Meme Maker Craft Fair!

Today I would like to get everybody SHARING and TEACHING our knowledge about how to MAKE MEMES!

And if you don’t MAKE MEMES, I’d still like people to share what they DO know about memes – where to get them, where to keep them, and WHAT WORKS BEST!

And maybe even show us some of your best, favorite, and most effective memes.

Q says memes are important – it’s time to take Q seriously and SPREAD THE MEMES.

I personally like a tool called THE GIMP – the GNU Image Manipulation Program:

GIMP is awesome – partly because it’s FREE – partly because it works on all the major platforms – and partly because it has a cute mascot named Wilber. I think Wilber is a coyote, but most people prefer to just think of him as Wilber.

Here is a simple meme I made with GIMP, by just adding TEXT and some SCALED-DOWN copies of other images:

This meme makes reference to two more famous “It’s Happening” memes:

Now you’ll notice in MY meme (which is a simple, static image – not a moving GIF image) that the embedded Q drops are not terribly readable. I probably should have picked just one Q drop and blown it up bigger. Indeed, we learn from our mistakes.

Anyway, I’d like to let OTHERS contribute to the meme knowledge, before I dig in, so PLEASE feel free to talk about your meme experience, with as LONG of comments as you wish!

Feel free to TEACH THE MEMES to your fellow QTreepers!


Challenge – make a great “It’s Happening” meme out of this image!

86 thoughts on “Meme Maker Craft Fair!

    1. You’re welcome! I know we have some great meme folks here, and GIMP is free. Lots of very “crafty” people here, too, who just need a wee shove to become Meme-in’ Mamas and Gimpin’ Grandpas!

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      1. Another really good and easy program is, it’s the upgrade to paint that you always wanted.

        Font meme is the place to go to when hunting for a certain font from a certain movie, game, etc…

        Picture to People has transparent text generator, text logo makers among other things and they’ve been around forever.

        Patch angel is an old site not well organized but I find things there that I can’t find anywhere else.

        Try png tree for backgrounds and other graphic resources, they have free and paid accounts, free is good for most peeps

        For anyone who follows twitter but is not on twitter. When you see a meme you like right click on it and scroll down to [view image info] left click. This will open a screen with the image you are seeking highlighted in Blue. Copy that link and you can now past it and it will not even have a link to the twitter page you found it on. This works on web pages and such. The best part is the picture is already hosted somewhere so all you have to do is copy and paste.

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  1. One of the troubles of posting memes is needing an online home to store them. Some use imgur or some such. I’ve often wondered about the risks of deplatforming from various venues.

    What is working for me at this time is to save memes off onto my own storage and then uploading ones I want to share as a photo in a Gab. As long as Gab is viable, links to that photo are not going to get broken.

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    1. I store mine on Pinterest! I have a variety of boards to chose from and I create the boards myself! I do not care who uses the memes, only that they get used!! πŸ™‚

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      1. Here is my caution on PicPick. I can find NOTHING on the creators, NGWIN. No website links. Nothing. Why?Could it be another spyware tool of some kind? I dunno. My security software has not complained about it. I just offer that as a question. Maybe someone else can track down more info.

        Another note:it only runs on Windows.

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    The big social media websites are able to automatically recognize widely-shared memes and immediately censor them. The key to tricking the algorithms is make as many small edits to your image as possible. The algorithm will consider your image as original content and won’t know whether to censor it or not.

    1) Open your image in an image editing program like Photoshop or GIMP.

    2) Use the paintbrush tool to alter a few pixels. Add a few different color dots in corners and other inconspicuous spaces.

    3) Change the size of the image (e.g. if it’s 500×500, change it to 503×503).

    4) Slightly crop the picture if possible.

    5) Change the file name. Use a generic or nonsensical name. Don’t use anything obvious like “Trump.jpg” or “Q.jpg.” Random gibberish like “dkj3894.jpg” or a generic word like “birds.jpg” are better.

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  3. Digital designer with marketing background here- photo editing is my life (as well as illustration and web design) Ready to help anyone with questions (my talents and skills FINALLY serve a purpose here since I cannot write as wisely as many of you!).
    Also there is a free app from Adobe called Spark Post….although ‘free’ it does require you signing up for a free Adobe ID. It runs on your phone and it is super easy to use.

    Another recommendation with photo edits is to flip it horizontally and then add your text and effects.
    Another thought is to reverse image search your image and see if it appears and how it may already be captured online. There is a site We used to use this to test out potential marketing images from stock houses and see if our competitors were already using them.

    Happy to help with any questions !

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    1. Also- Wolf this entire meme post reminds me of when I first discovered political cartooning…..Loved it from an early age and how one image with the right clever text could hit it home. Would plaster my school notebooks with them in 7th grade…. I always wanted to be one growing up but went the path of being a medical illustrator and growing into a digital designer and web content creator (and kept the snark for my good friends)….Maybe I should be a meme maker instead…;)

      I finally see how I can contribute something here at the level that you all do everyday…..this makes me excited! You have no idea.

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          1. Okay, MA kswiss.
            If I have a pic, does it have to be on a publicly available site?
            Does that mean I cannot use my own?
            Does this mean I cannot house memes on my own computer?
            Need baby English explanation.

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            1. Sorry for the delay DW- just saw this by looking at my comments bell (I miss a lot when I read the feed and then go off to do more research and reading….lol)

              You can use your own photos for source materials, and as long as the end content piece (the meme) it is posted up on the www, it is linkable.

              Think like having a cell phone in your house you forgot about because you bought another one and transferred the service. Well that older phone that you just rediscovered, and want your son to use, won’t work unless you connect that phone to your service.

              You’re example of hosting memes on your own computer is simply what’s called a local copy. (it may have a file path name and everything (looks like a link), but you send that out to someone like me….the link ‘breaks’ because I cannot access your files directly.

              So you need to host it somewhere we can mutually access it. This includes free sites (ex giphy) or a site you have paid to host.

              I started to go down the rabbit hole of images pulled off the web and copyright laws but it was getting too much in the weeds so I’ll keep it simple:
              -try to use photos you may have taken
              – if you start from an image online that isn’t yours, ,make as many alterations as you can to protect yourself. Because the more you change it then you are now the creator.

              (in my medical illustration days (working for a medical legal outfit, and prior a hospital), doctors and prosecution lawyers would pull down Netter images (the original medical illustrator) and use them in their presentations, which always irked me – so much re education of basic copyright protections.


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              1. Thank you MAkswiss!
                Some willing to share and some, not so much.
                I’m trekking up the mountain of the learning curve.

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              2. Anytime! Yes, that is perfectly understandable that you wish to hold someback. Because once it is out there, its out there.

                I used to be in charge of loading video into my company’s youtube channel and being in FinSvs at the time, it is quite regulated and content becomes ‘expired’ and we are required to pull it. Imagine to my surprise when I discovered that some foreign owned youtube account was pulling our videos and set up a mirror site with our content (and we had the sharing and downloading LOCKED). And this was back in 2006. CREEPY even back then.

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      1. “…reminds me of when I first discovered political cartooning…..Loved it from an early age and how one image with the right clever text could hit it home.”

        I like doing web searches of cartoons with a certain meaning to them. Yesterday I did a search for, “wound up cartoons”. I had been thinking of how touchy and ‘wound up’ leftists get in their politicking.

        This is one I came up with that struck me (pun intended) as being something that could be memed:

        Using the basic cartoon idea in a meme, maybe add text something like , “@JACK, we have ways of making you TOCK” to an image like this from the movie “Beauty and the Beast”


        I’m not likely to get into doing the meme making part of finished images, but I can come up with ideas that have potential to use, and pass them on.

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        1. love this idea! I started to make it, and then hesitated on posting it live (apparently I have residual effects from having worked in a heavily regulated industry, FinServices) and the hesitancy to post is still strong, like I’m breaking rules…HOW DO I COUNTER THIS? ahhh. πŸ™‚


    2. BTW I think you have my dream job… I am retired now.. but if I had been younger…. I am never happier than when I am messing around with images…. It drives my husband nuts. I hope you don’t mind if I pick your brain now and then… πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜„

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      1. Ask away! I love knowledge sharing……:) I am on a sabbatical at the moment….Mr. MA_kswiss’s job moved us to Switzerland which has been a huge move, so I’m taking the opportunity to focus on being an artist, painting and building out a creative business- back to my entrepreneurial roots.

        But I love helping people with creative problem solving. πŸ™‚

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  4. GIPHY
    A site to create gifs (or simply look at the data base for ideas if you don’t wish to log in/sign up) It has an app for mobile and a keyboard for iOS (i presume for android, I’m an iphone user so can only verify that). Also it is all organized by theme and searchable.

    this is a pretty popular one, and mainstream, so not sure if some of you are already aware of it and choose not to use it for personal reasons. I’ve not signed up, but I did download it to my phone, so I guess it’s attached to my macID…..hmmm.

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  5. ok, too much coffee and I’m also 5 hours ahead so I’m typing to myself on this thread (haha) and will pause until there’s more active posters.

    Giphy was founded in 2013.

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    1. See, I never think about flipping photos… but Gimp allows this very easily… I use tin eye all the time. It is very useful if you want to see if an image has been shopped….

      I had to laugh when you mentioned working on phones… those tiny screens,,, I can’t image using them.. I don’t much like doing anything on my tablet…But I will check out Giphy..,, thanks so much…

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      1. I do prefer my computer to work (though I use it to run the big programs Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and video editing software, and need the workhorse computer)…so can totally understand πŸ™‚

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        1. Video editing? *swoons
          πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I did some a year or so back for a contest…. It took a lot of time… for just a 11 second gif…. *sighs

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          1. Video editing does take a long while….I attended the AdobeMax annual conference, and they would show advanced features they were working on in the ‘lab’ for next release…..I remember when they were showing seamless editing of smoothing out clips in ‘interview’ type videos (think ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’) and people shifting and hands distracting the viewer…and you could cut entire things out and also ADD THINGS IN, and the video would run as if they said the entire message in one clip……I was impressed, but then thought if this is what they are ‘commercially’ showing, what do they have access to use way up the chain at a higher clearance level?

            Then I got chills……

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    1. Fonts are amazing things… this is a simple image that I added text to.. but I found a fun text font called “keep on truckin;” I also found a font for those chic fil A cows, the hurky jerky hand writing with drips… that actually has a font… You can download a font and put it into windows 10 and then have it available in all programs, gimp for example… It is easy to do, I asked my laptop how to do this and it explained…

      I also had the text follow a curve… this allows for all kinds of creativity… In Gimp you use a feature called paths. Paths are totally confusing at first.. but… there are videos online that explain clearly how they can be used to have texts follow just about any curve… Paths are also used to outline texts… In the example above I used the keep on truckin font in a red color from the image, then I used this paths feature to outline the text in black… Again, this can be tricky, but if I figured it out, anyone can.

      I could go on and on… but the best way to meme is just go do it. Find an image and add text. That is 75% of the meme craft. If you can find and install a fun font, that would be awesome…..

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  6. This could be a lot of fun! After following y’all for a while I am now paranoid about about all social media. I have a FB account but never posted anything. Guess I learned too late because my DNA is ‘out there’ in multiple places. Yikes!!! Can’t undo what has already been done.

    I can fumble my way through new software but it is a lot better with focused instruction and tips. Who knows, maybe I could create the meme everyone is talking about!

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  7. I love Photoshop! So I like to edit photos there.

    I didn’t know diddly about making a meme until a couple of months ago. I found I can make memes there, using my own uploaded images.

    Now to see if I can make the one I just did post here. It is pretty quick and dirty, so not too fancy.

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  8. Appreciate this thread. Realize the value of memes, but my ancient android devise has not yet managed to post even one
    I will play around with all of the sugesstions here.
    Watch this space!

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  9. For those of you wondering what “Gnu” means, in the phrase “Gnu Image Manipulation Program”:

    A “gnu” is a member of either of two species of large African antelopes. Also known as a “wildebeest”. (No known relationship to Hillary Rodham, though perhaps more research is needed.). The etymological origin of this word is presumably from an African tribal language.

    More to the point, “GNU” was a massive open source project to create portable substitutes for the Unix operating system, and for some of its most important software tools, that would not be under the control of AT&T, the company that had created the original Unix in its famous Bell Labs.

    The etymology of this word is well documented. It is an acronym, standing for “GNU, Not Unix”.

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  10. I admit I have not read all the comments, I also admit I lack iT skillsets to play here …more of a cut and paste type

    I subscribe to Epoch times and saw this this morning. I know it will fit here.. .. as a result of the WH meeting a few weeks back .

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  11. If you like fancy typography or want to make a quick meme, might be helpful.

    Example from TextFX section: πŸ…£πŸ…‘πŸ…€πŸ…œπŸ…Ÿ πŸ…’πŸ…ŸπŸ…”πŸ…”πŸ…“

    They also have sections for Album | Image | ShortURL and Meme


    1. Here’s the tweet alone

      & a couple of the included links:




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