Money Talks & BS Walks! CNN Poll Has the Left, Democrats, MSM, CoC, RINOs, Globalist etc. On Suicide Watch…..

Our Economy is absolutely booming! As much as the MSM tries to hide that reality from people, word is getting out throughout the country. Those conversations are taking place at churches, work, amongst families and friends when they gather etc.

Our President is using Twitter to spread the truth!

CNN personnel had to be vomiting earlier today when the data from their survey was shared with them on the Economy.

They can push their BS Approval Rating as much as they want by skewing the sampling (Democrats +8 compared to Republicans).

Here is the real breakdown between Democrats, Republicans & Independents.

From the link above (as of February 12-28):

  • Democrats – 30%
  • Republicans – 30%
  • Independents – 38%

The 71% Economic Approval number tells the REAL story (and that % would be higher if the sampling was not skewed).

Democrats are in for a shellacking in 2020 because of the Economy.

From the article linked above:

According to Republican Party pollster Frank Luntz, Trump “has a greater degree of support within his party than any Republican President has ever had since they started polling.” If enough Democrats aren’t happy with the party’s nominee, overwhelming GOP support might be enough for Trump to win.

The polls may still be against another Trump win, but a resilient U.S. economy, a clever political message and ongoing changes to the ways Americans get their news suggest a fight to the finish.

From the article linked above:

  • Voters think the economy is doing better than they have in nearly two decades, according to a new CNN poll.
  • That could be good news for President Donald Trump as he runs for re-election in 2020.

President Donald Trump has one key factor in his favor ahead of his 2020 re-election bid.

Seventy-one percent of Americans say the economy is good, while only 27 percent rate it poor, according to a CNN poll released Monday. The last time respondents to the CNN poll held such rosy views of the economy was 2001.

U.S. gross domestic product has grown at a healthy rate. While job creation slowed significantly in February, wages have started to grow more after an adjustment for inflation.

Other recent polls have shown general optimism about the economy. In late February, 53 percent of Americans said they think there will not be a recession in the next 12 months, versus 33 percent who believe the economy will contract, according to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Generally, voters’ contentment with their wallets bodes well for an incumbent president. Trump has repeatedly pointed to a strong economy as evidence of his policy success as he seeks another term.

From the article linked above:

Democratic pollster John Zogby, who weekly grades the president along with conservative analyst Jed Babbin, said that the Democrats aren’t offering a credible alternative.

Trump will be hard to beat,” he said in his grade comments. He noted that the president isn’t polling well in the states he shocked Hillary Clinton in 2016, but that doesn’t mean he’s in trouble of losing.

He is not polling well in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. When did he ever? But you gotta beat him with something,” said Zogby.

Look what else is blowing up in their faces!

From the article linked above:

Amid signs that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference may be near its conclusion, a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds that trust in Mueller has eroded and half of Americans agree with President Donald Trump’s contention that he has been the victim of a “witch hunt.”

Support for the House of Representatives to seriously consider impeaching the president has dropped since last October by 10 percentage points, to 28 percent.

Twenty-eight percent say they have a lot of trust in former FBI director Mueller’s investigation to be fair and accurate. That’s the lowest level to date and down 5 points since December.

In comparison, 30 percent express a lot of trust in Trump’s denials, the highest to date.

Overall, Americans by 62 percent-28 percent say the House shouldn’t seriously consider impeaching Trump, compared with 54 percent-39 percent last October.

Money talks and BS Walks! Our President and our country is WINNING!


64 thoughts on “Money Talks & BS Walks! CNN Poll Has the Left, Democrats, MSM, CoC, RINOs, Globalist etc. On Suicide Watch…..

  1. CNN is gonna lose its lunch when it checks out the latest Q drops. The anchors might all start thinking their mugshots are next on the justice hitlist.

    Money won’t be in the front of their thinking.

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        1. Gail, I’m with you on the Awan Brothers. It was my favorite scandal, for 2yrs, because it had the potential to take out so many Dem Congressman. It would have allowed us to keep the House AND drain the swamp.
          I will never understand why Becerra, AG in California, was allowed to go free. Ryan closed the door on the Awans.
          Gotta wonder……… why?

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          1. Why might the Speaker of the House use his authority to prevent an investigation into criminal wrongdoing happening beneath so many Representatives?

            The question is a lot more interesting when you leave the political party out of the equation.

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  2. Frank Luntz: “Donald Trump has more support within the @GOP than any Republican POTUS since the invention of polling.”

    This made me LOL!!!

    Remember how pained Luntz was that Candidate DJT didn’t know the right kind of Christian things to say? And he wouldn’t cow to any of the shame they tried to put on him for being married 3 times?
    And then he disrespected John McCain, the purported hero
    And he called Megyn Kelly a bimbo.
    He just wasn’t proper or presidential.
    Then Candidate Trump set records for crowds in venues, set donations records, every other kind of record.
    After inauguration, he hit the ground running, cut regulations, hired the best business people – and the stock market took off – and set record after record….Jobs and manufacturing boomed and it’s been up, up and away ever since!

    Now they’ve gotta admit this man is a President – it’s like no one else before him even knew how to run the country and manage the economy or win voters!

    The Presidency of the USA will never be the same after Donald Trump’s terms are up!

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    1. “Remember how pained Luntz was that Candidate DJT didn’t know the right kind of Christian things to say? And he wouldn’t cow to any of the shame they tried to put on him for being married 3 times?
      And then he disrespected John McCain, the purported hero
      And he called Megyn Kelly a bimbo.”


      Such fond memories!

      It was like the MSM had been watching (really bad) actors reading from a bad script for so long, they had no idea what an actual human being acted and sounded like.

      Like he was ‘coloring outside the lines!’…. except it was THEIR ‘lines’ that were all wrong… DJT ‘coloring’ was right on the money!

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    2. “And he called Megyn Kelly a bimbo.”


      It was almost even more than I could have hoped for…


      Made me LAUGH and SO HAPPY to have a candidate like DJT!

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    3. even knew how to run the country and manage the economy

      Not quite. He know something about the economy all right, but he doesn’t know how to manage the economy.

      He knows that the best way to “manage the economy” is to NOT try to “manage the economy.”

      He removed impediments to business created by those who DO try to manage the economy.

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  3. Here are the actual internals.

    Click to access rel4a.-.trump,.economy.pdf

    A total of 1,003 adults were interviewed by telephone nationwide by live interviewers calling both landline and cell phones. Interviews were conducted in English and Spanish. Among the entire sample, 32% described themselves as Democrats, 25% described themselves as Republicans, and 44% described themselves as independents or members of another party.

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      1. Hey yucki, great to see you, I was hoping you would find us 👍 😁

        There are still others we haven’t seen yet, I hope they look for Wolf’s website.

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          1. “It grieves me to see this split.”


            Yes, it all seems so unnecessary. Even if there was a good reason to ban anyone who mentions Q in a positive light (e.g., fear of loss of financial backing or eventually being shut down by tech company censors), it could have been handled much better.

            And if it was for either of those reasons, it’s even more sad, because other means of financial support could have been sought, and caving to the potentiality of censorship is just… feckless. And I don’t associate those kinds of things with SD, so something is very wrong about the whole situation.


            “The links I post as crumbs to this site vanish. Maybe we’ll mend, unite to fight 2020 together in force?”


            I hope so, that would be great. And hopefully the ‘question’ of Q will be settled soon… and settled long enough before the 2020 election that uniting and working together again might be possible.

            The irrational ‘Q-hatred’ and practically tyrannical banishment of those who support or are even open-minded about Q was a really weird thing to witness (and experience!) from others who are ostensibly on ‘our side’.

            Neither ‘side’ (Q-haters or Q-supporters) thinks they are wrong, both ‘sides’ think they are right. If it turns out that Q is not who Q claims to be, I will be surprised — but I didn’t bet the farm on being ‘right’, as so many of the Q-haters seem to have done.

            It never made sense to me, why they would go so far out on that limb and then saw it off, without being able to conclusively prove (one way OR the other!) who was ‘right’.

            If it turns out that Q is who we (most of us here) think he/they are, there is probably going to be some hard feelings about how we were treated by the Q-haters.

            And as usual, ‘we’ will be expected to overlook that treatment and ‘forgive and forget’, probably without any contrition or repentance from the Q-haters, in order to ‘unite’. Like conservatives always being expected to unite with RINOs and NeverTrumpers in order to defeat the Uni-Party’s false dichotomy candidate / flavor of the month.

            I don’t know how that’s going to go over, but it will be interesting to see 🙂

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  4. Congresscritter Nunes just filed suit against Twitter for slander. He says it’s the first of many and that he intends to expose all of the people who pushed all the fake stories of the last two years. With all those poll results staring them in the face, the slugs will be looking for rocks to hide under.

    It has begun. Sound the trumpets.

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      1. Nice people.
        Christians who celebrate Passover with a seder every year. An account manager at my bank told me he goes there every year to lead it. Memories of Sephardim who fled the Inquisition, stopped there for a while. They treasure their history, their faith.

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          1. That means the horse is an Andalusian stallion.

            “The Spanish, or, Iberian horse was well known to the Romans as a superior warhorse because of its strength and agility….

            The Andalusian is the ancestor of many modern breeds, for example the American Quarter Horse, Friesians to name a few. The Lipizzan breed is almost totally of Spanish blood. The Spanish Riding School in Austria, thus named for the Spanish horses that it used, in 1968, imported a four-year-old stallion of the Carthusian line of the Andalusian to rejuvenate the present line of Lipizzans in Austria….

            Horsemen worldwide are rediscovering the traits that once made the Andalusian the most sought-after horse in the world; the strength, agility, beauty, pride and docility bred for centuries into the Spanish horse.

            The Spanish stallions are unique. The edict of King Ferdinand of Spain, who enforced the old law that gentlemen must ride only stallions meant that the Spanish began to breed their horses for good temperament.”

            There are some incredible vids of these horse performing ‘war maneuvers’ aka dressage while the rider is using only one hand for control.

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            1. WOW – I’m no horsewoman, but a horse fan. I love their beauty and strength. I’ve read all of Dick Francis and love all the horse movies.


  5. “Support for the House of Representatives to seriously consider impeaching the president has dropped since last October by 10 percentage points, to 28 percent.”

    “Here is the real breakdown between Democrats, Republicans & Independents.

    From the link above (as of February 12-28):

    ♦️ Democrats – 30%
    ♦️ Republicans – 30%
    ♦️ Independents – 38%”

    No wonder Piglosi walked away from impeachment! Not even her OWN party of DemonRat-Sheep still believe the garbage the Fake News is spewing! When you have lost everyone else and you are starting to lose even your hard core supporters you are in BIG TROUBLE…


    Does anyone have any idea of what Ben Carson has been up to in the inner cities??? I have barely heard a peep.

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        1. Here’s Dr C’s personal Twitter account:

          From the Facebook link:

          ‘… Just to set the record straight, I am committed to completing my full term as HUD secretary and will continue to serve this President enthusiastically. Like all secretaries, as required by statute, I will resign after the four-year term. Hopefully we will have turned this “aircraft carrier“ around by then. If not and President Trump desires that I continue, I will feel a duty to do so and would consider serving another term. By the way the average tenure of a HUD secretary is 2 1/2 to 3 years.

          ‘We appreciate the tremendous support we receive from you, the American people. It is you that we serve.’

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        2. Gail —- earlier post I did on the Carson interview with Laura Ingraham:
          Hey, remember when the President signed the Tax Cut bill?
          And the bill included expansion in ANWR – which has been asked for during the past 40yrs?
          And the Bill also included 100 billion in Private/Public matching money for “Economic Enterprise Zones”, to help urban blight, bring jobs into the city as a benefit for capital gains (no tax for the investor and jobs for the people)?
          Remember that one?
          African American Senator Tim Scott, a Republican from South Carolina, pushed the idea but Obama was not interested in helping poor urban – mostly Dem – run cities.
          Well, President Trump signed the bill.
          In fact, an older black man, a supervisor for a sawmill in Vicksburg, MS, brought back to life with the program of Enterprise zones, was a guest of the First Lady for the last SOTU.
          Well, then, I noticed this interview.
          Laura Ingraham is interviewing Dr. Ben Carson, here. He is head of HUD. We don’t hear too much from Ben Carson but the policies are having enormous impact….
          ….. which is good for all Americans, especially poor Americans living in subsidized housing.
          Recall Lynn Patton, who is his undersecretary, who recently spent a month in NYC, living in housing projects.

          Check out the interview with Carson — where he and Bill De Blasio actually are working together to solve problems in housing projects.

          Amazing things can happen when we put politics aside.


      1. It’s one thing if you try, but you need a little help to get over the hump…

        Another thing when people aren’t even encouraged to try.

        Fact is, if you aren’t willing to fight for yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to fight for you.

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      1. Thank you.

        Dr Cardon is a ‘secret weapon’ for President Trump in the up coming election.

        I still remember how, at one of the debates, Candidate Trump stopped and talked to Dr Carson after the good Doctor missed his Que, while Rubio & Cruz and all the others breezed by them. Then still talking the two strolled out onto the stage without a care in the world. This saved Dr Carson from embarrassment.

        It is just one of those little things that shows what a caring person President Trump is.

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        1. I remember that very well too. Dr. Carson was the only other normal human being in the race besides DJT. The others where like phony plastic cut-outs or wax museum people, with a button you push to make them talk, and they could only speak whatever had been rehearsed and recorded on them.

          It was like Rowdy Roddy Piper and his friend vs. all the alien pod-people in ‘The Live!‘, 😁

          You could only see what the aliens really looked like, and all the hidden / subliminal messages, if you had the special sunglasses:


  6. As a troll, VSGPOTUSDJT should ask Clinton to borrow his campaign’s, “It’s the economy, STUPID!” sign — since none of the Dems running are likely to need it.

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    1. Unless… unless (hopefully!) she’s about to be arrested, in which case, I wouldn’t joke around with that monster at all…

      I would start posting links to the debate where Sick Hillary said we should all be grateful DJT is not in charge of law enforcement, and DJT replied ‘Because you’d be in jail’ !

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  7. Holy shmoly, 71% approval rating on the economy?
    Can’t recall the number ever being that high.

    Golden opportunity to cut spending and social welfare programs but we’ll never get cooperation from the left.

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  8. Hey Flep!
    Thank you again. I took your LAST article and split it up into bite size chunks for social media. Whereas we will read an article to completion in this forum, I can barely get beyond a headline for the social media groups. Their attention span is too short. Instead of complaining about it, I decided to work with them. It’s the second time I’ve done it.
    And something strange happened along the way.
    The economic news was GOOD news, as opposed to someone from Hollywood taking objection to a Trump Tweet, or made up inference from New Zealand, or silencing Judge Jeanine.
    If I cut up the econ news, it creates a tidal wave of GOOD news.
    Gives people hope.
    The impact is undeniable and positive. It’s akin to a vaccine against the MSM.
    Can’t thank you enough!
    We’re spreading the love!

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      1. Flep – it ‘ain’t small.
        The reaction to your econ news is massive. We went over 10K notifications in less than 12 hours, the last time I did it. And the shares were equally impressive.
        AND – it drives FACTS and not emotion in favor of the President.
        It’s perfect.

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      1. I admin for several Facebook Trump groups. One is over 50k, one is small but a group of super-smart. Three more are state groups. And two little groups are super small 200+, of diverse people.
        The small or smarter groups love full length stuff. The bigger groups and state groups, I have to break it down to bite size chunks, cuz the newsfeed is so big.
        The LAST time I cut down Fleps article, one lady from North Carolina, in the big group, added 73 of her friends to our group, because she was convinced our group was “the best” Trump group — because of Flep’s info on econ.
        She wasn’t getting that info anywhere else.
        Whatever it takes!

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  9. Thank you so much fleporeblog, for this most uplifting blog and the wonderful news for our POTUS45 and America!! I know I can always come to the Q Tree for real information when life and the media gets me down! Be it spiritual or “meat and potatoes” news, I know I can come here to help clear my perspective of life, news, and the internet! Thanks and Blessings to you all (Y’All)! 🙂

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