Q-Treepers on Gab

WARNING – read this warning first

If you type your REAL NAME into any field in social media (such as “Gab” or “WordPress) that says “Name”, you risk people seeing that name.

In fact, if you use your REAL NAME in ANY WAY in connection to a social media account, you risk being “doxxed”.

There are 4 fields on your Gab profile. This is pretty much the same as ANY social media, including WordPress (you are NOW on WordPress, commenting. It’s a form of social media.)

  • Name – the name people see. Sometimes – but not always – called a “Display Name”.
  • Username – your account or “handle” – the thing with the “at” sign – the actual unique user. People see this, too.
  • email – your email. Nobody can see this, typically, but it pays to be careful and check.
  • Bio – whatever you want to tell people about yourself

If you use your real name as “Name”, people will see your real name. If you used it, I suggest you CHANGE IT to whatever display name you want people to see. That is, unless you are OK with people seeing your real name. Some people ARE OK with that.

I don’t see any point in deleting email accounts where you used your real name on Gab for a short time. Just get rid of the exposed name by changing it. Your email address is still hidden.

Please also note that Gab obeys AMERICAN laws about privacy, speech, and all that other stuff – not European laws.

If any of this is STILL confusing to you – the idea that if you put your real name into a social media product (meaning it’s on the internet) – that other people might see it somehow – then I suggest not doing anything new at this time.

Otherwise, I suggest that you NEVER type any personal information into a computer that you use for politics on the internet. NEVER. Using that rule, work out everything else, and only the intelligence agencies and who they support (such as the American communists and/or DNC) will know who you are. Because they have ALREADY stolen that information.


/ end warning

If you are on Gab, please add your Gab handle (spelled exactly) in the comments, and you will be added to the “Gab notification groups”, which will be used in the event that WordPress shuts down, or we are evicted.



a.k.a. wolfmoon1776 on WordPress, and WOLFM00N (2 zeroes in M00N) on Gab

447 thoughts on “Q-Treepers on Gab

  1. I made a placeholder Gab account and joined the Q Tree group over there just in case this blog is deplatformed like CTH. Strongly recommend others do the same. It’s good to have a back-up plan with how awful the censorship and deplatforming is right now.


    Liked by 2 people

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