The Panhandle MAGA Rally Thread. May 8th, 2019.

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Sorry guys, I’m slipping. MAGA Rally thread is up and running! Made sandwiches for everyone. Who has the Sweet Tea? And those terrific Lemon Squares?

Wait a minute, for the guys, a special treat…….. BACON Sandwiches.

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Yes, I did notice the Wild Turkey in the background. Little bit of refreshment for all.

Post away and ALL are welcome!!!!!!!! Put your Bermuda shorts on, we’re in Florida today!

Stole this one from Ga/FL, thank you, sweet pea. The Women for Trump have already arrived at MAGA Rally and have staked out their spot. Surely, they have enough sweet tea for us all.

RSBN Link:

Fox Stream Link:

Golden State Times Link:


413 thoughts on “The Panhandle MAGA Rally Thread. May 8th, 2019.

    1. Mr gil is just amazed. He always points out how hes never seen a Prez do (rallies) and jeep it up with so many people.
      I just hope people show up to vote. We have to have well veyond the monster vote of last time, with the prolific fraud.

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      1. What bothers me is “ballot harvesting”
        The Dems flipped 14 seats in Cali because of ballot harvesting
        Worried about Nunes and Kevin McCarthy.

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        1. If we get a Supreme Court ruling that the census can ask about citizenship, things might be different in California. Of course, there’s 245 counties with more voters registered than there are eligible residents.

          DJT might have a plan about that which he would time to release around mid-summer. And then there’s the possibility that a bunch of GOP candidates might declare their support for denying seats to election winning reps who come from vote harvested districts. (that last one requires balls which most GOP lack)

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  1. Once again. Best President ever. I loved Ronald Reagan. I revered Ronald Reagan. But these times require a different skill set and I was too closed to see that. I am, as always, blown away but PDJT’s energy and accomplishments. He moves at warp speed through the government quagmire with his magic want fixing this, fixing that, stuff I didn’t even know was broken.

    I am humbled, yet again, that our cries to heaven were answered and He sent us this man to stand for us. Thank you, dear Lord. Keep him safe and sound. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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    1. He’s sooo quick.
      His script said, “as we gather here in this arena”
      but he was outside
      He said, “we have no roof, here, but these are minor details, right?”

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  2. On Hannity after the Rally………..
    AS USUAL……
    He doesn’t have GUESTS……
    He Has Paid LISTENERS!
    (To hear him REPEAT his SAME TALKING POINTS night after night)

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  3. Did anybody catch the comment from the crowd re: the wall? President said “Only in the Panhandle”, “You know you’re in the Panhandle”.

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    1. Pres was talking about illegals coming across the border.
      Noted, you can’t have weapons and harm people, he wouldn’t want to do that.
      Someone in the crowd said, “shoot ’em”
      Pres said, no only in the Panhandle can you do that
      It was funny.
      Hope the press doesn’t make a big deal of it.

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      1. That horrible Ilwan Omar or whatever her name is is trying to make it into a thing. She tweeted out a tweet condemning PDJT for laughing about such a serious topic, esp. with the school shooting.

        His rapid response was on it, though, and tweeted out some response to her right away.

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  5. goodness I love the rally threads!!! Thanks Daughn and ALL who contributed!
    You make me feel like I’m right there with y’all!!!

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