WordPress / Akismet Censorship Test Page

Use this page to test what is censoring your posts and what is not. I may choose to release some attempted comments, and reply with information on which bin they went into and why.

I will also add useful information to this header area, such as a description of the buckets and how they work.

Free speech – USE IT OR LOSE IT.



226 thoughts on “WordPress / Akismet Censorship Test Page

    1. These were all in spam. This one, when liberated from spam, then went into moderation. I hit APPROVE there, so that there would be no mistake on my INTENT TO EXPLICITLY APPROVE (answering and liking do “implicit” approvals). THEN I came here to reply to it directly.

      Neither WordPress nor Akismet give us ANY simple tools to override false positives, and I checked the STATS. We are getting more and more false positives. This is DESIGNED to discourage posters that they dump into it. I have PROOF of this from bflyjesusgrl. I have a new post in process where I am encouraging Citizen Free Press to file a lawsuit, or join with any Trump DOJ actions to strike back against this sneaky progressive bullshit.

      Certain posters and their specific links are being discriminated against. TIME TO RAISE HELL.


          1. We may need to set up a way to contact you outside of WP, via Gab maybe. If people begin to get shut out, there will be no way to bring it to anyone’s attention through WP.

            I was able to alert you by posting here in the Test thread, but if I was blocked from here (and everywhere else here at WQTH), nobody would know until or unless they happened to check the Bin.

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            1. Twitter and Gab notifications will get to me. Just reply to any post on my timeline, or use the handle @(remove)WOLFM00N on either. I may not get back immediately, but I will likely start checking Gab more often.

              I’m starting to think that the coronavirus will be used as cover by Twitter, WP, and others to shut us down. That’s why they need Prog Central in China to bail them out.


    1. That is very weird. One possibility is that Flep accidentally dismissed one of your posts as spam in the spam bucket, instead of rescuing it, and Akismet took that as a “go” of some kind. However, I have liberated you from spam on ALL authors here, and that should have UNDONE any such action.

      Let me go liberate them and look at them…..


      1. Thanks Wolf, I just checked and my posts now show on Flep’s daily news article.

        I posted another reply to that thread, and it went right in the bin, lol!


    1. Yup. The ONLY 3 in there were yours.

      What I find BIZARRE is that your posts are not blocked on this thread.

      But this is all bullshit. The fact that neither WordPress nor Akismet will allow me to declare site members as NOT SPAM is an INTENTIONAL CENSORSHIP MECHANISM.

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  1. [re-post from today’s OPEN thread]

    Bank in the bin.

    You know, since we’re being forced into the bin, we should just start publishing articles in here.

    Or whatever the practical equivalent to that would be.

    They can’t put us into the bin, if we’re already in the bin.

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      1. I just saw your reply, but I don’t understand.

        I was only posting here to test whether the link I had would show up as a picture or if it would remain a link (I was hoping for the picture).

        Once I knew the links would display as pictures, I tried to post them in a regular thread, but I think I messed up, because only one of them (Cornelius) actually posted.

        The ‘joke’ is how much they look alike. Which they do. If they didn’t, it wouldn’t be funny.

        And if terrorists — who kill people — can’t even take a little ribbing, and if We the People they seek to kill can’t make fun of dead terrorists, then to quote Al Pacino in “And Justice for All”… “then something really wrong is goin’ on here”. 😁

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        1. I was referring to something else – at the time of writing – when you were only allowed to post on that one thread, and anything you posted anywhere else was going to SPAM. There is an admitted disconnect.

          It’s a “later lamentation”, provoked by the irony of seeing an earlier lesser cause. You went to the censorship page when you weren’t actually “really” censored – now you could ONLY go there when you literally WERE being censored.

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  2. Something changed last week. It affected me and now Miss Daughn. Embedded tweets are no longer displaying properly in Brave. Here’s some background. Edge, Crome, and IOS ARE working properly.





    And yes, embedded tweets setting are allowed in Brave. Twitter website allowed globally to Brave. Did side by side global setting compares/adjusts and made Brave same as Edge and Chrome, no success. **Note- Edge & Chrome have additional System Setting options that Brave does NOT??** Tried shields off, no help.
    Other: Also cleared cookies in Brave, which forces a new login to twitter, no help.

    Anyone else having this issue? Know of a fix? Do we complain to WP???

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      1. Thanks Wolfie, that fixed it!!! 😍🤗 PITA to setup BookMark’s and extensions again, but WP tweets are good!! Have to allow all cookies and all devices to use WP reader. 🦋🦋🤸‍♀️🦋🦋
        Miss Daughn needs this info!!

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    1. Yup! This is a PAGE for one or more GIFs. Does not end in an image extension.

      Note that the WordPress *Image Plugin* could, theoretically, be complicated enough to FIND the image in the page and display it properly. That is, in fact, what the WordPress Twitter Plugin does – it takes a Twitter URL and reconstructs an HTML display of the Tweet on any platform that accepts a WordPress page fully, including all scripts. There is no Gab Plugin, so that is why a Gab URL just sits there and looks like a link. WordPress does that, too – it converts URLs into text with a LINK.

      Fun times! WordPress is interesting and makes sense, once one understands how it works. And none of it is my code, so I can’t be blamed. Nor are any of the plugins anything but WordPress’s most vetted stuff, so that third parties can only be blamed very specifically.

      THAT is security in Wolf’s world. Attribution creates responsibility. Responsibility allows logic. Logic allows discernment. Discernment allows vision. Vision allows Wolf to see through walls. Seeing through walls makes the ChiComs NAKED.

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      1. That’s the scene, just after DJT finally puts bounties on all the Cabal bad guys, wanted ‘Dead or Alive’ 😁


  3. Why Everyone should mask up in hot zones. Doesn’t work if everyone does not participate.

    Everyone does this. Just not by vaping so it’s invisible to you. Guys breath harder then Girls. These photos don’t get close to what some people do. Just saying.

    The virus is said to be very light, micron size and floats with in a 6ft range before dissipating enough so as not to be a concern. Depending on how someone breaths that 6ft can easily be 10 ft especially with ever so slight drafts.

    Now I’m not going to make a vid of me breathing down my shirt. But trust me when I say that you will hardly see a thing and the danger zone falls to 1 foot easily, except don’t walk too closely behind or there might be some slight fog effect but again nothing compared to these pictures.

    Again something as simple as bandanna would go far in stopping the spread. Since were all being funneled into stores to shop for groceries making it mandatory to wear any kind of mask even a cheap piece of cloth over your face to get into the store would work better than no mask especially since to conduct commerce your going to break the 6ft rule more often than not.

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