy Love Association”, or NAMBLA for short.

    That’s exactly what it is like.

    And all those traitors in the audience at Brookings Institute sit there and listen to a couple of traitors who work for “Lawfare” present a public rationalization for their crimes.

    Like listening to a couple of pedophiles trying to get ahead of the story that’s about to break, about how they raped infants together.

    And the Brooking’s Institute people… applauded.

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    1. Well, it makes sense I guess because the Brooking’s Institute are enjoying a Vulcan mind meld with Lawfare, or something.

      But yeah. It makes me sick. And you are right, just seeing the name Lawfare as if it is some perfectly respectable organization and people pretend that it is a mainstream name instead of some Commie plot type of thing.

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      1. “And you are right, just seeing the name Lawfare as if it is some perfectly respectable organization and people pretend that it is a mainstream name instead of some Commie plot type of thing.”


        It would be like Al Capone calling his organization “Murder, Incorporated.”

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    2. edit / correction: I guess it’s the North American Man-Boy Love Association, i.e., N.A.M.B.L.A.

      That any such organization can even legally exist is a testament to how screwed up our country has become.

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  6. I happen to agree with Sneaky Rod aka Clandestine Rosenstein more times than not…

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    1. I sure hope his correct, but after living in Boston MA and having Socialists and even Communists as friends (and relatives) I DON’T THINK SO. They are really that brainwashed!

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      1. Gail– There will be “pockets of Commies” but I truly think The Dem power structure will have been NUKED!
        I was just a kid when Watergate happened and we got Jimma Carter–and Republicans looked like the Whigs…But I remember my parents sadness…

        Watergate was a mini version of Russia Collusion–Miniscule-And even tho we got Reagan–He was good, BUT NOT TRUMP!! Revolution BABY! Great AWAKENING!!!

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    2. “Former Vice President Joe Biden predicted that Republicans will have “an epiphany occur” and start working with Democrats once President Trump is out of office.”


      That perverted simpleton is just referencing the only political dynamic (i.e., the Uni-Party) he has ever known.

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      1. Scott–He literally said he was going to “Make America Great Again” WTF? I really think he is being bullied to run cuz he is a “simpleton” and VERY SCARED that he and his son gonna go down re: Ukraine!!! BIDEN=Dumbass!

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        1. I said on other thread, he’s disposable. They know Trump is going to win. They won’t humiliate their pet Mooches, they’re saving “it” for 2024.

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  7. Baker: “…. mistakes were made.”

    Baker: “they’re coming in after the fact to look at what we did.”

    At the time, he said, the FBI was “trying to do it in real time and having the pressure to deal with these threats as they were coming.”

    Baker: “There were facts that existed in the Bureau that were known by certain people that weren’t known by others including me, that’s certainly possible and that happens frequently,”

    Baker: “I am confident that I did nothing wrong and nothing illegal.”

    Baker: “Hindsight is 20/20,”


    Sounds like Baker is using every excuse from every accused person ever investigated by the FBI.

    He could probably have lifted every one of those statements from Martha Stewart’s interview(s).

    Or the members of Arthur Anderson accounting, an entire company which they destroyed.

    Or any of the other tens of thousands of people they go after every year.

    He knows all the excuses by heart.

    He’s just not used to being the one having to make them.

    He’s used to being the Grand Inquisitor.

    And now he’s on the receiving end of it.

    Welcome to it, Mr. Baker…

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  8. John Solomon on Hannity

    Ohr warned FBI.
    State Dept. sent interview notes directly to Sr. FBI, Laycock(spelling?)Head of CI, Russia Division, who sent info to Strzok and team.

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    1. I have a problem with Ohr warning anyone. His wife appears to have been creating, collating, and feeding disinformation into a packet known as the Russian dossier.

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  9. Nunes on Hannity

    1. Exculpatory info on PapaD sitting in the FBI that needs to be declassed
    2. FISA application, Comey’s mosaic – besides dossier, there’s more information that’s equally as bad as using opposition research. Dossier is bulk, but the rest is true definition of The insurance policy. Insurance policy is not just investigating Trump campaign, it is to ensure they were able to get the FISA warrant on Carter Page so they could look at all emails of the campaign

    We’ve been living for 3yrs of perverted (pee tapes) fantasies of Glenn Simpson and the Clinton campaign. American People actually believe this stuff.

    Steele had small role in crafting dossier, believes Glenn Simpson crafted fantasies (me – Woah, Nellie)

    More people become contaminated with 2nd-4th renewals, imagine Fed government reading your emails for a year? scary stuff!! Me- They had been doing it illegally BEFORE the FISA, according to Admiral Rogers. I wonder if Nunes has put that together?

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    1. It appears that it wasn’t just POTUS’ campaign. It’s likely to be exposed the spying on all the other candidates. Not only presidential candidates, but other public officials. When Obama came to office, he intended (though we didn’t realize it at the time) to create a vast data base, spy, and do everything he and handlers could to grab power – and nevermore relinquish that power.

      That’s how close we came to ending America as we know it.

      I believe that the shock will be in how far and wide this entire enterprise entailed. There likely are names from our side who will go up in flames.

      Looking at you, Romney. McCain is already dead, but his “legacy” will be dirtied for all time.

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      1. I sure hope someone is looking into the FISA Court/Admiral Rogers document of unmasking abuse! That’s a goldmine of prosecution waiting to happen!

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  10. (insert expletives) Democrats think they are so cute and clever with their cruel Lawfare™ tactic.

    They used it to nearly bankrupt Sarah Palin and her family.

    They tried it with Donald Trump and no doubt many others.

    A LOT OF FORMIDABLE legal minds have been TAKING NOTES.

    Charles Ortel has researched and compiled 40+ strong cases against the Clintons and their slush fund Foundation.

    Good minds have counted and compiled case after case against the Øbominable cabal as well.

    Time for those legal chickens to come home to roost – big time.

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