There Is A Reason They Are Going To Rename the Rust Belt the Trump Belt After 2020! They Are Winning BIGLY Under PDJT……

What I admire most about PDJT is that he is all about the Forgotten Men and Women in our country. That is what drives him and his administration day in and day out. They believed in him and by their sheer numbers allowed him to overcome the BHO Administration, FBI, CIA, DOJ and voter fraud.

He has spent the last two plus years repaying them. They are winning BIGLY on their investment.

From the article linked above:

There’s a reason why President Trump is becoming more popular in important Midwestern battleground states like Pennsylvania: Voters don’t want to lose the ongoing economic renaissance that is transforming their lives.

According to a recent opinion survey from The Wall Street Journal, the president “cumulatively leads a generic Democratic opponent, 46 percent to 40 percent,” in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.

The survey’s findings are not surprising, and it’s no small coincidence that those states are all thriving under the president’s pro-growth economic policies.

Indeed, Trump’s economic agenda has had a profound effect on Pennsylvania: The state’s 4.0 percent unemployment rate is now the lowest it’s been in nearly two decades, and the economy continues to add new jobs at a dizzying pace.

Pennsylvania is prospering under Trump, and the latest opinion polling shows that voters know a good thing when they see it. The Democrats certainly have their work cut out for them in 2020.

Are they ever prospering under PDJT’s Administration! The data absolutely shows it.

From the article linked above:

The recent jump in paychecks has come with an unusual characteristic, as workers at the lower end of the pay scale are getting the greater benefit.

Average hourly earnings rose 3.4 percent in February from the same period a year ago, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report last week. That’s the biggest gain since April 2009 and seventh month in a row that compensation has been 3 percent or better.

What has set this rise apart is that it’s the first time during an economic recovery that began in mid-2009 that the bottom half of earners are benefiting more than the top half — in fact, about twice as much, according to calculations by Goldman Sachs. The trend began in 2018 and has continued into this year, and could be signaling a stronger economy than many experts think.

More than 2.8 million jobs were added last year according to the JOLTS Report.

From the article linked above:


First, available job openings in Durable Good Manufacturing in January 2018 were 261,000 it’s now 305,000. So there’s 44,000 more durable good manufacturing jobs available now than a year ago; again evidence this sector is continuing to expand at a rate higher than the available workforce to fill the jobs.

Second, [also Table-1] looking at all job sectors. While the job growth is regionally strong overall, there’s more job growth available in the South (+500k) and Midwest (+212k), than in the North-east (+143k) and West (+91k).

The “gamble” on our President has payed off! He is returning on the investment each and every single day!

  • All wages are growing, but wages are rising faster for Blue-Collar workers and the middle-class.
  • More jobs are available in just about every sector, but highest job growth is in higher wage durable good manufacturing.
  • More jobs are available throughout the country, but available job growth is highest in South and Mid-West.

From the article linked above:

The Rasmussen Reports Economic Index climbed to 142.4 in March, up seven points from last month  and ranking with 2018’s highs.

Enthusiasm about the economy started to grow immediately following Donald Trump’s election as president in November 2016 and spiked to 145.9 in February 2018. By comparison, in President Obama’s final years in office, this index reached a high of 121.5 in January 2015 and was at 108.1 his last month in the White House.

From the article linked above:

Don’t look now, but productivity might be making a comeback.

After a long decline through the 2000s and then several years of near-zero and even negative growth, the amount of stuff that Americans produce in the average work hour has been inching back upward since late 2016.

Productivity experienced its best growth in years during the fourth quarter of 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last week, rising 1.8% compared with the same period last year.

What’s driving it: Workers have been increasingly expensive and hard to find, forcing businesses to invest in equipment that makes their labor go further.

Those Americans that took a gamble on our President are seeing the payouts each and every day. They aren’t going to bet on someone else in 2020.

As a matter of fact, they will look for a candidate in 2024 that will run on our President’s Agenda.

I think I found the perfect person to carry TRUMPISM forward. Our President’s Legacy will be able to withstand the test of time.

He has and is continuing to learn from the BEST!

The future is once again bright for our kids and grandkids!

23 thoughts on “There Is A Reason They Are Going To Rename the Rust Belt the Trump Belt After 2020! They Are Winning BIGLY Under PDJT……

  1. You need a job in the Trump Admin. Promoter of good things! It would be fantastic. You already do it for free but someone should tell POTUS and put you on the payroll. Your threads should be retweeted by all of the heavyweights. Thank you for all you do!

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    1. I told Flep the same thing!! And I sent one of his great articles to!

      Flep’s headlines are so good, no one can keep from reading them, and he backs those headlines up with facts and statistics from extensive research!!

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  2. FAKE NEWS!!! ▶️ “…What has set this rise apart is that it’s the first time during an economic recovery that began in mid-2009 that the bottom half of earners are benefiting more than the top half — in fact, about twice as much, according to calculations by Goldman Sachs….” ◀️

    The Unemployment continued to RISE throughout Obummer’s tenure and did not start dropping until President Trump took office.

    From ShadowStat

    WHY don’t the GOVERNMENT Statistic show this?

    Bill CLINTON!
    PART I

    ….· As former Labor Secretary Bob Reich explained in his memoirs, the Clinton administration had found in its public polling that if the government inflated economic reporting, enough people would believe it to swing a close election. Accordingly, whatever integrity had survived in the economic reporting system disappeared during the Clinton years. Unemployment was redefined to eliminate five million discouraged workers and to lower the unemployment rate; methodologies were changed to reduce poverty reporting, to reduce reported CPI inflation, to inflate reported GDP growth, among others.

    · The current Bush administration has expanded upon the Clinton era initiatives, particularly in setting the stage for the adoption of a new and lower-inflation CPI and in further redefining the GDP and the concept of seasonal adjustment.

    As a result of the systemic manipulations, if the GDP methodology of 1980 were applied to today’s data, the second quarter’s annualized inflation-adjusted GDP growth of 3.0% would be roughly three percent lower (effectively netting to zero percent or below). In like manner, current annual CPI inflation is understated by about 2.7% against the pre-Clinton CPI methodology (would be about 5.7%), and the unemployment rate is understated by about seven percent against its original design and what many people would consider to be actual unemployment (would be about 12.5%)….

    “Employment and Unemployment Reporting”
    (Part Two in a Series of Five)

    …The popularly followed unemployment rate was 5.5% in July 2004, seasonally adjusted. That is known as U-3, one of six unemployment rates published by the BLS. The broadest U-6 measure was 9.5%, including discouraged and marginally attached workers.

    Up until the Clinton administration, a discouraged worker was one who was willing, able and ready to work but had given up looking because there were no jobs to be had. The Clinton administration dismissed to the non-reporting netherworld about five million discouraged workers who had been so categorized for more than a year. As of July 2004, the less-than-a-year discouraged workers total 504,000. Adding in the netherworld takes the unemployment rate up to about 12.5%.

    The Clinton administration also reduced monthly household sampling from 60,000 to about 50,000, eliminating significant surveying in the inner cities. Despite claims of corrective statistical adjustments, reported unemployment among people of color declined sharply, and the piggybacked poverty survey showed a remarkable reversal in decades of worsening poverty trends.

    <b.Somehow, the Clinton administration successfully set into motion reestablishing the full 60,000 survey for the benefit of the current Bush administration's monthly household survey.…..

    SNEAKY POS wasn’t he?? Not that Bush was much better.

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    1. Gail is absolutely right! The U6 unemployment rate is the real picture.

      From the article linked above:

      For February 2019 the official Current Unadjusted U-6 unemployment rate was 7.7% down from January’s 8.8% but still above the 7.5% in December and 7.2% in November.

      U-6 Unemployment was 10.1% in January 2017 with a long term peak at 17.9% in February 2010.

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      1. Flep, that graph you show still uses the US Government FUDGED numbers.
        If you look at Walter J. “John” Williams graph (in Blue, the TOP graph) The unemployment peaked in 2008 AND STAYED THERE. It was only by removing ‘discouraged workers’ from the rolls of the ‘unemployed’ that is those no longer getting Workmen’s Unemployment benefits, that the government was able to show there was a ‘recovery’ under obama when there actually was not.

        THERE WAS NO RECOVERY PERIOD!!! Obama’s Eight Year Depression was almost as long as the Great Depression! Beginning in December 2007 and not ending until after President Trump took office in 2017!

        Sundance was correct
        September 6, 2016 Right Now We Have Longest Soup Lines In History of America, You Just Can’t See Them…

        “That term, “electronic soup cards“, is simply brilliant. It is powerfully brilliant because it is entirely correct…

        Factually, if the number of American people on EBT or SNAP welfare benefits had to line up for soup and meals (instead of just get money on an electronic card for use anywhere), there would be massive lines, miles-long lines, all day and all night in hundreds of thousands of soup kitchens nation-wide. Such visibility would make the soup lines of the great depression seem insignificant by comparison.

        The EBT and SNAP cards are exactly that, “Electronic Soup Cards”….”

        And that is how they hid the Obama Great Depression!

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