Twitter: Stepping Up The Message Against QAnon

I simply CANNOT let this pass without comment. It’s a very small observation, but I believe it’s a preview of what is coming.

I noticed when I fired up Twitter today, that the very first tweet they showed me was THIS:

What’s going on in this tweet, in case you aren’t familiar with the personalities involved, is that a somewhat generally disliked MAGA Coalition guy (JohnWickofPolitics), who got negative exposure from Brian Cates (Stealth Jeff), Praying Medic and QAnon, retweeted a post that is critical of QAnon and some of the major accounts which post about Q drops, including Praying Medic.

Before saying anything else, I want to mention that this whole fight (which QAnon has stated he no longer wants to discuss) seems to have been started by a kind of “lets you and him fight” strategy from the dark side, using shills to pump it up. The whole thing seemed like a bit of a trap, designed to stir up division.

Anyway, this was a surprising tweet for my Twitter timeline. I don’t usually see much anti-Q stuff.

At first I thought it was just a FLUKE this was the lead tweet, although I was definitely suspicious. You’ll see why in a moment.

I fired up Twitter AGAIN later, and – WHOA – who do I see but MicroChip. Now, in case you don’t know who MicroChip is, he was one of the early Twitter warriors for MAGA who got kicked off Twitter and disappeared for a while. When he came back later – with a somewhat different personality (in my humble opinion) and WITHOUT his Keybase ID (insert Suspicious Cat again) – first on Gab and then on Twitter – he advocated following Alinsky’s full program, including lies and deceit. I eventually had to stop following the guy. I could not take his “we need to be as evil as they are” arguments.

Well, he is primarily NOW known for his intense anti-Q stance. AND – and this is important – I almost never saw him on Twitter. Until now.

But just in case a little “anti-Q” isn’t enough – how about some anti-Christ? MicroChip will provide….



This is more Q-hater posting than I normally see in a month.

Something is up here, and I think I know what it is.


Twitter clearly has algorithms that “fix” “conversational health” by providing some kind of “affirmative action” to “correct” us. Here is an example.

I started noticing that the ONE Muslim “lovey-dovey pony-puff inspiring pictures and wallpapers” image-tweet gal I was following became – slowly over a few weeks, through NO action of my own – the lead tweeter of EVERY new Twitter session. Her posts would then hog most of my timeline. I had to actually UNFOLLOW HER to get my normal follows to show up at ALL.

It was clear to me that Twitter thought I needed MORE ISLAM, and they were kinda sneaky about how to give it to me.

SO – I can tell when Twitter is “zapping me”. and Twitter IS definitely zapping me now.

I believe that they are going to hit us with more and more “anti-Q” stuff for “balance”.

Just a warning.


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  1. Very interesting – admittedly I haven’t opened my twitter feed in almost 4 years, so knowing these tactics are being deployed just turns my stomach to it. Very thankful when everyone posts the twitter items to laser focus on.

    Thanks Wolf.

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    1. I have been trying for 2 days to get on my tweet acc. I dont use it much but I have been locked out ,tweeter says I have violated there terms of service???? I havnt been there in forever only clicking on thread reader that people post here ,now I cant even read that! I only followed just a few people and POTUS. well I am done with it ,dont understand what I did wrong but screw them and there tiny little pony. meh


      1. “… screw them and there tiny little pony. leftist Jack’s Arse meh”

        Don’t want to hurt some innocent pony. 🤣

        Sorry, time to go to bed, my warped sense of humor is coming out.

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  2. That first tweet is just bizarre…and it’s not even very good psyops, craft wise.
    Bad grammar too:

    “Do you trust people who was disavowed…”

    And what is this —> #KAnon
    Is that a typo?
    Or just stupidity.

    And yeah, MicroChip is definitely up to something.
    But then I’ve always thought that guy was ‘off’…he used to post cringeworthy stuff that made us Trump supporters look bad.

    Something else that Twitter is doing:
    When you click on a tweet to ‘like’ it…then Twitter will declare that the tweet “No longer exists”.
    But if you click on the tweet itself, it is still there.

    So yeah…more tricks from Twitter.
    And they are so juvenile, too.
    Which is not really that surprising after seeing the caliber of the behind-the-scenes workers that were revealed on those O’Keefe/Veritas videos.

    Qanon and Q-peeps are being targeted for sure, just like Q said would happen.

    They want to divide us.

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      1. For awhile when Q wasn’t posting this K anon claimed to have taken Q’s place. Q came back and reminded us that he wouldn’t post anywhere else except on 8 Chan Also that a very limited group knew of it and that no one spoke for Q.

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  3. Makes perfect sense, given all I’ve read and heard about.

    It’s funny in an odd sort of way, for me. Why?

    Because I have never engaged in “social media”. Not Ever. Not Twitter, not Facebook, no apps, nothing.

    Something inside of me has always told me, “Don’t do it!”. And for perhaps the only time in my life, I listened to that voice and never bucked it.

    Heck, I’m so ignorant about social media I’m not even sure what a timeline is.

    Do you think, just maybe, my refusal to join in social media might be a way of fulfilling God’s direction that, while I must live in this world, I should not be a part of it?

    Whatever the truth of that may be, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything, except maybe a lot of unnecessary trouble.

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    1. “….Do you think, just maybe, my refusal to join in social media might be a way of fulfilling God’s direction…”

      Not really.

      I do not watch TV and since the radio in my truck croaked years ago, I do not even listen to the radio. I used to read the Wall Street Gerbil & Barrons but quit 25 years ago. (Gave up TV 43 years ago) NOT having been indoctrinated, I DID NOT TRUST Twitter, not Facebook, or smart phones.

      To me it was just plaain common sense ESPECIALLY when the HR site I read was saying LOOKING at a possible hires Twitter and Facebook accts were the ‘THING’ to do.

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        1. Many of us choose to engage ANONYMOUSLY….


          Gail Combs is… well linked to me… sort of. It is also VERY COMMON.😁

          I had lots of fun with the Climate Science pushing Crowd when they tried to DOX me and tried to find papers I wrote….

          They said I was either lying about my name or about being a chemist.

          A the time I laughed and said they had just proved they are pitiful ‘Scientists’ who couldn’t think their way out of a box.

          ERRRRrrrr, guys I am on my second marriage AND I worked for INDUSTRY, so why in Hades would you every get the idea my papers are public or in THAT NAME? (I think they deleted the page after I laughed at them.)

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  4. Here’s a trick I learned about avoiding the Twitter algorithm censors. Go to “Inferred Interests from Twitter” and click “See All”. Here are the steps to get there:

    “Settings and Privacy” > “Your Twitter Data” > “Interests and Ads Data” > “Inferred Interests from Twitter”

    Once you’re there, un-check anything remotely related to Q, President Trump, or conservative politics.

    That can bring some “normalcy” back to your timeline, but it needs to be cleaned out regularly.

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    1. Thank you! I just finished housecleaning my “inferred Interests.” I do get some anti-Q tweets, but what I’m getting slammed with is pro-HRC (ugh), anti-Potus (grrrr) tweets from people/groups that are _not_ being followed by yours truly…and my “following” list is quite short (a rip-roaring but very specific 83, while being followed by a scant dozen- lol). My twitter account is too puny catch anyone’s notice, so that leads me to believe that is a overall system “update”…casting a wide net.

      This was one of the “choices” I unchecked – listed 3 times!?! >> “Prosecutors have evidence that Trump directed campaign finance violations, WSJ reports” <<<WTH??? Dan Bongino and President Trump were also listed 3x _each_. Unchecked. Thank you again, miz Sadie!

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  5. What if he/she/it is right about Christianity? What if Christianity is a tool to control the masses, as Marx (or was it Trotsky) said?

    Before you throw things at me, let me explain.

    I find no place in Scripture where it says that Christ came to start a new religion. I see no place in Scripture where a human being is authorized to make himself/herself into a martyr (by turning the other cheek to savages thereby causing death). I see no place in Scripture where it says love means being an enabler of sloth. I see no place in Scripture where it says that seeking wealth for wealth’s sake shall be rewarded here.

    Yet I can easily find churches and religious orders (in the first world) where these tenets are preached and practiced. And declared to be holy.

    Don’t get me wrong – the clown you describe likely is exactly what you say, wolfie. I’m merely pointing out that I see truth within what he writes whether he knows it himself or not.

    My pastor (R.I.P.) taught us that being one of God’s chosen meant that a person had to follow what was told to Abraham. And that if he did those things as God commanded then he was a member of Abraham’s tribe (now the Hebrew Kingdom). Adopted as one of God’s own. Of course that required physical actions; today we are in the Grace period so those actions are spiritual. But they still must be done.

    Circumcision (of the penis) is no longer required – now it is circumcision of the heart, in some ways more painful than the former method. But one must attack one’s own heart, clean out all the stoniness, and replace it with love. There is no easy or painless method of doing this.

    Yet I can easily find churches where this is optional, if discussed at all. I can easily find churches where no real personal pain must be endured in order to obtain entrance into an eternal paradise.

    And churches where the rules are set by men, rather than God, seem plentiful. Christ said that the wheat and the chaff shall grow together until the harvest when the chaff shall be separated and burned.

    We need IMO to be God’s Children. Hebrews, of which there are Twelve Tribes. Ten of which have lost knowledge of their identity, two of which retain that knowledge.

    We are living the prophecy given to Ezekiel in chapter 37. We are being raised up, as multiple generations of Hebrews of days gone by were raised up. Every time God Almighty has provided a leader for us, to accomplish the mission of leading us back to Him.

    He has done so again. He will never fail us. And neither will Donald J. Trump, God’s servant/warrior for this time.

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    1. I just clicked over to the open thread and was pleasantly surprised to read a confirmation of what I had just written here. God loves me and I am grateful for it. He never fails to confirm the proper things I do.

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    2. pgroup,

      Churches are the CREATION OF MAN we do well to remember that. Some are created for good and some are created for ‘not so good’

      If you look at Glen Beck’s “Chalkboard lesson: Chicago Marxists are pulling the strings on the attack on our border” and go to !4 minutes and 40 seconds he mentions two Methodist pastors, avowed Marxists who are directly attacking the USA via organized invasion across the southern boarder.

      Maurice Strong was raised up by the Rockefellers to be their point man. He was very active in the UN. If you do not know about Strong I suggest you research him.

      “Hanne, Strong’s wife, liked to tell the story of how in 1978, a mystic informed the Strongs that “the Baca [ranch] would become the center for a new planetary order which would evolve from the economic collapse and environmental catastrophes that would sweep the globe in the years to come.” —

      The Strongs gathered together ALL Religions at their ranch to try and hammer out a ‘NEW Religion” [to control mankind] Think about the OUSTING of Pope Benedict XVI and the installation of ISLAM & Marxism loving Pope Fransis. Knowing what the Strongs/UN/ Global Elite were up to puts that set of events in perspective.

      The UN, Maurice Strong, Crestone/Baca, CO, and the “New World Religion”

      Spiritual seekers in North America eventually hear about Crestone. They make their pilgrimage to this sacred land reminiscent of the Himalayas and home to dozens of spiritual organizations and retreat centers.

      Allison Rae, “Shambala of the Rockies: The Mythos and Power of Crestone”

      Maurice Strong is a Canadian billionaire who has constructed a new age retreat in southern Colorado called the Baca. Many of the world’s elites visit this religious retreat, including many adherents to eastern religions. One well-known actress has built a ‘channeling’ center there and even the Vatican has a representative present… Maurice Strong also is the United Nations Undersecretary for the UNCED (UN Conference on Environment and Development- 1992 Rio Earth Summit). This man is a radical New Ager and environmentalist and travels extensively in Globalist circles. Some of the more radical environmentalists embrace a form of pantheism… called Paganism…. This agenda is nothing more than a revival of the Babylonian mystery religion. Where various forms of divination and occult practices and earth worship are mixed and only certain initiates are given a glimpse of the inner “secret doctrine.” This system is an abomination to God and is spoken of at length in the Book of Revelations (chapter 17).

      Mark S. Watson, “Occult Theocracy!”

      (The UN religion is) a weird and diabolical convergence of New Age mysticism, pantheism, aboriginal animism, atheism, Communism, socialism, Luciferian occultism, apostate Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism….

      Also checkout Can We Sustain the UN’s Sustainable Goals? by: Phyllis Schlafly on Maurice Strong and NGOs

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    3. pgroup
      April 14, 2019 at 04:53

      “What if he/she/it is right about Christianity? What if Christianity is a tool to control the masses, as Marx (or was it Trotsky) said?

      Before you throw things at me, let me explain…..”

      Mz Molly Anna says OT on December 14, 2018 at 10:01 am

      “They, the world’s elite, bound by bloodlines, never wanted the average man to rise the their status and challenge them. Marx was asked to devise a plan, and social construct as to where the masses remained the masses and never challenge their “club”. This was the beginning of communism and communism lite (socialism/progressives)
      Soaked in feelings and heart wrenching vocabulary, the progressives easily spread their ideology. More common sense folk could see the follies of it, yet many sucombed to its appeal. America was one country that did not accept it so easily and has forever been a thorn in the ruling classes quiver….”


      Let’s explore history for a bit. (THIS IS NOT AN ATTACK ON CHRISTIANITY but on those who would use it for evil.)

      As I said earlier religion has often been a tool used by rulers to control those they rule. The Pharaohs were GOD-KINGS. In Japanese mythology, according to Kojiki and Nihon Shoki, the Emperor and his family are said to be direct descendants of the sun-goddess Amaterasu. “His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II is the 42nd-generation direct descendant of Prophet Mohammad…”. The ruling families of Morocco and Jordan descend from the Prophet Muhammad’s family through his daughter Fatimah…

      What about Christianity? It is over 2000 years old. Have you ever played Telephone as a child? Remember how garbled the message was after it passed through serveral people and that was almost INSTANTANEOUS, not over 2000 years. We use writing to make sure messages do not get garbled.

      2000 years ago, could a shepard or farmer write? OR was it the nobility and their DIRECT HIRES?

      Could it be the SCRIBES of the nobility who inserted this???

      Divine Right of Kings

      Romans 13 1 through 7 says:
      Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience.

      When they were trying to TRICK Jesus he took a coin and looked at it and said:
      “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.”

      Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?
      But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites?
      Shew me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny.
      And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription?
      They say unto him, Caesar’s. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.

      I do not read that as Jesus saying bow down to worldly authority but as a bit of snark. So Romans 13 1-7 seems off.

      A quick look at the history of the time shows:

      The Protestant Reformation was a major 16th century European movement aimed initially at reforming the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. Its religious aspects were supplemented by ambitious political rulers who wanted to extend their power and control at the expense of the Church. The Reformation ended the unity imposed by medieval Christianity and, in the eyes of many historians, signaled the beginning of the modern era.

      1776 – American Revolution

      1789 until 1799. French Revolution

      1803 – 1815 Napoleonic Wars (involving most of Europe)
      The Holy Roman Emire with it’s First emperor, Charlemagne from 800, lasted until it was dissolved: August 6, 1806 during the middle of the Napoleonic Wars.

      War of 1812

      1838 — 1858. Chartism was a working-class movement for political reform in Britain which existed from 1838 to 1858. ( Classical Liberal or Socialist? I would think Classical Liberal.)

      All of this was the third estate (peasants/bourgeoisie) shaking off the yoke of the Aristocracy and the Roman Catholic clergy and putting a major scare into the elite.

      It is my thesis that contrary to popular belief, Karl Marx was not writing in the interest of the worker/peasant but in the interests of the Aristocracy/Banking Elite. The idea was to establish a replacement for the Roman Catholic Church, with its iron grip on medieval peasants, and as a method to legitimize the confiscation of private property and return it to the control of the State/Elite.

      The Connection to the Aristocracy:
      From WIKI on Karl Marx:

      …Spending summer and autumn 1836 in Trier, Marx became more serious about his studies and his life. He became engaged to Jenny von Westphalen, an educated baroness of the Prussian ruling class who had known Marx since childhood. Having broken off her engagement with a young aristocrat to be with Marx, their relationship was socially controversial due to the differences between their ethnic and class origins, but Marx befriended her father, a liberal aristocrat, Ludwig von Westphalen, and later dedicated his doctoral thesis to him….

      From WIKI on Ludwig von Westphalen:

      Westphalen, was the youngest son of Christian Philip Heinrich von Westphalen (1724–92), who had been de facto “chief of staff” to Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick during the Seven Years’ War, and from whom he inherited the aristocratic title of baron.[1][2] Through his mother he was the descendant of many Scottish and European noble families….

      in 1816 Ludwig von Westphalen was transferred to Trier.[1]

      It was in Trier that he met and befriended Heinrich Marx, the father of Karl Marx….

      ….In fact, Ludwig was seen as the mentor and role model of Karl Marx, who referred to him as a “dear fatherly friend”.[1] It was Ludwig who first introduced Marx to the socialist teachings of Saint-Simon.[2] Marx’s dissertation was dedicated to Ludwig…

      So Marx was not exactly unfriendly with the aristocracy.

      The Connection to the central banking cartel:
      A wealth banker, his mother’s brother Benjamin Philips, financed Marx.

      Marx was born into the Jewish business class. His father was a lawyer, for businesses, and he owned vinyards. His maternal grandfather was a textile merchant and banker. His grandmother’s first cousin married Nathan Rothschild, founder of the British branch of the Rothschild banking dynasty. Lion Philips’ brother Benjamin was a “banker and industrialist”. Lion’s son Frederick was a banker.

      SxyxS comment — Marx secretary Pieper was at the same time employed the Rothschild. When the Rothschild left Frankfurt they went to Paris (the first place Marx lived in Exile) and London(the second exile home of Marx).

      Also Nathan Rothschild was executor of Cecil Rhodes will around fifty years later.


      With that as background this passage from The Communist Manifesto makes a bit more sense:

      The bourgeoisie, wherever it has got the upper hand, has put an end to all feudal, patriarchal, idyllic relations. It has pitilessly torn asunder the motley feudal ties that bound man to his ‘natural superiors,’ and has left remaining no other nexus between man and man than naked self-interest, callous ‘cash payment.’ It has drowned the most heavenly ecstasies of religious fervor, of chivalrous enthusiasm, of philistine sentimentalism, in the icy water of egotistical calculation. It has resolved personal worth into exchange value, and in place of the numberless indefeasible chartered freedoms, has set up that single, unconscionable freedom—Free Trade. In one word, for exploitation, veiled by religious and political illusions, it has substituted naked, shameless, direct, brutal exploitation.

      The bourgeoisie has stripped of its halo every occupation hitherto honored and looked up to with reverent awe. It has converted the physician, the lawyer, the priest, the poet, the man of science, into its paid wage laborers.

      The bourgeoisie has torn away from the family its sentimental veil, and has reduced the family relation to a mere money relation.”
      ― Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

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      1. What is interesting is back in the early Sixties in Westchester County, Mom babysat the two girls across the street. They went to a Catholic School. This is when the services were in Latin and Catholics were not supposed to read the bible. Now I was raised Anglican Catholic, Mom went to a Catholic School (as a non-catholic) and Dad studied to be a minister and could quote the Bible from memory. So we were not exactly ignorant.

        Anyway, the girls were SHOCKED to find out NON-Catholics actually had read the bible. But it gets worse. The utter CRAP and lies in theire ‘religious homework’ had Mom and my jaw dropping. The one I remember the most was the Question:

        “Who besides Jesus was born without Sin?” (I would answer Adam – before the apple.)

        The Textbook answer?

        John the Baptist. — WHY?
        Because John’s Mamma and Mary, Mother of Jesus were pregnant at the same time and their belly’s rubbed…. I was so shocked at that it has stayed in my memory for 58 years!

        So you can see where my questioning of MAN MADE religion comes from.


        By the by, If you read Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales” you find he held the poor village priest (A true man of God) in high esteem but the Pardoner, the Summoner, the Monk, the Prioress, and the Nun’s Priest, not so much.

        Like Chaucer, we too should put on our critical thinking caps and make sure our Shepherd is a true man of God. From that time on, when ever we moved we went to each church in town in turn to see where a ‘man of God’ was housed. So I spent my teen years at a Presbyterian Church, who had a very good program for teens. I even went to a retreat near NORAD Colorado sponsored by that church. In College I attended the Catholic Church and after college the Lutheran Church.

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        1. Regarding the doctrine that John the Baptist was born sinless, it is contained in this: John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit (remember he leapt in the womb when his mother was filled with the Holy Spirit) while meeting the pregnant Mary. At that moment, the child conceived in sin, was cleansed and hence born without sin. Many Catholics are ignorant of this doctrine.

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        2. “What is interesting is back in the early Sixties in Westchester County, Mom babysat the two girls across the street. They went to a Catholic School. This is when the services were in Latin and Catholics were not supposed to read the bible.”

          Found this interesting as I was born in 1959 (duh para59r) and brought up as a Roman Catholic who has always known and seen since my memory the mass conducted in English with a bit of Latin and have known since living memory my home and others had Bibles all printed in English.

          Now I’m not unfamiliar with Roman Catholic Church’s practice of keeping the mass and bible in Latin or the reasons behind it. But I am surprised to learn that this authorized turn around coincided during the very years of my childhood since it seemed it had always been that way and can only account for it by the snails pace by which the Roman Catholic Church changes. I say authorized because the bible in my house wasn’t exactly new and the Roman Catholic outliers from the Vatican have likely been using vulgar Bibles for many a year. My guess would be they became more proliferate during WWI and WWII where military chaplains some times didn’t have a choice of who sat with them during Mass or the other way around. Cat out of the bag thing? Perhaps but it seems the Catholic Church allowed Bibles to printed in as many as 16 languages since the 16th Century however there were many translations of the the Bible burned since then.

          Anyway, leaves this link that might explain some it and supports what Gail was saying about the 60’s which to me seemed a bit anecdotal but on reflection maybe my case is anecdotal or more like a mixture of the two as far as when laymen actually made the transition before the Pope allowed such.

          Insightful in more ways than one.

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          1. One bit of mystery about my Catholic upbringing was solved in adulthood when I read a little bit about Jansenism.

            It was a movement in the Church that, if I understand correctly, seemed to be designed to reform the Church by adding some of the better features of the northwest European Protestant churches.

            It was founded by a monk named Jansen, and eventually declared heretical. But for a while it was officially accepted, and continued to have lasting impact on Catholic culture in certain countries, including Ireland and France.

            Anyway, when I found out about Jansenism, I understood better why so many Protestants seemed to regard Catholics as being ignorant (and presenting some evidence to support that view) whereas my Catholic grade school had the best academic program in the county, and some ofthe wealthiest Protestant doctors and so forth sent their kids there to benefit from it.

            The Irish-American nuns running the school were very serious about education, and making sure we all worked hard to get a good foundation.

            So I think the American Catholic school system was created by Irish Catholics influenced by Jansenism, and it was a case that they wanted to overcome the prejudice against Catholics by being more Protestant than the Protestants on the subject of education for kids. Not in terms of the content of theology, but in terms of how much math, science, history, etc., we learned. And we did read the Bible in English, just maybe not as much.

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      2. I beg to differ with your take on Romans 13:1-7. Context. Context. Context.
        According to the notes on this Scripture in the Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, “Ancient thinkers often treated relationships with the state alongside other relationships….Such writers thought of a general principle, however, not of absolute submission in the case of evil…Paul’s concerns for avoiding scandal would remain important. Within eight years after he sent this letter, the current emperor, Nero, would begin hunting and killing Christians in Rome. Two years after that, Judea would erupt into full-fledged revolt, leading to Jerusalem’s destruction.”

        Paul was speaking both in the Big Picture (God controls all, and the small picture, how we behave in light of that truth). Anarchy is not an option.

        It is a serious thing to add to or take away from Scripture.

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        1. Yet for a thousand years Romans 13 was used to make virtual slaves of the peasants in Europe.

          We have in the 20th Century compete HORROR visited on people by Rulers. SEE: DEMOCIDE DEATH BY GOVERNMENT
          TOTAL KILLED: ~262,000,000.

          Just to give perspective on this incredible murder by government, if all these bodies were laid head to toe, with the average height being 5′, then they would circle the earth ten times. Also, this democide murdered 6 times more people than died in combat in all the foreign and internal wars of the century….

          Collecting data on democide was an horrendous task. I soon was overwhelmed by the unbelievable repetitiveness of regime after regime, ruler after ruler, murdering people under their control or rule by shooting, burial alive, burning, hanging, knifing, starvation, flaying, beating, torture, and so on and on. Year after year. Not hundreds, not thousands, not tens of thousands of these people, but millions and millions. Almost 170,000,000 of them, and this is only what appears a reasonable middle estimate. The awful toll may even reach above 300,000,000, the equivalent in dead of a nuclear war stretched out over decades.

          I found that so much of this killing was unknown or ignored by so many that I decided to publish part of the data and case studies of the worst of the megamurderers as separate volumes. Thus I wrote Lethal Politics on the Soviet Union, China’s Bloody Century on Nationalist and communist China, and Democide on Nazi Germany.[7] In Death by Government I focused case studies on the lesser megamurderers, such as the Cambodian Khmer Rouge, the Pakistan military in what is now Bangladesh, Japan’s military fascists in World War II, and Turkey’s Young Turks in World War I. However, space was not available in that book to also present all the estimates, sources, and calculations that underlie the case studies and their democide totals….

          Second, having finished collecting all these data and completing the major case studies, I finally could systematically test the assumed inverse relationship between democracy and democide. That is the substance of this book. I detail the tests in Part 3 and summarize them in the introductory chapter. My conclusion is that the diverse tests are positive and robust, that the less liberal democracy and the more totalitarian a regime, the more likely it will commit democide. The closer to absolute power, the more a regime’s disposition to murder one’s subjects or foreigners multiplies. As far as this work is concerned, it is empirically true that Power kills, absolute Power kills absolutely.

          So please excuse me if I DO NOT think these rulers are “the authorities God has appointed” and perfer to think they are sent to earth by the DEVIL.

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          1. But God permits it, correct?

            The Devil is not equal to God in any way, shape or form. The evil you speak of is the result of the Fall, the gift of free will perverted, and yes, evil operating in human consciousness. The problem of evil and why God permits it is the question of the ages. It is a ‘hard truth’.

            I don’t dispute that the Devil’s hand is in the evil deeds of rulers throughout time. But I am sure of this, Jesus the Christ came to destroy the works of the Devil, and He will make all things right in the end. In the meantime, I join with my fellow Christians and patriots to fight the good fight.

            Many Scripture verses have been used to subjugate people. Are there any scholars out there who can assure us that the Scripture you mention is in the original manuscripts? It would probably be noted somewhere if those verses were later additions.

            Is your book available? I am most interested in reading it.

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            1. Grandma, This is a site about Democide that has been on the internet for a long time from the


              Most people don’t want to know about Democide. Convincing them is very difficult. Governments kill their own people. That is a frightening thought and people avoid thinking about it.

              Think about how many children have died by abortion and how many people still deny it. Abortion is about mothers killing their own babies. That is a frightening thought and people avoid thinking about it.

              Liked by 3 people

              1. Elizabeth, thank you for clarifying.

                This is Chapter 1

                It has links to Chapters 2 & 3 and other information. Unfortunately Dr R.J. Rummel has passed away, but I am glad his site is still available.

                Unfortunately in some US schools these killers are now held up as ‘Heroes’ (Sorry I do not have the URL.)

                Liked by 1 person

      3. Wow, Gail. This is terrific research.

        Definitely with you about Marx being in bed with the aristocrats/landowners/central banksters/globalists.

        Note also how specifically German landowners were involved in his start. This is in keeping with what I said earlier about the German landowners fighting the Enlightenment philosophy of the American Revolution by financing and promoting anti-Enlightenment German philosophers (Kant, Hegel, etc.)

        This also ties in with the young Yalies traveling to Germany, being impressed with this German thought, joining the secret society, and then founding Skull and Bones to bring the secret society and its philosophy to America. OSS/CIA later founded by Yale lawyers, and heavily wrapped up with Bonesmen (Bushes, etc.)

        Further digging, I believe, will reveal this early Yale nexus to be the larval form of the Deep State.

        I have long described socialism/communism as neo-feudalism, progressivism as regressivism, etc., all designed to create a top-down society of the future where our betters will be able to afford good help.

        Your comment really resonated with me on so many points. I will try to respond at length in the new open thread tonight or tomorrow night.

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    4. “Hebrews, of which there are Twelve Tribes. Ten of which have lost knowledge of their identity, two of which retain that knowledge.”

      Read the prophet Hosea. It’s all about trying to get the lost tribes back into the fold. The “lost” tribes knew who they were/are (yes, it is said they still exist), and that they put themselves outside of God’s law. There’s even references in the Gospels, and at least one Epistle that they were around during Christ’s time on earth.

      As for martyrs, we don’t want it or wish for it, that’s heretical, but will accept a fate of death rather than forsake the Faith.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Scripture (I don’t have the cite on the tip of my tongue) clearly states that God said He would wipe from their minds all memory of who they were and then scatter them throughout the world. Ezekiel 37 clearly states that they are being brought back and reassembled into what they used to be. Therefore, they are lost not wiped out or otherwise taken off the field.

        This did not happen because they were good kids. They are described in various places in Scripture as the equivalent of street hookers.

        The important part of Ezekial 37 is that the dry bones, once assembled with flesh put on them (human power), were still spiritually dead and that they cried out about it. That is an awakening to need – an awareness of a hole in one’s soul which needs filling.

        There is no doubt to me, according to the way I was taught, that the lost tribes have always been around and obviously still are – otherwise Ezekiel 37 would be a false prophecy (an impossibility for God). The key point is that at a certain point on God’s timeline, the knowledge of who they are and where they came from would be restored to them.

        Rebirth is God’s one-word purpose. He is unwilling that any should perish. He wants ALL to be reborn as His kids. I am, as are most of the commenters on this site. In a week, we are going to celebrate the greatest rebirth of all time, the one that proves death has no sting.

        Praise the Lord & spread the Good News.

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  6. Thanks Wolfie. Twitter is kind of a mystery to me. What you describes being done to you is really awful. If you didn’t put this out there, I wouldn’t be aware.

    Who is the person described as being disavowed by the 2020 campaign?

    Who is it that supposedly looks like a Chia Pet?

    Liked by 5 people

        1. Yep. He’s very good, and cuts through a lot of BS, as well as the SDA blog. Pointy has some hilarious links and pics, too, e.g.

          Pointman reminds me a bit of Mark Steyn (maybe it’s the Brit in me that likes the subtle snark and clever language to go with the incisive observations)…

          Liked by 6 people

  7. I’d noticed two major things:

    1) In tweets where conservatives are Commenting on a Left-sided tweet, they’re marked sensitive or not available. But if I click on the actual link it shows the tweet – this is happening for tweets from Politico, MSNBC, The HIll, etc. Why? I think the Lefties are trying to cut down our twitter responses to those tweets – fi we don’t see them, then we can’t give them blowback that other lefties might see…

    2) Quite a few of the major conservatives I follow, their tweets only show up in my timeline if someone else I follow retweets them, this despite the fact that someone like POTUS who is retweeted thousands of times, should show up naturally in my TL.

    One more thing. The twitter trending topics never trend positive for conservative names or topics, and most of the time they’re absent anyway.

    Lastly, I think the Social Media giants should be indicted and broken up – they’re interfering in elections with their suppression of free speech – since social media is essentially our form of mass communications these days – it’s clear that the Lefties (Dems) are controlling and suppressing the news, along with lying about the actual news.

    Liked by 13 people

  8. Bear with me as I ramble this AM. It connects to the subject at hand.

    Evil never wins the war, it wins temporary battles to highlight to God’s children the need to take action in accordance with His will as clearly stated in His Holy Word as well as stamped into the hearts of all believers. Social media, governments, and economic systems who purvey truth as lies and vice versa, as we know it now, will be totally destroyed or changed over time if we support God’s instruments and servants for restoration of His will in this world. Know the difference. An instrument of God may not even be a believer, just a willing person or group of persons whom God chooses for a task(s). A servant of God is His disciple. The disciple is about the Lord’s business with singular focus on the assigned task. In either situation, God chooses and effects the end result. It is a good thing that many who start out as instruments end up being servants.

    Everything must come within His timing and will. To do otherwise will meet with failure. An important part of the cure it to expose the evil to the light for all to see who wish to know the truth. For those like Wolf with this thread as well as others on here who are called to venture into that endeavor with social media – thank you. You are being willing servants or instruments of God.

    I do not speak for God, only He does that. However I will address what I know to be true from His Word. There has always been a remnant of the faithful who triumph over evil whom God lifts up to be the blessing to the entire world. Despite the sins of our fathers and ourselves, America has clearly been that remnant. The Word tells the stories and provides the common thread from thousands of years ago. Since the writing and collections of the books of the New Testament, history has clearly shown that the covenants and blessings associated with remaining faithful and true leads to the remnant leading the rest of the world toward Christ. During the Old Covenant that meant complete destruction and death to the evil who worshipped false Gods if they refused to turn to the one true God, YHWH. In the New Covenant it means the chaff will grow with the wheat until the End Times and the final harvest. The only escape for those who participate in the evil, is for those people to individually confess their sins and turn to Jesus Christ in humble repentance while accepting his free gift of salvation. Remember this during Holy Week as we celebrate Palm Sunday today. John 3:16. It is so simple many of the evil doers miss or deny it to their own peril.

    You are participating in the greatest events of our times. As a believer and fellow patriot who knows America has been called to be an instrument for God’s will in this world, thank you for your service no matter how big or small your contribution is perceived to be. Many of the Hebrews thought the daily marching around the walls of Jericho instruction was insignificant as well. We know how that worked out.

    Liked by 14 people

    1. Yes!!!

      In the army, sometimes you must march until you drop. In God’s war on Jericho, it’s march until THEY drop. I bet the Hebrews were surprised when the walls came down even though they knew God would prevail.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Well, the MSM/PTB do try to squelch such news. Still, hoaxes abound on both sides – right and left. Now there are fake Q posts, fake MAGA people and scam/con MAGA SuperPACS. All bots and trolls are not US or Russian – they are NK, Nigerian, Iranian, Chinese, etc. Lots of ‘conservative’ sites and twitter warriors are out for selfish gain and publicity. It’s hard to trust anyone.

        We have got to be smart.

        Liked by 7 people

        1. And a couple Agnostics and Atheists who realize the WORTH of Christianity as a philosophy and thus support it. (Not to mention a few Jews and perhaps other good people of other religions also.)

          As Q said we stand UNITED.

          Liked by 12 people

      2. At 9:45 this morning 8 Chan doesn’t believe it and is waiting to see. Some of them are saying don’t click on the link to the files.

        Liked by 5 people

      3. It’s on Chiefio’s blog as well as Smalldeadanimals…

        I just hope it doesn’t go the way of Climategate3 – a HUGE encrypted zip file made available to the net, with around a dozen or so “key users” who have the decryption key, yet, are curiously silent (read: leaned upon hard by TPTB). What would “Harry Readme” say…

        Liked by 3 people

          1. Yep. Shades of a simpler time, over at WUWT… (and before)…

            “Brush up your FORTRAN”
            (to the tune of “Brush Up Your Shakespeare”, from “Kiss Me Kate”)…

            Brush up your FORTRAN
            Start coding it now
            Brush up your FORTRAN
            And the women you will wow

            Just declaim a few lines from GISStemp
            And they’ll think you’re a hell of a fella
            If your blonds won’t respond when you kiss ’em
            Tell them the science ain’t settled…

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  9. Rudy routs Comey!

    Liked by 14 people

  10. It sounds like Twitter, or someone with hacking ability, may be approriating accounts for nefarious purposes. (Yes, I have a cynical mind.) I have to run, but recommend this video for more evidence that whoever is ACTUALLY running Twinkie dinky doesn’t have any regard for free speech.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. I copied the Twitter thread An interpretation of Jack’s thread on censorship posted by ‘Praying Medic’ just before he took down his twitter account. There is NO WAY that was Praying Medic!

      It was an open invitation for a PERMANENT BAN not only on twiter but probably Utube and google as well.

      I had my mouth hanging open as I read it. (It was funny though)

      Liked by 3 people

  11. Update from new DHS head on Twitter.

    PS – @Jackboot had better not try to squash Trump Admin – Trump has a MUCH BIGGER BOOT!!!

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Liked by 9 people

  12. I do not use twitter, but I am constantly grateful that so many others do and engage in many battles there on behalf of the President and the rest of us. Thank you, all❣️

    It is concerning that you mentioned that Microchip had a personality change after an absence and is now so negative,

    The same thing seems to have happened to other conservative commentators…Judge Nap being a prime example.

    I think many of us feel isolated and struggle with discouraging thoughts about the political situation and discourse in the country and throughout the (formerly) Western world.

    Without sites like this we might well get the idea that we are in the minority, since we are not allowed the freedom to speak publicly or declare our allegiances openly in any way in polite society (or anywhere else…i.e. college campuses).

    This would cause many of use to shut up and keep our heads down again as many of us did before and disengage from the political process. We might “give up”.

    Throughout the election of 2016 I held on to the miracle of Donald Trump’s candidacy and the strength he showed in speaking truth to power consistently. He took on issues that others would not touch. To me, his candidacy and strength in leadership remain a miraculous gift from God to a fallen world that did not deserve such grace.

    I gained strength and resolve also from encouraging words that came from Sundance and so many on CTH. It heloed me ignore the negative comments from the MSM.

    It was hard on election night to hear the despair in Howie Carr’s (a normally reliable friendly, upbeat conservative) voice that evening that I turned him off and focused only on CTH when I got home. It helped me stay thankful and positive in my prayers and faith.

    We need each other and other side is definitely trying to divide us and keep us isolated and “down”.

    What has happened to our friends who now put such a negative spin on so much of the news? Why do so many change after a brief absence?

    Why do so many of them come out against so many of us who happen to gain strength and insight from other conservative people and sites that they may not approve of…and why don’t they approve ?

    Q, Praying Medic, this site, and people like Mark Taylor help keep us strong and engaged in Maga/Kag
    Q encourages us in the Lord, in seeking out and speaking the truth, and is supporting one another in prayer and in doing all we can….even if it is just putting up a flag.

    It is worth the time and effort to keep one another (including those who “leave” and come back altered) in prayer and to keep our hands to the plow in this great good we are engaged in. I hope you Wolf, and Q never go away.

    Liked by 13 people

    1. It is all a huge spiritual battle. People don’t like the idea that we are targets of evil coming from devilish entities. They work on us and work on us with suggestions mainly through our imagination. I highly suggest reading That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis. There is a very frightening description of a spiritual attack on one of the characters, Mark Studdock. Lewis knew of what he wrote. I do believe all patriots are under spiritual attack. Prayer for each other is vital.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Ephesians 6:10-18 says what’s really happening, and what we should do, for there are indeed dark forces at work:

        10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

        11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

        12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

        13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

        14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

        15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

        16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

        17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

        18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

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    1. The mere fact that Hitlary’s popular vote margin came out of California all by itself, tells one all they need to know about that.

      It’d be less of a problem if rampant fraud didn’t exist–heck, Colorado might be a red state under those circumstances–but still a problem.

      The Electoral College is intended to ensure that a successful presidential candidate have broad appeal throughout the country. Ironically, with the EC it’s mathematically possible (but ridiculously unlikely) for a presidential candidate to win a two person race with only a bit over 1/4 of the popular vote, concentrated in just a few states, an even worse situation than the one it was intended to prevent. BUT (and this is the key thing) that scenario is less likely than someone winning the powerball jackpot 20 times in a row.

      Liked by 11 people

        1. For that matter, how about each county has one state senator?

          The SCOTUS would strike that down as a violation of “one man, one vote.” They’d have done that long ago to the US Senate if it weren’t black and white in the Constitution.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. In high school I heard about a Supreme Court decision that state senates had to have proportional representation, rather than one county/one state senator.

            Some states used to do it the way you said before that decision.

            Liked by 1 person

  13. Balance is a tactic used by the left to induce a negative emotional reaction to a conservative point of view.
    The conservative view is displayed, or set up as a straw man, and then emotional interruptions or unsettling music or selectively edited, gross images are injected for viewers in order to guide them to a visceral negative reaction and implant into them the idea that this is the only way to respond to these types of ideas.

    Balance not only conditions people to reject conservative arguments, for new arguments it is employed to inject emotion into a debate before anyone can lay out a logical case for an alternative perspective. This is why we see so much “balance” on television; because the left finds it very effective.

    Liked by 9 people

  14. Facebook, instagram were down and twitter wasnt. I find it interesting to see where it happens, esp since q points it out.
    Hopefully you can see the outage images, otherwise follow the article.

    Almost a month to the day after Facebook experienced its worst outage ever, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are again experiencing worldwide outages that started around 6:30 am Eastern, triggering a flurry of  complaints on rival social networks like Twitter.

    In areas around the world, Facebook and Instagram feeds wouldn’t refresh, and neither Whatsapp messages nor Facebook messenger messages could be sent or received.

    During last month’s outage, it took more than a day for Facebook to finally resolve the issue. The company blamed a “server configuration change”, and apologized for the outages.

    The outages appeared to affect a sizable swath of the US, as well as parts of Canada, Mexico and South America. Most of Europe was also impacted, according to an outage map. The outages for Instagram and Facebook appeared to mostly overlap…

    …While the Whatsapp outages were worse outside the US, typically markets where Whatsapp is more popular.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. YouTube was out in Germany (if not Europe) for quite a while the other day. DNS couldn’t find their server, which was odd, as YT is run by Googe, who have one of the largest DNS resolver “farms” going ( and and all their yammering about “secure DNS”)… Something fishy there…

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    2. To me Facebook is the biggest fraught perpetrated on Internet users. They made people feel comfortable to invite them into the inner sanctum.This was a betrayal to trusting people by the Intel community and Zuckerberg.
      I had set up a facebook account many years ago and quickly slipped out of it never to return. There was something I did not felt comfortable with.
      I stay in contact with family per phone occasional visit. I wish people the world over would shut Facebook down an give them the back pay they diserve.

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  15. I refused to sign up for “Twitter”. For years. Then, maybe 6 months ago, I did get an account to send a message to SD. A day or two later I was banned for ‘hate speech’ for speaking plain truth about islam.

    I couldn’t get unbanned without giving Twitter a cell phone number to verify my account, and that wasn’t happening.

    So I signed up under a different email address, and within ONE post, I was banned again. For ‘hate speech’ again. For speaking PLAIN TRUTH again.

    So Jack can take his Twitter and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    But there’s a larger point I wanted to address.

    The reason I never signed up for Twitter in the first place.

    It’s because it sounds EXTREMELY gay.

    There is nothing masculine about that gay little bird, or the ‘tweets’ that it facilitates.

    And it completely violated the Eastwood Principle.

    It’s a simple principle, really. A litmus test. Whenever in doubt that something might be too feminine, or simply not masculine enough, that any self-respecting man ought to be caught dead doing it, just ask yourself, “would Clint Eastwood do it?”


    I don’t mean Clint today — not that there’s nothing wrong with that (that’s an old Seinfeld reference…).

    I mean Clint from the 1970s, Dirty Harry, and the Man with No Name (spaghetti Westerns).

    So when all this ‘Twitter’ stuff — which, by the way, sounds VERY gay — started happening, and when the act of communicating by ‘Twitter’ is to ‘tweet’ — what is that, some kind of gay flatulence? — I could practically see Clint Eastwood’s character just standing there. Not saying a word, not moving a muscle, not even twitching an eye.

    So I asked myself, “would Clint Eastwood ‘tweet’?”

    The instinctive answer that came to me is “Not a chance”.

    No, I’m not Clint Eastwood, and I’m not any of the characters he played, and I’m not saying that I or anyone else ought to base their decisions on what Clint Eastwood does or doesn’t do.

    I’m just saying that some basic observations about the characters Clint Eastwood played could go a long way in helping men, if ever in doubt, to differentiate themselves from the emasculated, metrosexualized PC eunuchs on the Left.

    And “tweeting”, aside from sounding like a euphemism for some kind of bodily function, cannot possibly be a “masculine” act.

    It just can’t.

    So I checked. I searched “Clint Eastwood Twitter” and it turns out Clint does have a Twitter account, since 2009. No doubt as a preventative measure to keep anyone else from using his name.

    Clint had about 62K followers on Twitter, the last time I checked, about 3 years ago.

    And how many times has Clint Eastwood ever tweeted?

    *** Never ***

    Not even once.

    Clint Eastwood… does. not. “tweet”.

    I rest my case.


    Beyond that, what’s the point of being on a communication platform that literally bans me after one or two posts, for speaking the truth plainly?

    If I can’t talk about islam, or crazy Marxists, or shove Leftist’s talking points right down their throats, if it’s a platform to silence my views and protect the views of the insane within a bubble of political-correctness, then why even be a part of that putrid mess?

    If the only way I could participate on their gay social platform is to censor myself, to proactively subject myself to their pantywaist thought police, then they can kiss my Eastwood.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Yep. Another one rides the bus (and another, and another, and another, and another………..).

      Here’s an historic Weird Al take on it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Motive of WB for flagging copyright? #censorship

      Liked by 3 people

  16. BoW pulls no punches.
    Gorka’s anti-Q stance has a motivation.

    BoW suggests it’s #FEAR.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Extremely interesting. My response to one comment:

      Liked by 2 people

  17. Twitter operates like an educational tool – to enforce PC – Political Correctness, aka Punitive Conformity.

    It’s speech control to mind control to population control.


    I don’t want @jackboot running my life and controlling my thoughts/beliefs/speech.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Very nice to compare Twitter with FreeTalk, Spreely and Gab. The amount of thought meddling on the others is almost zero. Gab does broadcast its ongoing war with those trying to stop it, but its internal footprint on speech is basically null.

      Twitter MEDDLES strongly.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Twitter is a PC – Leftist Worldview – ENFORCER!!!

        IF H> had won, it would be a gateway to persecution and PROSECUTION – to the Gulag for those who don’t have the proper mental orientation.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. THAT is what ‘Net Neutrality’ was going to be. VSGPDJT knew it and stopped it!!!

          Just like he stopped Elizabeth Warren’s Federal Reserve Cash Cow – that other high-sounding Consumer Protection blah blah leftist theft vehicle.

          Liked by 1 person

      2. “Twitter MEDDLES strongly.”


        Which is why I can’t use it.

        If Alyssa Milano posts that the sun comes up in the west and sets in the east, she will have a thousand sycophants (probably a million) cheering her on.

        If I then reply that she’s a maroon, and invite her to go outside and check for herself to see which direction the sun rises or sets, the post is deleted, and I get banned for ‘hate speech’.

        If a muzzie tweets about a jihadist saving a puppy, and I reply by asking him how many women and children were murdered in cold blood by islamists today, the post is deleted and I’m banned for ‘hate speech’ again.

        If Maxine Waters tweets that blacks should rise up and overthrow the president, and I reply by saying James Brown called, and he wants his wig back, the post is deleted and I’m banned for ‘hate speech’ again.

        It’s almost like a pattern…

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