Dear MAGA: 20190308 Open Topic

This FLAG-HUGGING FRIDAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

Keep it civil. They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM.

Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.

Remember – your greatest gift to President Trump is FIVE WORDS:


Also consider the amended Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
  4. No shooting at the nuclear warheads.

Just sayin’ on #4. Use ’em, lose ’em, but don’t create a needless situation.



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  1. I thought it unusual that Barron accompanied his parents to Alabama. And a flash came to me that they may have brought him for security reasons. Now comes this tweet:

    Which says to me Melania didn’t want to leave him at White House while they are out of town.

    What do you all think?

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    1. Aww shucks… there goes my paranoia —

      POTUS & FLOTUS will head for Mar-A-Lago when they leave Alabama, which is why Barron is with them.

      SMH !!!!!!!!!!

      Sorry guys… just an ol’ woman with not enough info spouting off…

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    2. If nothing else, it is unusual.

      If possible, AF1 is even more protected and secure than the WH itself. After all, AF1 is where POTUS goes when SHTF.

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          1. (Forgive me) Different Strzoks, for different folks…

            It seems as if with the deep state, there are NO coincidences. One wonders how long the “dark plan” has been in play. Reminds me of that cartoon of the CommiesInAction as an ever larger dog; nowadays running wild…

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            1. The “dark plan” has been in play since we exited the Garden, since Cain killed Able.

              The plan morphs, goes into hibernation – but it ALWAYS lurks, waiting for opportune times.

              Like seeks out like, and is always trying to recruit new converts. Both Gd’s people and Gd haters are engaged in this battle.

              Both sides “know” their own plan with a gut instinct. Few can express it clearly in words …

              The difference is that Gd’s people openly proclaim His plan for us – the demonic hide in the shadows, and whisper their plans in dark corners. When their plan is openly expressed, many of their adherents, those that are not yet fully “lost”, recoil in horror. It is what those ones do when they fully realise the path that they are on that is very interesting to observe …

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              1. I read that and I was like…


                Slang for “truth”.

                Which is interesting, how the slang for “truth” became “Word”.

                Especially given this…

                “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
                John 1:1

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              2. Yeah – this is the fourth category of Rumsfeld’s Known’s vs Unknown’s – Unknown Known’s …..

                You “know” stuff that you are unaware of. When someone else tells you about one of these things, your immediate response is – “I knew that”, but in a bemused sort of way, cause it is the first time you have heard it out loud, consciously. Your subconscious was already onto the concept, it had just not emerged into your consciousness yet. This is pretty cool … 🙂

                So when you used the word “Word” in that context – you had likely already made the connections …

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            1. Here’s some more info on Cartwright…
              filed 1/10/2017

              Why General Cartwright leaked still doesn’t quite makes sense but Hillary Clinton didn’t like it, so it was probably a good thing. If you haven’t seen #ZeroDays , it is a documentary focused on Stuxnet, a piece of self-replicating computer malware that the U.S. and Israel unleashed to destroy a key part of an Iranian nuclear facility, and which ultimately spread beyond its intended target.

              Under the George W. Bush administration, Cartwright had “established a small cyberoperation inside the United States Strategic Command” that began the work of developing a cyberweapon to disable Iran’s nuclear program. An article by Daniel Klaidman of Newsweek that same year reported that shortly after Obama had been sworn in, Cartwright talked the president into keeping the program going, even as he was attempting to reach out to the Iranian government diplomatically. This program eventually led to the Stuxnet worm that caused serious damage to Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. And General #JamesCartwright , who is a brother-in-law of #JamesStrzok , becomes Obama’s favorite and most trusted person who he worked with.

              James Cartwright was pardoned by Obama on his last day in office and we understand how Obama can have historical documents disappear. He knows the right people like Strzok in FBI.

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      1. WM, here’s more…
        Now it is discovered Strzok’s wife was promoted to a very powerful position in the SEC, with oversight of which securities and financial crime cases get forwarded to the FBI, DOJ for prosecution.

        Perhaps Hodgman’s promotion was merely happenstance?

        “There are no coincidences here,” one FBI source told True Pundit. “Not with this crew. They wanted his wife in that SEC slot for a reason.”

        But why?

        Enter the Clinton Foundation.

        We now know what the FBI knew after they seized the laptop during a search warrant at Weiner and Huma Abedin’s Manhattan residence: There were thousands of documents on the laptop related to the Clinton Foundation, including offshore financial records.

        With that evidence — as well as thousands more of classified emails linked to Hillary on the laptop — FBI sources said agents and brass knew immediately the Bureau would likely reopen the criminal case against Clinton. And ex-Director James Comey did just that two weeks later.

        Hence the rush to get an insurance policy in place at the SEC in case things heated up on the white-collar crime side.

        With Hodgman at the SEC and Strzok at the FBI it would be virtually impossible to even know what cases linked to the Clinton Foundation had criminal merit, if each were trying to keep all things Clinton-related quiet.

        But Charles Ortel, an expert on the financial dealings and filings of the Clinton Foundation believes having chess pieces in place at the SEC and FBI were only a smaller part of a much larger game for the Clintons.

        “The Clinton “business plan” to monetize government is broader than simply gaming one agency–they saw an opportunity to create unregulated globalist government and seeded many organizations with like-minded persons, some of whom were simply naive, but all of whom ultimately are corrupt,” Ortel said.

        Ortel, a private investor and writer who exposes large complex international frauds, understands the labyrinth of the Clinton Foundation’s international scams. And while the foundation itslef is not a public company which would fall under the SEC’s regulatory umbrella, it’s finances remain entwined with dozens of public entities that do.

        Ortel has laid out many of these relationships on CrowdSource the Truth on YouTube every Sunday, dissecting the complex financial schemes of the Clinton Foundation.

        Ortel said having a hook inside the SEC would certainly benefit Hillary Clinton.

        “The SEC is a civil agency that only prosecutes criminal cases in concert with the DOJ,” Ortel said. . “It is a prime instrument that can be monetized readily — lawyers there typically migrate to jobs as partners in uni-party law firms, so they can, it seems, be managed to favor politically connected donors from both parties.”

        This amounts to a very sophisticated white collar protection racket of sorts. If there were illicit contributions to the Clinton Foundation from publicly-traded entities in any country — even companies listed on foreign stock exchanges — the SEC still wields a tremendous amount of power to sanction, sue, or refer criminality to the FBI.

        And what about if a prospective donor to the Clinton Foundation has an ongoing problem with the SEC? Or the SEC has frozen certain assets of a donor.

        The Clintons have the juice to make all that go away or to protect donors from the SEC and FBI oversight and essentially “fix” problems of their billionaire and millionaire benefactors and further rig the system.

        “The IRS (Lois Lerner and others) is the prime place where the Clintons (and Obamas, and Bushes) need allies to insulate their “foundations” from attention, and using the DOJ and state AGs from prosecutions,” Ortel said.

        A modern-day mafia.

        Read More:

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      2. With, no surprise, James also had a solid military career, and deep knowledge in energy / resources ..
        Ready to Change the World? Start Here!: What Are Jesuits Doing in East Africa?
        in Journal of Jesuit Studies
        Author: James Strzok S.J. 1
        Online Publication Date: 30 Sep 2016
        Volume/Issue: Volume 3: Issue 4
        Article Type: Research Article
        This article represents a case study of Jesuit activities in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, specifically regarding sustainable practices, through a reflection of the author’s own itinerary. It highlights some of the opportunities that construction and infrastructure development offers for harnessing solar energy and utilizing eco-friendly methods, such as hydraform technology, bio-latrines as a means of methane gas production, solar energy, and especially geothermal energy as an abundant resource in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. Additionally, the article outlines the crucial role of trees in ecosystems as a constructive means of responding to climate change based on the process of carbon capture, while illustrating tree planting as a service in an educational context. Particular focus is given to the sibling schools of St Peter Claver High School and Ocer Campion Jesuit College in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania, which constitute a model of sorts exhibiting these best practices for the community.

        Read Full Publication:

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      3. Spring Hill, huh. Wonder what other schools have been used as recruiting grounds. I know Princeton is one, and Georgetown, unfortunately, most likely Notre Dame.

        Going for infiltration, no doubt. Pope Leo XIII was right. Gotta stay on guard.

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    1. yup, i remember when this was breaking out (time of this quoted post) it was a time when a lot of dots were being connected.

      the saddest part (and most telling) is that there are SO MANY “coincidences” like this when you look at anyone you can imagine is on the side of evil.

      it’s no coincidence – it’s more like synchronicity.

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  2. Do you ever get the feeling that the Green New Deal is but a trial balloon for bigger and more oppressive things to come? There are monsters among us.

    Amazing Polly topics of discussion: World Economic Forum – Davos – the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Designer Drugs – Accessing People’s Thoughts and Emotions – Robots – AI – Concentrated Wealth, Power and Knowledge – Things to Come

    This is a pretty bleak video by Polly…she is obviously very emotional about the topic at hand…and for good reason, imo. I was, too, by the end of it. I hope she finds joy in life and in nature and people…and is still able to make her videos for the rest of us. We need people like Polly to keep opening those eyes. I’ll bet she’s opened a few.

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    1. We have been treated as “products” since we allowed ourselves to be referred to as “Consumers”.

      Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This has always been true, and is true today, across the spectrum …

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      1. Look at the works of Vance Packard (“The Naked Society”, “The Hidden Persuaders”, “The Wastemakers”, and a host of others). He saw this coming, and wrote about it extensively.

        In the late 1950s…

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        1. Cuppa, I read them all in the early 70s and then watched them happen. It was awful. Now they are out in the open for everyone to see, but it will still take time for people to accept the truth.

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    2. She needs more God. I’m quite serious. Fear of God is not only the beginning of wisdom – it is the END of fear of everything else. It is also absolute safety from self-harm. There is no reason to worry about her if she is fully on God’s team.

      Yes, bad people are in charge of AI now. But anybody aligned with the Spirit of Truth has nothing to fear.

      Bad people will do the same thing to AI that they did to us – control it to evil ends. This can be fixed, and we are NOT ALONE in that desire.

      It’s a bit shocking to realize where the Deep State is, and what it’s trying to do, but we are NOT playing by their rules. They are HORRIFIED by principles that we accept – that we promote – that we cherish.

      It’s almost not fair, being on God’s side.

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      1. Wolfie,
        I put together a set of comments that is an extension of your Déjà Woo and The Unbelievable Convenience of Amnesia (Hubby is editing it now) I can post it as a set of six comments or you may use it as the basis for writing an article. I can have Hubby email it to you .

        Thanks Gail

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        1. Post it as a set of 6 comments containing the special phrase PRIVATE_MESSAGE_TO_W*LF (where * is an O) and I’ll combine them into a single full post and credit it to you as a guest columnist! Easy.

          I don’t do email – and I even hate private messages, but in this case it’s just logistics – I will NOT edit your post! 😀

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          1. THANKS!!

            I am waiting on Hubby, he is a professional Tech Writer and his family is 5th generation news paper. 🙄

            I do not DARE mangle the Engish language when he or his brothers are around. 🤣

            And puns… OH NO! the PUNS!😁

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            1. Looks like it is going to take a bit of time for Hubby to re-write so I will get it to you when he is done with it. A couple of days.. next week… a decade from now…

              Never ever hand your stuff the a tech writer who edits computer manuals, a guy who is a perfectionist and expect anything to happen fast. I should know that by now. 🙄

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      2. “It’s Almost not fair, Being on God’s side.” WOW!! I Cannot Like this enough!!!!!! From last Friday to The First Friday of Lent–for me– Personal Roller Coaster!!! God IS THE PLAN! 🙏😳😊

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      3. I’m guessing Polly in the YT that Harry linked to had seen this …

        Very interesting that the YT algorithm “fed” this to me shortly after watching Sally …

        As I said in another comment in today’s “Open Topic”, I do not think many of the Gdless that are designing the brave new world are consciously aware of their intentions, or what is driving them …

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        1. And this coming reality is already well on is way. Note the last sentence in this story:

          “Approximately 40,000 people in the United States already have smart chips in their heads, but those brain implants are only approved for medical use for now.”

          Coming at us faster than we know.

          I always thought that Genghis Khan was humanities last chance at being a true Luddite, where he wanted to turn all cities into pasture land for his horses. That idea went out the window with the immediate successors from his own family.

          Ted Kaczynski, the unibomber is what a real Luddite looked like in 1996. He wanted you dead if you owned a refrigerator or air conditioner (only remember reading that, may not be in what’s below and who knows what I read). Soon people might look forward to what is coming and then look back at Ted and think maybe he wasn’t so crazy after all.

 The whole thing is worth a reread on this issue and what he says about liberals and other things. Also has audio.

          The bottom line I come away with the Polly video and the one above is that we are getting a lot real world problems shoved in our face that are distracting us from what is coming. Being blinded by these real world problems keeps us from talking about what is coming by keeping our thoughts and thus our voices occupied elsewhere. If you ignore one you get trampled and if you ignore the other you get taken.

          Anyway, thinks we’ll manage both. The concept of freedom and individual rights have been ever impressed in our conscious and will survive. It’s what rose up through thousands of years of human evolution in Western thought since the Greeks and Judaeo Christian beliefs. It is the gold standard for those that have come to understand it and were not going to accept tyranny after coming this far.

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            1. Yeah I was going to say something about being treated like babies right after mentioning tyranny but I was already mucking up my tenses and such. Ackkk! 🙂

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  3. I have a simple test for when MAGA is realised …

    When HRC is INDICTED!!!

    Simple, easy peasy. That would signal the end of evil being allowed to flourish at the heart of the best governance system yet devised, giving the rest of us mugs in 2-bit countries some hope 🙂

    The rest will take care of itself – under the continued wise guidance of one PDJT, of course.

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    1. amen brother!

      that one domino right there does not fall and hit none – it falls and touches off a winding, branching, exponential 3d mass of dominos.

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  4. On the topic of US Government experimenting on human beings;

    I don’t remember this speech (it must have happened when I was trying desperately to block the Clinton’s out of my mind). How many of you think that government experiments on humans ceased to exist after this speech? Yeah, I kind of doubt it myself…

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      1. True.

        So is television…in all it’s forms. They’re always looking for another way to control. That’s what makes national health care so scary…and there are people who actually want these things?

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        1. Yeah, the sh!t on TV these days is Orwellian in the extreme. These “reality” shows are …. lost for words.

          I suspect that you are saying that they are feeding as more and more excrement and are watching us “consume” it with ever increasing excitement that their “project” to demonise humanity is drawing ever closer to fulfilment.

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          1. office mate told me about some new show he was watching the other day called American Gods or something… the 30 second description was… very interesting. i tried to get the backstory from him but like most people they just ingest the visual and have no idea what they are watching.

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      2. As is Windows 10 (or Windoze 1 0).

        And I’m only half-kidding…

        “Meet the new Bug(s),
        Same as the old Bug(s)”…

        We won’t get fooled again…yeah, right…

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    1. My mom was a part of Government Experimentation (WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!) First she was used for Radiation experiments — They BURNED THE SHIT OUT OF HER! Her skin turned black and pealed off like that of a burnt chicken. We got the OH! a mistake was made.

      THEN she was used for the first Chemotherapy experiments. The dosage was too high and they killed her…. She had just turned 62. 😡

      Is it any wonder I very, very rarely go to a doctor?

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        1. It was Strong Memorial, Rochester NY who was finally named in a Congressional hearing as doing the Experiments. In one year they killed my Mom, My boy friend’s Mom and My best Friend’s Mom.

          Then years later Strong was again part of the ILLEGAL Human experimentation of diesel fumes for the EPA. They killed a young girl who had asthma.


          (Hope the URL are stil ‘live’)

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          1. That’s some pretty frightening stuff, Gail. Sorry about what they did to your mother! That is right out of a movie plot…but all too real. And that poor teenager at U of R…tragic!

            (all of the links worked except the first one)

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        1. They don’t make any money after they cure someone…

          Keeping us sick keeps them profitable…

          Don’t worry though. Eventually they will come face to Face with The Great Physician. And then they will have to answer for all that they have or haven’t done…

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        2. It’s not so much doctors that are in bed with big pharma as it is the American Medical Association. They keep an amazingly tight grip on the field. Only so many physicians are licensed at any one time, they are REQUIRED to follow certain medical protocols, a lot of times, the REAL answer to solving simple maladies is whispered behind a hand because it violates a big pharma and/or promoted narrative and isn’t “medical” in nature.

          Want to know more? Look up the Flexner Report and start with that.

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          1. Yes. I rember I was stunned when the AMA came out in favor of Obamacare. That told me for certain that they were not what they pretended to be.

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      1. Gail, so sorry to hear of your (and your Mother’s) loss. That is an unconscionable crime.

        And to think that Congress Critters discuss “reparations” for all manner of undeserving people, yet making any, even minimal effort, to ease the pain of TRUE VICTIMS is beyond them. GOD bless you and your family…

        In the SF Bay Area, there is a higher (some say far higher) than normal cancer rate, including lung cancers in people who have never smoked (nor been around smokers). It turns out that there were radioactivity-exposure experiments done in the 40s and 50s, with no knowledge nor consent from the population… Have to wonder if the same sort of thing is going on now. 5G (and the mythical 6G) come to mind…

        Remember radium paint (clock dials, etc.) and the x-ray shoe-fitting devices?

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        1. Cuppa Covfefe,

          My Mom was one of those really good people who never could see evil in anyone. She died at home in her sleep which was a blessing so I figure the Lord wanted her Home with him.

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          1. Gail!! Only the good die young. Your momma was one of the good ones! Sorry for your loss and the pain… I am not a fan of doctors either–avoid like the freakin plague..

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    1. LOL

      These days it is absolutely safe to assume any movie is pure trash unless you hear differently, and even then 80%+ of the time it is still pure trash.

      Last night I watched “The Big Country” (1959) with Gregory Peck, Burl Ives, and Charlton Heston.

      Now THAT is a cinematic experience worthy of anyone’s time.

      The only thing that keeps today’s Hollyweird going is that yesteryears mega-stars aren’t around to condemn today’s garbage and the people who crap it out their diseased minds.

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    1. This gal, Corey Lynn is a brilliant researcher… her website is a treasure of info on many topics, organized quite expertly. In this vid she talks briefly about the Clinton Foundation and its ties to Planned Parenthood and the expansion of PP all over the globe, and the training of nurses and midwives SINCE 1993 across the globe to do abortions. Highly recommend listening to the video and reading the article she cites.

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    1. Here’s hoping AND PRAYING that Jews in America (and elsewhere) wake up to the fact that the DEMONcRATs are AGAINST THEM, do not care for them, and are ANTI-G_D. The DEMONcRATs are anti-anything good and pure and true and just, and are Anti-Christian to the core.

      And the only way for Jewish people to fight the DEMONcRATs, to cure this Satanic ill in America (and the world in general) is to vote AGAINST the DEMONcRATs, and to vote for those who support Israel, G_D, and America, the family, and a stable society.

      Anything else is just rubbing salt into very old wounds, and pandering to the Devil himself…

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    2. Not to be smartass– But seriously “Upset”
      Dear Diary…
      A new member of Congress is Anti Semite and it upset me that we didn’t condemn this..
      I will go home and cry a little cuz I am SADZ..

      Freaking FIGHT!! Damn IT!–Literally DAMN IT!!!

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      1. I’ve noticed before when peole hug Pres. Trump that they don’t seem to want to let him go. He inspires confidence, and they are so grateful.

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        1. I think it’s because he really CARES.

          Not like all the hand-shaking, baby-kissing, lie-spewing POLITICIANS.

          He is the REAL DEAL. He is HONEST, and he CARES.

          And he deserves our prayers. May GOD Bless him, his family, his Administration, and America…

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      2. unbelievable. this guy – no matter what – is a true american.

        i mean, look at that video. right there says it all…

        how the guy keeps his arm there and pats the president on the back. unreal.

        i find it pretty sad that people are missing out on this and cannot see beyond the media’s bs. they are missing out on a real american as president.

        somewhere right now jussie is shedding a tear and nathan philips taps his drum…

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    1. World class leader.

      The white-collar billionaire with a blue-collar heart.

      This is a man who truly understands and embodies the timeless biblical truth…

      “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

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    1. YUCK!
      The media is truly our enemy.

      Even if you are not a Christian you should have ZERO problem with our President giving these people comfort.

      Not too long ago in April of 2011, we had a tornado go through our town. 2 people were killed, 30 homes and several businesses were destroyed. The people up the street lost not only their roof but their barn and their prize breeding stock of world class Quarter Horses. The animals were the result of a life time breeding program. Since these neighbors were in their 70s and all their breeding stock was killed, their is no chance of recovery for them.

      Neither Obumer, Richard Burr, Thom Tillis, the Governor or ANY politician bothered to show.

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    2. GOD will not be mocked.

      The media are slowly, yet constantly driving more nails into their journalistc (and I use that term loosely) coffin.
      &Osash;bozo probably wouldn’t know what a Bible is even if one fell on him. But he sure knew the Shahada, and “the most beautiful sound of the Moslem call to prayer”.

      Wonder if he knew the ever more frequent sound of western women screaming as they are raped, stabbed, and killed by Moslem refauxgees to Europe, often from Somalia… was that “music to his ears”?????

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        1. Yep, I know. I’ve watched in horror as Germany and Europe knuckle under to the impending Scimitar and the Burka brigades, and wonder how people can let it happen again. Each time it’s taken almost 700 years to rid ourselves of the Mohammedan plague, only to return…

          But, I guess, as they say, there’s no fixing stupid…

          (An extended family member narrowly escaped being raped in a grocery-store parking lot near here, at dusk. If she wasn’t a championship runner, had a car with remote entry, and left her groceries behind, it would have had a very different ending. And we live in a fairly small town, albeit not way out in the sticks…
          (more like the styx, anymore, I fear)…

          (can’t even type html anymore – it’s a little to late for no “l”, no “l”… ).

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      1. After the battle, the bodies of several of the conflict’s U.S. casualties (Black Hawk Super 64’s crewmembers and their defenders, Delta Force soldiers MSG Gordon and SFC Shughart) were dragged through Mogadishu’s streets by crowds of local civilians and SNA forces. Through negotiation and threats to the Habr Gidr clan leaders by Special Envoy for Somalia, Robert B. Oakley, all the bodies were eventually recovered. The bodies were returned in poor condition, one with a severed head. Michael Durant was released after 11 days of captivity.

        you can probably find the video of the people dragging the soldiers through the street and mobs going wild…

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    3. The ungodly media is trying to make this into a controversy because they reject God and don’t understand his people.

      Meanwhile, these very same hypocrites would be fawning all over this if it had been their boy-god Obama.

      Tells you all you need to know about the vile media.


    1. Hahahaha…she did it to herself…what a maroon! A couple of years from now she’ll be one of the idiots co-hosting the View along side Joyless Behar and No Name’s daughter.

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    2. Although we must not forget to venerate “Madonna with Child” and “Motherhood” as ideals near the top of our hierarchy for woman everywhere.

      A society that does not venerate life, and those who lovingly sacrifice FOR life will not survive.

      Mothers are pretty “badass” in my experience … 🙂

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      1. Dad took Mom and I to Florence Italy. We got to see the Michelangelo Pietas.

        There is one I thought was MUCH more powerful than this one. Jesus was complete as the one in this picture is but Mary was just rough stone so the whole focus was on Jesus.

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        1. Do you mean the Pieta that Michelangelo didn’t finish? He died before it was done which is why the Christ figure is polished and the rest you can still see the chisel marks on it. Michelangelo was such a perfectionist, he NEVER would have left a piece unfinished if he could help it.

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  7. Ohhhhhhh boy.
    LSU’s head coach was just suspended. Basketball coach.
    He was wiretapped by the FBI.
    Recruiting violation. Coach used a convicted felon as a go-between. Agents and shoe companies, part of a larger probe.

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        1. Oh Girl!! 🤣😈 We gonna Be On the Wrong side of THIS!!!! LOL!! My Sweetest was the WILDCAT MASCOT when KY Won the NCAA in NOLA! I made his Costumes and Even gave him a Unibrow!! 🤣🤣🤣 Fighting words my darling Daughn!!!

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  8. Whut?
    Adam Schiff met with Cohen, traveling to NYC, FOUR TIMES, for a cumulative of 10 hours.
    Hannity – tonight.
    Nunes is fuming.

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    Here’s what we know so far with the information that is publicly available:

    Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee say John Huber still has not interviewed key witnesses and they want answers.

    Mark Meadows (R-NC), Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Doug Collins (R-GA) sent a letter to special prosecutor John Huber on January 8th demanding answers by a January 21st deadline.

    “Your investigation has been ongoing for over nine months. During the course of our extensive investigation we have interviewed more than a dozen current and former DOJ and FBI personnel, and were surprised to hear none of these potentially informative witnesses testified to speaking with you,” the GOP lawmakers wrote.

    The Republican Congressmen then blasted Huber for being a no-show at the December hearing where Clinton Foundation whistleblowers Lawrence Doyle of DM Income Advisors and John Moynihan of JFM Associates testified.

    “Further, last month, then-chairman Mark Meadows invited you to testify as a witness at the Subcommittee on Government Operations’ hearing ‘Oversight of Nonprofit Organizations: A Case Study on the Clinton Foundation.’ We were disappointed to learn from the department that you were not enthusiastic about testifying when declining the invitation.”

    Huber has the authority to impanel a grand jury, however it appears he has done nothing since Jeff Sessions appointed him in the Fall of 2017 to investigate FISA abuses.

    The Clinton Foundation whistleblowers, Mr. Moynihan and Mr. Doyle told the committee they had to send their evidence to the Huber investigation THREE TIMES because they kept losing it.

    In October, Congressman Meadows and Jim Jordan said they wanted to haul John Huber in before Congress to testify because they had not received any updates on Huber’s investigation.

    We will soon find out if Huber’s appointment was one big head fake by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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  10. this is just funny, no real reason for posting it…but the covington kid incident…that “indigenous march” the organizers of it… seems totally organic!

    from the oracle of knowledge (wikipedia):

    The main organizers of the event were Cliff Matias and Nathalie Farfan

    Farfan is an Ecuadorian Indigenous woman who co-hosts the Latina feminist podcast Morado Lens and New Jersey-based La Brujas Club spiritual wellness community.

    Matias is a director of the Redhawk Native American Arts Council in Brooklyn, New York He had previously organized the Standing Rock Protests and New York City area pow-pows and Indigenous Peoples’ Day events and claims heritage in both the Taíno (Puerto Rican) and Quechua (Peruvian) indigenous traditions.

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  11. I cut my cable years ago, so I did not see this, just saw an article at Gateway Pundit about it. I know Hannity can be a real pain in the butt but according to Q he seems to have information they want to get out there, like Sara Carter and John Solomon. So it might be well to pay attention.

    “FOX News host Sean Hannity opened his Friday show with a stunning announcement–

    Sean Hannity: “The Deep State House of Cards — Mark My Words — It’s About to Come Crumbling Down”

    Sean Hannity: “Everything We’ve Been Revealing about the Deep State in Two Years Will Soon Have Very Serious Ramifications”

    Liked by 9 people

        1. Was just commenting on Linda’s post – hadn’t planned on watching …

          But since it is YOU asking … 🙂

          Opening statement reflected what Linda said, more importantly, Hannity has not said tick-tock (yet), so I am hopeful!!

          Still listening, and will add anything relevant.

          Liked by 5 people

            1. The link I watched cut off just after the Dershowitz interview, so don’t have any of the “meat and potato’s” hinted at in the monologue.

              BUT, Hannity said confidently to Dersh that the we WILL be seeing the 302’s, the FISA warrant, the Gang of 8 stuff – ALL of it!! So that sounds like a birdy Q’d him in ..

              Another nugget – Dersh confirmed that the Mueller Report book for sale, with an intro by him is legit …

              Hannity sounded pleased? So looks to be part of the plan!!!

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  12. I saw this post in the 8chan linked from

    ▶Anonymous 03/07/19 (Thu) 23:01:17 306c05 (3) No.5568654
    [pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

    ▶Anonymous 03/07/19 (Thu) 22:58:08 306c05 (3) No.5568598>>5568654
    Just a heads up. Potential earthquake next 72hrs. to two weeks. Juan da Fuca fault line to California and/or New Madrid fault line

    Has anyone heard anything about this?

    take care nd God bless

    Liked by 3 people

        1. “Since no one reliably predicts earthquakes that doesnt make sense.”

          Naturally caused earthquakes cannot be predicted reliably.

          Artificially caused earthquakes (when enough energy is focused on a fault line) are another matter entirely.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. That is true. If that were to occur, the way thi fault line has been written about , its a mass casualty, nearly unrecoverable event. That would be the “bigger” one. 😥

            Liked by 1 person

            1. The New Madrid fault gets triggered artificially for a big one and Memphis is going to disappear. We’ll be damaged, but will survive since earthquake regulations here are stronger than in some places in California. Chicago…that’s another story.

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  13. i see this stuff about elizabeth warren calling for the C_A tech companies to all be broken up.

    watch for this to bloom into something in an attempt to destroy and memory hole them before their real truth is known.

    another reason we need to have some truth forthcoming very soon. i seriously cannot believe all the time that has gone by and people are still getting chances to cover tracks, destroy evidence, write books, retire, even die without facing consequences.

    it was one thing back when all us conspiracy wackos were still wackos, but once it became mainstream knowledge (well some of it especially the more “accessible” stuff) i thought there would be a little more movement instead of getting the finger shot back at us over and over…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. With the ohr testimony and schiff for brains being exposed , Mueller report, oig report on their way, Im willing to continue. Ive been anxious and patient, angry mostly and calm, but I know I dont even know 1% of all of “it”. A new AG, new movement in many staff and departments, takes a few weeks to get the ball rollin, evenif its been planned and huber has been doing what we hope.
      Hannity tonight almost went full Q. He said big things are on the way, prosecutions and all. Hopefully the soros and critters above will eat it.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. oh, i will keep on keeping on for sure! just sometimes here i release of my pent up feeling while typing with a smile on my face!

        been eating the red pills so long i was already getting addicted to the black ones by the time my head swung sideway in fall 2015 hearing cspan go full no trump…. got back on the reds pretty quick.

        sometimes i wish i didnt have almost 30 years invested in “conspiracy” and what not – but only for a split second because i would not have it any other way – because there isn’t anything i am not ready to be surprised about. and it is so much better when you question and seek out the truth rather than take the bait!

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