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This WE ARE Q 2 / SECOND STEP TWO’S-DAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

Some advocates had urged deeper sentencing reforms in a second major criminal justice reform bill.

Troy Powell, whose crack cocaine sentence was shortened by the First Step Act, spoke at the event Monday and called for more action to release inmates.

“There’s more that can be done. I left so many people behind in prison doing 40, 50 years for nothing, I mean absolutely nothing,” Powell said. “I think there should be a second step.”

Trump applauded Powell. “Could I have said it better than that? His statement about so many people? And that’s true, so many people are there that really are serving 40 and 50 year sentences for things you wouldn’t even believe, for things some people wouldn’t even be going to prison for today,” he said.

You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

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Keep it civil. They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM.

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FIRST of all, let’s just say that I am SERIOUSLY glad that our VSGPOTUS is taking a victory lap over the First Step Act. With that brilliant bit of penal reform, our VSG and his VSG son-in-law Jared Kushner just uprooted the “revolutionary legacy” of the Clinton administration. And it’s not going to end there. I LOVE that he “went there” and called out the Clinton Crime Bill – so awesome.

Obama’s legacy isn’t the only “legacy of communism” that is going to be eradicated.

Like I have said, the GREATEST Cloward-Piven sneak attack in our history.

Top 10 Reasons I Believe the Clinton 1994 Crime Bill Was a Masterpiece of Communist Revolutionary Subversion

NOW – a…..

sEri0us QWestion….

Who here is NOT “Q”? *wink*

Life is good. Speaking for myself, I *AM* Q, and proud of it. I hope you all are, too.


I *know* U R Q.


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    1. Yep 😦 Reminds me of this (to the tune of “Maria”, from West Side Story):

      (As the dawn breaks and the early morning shadows break over the minarets, the calls to “prayer” are going out between them, in antiphonal cacophany, the sound of freshly-strangled “offers”…)

      The most beautiful sound I ever heard,

      Taqiyyah (echoes: Taqiyyah, Taqiyyah, Taqiyyah)

      All the lies of the world in a single word:

      Taqiyyah [ever louder] Taqiyyah, Taqiyyah, Taqiyyah,

      Taqiyyah, Taqiyyah

      I just met a scam called Taqiyyah,

      And suddenly that name
      Will never be the same,
      to meeeeeee…

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    1. hubby sounded like that when the kids were small and he stepped on legos on the floor….

      magnificent beasts–both the lion and hubby ❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. “An investigation into whether Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) misused campaign funds for her personal use is slated to conclude, according to a report.

    ABC local affiliate 13 WHAM-TV reported Monday that officials have recently concluded their probe and are will soon reveal the findings of two complaints against the controversial freshman congresswoman. The pair of complaints, which were reportedly filed as Omar campaigned for the House last year, were brought by State Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R). In his complaint to the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board, Drazkowski accused Omar of spending nearly $6,000 in campaign money on a trip to Boston and Estonia and for divorce attorney fees.

    “Drazkowski’s filing of the two complaints followed an earlier episode in which Omar repaid $2,500 for honoraria she received for speeches at colleges that receive state funding, a violation of ethics rules for Minnesota lawmakers,” 13 WHAM-TV reports.
    “I had observed a long pattern,” Drazkowski said in an interview with 13 WHAM-TV at his office. “Representative Omar hasn’t followed the law. She’s repeatedly trampled on the laws of the state in a variety of areas, and gotten by with it…..”

    Read more here:

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  2. “Simply stated, at home, Trump wants big business, as embodied in the US Chamber of Commerce, to grasp that he will not allow them to continue stonewall on open borders, targeting their donations to prevent any legal reform. Ever since NAFTA, huge investments have taken place predicted on the free movement of good across the border. Those investments are now held hostage by Trump’s threat. The implicit deal: either loudly and emphatically lobby for a simple revision to immigration law to allow asylum claimants to wait on the southern side of the border while their claims are adjudicated or endure a semi-catastrophic disruption.”

    Read the whole article here:

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  3. Well, this isn’t good. China grabs part of the Phillipines.

    “Protests are breaking out in the Philippines over China’s takeover of Thitu island near the Spratly and Paracel chains in the South China Sea, which is an island recognized in international law as belonging to the Philippines. The Philippine protests are about China. But they’re really directed at the Philippines’s president, Rodrigo Duterte, who up until now has tried to persuade everyone that he’s a tough guy — who by his actions was all in for bowing to China…”

    Read more here:

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    1. Subic Bay……. Subic Bay……… Subic Bay and the loss to volcano of Clark Air Field.
      It would have never happened if we didn’t give up Subic Bay.

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  4. For every little child:
    That we might accept and preserve each one
    as a sign of the infinite love of God for us;
    We pray to the Lord

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    1. I read somewhere over the last few days that Stephen Miller had an idea involving training BCP to interview illegals regarding their refugee claims so a decision could be made immediately upon capture. It wouldn’t require anything of the do nothing Congress, so that’s a bonus. I thought it sounded like a heck of a good idea.

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        1. Okay, that was so unexpected I didn’t even GET it when I read it. I’m all, “wha?????” and puzzled, and THEN it hit me on the back of the head and and it resulted in giggle *snort’s* big brother: belly laugh *cough*

          This could also serve as a deterrent!!!!

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  7. Unprecedented.

    President Trump is heading for the border on Friday….bringing a big announcement of policy change…partial shutdown allowing only mfg. goods/produce – shutting the border to human migration?

    OR complete complete shutdown?

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  8. expect a 5am no knock raid on the Ohr house–Nellie lied under oath about the ham radio license

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      1. For us too! RULE #3!! 😃😃


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      1. I recognize Chad is biased toward DIMs… still he is reporting what happens in detail, moreso than Cloakroom does…

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  10. Ryan’s on fire today…

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        1. as painful as it may have seemed to us on the ground who knew who’s behind everything, this slower roll out of the evidence and the lead up to the word treason seems to be perfectly timed by POTUS for maximum effectiveness. Instead of an avalanche of evidence, charges, and information, he’s allowing “normal” Americans to digest a portion before throwing them the next morsel.
          If he would have declassified it all at once, people might have missed a step here and there or missed a conspirator or maybe would have been overwhelmed by it all–and some still may be.
          and as much as I wanted to get it all out and vindicate POTUS…this slow roll out has got to be so much more painful for the Dems…lol and I’m liking that a little too much I guess…bwahaha

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          1. Pat! Totally Agree!! Even my luncheon today at my mom’s they were asking about Q…I said it’s awfully Quiet lately.. But ALL agreed that the POTUS tweeting and saying TREASON makes them feel like they are ALL going to pay—Even O!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 (evil laugh)!

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            1. that’d be SWEET!
              and Cankles…she needs her moment in the spotlight too…LOL

              everybody who says no one’s going down for this underestimates how much POTUS gets us–he knows to trust the government again, people have to see the 2 tiered justice system breached…and POTUS is carefully laying the groundwork for this…

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            2. I agree, Marica. When this all began, I only dared to hope that Hillary might pay. I honestly never dreamed that BO might be held to account. I think it is pretty obvious now that PDJT intends for him to pay a price of some sort. I lick my chops and wait in anticipation.

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          2. Pat, I agree. It is hard on my nerves this waiting waiting waiting. But there is something to be said for the slow roll.

            The story itself is fairly simple and the motives as old as mankind, but the details that support the assertions are much more complex.

            And, too, you have to break through denial. At first, it all seemed frankly preposterous, impossible to believe, so I think some people would just reject it out of hand. WHO among us wants to believe that our government that we grew up believing in is rotten to the frickin’ core and has to be radically fixed? It is a painful and bewildering truth.

            But watching PDJT over these last few weeks in particular it seems to me pretty obvious he has a plan for the big reveal. He wants to keep his hands clean. He stayed out of the Mueller investigation except for tweeting his opinions, which was useful and persuasive. And post investigation, he throws out these statements without a lot of dramatic fanfare and just lets it simmer awhile, and then he throws another stick of kindling on the fire and lets that burn, and then he feeds it a little more.

            Amazing. Disciplined. Powerful.

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    1. Excerpt from article above:

      …”In an overwhelming 11 to 6 decision, the full Sixth Circuit agreed that the Ohio law was constitutional because Planned Parenthood has no constitutional right to perform abortions. Thus, Ohio could permissibly bar Planned Parenthood from participating in the state health education programs because “private organizations do not have a constitutional right to obtain government funding to support their activities.”

      The court set a precedent allowing other states to enact similar laws defunding Planned Parenthood. This case is a roadmap for stopping the nearly unlimited flow of our taxpayer dollars to the abortion industry. Planned Parenthood may attempt to appeal this case to the Supreme Court, if the Court were to take the case, we would once again be ready to defend this critical pro-life law.”

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  11. OK–Watching this 🐢 clip–Is it me or did McTurtle just DARE President TRUMP to close the borders? Every time some politician says “doing (Fill in the blank) will hurt our economy” I tend to 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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              1. They’ll either do it or not.

                But, they will blame the price on Trump.

                “Because of that Nazi racist, I can’t afford this any more.”


                “Because of that Nazi racist, I’m having to pay more for…”

                Either way…PDJT gets the blame!


    1. No, it’s not just you. Yertle has not changed… he is still GOPe/Deep State

      Still has his eye on Supreme Court.

      He also told Chad this a.m. that he had told POTUS

      and don’t forget his sweet tweet to the memory of No Name recently

      There was no reason for this tweet… other than to please the Deep State/Cabal…

      He’s a snake… Kentucky needs to give him his walking papers.

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  12. I finally watched the Mark Levin interview with John Solomon and Sara Carter. It was pretty good, I thought.

    John said that the first night he was on Hannity with Sara Carter talking about the BO administration’s unmasking, he came home that night and there was a government sedan parked in front of his house next to his mailbox.

    Two men emerged and asked if he was John Solomon. He said yes. They were government agents but refused to ID themselves OR their agency, but they told him to keep digging. They said FISA had been horribly abused for political purposes and they were upset because it was an important tool for them to contain terrorists, but these doofuses were going to ruin it by abusing it for politics.

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  13. “WEST PALM BEACH — A 32-year-old Chinese woman was arrested over the weekend for giving false information to get into Mar-a-Lago while President Donald Trump was visiting his Palm Beach estate.

    Yujing Zhang was charged with making false statements to a federal officer and entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds. She appeared in U.S. District Court on Monday and is to return to court next week for a hearing to determine whether she will be released from custody on the charges that are punishable by a maximum five-year prison sentence. A public defender was appointed to represent her.

    U.S. Secret Service agents said they seized four cell phones, a laptop computer, an external hard drive and one thumb drive from Zhang. An examination of the thumb drive showed it contained malicious malware, agents said.

    At about noon on Saturday, Zhang approached secret service agents at a checkpoint in a parking lot across from the club just north of Southern Boulevard along the Intracoastal Waterway. She said she wanted to use the pool at the club, agents wrote. She presented the agents with two Republic of China passports to confirm her identity, they said.

    A manager at the club initially thought Zhang was related to a member who shared the same last name and cleared her to come in. But when Zhang got to the reception desk, she changed her story, agents said…”

    Read the whole thing here:

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      1. Yeah, they mentioned that in the article, too. How is it not suspicious to have two passports?

        The front desk person was told she was there for some UN Friends event, but the front desk knew there was no such event so called security.

        I’m glad she got caught, but holy smokes! A little too close for comfort.

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        1. Trust me – TEN of them got by for this ONE they caught. In fact, I would check very carefully for the idea that this Butina type was likely a DECOY. Who got in while they were busy with this one?

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          1. It seemed a little clumsy to me, no? I’m sure the ChiComs are much more skilled than this, so I think you put your finger on it!

            Wolfie, I know you have said you cannot keep up with all the comments here now because of the volume which makes sense. I already posted/commented on this earlier today, but I’m reposting the linky just for you in case you didn’t see it. I know you like to keep an eye on what the Commies are doing so I thought you might find this interesting.


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            1. And yes – you’re right – I miss a lot of stuff here now. But that’s OK – we are a CLEARINGHOUSE of very pertinent information. I’d rather miss stuff so that MORE top tips get to the White Hats!!!!

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      Read this article carefully – the Dems are doing a typical reverse Alinsky bravado move and pushing for “scrutiny” on these ChiCom front folks as a way to generate “back off” by Republicans.

      They are also HELPING their CHICOM BUDDIES at this “sensitive” time, to get Republicans to FREEZE.



      This is just like Muh Russia, which turned on the DEMS as the TRUE COLLUSIONISTS, only their collusion with CHINA is orders of magnitude WORSE.

      This is gold – STRIKE HARD NOW. Chinese SPIES lead to DEMOCRATS ENABLING.

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  14. I believe that we are in dangerous times. I noticed a couple of days ago that Alex Jones is on trial and that he is saying he believed in Conspiracy Theories because he has Psychosis.
    I started to write something here then and did not feel that I knew what I needed to tell you yet. I was on youtube just now and when this came up and I knew that I needed to share it with you. It is about Jesus, truth and dangerous times.
    I learned a long time ago that people like Jones are controlled opposition. I really didn’t care that he is on trial. The thing I do care about is that he is setting up Christians and people who believe in Q for huge trouble.

    I hope you watch this video because I believe it will be helpful to all of us while we go through this period.

    Weaponized Psychosis: The Ultimate “Disingenuous Banner”

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    1. Thanks!

      Most people don’t understand psychosis (a very broad term, actually) at a deep enough, information science, level. Our enemies actually do, and they are SCARED that we will understand it as well as they do, thereby putting a severe CRIMP in their SCHTICK. I’ll do a post sometime about this.

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  15. Another Twitter suspension – Straight up Trump news twitter feed Trump24/7 * has been suspended – – once again. Who knows why… just reporting the truth.

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    1. People like this DA need to be arrested (there must be a crime here, surely?) and tossed into the pen for a nice long while to reflect upon their hatred for this country and their eagerness to betray her people.

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      1. Cummings make an “idiot”** look brilliant.

        President Trump has made me realize we trully have a bunch of “morons”** in congress. Unfortunately I mean that seriously!

        ** as used as scientific terms in the early 20th century.


      1. He’s a genius at policy and delivering the goods on the news programs. It’s so much fun to watch him produce facts collated in his head, deliver them rapid fire, each point cogent and clearly articulated. It’s like the newsies are paralyzed with his brilliance.

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    1. Quote:
      “Miller noted that the White House is “systematically reviewing all authorities that are already on the books, both in terms of cracking down on illegal immigration and […] the abuse of our legal immigration system.” The targeted abuse actions include illegal immigrants who overstay temporary visas, “combatting or addressing legal benefit seeking in the legal immigration system.”

      Noting that there are approximately 1 million illegal aliens in the United States with final removal orders that still remain at large—in some cases for several years—Miller gave one example for the type of executive action the administration can take. The presidential adviser noted that existing law has a statute that allows for a “significant financial penalty” for every single day that an alien resides in the country after being ordered removed.

      “This law has been on the books for a very long time and has not been utilized. That’s the example of the kind of legal authority that already exists that is the kind of thing we can deploy to restore integrity to the immigration system.”

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      1. People do not forget to thank Jeff Sessions for giving President Trump his the communications director. Miller worked for Sessions for almost a decade going to work for Sessions 2 years after graduating from Duke University NC.

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  16. Hmm.

    SD has an article up on the beautiful Nellie Ohr and her ham radio. Apparently, she lied to Congress about how long she had her license. I’m sure there is much more to the story of the ham radio than we know.

    While she isn’t at the top of my list, if I got to see Nellie shuffle by the cameras in an orange jumpsuit and restraints, I would smile coldly and enjoy the sight.

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    1. The questioning of Nellie Ohr by Congress was negligent. A *LONG* time ago I theorized that Whoa Nellie was contacting somebody else in the United States – very likely a FIVE EYES person, who was relaying information to the UK and then on to Russia, possibly by way of Canada or other actors. When I read the transcript where they MISSED that possibility, I did a HUGE FACEPALM.

      Nellie and her CIA cohorts readily anticipated this line of questioning YEARS ago, and used standard KGB-CIA subterfuge to protect the operation.

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      1. Wolfie, I’m no kind of expert, but I agree.

        I remember some of the discussions OT when it came out that Old Nellie had a ham radio and there were guys who knew all about the licensing for these and provided a whole lot of technical info about how they are used or could be used.

        So with a dim recollection of that in mind, when I read the transcript and saw the couple of LAME questions they asked her about her radio I felt like crying. Obviously no one had their staff do any research into it at all.

        Committee: Gee, Nellie, did you talk to anyone in Russia with your ham radio?

        Nellie: Nyet.

        Committee: Oh, okay, cool.

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          1. Question:

            Is there any possibility they were asked NOT to question her about that? Did she get questioned behind closed doors at one point (I can’t remember)?

            I think you know where I’m going here. Could be a dead end, but just wondering. So blatant vs how well the questioning has been I can’t help but wonder if this was intentional, or those questions were asked but not publicly.

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        1. According to the retired intel guy I talked to, the ham radio is used in short bursts to give the drop site of the package of information being transferred. For example taped under the park bench by the big oak.

          All the ham radio tells you is that Nellie was communicating with those she wanted no possible trace of. Maybe CIA operatives? KGB? UK? DNC? who knows. Nellie is certainly NOT going to reveal the information.

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  17. What the heck?
    WHY in the he$$$ would our FED Chair go to a Dem retreat weekend with a bunch of Hollywood leftists?
    Who in the heck is on the President’s nominating committee for appointments….. and FIRE that person!!

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  18. Daily Caller has an article on what is being done on the border: The Trump Administration Is Expanding A Program That Boots Asylum Seekers Back To Mexico

    “…Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced Monday she will be expanding the “Migrant Protection Protocols” program, more popularly known as “Remain in Mexico.” Nielsen, in a memo sent to the federal borer chief, ordered Customs and Border Protection agents deployed on the U.S.-Mexico border to begin reviewing hundreds of migrant cases a day to determine if they should be booted back to Mexico…..”

    This is probably what Sylvia was talking about: “… Stephen Miller had an idea involving training BCP to interview illegals regarding their refugee claims so a decision could be made immediately upon capture…..”

    Remember the international protocol is Asylum in the FIRST safe country and NOT you get to pick and choose.

    Why Shouldn’t Central Americans Have to Apply for Asylum in Mexico?

    July 28, 2017

    The European Court of Justice (ECJ), supreme court for the European Union (EU), has ruled that would-be migrants must seek asylum in the first country they reach….

    The ruling surprised many because the EU’s advocate general had recommended otherwise, but it should not have, because it is founded on something called the “Dublin Regulation” which embeds the premise of seeking asylum in the first point of entry into EU law. The Dublin regulation itself, though, is merely the EU’s codification of an already established principle of international law that is reflected in the United Nations Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees.….

    Reflecting on the ECJ ruling, I harkened back to recent controversy surrounding the ports of entry in and around San Diego, in which border inspectors are alleged to have turned away asylum seekers there rather than permit them to file claims. In one instance, apparently surreptitiously recorded by “human rights representatives” accompanying a family of Hondurans, the inspectors told the family they needed to register with the Mexican Instituto Nacional de Migracion (National Migration Institute, or “NMI” by its English acronym) instead of seeking asylum in the United States….

    The whole incident was clearly a set-up, as evidenced by the recordings so conveniently taken by the “human rights representatives” who serendipitously happened to be accompanying the aliens with audio recorder (smart phone?) in hand. Ultimately, a field supervisor apparently did accept the claim and authorized parole of the aliens into the United States…… [That field supervisor should be FIRED!]

    The problem is that here in the United States this international principle of demanding that migrants claim asylum or refuge at the first safe country they reach is mostly honored in the breach. Everyone pays lip service to it, but no one, least of all our pusillanimous political or government leaders, really expects America to demand that the international convention be scrupulously adhered to, either by those who are allegedly seeking shelter from harm, or by the countries those migrants use as doormats en route to America as the nation of economic choice….

    Seems President Trump has decided the USA WILL abide by that international principle. I imagine a Czar, to whom the field agents can forward complaints about idiots like that supervisor, is a VERY GOOD WAY to deal with the embedded swamp creatures.

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      1. GA/FL

        You need someone to IMPLEMENT a plan of action once you come up with it. As we know the Swamp has fought tooth and nail to prevent hard line Constitutionalists into cabinet positions. An immigration Czar with the authority to KICK A$$ is a good way around the embedded swamp creature problem and also allows booting out the swamp denizens entrenched in the departments via whistleblowers.

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        1. I’ve never seen/read anything about Czars and their power and function. Are they like Inspector Generals, with special powers to override Congressional political games?

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          1. A czar is an executive appointment not subject to Senate confirmation and can have as much authority as the president grants as long as Congress does not object. It really is a nebulous post.


            Examining the History and Legality of Executive Branch ‘Czars’
            Full Committee Hearing

            Subcommittee on the ConstitutionDate: Tuesday, October 6, 2009

            It has the video.

            ….Indeed, there is no official title of executive branch “czar” in the U.S. Constitution, federal laws, or government manuals. The very word “czar” seems inappropriate in a constitutional republic. There is no commonly accepted definition of the term, although a helpful starting point is posed by James Pfiffner, who describes czars as “members of the White House staff who have been designated by the president to coordinate a specific policy that involves more than one department or agency in the executive branch; they do not hold Senate confirmed positions; nor are they officers of the United States.”4

            Czars can certainly be found within the White House, which provides them with some protection from congressional oversight; however, czars are also located within a department, agency, or some unknown location. Some have even had dual appointments—as a part of the White House staff and also within a department or agency.5 In all three scenarios, many czars have [End Page 639] made significant policy, regulatory, and budgetary decisions while operating independently of the normal constraints built into our constitutional system. In a system of government that seeks to prevent tyranny by ensuring that each branch can check the others, there are dangers in allowing executive branch officials with far-reaching powers to be isolated from legislative oversight and controls…..


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    1. I’m not a fan of bureaucracy, naturally, but in this instance a czar might be a really helpful thing. DHS has a wide swath of responsibilities and the border is only one part. Plus, coordination is necessary between DHS and DOJ, DOD/Army Corps of Engineers, DEA, State Department, and who knows who all else.

      I’ve heard three names: Kris Kobach, Ken Cuccinelli, and Tom Homan. Tom Homan is very pro Trump and I have heard him talks several times about the need for ICE to do a nationwide sweep/roundup of people here illegally and deport a whole big bunch of them. He said he did that successfully a few years ago and the word gets out really fast: Don’t Come Here and results in slowing the numbers coming in over the border way down. Sounds good to me.

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  19. Just a late addition. Looks like the Federal government may be going after the Catholic bishops for running an organized crime operation that goes all the way to the Vatican. Can you say RICO?

    It’s also mentioned that the Trump Administration had the Catholic bishops in mind when he signed an EO regarding asset seizure.

    Additionally, the bishops have been attempting to hide assets lately in an attempt to head off any actions by the government.

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    1. I’m not at all happy about this possibility… but if they’re doing crime they’re gonna do the time…

      Sadly, churches and religious organizations are great cover for criminal activity.

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  20. Can I vent a little? Thanks.

    Flep’s news roundup post makes perfectly clear….

    As if anyone didn’t know, yes….PDJT does, in fact, play 64D chess.

    So, to all those who suggested Team MAGA doesn’t….and they are legion….

    Bless your tiny, itty-bitty, wee little brains.

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    1. I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda starting to wonder if SteveinCO really is Q. 🤔 I think he would have posted something by now. Just sayin’.


  21. Fight rhetoric with intelligence….


    “Left-wing Hollywood activist Alyssa Milano stormed the Georgia General Assembly on Tuesday, blasting state lawmakers for what she described as “voting on what goes on inside my uterus” during a protest against the state’s fetal “heartbeat” abortion bill.”

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    1. If she really cared about her uterus she would be very careful WHAT she puts near it!

      If you do not want kids keep you legs closed or get a hysterectomy!

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      1. Take two aspirin.

        Place them between your knees….

        (Sorry, ancient joke.)

        Speaking of ancient…Alyssa Milano is 46. No one cares about her uterus. At all. And it is highly unlikely anything will ever grow in there again. It is old and withered and if she is still making eggs I doubt they’d be viable. So she can shut up already about her damned uterus.

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      2. Nobody cares about her foul uterus..we care about the human being growing in there. The human that was ‘created’ when 2 full grown adults made it happen. Own that you entitled moron. Why does an innocent baby need to pay the price of the irresponsibility of others?

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  22. Wow! So many familiar names here! I don’t get to the Treehouse nearly often enough to keep up with anything, but I’ve certainly noticed a lot of people MIA in recent months. I think I found some of you! Yay! I’m going to click Post Comment now and wait politely to make it through first post moderation. 🙂

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  23. Red Warning Light!!!
    Bing!! Bing! Bing!
    Please read this thread, dearest Wolfie!
    Stu Cvrk, whom many of us follow, tells a story about Brennan from one of his counter-intel buddies.

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    1. 3d printed food is fine for candies and treats, or for laying down custom frosting on a cake.

      But there’s darned little I’d actually want to eat that would come from a 3d printer.

      Certainly nothing with Synth-o-steak or other artificial “meat”.

      It it squirts out of a printer nozzle, it just sounds like something that might squirt out another hole later…

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I remember a joke from when I was a kid about McDonalds having one machine that spit out everything. Can’t recall if it was a comedian or a kid who told me the joke, lol.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Good! …And finally someone is showing some of the footage of Creepy Joe fondling little girls!

      They haven’t been showing any of that.
      And there is A Lot of footage of ole Creepy Joe groping and fondling little girls.

      It’s like there has been a concerted effort to avoid all of that footage.

      Joe’s groping of grown women is bad…but the way he has been groping/fondling little girls is even worse!

      Liked by 4 people

  24. They all knew.

    They All Knew…because the Russia Hoax was the coverup for SpyGate.

    First there was the Crime — then there was the Coverup.

    The illegal spying on political opponents was the Crime.

    They had to come up with a ‘reason’ for their spying…so they came up with the Russia Hoax.
    The Russia Hoax was the Coverup.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Tom has GOT to work on how he wears shirts. This scruffy ‘buff dude’ in a tie look is NOT working for him. Every photo I see of him I think the same thing – someone needs to get him some tailored shirts and show him how to wear them the right way.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Totally agree, Michael.

        He either needs to get some new shirts…or scale back on the weight lifting.

        I figure he probably does the workouts to take out his frustrations, from all the stonewalling and corruption that he deals with.
        But the dude needs some shirts that fit better.

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Man does this guy never stop?

      I am a little concerned that Joe may be getting the Cos’ treatment, someone wants him out of the race… MB?

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Checked OT yesterday, they were missing him too. Haven’t seen him today either. I pray all is well with him in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Generally speaking, I would say don’t panic unless it’s not there by 6 AM Eastern. Typically I get them up before 1:30 AM, but even that is not guaranteed during spring, because late spring is when I may have long and odd hours. There may be nights here when it’s as late as 3 AM, although I hope that’s not the case.

          Liked by 1 person

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