Everything Hinges on Mike Flynn

A few days ago, I started thinking about the motives for the Russian Hoax. Why did it happen? Yesterday, I wrote an article which, at least in my small feeble mind, attempts to explain the parallel interests of the MSM and the Dems. If “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, then we have a perfect explanation for the love affair between the media and the Dems…., they both made money pushing Muh Russia, even AFTER they knew the Russian hoax was untrue.

Yet, even if we assume everything from yesterday’s article is true, it still doesn’t explain the reaction of the “Deep State” before and after the election. We’ve all worked in positions where “the new manager” comes in, is different or hated, but we keep our opinions to ourselves and muddle through. Why all the leaking from FBI/DOJ/C_A and State Dept? Leaks from the White House staff holdovers. Opposition from every department, Education, EPA, and for heaven’s sake, the Obama holdovers even went after Zinke at Dept of Interior, Price at Dept HHS, and Dr Ben Carson. Even the Ambassadors? Why?

It is statistically impossible for so many people, who were sane on November 7, 2016, to have a mental breakdown on November 9, 2016. Besides, Federal employees are known for doing what is necessary to keep their jobs. Rationally, new Trump Admin officials would need months to even learn their way around Washington, DC. A new Trump boss could have been sabotaged quietly, and easily. Why all the unprecedented public hatred which was actually self-defeating (for themselves and the country)?

No, the Dems were NOT acting like wounded animals, writhing in pain. They were NOT merely sore and dejected by a loss of an election. The Dems were lashing out, with venom and anger to destroy the Trump Admin. They were acting scared…., and as if they were at war……, particularly the intel community.

And then it hit me…… Mike Flynn. Mike Flynn was where it all started. After the election, they went after Flynn, first. And then ALL the light bulbs in my head started going off like a 1978 disco blaring Donna Summer tunes. Watch this 2 minute video of Mike Flynn, calling for a change in the agencies, rooting out corruption, as Martha McCallum was accusing the Trump campaign of Russian Collusion on November 6, 2016. Link here.

The two minutes is STUNNING, in light of the Mueller summary, and will make your jaw drop and your blood run cold.

  1. Mike Flynn was lauded as the brightest military intel officer in a generation. He worked from 1981-2014, with our military, C_A, and as a National Security Advisor to Obama.
  2. Flynn left the Obama team over the Iran Deal and Flynn was on the inside of the Obama team.
  3. Video above, Flynn was on the campaign trail calling for Hillary to “step down”. Besides Trump, it was Flynn going after Hillary about her email problem….., a problem that was whitewashed by the intel community.
  4. Again in video, it was Flynn speaking openly about corruption in the agencies, the need to change the behavior, even while Martha McCallum was pushing a “Muh Russia” narrative on November 6th, 2016.
  5. Again, in the video, when Martha asks how Flynn would respond to the allegation of Russian collusion, Flynn responds by saying, “I would use my Irish on ya'” – meaning his first reaction was a curse word, “but I won’t do that.” Flynn KNEW the Russia story was BS.
  6. Rerack it. Again, in the video, look CLOSELY at Flynn’s face when he speaks about the Russia allegation as “a vast amount of deception going on here”. Wild, eh? In the days before the election of 2016, we see Lt General Mike Flynn take center stage attacking Hillary. Flynn makes a stand and “asks Hillary to step down”.
  7. From the day before, we have Flynn paying tribute to those lost at Ft Hood, CALLING it Radical Islamic terror. Must not have gone over too well at C_A. https://twitter.com/GenFlynn/status/795105595485523968

Another lightbulb, background and context. Remember President Trump telling stories about how he had not spent much time in DC? Trump did not have decades of bureaucrats who owed their position to him. On the other hand, Flynn knew exactly who to call and where the bodies were buried. FLYNN knew what to do when it came to unraveling the intel community.

More context. The primary reason for intel failure on 9/11 was because intel agencies didn’t communicate with each other. Has it changed? Don’t they still treat their own agencies and BUDGETS like fiefdoms? Except, strangely, Nellie Ohr, Brennan, Peter Strzok came out of C_A – not really FBI agents. Yet, Brennan pushed the opening of the investigation to Harry Reid and snookered Comey into placing the counter-intel investigation at the FBI, run by McCabe. If the investigation went badly, Comey would take the heat, not Brennan. Remember, Brennan covered his behind. Brennan went to Congress in August of 2016 and said, “Muh Russians are trying to interfere”. It was Comey who avoided Congress for 9 months and was only revealed by Congressman Elise Stefanik’s lucky questioning.

1A. Flynn had a running war with Andy McCabe, stemming from Robin Gritz, and probably other things as well. We remember Gritz was a seasoned veteran at FBI and up for promotion. Flynn and others wrote strong letters of recommendation on her behalf. She was a shoe-in for the job. McCabe drummed her out of the FBI and she filed what is an equivalent to an EEOC complaint against McCabe. Who can forget McCabe’s alleged rally cry in an FBI meeting, “First we fu$k Flynn, then we fu$k Trump!” Now, think about that statement for a minute. Does it make sense to ANYONE, that McCabe would feel so viscerally about Flynn, if McCabe was only resentful about someone getting promoted 3 years ago? Do ya’ think there might be something else there, to elicit such a strong reaction from McCabe? 

2A. Why was the Deep State so afraid of Flynn? Why was it so important to remove Flynn BEFORE going after President Trump? AND why so fast? Really? Sally Yates was in Doug McGann’s office about FLYNN posing a threat to national security only FOUR days after the inauguration……….. and all for a Logan Act violation? Does that make sense to anyone who was born after 1798 — or the last time a Logan Act Violation was prosecuted?  

3A. Remember how Peter Strzok blew off the legal counsel and OIG for the Intel Community when THEY CAME TO HIM at FBI with proof Hillary’s server had been hacked? Why did Flynn keep asking Hillary to step down, “for the sake of our children”. Given what we know, or think we know, why did Flynn keep talking about children and the danger of Hillary?

4A. Why was it so important to CLOSE Hillary’s investigation – to the point that McCabe practically hid the Weiner laptop from Comey? Notice this tweet from Flynn on November 6th. Note the top of the tweet, “IMPOSSIBLE”. Flynn knew Comey was lying about Hillary’s emails on the Weiner laptop.

5A. In mid-February of 2017, why was Comey so “triggered” when President Trump said  “hope you can go easy on Flynn” or “put it all behind us”. Comey and President Trump had just finished dinner together. Presumably, Flynn had resigned only days prior. Flynn was done, threat removed. Comey should have felt safe. President Trump thought it was over with ……. but it wasn’t enough to merely let Flynn go. Flynn had to be destroyed and silenced. Why? Why was Flynn so dangerous? Why did the media keep asking President Trump if he had SPOKEN to Flynn since resigning?

6A. Same thing with Brennan, Comey, Clapper. Have we EVER seen former intel heads issue such wild and lascivious comments directed at a sitting President? When they knew it wasn’t true? Why all the excess venom? But don’t forget Schumer’s words, from January 3rd of 2017, BEFORE the dossier was released, BEFORE Comey and Clapper briefed President-Elect Trump on the dirty details, “Don’t mess with the intel community because they have six ways to Sunday to get back at you.”

Besides removing Brennan’s security clearance, what has President Trump done to these men to warrant such a wild reaction? Let’s think about it.

Let’s assume Comey/Brennan/Clapper really thought, for example, President Trump was wrong on the Iran Deal and a danger to the world. Okay, then they would be jumping up and down, telling the world why Iran needed a nuclear weapon, eventually. They would be relitigating their case for the Iran Deal, to convince all of us why their plan was better, …..why and where President Trump was wrong to reverse course. THAT would make sense. They wouldn’t be referring to the President in childish names or as the second coming of Hitler, ranting and raving like unhinged psychopaths, which is what they are doing. It doesn’t make sense. No, their behavior makes no sense at all, which can only lead to one conclusion….

…..There is something else going on. AND it was imperative to get retired Lt. General Mike Flynn out of the way, first. Flynn was the key to it all OR Flynn had the knowledge necessary to reveal it all.

One final subnote.

Manafort was almost as important. Manfort developed dossiers, straightforward background research to “soft blackmail”, on prominent people and had done so since the late 70’s. In The Ukraine and other hot spots around the world, Manafort did the same thing as the Podestas and the team of McCain and Rick Davis. They all played with the same various Russian Oligarchs and globalist bankers. Recall, part of Mueller’s investigation of Manafort included a subpoena to RAID Manafort’s hidden locker.

Again, for some unknown reason, it was necessary for the “Deep State” to silence Manafort, and they used an old and previously dismissed IRS charge to put him away. And don’t ever forget, a conscious decision was made, by someone, to go after Manafort. Silencing Manafort was MORE important than the obvious investigation delay/damage to an American President, the stability of our relationship with our Allies, our trade negotiations, and the potential harm to the American people.

WHAT could possibly be that important?

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    1. When I click on the video it starts playing at about two thirds of the way through…so please note this and back the video up to its beginning if you have to…to make sure you see the full 2 minutes.

      This response is for anyone clicking on it…you wanna make sure you see the whole thing in order to follow daughnworks comments.

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  1. Q has made the comment several times that Flynn knows where all the bodies are buried. I agree, the Deep State were undoubtedly terrified of him being close to POTUS and a part of his administration. But they were just as terrified of DJT. Don’t forget his inauguration speech. He basically told them that he was coming after them.

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    1. You’re so right, Linda! That inauguration speech was like a knife to the heart of the Deep State.
      In the little two minute video, it is CLEAR as day Mike Flynn knew exactly what was going on. If he knew, of course President Trump knew everything as well.

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  2. Daughn!!! Your post is AHMAZING!! General Flynn–Check out his Twiitter background–(I know you do) What you posted TODAY…Girl…You got this!!! SO glad I am on this Roller Coaster !!!

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      1. Yes. You’re right.
        I keep looking for the “why” it all happened and how it started.
        Through Q, we have OCONUS lures being placed in Europe and Page/Strzok and others in London in Late December of 2015.
        People like Stephan Halper, Misfud, and Alexander Downer did not magically appear, they were ‘placed’. Right?
        And we have the legalization of the investigation going from Brennan to Reid, to get the letter asking for investigation, to Comey/McCabe…. and McCabe taking it away from the DC Field office.
        Clinton/DNC donors funded the Chris Steele/Perkins Coie/Nellie Ohr part – feeding the dossier into various agencies. AND we know ‘contractors’ received raw intel from NSA, which was stopped by Adm. Rogers.

        I can …. kind of explain the media/Dems connection, cuz, as Daddy says, “If there’s not a woman involved, then money is the motivator”.
        But that does not explain the Deep State. We’ve seen cracks in their ‘dam’. We need a break. ALL the focus, immediately after the inauguration was on Flynn. It leads me to believe the answer is with Flynn – either in what he knew or what he COULD have uncovered.

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        1. “…either in what he knew or what he COULD have uncovered.” That, as we have seen hints of with PP marketing human infant tissue/blood, spirit cooking, child trafficking and p0 rn, Epstein’s island, encompasses a lot of dark decadent deeds and proclivities. It’s a return to Baal, Molech and other pagan god throughout history that GOD detests. Islam is another, pretending to be holy, but its practices and agenda are anything but.

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  3. I think mike Flynn is q or the leader of the q team. Have thought so for a long time. The early lobbying firm. The shear ott reaction to him in the admin. His seeming naive talking to fbi. The enemy know that this is a formidable enemy and allied with p.Trump terrifying. The gorsuch and Kavanuagh appointments to the sc and RGBs impending demise/ defrosting will seal their fates in the courts. This is winner takes all. As q says .not a game. People have died. More prob will and I’m hoping our side has security that really has its game on. Notice Barron and the Trump grandchildren have become almost invisible.

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    1. Yeah, Flynn knows.
      So many questions about Flynn. It bugs us.
      We’re just happy he is on our side.
      Ozzy!!!!!!!!!!!! You may have hit something. The Trump grandchildren truly are almost invisible. Hmmmm….

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    2. Interesting from anonymous conservative. Comey has tweeted a pic of himself in the middle of an empty road with a triangle with eye behind him. Comment someone has to be in the middle. If I’m reading him correctly he’s either asking for a plea deal fro q team Potus or threatening cabal. He must be frigging ( note not a rude word) desperate. If perceived by cabal as a threat or loose end he can expect a Mac truck with bull bars and wheel scythes bearing down on him any minute now

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  4. They keep delaying Gen. Flynn’s sentencing over his “process crime”. Over and over and over again.


    Seems like only are they scared of Flynn, they’re scared to actually sentence him.

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      1. I have several times likened the Mueller attempted entrapment (mostly via Flynn) to a bear trap that accidentally snapped harmlessly onto the outer edge of a giant mega-machine tank tread. The 10-story-tall machine continues to bear down on Washington, inexorably, with the Mueller circus dangling like some kind of funny jewelry.

        Something BIG is happening, Somebody somewhere said “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”

        Great Awakening. BUCKLE UP.

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        1. Love the anology. But it’s more of a tick. So tiny it can hardly be seen but will kill by injecting poison. I’m seeing Mike Flynn as the apparently harmless little bug, to be steamrollered aside.

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    1. If they actually sentence him, he’ll be pardoned and the gloves really come off.

      Either that or it’s a sword of Damocles VSG is holding to get the rats to make mistakes.

      The one thing that sticks out constantly is “you are watching a movie”. I take that to mean all the fireworks, name calling, gossip, etc., is part of the show to keep the cats in the media watching the laser pointers. What is actually going on comes out every now and then on the chans.

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      1. Agree with you, Dep. The “you’re watching a movie” sums it all up. Everything is planned. It helps people like allow the insults to roll off our back, NOT get caught in the hysteria, and FOCUS on the important stuff.
        Still pinching myself that we are alive and get to see it.

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    2. All the non disclosure Rules don’t apply when they are LEGALLY introduced as part of his defence. Those fools, ( strozk Comey McCabe) thought they were catching him. Lol they Released the tiger but managed to grab his tail. Every day they are realising just how badly they screwed up and it’s just getting worse for them. Every day,as they flail around, they are just ensnaring more of their cabal. Remember, obumma almost certainly pardoned everyone for everything prior to departure. The resistance was to save face. Then they realised that they were really in danger. They have been guided into NEW crimes not covered by the pardons.

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  5. awesome Daughn…I think you’re on to something…i would love to see the disco lights going off in your head btw…
    Flynn will have a story to tell (maybe) when this is over. I hope he is someone made “whole” in the end…
    (check you paragraph 1A though, you attribute a McCabe rant (who can forget …first we fs$k Flynn) to Flynn instead of McCabe)

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      1. any idea whose cases Flynn could possibly be helping with? That’s the reason they’ve delayed his sentencing, right? he’s co-operating on other cases…

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        1. I do know Flynn is cooperating with FBI (reports only from the press so take with a grain of salt) to testify against his partners in the Turkish lobbying case.
          Do any of us see Flynn as the rat who would turn on partners?
          … more questions.

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          1. “…testify against his partners in the Turkish lobbying case….”
            From Brian Cates:

            So @GenFlynn was being paid by the FBI back in 2015 when he was setting up the “Flynn Intel Group” [FIG] and got involved in all kinds of shady Turkish ‘lobbying’ activities that has now resulted in 2 guys being criminally charged with illegal lobbying and other malfeasance.

            Those of you who followed Thomas Wictor back in 2017 will remember he made a very good case that the FIG wasn’t real, it was part of a counterintel op that Flynn was leading….

            Note Former CIA director R. James Woolsey Jr. He quit the Trump team January 2017. He along with General Flynn, AG Sessions were at the critical meeting Admiral Rogers had with President-elect Trump in november 2016.

            Woolsey then allegedly stated to Mueller that he attended a meeting where Flynn and his son were offered up to $15 million for successfully delivering Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen by one means or anotherback to Turkey. That is they discussed kidnapping the guy.

            Refunds were given.
            More inconsistencies in Flynn’s accounts of consulting work for Turkish client President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, is at odds with his former Turkish client over two unusual payments.

            And now it turns out one of the cases Flynn was cooperating about was related to Turkish clients who approached his FIG with plans to do all kinds of illegal stuff, mostly related to the Gulen fellow.

            Of course, once you contract with a client as a lobbying firm, there’s a part of most contracts known as a NDA, ‘Non-disclosure agreement’ where you can be criminally/civilly liable if you ever discuss what they told you in confidence.

            So good thing once he pled guilty to a minor perjury charge, Flynn was ORDERED by the judge to forewith spill the beans about ANY AND ALL illegal activity he knew about or was aware of, whether he was an active participant in it or not.

            You know what a legitimate counter-terrorism op would be? Entrapping guys who are shopping for somebody to help them arrange a kidnapping. 🤔

            Wictor was telling us over a year ago the Flynn Intel Group was a front for a counterintel op to entrap bad Turkish people who approached it to help them engage in highly illegal stuff….

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  6. Finally – THIS post gives us the way to grasp and comprehend the mess with Flynn and the Deep State that has been troubling our minds. Thanks for laying it out Daughn.

    Truth is, Candidate Trump knew all this and STILL had the guts (or cunning) to bring Flynn in to the campaign.

    Trump is from Queens and they like to ‘mess witchoo’ as a fellow Queens guy said of Trump. Bring in Flynn was throwing up a middle finger to the evil camp.

    It’s also the best endorsement ever for Candidate Trump that Mike Flynn was WILLING TO campaign for Trump!!!

    Many of us have suspected that Donald Trump was recruited, backed and prepped by good, smart, experienced, knowledgeable, cunning and patriotic people in Intel, Business, Finance, even Sports and Religion. People who don’t leak, people who know how to play the long game, people with resources, contacts and commitment. People who are serious and play hardball. People like Trump.

    Man, what a time to be alive. My life spans 6 major wars and more than a few minor wars, but this is the most critical war.

    It’s a war where the uniforms and intel are faked, the soldiers are not easily identified as enemy or ally. It’s a subtle war and a brazen war.

    This is an insidious, treacherous war for the life and future of our country and the world. Our greatest Generals, George, Andrew, Robert, Dwight and Douglas would agree.

    In this war, we are likely to suffer inside our country this round, what with all the imported terrorists and foreign actors the Bushes, Clintons and Obama managed to allow within our borders.

    It may be the ugliest war since the civil war, except without uniforms, without patriotism, fought against soldiers clothed in lies, armed with forbidden biological and chemical weapons, with hatred, knowing no mercy, full of perverse and damnable evil motives.

    We must back our President and stick to our convictions, hold fast to GOD, the true, loving, living, Father, Son, Holy Spirit. GOD’s armor, Word and will are the best and only hope.

    We must refuse to fall for the lies and devilish seductions of the enemy. It will not be easy, just as it has not been easy for our President and his allies. They are real people, not perfect, just as we are real and not perfect, but we must both do our best to prevail, if we are to save our country.

    May GOD help, strengthen, guide and have mercy on us all.

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    1. GA/FL
      Very well said, this truly is a war we are in. Not only a physical war but a spiritual war as well. The enemy hates God, everything and everyone who stands with Him.

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    2. PS – As a Southerner, I will always love General Robert E Lee – but will say that old crusty Ulysses Grant was also a great fighting General.

      I will always despise WT Sherman, however. He and his troops marched, burned, massacred and raped their way through my native state, destroying and pillaging, killing civilians, burning farm houses and animals just out of ugliness.

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      1. I have chosen to live and raise my family in the South, admire its culture, and have great sympathy for what happened to the South in the War of Northern Aggression.

        But I think it is helpful to look at Sherman from the perspective of a military man, seeking to win as quickly and decisively as possible. From this view, I don’t believe Sherman’s march to the sea was done out of ugliness. I think Sherman studied how Epaminondas defeated Sparta by sending the Theban army into Sparta. When Sparta learned they could not protect their homes and families, this broke their will to fight. Sherman was looking for the quickest to break the South’s will to fight, and determined to do something similar.

        In any war, the vanquished must not only be defeated, they must be made to feel defeated, in order for the victor to have a lasting victory. The South had the will to fight in great abundance. (Indeed, to this day a disproportionate number of our warriors come from the South.) Strong measures were required in order for the Union to prevail.

        As Lee said: “It is well that war is so terrible — lest we should grow too fond of it.”

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          1. Islamic/Mohammedan tactics = loot, pillage, murder, rape. Forbidden by GOD. God always had the warriors of Israel be cleansed lest they become bloodthirsty rapists – abusers of women and children (like UN and ISIS soldiers today)

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        1. ❤️ you and your comments A Fortiori, think you are a 😎, but you can never be a real Southerner unless you despise the actions of Wm. Tecumseh Sherman.

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          1. Appreciate the comment. I learned I was a Yankee when I moved to Virginia several decades ago, and have been trying to repent ever since.

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            1. Just teasing – I love yankees and Americans of every region, dialect and persuasion! Have even visited yankee land several times. NYC, Boston, Northampton, Pennsylvania, Ohio, even went to California a couple of times to travel up the coast and eat clam chowder/salmon. Never got as far as Maine, Seattle and Canada. It’s a great country all over, despite the leftists.

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            2. My parents moved me here when I was 6 days old.
              To the townspeople, I am still a Yankee.
              Don’t laugh. When husband moved down here and started dating me, the firemen in town threatened to bury him in a field if he treated me badly. Husband chuckled a little … they weren’t kidding.

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          2. I’ve lived my entire life in California, and hope, by the Grace of God, to move to the South (NC) this year. As I see it, Sherman was “cruel to be kind”, like using dynamite to extinguish an oil-well fire. Mind you, he populated half his people with “cruel for retribution” nutsos — because that’s what he had — but he had an articulated strategic purpose to close the chapter he was writing and begin anew. Sherman’s march was a horrible, horrible atrocity and highly regrettable, but it did bring the whole bloody cataclysm to a swifter end, which stopped the bloodshed.

            That said, I’m not sure it was the better end. The supremacy of “United States” over, y’know, uniting states has lead to a host of evils. And by stopping the bloodshed, he prolonged the injury in some ways. But boys grew to men grew to fathers and grandfathers with those injuries, when they might have been lying in the ground.


            1. Happy to hear you are headed to NC WELCOME!

              And yes Sherman’s march was NASTY. Whether a better solution was available?? I could not say but it certainly left a major grudge to this day.


              1. Thank you. I hope to settle in and be a good neighbor.

                Sherman’s march was horrible, awful, vile, and nasty…..but we needed a Patton and a Montgomery in WWII to grind down the Wehrmacht, and I’m sure that Germans hiss at their names. It may come to a day when we need a modern-day Sherman against the Chinese — and woe unto us if we’ve erased Sherman from history or turned him into a pariah. To win wars conclusively and bring them to an abrupt end, you need someone willing to go beyond shooting spitwads.

                OTOH, that policy disagreements within a group of united states could lead to such unleashed viciousness is a stain upon our nation.

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              1. I was suprised to find out the people of North Carolina, the neighbors of the Cherokees, REFUSED to drive them out and soldiers from other states had to be enlisted.

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  7. A little more checking on Flynn’s Twit feed shows his first post was on July 8, 2016.
    He was almost immediately considered as a potential VP pick for candidate Trump.
    He had a book coming out, around July 11th, called Field of Fight, How to defeat Radical Islam.
    Probably not popular with Brennan….?

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    1. I still have a question why Pence torpedoed Flynn..? That has always bothered me.
      Martha McCollum seemed to have bought the Russian Trump spiel the way she looked at Flynn.
      Flynn knew what was going down and he knew they were gunning after him and POTUS.

      It also has become more clear why Mueller went after Manafort why Rosenstein supplied the file of Manafort to Mueller. Something about Ukraine is very dirty way beyond Manafort . McCain was weaseling around Ukraine also. Sen Graham should know much about Ukraine he weasels with MCCain around in Ukraine.

      Did not Obama send Flynn to Russia..? The whole thing was a fine honed set up and I begin to wonder with what else they set up Flynn? This all looks like a CIA operation drawing Americans into the mutt and using them. Thank God for the strength of POTUS. I believe this is not finished by a long shot and now we are going to soon see where Barr is in all of this.

      Daughn thank you for opening this thread and sharing your insights.

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      1. I think Flynn manufactured his demise. I think there was a FISA on Kysliak, and because FISAs work both ways I think Flynn was able to ascertain how he was maneuvered into that call while on vacation and away from his secure communication facilities, who had access to the intercept of his call, and what was done with that intercept. Moreover, I think he also had his own transcript of his interview with Strozk, and by allowing himself to be prosecuted he was able to learn that the 302s of his interview with Strozk were doctored along with who doctored them. And I suspect he also knows that those who prosecuted him (Weissman) knew that the 302s were doctored.

        I think this was a little sting that caught out a bunch of people. And maybe these people needed to be caught in new crimes because Hussein had pardoned them for crimes committee before 2017.

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        1. This is a GREAT EXPLAINER of why they had to get Flynn RIGHT AWAY. Brilliant. I think this solves part of Dawn’s questions.

          Assume that the LARGER PICTURE is BLACK HAT LAWFARE versus WHITE HAT DEFENSE FROM LAWFARE – the latter by allowing the TRUTH of the lawfare – its EXPOSURE – to prevail.

          How do the BLACK HATS stay in the game and possibly win, if WHITE has broken forward on the chess board, and now has advantage? Get the ONE GUY who can DETANGLE – who can DE-OBFUSCATE – out of play immediately. They needed the guy with Q-level access – FLYNN – sidelined. This is like pinning down a forward-moved QUEEN as soon as possible – a STRONG defense strategy.

          This explains WHY the White Hats named the psy-op “Q”, too. The White Hats were FUCKING WITH THEIR HEADS. Deep down, the cabal FEARS the highest-level ADMINISTRATORS of the system. People who not only “have it all”, but have a “right” to it all. The small team who has LEGAL ROOT.

          So FLYNN is sidelined, but Q LEVEL is still messing with them. The Alinsky fear-mongers are THEMSELVES in panic mode. Flynn is supposed to be pinned down, but OH NOES – it’s like he’s NOT.

          Vegas was their last real shot at turning the game. Q came out like a flurry after that and scared the hell out of them. Saudi purge and OMG – tables start turning. Khashoggi resistance move FAILS. It’s like the queen doesn’t move, but all the other pieces start winning off its position. That kind of stuff has them looking at “Escape To New Zealand”.

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      2. IMO opinion, PENCE was set up by the Lawfare Cabal, using the MEDIA to question him, to help generate a FALSE difference between what Pence said and what Flynn said But the White Hats just went with it, letting the Black Hats keep digging the hole they were digging for themselves.

        It is better to let NUANCES of “he said, she said” be fought out in COURT than in the MEDIA which will TWIST and LIE. Our side was brilliant to not give in to Alinsky fears, and go with a TWO YEAR self-destruction by the left, where the media was allowed to self-indict – rather than to make Nixon’s mistake and engage the ENEMEDIA on unfair ground.

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      3. Hey Singing Soul!
        I read your post earlier and went back to look for anything oppositional to Pence.
        The feed scrolls so slowly when we go back into history.
        Answer = there is NOTHING oppositional to Pence I can find. In fact, it’s the opposite. Flynn retweets Pence, posts Pence tweets, agrees with Pence, posts his picture, etc. Flynn appears to be completely on board with Pence and admires him.

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        1. daughnworks247
          “Answer = there is NOTHING oppositional to Pence I can find. In fact, it’s the opposite. Flynn retweets Pence, posts Pence tweets, agrees with Pence, posts his picture, etc. Flynn appears to be completely on board with Pence and admires him.”
          Good to know. Thank’s for your good work .

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  8. On July 9th, 2016, he has an interview with the NYPost where he discusses his FIRING as head of DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) by Clapper.
    LOTS of lightbulbs in this interview.
    1. Flynn asked Clapper if his leadership of agency was in question. Clapper said no.
    2. Flynn felt his firing was due to his position on Radical Islam and expansion of Al Qaeda.
    Quote from Flynn: “I felt the intel system was way too politicized, especially in the Defense Department.”
    “”: At the time, I was working very hard to change the culture of DIA from one overly focused on Washington, DC, to a culture that focused on our forward-based war fighters and commanders.

    Whoa, see if this looks familiar to you.
    In talking about the Obama Admin – “We’re in a global war, facing an enemy alliance that runs from Pyongyang, North Korea, to Havana, Cuba, and Caracas, Venezuela. Along the way, the alliance picks up radical Muslim countries and organizations such as Iran, al Qaeda, the Taliban and Islamic State.
    That’s a formidable coalition, and nobody should be shocked to discover that we are losing the war.”


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    1. Superb article Daughn!

      “That’s a formidable coalition, and nobody should be shocked to discover that we are losing the war.”
      – Believe many of us knew this. If not factually, intuitively.

      We witnessed hussein essentially surrender or at the least capitulate to evil doers hating America.
      – Iran nuke deal. Do nothing as NK grow bolder…
      – Restrained our military might in the field. Self defeating rules of engagement. ISIS JV and never engaged ISIS with military might. Interrogation of bad guys watered down to a friendly interview. Syria allowed to use chemical weapons with impunity.
      – Open southern border. DACA. hussein saying he wasn’t a king, then signing Executive Order, as if he was.
      – Fired (forced retirement) General and Admirals that of his mind set.
      – Intel community politicized.
      – – General Flynn had to go…fired.
      – – Would have fired Admiral Rogers if his alerting President Elect Trump had happened month(s) earlier than it did.
      – Embraced Cuba.
      – Restrained and in my mind, shunned Israel.

      Setting up American economy for total failure.
      – EPA rules strangling coal.
      – Stopping oil drilling on Fed land. ONLY reason oil grew some with hussein as President was drilling on private land.
      – Stopping oil pipelines.
      – Signing Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.
      – Signing Paris Climate Accord.
      – Stated American Manufacturing gone forever.
      – America would be a service economy.
      – moosiim brohood schmucks on his staff.

      hussein the single worst President of my lifetime, and rather sure worst of all Presidents. He hates America.A

      An eight year nightmare…hussein’s Presidency. Who’d a thunk America would elect an America hating mooslim?

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      1. Obama was and still is dangerous to or country. He set us up to be swallowed up by the bad guys and destroy our country as is. No wonder POTUS felt the need to run. How did Trump know all of his before he embarked in running for the Presidency..? This is very uncanny.

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        1. Yup. hussein and michael will do brain washing through their key positions in Netflix.

          And who knows what hussein, michael and valjar are doing behind the fence of husseins rental in DC.

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        2. I remember reading that PT may have done some secret work for LE in the past. Could it have been Guilianni or whomever, I donno. White hats trusted him with far more than we might ever know.

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          1. The Skuttlebutt is that President Trump worked with the FBI to take down the MOB. That was what Atlantic City was all about.

            If that is the case, having the NY state AG mucking about in President Trump’s business records is NOT going to go over well at all.

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    2. Yes – that is IT – the “red-green axis”! McDupester was adamantly opposed to the notion, much to the delight of Okoran and Susan Rice. McDupester purges all thoughts along those lines when he FIRES Rich Higgins, who is JUST LIKE FLYNN on seeing the emergence of the red-green axis as a BACK-BREAKER for freedom in the world (which leads back to the USSR/Russia-Iran axis, which is even more dangerous).

      Oh, yeah. FLYNN saw what was going on – FLYNN saw how Islamic immigration plus Red-Green Axis could TAKE DOWN AMERICA for Team Socialism, and particularly for the Ru-Chi Axis.


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  9. Field of Fight book review:
    It is also a devastating condemnation of the Obama administration’s policy of dishonesty and weakness. Finally, it condemns the large traditional bureaucracies in the Pentagon and the intelligence community for being slow to adapt to new realities, and for clinging instead to old systems and old approaches that no longer work.
    and……..”General Flynn has been the most outspoken and highest ranking officer to criticize the corruption and dishonesty that the Obama Administration has injected into the military and national defense system.”
    It is impossible to read the factual details General Flynn lays out without seriously questioning the policies the administration has pursued, which reward our enemies and weaken our allies.

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    1. Just ordered it altho I refuse to use Amazon – found a great used book site on-line – hardback, in very good condition (most come from libraries) for only $4.98 (incl. shipping) and I will get it within about 5 days, max. I ordered 2 of Peter Schweizer’s books and one by Thomas Sowell on the cultures of the world – shipped to me for only $15.


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      1. Nebraska, funny you should mention it.
        I called husband and told him to bring it home from library. It has become a mandatory read.

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        1. Abebooks.com carries Thriftbooks and other used booksellers around the country. I’ve bought from them in years past…but mostly buy locally from the used book stores in town… since I’ve been on a Clancy and Baldacci kick, with a few other authors like Greaney and Grisham thrown in.

          For special books, you can borrow free through the library and they can order anything you want for you.

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  10. Daughn — excellent post, as usual.

    The vitriol directed at both PDJT and at Flynn arises because cabal was unable to bend either PDJT or Flynn to their will. They could neither corrupt them nor blackmail them. PDJT, by virtue of excelling in a mafia infested and globally corrupt construction industry and Flynn, by virtue of excelling in a global defense and intelligence world, both developed exceedingly strong defensive mechanisms which have protected them from blackmail. Both of these men developed the ability, and a supporting infrastructure, to enable them to evaluate the people with whom they interacted, to understand their strengths and weaknesses and their motives and to predict their moves. Moreover, both men nurtured and protected their honor so as to become impervious to corruption. This combination made them unique. And uniquely dangerous to the cabal.

    These two men also had a unique knowledge base. Flynn was aware of the details of many of the nastiest, most treasonous and heinous crimes that have occurred in our lifetimes. PDJT knew well many of the perpetrators of these crimes from having traveled in their social circles for decades (and observing them under the influence of alcohol, while abstaining himself). And again, both men made a practice of studying the people with whom they interacted.

    As if this wasn’t bad enough, I believe that the cabal got a FISA warrant on Flynn. While they had hoped to obtain something with which to blackmail or otherwise neutralize Flynn, what they in fact did was created a record of all the conversations Flynn had with members of the cabal.

    The cabal didn’t really know either PDJT or Mike Flynn. And so what we are seeing is exactly what happens when you violate Sun Tzu’s number 1 rule: Know thy enemy and know thyself.

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    1. ‘I believe that the cabal got a FISA warrant on Flynn.’

      Maybe after the fact in order to cover their asses due to illegal surveillance back to 2015.

      ‘The cabal didn’t really know either PDJT or Mike Flynn.’
      I think they did. They knew Flynn’s positions, which is one of the reasons why he got fired under BHO; they knew exactly who he was.

      And as for PDJT, I think they knew all about him most likely as early as his criticism of BHO’s birth certificate.
      Wouldn’t surprise me he was under illegal surveillance as well, because of the BC comments!

      Both PDJT and Flynn were clean as a whistle Patriots; they could not find anything on either one; that’s why they had this fabricate this Russia Hoax and peddle it far and wide way before the election.

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      1. Obviously, we are speculating to some extent here. And it is extremely difficult to evaluate the timing of the granting of a FISA warrant precisely because it is retroactive. But you raise an important point here; it was clear that the Hussein administration was willing to abuse the authority to engage in clandestine activities to protect our country, as Brennan’s spying on the staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee demonstrates. So yes, it is possible that they were spying on Flynn for a very long time.

        While I agree that they knew Flynn’s views, my comment was intended to go deeper. I don’t think they knew the man, how patriotic he was, how much pressure he was willing to bear in a fight, how he would have set in motion mechanisms to protect himself long before engaging publicly with Hussein. They didn’t know or understand honorable people. Still don’t.

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        1. ‘…how patriotic he was……They didn’t know or understand honorable people. Still don’t.’

          Definitely agree with that. Their sense of patriotism is what is best for them and holding onto power.
          The American people and America are a secondary thought to them.

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        2. A Fortiori, I agree

          They truly do not understand honorable decent men. Their entire ‘Insurance Plan’ was based on THEIR morality — if you didn’t get caught or can weasel out its good. They expected and STILL expect to find ‘DIRT’ on President Trump.

          I was just reading a essay on President Trump and you could SEE, even at this late date, they STILL do not understand President Trump.

          October 18, 2017 “….Last year at this time, there was some hope that Donald J. Trump might be such a man. He was clearly a “disruptive” personality. Perhaps he had a disruptive program?

          It was hard to know. What he said publicly was so incoherent and undisciplined that many people believed he must be smarter than he looked, with a hidden agenda… a plan of action that he dared not divulge for fear of bringing the entire weight of the Deep State crashing down upon him.

          Hillary Clinton was clearly on the dark side….

          …Why did voters and investors turn their lonely eyes to a reality TV star… and put their trust and faith in a bombastic huckster, rather than a more conventional scalawag?….” [Trump] The Real Deep State Candidate by By Bill Bonner of Bonner and Partners

          Bill Ivey of Global Cultural Strategies during the campaign described President Trump thusly to John Podesta in an email.

          “… turns out that money isn’t all that important if you can conflate entertainment with the electoral process. Trump masters TV, TV so-called news picks up and repeats and repeats to death this opinionated blowhard and his hairbrained ideas, free-floating discontent attaches to a seeming strongman and we’re off and running….”

          So it is NOT disinformation but their actual evaluation of President Trump. He is not one of the ‘elite’ so he could not POSSIBLY be brilliant, right?

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  11. Flynn and CARTER PAGE!!! From FBI asset to agent of a foreign power and the basis for FISA warrant in a 4–6 month time-span!!! Hello, somebody!! And then, Page is never charged with anything—hardly ever mentioned by the Mueller gang! The FBI conveniently turns their ASSET testifying against the Russians to the big, bad AGENT of the same foreign power almost overnight! Nothing to see here folks— move along!!!

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    1. Or was Page still an FBI asset quickly arranged to provide cover and legality for all the illegal surveillance done by the Obama administration in 2015–2016??? The FISA would then color all that illegality as warranted and legal. Was Page planted within the Trump organization by the FBI/CIA?

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      1. I still think Page was a plant.
        He was working with FBI as late as May of 2016, helping FBI put away another Russian.
        And he conveniently becomes the subject of the MUST-HAVE rushed up FISA in late October of 2016, to legalize all the other spying retroactively.

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        1. I think Carter Page was C_A. That is why he was SO upset about being outed by the media as the FBI informant ‘Male-1’

          He spent five years in the navy and served as a Marine intelligence officer. He is a Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and got his PhD at the London School of Economics.

          The Russions thought he was an idiot, a non entity, “something of a dimwit”. The PERFECT outer covering for a spy.

          From Politico
          “[…] Podobnyy was employed by Russia’s foreign intelligence service, the SVR. Putin was the former head of the SVR’s domestic counterpart, the FSB. Podobnyy’s mission was to recruit Americans and to collect economic intelligence. One of his SVR colleagues was Igor Sporyshev, who was working covertly as a “trade representative.” Neither man was aware that the FBI had a bug inside their SVR office…..

          Sporyshev’s biggest headache was finding Americans willing to become intelligence sources for Russia….

          The Russian spies, however, had one promising lead. This was a guy—an energy consultant based in New York City. Unlike the women, he was eager to help. And, it appeared, keen to make money in Moscow. There was a drawback: The source—whom the FBI called “Male-1”—was something of a dimwit. [A good cover if you want to spy]

          PODOBNYY: [Male-1] wrote that he is sorry, he went to Moscow and forgot to check his inbox, but he wants to meet when he gets back. I think he is an idiot and forgot who I am. Plus he writes to me in Russian [to] practise the language. He flies to Moscow more often than I do. He got hooked on [the Russian state energy company] Gazprom, thinking that if they have a project, he could rise up. Maybe he can. I don’t know, but it’s obvious he wants to earn loads of money.[Another bit of bait for the Russians]…..

          …..When he[Carter Page] is nervous, he grins. One person who met him around this period described the encounter as “excruciating.” Page was “awkward” and “uncomfortable” and “broke into a sweat.”

          Page’s résumé was curious, too. He spent five years in the navy and served as a Marine intelligence officer in the western Sahara. During his navy days, he spent lavishly and drove a black Mercedes, according to a friend from his academy class, Richard Guerin.

          He was smart enough to get academic qualifications: fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, master’s from Georgetown University, a degree from New York University’s business school. And a PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London….

          Page responded by angrily accusing his examiners of “anti-Russian bias”.

          Page’s apparent Russian sympathies were evident from much earlier. In 1998 Page spent three months working for the Eurasia Group, a strategy consulting firm. Its founder, Ian Bremmer, later described Page as his “most wackadoodle alumnus.” Page’s vehemently pro-Kremlin views meant that “he wasn’t a good fit,” Bremmer said….”

          This is the guy who helped plant a notebook with a bug on a Russian he hoped to do business with???

          This is the guy who has faded back into the woodwork and has had NO indictments???

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    2. Carter Page in one of his interview mentioned that he had been friends with Ambassador Stevens.
      To me Page seemed more a CIA asset just guessing. He is on the right side not corrupted by the FBI or the whole Russian thing.
      Behind the scene I believe he has been working as apposition to what was happening to POTUS. Carter Page seems to have friends in Intel and the black hats were not able to put a glove on him. He was very upset that the FBI had a FISA on him and was using him as they did.

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  12. Gen Flynn is an American Hero ! What a formidable team it would have been to have PDJT and Gen Flynn as Natl Security Advisor; even though being a spook’s spook he may be working with our President.

    Funny how Martha McCallum now is chastising the other networks for the Russia,Russia, Russia collusion when in fact she was pushing the same damn thing right before the election…another putz at Fox that drips of Murdock swamp pond scum…probably drank the same Murdock kool-aid as Judge Napolitano right before his return.

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    1. Yeah. Anyone notice when PDJT talks about having friends in the media, it is Sean, Tucker, Laura, the Fox & Friends crew, “even Greg” but he sure never mentions Bret Baier, Martha McCallum, Shannon Bream…

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  13. flynn knew about radicalized islam and its extremw danger. he was told to hide, forget, ot minimize it’s danger to allow mass refugee and immigrarion operations to commence and get special privilege and now protection in america.

    they were filling us up with soldiers of peace here.

    flynn was not liked by all the muslims running our government. and there were many under obama and hillary.

    so what they told him was forget what he knew and even change reccomendations in reports to show that ialm is a religion of peace.

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    1. He was fired/forced to resign on 2/11/17 and served as NSA from 1/23/17 until then. The Rogers meeting occurred on 11/17/16 and, given that he was working as a sr. advisor on the Trump campaign, I would say it is likely he was present. JMO

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      1. ‘I would say it is likely he was present.’

        I would agree, but I don’t recall seeing/hearing anything confirming it one way or the other.

        It does make me wonder that if Flynn was there and considering his intelligence background, that meeting may have been the start of planning some sort of a counter-intelligence operation against the deep state;

        perhaps something with a code name that rhymes with the ‘prime number 17’ !

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        1. I have been unable to find anything that specifically states Flynn was present for that meeting. However, given that as of 11/11/16 Flynn was on the transition team that moved lock, stock and barrel out of the TT, I would give it a 99% chance.

          A Who’s Who Guide to Donald Trump’s Transition Team



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    2. Steve in Lewes. Flynn would have had to have been there. The team moved on November 17-19???? And Flynn was going to be National Security Advisor. Adm Rogers and Flynn knew each other well.
      Surely, Flynn was in Bedminster.
      What I REALLY want to know is what Flynn said to Trump after Comey/Clapper left Trump Tower on Jan 6th, 2017. The day they briefed Pres-Elect Trump on the dirty dossier.

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      1. “What I REALLY want to know is what Flynn said to Trump after Comey/Clapper left Trump Tower on Jan 6th, 2017. ”

        Gen. Flynn most likely used some of his best Irish in describing those “!#$%^&” backstabbing liars !

        One day I hope some conservative movie producer/director makes a movie of this entire episode.
        Would kill it at the box office and make the commies cry forever !

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      1. Thanks Gail,
        Makes sense !
        Unfortunately that link claims the thread author has been suspended on twitter.
        Must be one of the good guys and Patriot !

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  14. Looking forward to the day General Flynn is rightfully pardoned. Very publicly and plenty of press to witness. General Flynn needs to be made as whole as possible. Absolute travesty what General Flynn and his family have endured.

    Another wish of mine. With no advance indication, the next State of The Union, there be a walk on Guest of President Trump. General Flynn. Every Congress critter present. Every MCM outlet covering. President Trump publicly apologize for all of the evil criminals wrought on General Flynn.

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    1. I do not believe General Flynn will be pardoned. I believe he will be exonerated. I know, I know, he has pleaded guilty.

      As to the denials of his discussions with Kysliak, I believe that something happened between the time those discussions took place and the time DOJ/FBI interviewed Flynn that prevented him from confirming things that he obviously had done. Flynn knew that DOJ/FBI knew what he had done, and yet he denied doing those things. I believe another operation was opened that was classified at a level beyond what he could discuss with FBI so that he was required pursuant to the operation to deny what was done. Similarly, I think his Turkish operation was classified, and Flynn was not permitted to tell the independent counsel what he was up to. (I also think that horrific murder of that “journalist” guy was retaliation for this, intended to muck up the operation and smear PDJT at the same time.)

      In more normal times, DOJ and FBI are not permitted to interview very high level military intelligence people for precisely this reason. The President steps in and says, hey guys, this doesn’t concern you and you really shouldn’t be playing around in this sandbox. You might get hurt. Go prosecute something else. But of course, these are not normal times.

      At some point it will come out that Flynn was acting on a higher authority. Flynn is taking one for the team.

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      1. Makes sense. Helps explain the never ending delays in sentencing. And General Flynn not changing his plea a few months ago when given the chance to do so.

        General Flynn deserves his life back. I do believe it will happen. Needs to be quite public and unequivocal. Of course classified details don’t need to come out. Total exoneration does.

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        1. I hope General Flynn PERSONALLY sues the SCHIFF out of Mueller, Weissman and who ever else harrased him and BANKRUPTS the WHOLE LOT!! This time the USA should NOT be forced to pay for Mueller and Weissman’s use of LAWFARE. Only by making vicious lawyers PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE can we break the back of the EVIL LAWFARE weapon.

          Did I mention I am a vindictive bitch?

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          1. Gail,

            Nah, closing word, not so much. But we are both vindictive. Also unapologetic for my perspective.

            Also wish ill of all the traitorous b@stards that have wreaked havoc on our country.

            May very well be a certified, SOB. But I am good with it:-)

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          2. That Gail, is why we love you.

            I would add Hussein, Brennan, Sally Yates, Comey, Strozk, and of course, McCabe.


  15. It is critical that the American voter be “educated” about all of this – every last bit of palace intrigue and evil that has transpired. There has to be a public display of the penalties for treason and sedition. The pollyanna’s in America are everywhere and they actual voted for obviously evil people such as Soetoro, Clinton, Sanders, and others. They blow with the wind and whatever the idiot box tells them. These swing, independent voters are all that separates us from going down the tubes. I cannot imagine being so callous or downright stupid as to not vote – to accept whatever fate others will give you without as much as a whimper.

    Patriots better gain control of the public education system and root out the communists before it is too late. Most of our children receive minimal to no training in the home about what matters most in America, so they are getting indoctrinated into lies at school.

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  16. Still digging and look what turned up!
    It’s Flynn’s speech to the RNC on July 18, 2016.
    Bizarre to recall, at that time, our economy as weak, China was rising as an economic power and most of America was unaware of China as an enemy.
    Back then, Germany and Russia were the political leaders.
    In this speech, Flynn lays waste to the weakness of Obama.
    Biggest applause line at about 22 minutes, “We must hold them accountable”.
    Yes, Flynn led a chant of “Lock her up”.

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    1. I watched Ge Flynn’s speech at the convention and now it makes sense why they gunned for him.
      Hillary after Flynn was ousted from the WH and Mueller got his hands on him she was celebrating on Twitter.
      All Clinton stooges were out to get Flynn and now it makes all sense.

      I read someplace that the Clinton’s are like the mafia and I believe it.
      I cannot wait until they wither away and normally normally I wish the opposite for people. An Evil soul needs to wither away.

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      1. As to the Clintons being like a mafia – I saw a compilation by one of the “anons” on 8-chan of a list of more than 50 people who were somehow inconvenient to the Clintons who died under questionable circumstances.

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  17. Interesting. I’m digging through Flynn’s Twitter feed to see what he was thinking at specific moments.
    Funny tidbit: July 26, 2016. Robby Mook on CNN talking about Russians releasing “emails” to help Trump.
    Yet, Mueller tried to claim Roger Stone had inside track in September of 2016?
    No, we were all talking about it.

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  18. August 9, 2016, Flynn retweets this article from Lifezette, claims every modern intel agency had a copy of Hillary’s emails. Article then questions if the death of an Iran Scientist was caused by Hillary’s lack of diligence over classified material: https://www.lifezette.com/2016/08/executed-scientist-may-be-just-one-hillary-victim/#

    I can’t find a whiff of ANYTHING suspicious surrounding the days when Manafort left the campaign.

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      1. True, but when he left in early August, the rumor mill was swirling about Manafort and The Ukraine/Russia — because the media conflates the two countries.

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  19. The Democrats (Fabian Socialists & Communist) and the MSM come from the SAME SOURCE!!!

    NEVER EVER FORGET the Banksters grabbed control of our money system in 1913 AND instituted the 16th Amendment allowing Congress the power to collect taxes on the incomes of the People to pay back with REAL WEALTH the WORTHLESS FIAT BANK SCRIPT they ‘borrowed’ from the international Banksters.

    Then in 1915 the Banksters and ” the steel, ship building and [gun] powder interests” BOUGHT the media. link

    Once the Banksters had control of the money sytem AND the media they used the wealth stolen from the American people AND the power of the press to instigate war after war after war. Wars are NOT ‘profitable’ UNLESS you can con the working class of BOTH COUNTRIES into paying the debts incurred.

    Our TREASONOUS politicians have KNOWN and COLLUTED with the EVIL Banksters and corrupt media to strip us of our wealth, and the lives of our sons for a CENTURY!!!

    ”These twelve private credit monopolies were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this Country by the bankers who came here from Europe and repaid us our hospitality by undermining our American institutions. Those bankers took money out of this Country to finance Japan in a war against Russia. They created a reign of terror in Russia with our money in order to help that war along. They instigated the separate peace between Germany and Russia, and thus drove a wedge between the allies in World War. They financed Trotsky’s passage from New York to Russia so that he might assist in the destruction of the Russian Empire. They fomented and instigated the Russian Revolution, and placed a large fund of American dollars at Trotsky’s disposal in one of their branch banks in Sweden so that through him Russian homes might be thoroughly broken up and Russian children flung far and wide from their natural protectors. They have since begun breaking up of American homes and the dispersal of American children.” — Congressman McFadden’s Speech Before the Attempts on His Life

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  20. Flynn’s Twt feed is spooky. Time after time he points us to EXACTLY where we need to look…. but we were only guessing/speculating back then.
    Flynn attacks the Obama admin for endless handwringing over military strategy and weak Generals like Allen.
    And look at this one, Flynn retweets a Politico article about media outlets donating to the Clinton Foundation.
    Some include, NBC Universal, News Corporation, Turner Broadcasting and Thomson Reuters are among more than a dozen media organizations….
    $1,000,000-$5,000,000 = Carlos Slim, Chairman & CEO of Telmex, largest New York Times shareholder
    James Murdoch, Chief Operating Officer of 21st Century Fox
    Newsmax Media, Florida-based conservative media network
    Thomson Reuters, Owner of the Reuters news service
    $500,000-$1,000,000 = Google, News Corporation Foundation Philanthropic arm of former Fox News parent company.
    $250,000-$500,000 = Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Publisher
    Richard Mellon Scaife, Owner of Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
    $100,000-$250,000 = Abigail Disney, Documentary filmmaker
    Bloomberg Philanthropies
    Howard Stringer, Former CBS, CBS News and Sony executive
    Intermountain West Communications Company, Local television affiliate owner (formerly Sunbelt Communications)
    $50,000-$100,000 = Bloomberg L.P.
    Discovery Communications Inc.
    George Stephanopoulos, ABC News chief anchor and chief political correspondent
    Mort Zuckerman, Owner of New York Daily News and U.S. News & World Report
    Time Warner Inc., Owner of CNN parent company Turner Broadcasting
    $25,000-$50,000 = AOL
    Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Presenters of the Golden Globe Awards
    $10,000-$25,000, Knight Foundation, Non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting journalism
    Public Radio International
    Turner Broadcasting, Parent company of CNN
    $5,000-$10,000 = Comcast, Parent copmany of NBCUniversal
    NBC Universal, Parent company of NBC News, MSNBC and CNBC
    Public Broadcasting Service
    $1,000-$5,000 = Robert Allbritton, Owner of POLITICO
    $250-$1,000 = AOL Huffington Post Media Group
    Hearst Corporation
    Judy Woodruff, PBS Newshour co-anchor and managing editor
    The Washington Post Company


    THERE’s our list!

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  21. Wow, Daughn! Stellar job putting this together! We are so fortunate to have such a wide variety of inqusitive, analytic minds here at QTree.

    If there was ever an example of how citizen journalism trumps bought-and-paid-for media puppets, this is it.

    Rock on, Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💥💥💥

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  22. The Banksters took the “River of UNEARNED WEALTH” and bought control of our organizations and churches and Corporations!

    The Chamber of Comerce is just another Bankster controlled NGO.

    “A recent analysis of the 2007 financial markets of 48 countries has revealed that the world’s finances are in the hands of just a few mutual funds, banks, and corporations. This is the first clear picture of the global concentration of financial power, and point out the worldwide financial system’s vulnerability as it stood on the brink of the current economic crisis….” .http://www.insidescience.org/research/study_says_world_s_stocks_controlled_by_select_few

    Here is the actual study: The Network of Global Corporate Control The study was a scientific look at our global economy, revealing how control flows like water through pipes — some thin, some thick — between people and companies.
    The finding: that control of our economy is .. tightly concentrated into a small core of top players,…

    To hear more about how the study was conducted: http://www.ted.com/talks/james_b_glattfelder_who_controls_the_world.html

    Here is the listing of the Top Officers based on that study. Financial Core of the Transnational Corporate Class
    “…In this study, we decided to identify in detail the people on the boards of directors of the top ten asset management firms and the top ten most centralized corporations in the world. Because of overlaps, there is a total of thirteen firms, which collectively have 161 directors on their boards. We think that this group of 161 individuals represents the financial core of the world’s transnational capitalist class. They collectively manage $23.91 trillion in funds and operate in nearly every country in the world. They are the center of the financial capital that powers the global economic system. Western governments and international policy bodies work in the interests of this financial core to protect the free flow of capital investment anywhere in the world….”

    Notice it is FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS that CONTROL the transnationals corporations! One method they use to increase their control is MUTUAL FUNDS and PENSION FUNDS. The public owns shares in the fund and the FINANCIAL INSTITUTION OWNS and VOTES the stock. That is if you invest in a mutual fund you are buying shares in the mutual fund (that you can not vote) and the Mutual Fund then uses YOUR money to buy stock shares which it owns and controls. This allows much more consolidation of control. For example Edward C Johnson 3rd, chairman of the Fidelity Group votes the stock in Monsanto owned by several pension and mutual funds like FMR LLC, FIDELITY MAGELLAN FUND INC, FIDELITY GROWTH COMPANY FUND, and Pyramis Global Advisors. The vanguard Group, aka John C. Bogle, owns another healthy chunk of Monsanto. In this way even more power is concentrated in the hands of a VERY few. The last time I looked 85% of Monsanto is held by mutual funds and Institutional (financial) Holders. This explains the point made in the paper that the amount of power is greater than the amount of actual wealth can account for.

    Notice the socialists (occupy wall street) call these people CAPITALISTS when what they are really third way socialists (aka Fascists) who HATE REAL Capitalism. Heck it has been over a century since the USA has seen real capitalism.

    I highly recommend:
    A Talk by G. Edward Griffin, Author of The Creature from Jekyll Island

    Fractional Banking — History

    WRIGHT PATMAN Chairman 1964

    Click to access Patman_Primer_on_Money.pdf

    Mises on Money by Gary North

    A large collection of articles on money “… provides a overview of central banking, the Federal Reserve and the specific steps that the Globalists have used to thawart the United States Constitution for the purpose of redistributing the wealth of our country.”

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  23. Confused by the timeline here, help me out, Treepers.
    Media and FOB/DOJ have tried to establish the timeline of July 6, 2016 = Clinton Case closed.
    Only reopened in late October when McCabe was forced to admit to Comey, the NYPolice had the Weiner laptop with 600K+ emails on it.
    Thus – from July 6th thru late Oct’16 Hillary was closed and they focused on Trump/Russia.

    Well, here’s an article from WaPost, about State Dept releasing another 14,900 emails previously undisclosed, for some kind of conservative group FOIA request…….. and the FBI looking at them.

    Does not fit the narrative. Were the 14.9K emails trashed at FBI? Anyone else remember? https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/fbi-uncovered-at-least-14900-more-documents-in-clinton-email-investigation/2016/08/22/36745578-6643-11e6-be4e-23fc4d4d12b4_story.html?postshare=5571471884159762&utm_term=.189de5d9f4c2


    1. Lawsuit by Judicial Watch. (WAPO requires disabling AdBlocker so here is the ZeroHedge link.)

      “Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton tweeted Monday morning that…

      FBI found almost 15,000 new Clinton documents. When will State release them? Court hearing today.
      — Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) August 22, 2016

      Adding in an interview that “it looks like the State Department is trying to slow roll the release of the records. They’ve had them for at least a month, and we still don’t know when we’re going to get them.”

      The roughly 15,000 documents at issue now come from the first disc, Fitton said.

      Lawyers for the State Department and Judicial Watch, the legal group, said in an Aug. 12 court filing that they intended to negotiate a plan for the release, part of a civil public records lawsuit before U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg of Washington.”


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  24. First there was The Crime…and then there was the Coverup.

    The Crime = The Hussein admin had been using all the powers of the Intel Community to illegally spy on political opponents.

    I think this illegal spying started back in the beginning of Hussein’s first term.

    The dirty dossier and the whole Russia Hoax was the Coverup.

    They wanted to get Secret Warrants to legitimize their illegal spying.
    How do you get Secret Warrants?

    The only way to get Secret Warrants…is through the FISA court.
    But since the ‘F’ stand for ‘foreign’, you have to have a ‘foreign element’ to qualify for going to a FISA court.
    So they invented the Russia Hoax, in order to get the secret warrants.

    Liars tend to make their lies even more elaborate as time goes by.
    So as time went by…the whole Russia Hoax became more elaborate, to try to keep it from falling apart.

    The whole thing becomes easier to understand, if you boil it down to it’s basics:
    First was the Crime…then came the Coverup.

    The Crime was pretty simple.
    It’s the Coverup that became complicated, because so many people were involved…including the media!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Making sense, Wheatie.
      PDJT thought about running in 2012.
      And we know how paranoid ValJar is.
      Of course, she would want deep info on Trump.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Probably before 2012.
        PDJT started daring to ask questions about Hussein’s fake birth certificate, in late 2010, iirc.

        Our VSG continued to ask questions into 2011…leading up to Hussein putting up that fake BC on the WH website, which was a fake so laughable that he had to finally give the go-ahead to take out Bin Laden, to change the subject.

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  25. All I can say, is that I feel honored, blessed and so appreciative to be included in the Q Tree. The analytical minds on this board are outstanding. I don’t chime in much, because everyone else says it so much better than I could. But I love it here and everyone’s post brings hope and encouragement to us all. Darkness to light, let the truth be told. Thank you all!

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  26. “Mike Flynn was lauded as the brightest military intel officer in a generation.”


    I want to believe that, and yet, how can that be?

    If I understand correctly, Gen. Flynn is a DEMOCRAT.

    To be a Democrat in the 21st century is to be an enemy of freedom, an enemy of America, a traitor to God and country. To be a Democrat is to literally to be of unsound mind, of severe intellectual dishonesty, or to have chosen to serve Satan.

    Prove me wrong, give me an example, make an argument.

    To be a Democrat is to identify oneself as having a diseased, mentally deficient or evil mind.

    Not one single word of that is hyperbole.

    As SD often reminds us, in order to even BE a Democrat, you have to purposely forget that you know certain things.

    So how is it that Gen. Flynn can possibly be a Democrat, and be the ‘brightest’ at anything, if he’s not even honest enough with himself to recognize the brazen wickedness and treason of the party to which he claims membership?

    How does one reconcile these things?

    The only thing I come up with is that Flynn was never really a Democrat at all, that was just part of his ‘cover’, for whoever he really is.


    1. Remember General Flynn grew up in a very strong Democrat family during the time of John Kennedy. (He was 5 when Kennedy was assasinated)

      He probably stayed a registered Democrat because it was ‘useful’ Heck I was a registered democrat while in the Peoples Republic of Taxachusetts since I could then vote in the primaries for the LEAST socialist DemonRats who I knew we would be saddled with. In that state the ONLY elections that really mattered in the Boston area were the primaries so why register as a republican?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Okay, but that is a strategic reason, your purpose for registering as a Democrat was actually to undermine the traitors.

        There is no way Flynn would be able to fly under that radar, to pass all the background checks and psychological evaluations and profiles, in order to be picked by Prissydent Mommy Jeans, if they had any cause to suspect that Flynn was even familiar with the word ‘patriot’, much less actually on friendly terms with the concept.


  27. “More context. The primary reason for intel failure on 9/11 was because intel agencies didn’t communicate with each other. Has it changed?”


    Was it an ‘Intel failure’?

    Or was it a very long-planned ‘false flag’ event, designed to advance the ball to the next step of the global takeover?

    What kind of catastrophic event would be needed in order to pass anything so heinously deceptive in name as “The Patriot Act”?

    For a long time I have contested the “Three Stooges” hypothesis, the ‘Clouseau Syndrome’, that the same alphabet agencies who are Satanically clever enough to enrich themselves in power and wealth beyond measure for decade upon decade, to implement all sorts of lawlessness, are so inept and undisciplined and clueless that they MISSED something of the magnitude of 9/11.

    Or any other major world event, for that matter.. much less missing ALL of them, with a consistency that would be the envy of Swiss watchmakers.

    I just don’t buy it, because those diametric opposites cannot be reconciled.

    The only reason EVERYBODY (including myself) doesn’t know intuitively that our alphabet agencies are wholly corrupted and treasonous is for one simple reason:

    Most of us won’t allow ourselves to believe it.

    We can’t believe that is true, because if it is, then not only does it upend our entire paradigm of reality, but to make it worse, it also means that we are guilty, that we’ve ALLOWED ourselves to be duped, rather than do anything about it, no different than a different a wife who knows her husband is molesting their daughter.

    On a NATIONWIDE scale.

    Which is absolutely perfect from a psy-op standpoint.

    I don’t want to be right.

    I just don’t see how it can be wrong.


    1. Don’t forget the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor False Flags.

      The Lusitania was carrying munitions** and the Germans took out ads warning Americans NOT to sail on the ship but the Bankster Owned MSM ‘misplaced’ the ads because they WANTED American lives lost.

      **that is why she sank so fast.

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      1. What big names were on the Titanic, which sank April 15, 1912?

        What did several of those big names specifically oppose?

        What Act of Congress was passed in the middle of the night, on December 23rd, 1913?

        Answer: The Federal Reserve Act.

        The Banksters were back in business.


  28. “Why was it so important to CLOSE Hillary’s investigation – to the point that McCabe practically hid the Weiner laptop from Comey?”


    Because the laptop contains all the evidence we have been led to believe it contains?

    An insurance file with dirt on everybody, including evidence of Satan worship and organized, widespread pedophilia and child sex trafficking?

    Because it would expose the entire power structure that runs the planet, if you follow the money far enough?


    1. Remember Eric Prince let the cat out of the bag about what was on that laptop so Nader set him up with a meeting in Seychelles with a Russian investor linked to Vladimir Putin on January 11, 2017. This gave Mueller the excuse he needed to grab all of the phones, laptops and computers to check for a copy of Wiener’s laptop.

      Oct 2016 – An NYPD insider said the content they viewed did include State Department TOP SECRET emails. One file was called “Life Insurance”. The second email was titled “DNC Nuclear arsenal”. A third file, I’m sure Hillary definitely DOES NOT want released was a file labeled “Intimate” … according to this NYPD insider, this file contained x rated photos of Huma and Hillary with a TEENAGER.

      NYPD detectives were sickened by what they saw, according to our insider, and they have threatened FBI field agents that they would leak this information, if the FBI did not “step up and take off the kids gloves”. At that point, 13 of the FBI agents in NYC are also threatening to leak the information.

      “The amount of garbage that they found in these emails, of criminal activity by Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave it to the FBI, and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation and you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments,’” Prince explained.


      1. And yet despite all that faux outrage by the NYPD, nothing ever happened.

        Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

        And I don’t believe Mueller is smart enough to outsmart Eric Prince, or that Eric Prince wouldn’t have backups beyond Mueller’s reach, or that Mueller would even try to take him on. Imagine being an FIB field agent, and ordered to take down Blackwater by force.





        Molon Labe.


        1. Or because Loretta Lynch threatened NYPD with the prosecution of officers for the death of Eric Garner, the overweight guy selling single cigarettes.
          BUT that’s off topic and would hijack the thread.


  29. “Same thing with Brennan, Comey, Clapper. Have we EVER seen former intel heads issue such wild and lascivious comments directed at a sitting President? When they knew it wasn’t true? Why all the excess venom?”


    Because they are threatened with exposure?

    Because they have grown accustomed to lives of wealth, power, privilege and luxury… accumulated through treason and crimes so sick and depraved that they will become the most hated and reviled people in the world when it becomes known?

    Plainly speaking, they are acting like trapped psychopaths.

    Or like the people in Revelation, who cursed God even as the plagues are unleashed on the world, rather than repent and turn away from their wickedness.


  30. ” Flynn was the key to it all OR Flynn had the knowledge necessary to reveal it all.”


    But if that was true, and if Flynn is the kind of patriot we think he is, then the only way to stop Flynn is to have him wind up in Fort Marcy Park, with multiple gunshot wounds to the back of the head, no gun, and a suicide note stuffed in his shirt, written in someone else’s handwriting.

    Just firing Flynn, or even prosecuting him, wouldn’t have any impact at all to stop Flynn from saving the country.

    It wouldn’t have stopped me, wouldn’t have even cause a slight hesitation — if anything, it would have the opposite effect, to steel my resolve.

    And Gen. Flynn, if he is the kind of man we think he is, would have the same reaction.

    Times infinity.


    1. Scott,

      I think this situation is so BIG and so NASTY it would have thrown most people into shock if revealed too quickly. Also I think President Trump had to move carefully to set up solid alliances to help take down this world wide cabal.

      Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Brazil and maybe India are pretty solid as is eastern Europe. The UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia as well as China are ENEMIES. Rusia could become an ally or at least neutral since I doubt Russia trusts China and we know Putin does not trust the EU.

      Americans now are more aware of just how depraved the Democrats are. Pizzagate no longer looks like a ‘conspiracy theory’ Child Trafficking is now KNOWN as a problem…. That is a lot of shifting of people’s views in a rather short space of time.

      Now that the battlefield has been prepared, I think we are going to see plenty of action.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “I think this situation is so BIG and so NASTY it would have thrown most people into shock if revealed too quickly. ”


        I understand the concept, but I just don’t know how to believe that ‘we’ are that ‘special’, or that the ‘normies’ are that ‘delicate’.

        I suspect most of them wouldn’t even notice if video evidence was released showing that Hussein was a ten-headed Pyrohydra.

        I just don’t think most people could be bothered enough to care, unless it was salacious, so the interest was either morbid or gossipy in nature.

        If anything shocks Americans today, I don’t know what it is, and despite their best efforts, Hollyweird is unable to figure it out either.

        Americans have been desensitized to the point of being anesthetized.


        ” Also I think President Trump had to move carefully to set up solid alliances to help take down this world wide cabal.”




        “Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Brazil and maybe India are pretty solid as is eastern Europe. The UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia as well as China are ENEMIES.”


        Agreed. The people of Canadia, Australia and Western Europe are not our enemies — at least the non-islamic ones — but the political-class / governments are the enemies of Humankind. These people make James Bond villains look altruistic and compassionate by comparison.


        “Rusia could become an ally or at least neutral since I doubt Russia trusts China and we know Putin does not trust the EU.”


        Putin may be the only one smart enough to trust nobody.


        “Americans now are more aware of just how depraved the Democrats are.”


        Not the ones I know. Unfortunately.


        “Pizzagate no longer looks like a ‘conspiracy theory’ Child Trafficking is now KNOWN as a problem…. That is a lot of shifting of people’s views in a rather short space of time.”


        I hope you’re right. I don’t actually see much evidence for it, but I sure hope you’re right.


        “Now that the battlefield has been prepared, I think we are going to see plenty of action.”


        If they wait much longer to release the Kraken, they’re going to have to bust him out of an old folk’s home first.


  31. “Again, for some unknown reason, it was necessary for the “Deep State” to silence Manafort, and they used an old and previously dismissed IRS charge to put him away. And don’t ever forget, a conscious decision was made, by someone, to go after Manafort. Silencing Manafort was MORE important than the obvious investigation delay/damage to an American President, the stability of our relationship with our Allies, our trade negotiations, and the potential harm to the American people.”


    How was Manafort ‘silenced’?

    Put yourself in his shoes.

    You know something which could save the country by exposing an ongoing coup attempt — or something even worse than that, by orders of magnitude.

    Whatever it is that you know, THAT is your ‘insurance policy’, right?

    That’s what keeps Mueller from ever going NEAR you, because you could ‘drop the Big One’ — like Dean Wormer.

    And presumably Manafort is smart enough to rig a Deadman’s Switch, so that if he winds up on a plane with Ron Brown over Croatia, whatever it is that he knows gets automatically broadcast to the entire world.

    And if none of that happened, he could simply use his secret knowledge as a get-out-of-jail-free card, by having his attorney go up through the chain of command until he finds someone in the DJT administration who is NOT part of the Cabal, and trade his information for freedom — which is the exact opposite of what Mueller, supposedly, would want.

    In other words, if Manafort has anything, then for Mueller to go after Manafort would be a surefire way to force Manafort to use that information, that bargaining chip — unless the Cabal intends to send him to the growing cemetery at Fort Marcy Park.


    “WHAT could possibly be that important?”


    Protecting Hussein / Clinton, which protects the entire global criminal enterprise, which protects the Puppet Masters.


  32. From Sylvia, our golden shovel goddess, 4/4/2019
    This ties in with daughn’s article the other day about General Flynn.

    “To Stop the Deep State, Bring Back Mike Flynn!

    Why did the Deep State throw caution to the winds in an desperate effort to frame Donald Trump for alleged collusion with Russia–and failing that, to entrap him in an obstruction of justice case? There are a lot reasons for the Establishment to hate Donald Trump, but one of them stands out. During the campaign, Donald Trump denounced the Obama administration for having created ISIS. That claim drew ridicule from the mainstream media, but it is entirely correct. Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, Trump’s campaign adviser, was head of Defense Intelligence Agency in 2012 when the DIA blew the whistle on CIA backing for Sunni Islamists fighting the Assad regime during the then-raging Syrian civil war. As my friend Michael Ledeen wrote at PJ Media on March 26, the Mueller investigation was all about Flynn.

    President Trump should pardon Gen. Flynn right now and summon him back to Washington…”

    Read more here:



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