News Roundup! Bush Republicans, Apex Predator, Message To Voters, Border Crisis, Rally Crowd, Hollywood, Rahm & Economic Train……

All this BS that you are hearing from Never Trumpers and Bush Republicans is complete nonsense. Our President understands that a severe price has to be paid for the POS that were involved in this coup. Anything less would turn off voters that are now willing to give our President another look.

Please make sure to push this with your friends and relatives regardless if they are pro or anti Trump. Here is a great thread by Richard Baris of PPD.

I selected this profile picture because that look of utter disdain allows me to sleep like a baby knowing our Lion is going to destroy all of them for the sake of our country. Never ever forget that he is an APEX PREDATOR! Kill and kill again until none of them are left are his rules in the fields he roams.

Our flag and what it stands for means everything too him!

I love the fact that our President, VP and other members of our President’s reelection campaign are hammering home Healthcare, Immigration and Late Term Abortions.

Democrats, RINOs, CoC, Koch Brothers, MSM etc. must have been mortified by what our President is planning on doing next week and this interview with former Obama DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson.

What an absolutely amazing rally last night! They can spin the polls and their BS narrative as much as they want but reality was on full display inside and outside the arena.

Hollywood is the gift that keeps on giving! I absolutely love the stance they are taking against the State of Georgia and against the unborn.

This MORON from Chicago realizes his little act is going to destroy Democrats and members of the previous administration now that our President is getting involved.

The Economic Train continues to break records, pick up passengers and run over our enemies.

From the article linked above:

For the second year in a row President Trump broke the record for the largest annual increase in GDP in history!  In 2017 the US GDP increased by a record $853 billion.  But this record was shattered in 2018 with an increase of greater than $1 trillion, the largest annual increase in GDP by any country in world history!

The Atlanta Federal Reserve revised their forecast earlier today for the 1st Quarter real GDP rate. We are getting closer to the 2.2% real GDP rate we reached last year in the 1st Quarter.

From the article linked above:

New home sales surged 4.9% (±14.4%) in February at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 667,000, easily beating the high end of the forecasts.

The consensus forecast for the jointly released new construction report was looking for an already strong 615,000, ranging from a low of 600,000 to a high of 635,000.

From the article linked above:


The final reading on consumer sentiment for March showed significant acceleration, rising to 98.4 to beat the high end of the forecast range. The gain in March was fueled by increased optimism among working Americans.

“Consumer confidence rebounded in March to 98.4 from last month’s 93.8, slightly above the average of 97.2 recorded in the past 26 months,” Richard Curtain, chief economist for the Survey of Consumers said.

“The March gain in the Sentiment Index was entirely due to households with incomes in the bottom two-thirds of the income distribution, posting a gain of +7.1 Index-points, while households with incomes in the top third fell by 1.1 Index-points.”

Middle and lower income households more frequently reported income gains than last month, although income gains were still widespread among upper income households,” Mr. Curtain added. “Indeed, the last time a larger proportion of households reported income gains was in 1966.”

Lets take a look at the Stock Market from this past week.

  • DJIA – went up 1.67% this week & up 11.15% YTD
  • Nasdaq – went up 1.13% this week & up 16.49% YTD
  • S&P 500 Index – went up 1.20% this week & up 13.07% YTD
  • Russell 2000 – went up 2.25% this week & up 14.18% YTD

Conservatives pushback with their wallets! Dicks felt it this past year.

Our President and our country aren’t just WINNING, we are KILLING it!




82 thoughts on “News Roundup! Bush Republicans, Apex Predator, Message To Voters, Border Crisis, Rally Crowd, Hollywood, Rahm & Economic Train……

    1. In reference to the Hollyweird pics above, I cannot believe that those loons think anyone, anyone at all takes them seriously or gives a rat’s behind about what they think or do. Perverted scumbags all. I have quit going to movies because I refuse to fund these amoral, abysmal human beings. God Bless Georgia and Gov. Kemp!

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    1. Harry – I think Rush reported yesterday that over 140,000 people applied for tickets to get in to the rally in Detroit! The arena held 15,000 and that was packed. No telling how many folks were outside. It was fantastic! Wish I could have been there. Maybe this shoe was lost in the shuffle of proud deplorables everywhere trying to see and hear THEIR PRESIDENT speak.

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      1. …Hahahaha…I’m having flashbacks to those high school gymnasiums that Hillary had trouble filling during the campaign…

        “Why aren’t I fifty points ahead…???”

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  1. Flep,
    Thanks, I love this new format. I now make it a point to come to WQTH this time everyday just for the sole purpose of reading your New Roundup !
    Very uplifting and excellent recap of the day. It’s always good to end the day on a positive mindset.

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    1. What Flep is doing is actually very important.

      Much of socialist MIND CONTROL depends on “inevitability” arguments. They have to convince us to GIVE UP and ACCEPT certain things that are not necessarily true. They’re just OBSTACLES or PROBLEMS – often CREATED by the socialists. They are NOT inevitable. Our giving up and accepting these false inevitables, in turn depend on DEMORALIZATION.

      Flep has a baseline of ZERO demoralization. That is the CORRECT baseline for WINNING. 😀

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      1. Flep’s articles are great and sought out. Absolutely positive and supported with facts and data.

        Yes, problems and obstacles are often created by Socialists. Further everything Socialist do is an obstacle and a problem.

        IMHO, all of that also fits government in general as managed by the Uniparty. Government needs to simply get the hell out of the way. Allow capitalism to flourish. Reduce regulations and laws.

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          1. Yes, thanks to President Trump!

            Would be nice if States did this.

            IF thgere are Presidential debates next year, President Trump can highlight the number of regulations he has cut.

            IF the D-Rat challenger has been a Governor, then highlight the number of regulations under their administration.

            Unfortunately all of the D-Rats running are Senators or Congress critters. Except Biden. Latter schmuck will seal his own demise and never get the nomination. Biden has terminal “foot in mouth” disease, compounded by being a pervert.

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            1. Hopefully if Governor Lispy , whoops I mean Inslee, stays in the race so Trump can bang him over the head about the ridiculous regulations in WASHINGTON. The logging industry killed to save the owls, forest fires cuz we can’t clean up downfall. Individual land owners have to have permits to use chain saws! Some counties have green zone regulations so that 3/5 of land owned cannot be developed. Permit costs exceed some building costs.

              A state park put in yurts. The permits for 3 yurts put in the campgrounds cost more than the yurts. They had to put in portable space heaters in them as built in heaters would have been $1500 per yurt for permits. You can buy land for a home for $35k but cost of prep to build and put in utilities is $65k. Regulations are so tight we need a permit to switch out a bad faucet!

              Don’t get me started on the homeless situation in Seattle! That’s a new can of worms. Just recently the Seattle police threatened to quit in large groups if the city council and prosecutor do not back them with policy and prosecution of repeat offenders. Washington is a sanctuary state and Seattle is a no law enforcement zone. Many needles, lots of 💩 in streets, and lots of indecent exposure by people. We need drug interdiction, build the wall! Stop revolving door law enforcement and treat drug abuse in the prison, so they can be clean coming out. Oh yeah, stop the shoot up sites! Ugh, we don’t like going into Seattle at all!

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              1. And there is Inslee /D-Rat war on Second Amendment.

                Just as NV war on 2A is Vegas (LA East), Seattle Tacoma has a war against 2A.

                Counties are pushing back greatly in many Western States.

                Needs to be a Nationwide push against gun control…which is fundamentally people control.

                No such thing as “common sense” gun trol.

                Back to one of your points…I’d also like to see Inslee paired against President Trump in 2020.

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    1. We should have closed that border 1917 when the socialists really took over. North of the border it is not all that well known, but Mexico was hard core socialist from 1917 to about 1970. Read Graham Greene’s “The Power and the Glory” sometime. The place really is corrupt as the day is long.

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      1. But we couldn’t close the border then, if I am right about Prohibition era, the rich went to Mexico for their booze, entertainment, and quick divorces,etc.!


        1. Actually, a lot of the prohibition booze was laid in before the law took effect. And there were booze merchants who anchored right on the other side of the eleven mile buffer of American waters. McCoy was one of them, hence the phrase “the real McCoy.”

          And, of course, Communion wine was allowed to be imported. Man, there was a lot of it in the Prohibition Era. 😉


          1. Thank you for your help with details. I forgot to put the snark and sarcastic indication. That’s what I was meaming. I did not know the origin of the saying “real Mcoy”, thank you for the explanation. I also know a lot of big names with money made their 💰 during the prohibition era. My former in laws were a family in ND whose 💰was made then! Did the cabal plan that too, just for the purpose of money! Who knows? I am moving through the stages of grief dealing with all this awakening. Right now Anger!!! 😾


    1. The reciprocal help has happened for decades. I can remember livestock farmers in Georgia being both on the receiving and giving ends of the same sort of thing with the understanding that when help is needed it will be there. This was in the drought years of the 80s. Same with us in the river cities and towns when sandbagging happens as the flood waters go up and then again recede and the cleanup commences. It’s the way we Americans roll.

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      1. Yeah, and the Government doesn’t need to come and steal it from the one farmer to give to the next farmer! I grew up in the Midwest and saw this sharing all my young life. If A farmer had a tragedy, the surrounding farmers came to help with planting, harvesting, or building. Yes fire and floor right help also a big thing.

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      1. What about ACCEPTANCE of the Mueller Report findings? How much does that cut into the 37%? I HOPE a lot!!!

        “Justified” is a rationalization that Dems can use to lie to themselves easily. “Trump was suspicious on Russia! It was JUSTIFIED!” Yeah, but what about the RESULTS? Do Dems ACCEPT the Mueller results?

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  2. Flep – the President just tweeted this:

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    1. He is absolutely right! They scared Americans into believing that they were trying to save us from a recession. Keep in mind that 70% of real GDP comes from consumer spending. If you think a recession is around the corner, you are less likely to spend on luxuries.

      Look at the Consumer Confidence rate that was released today. Americans are over the fear because the Fed has stated their won’t be any increases this year. As a matter of fact, I think we will see a cut before we see an increase. It has absolutely nothing to do with our Economy but the Global Economy. Germany, France and Canada are in a recession. They are hiding that fact. China is actually in a recession or as close to being in one. They are hiding that fact. The Fed can’t run from it.

      Thankfully for us, our Economy will only get stronger because the Fed can’t play games. If they could, they absolutely would.

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  3. Awesome daily summary! Thank you for this, so much winning it is hard to keep up!

    Accountability…just theorizing, but can someone who is good with weather patterns (i.e. global winds go from west to east), look at that, and maybe look at the new EO on EMP, please? Does the EO cover suitcases? Would New Zeland be far enough to not be caught in any drift or whatever the right term for the stuff is, if something went off over us?

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      1. Thank you for this reminder! I was just trying to whiteboard what they are doing in NZ, not trying to stir up concern. I will keep my eyes and chin fixed firmly upward 🙂

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  5. Speaking of the economy, from some one that is generally perplexed..

    This past Tuesday we traveled from our Cabin south towards Charleston. Much of the trip was along I26, which connects Columbia SC and points south.

    We noticed a huge, I mean a gigoundous number of container trucks…The kind that have those boxes that go on ships.. Tons of them on I26, heading to the port.

    I saw our economy in that instant.. booming… Truck after truck after truck,,, containers…

    BTW they are building a new Volvo Plant there in Summerville, a suburb of Charleston…. BOOMING!!!

    Ok, you can cite statistics.. lots of numbers, but I saw the trucks… 😄😏

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    1. And as we go along the Interstates look at truck stops. They are bustling big time. Semis fueling. truck drivers catching some shuteye.

      Look at Interstate rest areas at night. Over flowing with semis.

      A couple months ago, someone, possibly Flep posted lots of data showing CDL (Commercial Driver License) qualified drivers demand through the roof. Large signing bonuses for drivers.

      Orders for new trucks rocketing.

      Evidence of the booming economy…gotta move the freight to manufacturing plants, stores, ports…

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    2. We noticed the opposite on the I5 corridor in PNW. It used to be bumper to bumper Chinese shipping container trucks rolling out of the port and up and down the road. Now minimal container trucks from China and lots of American trucking companies hauling. Also, a lot of CDL training rigs, especially coming off JBLM where we live just outside their logistics gate. Remember when Sec. Chen announced the relaxation of age requirements for military so they can get CDL before 21? Oh, on a side note, JBLM is building up roads, RR tracks, and will be building a military prison complex. Also, ✈ traffic gets heavy and different certain days!?!

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      1. I grew up in Parkland and Spanaway. 60’s thru 80’s. In the 80’s there was a big push for double and triple trailers. Are they still around. I relocated to the South (just couldn’t take any more Washington weather). We don’t see those trucks with multiple trailers down here.

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  6. Happy for Dick’s financial losses after stopping AR sales. And now, I think all gun sales. Dummies they are!!!

    Hope Dick’s goes bankrupt. And any other company that is against the Second Amendment!

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    1. Kalbo – the thing that absolutely killed me is that their CEO knew this move cost his company a $150,000,000 loss but that in his words, “it was worth it.” Talk to us again, buddy, when your store is completely bankrupt. Arrogant p.o.s.

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    1. Redpill 78 on YouTube just put up another article where a demoncat female congressional member is leveling a complaint regarding him sniffing around her hair, grabbing her arms, and planting a slow kiss in her hair! Her reported reaction included a WTH!!

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    1. No, every Tweet by VSGPDJT is full of clues, codes, and ties back to Q posts. The above dig or puzzle it out and report back the results. If there are spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors that is a flag to dig! Also, all capitalized letters, all letters in parentheses, and plus or dashes in tweets make letters to numbers puzzles. It is a kick to watch the answers come out. One of the most well known puzzle decoders is SerialBrain 2 on Reddit. Some YouTubers then Reddit decides into slide show videos. One good one is And was a puzzle surrounding the missing H.We Know 8:28 . As soon as I saw the tweet I knew there was a puzzle surrounding the missing H. I am not good at solving the riddles though. Tennessee Homesteader on Patriot Soapbox and on WTPI You Tube does a lot with decoding visual or graphic clues and time stamps of posts and tweets. Much information in one little tweet or Q post.

      It all ties back to Wolfmoon’s articles on the Battle of Midway and the code breakers. So, no Lady Penquin you are not going crazy!

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      1. Sorry for the garbled post. My tablet and I are in an auto correct battle and the tablet WON! The best SerialBrain 2 videos on YouTube is on And We Know 8:28 channel.

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      2. I like puzzles and mysteries, and while so many might be scoffing at these nuances, and I’m a reasoned skeptic, but it’s perceived “anomalies” like this which make me a believer.

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      3. The decodes are way over my head but I catch the clues and then await SB2’s posts. Interesting stuff. I sure as hell hope the missing H means cleaning house. Can’t wait to watch the traitors go down.

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    2. One way to know for sure that the misspellings and missing letters really DO matter is the fact that, when they don’t, Q will be sure we know. He usually writes something about ignoring them, “on the move.”

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      1. With VSGPDJT, some of the “mistakes” are on purpose, as the YSM will call him out on it, and retweet everywhere in the known (and unknown) universe, saying something like “45 can’t even spell”…

        By doing that, President Trump’s tweets reach an audience that would normally not be looking. And they’re sort of forced to read the rest of the tweet in order to find the “error”.

        Trolling, trolling, trolling,
        Keeps the press a-rolling,
        They’re still stuck in that hole-ing,
        FAKE NEWS….

        [Apologies for the shredded rhyme; it was either that or bowling…] 🙂
        (busy burning dinner right now…. Calzone briquets….)

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  7. Thank Q, Flep 😍😍🇺🇸

    Love love love our focus on positive news as a daily wrap (though no pressure when you can’t get to it, Flep)

    I remember folks getting reamed ‘elsewhere’ for being positive. WTF, I used to wonder OT! President Trump is the most positive person EVAH … how can anyone claim to be a Trump supporter and refuse to find the positive every day!?!

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    1. I agree, Alison. It wasn’t just the disappointing tenor of articles that got me, I can understand realistic, but almost the entire community had turned into a misery loves company bash. I can’t survive like that.

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      1. With far too many Gumby’s chiming in OT. Too many folks lacking back bone and perseverance. Eyores, as they say.

        Surely some great analysis. Lots of interviews. Latter really good by me as I don’t have cable, DirectTv, Dish…. But negativity and “where in the world did Flep go”, drove me away.

        So glad Flep vectored me here a few months back. Great information. Thought provoking. Fun and funny folks! Refreshing for me.

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  8. Flep – thank you so much for these News Round Ups! Great stuff and I finally have a one-stop shop for truthful reporting! I know there lots more out there, but I appreciate your analysis on news of the day that matters to most Americans. I love that saying that GA/FL posted about America running on love! So true! A great statement! I see those terrible yard signs saying “Hate has no home here” and would much rather see something more uplifting and positive like “America Runs on Love”
    Thanks again and have a nice weekend!

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  9. “I love the fact that our President, VP and other members of our President’s reelection campaign are hammering home Healthcare, Immigration and Late Term Abortions.”


    I keep hearing about how the pendulum is going to swing back.

    It can’t swing hard or fast or far enough.

    Make sure it’s sharp.

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