Joe Biden Begins….

Groping Joe

Grass will NEVER grow underneath Trump Supporters’ feet. Members of Trump’s base are easy to spot, red hat, carrying a flag, slits for eyes, and a firm jaw. The President’s base is unwavering. Signs are going up already, far ahead of 2020. This large yard sign was spotted yesterday, in Massachusetts. Trump Supporters are READY for the 2020 campaign kickoff.

Back home on the office keyboard, I’ll admit, I had to create a new file today for Joe Biden. The memes, they write themselves. Looks like Biden will be with us for a while and it’s time to begin again.

We need to KNOW our opponents in this battle for electoral votes. Here is Biden’s first public rally, at the “Temple” for the Firefighters Union. Teamsters and the Teacher’s Union were also in attendance. I’m not going to disparage the turnout for Biden’s rally, you can judge for yourselves. Video is 28 minutes long.

If you don’t have 28 minutes to spend, I can save you 27 minutes in this video. Here are all the times Joe sputtered, stammered, and slurred his words, in 1:11. The editing is both brilliant and brutal. My kind of trollin’.

Joe had a hard time launching his campaign. Instead of a public event in a hometown, Biden chose to release a video. Yet, the video and the release date didn’t work, thus he pulled the video. Joe made another video, which has been widely criticized as “dark”…….. but the media loves it. In this CNN video, the panel does a 10 minute compilation of staged Charlottesville footage – before CNN released the Biden video. Of course, it was only a few days before Jack Tapper admitted President Trump’s Charlottesville comments were taken out of context. So far, Politico, USA Today, CNN, Wikipedia, Politifact, have all corrected the coverage of President Trump’s comments.

Days later, Biden appeared on “The View”, where he had problems explaining Anita Hill. Biden revealed he called Anita Hill, to apologize to her. Yet, Anita Hill was not amused and wrote an op-ed, refusing his apology.


So far, Biden has a “fail” on a video.

A failed apology to Anita Hill. A failed endorsement from “the McCain family” when Cindy McCain issued a clarification, saying she will not be involved.

And a failed staged rally with union people who were forced to be there.

Biden wants to be viewed as an ordinary likeable guy. You know, the kind of guy you might want to drink a beer with…….., during the day……, at a local pub……, if you were unemployed……. Biden rails against CEO’s and Hedge Funds but his son runs a hedge fund. I actually HAVE an Uncle Joe, and my uncle does not swim naked in front of female Secret Service Agents. Does anyone believe Biden can fix what’s wrong in DC if he has not done it in 50 years?

Joe is stumbling out of the gate. Let’s see if he recovers or falters permanently. Meanwhile, the Boss is giving Biden hell on Twitter.

conference room

101 thoughts on “Joe Biden Begins….

    1. Biden is a real demagogue!
      President Trump changed the lives of working-class for the better and brought back industry and what does Biden do? He speaks of making lives better for working class.
      He speaks of bringing the soul of America back and he was the one who helped Obama rip the soul out of America and destroy almost all we value.
      We need to connect that fraud to Obama where he belongs.

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      1. Amen. Obama’s “insurance policy” has no business behind the desk NOW. That’s why I’m sure he’s a negative shill for the rogues gallery of socialist offerings.

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  1. OMG that short video compilation of his “rally” (playing pretty fast and loose with the term rally there) is PAINFUL.

    Is he drunk? Is it dementia? Does he have Pelosi brain?

    Yeah, the “leading contender” won’t be around very long…

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    1. Comments on that were hilarious, including the 7 planets one…, e.g.

      “The only way you can get that drunk, is sniffing Hillary’s hair.”
      “They took extredible cuts in their hudge ponds.”
      “Who unwrapped the mummy?”

      Some folks were concerned he might have (or will have) a mini-stroke.
      Others just think he’s drunk.

      The DEMONcRAT party. Out of touch, out of order, and out of time.
      Time to get the crooks into jail…

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    2. Seems as though a couple gals behind Biden were cracking up at his poor speech.

      Biden will be good for laughs and further expose the disaster the hussein years were!

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    3. Katie – IKR???? I am stunned after watching that. He was either drunk or messed up on drugs – he could barely got a coherent word out. That has to be an eye opener for even the most adoring Creepy fans – I mean, come on, man! THIS is who you want as the leader of the free world? I think he’ll be dead in a month. Why is Joe running, is the bigger question. He will never make it through the primaries.

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  2. It was pretty edgy/risky for Biden to ask folks if they were FEELING the Trump Economic Gains/Tax Cuts.

    Think about it.

    Most Biden spoofs had his Campaign motto referencing Groping Allegations.

    “I Feel You, America”
    “Grope and Change”

    and so on.

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  3. As a former firefighter I can tell you that the unions take our money and do not deliver on what they promise. Therefore most thinking union members are much more likely to vote for Trump than for Dems. After all, it’s been under Dem’s watch that union benefits and strength have been stripped away.

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    1. The communists and fellow travelers who RUN unions only have to deliver a percentage of dopes and mouth-breathers on election day, to fulfill their mission – to provide believable cover for the cheating – but that is getting harder and harder for them to do.

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  4. There is an interesting article on another blog that I follow, if you are interested. Basically Mary Chastain said the he mumble through parts of the speech..

    She seems to think he is losing it.. I personally think he is too old… Someone who is very near and dear to me is all of two days older, so I have a reference.

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    1. I have always believed Jarrett and the Obama commies kept him on some kind of chemical leash during the Obama years, so that he appeared downright SCARY as POTUS, thus fulfilling his mission (IMO) as an INSURANCE POLICY for Obama.

      The Demmunists are NOT serious about this guy. I think his mission is to make the others look SMART. He’s a FALSE REFERENCE – a BAD STANDARD.

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      1. The beauty of this Biden psy-op is that it works against TRUMP with the edges of the Democrat base. It’s actually very smart. The Demmunists PUSH certain memes with Biden, knowing full well he’s a NO-GO with voters in both parties for OLD GUY reasons. However, as voters ASSUME the NON-(old white male) Democrat socialist candidates are all smarter, they will subconsciously psychologically transfer anything they attribute as SENSIBLE to Biden to those radicals. So BIDEN both ELEVATES and provides false moderation to the radicals with the Dem base, while NEGGING HARD on “old white guys”, which transfers to TRUMP with both the TDS crowd AND the “Trump-wary” edges of the Dem base. This will even work on the Bill Kristol Mensheviks AND their mouth-breathing Bull-Wankers, who will end up voting for “sane socialist” over ‘senile Trump”, despite all evidence to the contrary, thanks to media memes.

        This is straight out of the KGB-CIA. Very crafty.

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        1. Wolf, don’t judge me but I turned the TV to Glen Beck earlier today to have some background noise while I was working in the kitchen.

          They started talking about Joe Biden’s apology to Anita Hill and I thought it was fascinating. I had to stop what I was doing and go plop down in front of the tube for about ten minutes to actually listen.

          Beck questions why Biden is apologizing. He had nothing to apologize for. He did nothing to Anita Hill except (ostensibly) to see that the proceedings were fair.

          In fact, they weren’t. At the end of things it was becoming clear that Anita Hill didn’t have a leg to stand on. They even had an FBI investigation report saying by her own timeline what she described as happening to her preceded meeting Thomas by several weeks or months.

          So Biden shut it all down hastily and confirmed Clarence Thomas to tamp down the new narrative developing that Hill made this up.

          So again: WHY is he apologizing? Beck says it is part of the Commies’ revisionist history attempts. They were after Clarence Thomas from the get go. Teachers’ unions went after him, abortion people hated him, activist groups were threatening to “Bork” him.

          Beck called this an old radio trick. By Biden apologizing and Anita Hill notoriously refusing his apology Thomas is painted as guilty without due process. If it is necessary for Biden to apologize for what happened to Hill, then that must mean Thomas was guilty and bad. Hill’s refusal to accept the apology helps publicize the Thomas/Hill thing again portraying it all as Thomas is guilty.

          I know I’m not explaining it very well but I missed parts of the discussion because I had it on for background noise.

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            1. Yes, indeed!

              I thought Beck’s theory was interesting because Wolfie has made us aware that things are often more complex than they seem.

              There is often an obvious reason for something; in this case one would assume Biden’s motive is to have Anita Hill “forgive” him so that he can prevent any of the old Anita Hill story from coming back to bite him, especially since he’s Creepy and there are all the #metoo women.

              Fair enough. But it is also a chance to dirty up Clarence Thomas again and for a whole new generation of snowflakes.

              Now, why would it be important to stomp on the reputation of our most reliably conservative Supreme Court justice? Could it be that the Commies are concerned about the Supreme Court having to make decisions that might benefit PDJT once The Big Ugly has concluded? Just thinking, that’s all…

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            2. At the time of the Anita Hill fiasco, one of my parents was teaching in the local school district. To be polite about it, the colleagues there were the brothers and the sisters, and I don’t mean that in a religious sense. The sisters all said, to a person, Anita Hill was a woman scorned, and to not believe a word she said.

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    2. Love the comments on that article. ESP the one suggesting his only worthy debate opponent would be the sign language person from mandalas funeral

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  5. Daughn…and All…Do you remember The video of Biden –Obviously Drunk singing “The Villages. Florida’s Friendliest Hoemtown” ? It came out in 2007/08 I believe–or maybe even before during his own lousy presidential run…

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    1. Pretty sure I heard that Cujoe doesn’t drink when that video/audio came out. When the jugeared jackass had his beer summit Cujoe drank tea or soda. Or maybe that video was so damning that he was forced to get on the wagon.

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      1. Welp, guess I was wrong. He definitely looks and sounds drunk in this video and unless he was drinking O’Douls, it sure looked like a beer in front of him at the beer summit. Never mind.

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  6. That rally was pathetic. The people standing behind were all kitted out in slogan T-shirts, but they looked blank faced and bored. Maybe that’s how all rallies are, except of course Our Lion’s rallies where people, even kids, are excited and happy, cheering and chanting, waving signs, totally into it.

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    1. Remember when Hillary had to bus in the Philly high school kids – who weren’t old enough to vote?
      Same thing here.
      Trumpers will wait in the rain……. overnight.
      Are you really telling me they couldn’t get 500 firefighters in Pittsburgh to attend his kickoff?
      They HAD to include Teamsters and Teachers as well?

      Ohhhhh, let me hold my Senior Prom…. but I don’t have enough people to worship me…… so I’ll ask the Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen to also come?
      And that’s all who showed up for Biden?

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    2. “The people standing behind were all kitted out in slogan T-shirts, but they looked blank faced and bored.”

      Just a guess since I didn’t check Craig’s List or the local help wanted ads, but I would imagine they were there for a payday as fill in extras.

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      1. You’re probably right. I figured they were union plants like SEIU always does, but what you posit is even more likely. That could also be why it was so poorly attended, aside from the fact that no one is excited about Biden–everyone is working.

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  7. I read something the other day where Biden is not limiting himself to one term. He is 76. If he were elected he’d be 77. At the end of his first term he’d be 81. Watching him run for President at 81 would be…interesting. At the end of a second term he’d be 85. Really, Joe?

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    1. I think the Butt is his VP pick.
      And Biden will retire for illness.
      Feminists will love it cuz he’s gay.
      Butt is a marxist. Perfect recipe for Obama.

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      1. “I think the Butt is his VP pick.”


        After 8 years of androgynous Hussein and the Left’s relentless promotion of homosexuality, I am sick to death of hearing about faggotry 24/7/365. It’s the polar opposite of masculinity, which puts it right next to femininity — albeit a sick, twisted, perverted femininity.

        I don’t want to hear about it, I don’t want to see it, I sure don’t want to think about it. It’s repulsive and disgusting. What people do in the privacy of their own homes is their own business, but it’s NOT the kind of thing you talk about or promote in PUBLIC.

        WTH is wrong with people?

        It used to be that it was improper (or impolite) to even talk about FARTING in public. They’ve moved the Overton Window so far that a man’s butt is viewed as a playground for the deranged, and people in polite company smile when homosexuals make a public spectacle of their sodomy.

        The last thing this country needs in leadership (besides more estrogen) is a poster child for homosexual fornication.

        None of that is sexist, or homophobic or any other bogus label the Left tries to use to silence opposition to their destructive radical Marxist agenda. It’s just the plain truth.

        With the eager assistance of the MSM megaphone, a tiny fraction of the estimated 3% of the population who are homosexual scream and carry on as if they were 70% of the population, demanding ‘society’ to be ‘sensitive’ to their tender brokeback mountain drama needs, but they don’t think twice about dragging the REST of us through their anal fantasy world of abusive sexual perversion.

        It’s incredible…

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      2. .”And Biden will retire for illness. Feminists will love it cuz he’s gay.”


        Feminists should be ashamed, if for no other reason, than that the entire ‘feminist’ movement has been nothing but a scam from the beginning, a Trojan Horse to promote radical Leftist causes by disguising their goals as promoting ‘equal rights’ for ALL women.

        But the lie is put to the entire ‘feminist’ movement, every time a Conservative woman is attacked or denigrated for standing up for herself… usually attacked by the very same ‘feminist’ movement, to keep her from wandering off the Demokrat Plantation.


        “Butt is a marxist. Perfect recipe for Obama. ”


        Neon Revolt calls him ‘Obama in Whiteface’.

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      3. “The Butt”…Sorry I can’t help but laugh! Creepy Joe and The Butt! LOL! What could possibly go wrong?


        I keep saying that Biden should hold on as long as he can—this could be the funniest campaign of all time! Could you imagine the Tweets?!🤣😂🤣

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        1. I’ll bet he’d be the Butt of a lot of jokes 🙂

          No wonder they had to cancel Woodstock V2.0. Instead of “Country Joe and The FIsh”, they’d have had to put up with “Creepy Joe and The Butt”…

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    2. “I read something the other day where Biden is not limiting himself to one term.”


      CUJoe doesn’t believe in limitations for himself.

      Not of any kind…

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      1. They could convert the Oval into an assisted living facility.

        I was OT briefly earlier and SD’s pet theory of the moment is that they have picked Stacy Abrams to be the Veep. She was very vocal about NOT being available for VP, but now she has announced she isn’t running for the Senate.

        I’m not at all convinced Biden is The Chosen One. He may be more of a sacrificial lamb. Something like: you know Joe, we’ve been very good to you. The bill has come due. Now get your ass out there and gaslight and split for our real candidate.

        And the heat under the Ukraine pot seems to be increasing. John Solomon is on the hunt. That isn’t going to end well at all for Biden.

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        1. “She [Stacy Abrams] was very vocal about NOT being available for VP, ”


          Stacy Abrams ‘announcing’ to the world that she’s ‘not available’ for VP is like Rodney Dangerfield saying he’s not available, either.

          Stacy Abrams…

          What Hussein proved is that there are literally ZERO qualifications necessary to be president. That was actually his strongest point.

          Which is why today we have complete crackpots running and being speculated about running for the highest office in the land.

          As I’ve said before… Hussein didn’t just LOWER the bar, he STOLE it.

          And hocked it at some pawn shop.

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        1. “No, but Chelsea ‘s apartment in New York is for when G’maw comes to 👀the grandkids!”


          It’s the same apartment where they filmed Rosemary’s Baby, isn’t it?

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  8. “Joe Biden Begins….”


    It’s a short story. Chapter 2 is titled “Joe Biden ends…”

    SD appears to think Stacy Abrams (think ‘Mack Truck’ with Hussein’s arrogance, David Letterman’s teeth and Maxine Waters’ brain) is going to be Biden’s running mate.

    If “Biden/Abrams” happens, their campaign theme song should be something like “Mad World” by Gary Jules.

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  9. Joe Biden has no real fans. I’m not talking about the “Anyone but Trump” and “I’ll vote anything with a D next to the name” voters. I’m talking about people who like Joe Biden so much that they will volunteer for his campaign and go door-to-door to canvass for him. President Trump has has those fans. Bernie has those fans. Biden? I’m just not seeing the same enthusiasm, and I live in a battleground state. It’s why I’m not worried. You’re not going to win an election if don’t inspire people. As we all found out in 2016, even a billion dollar campaign, rigged media, and rampant cheating can’t beat a candidate that genuinely inspires people.

    Biden reminds me of the Jeb! campaign all over again. The media will pretend the voter interest is there, but it’s not and everyone knows it.

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  10. I am still scratching my head over Biden— they are all lousy options- no one can beat PDJT! However!, do ya think the cabal told him they were still going after Trump and he will be “gone in 2020?…

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  11. “I can take a gopher ‘s eye out with a .22 and an scary black rifle uses .223, bring it on!”


    Check me if I’m wrong, but if I kill all the golfers, they’re gonna lock me up and throw away the key…

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  12. Maybe CUJoe is just doing this for the money.

    I mean…he gets to keep all the donations, if he drops out.
    So maybe he sees this as his last hurrah for getting some of that sweet donation cash.

    Hussein doesn’t want him.
    The DNC doesn’t want him.
    Maybe CreepyJoe told them…”Screw you, I’m going to do this anyway.”

    It could also be to establish his line of defense, in any upcoming indictments.
    He can claim that it’s a ‘political prosecution’…if he’s running for Pres.

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    1. “It could also be to establish his line of defense, in any upcoming indictments. He can claim that it’s a ‘political prosecution’…if he’s running for Pres.”


      Won’t surprise me if Hussein throws his hoodie into the ring again.

      Sure, he’s disqualified from a 3rd term — but he was disqualified according to the same Constitution for the first two terms, so why would he care?

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      1. He doesn’t have to run, though.

        Just getting out there in public…like he’s been doing…bad-mouthing Pres Trump, serves as a way for him to declare that any prosecution of him, is ‘political’…and ‘payback’.

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        1. “Just getting out there in public…like he’s been doing…bad-mouthing Pres Trump, serves as a way for him to declare that any prosecution of him, is ‘political’…and ‘payback’.”


          The entire concept of attempting to preempt prosecution by trashing DJT, manufacturing a scenario where you can claim ‘political persecution’, is so absurd that only a bubble-person in a city filled with Ivory Towers could ever come up with it, lol!

          If they have evidence that you were in the conservatory with a lead pipe, a rope and a smoking gun, it matters not at all that you’re bad-mouthing the judge to make it look like the judge has a grudge against you…

          You’re going to prison, lol!

          It’s just all so stupid… who can they possibly think they’re fooling?

          Imagine if you tried that bull&^%$.

          You rob a bank, and everybody knows you did it, your face and your license plate are on the security camera tape, they found your getaway car in your driveway, they found the money in your freezer, and a hundred of your best friends (who you just had to tell), have all ratted you out.

          And so your genius strategy is to go on the local news and trash the city prosecutor, so that when he charges you with armed robbery, it looks like ‘payback’?


          Who cares even if it is payback… OR not?!?

          It’s not relevant… it couldn’t BE less relevant.

          If you robbed the bank, you’re going to PRISON.

          Manufacturing this little drama between yourself and the prosecutor isn’t going to change ANYTHING, LOL!

          These people are STUPID!!!!!!!!!

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            1. “I know it’s lame…but it’s all they’ve got.”


              I think they’re just digging themselves a deeper hole!

              It’s so incredibly juvenile… and cynical… and contrived… with malice and impudence aforethought.

              When it comes time for sentencing, which is going to help them more:

              A) throwing themselves on the mercy of the court?


              B) doing every last thing they can think of to get the judge to not just throw the book at them — but piss him off so much that he throws the whole LIBRARY at them?

              The prisons these traitors are going to won’t even still be standing by the time their thousand-plus year sentences are over…

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              1. Well these people don’t care about our country…and Hussein hates us.

                So they know that their Enemedia thralls will take that fake excuse and run with it…which will whip up their useful idiots to go out and riot in the streets.

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  13. “It could also be to establish his line of defense, in any upcoming indictments. He can claim that it’s a ‘political prosecution’…if he’s running for Pres.”


    I think that’s why ALL of them are throwing their hat into the clink.

    The Devilrats might have four or five hundred candidates by the end of the year 😁

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  14. From the Daily Mail – Hunter Biden splits from Brother Beau’s Widow – Hallie, after two years together…..

    I don’t know how to post the link – but it sure is interesting this is happening now after Joe announces his run for President.

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