News Roundup! WOW (President’s Approval), Candace Owens, El-Sisi, Cages, Wall, Israeli Election, James Baker, Incredible Video…….

Today’s Rasmussen Poll had our President’s approval rating at 53%! The highest it has been since February 3, 2017.

Look at the difference between his approval rating versus the 44th President at the same point in time during each presidency.

From the article linked above:

They’re not fans of his personal style, but Americans seem to like what President Trump is doing on the economy, jobs, and taxes, and if the Democrats don’t respond with a stronger program, they could be “in serious jeopardy” for the 2020 election, according to a landmark political survey.

Our President hosted President El-Sisi of Egypt earlier today in the Oval Office. They have an incredible relationship. I absolutely LOVE the respect President El-Sisi shows our President. He calls him “Your Excellency”.

Candace Owens absolutely KILLED it today on Capitol Hill. She destroyed Representative Ted Lieu. You can find a video of it below.

Speaking of exposing their lies, our President just tweeted the following:

Don’t let the BS Economists lie to you! There is NO recession on the horizon. Not this year, next year or during our President’s 2nd term.

From the article linked above:

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Small Business Optimism Index held strong in March, gaining slightly to 101.8. The Index indicates solid small business growth, an economy remaining at “full employment” an no signs of near-term recession.

The Uncertainty Index fell six points to 79, returning to a normal level following the government shutdown.

“Small business owners continue to create jobs, expand their operations, and are enjoying strong sales,” said NFIB President and CEO Juanita Duggan. “Since Congress resolved the shutdown, uncertainty has declined as small business owners add jobs, increase sales, and invest in their businesses and employees.”

The WALL is moving along.

From the article linked above:

The first contracts to support the construction of President Donald Trump’s much-sought-after border wall are expected to be awarded this week using Pentagon funds, two US defense officials tell CNN.

The officials tell CNN that the first US Army Corps of Engineers contracts to support the wall’s construction should be signed this week, with one official saying it could happen as early as Tuesday.

The contracts are to support work at the two sections of the proposed wall that Defense Department officials surveyed late last month, in Yuma, Arizona, and the New Mexico part of the El Paso sector, which also includes Texas.

A spokesperson for the Army Corps of Engineers told CNN last month that the plan was to install 11 miles of fencing at Yuma and 46 miles at El Paso.

The funds for the contracts are to come from the $1 billion that was recently reprogrammed from Army personnel accounts into the 284 counter-drug account that authorizes border barrier construction.

Update on the Israeli Elections from earlier today. Polls closed at 3:00 PM EST.

Rep. Doug Collin of Georgia decided to drop James Baker’s testimony earlier today on the House floor.

I absolutely loved this picture from the other day! Our enemies should be VERY afraid.

Our PRESIDENT is absolutely MAGA! Incredible video he just tweeted.


56 thoughts on “News Roundup! WOW (President’s Approval), Candace Owens, El-Sisi, Cages, Wall, Israeli Election, James Baker, Incredible Video…….

  1. Wow is right! Talk about a positive News Roundup! Thanks, Flep.

    You go, Candace! Slap those elitist, pompous, corrupt, greedy morons silly with the truth!

    Ted Lieu must be a racist…just like the majority of the Democrat Elites!

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  2. Actually, CNN is wrong – many contracts have already been signed and the wall has been under construction since 2017 – with the Army Corps of Engineers doing site planning.

    He started with having the Army Corps of Engineers doing the site work/assessments.

    He also had the Border Patrol give their requirements and recommendations.

    From then on, the work has been going on non-stop at a constant pace.

    In certain areas, there will be two walls, 30′ and 18′ with a lighted, with an electronically surveilled no mans land and a paved road in between.

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      (via Twitter Thread by Flep – 2/27/19 *

      “Here is a blow by blow of the 2017 and 2018 appropriations for the wall (almost all obligated on contracts), extracted from the official press releases on the CBP website (like this:

      San Diego, California 14 miles of 18 foot bollards with anti-climb plate are being built (nearing completion), due to finish by May. FY 2017 appropriations. The $147 million contract for this project was awarded to SLSCO, a Texas-based construction corporation.

      A second 14 mile layer of 30 foot bollards has been awarded, and just started (February 2019). The contract was awarded on December 20, 2018 to SLSCO Ltd. using CBP’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 appropriations. The total contract value, including options, is approximately $287 million (and includes the 15 miles below in Tecate, Andrade and Calexico).

      Tecate, California 3 miles of 30 foot bollards contract awarded, should start early 2019.

      Andrade, California One mile of 30 foot bollards (one side of the Port of Entry), contract awarded, should start early 2019.

      Calexico, California 11 miles of 30 foot bollards East of the Port of Entry, contract awarded, work to start in the Spring (FY18, included above).

      Calexico, California 2.25 miles of 30 foot bollards West of the Port of Entry. Completed. FY 2017 appropriations, about $18 million.

      Yuma, AZ 27 miles, Contract awarded, construction is scheduled to begin in April 2019. Fiscal Year 2018 appropriations awarded on November 13, 2018 to Barnard Construction Company, Inc. for the base contract of $172 million for approximately 14 miles (plus 13 Option miles), includes 5 miles in Lukeville, (below). Total contract value, including options, is approximately $324 million.

      Lukeville, AZ 5 miles Contract awarded, construction is scheduled to begin in April 2019. (included in award above)

      Santa Teresa, NM (Western flank/suburb of El Paso) 20 miles of 18 foot bollards with anti-climb plate. Complete. CBP awarded a construction contract January 22 to Barnard Construction of Bozeman, Montana. FY 2017 appropriations. The project cost is approximately $73.3 million.

      El Paso, Texas 4 miles of 18 bollards with anti climb plate East from the Port of Entry to Fonseca Drive. Complete. CBP awarded a construction contract June 1, 2018 to West Point Contractors of Tucson, FY 2017 appropriations, 22 million.

      Mission, Texas (Western Flank of McAllen Port of Entry) 8 miles of hurricane rated levee wall system, topped with 18 foot bollards. Contract awarded, construction is scheduled to begin in February 2019. This is the area with many of the test cases that were pursuing legal challenges (La Lomita Chapel, National Butterfly Center, Bentsen State Park, Ray Cavasos). (FY) 2018 appropriations. The contract for this project, referred to by CBP as RGV-02, was awarded on November 11, 2018, to SLSCO in the amount of approximately $167M.

      Donna/Weslaco, Texas, (Eastern flank of McAllen metro area, East of the Santa Ana Reserve) 6 miles of hurricane rated levee wall system, topped with 18 foot bollards. Contract awarded, construction is scheduled to begin in February 2019. (FY) 2018 appropriation. The contract for this project, referred to by CBP as RGV-03, awarded on October 31, 2018 to SLSCO Ltd in the amount of $145 Million for construction.

      Brownsville, Tx Area 7 (with an option for 4 more) automated gates to be constructed, to begin closing the 35 road gaps left in the area during the Bush-era Secure Fence Act barrier construction. (FY) 2017 appropriation. The contract for the first phase of gate construction was awarded on October 3, 2018 to Gideon Contracting, LLC, from San Antonio, Texas in the amount of $3,731,380 for the seven base gates. The contract includes options for four additional gates valued at $1,985,525.

      All of this that has been put on contract so far during the Trump Administration totals 115 miles – probably what the President was referring to on Christmas Eve.

      The pace of construction this year will be significantly higher than last. In 2018, 35 miles were built over four different segments. Already awarded for this year are 80 miles across thirteen segments (one of the Texas awards is composed of five separate segments).

      The $5.7 billion requested for FY 2019 to do 234 miles, would effectively button up the the Rio Grande Valley (~100 miles), Laredo (55 miles), and 75 more miles for the highest priority points on the border – where more than 2/3 of illegal immigrants now cross. That much barrier would make a significant and lasting impact. $8 billion, even more so. After the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo, everywhere else is cheaper and easier to build.

      The $1.375 billion appropriated for 2019 may be going toward about 50 miles in the Rio Grande Valley (if informal sources are to be believed), but that is not authoritative. Usually, the announcement of environmental (and other) waivers precedes contract awards by about 10 weeks, and I have not heard of them yet for new segments. I am guessing that in 3-6 months, new segments will be being awarded like like rain falling – maybe earlier if they have prepared well for the funding.

      Contracting lead times have been shortening over the the last two years of the program, as would be expected.”

      More contracts are being awarded.

      Someone please forward Flep’s tweet or the article link to Ann C

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        1. Wonder if Fisher Industries will get a contract? They claim they can build 218 miles and pave two roads cheaper than the other companies and build at a rate of one mile per day.

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        2. THIS 57 miles (11 in Yuma and 46 in El Paso brings the miles under contract/construction to 172 miles.

          They hope to build 450 miles of wall by the end of 2020.

          Bet they do more than that – and before the election!

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  3. Talk about fear, I tried to retweet the news about Bibi from nikkis tweet and it said tweet removed well then I tried to go to her account and it said this page does not exsist, STRAIGHT UP FEAR!!!
    Love your news report as always awesome job Flep

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  4. Love you Felice, what a great roundup!

    I’m super busy today so I’m so grateful to be able to get the highlights. It’s all wonderful news and I feel like I need a Winnamin. I’m exhausted from winning, but I’ll never say stop!! Much more winning ahead.

    God bless PDJT.

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  5. “They’re not fans of his [DJT’s] personal style,”


    That’s because they’re IDIOTS, whose opinion of DJT’s ‘personal style’ is formed by the Hatestream Media.

    If the Hatestream Media portrayed him like they did Kennedy, the public would be passing out with overjoyment of his ‘personal style’.

    Complaining about personal style… it’s like occupied France complaining about the uniforms of their American liberators… really?!?

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    1. “They’re not fans of his [DJT’s] personal style,”

      Dumb@sses they are. They worry about politically correct. Ignore Integrity, substance, MAGA, America First, and The Constitution!!!

      They really need to focus on what matters.

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    2. You’re largely right; his negatives have been exaggerated (and even made up, in some cases).

      This would include everything from “Orange” to the portrayals as a pompous buffoon.

      And of course during the primary campaign, this snapshot was popular:

      So yes, the media trashes him and that affects a lot of people’s attitudes.


      I think I know his style pretty well by now, and there are aspects of it I still don’t like. But then, no one is perfect, either by objective measures (i.e., my tastes) or subjective ones (yours). [OK just kidding about that part; personal tastes are all subjective.]

      Thus, I could see some people knowing Trump accurately and being turned off by him.

      To some extent his public image is a result of the reality TV show he himself created, though, so some portion of the blame for people not liking what they see could well lie on him.

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      1. Since I never watch TV and haven’t since 1976, I had zero preconcieved ideas about President Trump.

        After 8 years of getting Political Correctness rammed down my thoat and having to smile and take it as a business owner, I find President Trump’s in your face NYC style … Refreshing. On the other hand I am a New Yorker and all my relatives have the same in your face NYC manner.

        The Mafia??? We had neighbors in the Mob and a very good friend’s uncle is the head of the Mafia in one of the northern NY cities. He also knew the real God Father. When I wanted to intimidate a bank who was refusing to obey a court order I brought him along… I got really good cooperation after that.😉

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        1. The InYourFace is one of his better attributes.

          But, if I heard someone simply *summarize* his style as “In Your Face” and didn’t know anything else about it, I’d be worried, because about 90 percent of people who are “In Your Face” go about it poorly (at best)–which would make such a person damaging to his own side–or are total psycho assholes (at worst).

          Trump seems to know exactly HOW MUCH InYourFace is actually warranted, and how much would be too much and end up boomeranging on him.

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    3. The MSM deliberately mischaracterizes POTUS’ “personal style” and that’s the only reason why people even bring that up. DJT has been genuine in the things that matter, and especially in #MAGA – the media pushes the negative memes about him.

      Not only is POTUS 7% higher than their idol Obama at this same point, Obama was a “47%” because of fake polls and almost 100% positive coverage. POTUS is at 53% with 92% negative coverage. He’d be at 85+% if the MSM was honest in their reporting.

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  6. Felice,

    Thanks for all the wonderful news… esp. your opinions wrt recession.

    Just a quick note… the article headlining Bibi as crushing the election is from 2015…

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  7. I though I would put this comment here also.

    Let’s do the math on the wall.

    The United States’ southern border with Mexico is 1,933 miles long.

    450 miles of wall by end of 2020

    700 miles of Fencing at the US-Mexico Border Already Exist. President Trump has been upgrading this. (Estimates vary from 650 to 700 miles, I am going with 700 miles because some new wall has already been built.)

    This would be along the Roosevelt Reservation border easment.

    850 miles of US-Mexico ‘wall’ not needed, ex-border officials say” According to Ani-wall activist Reveal News.

    “Homeland Security said Tuesday that at least 130 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border have enough natural barriers that there’s no need to build a wall there” —

    SO that is 130 + 700+ 450 = 1280

    1,933 – 1280 = 653 with no wall

    653 (no wall) + 130 (nat’l barrier) = 783 miles close to the 850 miles of US-Mexico ‘wall’ not needed according to the ex-border officials

    The 750 – 800 miles with out a wall can then be watched and wall added as needed IF we vote in sane people. And yes it will still need to be patrolled by Border Agents as well as electronic surveillance.

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    1. HOPEFULLY – by the end of 2024 – the remaining wall will be complete AND the remaining illegals will be ejected.

      Certainly is possible with a President like Donald Trump.

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      1. Please, never mind me, we need your short stuff as well to spread.
        Can’t tell you how many are now relying on Flep = News Roundup!
        You’ve really hit on a perfect format.

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    1. And I bet that is just the start.

      Remember ICE said if the Sanctuary cities would not turn over criminals they would just have to do raids. So instead of turning over a few crooks the grab 50 here a hundred there. 😁

      ICE NC: Roughly 200 arrested in ICE raids across North Carolina.

      ICE Workplace Raid Roils Immigrant Community in North Carolina (Updated)

      Sanford, North Carolina, was like a “ghost town” Wednesday morning, according to a local resident who witnessed a workplace raid conducted by immigration officials at a gun manufacturing company. [What BS!]

      The rural town in central North Carolina is home to a sizable immigrant community, and as enforcement actions continue throughout the state, many undocumented people are afraid to leave their homes.

      This morning in east Charlotte, an area celebrated for its vast immigrant community, agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were photographed detaining people at a CVS Pharmacy. This comes 24 hours after news of a workplace raid began to trickle in Tuesday to advocates in Sanford and organizers with Alerta Migratoria NC, a grassroots, immigrant-led organization that focuses on deportation defense work….

      All I have to say is GOOD! I hope the raids scare them enough they decide to LEAVE!

      The possibility of getting stripped of the wealth they have accumulated here will also help push them on their way.

      We were at the ‘Mexican’ Flea Market this weekend and my girl friend pointed out how many of the hispanics LOOKED CHINESE! and she was correct. There were a heck of a lot of Muslims too.

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      1. Great 👍 point Gail! And what I love the most is there use of “collateral damage”. They are illegals that didn’t commit a crime other than illegally entering our country. If they are picked up, oh well. Sucks to be as you get your ass deported back to your country.

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    2. Holy shmoly.
      Just thinking about how many crimes each of these people commit. Huge reduction in overall crime in a community.
      Draining the swamp all over the country.

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  8. Add another POS to the list of DHS upper echelon that are leaving!

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      1. Don’t forget to thank Jeff Sessions who ‘trained’ Stephen Miller and then gave him to President Trump.

        I would not be at all surprised to find a bit of Jeff’s hand in some of this given his view on illegal immigration.

        Ezra Cohen-Watnick, whom former national security adviser General Flynn brought onto the NSC as senior director for intelligence showed House Intel Chair Devin Nunes the highly classified, Top Secret materials on the Obama Administration’s unmasking of Trump associates in intelligence reports. He was later Fired by McMasters and then soon after ended up as the national security adviser to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. I imagen he is still in the same position.

        General Flynn + Ezra Cohen-Watnick + Stephen Miller all connected to Jeff Sessions….

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    1. Never forget when, while vacationing in the Keys, during bummer’s second terror reign, we met a couple from Israel. She worked for the government and spoke fluent English. He was an engineer and did not speak English. We talked for an hour one evening at the resort. The following week Bebe was to be in NY.

      The next morning when we met up again, I told her how much I wished that Netanyahu was our president. She hugged me and hugged me some more. Relayed what I said to her DH, who broke out in a huge grin.

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