Strategery: Softening Up GCHQ With Edward Snowden

As part of a new, long-term theme like the “VLWC” (Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy) series, I’m going to help people see long-term commie moves with a “Strategery” series. I love stealing this word, because the people in the Bush camp who adopted it as their version of “Deplorables” clearly had little understanding of the long-term strategy of the communists who manipulated them so readily.

Our “strategery” will put theirs to shame. And to think THEY opposed Trump. Ridiculous.

  • AND logic.
  • LONG-TERM thinking.
  • UNCERTAINTY as a way of life.

These things will slowly bring us into levels of understanding that makes the either/or, short-term-thinking, implication-as-fake-certainty FAKE NEWS absolutely useless. I repeat these ideas differently.

  • Life is not either/or, and getting you to think that way is a TRICK.
  • Life is not short-term. Getting you to see and respond to the short-term, by long-term thinkers, is a TRICK.
  • Life is uncertain. Getting you to NEED certainty when there is no certainty, is a TRICK.

We begin today’s lesson with a Q drop from yesterday.

New: Title TBD
Q!!mG7VJxZNCI27 Apr 2019 – 2:25:06 PM📁
Soon To Be A HouseHold Name.

Q Post 3327

Much of the Q movement is going to concentrate on what I regard as the chump change of this drop – the odd capitalization of every word, and the splitting of “household” into HouseHold. Trust me – our buddy Q has some awesome messages in there for the SB2 types. However, that is THEIR bag, not ours.

Happy hunting, cryptogram solvers.

WE, in contrast, are going to get all Bezmenov on this one.

Several parts of the article are highly relevant:

The subtitle:

Hannigan oversaw a more open approach at GCHQ after the Snowden revelations exposed mass surveillance by the agency

From the article – the CORE of the issue:

Hannigan only took over at the UK’s surveillance agency in November 2014 to oversee a more open approach after revelations by the National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden put GCHQ on the defensive in 2013.

His sudden resignation – he informed staff just hours before making this decision public – prompted speculation that it might be related to British concerns over shared intelligence with the US in the wake of Donald Trump becoming president.

The key point here is that SNOWDEN had effects on GCHQ. ONE of those effects that led to MANY OTHERS was insertion of THIS GUY HANNIGAN.

Now – if you’re following along with Q, then you know Snowden was a CLOWN OP that had a strong intention to damage NSA. But THAT is not necessarily the only reason. And to think about WHY Snowden was manipulated into doing what he did, remember that commies will try to SOW ONCE and REAP MANY TIMES. See how the suppression of AND logic keeps us dumb? THEY think multiple outcomes. WE chase our tails on the idea of WHICH outcome.

We need to GET OVER the idea that SNOWDEN did what he did for ONE REASON.

We also need to GET OVER the idea that SNOWDEN was a short-term yield. AND we need to get over the idea that we know ALL of the reasons they did the Snowden operation.

Are you with me? Let’s move on.

Remember – this guy CAME IN and LEFT on controversy. Controversy is USEFUL to them.

The “leaver” tweet:

Note that both the INSERTION and REMOVAL of this guy are a PATTERN of POKE and RESPONSE due to REVELATION and MEDIA MANIPULATION. The other side uses this all the time. This is an extremely important reason why FAKE NEWS works. Fake News helps to control both the REVELATION and the MANIPULATION.


Khashoggi was a perfect example. CIA commies and their DNC media CREATED and then “revealed” a fake American, a fake journalist, and in many ways a fake victim, who had been manipulated into his own MURDER – one that they controlled in several hidden ways – and could then use primary blame-casting of the set-up Saudis to manipulate American foreign policy.

The problem with Khashoggi was that the PUBLIC and REAL JOURNALISM were able to reveal enough hidden truth that the whole operation’s SKETCHY NATURE became evident. It was clearly a MANIPULATION – and United States foreign policy does NOT deserve to change because of communist manipulations – even if they are OUR COMMUNISTS.

Back to Hannigan – particularly his INSERTION.

First of all, who is he?

Hannigan’s background was not initially in intelligence. Born in Gloucester in 1965 and brought up in Yorkshire, he had been a high-flying civil servant at the Northern Ireland Office, where he was head of communications and later political director. He was involved in the peace process, credited [note media manipulation – W] with coming up with the idea for a diamond-shaped table [rolling eyes hard -W] in order to get over objections by the opposing sides about seating arrangements.

He transferred to London where he became involved in a series of intelligence jobs, including defence and liaison with the US, before going on to GCHQ, where he worked for six months as part of the handover before taking control.

Guardian article

If this looks a lot like a typical unqualified or deceptively qualified OBAMA APPOINTEE, then yeah, you’re seeing it, too. This guy had no business being in charge of GCHQ. And yet he was. FUNNY, THAT.

FAKE REFORM is a very big thing with communists and OUR intelligence agencies.

So – let’s look at their FAKE REFORM at GCHQ. What did the commies REALLY DO?

At the time, GCHQ, in spite of many of its secrets spilled by Snowden, remained the most secretive of the three intelligence agencies: the others being MI6 and MI5. But Hannigan expanded the press team, invited more journalists to visit GCHQ and encouraged a stream of news stories aimed at bringing the agency into the public eye. [as if any of this is going to actually solve any problems. -W]

In his first week in office, he created controversy with a column published in the Financial Times accusing US technology companies of becoming “the command and control networks of choice” for terrorists.

In March last year, he softened his criticism in a speech to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, calling for a new relationship between the intelligence agencies and the tech companies, part of a campaign to try to secure the help of the companies in providing access to supposedly encrypted messages.

Guardian article

I could go on forever about this. Hannigan BEHAVED in the classic ways of a CLINTON or OBAMA appointee. Once you see that “saboteur” model in operation, you never forget it.

  • invites in reporters and other “low-grade spies” – this is extremely reminiscent of Hazel O’Leary in Energy. The left LOVES to get a diversity-based or other unqualified leftoid in at the top, who leverages a media-driven moral panic (“OH NOES! WE NEED OPEN!”) or moral manic (“OH, JOY, WE ARE ALL OPEN NOW!”) to WEAKEN security
  • immediately uses JOURNALISM to call for tech censorship using terrorism foil
  • immediately blame-casts to US tech companies on terror (which problem, ironically, NSA is watching), while US tech companies are simultaneously media-cast as VICTIMS of spying by the Snowden op, in order to WEAKEN the NSA. What are the commies trying to do here? What communists always try to do. Get a government function out of government, to some place they control. What the commies wanted to do was SHIFT the burden of fighting terror (which they control) from the NSA to SJWs in tech companies. (As if that would work!) Funny that those SJWs would censor the political enemies of the left. Such a coincidence.
  • note that Hannigan’s timeline MATCHES Obama’s post-Obamacare roll-out failure-excused calls for partnership with tech, that quickly turned into tech hiring of SJWs and massive censorship
  • BIG POINT – SNOWDEN softened up the tech companies to censorship pitch

So – are you beginning to see why they don’t want a serious inquiry of this Hannigan guy? GET HIM OUT while the getting is good. Just like the lady (NOT Lois Lerner) who was responsible for the IRS scandal. Just like Eric Holder getting out of Dodge.

Resignation or job-shifting before inquiry is STRAIGHT out of the Obama manual. They needed this Hannigan guy GONE pronto, as soon as Trump was elected.

And what, finally, was the BIGGEST point?


What are our big learning points here?

Snowden was a big op with MANY OUTCOMES (AND logic), had MANY BIG LATE EFFECTS (long-term thinking), and likely will have MANY MORE that we have not yet recognized (uncertainty).

Strategery. The commies may have it. But so do we.



79 thoughts on “Strategery: Softening Up GCHQ With Edward Snowden

    1. I really dont see Assange as a threat to President Trump, Julian has to save his ass.
      It would be really nice to see who is pulling the strings in all of this and my senses just go bezerkers over Val Jarrett.
      There are ways to get answers to Q uestions that people wont answer and I think if you just strap one of these sQuealers down and show them a bucket witha towel in it you will get instant answers.
      John Brennan would be one of those sQuealers, he is not the tough guy he portrays.

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      1. From CliffNotes. com about the character Sqealer in George Orwell’s book Animal Farm:

        Every tyrant has his sycophants, and Napoleon has one in Squealer, a clever pig who (as the animals say) “could turn black into white.” Throughout the novel, he serves as Napoleon’s mouthpiece and Minister of Propaganda. Every time an act of Napoleon’s is questioned by the other animals — regardless of how selfish or severe it may seem — Squealer is able to convince the animals that Napoleon is only acting in their best interests and that Napoleon himself has made great sacrifices for Animal Farm. For example, after Squealer is questioned about Napoleon’s stealing the milk and windfallen apples, he explains that Napoleon and his fellow pigs must take the milk and apples because they “contain substances absolutely necessary to the well-being of a pig.” He further explains that many pigs “actually dislike milk and apples” and tells the questioning animals, “It is for your sake that we drink that milk and eat those apples.” His physical “skipping from side to side” during such explanations parallels his “skipping” words, which are never direct and always skirt the obvious truth of the matter at hand. As the novel proceeds, he excuses Napoleon’s tyranny and sullies Snowball’s reputation, just as Napoleon desires….

        Of course, John Brennan is far worse than Orwell’s Sqealer.

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    2. Assange and Wikileaks fit in, NOT IDENTICALLY, and I maintain a high degree of UNCERTAINTY and SUSPICION toward them. Wikileaks is both a TOOL and a PLAYER with a hidden agenda. During the separation of Wikileaks from Assange, there has been a divergence of interests.

      Wikileaks has tweeted negatively on Q – ASK WHY.

      In many ways, Wikileaks and Assange have MISLED US. I do not trust them.

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      1. In many ways, Wikileaks and Assange have MISLED US. I do not trust them.
        ^^^ Nor do I, trust them. ^^^

        But, I would really, really like to have access to Wikileaks hard drives / data bases.

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        1. Wikileaks exposed Hillary, Podesta, etc. and Hillary wanted to kill Assange with a drone, so it doesn’t seem like he was working for Brennan.

          Assange said he had never published anything false and no one ever proved he did.

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      2. “Wikileaks is both a TOOL and a PLAYER with a hidden agenda.”

        Which begs the question who is REALLY behind that operation, and who wants Assange silenced. And has that card been face down on the table the whole time.

        If that’s the case, Assange is a high profile loose end.

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        1. Agreed. If only on the Seth Rich thing, there are STRONG reasons for him to be eliminated to force new or old theories into acceptance.

          I used to accept Wikileaks and Assange both at face value. But the combinations of these things started adding support for opposing theories: (1) many allegations of the CLOWNS messing strongly with whistleblowers via Wikileaks, (2) apparent Wikileaks hidden agenda with misdirecting Corsi and Jones, (3) Assange seeming to have strong political agenda RE Catalonia, (4) Wikileaks leaking political motive on their positioning on Q, (5) Seth Rich murder misdirection (revenge instead of DNC/HRC lawsuit witness), with witness obstruction fitting all facts tighter than the highly shilled “revenge” theory, and (6) many other little gnawing discrepancies. They no longer get a pass as purely innocent. I tolerated their self-marketing for a long time as a necessity, but eventually they stopped passing the sniff test, “pure as the driven snow”. Something not right.

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  1. In the summer of 2016, Robert Hannigan, head of Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with then-CIA Head John Brennan regarding alleged communications between the Trump Campaign and Moscow.

    That summer, GCHQ’s then head, Robert Hannigan, flew to the US to personally brief CIA chief John Brennan. The matter was deemed so important that it was handled at “director level”, face-to-face between the two agency chiefs.

    The meeting between Hannigan and Brennan appears somewhat…unusual.

    The US and the UK are two of the so-called Five Eyes — along with Canada, Australia and New Zealand — that share a broad range of intelligence through a formalized alliance.

    The GCHQ is responsible for Britain’s Signals Intelligence.

    The NSA is responsible for the United States’ Signals Intelligence.

    Hannigan’s U.S. counterpart was not CIA Director Brennan.

    Hannigan’s U.S. counterpart was NSA Director Mike Rogers.


    cross posting from daily thread…
    h/t GA/FL for alerting me to wolfie’s article

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    1. EXACTLY.

      The best resolution, IMO, from what we know now, is that the entirety of FIVE EYES, just like the EU, is filled with GLOBALIST RINGERS who are MORE loyal to a WORLD SHADOW GOVERNMENT than they are to their own countries. Hannigan, Brennan, and Obama are all clearly committed to the secret plots of that shadowy group.

      Note that I’m not unalterably opposed to the IDEAS of internationalism or even globalism, but accomplishing these things by deception and treason rather than by honest negotiation is a complete non-starter.

      We thought that Obama was playing around with his “unofficial” commitments to globalist treaties and whatnot – now we see that by CHEATING to keep the globalist progs in power, he had no intention of letting those commitments be moot.

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      1. One can see Henry Kissinger’s hands in this plot also…

        Besides Brennan’s gig as political analyst on TV, he has worked for Kissinger & Associates since leaving the Obama Administration when it ended.

        I can’t find anything in wiki on Hannigan’s activities BEFORE becoming a Civil Servant… this link to his announcement as head of GCHQ gives some info on experience as CS

        Hannigan after resigning January 2017:

        In February 2017, Hannigan was appointed to the UK Government’s new Defence Innovation Advisory Panel, along with McLaren Chairman Ron Dennis and astronaut Tim Peake.[61] He has written about the shift in technological innovation from government to private sector and West to East, expressing some concern about the tone of the Brexit debate and its impact on the UK academic tech sector.[62]

        This Summary states “Robert Hannigan left his position as Director at GCHQ in April 2017. “
        That’s contrary to what reports in the States reveal. Apparently the Brits found no problem with his opening an Independent Consultancy. “The Committee considered the potential risk of public perception that Mr Hannigan could unfairly advantage his clients, by virtue of the information he holds or the contacts he has in Government. It concluded this is low for the following reasons:” see link below

        Summary of business appointments applications – Robert Hannigan
        Updated 5 December 2018

        Some reports say that Hannigan met with Brennan and Hakluyt associates…. Greg Rubini, see link…
        He offers no sources for info, except the New Yorker iirc…

        We do know that the two men met… and usually each would be accompanied by a couple of others. Would not be surprised if Hakluyt associates were with Brennan, considering his Kissinger ties.

        Just some more to chew on… Jeff at marketworks is best source on all related to Hannigan, imho.

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      1. Five Eyes is all the English-speaking nations that were allies in WWII, and were of majority European descent.

        (2nd requirement eliminates South Africa, Rhodesia, New Britain, and a few other places that were WWII allies, and potentially could have been strong allies in the Cold War, but had demographics that were potentially problematic for a number of reasons.)

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    1. Dr. Quigley THREAD …

      “Robert Hannigan has always been a name in my house.”


      “Brennan works for Kissinger Associates which contracts with Hakluyt.”

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      1. John O. Brennan, a Senior Advisor at Kissinger Associates, served as Director of CIA (2013-2017) and Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism (2009-2013).

        Kissinger Associates, Inc. is a New York City-based international geopolitical consulting firm, founded and run by Henry Kissinger in 1982. The firm assists its clients in identifying strategic partners and investment opportunities and advising them on government relations. Known for its secrecy, its specific activities are not public knowledge. Wikipedia

        Hakluyt & Company is a British strategic intelligence and advisory firm, and since 2011 has been a trading name of the renamed company Holdingham Group Limited. Pelorus Research is another trading activity of Holdingham Group, started in 2011, providing research to investment managers. The company is headquartered in London and has subsidiary offices in New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney.

        * HAKLUYT

        Small, but with a high-profile that few can match, Hakluyt was established by two former MI6 members, Christopher James and Mike Reynolds. It has aimed straight for the top of the market, offering hard-won intelligence about the most complex corners of the world.

        Operating at the intersection of business and government, Hakluyt’s access to the top levels of corporate management stems from its “foundation” – an advisory board composed of eminent figures from British business, such as Sir William Purves, the former chairman of HSBC.

        With a strong base of clients in the FTSE-100, Hakluyt has formed a strategic relationship with Kissinger Associates, the US consultancy led by Henry Kissinger, the former US secretary of state.

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          1. I doubt Nixon was given a choice. Not the way these people operate.

            I can remember seeing a story once that claimed Kissinger got a visit from some high ups in the cabal. One was David Rockefeller, I think. This may have been after whichever Rockefeller was VP was out of office. Anyway, they told Kissinger he needed help. Apparently his grip on State wasn’t tight enough.

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              1. I remember reading, in Antony Sutton, iirc, an incident when Rockefeller wanted to meet with Pres. Carter.

                So Jimmuh boarded AF1, and flew to NYC to have lunch with him.


  2. Great Article Wolfie!! Commie Strategery—The good guys are Finally Seeing it!!! Or at least Finally have put the Plan in action to fight them BACK!! This spy Novel keeps getting better and better!!

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        1. Yup. And if there is “history justice” (to go along with all the other leftist “noun-noun” justices), then Woodward and Bernstein will be exposed as the leftist entrapment shills they really were.

          Note that Corn and Isikoff wanted to “be them” – too bad that didn’t work out.

          WANNABES should be very careful what they WANNABE.

          Saved for posterity:

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    1. To the Globo-Nazis,

      My disgust with devious and murderous imposition of alien culture by lethal psy-ops is not a “phobia”. Anger at the STATE telling boys they are girls, and girls they are boys, is not a “phobia”. It is righteous logical outrage at the insanity being forced upon us through the cynical training and abuse of well-meaning idiots.


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      1. Their pushing it hard too!

        The Punisher skull: Unofficial logo of the white American death cult

        “It is difficult to quantify with precision, but a large percentage of Americans, mostly white men, do not have the interpretive skill to comprehend a comic book, and as a consequence, are knowingly or unknowingly celebrating the symbol of a character who, if actually existed, would be a serial killer living as a fugitive from the law.”

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  3. Obama was colluding with the UK. It was a joint operation.

    UK is full of serpents….globalists, Islamists, raving PC and global warming maniacs.

    They are not to be trusted.

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    1. I wish POTUS would not attend UK State visit. I am sure he loves the honor of the Queen but I do not trust the whole thing. The last time going to the UK one of his secret service guys died and we do not really know why just the official explanation.
      The last time he was treaded so shabbily by younger royals snubbing him and so did some of the politicians. Then the insulting balloon . Insulting POTUS they insult us the American people. That UK danced to the Obama tune to coup POTUS cannot be excused.

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      1. UK is in trouble and the Queen knows it….even if their politicians, Charles and the young empty-headed royals haven’t figured it out or won’t admit it.

        Liked by 7 people

    2. I have thought from the moment the state visit was announced that they have some ‘splainin’ to do to Pres. Trump while he’s there. I don’t think it’s just a state visit, and I expect there will be some very serious talks about spygate.

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  4. Michelle Obama acted like Melania was wrong to bring a gift and tried to make it into an awkward faux pas.

    But…Michelle did the same thing in 2008!

    Michelle Obama frequently had a ‘tude and a scowl.

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  5. Wolfie, interesting that the new First Lady’s gift to Michelle Obama was a “frame.”

    Silly, I know, but your posting that picture let my mind wander.

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  6. Len Blavatnik (Vekselberg partner, former partner with Alfa Bank leadership) has a masters in Computer Science from Columbia.

    He has also endowed a cyber research center at Tel Aviv University: the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center (ICRC).

    Here’s a copy of the Center’s “Annual Cyber Security International Conference Proceedings 2012-2013”
    published in 2014:

    Click to access Proceedings%20Cyber%20Conference%202012-2013.pdf

    Speakers included BiBi, Ehud, Richard Clarke, and Curt Aubley: then VP, CTO Lockheed Martin, and later (5/2017)… VP of Global Government Solutions and Technical Alliances at Crowdstrike.)

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    1. Curt Aubley was VIP, COT at Lockheed in 2007 when this happened
      And Connie was general counsel, IIR

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  7. DJT, with the help of Rogers and Flynn, designed and executed the Orb Plan for when he took office. Once he was in office, he went on his Trump Tour with (IIRC) the first stop in Saudi Arabia where he laid his hand along with the other hands on The Orb.

    Thus was born the Orb Network – taking over all the intel gathering under the command & control of the military. IOW, the military in each member country in the Orb Network is in command of global intel. Five Eyes is now a window mannequin – a public display with no real access to power over intel. Corroboration of this is NSA’s recent decision to halt the vacuuming of data networks (all phone calls, internet traffic, etc) for storage AND last week’s new executive order placing all background security screening inside the military/Pentagon.

    Remind me, who was DIA boss? Oh yeah, that criminal Flynn.

    Remind me, who was running NSA when he snitched Spygate to DJT? Oh yeah, that Rogers guy who got to retire and not go to work in the WH. But hey, there’s always a second term for DJT, right?

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  8. Gonna be hard to judge public opinion, though President Trump is a master at this. The general public are sick of it. It’s been hyped for so long and turned into a nothing burger. People are interested in the here and now and their own lives

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    1. The public is sick of endless investigations and empty promises (the media and Dems promising to oust Pres. Trump — which always makes me laugh at their defeat).

      I think if the real scandals that we know about (and some we don’t) are revealed, many people will be flabbergasted that a) it happened at all, b) they were lied to for years, c) people they trusted will have been shown to be treasonous criminals, and d) allies of the U.S. were in on the plot. That level of scandal should garner public interest.

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  9. Thanks for this, Wolf…you’ve connected some dots here.
    👍👍👏 Nice work!

    I didn’t even notice that Q had capitalized the words in that statement:
    “Soon To Be A HouseHold Name.”
    Good catch!

    I have no idea what that means…but it has to mean something, or Q wouldn’t have done it.

    I’m just thrilled to see Hannigan’s departure finally getting some scrutiny!
    Like you, many of us have pondered over that little detail.

    And I love the picture of FL Melania handing their Gift to Big Mike.
    The symbolism of giving them an empty Frame was lost on so many.

    I’m thinking that it was probably our brilliant First Lady who came up with that idea for that gift.
    She is such a master at communicating with visual messages…it just seems like something she would do!

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  10. Hi all! Love and congrats to all in this season.
    For you, spring and the good tidings it brings. Declass and all sorts of goodies to look forward to very soon.

    For me, a welcome reprieve from a hot, rainy, cloudy, steamy summer in the tropics of Oz..we have an election next month and I have no idea as too distracted by the fascinating drama unfolding in your neck of the woods. Loved the rally. PDJT is amazing to watch and I wish there was one other person in my area that I could share this with!

    I don’t understand how 40 years of patriotic talk from DJT is forgotten and buried while the coup involving the media and intelligence community of BHO over the last 3 years seems to be trying to rewrite history. The truth is in the videos on YT if you want to search..unfortunately algorithms make it difficult to get there. ?
    We are now seeing the crazy being exposed (loved the interview where AS gets a bit ruffled, stalking PT? obsessed much?), this is it, I can feel it about to hit mainstream WW…so much is counting on the plan, timing is everything leading up to the election and I thank Q and you for keeping the troops/us pumped. This is hard yakka (Oz term)

    BTW, Am in the middle of a install of new power system…0.75kW to 10.2kW after 12 years (live off grid)…still here watching and reading when I can when sun or generator provides while doing everything else necessary to do when power is on!

    thank you QTreepers/WM for giving me a quick go to. It’s a place of love and laughs and goodwill and truth…thanks.

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