Dear MAGA: 20190330 Open Topic

Welcome! The door is open, come on inside!

This Shut The Border Saturday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

Come up on the deck and enjoy the view:


Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. In fact, our host Wolfmoon encourages us to use it…and Enjoy it. “Use it or lose it”, he tells us.

But please keep it civil. Be kind to each other and help one another if you can. We all want the same thing…to see our beloved country safe, secure and strong again.

We can argue points and disagree with each other…even with our host, Commander Wolf…but please do so as nicely as possible. Discussion of Q is not only allowed but encouraged.

Imagine that! We can talk about Q here and not get banned.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.

Remember – your greatest gift to President Trump is FIVE WORDS:


Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from the talented artist who performs under the name, Fearless Motivation:

Titled: ‘Overcome’.


We are with you, Mr. President. Do what you have to, to stop the invaders from pouring across our border.



Visual Descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Top Image: It’s a closeup view of a wooden door with a pointed arch, that is set into the trunk of a massive tree that seems to have grown around it. There is ivy growing on either side and ferns growing up from around the steps leading up to the door. Filtered sunlight is hitting the steps, the tree trunk and the facing around the door.

Second Image: There is a large round wooden deck overlooking a panoramic view of treetops and surrounding mountains. A giant branch is growing up through the deck and branching out through the deck’s railing. There are gray deck chairs with green cushions and a couple of small tables. Filtered sunlight is making a mottled pattern on the deck floor, the chairs and the giant tree branches. There are fluffy white clouds in the distance, against a blue sky.

Video Image: It is a view down a pier beside an expanse of water, with a two-story structure running down the length of the pier on one side. There is a lone fisherman fishing off the end of the pier. A bicycle is parked nearby. Across the water, the sun is coming up over a skyline of buildings and trees, casting an orange-tinged golden light on everything. The sun’s rays form a starburst pattern as it emerges under the clouds overhead.

Bottom Image: Is our President, standing at a podium in the rose garden of the White House. He has a solemn, steadfast look of resolve on his face that should send a chill through anyone who is up to no good.


541 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190330 Open Topic

  1. There are tapes… in Canada

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  2. Hmmmm….any Islamic-compliant restaurants included? Do these idiots NOT realize that it is the Islamists who want to hang or throw gays from buildings and, if that doesn’t work, then follow up by stoning them to death??!!??

    “The City of San Antonio’s decision to exclude Chick-fil-A based on the religious beliefs associated with the company and its owners is the opposite of tolerance,” tweeted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Thursday. “It’s discriminatory, and not only out of step with Texas values, but inconsistent with the Constitution and Texas law.”

    Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted the Chick-fil-A ban “has the stench of religious discrimination”:

    Texas Attorney General will investigate San Antonio’s ban on Chick-fil-A at their airport. The ban has the stench of religious discrimination against Chick-fil-A. ⁦@KenPaxtonTX⁩ #txlege

    — Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) March 28, 2019

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    1. Yup. Good call by Abbott.

      San Antonio is lucky that President Wolf Moon isn’t in charge – he would immediately propose legislation allowing the banning of all businesses by SUSPECTED communists – with San Antonio being his “test case city”.

      IMMEDIATE TIT-FOR-TAT – the funnest whack-a-“mole” weapon in the Wolf Moon arsenal!!!


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      1. This small phrase, used by Rep. Roy, is, IMO, critical to the fight against creeping Sharia/Islam – he uses it twice in his Tweet: “…in accord with our laws…”

        THAT is the crux of the matter in fighting it. Again, JMO, but it just might be a good thing for Christians to begin inserting that lexicon into our conversations……?

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      2. What about….

        Passing a retroactive Federal law in the US that any person or organizations who either publicly support or donate $$ to socialists or communist individuals, groups, parties are outlawed from private ownership or participation in or of any business, money-making enterprise, or income method based upon capitalism.

        We could call it the “Hypocrisy Law”.

        This would immediately put a LOT of people out of work in the US and they would be forced to leave.

        It would revolutionize Hollywood, for starters.

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        1. You have three options:

          (1) Message me on Gab, either singly or in the Q Tree Authors group (you’re in it). This is easiest, but it doesn’t really allow you to demo anything graphically.

          (2) You can always contact me by making a comment containing the special phrase with underscores (see the contact page) that puts posts into automatic moderation. I cannot respond to the post or it comes out of moderation, although I may respond publicly on the same thread or attach my response to the same comment where you make your private comment. The “Author Logistics” thread is a good place to make such private comments (that don’t appear). That way if they accidentally appear, it’s somewhat out of the way of normal conversation.

          (2) (Best, IMO) If you want, I can make you a Contributor, and you can demo your idea as a DRAFT, which I can look at, edit, and even approve to appear. Or if you want to be an Author, you could actually publish posts on your own.

          Just let me know here which you would prefer!

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    2. I hope and PRAY that folks in America (and all over the wolrd, for that matter) come to the conclusion and soon realize that the Moslems and their perverse, Satanic “belief” system represent a threat to civilization one or two orders of magnitude WORSE than the deep state.

      Let me reapeat: 10 to 100 TIMES MORE than the deep state.

      Each time the Mozzies conquered Europe and thereabouts, it has taken 700 YEARS! to get rid of them and return society to normalcy.

      Omar and the other “consanguineously conceived” Moslem fresh”mon” congress-critters pose a crucial, if not existential threat to the USA. CREEPING SHARIA.

      I see this every day in Germany and Europe. And it’s amazing how few people actually understand the “European Trail of Tears”, and the bloodshed and destruction fomented by the Mohammedans. Rather than gathering and adding to culture and knowledge (as they often claim) they’ve burned and destroyed libraries, churches, cathredals, institutes of learning and science, not to mention monuments, statues, memorials, and any number of religious artifacts and statues.

      RIght now they’re busy beheading statues in churches and Cathedrals in France, and no one, including Macaroon, seems either willing or able to stop them.

      Please, PLEASE, note this approaching problem, and PRAY and work to preserve our faith, our culture, and our way of life.

      Otherwise it will be a quick trip back to the seventh century, with no certain way out. The last two times we had a strong Church. Now, not so much… Over here they “don’t want to offend our guests”…. May GOD forgive and help us all…

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      1. GA State House passed Heartbeat bill 92-78 … goes to Gov Kemp next who will sign into law… virtually eliminating abortion in GA

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  3. Wheatietoo, I got to play today’s music selection just now. Terrific. Would love your playlist. 🙂

    Here’s my little tropical favorite from way back, but I like this artist’s version more than the version that was popular in the 70s or 80s.

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  4. (reformatted excerpt) VALLEY, Neb. — In a matter of hours, volunteers and members of the community turned an empty rental property in Valley into a new home– something the Beacom family hasn’t had since flooding destroyed theirs.

    Katie and Aaron Beacom lived in King Lake. They told KETV NewsWatch 7 that a fire damaged their home back in February, then the historic flooding took care of the rest. “It’s been really rough for us,” Katie Beacom said behind tears. The couple have five children all under the age of 13.

    Doctors also recently discovered that Aaron has a brain tumor. His surgery is coming up in April. “I don’t like to ask for help, it’s not me,” Aaron said.

    Landlord Brad Brown picked up on this and wanted to do more than move the family into his available rental home.”

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  5. Guiliani issues threat to Deep State….

    This is the second MAGA threat of the weekend!

    First one was from President Trump to Mexico – stop the flow of illegals immediately – or I will shut the border down for a long time.

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    1. “… Rudy said the Mueller Report was turned over to Rod Rosenstein three weeks ago before its release on Sunday.” ~ Rudy G

      hhmmm… I was under the impression Mueller released it to AG Barr…, Friday a week ago. And I understood that was the first ‘release.’

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      1. One more time, with feeling (and no crud after the .jpg ) 🙂
        For those of you who are tired of pics of the wookie, madcow, and Hill-the-BEAST:

        Now about that class reunion 🙂

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  6. Hmmm. Just picked up on this. If you realized, props to you!

    Inconsistencies in testimony to IG Horowitz and to Congress. 👀

    Re: the infamous tarmac meeting between Slick Willie and Loretta Lynch….


    Bill Clinton told Horowitz’s team that “he recalled walking toward Lynch’s plane with his Chief of Staff, and that Lynch and her staff were ‘getting off the airplane.’ He said that he greeted Lynch, who was on the plane, and Lynch stated, ‘[L]ook it’s a 100 degrees out there, come up and we’ll talk about our grandkids.'”

    The necessary implication is that Lynch stuck her head out of the plane door and beckoned Bill Clinton up.

    In contrast, Lynch says that “[her husband and her] were walking toward the front door, and then … the head of my [security] detail stopped and spoke to someone outside the plane, turned around and said former President Clinton is here, and he wants to say hello to you. And I think my initial reaction was the profound statement, what? Something like that. And he repeated that. … And I said, yes, he can come on the plane and say hello. And he was literally there. So I don’t know if [the detail agent in charge] was talking to President Clinton or somebody else. I don’t know who was on the steps.”

    Note Lynch’s explicit statement that she didn’t see who was on the plane’s stairwell talking to her detail chief. Now note the Horowitz report’s clarification that “Lynch said [to the IG officers] that former President Clinton boarded the plane in a matter of seconds, suggesting that he was in the stairwell near the door to the plane.”

    Only one story can be true.”

    BUT WAIT…..



    “….(Lynch) asserted repeatedly that she protected the integrity of the Clinton email investigation by deferring the case to the FBI. But can she really claim to have shown deference when it was her department that quietly directed the Bureau against seeking its primary charge?

    The allegation that the Justice Department directly influenced the FBI’s final recommendation in the Clinton investigation comes from testimony provided to members of Congress in 2018 by ex-FBI attorney Lisa Page, yes, that Lisa Page. House Republicans released the transcripts this week.

    The record shows that Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, and Page went back and forth discussing the Bureau’s intra-agency debate on whether it could bring a “gross negligence” charge against Clinton for having operated an unauthorized homebrew email server out of her bathroom when she served in the State Department.

    Page alleges the Bureau didn’t blow over the charge and added it had “multiple conversations” with the Justice Department about “charging gross negligence.” The DOJ advised that the charge was “too vague,” she said, and therefore felt it could not “permissibly bring the charge” or “sustain” it.

    Ratcliffe then said: “[W]hen you say you got advice from the [Justice Department], you’re making it sound like it was the Department that told you: You’re not going to charge gross negligence because we’re prosecutors and we’re telling you we’re not going to [bring a case based on that].”

    “That is correct,” responded Page.“


    “Now, compare Page’s closed-door interview to Lynch’s 2016 congressional testimony. The former attorney general told members of Congress, “I made the decision, some time ago, that I would accept the recommendation of that team … When I received it, there was no basis not to accept it and again I reiterate my pride and faith in them.”

    She also said, “I met with … career prosecutors and agents who conducted that investigation. I received and accepted their unanimous recommendation,” “I received the recommendation of the team and that team was composed of prosecutors and agents. With the unanimous recommendation as to how to resolve the investigation, and what the information that they had received,” and “I accepted that recommendation. I saw no reason not to accept it.”

    Lynch was in the hot seat before Congress following reports that she had met secretly with Bill Clinton even as the Justice Department was actively investigating the former president’s wife. Lynch, who claimed it was just an impromptu meeting between old friends, refused to recuse herself from the case. Rather, she assured the public she would accept whatever charge the FBI recommended.”



    “If we’re to believe Page’s testimony, what are we to make of Lynch’s? That she deferred the matter to the FBI, testifying repeatedly that she had resigned herself to accept whatever the Bureau recommended, but only AFTER the Justice Department had already instructed the Bureau against seeking its chief charge?

    Why, it’s almost as if some of these former Obama administration officials are not very honest.”

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      1. Did you pick up on the dual inconsistency?

        In separate cases, AG Lynch gave differing testimony from someone else.

        And in both cases, memory/recall was not an issue.

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    1. They wanted to get our President.

      He even offered an olive branch to them with the chance to move on right after he was elected (already knowing all he had learned from Adm. Rogers, of course).

      But no. No way, no how.

      They insisted, they persisted, and they resisted.

      Now we’re going to get their boy-god. Their “Precious”.

      Along with Hillary and both their AG’s, to say nothing of Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Yates, etc., etc.

      Now we make them…and their party….synonymous with the word “treason”.

      They won’t be able to go outside.

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      1. To paraphrase Bob Dylan,

        The answer my friend
        Is swinging in the wind,
        The answer is swinging in the wind…

        They have been blinded by lust for power, money, fame, and the youth/innocence of others (read: pizzagate). Would that they repent, and make good their debt to society, the country, and GOD.

        But the drug of power is worse than any addiction of which we can conceive. Only GOD can take away its lure, its sting, and its certain (eternal) death. Here’s hoping and praying that they do indeed turn. If only that they have the opportunity presented to them…



      From 1964….

      It goes on and on and on….

      Horrible things would have happened to each one of these women if they had not been armed to defend themselves and their children.

      Whenever you hear someone say “Guns kill people” remind them that, all too often, those killed had it coming and the guns protected the innocent.

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  7. Victor Davis Hanson on our second civil war.

    “Globalism, the tech boom, illegal immigration, campus radicalism, the new racialism . . . Are they leading us toward an 1861?

    How, when, and why has the United States now arrived at the brink of a veritable civil war?

    Almost every cultural and social institution — universities, the public schools, the NFL, the Oscars, the Tonys, the Grammys, late-night television, public restaurants, coffee shops, movies, TV, stand-up comedy — has been not just politicized but also weaponized.

    Donald Trump’s election was not so much a catalyst for the divide as a manifestation and amplification of the existing schism…”

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              1. As we used to say when I was young, “I can relate to that at my own level.”

                Great vids, BTW. Love both Heart and CCR. I always wished I could belt it out like Ann Wilson. Sadly, the last time I was inspired to sing and dance in the living room during a TV Heart concert I pulled a muscle in my back, so I enjoy from the sidelines now.

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              2. Moar please patrickhenrycensored.

                Just to let you know I was a long time reader of CTH for many years going back b-4 the Travon BS and fondly remember your comments over there but, I was working at the time and the company was knowing if I was commenting on wasting time on their dime. So just a reader. A lurker. Then I retired.
                After the 1st amendment was Quashed ot spent most of time on prayer requests because so many of the old Treepers was disappearing for various reasons that Valerie posted your comment on the open thread about your health.
                Just wanted you to know I admire your strength, resolve, faith, and love of old friends.

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              3. Thank you for the kind thoughts, trumpismine.
                I had wondered where folks went, but was MIA as to the why.
                The emigration happened at a time I was undergoing a lot of ‘testing.’

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              4. Ah yes testing.
                James 1:3
                for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let your steadfastness have it’s full effect, that you may be perfect and complete , lacking in nothing.

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              5. I only mentioned the ‘results’ to another treeper because I didn’t want to leave anyone wondering where I’d gone.

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            1. Don’t know why, but I see magic in
              the Old Man, Lives Down the Road,
              and it’s not just the extension cord.

              For some reason triggers a old Frank
              Sinatra classic “It Was a Very Good

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  8. Argh! These loser Dims don’t know you are supposed to GO AWAY when you lose. They are like zombies. They just keep coming.

    I find this individual particularly distasteful. It was just a few days ago that she was being teased by the Biden campaign as their VEEP and she ungraciously said (basically) she is too good to be in second place. Of course, that was before Biden was taken out of the equation. But I wish someone would knock her out of consideration.

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    1. MCM and D-Rats have always ignored pervert Joe Biden.

      Now the MCM and D-Rats don’t want perv Joe in 2020, so in unison they bottom blow Joe.

      The only thing MCM and D-Rats do transparently, is stay on identical message.

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  9. Filthy Hollywood writers etc threatening GA voters if they passed the Heartbeat bill…

    Existing abortion legislation allows for abortion up to 20 weeks…

    GA State House passed Heartbeat Bill 92-78… it goes now to Gov Kemp’s desk for his signature…

    New legislation virtually negates ability to get an abortion in GA as heartbeat begins in fetus at 18 days.

    So, renege on your film making contracts in GA, some 20 in the hopper I understand. Go back to CA and pay 3x the taxes, deal with it… extortion is like karma… a real bi-o-tch…

    Georgia has more water than California dreaming…

    There are more than 70,000 miles of streams, 425,000 acres of reservoirs and lakes, 400,000 acres of coastal marshlands, and 4.5 million acres of freshwater wetlands in Georgia.

    Eat your heart out dry, sterile Hollywood…

    Georgia will now have more babies…

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    1. Just as I, don’t need cable, DirectTV, Dish….I don’t need Hollywierd actors, actresses, singers…

      GA will be just fine without Hollywierd actors, actresses, singers.

      Seems to me, Hollywierd actors, actresses, singers need the citizens money.

      Stuuuupid Hollywierd actors, actresses, singers.


  10. wheatie,

    I have a special request, oh queen of trees…

    On John’s Island, outside of my birth place of Charleston, SC stands a beautiful old live oak tree…

    I would hope you might consider featuring this Angel Oak some Friday in your banner. Here’s a link to a cache of articles, photos, history, etc.

    In the Charleston – lowcountry area we don’t cut down trees because they impede the growth of new highways, we route the highways around the trees. Quite sensible, don’t you think?

    Anyway, I’m sure one day you may run low on beautiful inviting trees… and I offer this gem for your treasure chest.


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    1. Awesome oak, PR. Am I correct in assuming a “no climbing” policy? That’s the first thing I’d want to do, yet I see no one doing so in pictures.

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      1. Maybe not that oak, but there are plenty of climbing oaks along the coasts from SC to Louisiana!

        Jekyll Island, Sea Island, St. Simons Island in GA, many places in SC, N FL, AL, MS, and Louisiana have lots of oaks to climb!

        Come on down! :8-)

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      2. No climbing, no stepping on limbs…

        It is awesome… and considering that live oaks have very shallow root systems, amazing this beauty has lasted so long.

        Hurricane Hugo took out many live oaks…

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    2. Thanks, PhoenixR.
      I had actually run across some photos of the Angel Oaks in some of my searches for big trees…and those are awesome.

      I’ve been trying to use big trees that have doors on them, but I am running out of those.
      So I may use one of these Angel Oaks at some point…they are really beautiful.

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  12. “Watch the long faces as Jeh Johnson, Obama’s DHS Secretary, tells MSNBC that the border is ‘truly in a crisis’
    By Thomas Lifson

    I have significantly upgraded my opinion of Jeh Johnson, President Obama’s secretary of homeland security. Appearing Friday on Morning Joe, he was honest and blunt in addressing the border crisis, drawing on his own experience and implicitly rebuking the Democrats’ talking point that this is a “manufactured crisis.”

    The one-minute video below is a classic of sorts, and well worth your time…”

    View video and see pics of sad feelz MSNBC dweebs here:

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    1. Grab a shovel Sylvia,

      last time I checked, this is known as sedition

      (20 yrs ago, I might have said “violation of the Logan Act” but that Act has lost any clout it might have ever had)

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    2. i guess california is in such great shape he can spend time in one of the countries that flies under the radar as a cabal stronghold.

      in regard to his state – where he was “elected” not by el salvadorans, someone offered this advice:

      “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

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  13. It appears AMLO has been playing fast and loose with PDJT probably thinking he was going to be so wounded or destroyed by the Mueller investigation that he could just shine him on with promises to help at the border.

    But oops. Mueller report drops. Now AMLO is scrambling to suck up again and sends his gal to meet with Secretary Nielsen last week, promising to set up a military containment zone across the Mexican isthmus.

    But right after that PDJT starts talking about shutting down the border. I hope AMLO gets the message.

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    1. I hope POTUS shuts the Border anyway!! Set an example for all the World to see. All these azzhats that have been disrespecting him(and us), listening to ex-Ozeros, stalling, thinking he’s going to be impeached, need to be taught a BIG lesson. I’m tired of the AMLO, Xi, Kim, Trudeau, Merkel, Macrons, etc., of the world taking advantage of us for years, taking advantage of President Trump’s kindness and generosity, then badmouthing and backstabbing him. Enough! Cut All Foreign Aid! Unleash the sanctions, increase the tariffs! Time for MOAR chocolate cake!!

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      1. You know, I keep watching this crew in disbelief. I think of the old SNL cast of “Not Ready For Prime Time Players.” Good description of this field. I seriously expected them to be better. One by one they have kind of flamed out.

        I understand the Mayor of Somewhereville who is running or has formed and exploratory committee and he has an unpronounceable name but he is OH so trendy because he is openly gay (and with a husband no less) is getting a lot of buzz. I don’t know why because I haven’t been paying attention to him.

        There’s also some businessman whose last name starts with a Y, something like Yenk or Yurt, and his platform is that he is anti-circumcision. I’m sure that will inflame the voters and get them to the polls.

        But, they’ll dredge someone up.

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          1. I agree that the fix is in for Harris. And I suppose that at least the rest of these stumblebums help disguise her weaknesses as a candidate by serving as distractions.

            She is an unpleasant person. They’re going to have to work hard to make her seem warm and affable.

            What is it with these old gals running for President? The Hag, Pocahantas, Klobuchar (get under the table and dry shave my legs while I eat my salad with a comb), Harris, Gillibrand. They are all a bunch of mean girls. Not an ounce of charm between them.

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    1. Epictetus was born 22 years after Christ’s death in 55 AD.

      I mention this because, as far as I know, the age of the Stoics and Epictetus was the first time such thinking as theirs had come into the world….and yet….it was preceded by Christ.

      Jesus did not speak to us in psychological, philosophical ways….he wanted us to really THINK about what he said to us. “Let the reader understand” is sprinkled throughout the Bible, esp. the New Testament.

      For myself I cannot help but believe had Epictetus known of Jesus he would have become a Christian believer. Epictetus is absolutely indispensable for truly understanding Paul’s letters and the mind of Christ.

      “Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. 25 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. 26 What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? 27 For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what they have done.”
      Matt 26:24-27

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  15. I need my own personal technical support staff. I need to log out and fiddle around and see if I can fix what I have done to my laptop. If I don’t return, you’ll know I’m out shopping for a new device.

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    1. There is potential good news here.

      You see….democrats aren’t the only one’s who can politically benefit from a crisis.

      Can you think of ways a conservative agenda might be bolstered by what is happening? Can you imagine federal and state level legislative victories that might otherwise not be possible without this crisis?

      I can.

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    2. He’ right about the church leaders, you know…

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  16. I have a question, I want to buy a new iPad pro or a Mac Pro what is a better choice..? I know the 13″ iPad pro has a key board looks exciting but so does the Mac Pro.
    I like both but can only buy one at the time and I like to doodle and draw. I like to doodle on paper also but it seems iPad is the new choice..?
    Anyone have a good succession..?
    MyMac Pro is about 10 years old still works fine for what I am doing. My iPad is about 10 years also and does not do well with videos. I only use my iPad in the evening sitting in bed or when I travel.


        1. Read up on reviews, esp. comparative ones. Go to an Apple store when you have a lot of free time and test drive them both. Be sure to use both for your top 3-5 uses. Ask pro/con questions to Apples reps in the store. You didn’t mention your husband in your 1st post so I assumed this was solely for your own use. If you use your old laptop more than your iPad that’s a good hint you probably want to stick with a laptop.

          Hope this helps.

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          1. ForGodandCountry thank you for good advice.
            Yes I have my own compute always had. My husband has several but non are Apple producs since he has to have Microsoft .
            After sleeping on it I replace my Lap Top first and get one with as much memory I can. 13″ one is good 15 is overkill. The iPad is fun and strictly a toy.
            Thank you again you helped with perspective.


    1. singingsoul – reply tomorrow on the new thread if you want. i would ask – are you using your current macbook pro to make money? if so what are the primary money making necessities – as in programs you use…

      also what type of storage do you need? do you use a lot of drive space or several external hard drives or “cloud”, etc… what would be your expectation with new device?

      do you need to attach external devices? what devices/purpose?

      how invested in the apple world are you? itunes music, many paid apps, purchased program licenses, of course if you are and have been on a mac for more than 10 years i can assume you are invested in some ways most importantly you consider yourself a mac user and will stay that way – which is fine and understandable i never judge anyone (too much) by the logo on their equipment 😉

      if you want to draw and use it as a sketchbook or want to have it in bed or travel fast the ipad might be more for you…for example:

      12.9 ipad pro
      256 gb storage
      color agnostic
      wifi / cellular connectivity
      wifi only (tether off your cell phone good option)

      smart pen

      smart keyboard

      if you go 64gb storage it is several hundred less of course but again i do not know your storage needs.

      also you know ipads – pretty much ipad is what it is a tablet with no connection ports. they still do not allow you to put in a memory card (otherwise they would never sell anything but 64gb models) but they look great, work, have excellent form factor and get good battery life.

      they are pushing their faceid hard now been a while since i went to their site. people lap this up.

      so mac pro side – you know its a laptop – thinner i would imagine than your current one. the 13 inch ones start around $1300 and the 15inch around $2400 to start so if you are serious about that we can expound more on it.


      1. Andrew thank you for your comprehensive response concerning my question.
        After seeping on it I am going to replace my lap top first. iPad is more of a toy for me.

        I always try to buy , overkill for me, as much memory as I can and believe that is why I was able to have my lap top so long. The lap top still works fine just Apple is not supporting it any-longer.

        I use my computer for personal use no external devices I could but do not. I am a gadget junky even with kitchen appliances,
        Even though my husband still teaches in Engineering technology at a University and teaches all computer to studens he feels I should figure things out on my own . My first computer 30 years ago he showed me how to turn it on get onto the internet and I had to figure stuff out on my own.

        Thank God I never had a virus or any problems with my computers. I am an intuitive user that is why Apple products are so great for me.

        I mainly use my computer to connect with the outside world. I am fascinated what he computer all can do and can connect me too.
        I read up what all is available at the Apple store and all products are so much fun. Even though I am 74 I am like a kid in a candy store when I get to Apple store. I think that is why I was so confused I see toys.
        Most practical is the Mac Pro lap top at this time and maybe in the fall get a new iPad.
        Thank’s again..


  17. THREAD – click on tweet

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    1. ‘Research’ money, and then kickbacks and contracts to big donors.
      Gates has skin in the nuclear game and is pushing this for his benefit.
      Nuclear is good.
      And Gates is smart enough to tie it to climate change (and eventual legislation) to keep his investment costs down.

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      1. Ni Ni PHC, Sweet Dreams 😴 💤 🛌 😍😍

        “When you lie down, you shall not be afraid; yes, you shall lie down, and your sleep shall be sweet.”
        ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:24‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

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        1. thanks amwick… didn’t know the connection.

          I use bungee cords on the posters now, since surgery on my ankle, to get in and out of bed 😉

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    1. I lift my eyes until the hills, where does my help come from?
      My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth

      Love it Marica!!😍😍😍

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  18. Last fall I planted some itty bitty Peony roots. I bought them online,, kinda expensive,, and hoped… and hoped,,,
    We had wonderful Peonies at our home in PA…They were a wonder… and my husband said how he missed them..
    Guess what is popping up through that red GA dirt??… Woot woot…. Nature is a miracle…

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Qwel!!! LOVE Peonies!!! My mom was a big gardener and for many years early in marriage and with my young kids–I was too! Would transplant Irises (my favorites) and LOVED watching them pop up in the spring…Perinials were my favorite!! But with a builder Hubby–we moved every 2-4 years so I lost interest…
      Hmmmm–maybe that needs to be revived!! Thanks for your post amwick!!!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. The PA peonies came with the house. I took care of them.. I was always amazed before their big balls opened, that ants were always crawling around.. Somewhere I read that the ants helped the flowers, so I always left them along… hmmmm
        BTW my mother’s favorite flower was the iris.

        Liked by 6 people

        1. We had HUGE Peonies bushes as a kid–but my after my mom would cut and bring in the house in flower arrangements…the ants would get her so mad!!! LOL!!!

          Liked by 3 people

        2. I love Peonies too!
          Huge fragrant blooms that last for weeks.
          They are wonderful!

          Mine had multiplied and gotten well established…then the ants ate the root bulbs!

          So if you’re seeing ants on your peonies, Amwick…I would suggest laying down ant-killer granules in the soil around them.

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      2. So… way back,, as a child in CT, my father planted some pachysandra. We are talking late 60s. I have managed to take cuttings of that plant to every house I have ever lived in.. Every house, I have a piece of the plant my father planted.

        He died in 1971…. but that little bit of ground cover means the world to me…

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        1. awww!!! That is very very special!!! I feel like I need to go back to my childhood home and get some irises…–Guess what? it’s on the market! Fantastic Idea!!!

          Liked by 4 people

            1. Yes ZOE!! I really need to look into this.. How special would that be? Amwick is giving me ideas!!!
              PS– This weekend is THE SLOWEST news weekend in a LONG LONG time… Not complaining. Usually quiet means either Calm Before the Storm, or LOTS of Booms we don’t know about…
              Pray Pray Pray…

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            2. I had iris growing at that PA house. I pulled some up.. and carried them in a bag for five weeks, while we were on a cross country car trip.. I planted them at my mother’s grave, in MN. Five weeks making sure that they stayed wet… while we drove and drove and drove… crazy..

              Liked by 3 people

              1. funny/sweet story and Memory!! You a great kid!! I couldn’t imagine my kids (who are really good) doing anything like that for me like what you did for your momma! I Pray our American Culture–Human Culture swings back like the Pendulum that Flep talks about!!!!

                Liked by 2 people

    2. i love flowers! but here in the woods, unless it’s fenced and walled off, the animals will eat everything…except the hyacinths I planted in memory of my sister–purple ones–her favorite.
      I just can’t see having a lot of fenced in areas in the wild–we do have our small vegetable garden and our dozen or so grape vines enclosed but the rest is open for all to eat and enjoy…lol
      So, in honor of those that pass in my family, we now plant trees–evergreens, oaks, and fruit trees. yes, we still have to protect them for a few years but I don’t mind the small trunk guards and wire fencings.

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  19. This interest (obsession?) that I have with Q and the opinions of my fellow travellers here is having a deleterious effect on the climate – or should I say, my interest in said topic ….

    So I am catching up on weeks of not bothering with CAGW Kaka, and skimming through WattUpWithThat’s headlines …

    This reminded me of one of very few posts I ever made over there – which was warmly received at the time …

    It went something like this …

    IPCC dogma has it that the runaway (greenhouse) GH effect is based on the assumption that water vapour will act as the positive feedback loop. So some CO2 induced warming results in increasing the water vapour content of the atmosphere, which results in more warming which increases the water vapour content some more ad infinitum, until we are cooked …

    To which I said, er, every day we observe actual water falling out of the sky, somewhere in most countries on the planet – it is called rain … This happens when a cold front impinges on warm, moist air. So the residency of water vapour in air is determined by ever fluctuating atmospheric conditions and cannot be used in the manner that IPCC dogma attempts – this will result in a massive fail.

    The IPCC needs to demonstrate its CO2 GH effect with real world science – NOT modelled assumptions!!

    Because the MOST powerful GH gas is in fact water vapour, they need to demonstrate the effect in regions with LOW humidity – deserts …

    It is in fact in deserts where people can have direct experience of the real effect that water vapour has as a GH gas – hot as hades during the day, as cold as a witches t!t at night as all that heat radiates out to space …

    So why has there not been a decadal study of nocturnal heat loss of desert environs ….. ??? Because this would PROVE the CO2 GH effect beyond doubt. The air is dry, so water vapour is a controlled variable. Simply show how night time desert air heat loss has decreased with increasing atmospheric CO2.

    Perhaps these studies HAVE BEEN DONE?? But like Big Pharma, the results are NOT PUBLISHED because the DISPROVE the hypothesis …

    This is at least defensible since it is explained by human greed. What would be worse is if the studies have NOT been done – this would prove that they ALWAYS KNEW IT WAS A HOAX!!!


    Liked by 9 people

      1. What gets me, is that the Left turns a blind eye to China’s pollution levels.

        The US is an easy target…but we have curbed our pollution and now have the lowest rate of any industrialized nation on the planet!

        Hollywood is such a hypocrite about this.
        They are all too happy to take money from the ChiComs, while turning a blind eye to their pollution and their human rights abuses!

        Liked by 9 people

        1. Useful idiots.

          Socialism is a DEFECT of society. It’s only inevitable in the same way that RUST and CORROSION are “inevitable”. The idea that we can lie to ourselves about things like News and Science to “help” ourselves is a huge lie in and of itself. People are sold to and bought into the lie at many levels, but all of them are wrong. A very interesting phenomenon.

          The Great Awakening is awesome. There is going to be INTENSE knowledge-building as the PHONY WALLS FALL DOWN.

          Liked by 7 people

      2. Sure, we have many valid reasons to make this claim – they will try to weasel out by claiming it was more complex than they thought …

        This is why I am asking “where are the desert studies?” …

        This is a study in which 2 confounding variables are naturally controlled – making it far less complex??

        I believe that they have not conducted these studies because they knew from the get-go that it was fake science …

        This climate hoax started at the same time as the commies started to assert themselves in western institutions – right around the time the Berlin wall came down …

        Liked by 6 people

        1. Yup. Bill Clinton right around the corner. Ready to let China in. They had a LONG TERM PLAN.

          I don’t know what is going to be disclosed, but I am now under the impression that many things I *suspected* were going on in Western science REALLY WERE going on.

          I will start a thread on this soon, after I take care of some things. In a few days. We really need to talk about this and start zeroing in on the TIME FRAMES.

          Liked by 8 people

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