03/28/2019 – MAGA in Michigan! Rally thread.

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GA/FL helped us wit some links this morning (Thank you!): President Donald Trump is in Michigan today. – What to know: – How to go: – How to park:


Our President is up early this morning, 5:05am, tweeting, and looking forward to addressing supporters in the great state of Michigan. Here is his morning greeting! The President has jobs, jobs, jobs, on his mind.

Doors open in Grand Rapids at 4:00pm, and the rally is scheduled to start at 7:00pm. If you need a ticket, you can still sign up Get your ticket to MAGA in Michigan!

According to the Detroit News this is President Trump’s SIXTH trip to Grand Rapids since announcing his bid for the Presidency in June of 2015, and his 18th trip to Michigan as candidate or President. From the article: “Like the president, Trump’s supporters “feel vindicated” by U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s summary of the Mueller report, said GOP strategist John Sellek. ‘It’s given them a huge boost of energy moving forward. So certainly, you’d expect the president to celebrate while he’s here in a state he needs to win again in 2020.”

The Detroit News article, above, is long and detailed in analysis of various counties – even though the bias is evident.

Who among us could ever forget the election eve campaign rally in Grand Rapids, MI? He was there at midnight, hours late, but NO ONE left. Parents brought their kids, on a school night, to witness the historic event…. and then, President Trump left and flew to Virginia for the final rally of the campaign. It was stirring, patriots, waiting until 2:00am to see the man they wanted to lead our country. And we won!! Remember that night? Remember how nervous we were? Here is a link for the 4 hours of RSBN coverage from Grand Rapids, MI, on November 7th, 2016. Relive the win = here Look towards the end of the link, where there is a time in the chirron at the bottom. At 12:53am, he was still speaking in Michigan!

In this link: Labor stats we see the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for the state of Michigan. For the last 6 months, unemployment has hovered between 3.9-4%, and in just the last 6 months, another 31K Michiganders have found a job. Michigan now employs 4,926,200 people, on the books.

But let’s talk about the auto industry in Michigan.

A few days ago, March 20, 2019, Ford Motor Company announced a new plant in Michigan for autonomous vehicles, and a plan to go to a 2nd shift at their Ash Flat factory. It’s part of a 900 MILLION dollar expansion by Ford, as they “reposition their assets to Michigan”, a reported by CNBC See link here

Fiat Chrysler, January 2018, announced they were moving a plant from Saltillo, Mexico, back to Warren, Michigan, where they will make the RAM Heavy Duty Truck. Also, because of Trump Tax Cuts, Fiat Chrysler gave $2,000 bonuses to 60K employees.  From the article in the NYPost    “FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne says the company should adjust its manufacturing footprint to reflect “improvement in the US business environment.” He says employees should also share in the tax savings.”

General Motors, and Obama era CEO, Mary Barra is still a problem, however, which persists. At Thanksgiving of 2018, Barra announced the slash of 15% of salaried employees, and our President didn’t like it. The Lordstown, Ohio plant closure hurt. Another plant in Michigan will be closed, as GM moves away from passenger cars. I did notice, strangely, GM LOVES to purchase ‘wind energy” for their plants, 300K megawatt hours……… they’re so special at GM, 8000 less executives but they are feeling green Link here

In Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Detroit, and other cities throughout Michigan, leaders and investors are embracing the Trump Economic Opportunity Zones. I’ve personally noticed activity in our state based on the new law. According to the article, The opportunity funds are available to developers interested in working in the opportunity zones. “It’s a win-win,” Santer said. “The community needs the investment, and the investor needs a way to extinguish their tax liability.” Ann Arbor SPARK is planning to work with economic groups in Detroit to compile a list of available opportunity funds and development opportunities across southeast Michigan, Santer said.

If you just can’t get enough, check out the RSBN coverage from Grand Rapids, on “Rally Eve”. We love the students from Auburn and their persistence. Link here 

519 thoughts on “03/28/2019 – MAGA in Michigan! Rally thread.

  1. Wow, You took back your country, recaptured your dignity, you took back your freedom, maybe for a second time. Now you have a President who believes in you.
    YOU YOU YOU YOU – so much different than Obama.
    I’m fighting for you and will never stop.
    We will always fight on to victory.
    We are going to stand for justice…….. for the rights given to us by almighty God.
    Powerfullllllllllllllllll words and closing

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  2. Love all you guys!! Gotta get back to G baby– (I took a break as he had a Puke episode! 😱 AUGH!!) I was worried it was flu–But he was jumping on trampoline earlier–So hopefully just that… TTFL!😘😘

    Liked by 15 people

    1. President Trump, the President I never knew was possible!

      Been on the Trump Train since the beginning. Believed in it. Never knew we could win so much and so consistently across the spectrum of issues.

      President Trump is simply the Greatest President of my 64 years!!!
      – Every other President pales in contrast to president Trump’s leadership and accomplishments.

      Simply in awe of President Trump !

      We are fortunate beyond words.

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  3. Oh, Tucker has Mark Steyn on to discuss. This is great stuff!!!

    Mark said PDJT was somewhat restrained apart from pencil neck and little schleppers. Mark had had a bad day and didn’t want to listen to this speech, but he said within 15 minutes he was howling with laughter. He said PDJT has developed a unique rhetorical style that makes everyone else look boring.

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    1. Tucker said something like he expected PDJT would be standing with his foot on the chest of his enemy tearing off chunks of meat (or something like that) but he kind of underplayed it.

      I think that’s true. He said what he needed to say. I was a little disappointed he didn’t speak stronger about the coup planners, but truthfully this is probably best. He can nudge things along, guide things, direct things, and let others do the dirty work. Maybe.

      I think Liddle Adam Schitt is going down hard.

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  4. Gotta run an errand.

    Good Job Everybody!!!
    POTUS plus blogging with all you Wonderful Q-T-Pies is such an awesome experience!!
    Luv Y’all😍😍🦋🦋

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  5. 2020 campaign
    In this corner we have President Donald J. Trump
    And in the other corner we have,………………………………nary a focking chance

    Goodnight, friends

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  6. Before signing off, thank you, thank you, Daughn and GA/FL for the greatest rally ever!!!


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    1. Yes!! I was thinking about that on ride home. Who are we ever gonna get after POTUS?? No one will ever compare or measure up to him! We will be extremely spoiled come 2024. Hope Jr’s taking lots of notes! He’s definitely quick witted, maybe Sr could help him in the background for 8yrs, huh? Best plan I’ve heard so far, 😆

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    1. Meanwhile….

      First Lady comforting and encouraging Venezuela’s First Lady:

      Barron being a 13 year old:

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  7. Wow!!! thank you all for the comments and reporting on the rally!! I am smiling so hard my face hurts–I felt like I was there!!
    I am excited to see wheatie (I think) posted a link to the rally on the open thread–so now that I’ve enjoyed the commentary from you all, I will grab MOAR coffee and enjoy POTUS’s rally!

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