WordPress / Akismet Censorship Test Page

Use this page to test what is censoring your posts and what is not. I may choose to release some attempted comments, and reply with information on which bin they went into and why.

I will also add useful information to this header area, such as a description of the buckets and how they work.

Free speech – USE IT OR LOSE IT.



312 thoughts on “WordPress / Akismet Censorship Test Page

  1. The Burney Relief: Inanna or her sister Ereshkigal or possibly the biblical Lilith
    Note those could be bat feet not bird feet. Birds are not mammals. Bats are mammals.


  2. Wolf,

    I can’t find the thread / page where I was going to look for the supplement / nutrient the ‘You are Free’ lady has been recommending for oxygenating blood (countering the effects of hypoxia, if I understand correctly), but I found the info I was looking for, so I’ll post it here since you usually see these posts.

    Cell Power (approximately 3:45 mark): “Cell Power is ionized oxygen and hydrogen that goes directly into your cells, you put it in water, you drink it, it oxygenates your blood.”

    “It’s another thing for your toolbox of health in fighting this new onslaught of what we know as reduced oxygen in the blood causing so much of the cytokine storm that goes along with the Franken-virus.”

    I was able to find it at Amazon, may be cheaper elsewhere:

    1 oz bottle

    2 oz bottle

    Cell Power Home Page, looks like they charge the same amount:

    Hope you’re feeling a little better each day 👍

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        1. Amazon links are handled by the Amazon plugin for WordPress by default. It tries to bring back Amazon content to make a big embedding. If you have not enabled this site to access third-party cookies, it may balk on showing you the Amazon content generated from the URL.

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    1. THANKS! I will put up that post tonight. I may start on it now.

      I felt pretty good today – not sure what to credit, but I got a lot of sunshine along with Vitamin C and zinc.


  3. testing

    [i]FauXi and Gates should be indicted.[/i]

    [b]FauXi and Gates should be indicted.[/b]

    [blockquote]FauXi and Gates should be indicted.[/blockquote]

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      1. Replace square brackets with angles (less than, greater than). Then it will work perfectly. Some platforms use square brackets – usually bulletin-board-style discussion platforms. Here, it’s closer to HTML.

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  4. Wolf, I was watching the ‘You Are Free’ lady’s video during dinner, and she mentioned another supplement she is using to counteract low oxygen in the blood. This one is much cheaper than the other thing she mentioned (that I posted) a couple weeks ago.

    I don’t know anything about these, just passing it along:

    This is the brand she uses (Nature’s Way)


    This is by another company, looks like the same thing at less than half the price, and she uses other supplements from this same company (NOW Supplements):



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      1. Putting a bunch of characters in front of the link may prevent it from being interpreted as an Amazon URL, which sends it to the Amazon Plugin for WordPress. But the link should still be there, even after conversion by the plugin.

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        1. Okay, trying again:


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        2. It’s not pretty, but I guess it works 😂


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