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For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from the talented Thomas Bergersen, of the group Two Steps From Hell, from their album, ‘Invincible’:

Titled: ‘Undying Love’



Is that a Q on our beautiful First Lady’s dress?


Visual Descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Top Image:  It is a view of a huge Tree with an arched doorway at the base of the trunk.  A glowing light is coming from a little window in the door. There are metal spirals and brackets on the door, holding the wooden planks together.  Exposed roots of the Tree are covering the ground around it, spreading out in all directions.

The sun is shining through the dense forest surrounding the Tree, with filtered rays of sunlight making their way through. There are a few sprigs of green grass growing up between the network of exposed roots. Ivy is growing on the huge tree…and there are a few sprigs of Spanish Moss trailing off it’s massive branches.

Second Image:  There is a large round wooden deck overlooking a panoramic view of treetops and surrounding mountains. A giant branch is growing up through the deck and branching out through the deck’s railing. There are gray deck chairs with green cushions and a small table. Filtered sunlight is making a mottled pattern on the deck floor, the chairs and the giant tree branches. There are fluffy white clouds in the distance, against a blue sky.

Video Image: A girl with long white hair is standing in a golden field of waist-high tall grasses. Wind is blowing the grass as well as the girl’s hair. She is holding a sword and wearing a green tunic trimmed in metallic armor. Her head is turned towards us, looking over her left shoulder. She is wearing a metal wrist guard and an arm bracelet on her upper arm. In her hand is a round blue object.

A long green cape attached to the girl’s shoulder armor is blowing in the wind. In the distance is an enormous tree dominating the landscape. White birds are flying out towards us from the tree. Across the valley below, the sun is coming up over the distant mountains. Rays of sunlight are hitting the valley and the tree…there is a glimpse of blue sky and wind-blown white clouds, behind the tree.

Bottom Image: It is a picture of First Lady Melania, during their visit to Poland in the summer of 2017. She is wearing a dress with brightly colored appliqués in abstract shapes. One of the shapes resembles the capital letter Q.


Release the DECLAS!


[ Note: The Q on Flotus’ dress was photoshopped.]

682 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190323

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        1. To be sure, some maintain that the Democratic party isn’t the same as it was in 1860-1890 or so. I don’t suppose we can hold it against them if they truly did change.

          But in many respects, they really haven’t. They might not want to put Blacks on a plantation in chains (at least not without putting whites on the plantation too), but they simply use Blacks and have no intention of actually doing anything to help them.

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    1. The big grey in the front is Traveler, General Robert E. Lee’s horse. His full brother is the foundation stallion of both the American Saddlebred and the Tennessee walking horse. Because the Southerners were allowed to keep their horses, we now have these great American breeds. And that is thanks to the high esteem in which General Lee was held.

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      1. IIRC, General Grant wanted the men of the south to have their horses for the late planting. He saw no reason to further humiliate the men. General Lee did acknowledge the generosity.

        Neither of the generals wanted to fight that war. To their credit, they were able to work out an agreement to accept the confederate soldiers into the union fold once it was over.

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        1. The concept of Honor still meant something to people back in those days, including the democrats (however hypocritical they were).

          Today’s democrats spit on that concept and hold it in fierce contempt.

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          1. If it was not for General Robert E. Lee working to make the peace happen after the war it would have not and the out comes of WW1 and WW2 may have been quite different if not for that. When i joined the military in 78 there were many soldiers of southern back ground who still had an animus toward yanks but none for the country. This IMO would of been much worse had it not been for Lee striving to make things better post civil war.

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  2. 3172

    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 9cdbf6 No.5853176 📁
    Mar 23 2019 18:52:13 (EST)
    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 9cdbf6 No.5853115 📁
    Mar 23 2019 18:50:04 (EST)
    8622AD34-EF12-45FD-B56C-FE2F563ECCF6.jpeg ⬇

    MEME misspelled but drives the point across.

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  3. 3173

    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: f09fda No.5853545 📁
    Mar 23 2019 19:06:10 (EST)
    Anonymous ID: d6b2e4 No.5853322 📁
    Mar 23 2019 18:57:27 (EST)


    All of us have been antsy for the hammer to drop… but we will remember this time… the time before we knew the next BIG scene… this is historic.
    The calm before the storm?
    What happens when a blockade (threat) is dismantled & removed?
    “You’ll find out.”
    Children used as shields (manufactured crimes of perjury)?

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  4. “The media’s focus on the Donald J. Trump administration often centers around the White House and the President of the United States. But across the federal government, his America First policies continue to play out with little notice from the press and significant benefits to the American people.

    David Bernhardt, acting secretary of the Department of the Interior (DOI), signed a secretarial order last week that directs the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to make public access to federal land for fishing, hunting, and other recreational activities a priority when considering the fate of millions of acres of land in the United States under the control of the federal government.

    And that represents vast swaths of the country, according to the U.S. Geological Survey:”

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    1. On a related note, I watched an episode of The Sheriffs of El Dorado County, a reality TV show kind of like Cops only in takes place in this county in California. North California, gold country. Beautiful area. Sigh. At least it used to be.

      Anyway, this particular episode followed the deputies and other LEO partners as they planned and executed a raid on public land, forget if it was state or federal. This was a rural, mountainous area.

      Anyway, they were explaining as they approached it that they had had to close the roads and forbid access to these public lands some years ago as it had just grown too dangerous. It seems the cartels have taken over much of it. They import illegals who don’t speak English and don’t tell them where they are. They dump them on these remote mountain sides with some tents, some food, some equipment. Their job is to clear space and grow weed.

      Getting in and out is difficult. It was steep. The camp gets resupplied every couple of weeks or so. The illegals often have family members at home under the cartel’ s thumb, don’t speak English, and don’t know where they are. Just grow that pot, baby. That’s your job. Oh, and here’s weaponry in case anyone comes looking.

      It was heartbreaking to see the wreckage. The huge empty containers of toxic pesticides and fertilizer in the creek rushing down stream. The water from the stream diverted to water the weed. The stumps of trees. The trash.

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        1. Pass federal law taxing ALL money transfers to individuals in amount of < $3,000 into Mexico 30% of the total balance transferred.

          If the transfers are to bank accounts, charge 40%.

          If to businesses, then 50%.

          MAKE IT HURT!

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          1. that right there my friend is the absolute key…

            all money transfers out of country taxed like a mofo. illegals will beg to go home.

            screw them and their families and their own country making bucks off us and transferring our money out of country instead of back into the community where it belongs.


            still scrambling on some computer issues but i’ll be back. i can’t wait to find out what i missed today. plus part of my story is about desperately trying to stop having my mind taken over just by attempting to listen to their hallucinogenic drivel. no wonder they have people up in arms and scared of maga hats.

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          1. Now that the Mueller FARCE is going down, I truly believe we WILL find the will.

            What we really need now, IMO, is for there to be disclosure on one or more false flag operations, including media complicity being exposed. THAT will finish off the fake news.

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            1. Now that I’ve had my fill of celebrating the end of the Mueller fiasco, I’ve been reflecting a bit today.

              I know this isn’t the end. I know we haven’t won the war. It was a battle. A big battle, but it was just a battle. I hope it changes momentum and things began to fall our way quickly.

              I read a piece OT today about Pelosi’s plotting their next moves, and I thought it was pretty good as far as it went–which was analyzing what Commies will do next.

              But what about us? The good guys? What will WE do next? Well, we’re hoping for lots of hurt in the Horowitz report and for Barr to enforce it. That will be good and I am looking forward to that.

              But Wolfie, I sure hope what you suggest–a disclosure on at least one false flag operation–is coming soon!!! It is a really, really good idea. I hope is in the works!

              If the truth on one of those came out, it would lay bare a whole lot of things. It would get everyone’s attention, it would wake people up, it would horrify us all as it should.

              It would DEFINITELY kill fake news and that needs to happen for us to advance, and it would red pill the holy heck out of all of us and prepare the ground for what will come (I hope).

              I hope the white hats are working on that! I am trusting The Plan.

              Great comment, Wolf.

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              1. Thanks, Sylvia! ❤

                I have never been so hopeful that these false flags would be broken open, as I am now, thanks to this New Zealand operation being SO incredibly lame and sloppy.

                Fake News truly is falling apart. I REALLY am trusting the plan now. Our people KNOW what they are doing!

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              2. When I read your comment I got one of those chills, you know, the goose walked over your grave kind of thing. Frankly, it had never occurred to me that we would ever have the truth on one of those.

                But when I read your comment and right away saw in a flash the beauty of that idea! It would have such POWER in killing the GlobalCommie beast! It is breathtaking.

                And while I haven’t been following the NZ closely, from what I have read here indeed it does seem to have been a particularly sloppy FF. Hastily, poorly planned? The spent ammo Q mentioned?

                Putting a stake through the heart of the Fake News is vital in for us to win. PDJT has done a fabulous job of setting that whole house of cards to wobbling. I’m looking forward to watching it die.

                I’m so glad you made this point!!!

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            2. The Enemedia is already trotting out the “we were lied to” narrative.

              As opposed to admitting that they *knew* they were pushing lies.

              I hope they don’t get away with it.

              It will be interesting to watch the finger-pointing, though.

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              1. Yes, exactly!

                Now…if Potus would only retweet that!

                Millions of normies haven’t seen that.
                Or any of the other vids that have shown virtually the same thing.

                The problem is…how to get that out to the sheeple.

                The Enemedia won’t show it.

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  5. ‘night, y’all. My home parish, the one of my childhood, said goodbye this morning to one of the gentlemen who made it what it was decades ago. This man was amazingly successful professionally, and as an athlete, and yet was one of the most humble people I’ve ever known. The church was packed with the people of my past this morning, and sad as it is my big thought other than what a dad this man was was that all the people there actually knew how to dress. Sad. Requiescat in pace, Mr. F.

    So, ‘night. See y’all tomorrow.

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    1. I can relate to you big thought. I kind of cringe when I see people at weddings and funerals in what I guess in their fond hopes could be described as casual wear. I would describe it as car washing clothes or gardening gear.

      My mother used to say, “I don’t know why I worried about what I put on when I left home.” I heard her say that a zillion times when I was growing up. Funny. I find myself thinking that a lot, too. And I am not exactly in our First Lady’s league….

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      1. With the exception of some harrowing mornings of dropping our oldest kids and 4 neighbor kids off at school in the morning I can probably only count 8 times I left the house looking like a mess. Several of those times was either to run into the grocery store while I was in the middle of baking and needed an ingredient or to the hardware store for more paint.

        A few of those hurried morning runs to the school I would throw a trenchcoat over my nightgown, push my hair back, load up the kids and drive. Until one day when I got pulled over for speeding in my then small town. The LEO knew me even though I didn’t know him. My guess is he knew me because my BiL was also on the force.

        He’s grinning while asking me why I was speeding. I told him I had to gun it to cross the busy highway, and just didn’t let up on the gas… he’s really grinning now. No ticket, just a verbal warning.

        I thanked him, and glanced down and realized my frilly nightgown was sticking out of the front of my trench. I didn’t have time to button up, just tied the belt and left. Seven kids including our new baby in the car. Those were the days before seatbelts and baby seats.

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  6. so if anyone saw my last message about gi joe you know i was away today…just got back and have to do some work for, you know, work, but i have a couple tid bits to relay in a bit.

    haven’t been able to read comments since 4 something this morning (gmt -5 for steve) so not even sure what’s going on yet…. will be back.

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    1. oh damn… when compiles go bad! try to be back later – if i don’t make it before this thread turns to tomorrow’s i’ll post there.

      it’s not earth shattering just some observations – well, one interesting bit anyway the rest just observation of “the other side” and their mind control games

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      1. Yep. It’s a little known fact that “compile” is a contraction of “compost” and “pile” 🙂

        At least it seems that way sometimes.

        There is a bright side, however, with the continuous march of Moores’s law: compiles (and applications, and systems) blow up faster than ever before 🙂

        Hang in there. Or, as Douglas Adams and a former colleague of mine used to say, “It’s always darkest before it goes completely black” 🙂

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  7. QUOTE:

    “With only a few exceptions — Fox News, the editorial pages (not the front pages) of the Wall Street Journal, and a handful of websites — the better part of the American media has spent the last two years fulminating about Trump-Russia collusion we now know never existed.

    Actually, we always knew that, but finally, it’s official. It was always a bunch of — excuse the expression — trumped up baloney that made no sense except to those who wished so deeply to believe it was true.

    Which makes the people who were doing that fulminating — media, politicians and (usually retired) intelligence figures, who were, as is becoming increasingly clear, betraying the American Constitutional system with impunity — sick and evil.

    That may sound extreme, but it’s the all-too-obvious truth. What they did is unforgivable, particularly since few, if any of them, will have the honesty or basic morals to apologize. Some, however, may go to jail.

    The provenance of what happened also couldn’t be more obvious. People who considered themselves elite guardians of our country were so appalled by the possible election, and then the actual election, of the “barbarian” Donald Trump, they thought nothing of breaking the law and then exploiting it to bring Trump down. In so doing, consciously or unconsciously, they expressed their utter contempt for roughly half of their fellow citizens, not to mention their disdain for the electoral process and the law many of them swore to uphold.

    It was a conspiracy and, worse yet, a conspiracy ignited and carried out from within the FBI and the Department of Justice. Nothing could be more dangerous to a democratic society than that. How high this conspiracy went is still somewhat unclear. I say “somewhat” because the likelihood of it having reached into the White House of the previous administration is great. It’s hard to imagine how it could have happened otherwise.

    These conspirators all worked in tandem, through leaks or directly, with the aforementioned media that has disgraced itself beyond words. The reputation of this media, never terrific, is in tatters and being washed, deservedly, down the drain. Anyone who believes a word they say from here on in should have his/her head examined.”


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    1. Totally agree. But just want to add that Obama has already been implicated in the Strzok/Page texts as being in on it. I wouldn’t doubt that he set up the whole thing, along with Clinton.

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    2. “It was a conspiracy and, worse yet, a conspiracy ignited and carried out from within the FBI and the Department of Justice. Nothing could be more dangerous to a democratic society than that.
      These conspirators all worked in tandem, through leaks or directly, with the aforementioned media….”

      It is imperative the American public see these people….including the BLATANTLY guilty, PROMINENT members of the media….brought up on charges of sedition against the gov’t of the USA and tried by military tribunal. POTUS was not kidding, and is not wrong, when he said these vermin are enemies of the people and our Republic.

      These people literally made war upon our Republic…their representatives in gov’t are now demanding that non-citizens be allowed to vote in our elections!

      The guilty members of the media MUST be made an example of. They MUST be punished with harsh, long criminal sentences behind bars.


      Because such people have no morals whatsoever, and having no morals there is only one thing that will keep their kind in check going forward….and that is stone cold, gives-them-night-sweats FEAR.

      Life sentences, without the possibility of parole, is the only recourse short of capital punishment. It is just, it is necessary, and it is imperative.

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      1. To me, Veseltnitskaya, let in by Crooked Loretta to (IMO) frame Don Jr. – Dirtypasta, friend of the SSCI – and the other Russians are key. Also remember PODESTA working with a pro-Russian outfit in Ukraine (talk about COVER!!!)

        If the Obama regime was working WITH Russia to frame Trump, then – yup – this is nasty stuff. But we already know they were working with Ukraine to frame Trump, too.

        The Cabal are just nasty. They would work with ANYBODY to retain power.

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            1. Q has said….openly…..that what can be revealed will shock and disgust.

              The people must be made ANGRY to demand justice such that media punditry don’t dare interfere without significant and guaranteed risk to themselves and their clients (ie. advertisers).

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              1. I agree. If they don’t release *enough*, it will happen again. But exactly WHAT to release is problematic. Some release helps the cultural Marxists by numbing us and demoralizing us. Other stuff hampers the White Hats without adequate return of benefit.

                Personally, I think the .mil folks who are behind the GA / disclosure stuff (IMO) are working in part from understanding they got from Bezmenov. That means they have a very good idea about what is proper to release and what would be counterproductive. So I’m pretty confident they know what to release and what not to release.

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  8. I am wondering HOW exactly to interpret THIS:

    Children used as shields (manufactured crimes of perjury)?

    What does this mean? WHOSE children? Was this the Trump kids? Was there an active PLOT to pursue them on this or that item to get them to forget something and fall into a perjury trap?

    I can see how this might work. Here is my theory.

    If the Trump kids say they “don’t remember” or answer too carefully, the MEDIA would use it to gin up fake news against Trump. But if they make a MISTAKE, then PERJURY could result.

    It looks to me like BARR was not willing to use perjury traps. Was ROSEY willing to let Mueller keep “Flynning” people into mistakes? Was Sessions/Whitaker/Barr the way to BEAT the Lawfare Gang?

    I’m thinking this fits my theory of Dirty Rosey / Dirty Mueller / and Trump kids saved from bogus indictments made by Dirty Weissmann thanks to smart play by Sessions / Whitaker / Barr.

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    1. Black hat Mueller and Rosey is still a theory in play (although not mine) and probably has the preponderance of evidence.

      But yeah, going back to OT Sundance’s allegory of a Leverage battle it sounds like the Trump kids being indicted “Flynn” style over their testimony was a black hat piece of leverage. Brennan was on MSNBC ~2 weeks ago salivating over the idea of Trump kid indictments stemming from the Special Counsel.

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        1. I believe some of these people are so invested and drunk with their power – people like Brennan who go back decades with that same power, that they’ve become delusional and pathological in their thinking. That’s the only explanation – other than the one which fits Occam’s Razor – they know they’ve lied, but have nothing to lose keeping up the pretense. After all, just think how many millions of people will miss hearing the truth… IOW, simply seeding lies as propaganda got the job done for them.

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  9. Real life and a job have kept me busy the past couple of days…now I am going to try to catch up!!

    From what I see, Mueller is done, Barr isn’t talking, MSM is on suicide watch and the Dems have lost what is left of their collective minds…they have pivoted so many times they are spinning.

    Meanwhile PDJT was enjoying the sun and a game of golf with Kid Rock…did I miss anything?

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  10. Looks like the DEMOCRATS are using a CHINESE immigration strategy to force communism into an unwilling country. In another case, it’s HONG-KONG being forced to import Red Chinese. In our case, it’s the US forced to take Democrat voters.

    “System allowing mainland Chinese people to move to Hong Kong will not be amended, says security chief”

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    1. We have to break China. If we don’t do it now it’s not going to happen. Everyone is telling lies to themselves that they aren’t really C0m. They sound good as bedtime stories but the dragon will strike!

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      1. There is NO reason we should be feeding their military. ChiCom EconoWar is very sound. OUR EconoWar should be better.

        We are FEEDING socialism with other people’s money – OUR money. END IT. One way or another.

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  11. Lisa Mei and Gorka are friends again😉

    What Dan Bongino just said!! Is what I have posited for a very LONG time! and Got Yelled at by SD OT almost a year ago…

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  12. Glenn Greenwald is being attacked. Here’s his response to Howard Dean, but see also the other tweets:


  13. The Left obviously does not like Glenn Greenwald — too honest an investigative journalist, apparently:


  14. Hi Wheatie. A question re your weekly Tree Header pic, which I really enjoy. Have saved many.
    I forwarded this one to a friend, who has now shared it on fakebooc.
    Is this ok, or they copyrighted in any way?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not that I know of, Golsono…I didn’t see any copyright marks on them.

      They are all open-source and found through image searches on DuckDuckGo, for ‘giant tree with door’.

      But I wouldn’t advise putting the images on posters or t-shirts and selling them, though.

      I am not using them for resale in any way.


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