BARR Testimony Thread

Thought you guys might like a thread for the testimony of Atty General Barr. Note: this is testimony about the DOJ budget, in an appropriations committee. Let’s see how many questions he gets about the budget of the DOJ.

Background found here:

224 thoughts on “BARR Testimony Thread

  1. Second round, back to Lowey:
    Background checks on gun purchases.
    She thinks three days is not enough time, don’t you need MORE time for a background check.
    Do you support extending the time period?
    Barr: No. I would put the emphasis on getting accurate records and put the focus on upgrading the NIX((?)) system for mental health.

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  2. Lowey to Barr: You have referred to the “Violence against women act as not in the federal interest” It was allowed to expire. House reauthorized it last week. Lowey says Barr changed his opinion during his hearing.
    Barr: I do support the Violence Against Women Act, when it came up 30yrs ago, it was stuck down as not having basis in Commerce clause. Today, it’s different.

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  3. Back to Roby, Alabama, wants to discuss the reduction of 583 million for locals.
    Barr explains it well, reorganizing.
    Lofthus: Grant money look smaller, violence against women moved into a mandatory account 300million+, adjustment to victims account, etc.,
    He’s got it.

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    1. YES, it should be, complete command of the stage. Never ruffled.
      Interesting that when time ran out, BARR shut up, completely, never expanded or tried to finish an answer.
      I’ve never seen anyone else do that before.
      Good strategy.
      Don’t give them a thing.

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  4. Barr to Roby: Elder fraud is rising. baby boomers, larger portion of population, increase of internet, the problem is rising. Scammers, etc.
    Major effort, setting up a task force.
    In March, 200 scammers were arrested. Many come out of India. Lucrative, substantial losses, late in life, difficult to recover.
    Barr has set up a strike force to go after large criminal orgs behind it.

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    1. Yup. I’ve been watching a youtube channel called ‘ScammerRevolts’ . He calls these scammers in India and hacks into their computers. Its pretty funny how upset they get.

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  5. Cartwright up again.
    Back to healthcare – blaming Repubs.
    Devastating effects if this lawsuit wins – he’s upset.
    If SCOTUS sweeps away this law, would the DOJ provide a “stay” until congress can provide something for these POOR people.
    Barr: You’re asking me to speculate.
    Cartwright: yes, I am asking you to speculate, poor people with pre-existing conditions, no money, oh my!!!!
    Barr: Usually SCOTUS decides
    Cartwright: You’re willing to drive healthcare off the cliff
    Barr: The DOJ does not create healthcare policy
    Cartwright: Pointing out Se Azar, and blaming.
    Barr: I believe the issue is legally defensible. (Suck wind, Cartwright)
    Cartwright: Are you invoking exec privilege, is that why you won’t tell me what you discussed with Pres, Mulvaney, Azar, and you.
    Barr: Call it whatever you want, I’m not going to tell you.
    Cartwright: If you’re invoking Exec privilege we need to know and we need to know in writing.
    Go jump in a lake, Cartwright.

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        1. At least with Bratty Grandkids you can spank their whiny butts and if the parents complain they get the STINK EYE and threat of NO MORE FREE BABY SITTER!

          Mom, unfortunately allowed Brother to blackmail her with Do what we want (give us $$$) or no see grand kids. 😠

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  6. Highest priority, China Initiative for espionage
    750 million total for protection of cyber
    another 2 million for justice, big bang for buck – from Lofthus.

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  7. QTreepers,

    Reading your contemporaneous commentary is *almost* as good as a Trump rally 💥🥰💥

    AG Barr might prove to be a Justice Wolverine 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  8. Meng again.
    She proposed legislation for our ability to go after overseas elder scammers, President signed it into law.
    Meng is concerned about it.
    Barr: that’s why we set up the strike force, they are very sophisticated.
    Lofthus makes a pitch for more funds in Consumer Protection, 611K for Elder Fraud
    Lofthus is IMPRESSIVE

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  9. OH BOY, Meng question about sanctuary cities, you keep losing in court but you keep going after them.
    Barr: yes, that’s why we have appellate courts.

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  10. Graves, Rep from GA, is focused on cyber, impressive, wants to work with BArr to update policy in DOJ, which has not been updated in 30yrs.

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  11. Ed Case Again, from Hawaii.
    He has no other question, pushing release of 6E testimony as “discretion” for Barr, under the auspices of more transparency and “oversight over Barr”.

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    1. He’s getting on my nerves. SC is doing the 6e redactions as they know the material. Barr is overseeing them, not performing them. IC will review and redact if necessary. Barr is overseeing, not performing.

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  12. Lawrence
    Confusion on decrease of “COPS Grant”
    This was 300 million + which was granted to state and local task forces.
    It’s basically the same thing, only NOW, the DOJ is making the task forces, FED/State/Local
    Be careful of Dems trying to twist meaning of Trump Admin is cutting funds to local police dept’s.
    It’s not true.

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  13. Serrano closed the hearing by implying the Texas case on Obamacare, which the Dems are terrified about, will case people to lose pre-existing condition protection, and Serrano equated it to losing battles for justice in the 60’s.
    Overly dramatic, but a good indicator of where the case stands in Texas.

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  14. In summary:
    I’m putting my order in now, in advance.
    As an American taxpayer, I want 50K more Barr’s and 200K more Lofthus guys.

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  15. Marica says:

    “Great Clip!”

    Jerry Nadler has stated he will be releasing redacted portions of the Mueller Report to the public. Watch as William Barr makes it very clear that Congress will not be receiving an unredacted version of the report and if it’s leaked it would have to be from the Mueller team.

    — Priscilla (@LucetVeritas) April 9, 2019

    The Mueller Special Council met in a SCIF with NO way of carrying out information except within your memory. Any leaks of redacted portions of the Mueller Report would be from MEMORIZED information and WHO would be limited to those who went into that SCIF.

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      1. Next to Mad Max, and Piglosi, and Swalwell, and Blumethal, and Warner, and Di-Chi-Spy, and Kamasutra Harris, and Pat Leahy, and Elijah Cummings, and Corella Booker, and…

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          1. And then “Dorky Park” makes some of the responses “sensitive material”. Geesh… Gotta protect those snowflakes, I guess…

            From further down in the comments. Somehow Øblowhole always seems to be, erm, on the verge of facial contact with partners in crime, slime, whatever… to wit:

            (Just have to say, in my experience, no NORMAL guy would get that close to another guy, even if a family member [OK, maybe a young child, but Ø is no young child] [erm, maybe…]. )…

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      1. Lieu, Lieu, dumped in the loo,
        Lieu, Lieu, dumped in the loo,
        Lieu, Lieu, swim in the loo,
        Swim in the loo you traitor…

        The guy is a total Ty-D-Bowl-touch case. Everything he touches (as opposed to Midas), turns to $#!+ …

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  16. I’m just getting here and missed the hearing. I see Daughn’s list on the previous page of the four areas of redactions:
    Grand Jury
    Intelligence sources and methods
    Material which may interfere with ongoing cases
    Reputations of peripheral players who were not involved

    Was anything said about redacting material due to executive privilege? I’m wondering if that might fall under one of the other categories.

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    1. I didn’t watch but I just finished reading the comments. Somewhere upthread someone mentions Barr being asked about executive privilege. Barr said PDJT has left that up to him to decide. I gather the congress creep didn’t like the response and there was some whining and sniveling.

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  17. Daughn, it was a fabulous idea to put up a thread for the hearing. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to watch but reading through the thread gave me such a good sense of what I missed and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!

    Sending you a big hug for this and to all the QTreeps who provided commentary. It was MOST illuminating!

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