News Roundup! Post Rally Videos & Photos, Antisemitism, Shooting, Golf, Eggs & Rotten Vegetables, Yellow Vests, Schiff, Kamala…..

Wow! What an absolutely incredible rally. Our President spoke for nearly an hour and a half. This tweet sums up the rally we just watched.

I was so happy that Sarah had the opportunity to speak and get such an incredible  applause.

Greatest line of the night!

There maybe another rally happening on May 8th in Florida.

Absolutely sickening the cartoon in the NY Times!

We also had the shooting at the synagogue in Poway, California.

From the article linked above:

A 19-year-old gunman opened fire inside a synagogue near San Diego as worshippers celebrated the last day of a major Jewish holiday, killing a woman and wounding the rabbi and two others Saturday, authorities said.

An off-duty Border Patrol agent working as a security guard fired at the shooter as he ran away, missing him but striking his getaway vehicle, San Diego County Sheriff William Gore said.

Our President hosted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for a round of golf earlier today, while our FLOTUS hosted Madame Akie Abe in DC.

Macron is such a POS that the people of France throw eggs, rotten vegetables and papers at him in public.

For the 24th consecutive weekend, the Yellow Vests were protesting throughout France. You can find video clips in the thread below.

Bill Maher made Adam Schiff look like a POS on his show.

Kamala Harris doesn’t know what to do when confronted by Anna Paulina with questions she can’t answer.

We will keep on WINNING!

102 thoughts on “News Roundup! Post Rally Videos & Photos, Antisemitism, Shooting, Golf, Eggs & Rotten Vegetables, Yellow Vests, Schiff, Kamala…..

      1. The look he had on his face made me think he was wanting to spend time with AOC in a cry closet, he literally looked defeated and ready to cry.

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        1. Trump tried to be a friend and talk Macron out of globalism. Instead, Macron tried to talk Trump out of nationalism. GIFT LION looked in the mouth! WRONG MOVE. Trump would have made Macron a hero. Instead, he’s a ZERO.

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  1. OT thinks that the DNC has a plan to get the Chosen One to have a clear path to beating our President. He says they spend all day and night 24/7 365 days a year on it.

    Remember the words of Mike Tyson. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Well guess what happened just now.

    I shared this with you a couple of days ago. Our President is solidifying that 26%.

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    1. Oh my word Felice you’re right!

      Trump is totally obliterating the DNC’s splitter strategy! They’re not going to get their Chosen Loser into the final round!

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    2. “OT thinks that the DNC has a plan to get the Chosen One to have a clear path to beating our President. He says they spend all day and night 24/7 365 days a year on it.

      Remember the words of Mike Tyson. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

      I agree with OT: they have been feverishly planning and they are good at it.

      BUT. OT never seems to take into account that PDJT is smart enough to have plans, too, plus he is so nimble he always manages to stay ahead or catch up. I simply don’t understand the lack of hope or faith in some quarters.

      So strategize away, Dims; PDJT is planning to win. My money is on him.

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        1. “Read on another site that mooch the Wookiee is the stealth candidate.”



          She may be the only suit in the Demokrat Party that is actually even emptier than Hussein.

          After the horrific experience with the first (and last) minority president, there should never be another. The kind of minority candidate [especially on the Left] who makes it through the system to the national stage is radicalized against America and against the majority — by definition.

          Racist and sexist against white people and men, and openly racially favoring and promoting their own race.

          That’s what Hussein did, it’s what Harris the Tramp would do, it’s what all of them do, because by the time they get to national politics in the Devilcrat Party, that’s who they are.

          Tribal-promoting (their own), anti-American, white-hating racists who present their racism and hate as virtue to the vacuous virtue-signalling choir.

          We played the ‘hate America, hate whitey, let’s use the power of the Federal Government for payback and to make ourselves like thugs in fancy suits’ for EIGHT long years.

          Never again.

          Hussein had a chance to unite the country (not that he ever would, that was not his assignment), he had a chance to show that a minority could be a leader for the whole country, for minority and majority alike.

          Instead he was petulant, arrogant, tribal, bigoted, vengeful, hateful, entitled and petty. He never missed an opportunity to remind America what a terrible mistake it was to hire him.

          He fulfilled every negative expectation and fear of what a Leftist minority as president would do.

          He reveled in the caricature, the archetype, the negative stereotype of what it would be like to have a Democrat minority as president.

          Never again.

          It’s simply not worth taking the chance that the next one wouldn’t do exactly the same thing — or worse.

          Nothing is worth taking that chance, because you’re stuck with it for 8 years. And as we all saw with our own eyes, the amount of damage someone like that can do in 8 years is incalculable.

          Never again.

          There is nothing in this world that could make it worth taking that chance again.

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          1. I don’t judge all African Americans by obumma. After all I don’t even think he’s american. Mooch however is his psychological doppelgänger who played the race card for everything she got in life. She could be potentially worse, if she wasn’t going to Gitmo

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            1. “I don’t judge all African Americans by obumma. After all I don’t even think he’s american.”


              Neither do I.

              But even if he was, he’s no African. The only African-Americans there MIGHT be in America are people who just got off the boat from Africa.

              If you were BORN here, you’re an AMERICAN. No hyphenated division required.

              And like you said, the Kenyan isn’t from America anyway.

              He’s a Kenyan!

              (not that there’s anything wrong with that — except it disqualifies him from being president, lol!)

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              1. I don’t think anyone should be promoted or penalised for the colour of their skin. MLK. -it’s the character that counts. And the dems are all about identity politics.

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      1. I also agree with OT that there is strategerizing going on day and night on the other side, but since all of their moles in the Trump operation have be neutralized, they’re operating in the dark and not liking it one bit.

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      1. “Flep – what is OT?”


        I don’t know for sure, but I always interpreted “OT” as meaning “over there”.

        For a while (and possibly still) after SD banned so many of us, and we ended up here, apparently Wolfmoon was aware that SD was reading here, to see what we were up to and what we were saying.

        By avoiding terms like “SD” or “CTH”, it made it more difficult for SD to do a simple ‘word search’ to find any posts relating to himself or CTH.

        That was my impression anyway, about things in the early going, and use of ‘OT’. I think using ‘OT’ just kind of stuck after awhile.

        [of course, he could just search the term ‘OT’ and defeat the whole effort, lol!]

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        1. Or perhaps we could be talking about PVC (and ABS) pipe, and the most popular (and, in my humble opinion) best solvent/glue(etc. products for it, from Oatey…

          Stinks like mad (pungent in the extreme), but works like a champ!!!

          (Nothing like having a fitting dissolve before your very eyes while trying to set it)…

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        2. Scott – My goodness! I had no idea this had even happened. All I knew is that each time I asked where F L E P was, my comments got tossed, so I figured something weird was up. I kind of wondered if OT stood for Other Thread, but Over There also works. Forgive my ignorance about all the “behind the posts” intrigue going on. I really did not know.

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          1. “Scott – My goodness! I had no idea this had even happened. All I knew is that each time I asked where F L E P was, my comments got tossed, so I figured something weird was up. ”


            I wondered if you were aware of what happened or not.

            There was a purge, I’m guessing sometime around November of last year maybe?

            Anyone who said anything defending “Q” was banned, and it was a whole bunch of us over a two or three day period, IIRC.

            No warning, no suspension, no “thanks for being a regular poster for several years”, no ‘hasta la vista, baby’, no ‘vaya con Dios’, no ‘que sera, sera’, no ‘here’s looking at you, kid’, just BANNED!

            Like he never knew ya!

            All that Q hate twisted him up inside, made him cranky, gave him acid reflux or something.

            It was very sad, for almost 3 whole seconds… and then it was liberating, because it’s suffocating, having to censor yourself ALL THE TIME in order to not get banned. So when it happens, it’s kind of a relief. I don’t do well with censorship and oppression. 😁

            Wolfmoon already had this website up and running, and we sort of found our way here, one by one.

            It was great to see familiar faces (or names, anyway!).

            And Wolf’s place has been growing ever since… oppression and censorship FREE 😁 👍

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            1. Wow! That shocks me, actually. I had no idea and I am kinda saddened by it. I still read the other site and find lots of good folks there, but I, like you, do not do well when I am told I can’t do something. Anyway, it explains a lot, so thanks for the info. By the way, how does one know if he/she has been “banned”?

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              1. Good morning, O.W.,

                You’re very welcome 🙂

                I think the only way you find out is when you can no longer post anymore. It seems like you can post, everything seems normal, until you hit the ‘post comment’ button. The screen refreshes like normal, but your post never shows up.

                And when you try to ‘like’ other peoples’ posts, you can’t, it doesn’t work, your screen name doesn’t show up with any of the other people who ‘liked’ a post, the way it used to.

                Basically, you’re just frozen out. You’re like a ghost. You can see everybody, all your old friends, but they can no longer see you, or ‘hear’ you. There is no longer any way to make contact, you’re just ‘cut off’.

                I was on my 5th or 6th (maybe 7th) consecutive post, making the case for Q, asking the logical questions for which there was no good answer. Not saying anyone had to ‘believe’ Q, just saying that there was no good argument to conclusively rule ‘Q’ out.

                Basically, I was arguing basic logic and to keep an open mind.

                And then it happened.

                I couldn’t find my most recent post after hitting ‘post comment’.

                And then I couldn’t find any of my recent posts, they were all deleted, and in that instant, that’s when I knew it was all over.

                I remember that I smiled… not a ‘happy’ smile, just a smile… ‘wistful’ maybe is the right word for it, and thought to myself, well, if I had to go, I’m glad I went out swinging.

                That was the right way for me to go.

                I did the best I could do, I stood my ground, and I fought for what I believed was right and true.

                Can’t ask or hope for better than that.

                So I was okay with it.

                But I was sure glad to find this place a week or so later, and all of my old friends again 😁

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  2. This president creates more positive news (for those willing to block out the MSM…a number which keeps growing everyday)…more positive news in a single weekend than other presidents have in an entire term of office…heck, President Trump can create more positive news in a weekend than fraud Obama did in 8 years.

    Winning, winning, and more winning! Promises kept.

    As others mentioned on the Rally Thread…I was so happy to see Sarah MAGA Super Hero get such a wildly enthusiastic reaction from the patriots in Wisconsin…it gave me goose bumps.

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    1. Harry, I can’t think of one positive thing that occurred during Obama’s eight years, not one. Shocking.

      He was deliberately destroying the country.

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      1. Not true. It eventually came to an end. Like the man who was asked why he kept bashing his head with a hammer. Because it feels so good when I stop

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        1. True. Obama gave rise to Trump – Lefties miscalculated the indomitable American spirit. “America” is why everyone has wanted to come here for centuries.

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          1. I repeatedly tell my little tea party that God allowed Jugears so that we would really appreciate His boy Trump. Pure Old Testament gold – God allowed (and sometimes did it Himself) misfortune and terrible travails to come on the Israelites because He knew there was no other way to get them to stop showing their backsides to Him and turn around to face Him.

            Fascinating that the religion of pieces has all their idiots sticking their asses up towards Heaven while hiding their faces on the ground. Telling God here’s what I’ll give You. Pretty easy to see they are facing down below where their god lives.

            All will be revealed. No one will be happy about that but some will be much more unhappy than others.

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  3. Flep, I noted in the rally thread, that POTUS had an extra special reason for acknowledging Sarah on this particular night – the anniversary dinner of the WHCD when she was treated in such a vile manner.

    Tonight he presents her for public recognition and accolades. 🙂

    Pay attention folks! POTUS forgets nothing… and gets EVEN. 🤩

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  4. Don’t buy stock in Winnimins Corp. They overproduced and the price per hundred will drop severely as a consequence. Even po’ folk will be able to buy as much as they need.

    America – what a concept!

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    1. Anon conserve again this am re synagogue shooter. Prev burnt a mosque…….but the mosque is under surveillance. Again watch google earth camera car after reading ac.
      Also draw and strike. Mentioned yesterday here but important. James Comey using steganography. His harmless pictures of trees and sky have hidden messages .can be opened by a key on computer or very sophisticated anti encryption software such as used by nsa. Robert Hansen,the spy, used this message system.

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  5. Anonymous conservative-link to pan am internal investigation into Lockerbie. The bomb was put on board at a different place and the targets were a group of diva who had discovered a cia drug running op. Supposedly rogue cia. (Is there any other kind)

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  6. Ohhh FLEP, you’re hitting your stride now. Dozens of the best posts, all in one place with FLEP’s News Round Up. It’s like a concert pianist who can now play….. blindfolded.
    Slow clap!!!

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  7. Not what I was trying to post.
    Re the photo where it was queried what Pres Trump said to obumma. Try googling I assume youlll want a cell facing Mecca

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  8. thanks for the news Mr +!!!!
    This site has turned into “one-stop” shopping Wolf! kudos to you!!
    we have q drops, news drops, rally threads, insightful, informative research threads, charming stories, humor, memes, friends and fun…what would you ever need another site for?
    THANKS to all who make Wolf’s site PERFECT and a special thanks to Mrs Wolf for sharing him with us!!

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  9. Fashion note: The First Lady must have special straps put on her coats to hold them on when she frequently wears them over her shoulders. When she was at the Great Wall of China, her coat was blown almost horizontal in the wind and it stayed put without budging!

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  10. Re: Sarah Sanders – the crowd showed they appreciate her – and that they were aware of how the White House Correspondents speaker treated her last year!

    Trump supporters are very AWARE of what all (violence, harassment, vandalism) the leftist are doing to Trump supporters!

    The leftists exposed themselves and their intentions during the 2018 election season:


    Elephants (Republicans/Conservatives) have long memories.


    1. Comment covered Leftist violence and the fact that they exposed themselves completely during the 2018 election, with their harassment, violence against Trump staff, supporters and leaders such as McConnell, Nielsen, Bondi and Rand Paul, and of course, their vile words on all the blogs.

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          1. I tried leaving out the dots with a ‘irector-Day lue-Bay’ link and it still would not post. WP is very censorious of late which lets me know the leftists run it and are really scared. It’s likely to get worse as the election year progresses.

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      – when WP won’t allow anything that criticizes that certain religious/political ideology that the UK won’t allow to be critizized.
      – when WP won’t allow anyone to voice dissension or facts re: certain s3xu4l identities and lifestyles.
      – when criticism of communism, RINOs, globalism won’t be allowed on WP.
      – when even criticism of censorship won’t be allowed on WP.

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  11. Incredible Post Flep!!!! My weekends are so busy and I truly do NOT get to keep up!! How in the world you are able to breeze around the internet and post so succinctly and perfectly to keep us all up-to-date and informed–Well, I am putting you in the Sarah Sanders category of….#SuperHero!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗

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  12. “Thread by @NewsCompact: “New state of escalation in Yesterday night, ‘ forces used for the first time attack dogs against during a night walk in / The Prefect of Paris declared the use of attack dogs for […]””


    Just imagine what modern, high intensity, high volume personal defense pepper-spray must do to an attack dog’s olfactory system…

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    1. I remember what Luke did, when those hound dogs were chasing him, and he used chili powder, pepper and curry. That’s nothing compared to modern pepper spray!

      (fast forward to 1:40 onward)

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    2. Or maybe raw hamburger, or bacon 🙂

      Raw meat will take almost any animal’s mind off of the task at hand… maybe spray the Gendarmerie with bacon spray… OOOOOOHHHH, woof, BACON!!!

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    3. Not sure you can buy it easily over there.

      I think European anti-self-defense activists even managed to eliminate the pepper show loophole.


  13. “It’s pretty evident from my last video that @SenKamalaHarris thinks child rape and the slavery of Hispanic women and children is a joke.

    She will never be president for this reason.”


    That may be one reason, but it’s certainly not the only reason.

    It’s not even in the top five.

    Probably not the top ten.

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    1. “Is this guy a professional?”

      Professional what?

      Isn’t he the one who was a failed novelist before he started working for the Soebarkah regime on Soebarkahcare and the A-Bombs for Iran scheme?

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