Byron York interviews John Dowd

Here is the link to the interview on Ricochet: Byron York interviews John Dowd

The interview is over an hour long, thus most people will not listen to the full length of the conversation. I went ahead and listened to the whole thing, twice, and tried to type up “Crib Notes”, getting the quotations as accurate as possible. The information revealed is important for us all. In normal times, this would have been a 60 Minutes level interview, not hidden on a podcast. Here we go….


Dowd speaks well of Barr. Believes the summary is accurate as he is familiar. “You’re going to see more of Attorney General Barr.” Of course, everyone wants to see the whole thing (Mueller report) but it is complicated. “Difficult job to thread the needle.”

York and Dowd go through no collusion part of the summary and Dems objections, denial. From Dowd: “I know all the evidence, no collusion, conspiracy, with the Russians…” From Dowd: “Apparently, they tried like blazes to penetrate the organization but were never able to do so.” (the Russians tried). No one in the campaign, “took any bait”. Just “watch how the President conducted the campaign”, inferring he deserved to win. “The FBI had nothing when they started the investigation….. and it did interfere with his ability to do his job”.

From Dowd: “Probably the greatest fraud ever committed against the people of the United States.”

York talks about the news cycle, example of the Trump Tower meeting or Roger Stone and Wikileaks, York asked Dowd if he KNEW of all these accusations or if he was surprised as the investigation went on —- did his client (the President) try to hide anything? – is what York is really asking. Dowd says no, the Trump Organization was beautifully organized to provide documents, etc. No surprises. As to the media, Dowd says, “I’ve never seen anything like the hysteria.” and “Sometimes you would tell them something wasn’t true, but it didn’t matter, they printed it anyway.”

From Dowd: “One of the sorriest chapters I’ve witnessed in this country.”

Dowd explains the Mueller team was finished with all witnesses and expected conclusion by end of November or early December. Dowd and York can’t understand why it took Mueller until the end of March.

This part is important. Dowd explains the President’s legal team turned over notes between the President and his legal team which were typed up at the conclusion of every meeting. Normally, notes like these would be considered Exec Privilege. Yet, the Special Counsel was under the Exec Branch, so Dowd and the team shared these documents to be transparent.

From Dowd: Paraphrasing but as close as possible. “The overwhelming amount of personal notes, turned over to the SC, of conversations between the President and his personal attorneys, may provide a precedent for future Presidents. Because it was Exec privilege, the Atty Gen has to come back to the President before releasing anything. And Don McGahn talked to Mueller for a long time, many times. Trump was very consciously to respect the historical aspect for future Presidents.”

Dowd only had 3-4 meetings with Mueller. From Dowd, “first and second were animated, because Dowd was trying to get the SC team to wind it up and stop it…. “no crime”.” and as Dowd told Mueller, “Can’t get to first base, can’t go any further.” Dowd then discusses the SC repeated, “16 areas and 49 questions, but repetitive.” Dowd finishes with Mueller, “What is the question that you need answered?”, which has not already been answered somewhere else?

From MUELLER to DOWD: Dowd relates that MUELLER admitted, “Every witness was full, complete, and truthful….,” From Dowd, “has to be a first for any administration.”

Mueller was pushing for an interview with the President, hard. Many discussions about Espy and Nixon, “Can’t hamstring a future President in 20 yrs from now.” Mueller pushed, Sekelow and Dowd, said. “Go ahead.” and subpoena the President. Dowd and legal team were confident, “There was no way they (Mueller team) would win it in court.” “They had nothing”. From Byron York, “….Media promoted it.” Dowd completely agreed but countered, “Gotta follow the law.”, and “…..Don’t know why so many people want to break the law to hurt this President but they do.” “There was no law broken.” “Had to establish the law broken.” and as to why he needed the President specifically, “Had to establish the President was the only one who could answer a question….not answered previously.” Dowd admits the Mueller team gave up on the idea of the subpoena to the President.

From Dowd relating his conversations with Mueller and Quarles (? spelling): I was …”not going to put him (Trump) in a position where he could get in a trap.”, “….without an extraordinary amount of preparation and time.”, “….It would have taken weeks of the Presidents time.” and they don’t have a right to the President’s time, “and Andrew McCarthy has written extensively on this.”….

Dowd continuing: “It hurt this president . An enormous amount of damage, ….maybe not the right word….. Making his life difficult. He was worried about the area of foreign affairs.”

From Dowd, relaying the personal conversations with President Trump, as to what the President would say to Dowd: Tell them I respect what they are doing but I need them to get it done. And he would share an anecdote from a foreign leader, Abe of Japan, G7, Egypt, Russia, about times he was working on trade or trying to get a hostage released, and the foreign leader would say, well yeah, Donald, but are you going to be around….. because of this investigation.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My emphasis added!!!!

From Dowd, in summary about the DOJ and FBI, “Barr has to rescue the criminal justice system”, “…… (the justice system is) “crumpled”. Dowd continuing, “The President is worried about it.”

Dowd didn’t deal with Weissman but he “…watched Weissman deal with Manafort.”, “One of the great injustices.”, “…Weissman was the author of it (the Manafort personal destruction).”, “….Cases that he got were already declined.”, mocking laughter between Dowd and York about the DC judge, “….favorable judge in DC.”, “put him in solitary to get him to cooperate.” One can almost see Dowd shaking his head in disgust at the treatment of Manafort.

Dowd continues about Flynn – “I don’t understand the Flynn case.”, “… didn’t lie”, “no one thought he lied”, “I don’t know what happened when it got to Mueller shop, very troubling.” Quarles was pleasant, completely open. (Jim), saw him once a week. very cooperative. Dowd continues, “…..which circles back to “How can you possibly think he (Trump)obstructed, …..He (Trump) totally cooperated?”

Page three, Dowd refers to Barr and Rosenstein, no crime, didn’t obstruct. It was an easy call. “Trump had a right to scold him (Mueller), (Mueller) “Wasn’t doing his job.”, “Get it done.”, “Getting in the way for his (Trump) ability to do his job (as President).”, “Shame on him (Mueller) for not deciding on obstruction.” Barr and Rosenstein, very easily decided on no obstruction. “Nothing here.”

No actions, many of which took place in public, constitute obstruction. Was it Trump’s public comments, tweets, public scolding? All Dowd can do is speculate as to why Mueller didn’t decide on obstruction. Dowd also guesses there may have been an internal split on the Mueller team.

Dowd: Under the rules of the department, they’re (Dems) are not entitled to know (everything because the Pres gave him so much exec privilege info)

Dowd raised the question about such a partisan team in a conversation with Bob Mueller. Mueller said the rules of the department say I cannot question their political leanings. From Dowd, “That’s bullshit, Bob”. Dowd continues, “They wanted the President so badly….”. Because Bob assembled that team left a scar on the results. Dowd further intimates Rosenstein also had a problem with it (the partisanship).

York brings up the Lester Holt interview and asks Dowd about it, “Dems say the President admitted he fired Comey to stop the Russia investigation.” From Dowd, “Well, the President could fire him if he didn’t like his eyebrows.” “Have to read the whole Holtz interview, carefully, in context, and it is clear.”, “The media was parsing (the interview).” It was clear the President was not firing Comey to stop the investigation and not a big problem with the Mueller team. York interrupts and asks about the media reaction to the Lester Holt interview. Dowd responds, the media was breathless about it but it was not a big deal with Mueller.

President was never going to fire Mueller, at any time, Dowd was there. President was ambushed by Rosenstein when the investigation started. NO ONE had a heads up that Rosenstein was going to appoint a Special Counsel. Sessions immediately offered his resignation. Rosey was hunkered down behind his desk, “Are they going to fire me?” Trump did not hire Mueller as FBI director because Trump had a conflict with him – prior case. Trump, “How could Sessions not know?” No one could ever understand why Rosey started the Special Counsel. No motive. Only one talking about a Special Counsel was Comey. Trump confused as to why the heck it started in the first place.

Dowd: Trump’s (public) frustration was justified. Why is it taking so long? Nonsensical investigations. Not the way you treat the President. All Clintonites, they don’t care. Eat up his time (Trump’s time). Trump’s time, every day, making sure people cooperated. Making sure they had good counsel. MOVE IT ALONG. No hold up getting the information from Trump Admin.

From Dowd: On obstruction, “There was never a “NO” to Mueller, for any information.”,  “True from the White House, Trump’s family, or Trump Organization” – (previously) who did a LOT of preliminary homework to provide info to Mueller. Must have been super expensive for Trump Org.

President Trump and his legal team wanted Comey investigated, for lying to Congress and as to his motivation. Dowd agreed and admitted Comey showed, “strange conduct”, “Never seen anything like conduct between Comey and Yates.” “Didn’t look like the Dept of Justice to me.” Dowd continues, “Not getting anything from Dept of Justice which looks like they are investigating Comey.” Mueller not investigating Comey. Dowd complained about Comey, and Rosey blew him off. Dowd was surprised. Dowd doesn’t understand Rosey at all. Dowd reiterates, it would be part of a normal course of any investigation to take a look at the accuser and see what their motives are – at the beginning of any investigation.

York asked Dowd about Cohen and if he presented a problem for the President, and/or if Cohen questions were part of the investigation. Dowd knew about Cohen but unaware of Cohen for his part of dealing with SC team. Dowd refers to Cohen as, “strange duck”, but overall not something that Dowd got involved in.

York moves the conversation along to talk about Manafort, which, clearly upsets Dowd. Manfort, State of NY jumped to file charges against Manafort. Pardons have not been discussed at any time to Dowd’s knowledge. Dowd says it was, “Not appropriate” to discuss any potential pardons with the President. From Dowd – The NY (state) thing against Manafort “one of the grossest abuses of prosecution”…. I’ve ever seen, they (the acting lawyers in NY are “Outlaws”, (it’s a problem with our) “polarization of justice system”, “They want to do it to hurt Paul Manafort and his family”,  “No one would trust the system in NY after this” (speaking about the bias), “Not sure the indictment will stand up there” (because the NY State Atty is so off track, mention of “double jeopardy” because the State of NY is basically filing the same charges as the Feds, so Manafort will remain in jail, even if the President pardons Manafort. Dowd, very serious and with sadness in his voice, “They just want to hurt him when he’s down and not sure how much more you can”. To break the tension, York makes a joke about the NY State Attorney wanting to change the LAW of double jeopardy to go after Manafort and Dowd laughs…, the implication is they (NY) are SO lawless, they would or they would try.

York asks about Roger Stone, which Dowd effectively dismisses as nonconsequential in the investigation. According to Dowd, Roger Stone never popped up in the work on the investigation, “Never a factor”.

From Byron York to Dowd, paraphrasing, ‘Did you ever get the idea that Mueller had something, a crime, on the President, or was he always just looking for something?” Dowd, “Witness” “he had no exposure” “I knew they had nothing” from March 5th. (2018)


53 thoughts on “Byron York interviews John Dowd

  1. Daughn, this is amazing!! I can’t wait to listen to all of it. Sunday’s are so busy for us, but I was able to read what you summarized for us. God bless you, sweet girl, for all you do for your friends. This is the most important summary of what has taken place in our country in my lifetime!! Thank you so much!!!

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  2. THANK YOU, DW, for this invaluable summary of the interview.

    “No one could ever understand why Rosey started the Special Counsel. No motive. Only one talking about a Special Counsel was Comey. Trump confused as to why the heck it started in the first place.”

    The Mueller investigation was:
    – Did not have a crime to investigate – it was not justified by a suspected crime.
    – Was likely a political ploy – to affect future elections – 2018 and on.
    – Was likely a Clinton Obama act of petulance and vengeance for Trump ‘trumping’ their plans, by winning and by exposing their perfidy, sedition, abuses of power….and their media hat tricks.

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  3. Not surprised that Trump team lawyers had everything Mueller wanted and presented all the paperwork collated perfectly.

    Trump is a man of excellence.

    As I wrote on the daily thread:
    “- If you go into the bowels of any of Trump’s hotels and properties, you will find the kitchens, boiler/heating and laundry rooms are as clean, shiny, top-shape and well-run as the entrance.
    – All Trump ops and projects are carefully run – ahead of schedule, under budget, top quality! Just like he is running our country.

    When intelligence head was questioned about Trump’s grasp of intelligence matters, said: “He understands and grasps everything I tell him like a 40 year veteran CIA analyst.”

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  4. Thank you for your crib notes. This is real journalism.

    Holy COW. So The whole SC operation was a Comey-Rosey-[and Presumably]-Mueller operation that seemed like it was spontaneous AFTER Rosey and Mueller visit Trump to try to get him in as FBI Director.

    President was ambushed by Rosenstein when the investigation started. NO ONE had a heads up that Rosenstein was going to appoint a Special Counsel. Sessions immediately offered his resignation. Rosey was hunkered down behind his desk, “Are they going to fire me?” Trump did not hire Mueller as FBI director because Trump had a conflict with him – prior case. Trump, “How could Sessions not know?” No one could ever understand why Rosey started the Special Counsel. No motive. Only one talking about a Special Counsel was Comey. Trump confused as to why the heck it started in the first place.

    I’m not even sure I can give Rosey a GRAY hat now.

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    1. Well, you can bet good money that Mueller and the rest of them were/are secretly impressed with Trump, his family and company’s efficiency, efficacy, organization, honesty, grit and determination. I bet they would not/won’t like it if the tables were/are turned. Heh-heh.

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        1. One of my family members was investigated to the point of harassment by one of the local IRS agents who was known to make grown men cry. His records and documentation were so good, she finally gave up trying to find fault and get money from him.

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    2. ‘I’m not even sure I can give Rosey a GRAY hat now.’

      I posted a comment on yesterday’s Open thread about this and came to the conclusion that he (Rosey) and Mueller are black all the way as far as I’m concerned. I was conflicted before, many of the various hypotheses made some sense.

      Daughn wrote – ‘…Dowd and York can’t understand why it took Mueller until the end of March.’
      Well when we see the Rosey unredacted Scope Memo from Aug 2,2016, we will know.

      Considering RR’s strange behavior in this whole episode has me now very suspicious of him; the Comey firing letter, the meeting with Mueller and PDJT, the sneaky naming of Mueller as SC, the Scope Memo change so soon after the initial meme (3 months), then RR plea to PDJT to not declassify FISA, etc because it would jeopardize the ‘Russian investigation’ is all very sketchy. The actions of a cover-up ?

      And why until March…..the appointment of AG Barr; he didn’t want to have anything to do with this clusterfvck! If that didn’t happen it would continue until 2020…I firmly believe that.

      We came very close to losing this whole damned thing by betting on winning more seats in the Senate…a big gamble that paid off. What we see now is PDJT’s approval ratings going up because this hoax was denuclearized. If this would have happened prior to midterms, we most likely would have gotten more Senate seats and maybe kept the House…Maybe.

      BTW Daughn, good recap….thanks !

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              1. Hey Rayzorbak: Here’s one for you. A regular recipe of Jello Chocolate Pudding calls for 2 cups of milk. Reduce milk to 1 2/3 cup. Add 1/3 cup of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Let it set.
                Whip about a cup of fresh heavy cream with about 2-3 Tablespoons of Kahlua added.
                Add one cup of the whipped cream, folded into the pudding. Garnish with the leftover whipped cream – sprinkle nutmeg.
                Pour into cooked small pie shells.
                Serve with fresh strawberries.
                I could eat three of them for breakfast.

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    1. Another Favorite Trump Story

      Mr. Trump was on a hospital charity committee in NYC. They were trying to raise money to add on a wing and still needed Many Millions to complete it.

      There was going to be a big event – dinner, auction, etc., to gin up donations for the project…but they were still far short of the needed $$$.

      Mr. Trump came in late to the meeting with his retinue of assistants. He listened intently to the summary of the problem for a minute or two. Then he broke in to say, “I called the President on the way over here and he and the First Lady are going to attend, so we can raise the price of the tickets to $— thousand dollars. I’m going to donate ___ to the auction and have gotten these people to donate items worth $$$. That should cover it and then some!

      With that, he got up and left leaving the younger committee members, who had never seen how Trump operates, stunned with their eyes and mouths wide open.

      For Trump – problems are fun – puzzles to solve.

      Trump reads 100 page balance sheets like we read pulp fiction.

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  5. This is outstanding, Daughn. Thanks for the work and insight into what many of us has suspected. Mueller is compromised and corrupt to the core, RR is a corrupt weasel, and Sessions was way over his head. All I ask of PDT is that justice be served with open perp walks and appropriate penalties for sedition and treason. I hope AG Barr is up for the task. It will take many years to clean much of the corruption out of the federal government. Our great hope is that it is well underway by patriots who have our total support. For the nation’s psyche to be cleansed it will take transparency of all that has happened under our noses over decades. It has to be totally exposed – all of it. No matter how painful we need a cure, not a bandaid. If some of the population cannot stomach it they will have to learn the hard way.

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  6. Thank you, Daughn, for an excellent recap of the interview.

    There are so many known-unknowns and unknown-unknowns that factor into the color of the hats these b**tards wear.

    We talk about ‘The Plan’ as if President Trump and his very few genuine patriot allies have a Plan. While I believe they have a Plan that identifies the necessary outcomes to Drain the Swamp, our President’s greatest “plan” is to use his expertise and talent to (paraphrasing a Marine credo) adapt and overcome.

    The longer we watch this unfold, the more I see President Trump’s ability to adapt to the battlefield, keeping the goal in mind, but changing tactics in lightning strike motion. I pray God is guiding him through one of our country’s most treacherous times.

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  7. this was an excellent summary–well that sounds like too little a word–lol–it’s excellent though and thank you for providing so much info so we don’t have to watch it all…

    I read about POTUS handing over the notes from meetings with his counsel before–which astounded me! But right there is transparency previously unknown in politics. that’s why I don’t think the full Mueller report should be made public. there is executive privilege and grand jury info.

    here’s my question…does Mueller have the ability to join the “memoir meeting of the minds”? can he write a book and hop on the interview circuit?

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  8. Daughn, Outstanding summary. Thanks for “taking one”, if not for the team, for folks like me….as I cannot listen to Byron York much. Certainly not an hour. Let alone, twice!!!

    White, gray or black hats for Mueller, RR, and Comey? IMHO, remains blacks hats all. At times their decisions were spot on supported by the facts. Such as no collusion. No obstruction. No option, but to make that public determination. NOTHING to do with white or gray hat. They are evil.

    Their motivation and behavior is purely obscene. Much of it, I am sure, illegal. Destroyed lives (Flynn, Manafort…). Cost folks their wealth, to defend themselves against this total abuse of federal power over the governed subjects.

    If not for RR, Comey and Mueller, President Trump, who has accomplished more than any President in 26 months, could have achieved more. He and his family have suffered stoically under the barrage of MCM, Uniparty and cabal.

    Their must be accountability for the evil doers. I for one, believe accountability will happen. Why, one may wonder? Because President Trump knows the only way to prevent this to occur again, and again, is full accountability. Prosecutions. Where guilt is determined, jail, fines (strip of wealth) and where lawful, death.

    Also, the travesty against his family won’t go without accountability.

    President Trump is a model Patriot.

    Can’t fathom the future we’d be facing after eight years of downward spiral under hussein, and 26 months into a hildabeast led cesspool.

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    1. “Because President Trump knows the only way to prevent this to occur again, and again, is full accountability. Prosecutions. Where guilt is determined, jail, fines (strip of wealth) and where lawful, death. ”


      That is the correct answer above all others, to every single American who starts to go wobbly on holding these monsters accountable when the time comes.

      If you DON’T, then it won’t be a generation from now before it happens again, but the SAME PEOPLE will be doing it again before they even walk out of the courthouse.

      If there is ANY intention of actually preventing this from happening again, for as long as that is possible, then the ONLY way to do that is to make an EXAMPLE out of every criminal involved in this treason.

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      1. Absolutely. If an example isn’t made ,in courts of law with all due process, then history can be massaged by these losers and their sichophants. For people to have faith in the system of justice, the

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  9. “Dowd speaks well of Barr. Believes the summary is accurate as he is familiar. “You’re going to see more of Attorney General Barr.” Of course, everyone wants to see the whole thing (Mueller report) but it is complicated. “Difficult job to thread the needle.”


    That’s where Dowd is wrong.

    It’s NOT complicated.

    There isn’t a thing complicated about it.

    There are a lot of people, and the (long lost) credibility of multiple agencies who DO NOT WANT anyone to KNOW all the many CRIMES they committed.

    So they say “it’s complicated”, as an excuse to NOT reveal what these criminals have done.

    So it’s ‘complicated’, huh?

    Well allow me to UN-complicate it for you then.


    See. It’s not ‘complicated’ anymore.

    Just let the light of truth EXPOSE IT ALL, and let the cards fall where they may.

    Not complicated.

    Not complicated at all.

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    1. You are absolutely correct about the crimes, but I believe Dowd was referring to the release of the whole report as a complicated process.
      In general, he seems to be spot on.

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    2. “… Of course, everyone wants to see the whole thing (Mueller report) but it is complicated….”

      People are mis-interpreting that.

      The Mueller Report IS COMPLICATED.

      #1. Exec. Privilege. President Trump has every right to keep his meeting notes confidential or to redact certain portions.

      #2. Privacy Act. NOTHING may be released from any ‘accused’ (and possibly from a wittness) WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION!

      So no, the Mueller report CAN NOT be released in it’s entirety and if only portions are released the DemonRats are going to scream bloody murder.

      At this point I think it would be best NOT to release it and instead do the DECLAS.

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    3. It is COMPLICATED because the President’s material is included – which would be included in Exec Privilege + as has been mentioned before, any grand jury testimony for anyone found innocent.
      NONE of us would want Barr to release something which would qualify under Exec Privilege, would we?
      I know you’re/we’re all frustrated and impatient but the context of “complicated”, in this sense, is correct, and yes, we do need want Barr to protect the President.

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  10. And of course Dawn in your “Emphasis Added” on foreign policy, China has obviously been holding out, hoping upon hope that the orange man would go away and leave them alone.

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  11. Byron York grew up in Birmingham, AL, got his bachelors from the U of Alabama. His father was a beloved host of a popular TV news show whose on-air partner was Fannie Flag. His dad also was the longtime announcer for an Alabama sports program. –

    York was NOT one of the signatories of the infamous Against Trump issue of National Review.

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  12. Brian cates draw and strike worth reading. IMHO muller was coerced/turned by President Trumps team. Rosey , I think, from earlier info loathes obumma and the Clinton crime syndicate with a white hot passion. . I think we are still seeing a bit of kabuki here. This is truely GOT stuff. If President Trump and his team don’t prevail it will be rains of castermere.
    Translation for non GOTers.”if you play the games of thrones you win or you die. In thimes past another lord challenged Tywin Lannister and now the rains fall on the ruins of castermere. His family, home, everything completely annihilated. Once Pres Trump made his announcement the die was cast but I think there has been a shadow war for some time. Note mike Flynn setting up his lobbying co long ago. Cool eyes and heads have surveyed this entire social, economic international battlefield and carefully developed this war plan.

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  13. Thanks, DW—great as always!!!

    Would have loved to be in on the conversation President Trump had with RR on AF1! New York street smarts versus Ivy League bullshit. Of course, the Wharton School of Business is nothing to sneeze at! Oh, that’s right, Donald only got in there because of his dad! Then he got lucky and built a billion dollar empire! Oh, that’s right, he got a few million from his dad. Please, Leftist fools, please keep underestimating PDJT—he just keeps on getting lucky!!!

    Best damn President in my lifetime! Will end up being the best in history! Damn the luck!!

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  14. The change of terms of reference of the sc by Rosey a couple of weeks into it may have been turning it into a foreign interest lobbying enq. While the msm have been busy following the lure, may have been another angle/sting ongoing to see who leaked, how they distorted it and how much they were paid and by who. We are not dealing with complete morons here, if nothing else, they have very good survival instincts.who knows, there may even be Democrat’s who think the USA should run its own affairs. Just saying

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  15. Daughn, thank you so much for this outstanding summary. Even though all of us here have a great understanding of what has taken place, it is almost unbelievable that this is real. The DS wants our beloved President gone, out of there, and taken down. I pray for God’s protection and safety of our President and country.

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