Dear MAGA: 20190320 Open Topic

This PRAY FOR THE TRUTH WARRIORS WEDNESDAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

Keep it civil. They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM.

Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.

Remember – your greatest gift to President Trump is FIVE WORDS:


Our movement

Is about replacing

A failed


Political establishment

With a new government controlled

By you, the American People.

Candidate Donald J. Trump

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Please continue to be vigilant….

Be Vigilant for a News Cycle Changing False Flag Attack in US, UK, France or Italy
Q!!mG7VJxZNCI14 Mar 2019 – 10:39:01 PM
Be vigilant at all times.
(US, UK, FR, IT)
See Something.
Say Something.
Narrative change needed.
FAKE NEWS attempting to REBRAND HARMFUL TESTIMONY and instead provide MISLEADING info to their readers. 

Q Post 3077

Be careful. See something – say something.

Though our Truth Warriors like Praying Medic may come under attack, we will support them, and included in that support is our NUCLEAR WEAPON of PRAYER.

You have your orders. PRAY for our Truth Warriors, led (among mortals) by the greatest one of all.





869 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190320 Open Topic

  1. 3144
    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: f36d89 No.5801537

    Mar 20 2019 21:53:04 (EST)
    Anonymous ID: 8ea084 No.5801385

    Mar 20 2019 21:48:19 (EST)
    Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 9.45.55 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 9.47.21 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 9.47.08 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 9.46.44 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 9.46.04 PM.png

    Rachel Chandler’s Tumblr is just on the edge of gross…


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  2. 3145
    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: f36d89 No.5801599

    Mar 20 2019 21:55:12 (EST)
    Anonymous ID: 4d4659 No.5801371

    Mar 20 2019 21:47:40 (EST)


    The royals are in there somewhere as well

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  3. 3147
    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: f36d89 No.5801630

    Mar 20 2019 21:56:25 (EST)
    Anonymous ID: 97e0cb No.5801355

    Mar 20 2019 21:46:42 (EST)

    Rachel Chandler had the possible Epstein Island security cam pic on her instagram

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  4. 3149
    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: f36d89 No.5801813

    Mar 20 2019 22:02:59 (EST)
    Anonymous ID: 2cde94 No.5801561

    Mar 20 2019 21:53:50 (EST)


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      1. That is one weird picture. An “Olsen twin” (I think) – STRANGE junkie pop girl weirdness right there – this bizarre Chandler chick with that odd vacant stare – and some gal that seems totally WRONG to be with the other two.

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  5. 3151
    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: f36d89 No.5801868

    Mar 20 2019 22:04:25 (EST)
    Anonymous ID: 69d95e No.5801615

    Mar 20 2019 21:55:45 (EST)





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        1. “A child’s shoes with bloodstains on them?”


          Not sure. Could just be dirt.

          Strange about the sole (soul?) being cut off / out.

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      1. To me it looks like a smaller pair of kid shoes crammed into a slightly bigger pair with the toes cut out to allow the fit. No idea why, although with two stacked sets of souls under them the wearer would seem a tiny bit taller.

        Also the faded brand name on the visible tongue of the one shoe says “Addiction”?!

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  6. ▶Anonymous  03/20/19 (Wed) 22:40:03bd4f35 (7) No.5801208>>5801218


    Rachel graduated in June 2005 from Brentwood School, a pretty elite prep school on the Westside of LA. I attended the school with her. There were/are a lot of kids from prominent Hollywood/media families in attendance there. Jordan McGraw, Dr. Phil’s son, was also Class of ’05. Jimmy Iovine’s son was Class of ’06 (Jimmy is the founder of Interscope Records, hebrought Eminem and 50 Cent to prominence and is the brains behind the Beats headphones empire that Dr. Dre is the public face of). Arnold Schwarzenegger’s kids were there too (can’t remember which year, they were several years younger than Rachel). Andrew Breitbart, the now-deceased founder of the Breitbart news site, was a graduate (not sure when … 80s? 90s? way before my time).

    Rachel herself comes from a very prominent, elite family. She’s one of many descendants of the Chandler family, which owned the Los Angeles Times for decades. Look up Otis Chandler on Wikipedia. The family is divested of the paper today and not as powerful/prominent in LA high society today as they used to be, but up through the 80s they were super powerful.

    So, Rachel is definitely a part of the LA-based Hollywood/media elite. She’s not some runaway or kidnapped kid or anything like that like some have theorized. She’s probably the most powerful scion of one of the most powerful families in Southern California.

    Let me start off by saying that I know absolutely nothing about the photo with Bill Clinton. It seems like Gawker posted that photo way back in 2006 ( but I saw it for the first time yesterday.

    However, some of you have found photos of her with P. Diddy and Paris Hilton. I know more about those. Rachel has been a friend of Paris Hilton for a LONG time. I think they’ve been friends since Rachel was about 13 or 14. When we were all high-school aged, Rachel was known for frequently going clubbing with Paris, hitting up movie/TV “industry parties”, going to fashion events, and presented herself as an aspiring model. I have no idea what was going on during those events, but people alternatively admired/resented her for frequently partying with famous celebrities and rolling everywhere with Paris and Nicky Hilton. She was rumored to be a big drinker/drug user and struggled academically. During high school (2001-2005), there was an incident where Paris Hilton’s phone was hacked and her contacts were posted online. It was one of the first major “celebrity hackings” that I remember ever becoming a big news story. Rachel was, I dunno, 15 or 16 at the time (?), and her phone number was one of the ones that was leaked because she was in Paris’s contacts list. I have no idea if all the crazy stuff you guys are pegging her (being a “child handler”) with has any validity, but I can tell you that during her teenage years she knew A LOT of celebrities, media industry insiders, and was going to a lot of parties that most kids at her school and in our social circles (who were pretty well-connected and very wealthy themselves) could never gain access to. She’s definitely someone who “matured quickly”, if you will. I know that at age 18 she had a boyfriend who was considerably older than her (late 20s or early 30s, I believe) but, to be fair, she was 18 by then.

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  7. 3152
    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: f36d89 No.5801902

    Mar 20 2019 22:05:27 (EST)
    Anonymous ID: 8f2ae5 No.5801617

    Mar 20 2019 21:55:49 (EST)

    Prince Andrew is deeply connected.

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  8. 3155
    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: cffc9e No.5802177

    Mar 20 2019 22:15:06 (EST)
    Anonymous ID: f6cc9f No.5802087

    Mar 20 2019 22:12:24 (EST)
    4-6-2018-Rachel Chandler9.png

    4-6-2018-Rachel Chandler5.png

    4-6-2018-Rachel Chandler8.png

    4-6-2018-Rachel Chandler14.png

    4-6-2018-Rachel Chandler15.jpg

    Keep digging, Anons.

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        1. “Not sure what I’m seeing here….”


          That’s probably by design.

          Like all their symbolism, they confidently flaunt it, because only members of their sick group are supposed to recognize or understand the symbols.

          But as Q says, the symbols will be their downfall.

          Once the meanings of those symbols are public knowledge, the celebrities and others in photos wearing or using these symbols won’t be able to deny their participation / involvement.

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      1. I appreciate all your work posting them. I got a LOT of analysis done tonight. I really feel like I’m getting a handle on this thing. I appreciate having the TIME to investigate, because somebody else did the heavy lifting of posting. THANK YOU!!! ❤

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  9. I defy any of you Q-pers to figure out the thread between all these latest Q drops. I really don’t see anything associated with child trafficking (except the one with the “where are they now” caption).

    Anyhow, the two pics I posted are Jon Lovitz and George Conway. Amazing doppelgangers for each other.

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    1. The thread is that they are all related to Rachel Chandler. The pics were apparently found by anons and Q is reposting them, which gives them Q validity.
      3155 – Q says Rachel Chandler is KEY.
      3156 – Q says Rachel Chandler is Allison Mack X 100. From that we know there is some kind of human trafficking involved.

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  10. A few days ago — and, I apologize, I don’t remember where — I tripped over a thing about the Guccifer 2.0 DNC files having two time zones, one being (obviously) Eastern Time (where the DNC is and where DC is) [ e.g. ]. Being that the adjacent time zone is either Central Time, or very humid, that would lead me to wonder if there were any connection between the usual suspects and Central Time…, I dunno, Seth Rich being from Omaha ['s_early_life_and_career ].

    Seems to me that it wouldn’t be too crazy to imagine that someone from Omaha doing work in DC might not have a laptop or two that was still on Central Time.

    Anyway, that detail had been nagging at me for a couple of days and it now looks perfectly obvious, and if it saves other Treepers from having it hang over them for a couple of days……there ya go!

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  11. An observation after going through a fraction of these freaks sm….I think i understand why there’s been the onslaught of trannie mania. These people are so weird that forcing people to look at trannies is like training wheels. It also goes for all these scarred up thugs that they favor…normalizing gangs?

    No wonder they all hate the Trumps, they’re the polar opposite of this filth

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    1. The Trumps are examples of normal sexuality, people who care about how they present themselves, and feminine women and masculine men engaged in normal family relationships.

      I think it was just before the 2016 campaign that the Left tried to foist “morbid obesity is beautiful” on us — anything to pervert normalcy. Then along came Melania, the epitome of feminine beauty, and I didn’t see anything else from the fat-loving crowd. They don’t celebrate Melania, of course. She should have been on the covers of tons of magazines by now, with multiple articles about being an immigrant and what this country means to her.

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      1. Know’s everyone understands this, but says it anyway. It’s been part of coordinated deepstate/cabal pys-op to keep her off the covers of magazines. To know her, is to love her and they can’t be letting the masses love her because it would rub off on him. Thus no mag covers. Can’t be sharing the love if you plan on Romanoving the first family. You still only need two hands to count the number of mags she’s appeared on since the election. Compare that to last FLOTUS which was easily two mags a week for 8yrs showing up at check out stands where you shop.

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  12. Sensory overload!! There’s a few pictures in these drops that are viscerally disturbing….and I don’t mean the shirtless ex-pres🤤

    …The baby on the laps of the zombie people

    ….The baby held in the air

    ….The 2 little girls on the floor

    ….The worn, dirty baby shoes

    God help us and give us the strength and wisdom to discern, protect us from the EVIL around us!

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    1. Models(i say it w air quotes) also had them in that collage. Chains=possession. Also could be more than 1 chain denotes “extras” or years. Dunno, but that kid and its other photo is sad and haunting.

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      1. Yeah I think she collaborates with Abromovic (sp) as photographer and as a guest too telling who she has pix of doing who knows what!

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      2. Yes, with some Vukovichova (sp?) woman, which for a moment I thought might be the former ‘girlfriend’ of the Russian billionaire involved in Spygate, but it’s a different woman.

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    1. From the article at the link: “Wielding lethal-looking knives, Abramović joined (Debbie) Harry to cut out the hearts of each of their cakes to a shouting, astonished crowd.

      Chaos followed, as guests fought over pieces cut by the bare-chested pallbearers. “I want the breast! Give me the vagina!” they screamed,”


      A) it sounds like the kind of thing juvenile boys would say or behave, not grown adults

      B) guests included people like Gov. Moonbeam, so again we see the political-class indulging the same freakshow desires as the media celebrities.

      In a society without limits (e.g., Hollyweird), pushing the envelope is drama, and drama is apparently a goal or objective in and of itself for the idle rich. The envelope is constantly pushed further and further, because you always have to ‘top’ the last event or spectacle.

      That always means doing what is ‘outrageous’, and ‘outrageous’ always ends up meaning whatever is counter-cultural or taboo or illegal or of prurient interest. Tthere is no new thing under the sun.

      But they do these things within the ‘bubble’ of their own social circles. After a while, it becomes normal to them, but they know it would be shocking to ‘the world’, which is why they hide it, or mask it with symbols and ‘artwork’.

      It has been a long time since I’ve seen it (and even longer since I read it), so I may get the concept wrong, but these people remind me of the evil group of kids in Lord of the Flies.

      No ‘adult’ supervision, and no restraint.

      Just cruelty and meanness.

      And they appear to be the kind of people who would smile and be glad I recognized that about them.

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      1. The whole thing with the cakes and cutting them was to dehumanize process.?
        How is this not dehumanizing women? Funny liberal women and men cheering this depravity on?

        I often wondered how German people with a history of poetry and music ever were able to do the horrible things they did to people in concentration camps..? One wonders when a society dehumanizes humanity where it can lead..?
        We now see with infanticide how our politicians not blink an eye. The women who give birth or feel the baby kicking in the womb cannot feel love for life or for themselves. The doctors who perform the horrible tasks still live with themselves.

        We are being prepared our decency is being challenged by evil people. I feel as if we are all pons in a sick game played by psychopaths.


      1. Whichever Anon put that collage together, put the MAGA lion in there…maybe as a way of saying ‘Justice is Coming’?
        That’s my guess.

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      1. “Find the loudest voices.

        I’ll start….

        Jim Carrey
        Lena Dunham
        >>>>>>Chelsea Handler<<<<<<<
        Ben Stiller
        Jennifer Lawrence
        Richard Gere

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        1. Go over to BB on a celeb thread, youll see a number of continuous voices. Most are well known. Others arent regularly posted, but hollywood are 99% all in.

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    1. This explains so much….why they were able to take control of the entire industry, and make them all sing the same song. Why one was either part of the club, or outside of it.

      And somewhere….somehow…..Harvey Weinstein is gonna be wrapped up in this shit sandwich.

      Im netting THAT is going to be one of the many secondary blasts that is set off by this nuke.

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    2. Right about now, Hollywood is beginning to completely freak out and lose it’s collective shit…all of them asking the same question….

      …..”How is this gonna hit me and my career??”….


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    1. During the immediate aftermath of the Ed Buck fetish/murders that got swept under the rug…almostjingo had a lot of posts on Schiff that led to pics of the Standard ..I’ve already forgotten half of what I thought I knew

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    2. Only that there are connections between The Standard Hotel and Allison Mack.

      Allison Mack was a member of that sex bondage/pedo cult, NXIVM.

      Apparently Adam Schiff has been a frequent visitor to The Standard Hotel.

      And there are also connections between NXIVM and HRC’s circle of friends.

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    3. Out in the conspiracy world there’s a whole lot of stuff. The connection is with Adam Schiff. IIRC, barrels of acid were a thing. There was a helicopter incident. I try not to remember the really awful crap, but the Standard Hotel has been a part of the human trafficking angle for decades.

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  13. Obviously, there are visual records of the low level of morality when the elites party. Or when some photogs create portfolios. But I still do not see how low morals and child sex abuse are guaranteed to be on the same table. I can see correlation but not causation.

    I’ve been burned too many times in my life by jumping to conclusions so I’m going to have to wait until I see some direct connecting evidence. And I’d sure like to know who started that red shoes idea. I used to live in Hollywood and went to a lot of wild parties but never saw anybody wearing red shoes (except clowns on stage).

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    1. I don’t think the pics are meant to show causation. Q mentioned Rachel Chandler, and anons researched her. Q reposted the pics they found. They show connections to questionable writings, pics, and people. It is a glimpse into RC’s lifestyle, which is probably the tip of a very large iceberg.

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    2. You do what you want.

      It’s Hollywood. The LA basin.

      Modern day Sodom’s Ground Zero. And they’ve fought hard for the distinction, too, for decades now.

      I’ll believe anything about them until it’s proven false.

      And BTW, don’t blame me. They’ve earned it, many times over. In fact, exponentially so.

      A good name is to be more desired than great wealth, Favor is better than silver and gold.
      Proverbs 22:1

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    3. One of the reveals in the WikiLeaks email dumps, was a reference to “$65,000 for pizza and hotdogs from Chicago” for a White House event.

      In pedo world, ‘pizza’ is a code word for little girls and ‘hot dogs’ a code word for little boys.

      Who pays $65K for pizza and hot dogs?

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      1. That picture with Obama and that little girl is disgusting. If a man even a President had done this to my daughter I would have slapped him silly and I am not a violent woman.
        How can any parent allow this..? I would sue the crap out of him.

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    4. Red shoes appear as a recurrent theme in artwork that depicts children in submissive situations.

      On the right, Tony Podesta’s birthday party.

      On the left, two paintings from Podesta’s art collection.

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  14. Q did say Ray Chandler = Allison Mack x 100. That should tell you right there that Chandler is involved in trafficking, since Allison Mack and NXIVM were. I also seem to remember hearing that she procured underage girls for Epstein. This whole subject is making me really, really sick. I hope they take down every single one of them and they do long, hard time.

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    1. a Qanon posted this:


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      1. another posted this:

        To the people complaining about how we already did this research before, consider that while, yeah, that may be true, Q throwing a spotlight on it now means that he wants more people to be aware of it now, and that something related to it might drop soon.

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        1. Totally agreed. We’re not seeing something. I think that VOAT thread is the key. I think we have to stop looking at Ray Chandler like some poor little waif and start thinking that she’s something more important.

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          1. Linda
            March 21, 2019 at 01:10
            Q did say Ray Chandler = Allison Mack x 100. That should tell you right there that Chandler is involved in trafficking, since Allison Mack and NXIVM were. I also seem to remember hearing that she procured underage girls for Epstein

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            1. (1) Based on the look of Ray Chandler’s “models to watch”, and

              (2) Based on the Epstein testimony, which showed that his whole method of getting girls under the radar was based on a “girls recruit girls” model, just like NXIVM…

              I’m thinking that “girls who can recruit girls” are a VALUABLE CABAL COMMODITY.

              When they’re young, they convince friends and associates. When they’re older, they bring people into the world with similar lures.

              So it really is trafficking.

              This is making a LOT of sense.

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        2. “To the people complaining about how we already did this research before…”\

          Please excuse me while I vent a little…
          I went to see what NeonRevolt’s site was saying, and all he did was complain about how old this info is and how it’s a rehash from three years ago and how tired he is of it. He sometimes has good insight, but I get tired of his moodiness and whining. There are LOTS of people who haven’t seen all this info or who don’t remember all of it, or both. It’s time for him to put on his big-boy pants, stop vrtue signalling about how much he knows, have some empathy, and grow up.

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  15. OK, in a half-hearted attempt to change the subject to one more pleasant that the sexual trafficking of children…..

    Sulfa drugs were among the first antibiotics. Derived synthetically from coal tar, they showed that substances could be reasonably safe for humans but extremely toxic to harmful bacteria. A commercial synthesis for sulfa drugs was developed in 1933. In 1928, Alexander Fleming published a paper in which he described penicillin — a substance produced by green mold that had strong antibiotic properties…..but the first purified sample wasn’t available until 1942. [ ]

    It wasn’t particularly surprising that Mother Nature had developed a “nuke your neighbors” strategy that was more lethal and efficient than what mankind could come up with. After all, we’d been playing with biochemistry for a couple of dozen years, while she’d been doing it since there were cells. And there were a bunch of smart people around in the 40’s — particularly after they stopped shooting each other — and they started reasoning in the following way…..

    “We all know several places where there are large amounts of disease-causing harmful bacteria — mass burials of plague victims, sewer outfalls, and the like — but we don’t generally hear of these areas being sources of outbreaks. There must be something near these areas that produces an antibiotic to neutralize these horrific bacteria.”

    Which, of course, lead to the inevitable next thought, “let’s get a government grant and send some disposable grad students out to collect materials from these locations.” Mind you — and let’s be very clear about this — this was intentionally sending less-than-expert people into biohazard areas.

    And this idea was proven to have value by, among other things, the development of .

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  16. If you hit Rachel Chandler’s (photography) website, it shows a slideshow……which doesn’t seem to repeat. And it doesn’t look like it sets cookies.

    I’d really rather be talking about antibacterial sewage outflows…..

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    1. If it’s showing things once, regardless of whether you reload the page……it’s probably either a cookie or logging IP addresses. A quick review doesn’t show a cookie.

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