News Roundup! DHS Resignation, Wall, Nunes Referrals & Interview, Svetlana Lokhova, Tom Fitton & Lou Dobbs Discussion About the Border…..

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to find out that Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, has rendered her resignation effective immediately. The past month or so has left a bad taste in my mouth when reading about the thousands of illegals being bused all around our country. I blame her for the surges we have been seeing recently.

Word was spreading throughout Central America that the time to come into our country was now.

Charlie Kirk’s tweet shows it clearly when you compare last year to this year.

This is why she HAD TO GO!

Her resignation letter can be found below.

Our President tweeted the following:

By the end of 2020, 450 miles of the WALL will be completed!

Lou Dobbs and Tom Fitton talked about the Border and those that are opposed to our President on his show on Friday.

Things are about to get real interesting shortly. We will see what AG Barr is all about as soon as Representative Nunes provides him the referrals.

From the article linked above:

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., announced on Sunday he is ready to send eight criminal referrals to the Justice Department next week related to the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation.

“We’re prepared this week to notify the attorney general that we’re prepared to send those referrals over and brief him if he wishes to be briefed,” Nunes said on Fox News.

Five of them are what I would call straight up referrals so just referrals that are, that name someone and name the specific crimes. Those crimes are lying to Congress, misleading Congress, leaking classified information,” Nunes said.

The other three, he said are more complicated, related to charges of conspiracy to lie to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

You can watch his interview with Maria Bartiromo from earlier this morning below.

Excellent thread put out earlier by Svetlana Lokhova about Tom Hamburger and David Ignatius (writer at the WAPO).

More of the puzzle is coming together!

It’s go time!

95 thoughts on “News Roundup! DHS Resignation, Wall, Nunes Referrals & Interview, Svetlana Lokhova, Tom Fitton & Lou Dobbs Discussion About the Border…..

  1. Oh brother, Kristen’s letter has the wrong date….she said effective April 7, 2018…maybe she checked out a year ago…..Let’s get someone in there that wants to protect our borders and stop illegal immigration!

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      1. I’m thinking that this is her old STOCK resignation letter, on hand with Trump since a year ago, and he just decided to USE IT OR LOSE IT. Is there any information in it that could NOT have been in there a year ago? Doesn’t look like it to me.

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          1. It’s hard to say.

            She may have also taken a lesson from Sessions and offered to resign as a kind of AMAZING TACTIC. Trump can now put in a FRESH KILLER and she knows it. Yet she walks off and can get some kind of plum job like a university president, without becoming toxic through “what happens next”.

            They pull it off right when Trump needs to say “enough is enough”, and the leftists are left with NO HANDLES on what comes next.

            The left thinks it has Trump cornered through cornering her, and she just dials the SLIDER PHONE and disappears, leaving the commies with no leverage and Trump a free hand.

            Trump has really advanced Republican politics ahead of the old media-gated politics where the media would manipulate an administration through negative or positive press about personnel changes. Trump can simply change pieces at will, unexpectedly, ignoring the media, and obtain winning that is not possible for career politicians.

            The SESSIONS-TO-BARR destruction of Radium Rod’s secret plan was genius. Why not keep doing it? Swap in another Scaramucci and TAKE SCALPS.

            I’ll bet there are a whole lotta OBAMA CHUMPS in DHS who will be hitting the skids right now, and THEY are not going to “plum out” like Nielsen. Her resignation means everybody who supported slow-walking the Dem treason and pushing her to go soft is going to have LOST COVER. She goes and rips out all of the chumps with her.

            Perfect opportunity to CLEAN UP DHS. She created it. Whatever! It’s….

            TIME FOR SCALPS!!! 😎

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  2. Thanks Flep!

    I loved Tom Fitton’s tweet. I saw him say that on Dobbs Friday night and I thought it was well worth highlighting it!

    Hoping for the best with the new DHS Secretary. I hope he is in lock step with PDJT’s goals regarding immigration and is able to imaginatively and effectively implement some new policies that will thwart the Dims and their corrupt judges efforts to throw the border wide open.

    And I can’t wait to find out who is the subject of the criminal referrals Nunes is making, and what DOJ does with them.

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    1. The sad part is that our useless RINOs in the Senate would never confirm Kris Kobach (my number one choice). Maybe have Rick Perry take the roll and have Kobach be an appointed Czar. Appoint Joe Manchin to the Secretary of Energy and have the Governor of WV appoint a Republican to replace him 😉

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        1. He is thinking of running for Governor in 2020 because the Party has left him behind. You can knock out two birds with one stone. Stop him from flipping the seat and replace him immediately giving us 54 Republicans in the Senate.

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      1. Only problem with Perry is that he strongly supported giving in-state tuition to young illegals for college. He backtracked with a mealy-mouthed attempt at transference but….

        “In 2011, during his bid for president, Perry accurately pointed out very few legislators opposed the measure before it reached his desk 10 years before. In a September 2011 interview with Newsmax, Perry also apologized for saying in a Republican candidate debate that anyone who opposed giving tuition breaks to the children of illegal immigrants did not “have a heart.” In an article about the interview, Newsmax noted that Perry also stood by his view that the decision in his state to extend tuition breaks was the right one.”

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      2. No to Perry. He’s doing fine in energy. But years with him as Texas gov he had too many fingers in the wrong pies. I don’t trust him to not go full RINO.

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        1. I like him in Energy – he’s doing an excellent job, and is the “civilian boss” of many Q peeps (nuclear clearance). He’s a veteran – too rare in our cabinet. The chance of rocking the boat by letting some manipulable chump in there, who can’t deal with smarmy commie-pwned climate change shill scientists, is too great!

          Energy is CRUCIAL to THE PLAN. This is a key hidden post. Nobody replaces Perry who is not totally vetted by the Plan, IMO!!!

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  3. “And I can’t wait to find out who is the subject of the criminal referrals Nunes is making, and what DOJ does with them.”


    That is going to be the point of no return, the inflection point, the tipping point, whatever you want to call it.

    Either he drops the big one, or everybody gets a slap on the wrist and we get the familiar ‘Nothing to see here folks’ routine.

    There can be no middle ground, the Treason and other massive criminal activities are so beyond anything in our nation’s history that anything remotely appearing like ‘middle ground’ means the black hats are getting a free pass.

    That is the choice Barr has to make.

    It isn’t REALLY a choice, he MUST do the right thing according to the Law, and apply the Law to Hussein and all of these other criminals, no differently than the way he would throw the book at John Q Public for robbing a liquor store.

    But because he is a political animal, because he is a denizen of the filthy quagmire of the Swamp, we’re all clinging to hope that Barr is a Hanging Judge, because we have zero reason to have confidence in the rule of Law.

    And if Barr goes wobbly, DJT better be prepared to fire him immediately — which of course he won’t do, because the election is coming up, so we get to twist in the wind for another 2 years, at which point some other excuse will become necessary for not holding the Treason Cabal accountable.

    DO your JOB, Barr.

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    1. Your right and Nunes is right! Now or never.

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  4. I absolutely agree with Larry!

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      1. Hello, it feels real good to be here with you all. I’ve somehow created ‘voices’ to hear out of your printed comments, and I’ve missed you guys. Of course, it seems you always hold the right opinions..

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        1. Zorrorides, if you just found us, welcome. If you have been around for a bit, I apologize for not realizing it. In either case, glad you are here.

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          1. TY Jane, this is my first day here. Myself and others were commenting how we missed many of the early-day posters on our branches. A little later i got a private message that the flock was in a new tree, called ‘wqth’. Woo-hoo, there’s Scott and Sylvia and Flep and Wheatie too- der Voolfsmooon is howling, Nebraska, Marica and Daughn… Will be reading your threads to catch up. Is it ok to ask the story about how ya’ll came to this new place? Ahh bless you guys

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            1. Sure you may ask.

              Wolfmoon mentioned in a thread at the other place (OT) that he had started a new website. So I checked it out. Loved it immediately. Been here since the start.

              Things were getting very hot OT for any of us who even mentioned Q or that we thought Sessions could still be a white hat. There was a lot of nastiness from some specific characters also.

              I got banned when I posted a link to wkth for a thread about arrests regarding a pedo sex dungeon.

              Even though I was apparently unbanned weeks later, my comments were up for approval and I could no longer “Like” anyones comments there. I thought, screw it.

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              1. Go OT and look at the daily thread for April 7. Click back to include the oldest messages. Scroll down. Just after the parody clip of Hilter in his bunker, you will see the exchange of message where Zorrorides and others were asking where’d everyone go (like Sylvia, Wheaton, et. al.).

                You will note that Zorro’s name is hyperlinked. But, the others are not. And no one here is. Using that hyperlink, one can send a PM. Am not sure how to make one’s name a hyperlink.

                BlackNightRides and many others OT have there names active. Maybe a setting for Wolfmoon to adjust?

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              2. Ok, Chimpy. I see that Z was hyperlinked. Interesting – as I scrolled through saw that several names were hyperlinked, including, Dora’s. Have no clue how that is done. Thanks.

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            2. Welcome Zorrorides! There was a purging OT by SD back in November last year against anyone who made reference to Q related stuff. Banned people couldn’t comment or like comments. People from OT have migrated to our new Q tree branch in various ways. WolfMoon is our fabulous host. Get a Gab account and friend us there too.

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            3. Welcome, Zorro. To answer the question below, a friend of mine was able to send Zorro a PM because his login name was not linked to his account. My friend clicked on the link and it took me, ‘er, him, to his WordPress account.

              Am not sure why his name was hotlinked and not anyone else’s…

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            4. Welcome Zorro!! you will LOVE it here!!! THE.MOST.POSITIVE. and welcoming Website anywhere!!! Most of us were banned a”Over There”. This Tree IS A BLAST!!! Love that you found us!!!

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    1. “5) These two moves portend Trump about to take significant action on the border . . . but what, no one is sure just yet.”


      Here’s (apparently) the problem:

      Our laws are so intentionally subverted and screwed up that if we were Troy, all the Greeks need to do is touch our ‘gate’ (the ‘border’) and they are ushered into the city and welcomed by Leftist traitors like the Vichy welcomed the Nazi occupiers of France.

      So until DJT ‘brings the House down’, and patriots take their place, and hopefully pass the strictest immigration laws in the history of the world — any solution must necessarily stop the invaders from getting close enough to touch the ‘gate’.

      1) call Chiquita AMLO and let him know we are taking his inaction as an intentional declaration of War

      2) tell Chiquita AMLO that the United States military is declaring the first 10 miles inside Mexico as a ‘Buffer Zone’, and if the Mexican military even looks at us the wrong way, the individual who will be held personally accountable is Chiquita AMLO — nobody else. We will ‘liberate’ Mexico from the AMLO regime if necessary.

      3) use aerial surveillance, night vision and every other technological means available to spot large groups of invaders, and use non-lethal means to strongly discourage any further forward progress. For example equip AC-130 transport planes (or planes designed to fight forest fires) to spray liquefied manure like rain on the ‘caravans’. Since that would be called a ‘bio-hazard’, find something ‘safe’ that has the same discouraging effect

      4) this will cause the invaders to change strategy, breaking into small groups instead of large caravans that can be targeted en-masse from the air

      5) small groups are easily discovered, they can’t hide their heat signature so we will own the night, and easily detained by highly mobile squads (5 to 14 troops) intercepting every small group

      6) detained invaders are taken to HQ to be processed (identified). Known criminals are shackled and delivered by bus to Chiquita AMLO’s house, all the other invaders take the next bus back to wherever they came from

      7) Soros and everyone else identified as financing this ongoing Act of War against the United States are removed from society, given a military tribunal, and publicly executed.

      With any strategy even half this aggressive, the problem ends in less than 60 days.

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      1. It is important to recognize what is happening as an act of war by Mexico against us. (And Mexico is actually operating in alliance with many other enemies of America, including the Demokkkrats).

        Nobody would support Trump in doing what you suggest but the American People. They are all he needs.

        The question is what Mexico would do in response, and the idea of unintended consequences. Would they try to bog us down, for example?

        Trump and his loyal crew could work this out, and this needs to be done.

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        1. If the Mexican government would do ANYTHING to impede us, the mission would be expanded to include liberating the Mexican people from the AMLO regime.

          And AMLO needs to understand that better than anyone.

          The Mexican military is not going to challenge the United States military, it would be like a toothless 3-legged dog challenging Mike Tyson… in his prime.

          Mexico is a failed narco-state. It is a lawless land, being used by the enemies of our country as a staging point for attacks against us.

          If DJT shuts down the border completely, that MIGHT cause a minor inconvenience for SOME Americans, while many would never even notice.

          But shutting down the border would DESTROY the Mexican economy, and the economy of many of the nations south of Mexico, who depend on money flowing from America to their corrupt nations.

          Trump has all the leverage.

          Apparently he is patiently waiting for the most opportune moment to use it.

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  5. Our President just tweeted the following:

    He has AMLO’s balls inside of a nutcracker because of the following I tweeted the other day.

    Never ever forget that our LION 🦁 is an APEX PREDATOR! Kill and kill again is the rule of the land he roams.

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    1. Not a coincidence at all! Fuel costs and rotten avocados 🥑 will do the trick.

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    2. Awesome flep ….. I LURVE the pictures of the trucks waiting/piled up at OUR border 🤨👍❤️‼️ … actions talks .. bs walks .. disrespect the US and her CITIZENS and you spit into the wind 😡👍🇺🇸‼️

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  6. Looks like James Clapper is about to see reality slap him right across the face! His gun on the nightstand began to sing to him this evening.

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    1. Now THAT is interesting. The SELECTIVITY of the Mueller WITCH-HUNT right out in the open.

      It looks to me like the Mueller club was a little partisan witch-hunt that IGNORED whatever it wanted and went after all it could find against REPUBLICANS or anybody who was fakely FISA-positioned against the Republicans by the Democrat-Russia axis.

      IMO the Mueller partisans had ONE PRODUCT to use against the Republicans – SUSPICION – and I believe it will be borne out that they had TRASH INDICTMENTS ready to go against the Trump kids, to keep the IDIOT SUSPICION FACTORY going, exchanging one TRASH EXONERATION (of a nothing accusation) for more of them to come, meanwhile maintaining a POPPY FARM of opiates for the DEMOCRAT MASSES that need to be kept on COLLUSION DRUGS.

      Say it after me: LAWFARE.

      The Mueller SC was LAWFARE. It was put together by Comey and Wittes of “Lawfare” blog fame, along with the assistance of that whole little gang of players – Brennan, McCabe, Comey’s commie Columbia professor friend and bizarro-world FBI/NSA “contractor”, Yates, Rice, whoever.

      Do I have any “Comey Questions”?

      No. It is very clear that the Democrat-Soviet axis was doing what it ALWAYS DOES to keep the DEMOCRATS moving America “forward” on a Soviet timeline. Not everybody in the Democrat-Soviet axis is cleared to fully understand the collusion with Russia, but they ALL rely on the MEDIA positioning they get from it, to support the DEMOCRAT PARTY.

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        1. Going after Flynn was the stupidest thing ever, but the commies fell for it.

          I would love to have seen the look on Mueller’s face when he realized exactly what 100,000-volt cable his backhoe had dug into when Flynn opened his mouth at some point and Mueller realized he and his little LAWFARE operation were SO SCREWED.

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    2. “His gun on the nightstand began to sing to him this evening.”


      Highway to Hell?

      Positively 4th Street?

      Paint it Black?

      Sympathy for the Devil?

      Suicide is Painless (theme from M*A*SH*)?

      Into Dust (Mazzy Star)?

      Is That All There Is (Peggy Lee)?

      Satisfied Mind (Porter Wagoner, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Jeff Buckley, et al)?

      (Hang Down Your Head) Tom Dooley (Kingston Trio)?

      Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down (Nancy Sinatra)?

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      1. “Is that all there is?”

        Now there is a powerful song, as sung by Lee. Always fascinating to listen to. But is it about despair, or cynicism, or both? Or philosophical detachment?

        It has an interesting background, including the fact that this is VSG’s favorite song:

        “This is Donald Trump’s favorite song of all time. On tapes released by the New York Times, which contain interviews by journalist Michael D’Antonio for his 2014 biography The Truth About Trump, the billionaire explained. ‘It’s a great song. Because I’ve had these tremendous successes and then I’m off to the next one, because, it’s like, ‘Oh, is that all there is?’ That’s a great song actually. That’s a very interesting song, especially sang by her, because she had such a troubled life.'”

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        1. Thanks for the info, I had no idea!

          “But is it about despair, or cynicism, or both? Or philosophical detachment?”


          Either or, any, all three, or something else altogether.

          That’s one of the great things about music (lyrics, mostly), it means different things to different people.

          As Joni Mitchell says in her song “Blue” (1971):

          Blue… songs are like tattoos
          You know I’ve been to sea before
          Crown and anchor me
          Or let me sail away…

          Hey Blue, there is a song for you
          Ink on a pin
          Underneath the skin
          An empty space to fill in…

          I take it the ‘ink on a pin’ is the outline, the sketch drawn by the artist.

          Underneath the skin is how you relate to the song personally, how it affects you, whatever it is that makes you like it, even if you can’t really explain it. It just gets under your skin.

          An empty space to fill in, is you filling in the outline sketched by the artist, filling in your own meaning for the song, which makes it personal to you.

          But it could all mean something completely different too 😁

          However, I do know this…

          If this song is one that you like, there is one CD release that has better sound quality than all the others.

          But it’s a little tricky, because there are two CD album releases that are very similar (same cover art), but with slightly different track listings, and only one of them has “Is That All There Is?”

          There is mastering engineer named Steve Hoffman, who has his own online music forum since the early 1990s. His ‘draw’ or ‘selling point’ is basically:

          A) he grew up with 60s and 70s music, and he loves it as much as everybody else does

          B) he explains the process of mastering (or remastering) music, do’s and don’ts, how mastering engineers did things in the past vs. how it is done today, all kinds of interesting background information, stories about different musicians, which ones are very involved in the remastering process and which ones he never hears from, etc.

          C) he digs and digs until he acquires the ORIGINAL master tape. In many cases, these tapes have not been used in 40+ years, and tracking them down is not easy, but if you can get it, the resulting CD or LP is going to sound WORLDS better than all the reissues that were made from copy tapes, or improperly equalized (e.g., equalized for LP and not optimized for the CD medium).

          Often times the actual Original Master Tape is either mis-labeled, OR it’s marked “DO NOT USE”, lol! It’s marked “Do Not Use” because it’s the ORIGINAL, so after the first issue, they would put it away and use copy tapes for all subsequent reissues. And 99% of the time, the mastering engineer just takes whatever tape the record company sends him, does his job, and out comes the product.

          Steve Hoffman, like a detective sometimes, searches until he finds the actual original master tape, which usually results in layers of extraneous ‘hiss’ and other artifacts being removed (but NOT removing the original inherent background hiss that was part of the original recording, because to do so would also mean chopping off all of the OTHER high frequencies, which is what many mastering engineers do, because people have been ‘trained’ to expect ZERO hiss on CDs… but it destroys the sound quality!).

          If it is a ‘Greatest Hits’ album, Hoffman doesn’t use the ‘Greatest Hits’ copy tape, he gets the original album master tape for each song (could be one or two ‘hits’ from 5 or 6 different albums) to use for producing the ‘Greatest Hits’ album. So it has the same cover art, same track listing, etc., as every other CD of that particular “Greatest Hits” album, it just SOUNDS a lot better. And he usually adds a couple bonus tracks, if he can get away with it (some artists get very upset about that, some are ambivalent, and some like it).

          Anyway, the point is, if Steve Hoffman mastered (or ‘re-mastered’) the CD, chances are high that it will sound better than any other issue of the CD, because he went to the trouble to get the RIGHT tape and do it right. He cares about how it sounds as much as we do, because he’s going to be listening to it just like we are.

          The song “Is That All There Is?” is found on these two CDs:

          Bewitching-Lee! (S&P Records, SPR-709, issued in 2003, UPC/Bar Code: 739343070929)

          This CD is mastered by Steve Hoffman, BUT it does NOT have “Is That All There Is?” on it.

          The OTHER CD has the exact same cover art and title, except it has this text on the front:

          “3 Bonus Tracks
          ‘Is That All There Is?’ ” (and that, of course, is the one you want!)

          Bewitching-Lee! (DCC Compact Classics, DZS-179, issued 1996, UPC/Bar Code: 739343070929)

          Now apparently the ONLY song on this CD that was mastered by Steve Hoffman is the song we’re looking for, “Is That All There Is?”, and all the rest of the songs were mastered by an engineer named Bob Norberg.

          So if you like Peggy Lee’s music, you really need BOTH CDs.

          One of the other ‘greats’ is called ‘Fever’ (credited to ‘Cooley, Davenport’). Elvis Presley also has a great cover of this song, but I think Peggy’s rendition is just a little bet better in this case 😁

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            1. You are very welcome 👍

              Also, I need to correct this part from my earlier post:

              The song “Is That All There Is?” is found on these two CDs:”

              That is incorrect, the song ‘Is that All There Is?’ is only found on ONE of the two CD’s, this one:

              Bewitching-Lee! (DCC Compact Classics, DZS-179, issued 1996, UPC/Bar Code: 739343070929)

              Which can be identified / distinguished by the UPC code, or the label (DCC Compact Classics DZS-179), or by the text on the front cover artwork that specifically states

              “3 Bonus Tracks
              ‘Is That All There Is?’ ”

              But if you like any of the OTHER songs on that Greatest Hits album, you would need to also obtain the OTHER CD, the one that does NOT have ‘Is That All There Is?’, in order to get the best sound quality for all of the other songs.

              I have both CDs, of course 😁

              They shouldn’t be too hard to find, and should not be expensive. If not available via the links at Discogs, I would search eBay by the UPC code and by the title, and then verify that you have found the correct CD by the photos.

              If the seller is using a ‘stock photo’ (or no photo), I would send them a message to confirm which CD they are selling before purchase.

              Enjoy the music!

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    1. What I have seen about McAleenan makes me wonder if he will have President Trumps back.Since we are the news now it’s so hard to find anything from the networks I believe.

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  7. I never had any confidence in Nielson, and I am so glad she is out!

    We need a tough, no-nonsense git-er-done person who is completely on board with “Our Country is FULL!”

    Immigration is not a GIVEN. It can be stopped altogether, for any period of time. And that’s LEGAL immigration. If we don’t want to let you in, you can’t come in.

    Illegal immigration will destroy our country if it is not stopped, and President Trump is GOING TO stop it!

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    1. Liked by 7 people

    1. “My Sources Inside The FISA Court Say That They Are Just Waiting For IG’s Report Before Triggering Action At The FISA Court & AG’s Office. The 2nd Half of 2019 Will Be The Year of Accountability That Will Bring A Lot of People To Justice.”


      Make it so.

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      1. I don’t trust any of the Russians involved here – they play at a quantum level better espionage and disinformation than the Democrat Lawfare Gang. My reading is that Russia is cutting the Dems loose.

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  8. Flep– forgive me for this– But REALLY– I did this…😳😳😳😳

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      1. There are more of “her”, including one of “her”, dancing. Also, there was a post analyzing her ankles while wearing high heels, basically saying that it’s anatomically impossible for a woman to stand in that particular way…

        Moochelle is a vile piece of work, no matter what “she” does…

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    1. Regardless of her masculine traits, the one thing that her face cannot hide is her perpetual unhappiness, anger, and general misery with the world. I ask myself, “Why is Michelle Obama so unhappy?”

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      1. Personally, I don’t care if she is masculine or not, beautiful or not, muscular or not.

        I care more about WHO she is, rather than WHAT.

        Who she is is someone who doesn’t put her hand on her heart when the Pledge of Allegience is made. Who she is is someone who stated that she wasn’t proud of her country. Who she is is someone who repeatedly has made it clear that skin color matters to her.

        Who she is is a racist who hates this country.

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    2. Hey .. hey … hey … 👋 .. 😮 … 😳 … 😂👍 … it’s big Mike‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ … ahhh … 😌 … it’s just magic kingdom butt ugly … 😖🤚

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  9. “Our Republic is on the brink: @RealDonaldTrump needs take on unimaginative, hapless DHS bureaucracy to secure the border. @LouDobbs reports WH planning a more aggressive approach….”


    If I was head of DHS, and

    A) I wanted to get the job done


    B) I wanted to show my boss I was serious…

    I would set up a DHS Command & Control HQ right there AT THE BORDER, and command from there.

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  10. “Never ever forget that our LION 🦁 is an APEX PREDATOR! Kill and kill again is the rule of the land he roams.”


    Makes me smile, every time 😁


  11. The resignation letter reads utterly perfunctory and self-serving/self-congratulating (to me), like a (bad) resume pointing out all of her ‘achievements’.

    In so doing, it is neither respectful of the office nor the president who gave her the opportunity.



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