The Unbelievable Convenience of Amnesia

It’s rare for me to DEFINITIVELY state that somebody has been “MKed” by “special” methods. Like I always say, 99.99(numbers)% of MK is done openly – mostly by the Mind Control Media, but also by individually tailored psy-ops through social media or – in very special cases – placed assets using perfectly legal means of influence. It is VERY RARE for there to be a need to use advanced modern psychological and psychiatric techniques on a single person. Not many situations would require this.

However, protecting the First Black [Communist] President from having his reputation besmirched in any way, is one of them.

Thus, Q has very intentionally (IMO) highlighted a case that is going to be important to understand.

Here is the original Q post:

In Closed Door Testimony, Former AG Loretta Lynch Can’t Recall Details of Carter Page FISA
Q!!mG7VJxZNCI4 Mar 2019 – 8:04:32 PM📁

Q Post 2699

Let’s look at that Sara Carter tweet.

As soon as I saw this, something bothered the heck out of me. My initial reaction is that she was just lying outright. But then I remembered.

I remembered what it was like to be plagued by “inconvenient”, troublesome memories during a legal battle – wishing those memories just weren’t there – and then NOT ACTUALLY remembering. Which you can’t actually realize at the time – only LATER.

Because LATER is when it all came back. In various different ways at various times.

This phenomenon of missing and fragmented memories appears in at least 4 or 5 different contexts in my own story, not all of which are covered in that blog post. Note that it took me YEARS to realize that various things in that story were actually connected. There are PLAUSIBLE reasons for memory problems surrounding traumatic events – this makes it all the easier to hide things which produce memory problems, either as GOALS or as SIDE-EFFECTS, in the context of those traumatic events.

PTSD, anybody? Think about it. AUTOMATIC COVER. And not just that. Supposedly these techniques work better in the AFTERMATH of traumatic events.

Anyway, let’s get back to THIS story. It’s LONG – just read it until you feel like skipping ahead.

Now – as soon as I realized that THESE memory problems were similar to mine, another name popped RIGHT to the surface.

Dr. Christine Blasey “Two Door” Ford

I really owe this woman a debt of gratitude. No single person has done more – Quite accidentally – to raise the idea of “MK” techniques from loony voodoo / zombie mythology to actual BELIEF by the average citizen. I think that if the Democrats had any idea how badly this operation would fail, they would have never attempted to use this woman. But – well – that’s the way their plans crumbled.

Christine Blasey Ford was very believable to those who were open-minded AND did not LOGICALLY question her story, because – I am convinced – she truly believes her story. How that was accomplished may or may not be fully or even partially known to her – nor to her publicly associated colleagues. Be that as it may, I am certain that Dr. Ford has participated in projects that left her in precisely the state she is in.

HOWEVER, Christine Blasey Ford’s likely use of MK to give believable testimony is not the biggest story on this woman. The biggest story is her FBI friend, Monica McLean, who NEEDED DR. FORD’S SERVICES in helping her to PASS A POLYGRAPH TEST.

And not just any polygraph test – an FBI polygraph test.

If you need a refresher on the facts here, Lee Stranahan has a good podcast:

Do you see how BIG this is?

Loretta Lynch, Wolf Moon, and Christine Blasey Ford all had something in common – the likely use of MK techniques to help them TESTIFY so as to fool PEOPLE.

What’s the difference here? Monica McLean needed those kinds of techniques to help her pass a POLYGRAPH. To get into a position within the FBI.

One simply has to ask – what kind of questions was she trying to beat? That’s pretty big and scary. But it’s not the biggest question.

What is now the biggest question FOR ME is whether the techniques used to help Monica McLean skate past an FBI polygraph test were the same kind of advanced techniques that would leave Loretta Lynch utterly puzzled – with no conscious memory of something – as if she had amnesia. Because THAT is how you might actually pass an FBI polygraph test.

We’re not just talking about deep breathing and meditation, folks.

Personally, I’m betting we’re talking about the SAME STUFF.

I believe that in Loretta Lynch’s case, several things resulted in her being MKed:

  • she is significantly less corrupt and dishonest than Eric Holder, so she cannot be trusted to maintain a set of lies or denials without psychological assistance
  • she was too publicly visible to be eliminated without suspicion
  • because of internal personal conflicts, she was a perfect subject (she WANTED to forget for “good” reasons that matched her psychology)
  • she was still potentially valuable as a SCOTUS appointment

SO – now you know what we’re up against.

This is ONE MORE REASON why the Huber process has been so discreet. “Witness-tampering” has taken on a whole new meaning. One might want to be very careful. So careful that our own CIA, and some parts of FBI, might not be made aware of what was going on.

Indeed, one might realize that Loretta’s amnesia is not just explanatory of things, but actually a PROOF of Q. Not many people would realize how important that Sara tweet actually was. But Q did.

Interesting times.


“You are forgetting the acronym FISA….”

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  1. I remember this creepy video she made 2 years ago…it’s like she was a drone, programed to say what she was saying:


    It’s really kinda scary to think about what sort of techniques they have come up with, since the MK program began years ago.

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    1. I hear you! Yes to “hypnotism”, BUT…… Hear me out.

      “Hypnotism” is KINDA what we are talking about, but because of human linguistic programming, there are IMPLIED LIMITATIONS that are automatically associated with the word “hypnotism”. Fake News has helped to enforce these limitations. That is why I AVOID using the term “hypnotism” to describe advanced individual mind control, and have abused the term “MKUltra” into my own “usage neologism” of MK.

      “Hypnotism”, as we generally understand it, cannot make people do “wrong stuff”. People cannot even comprehend this idea of making people do something highly non-sensical and possibly even self-destructive. People cannot comprehend the idea of wiping memories temporarily, much less permanently. They have been programmed by Fake Entertainment to reject this stuff as entirely fictional, or sufficiently fictional that it is no more than a parlor trick.

      Nobody will tell them about the mathematics of low wins on high purses – the idea that if 9 out of 10 low-level money-maker MK ops fail, but one wins, it EASILY pays for the failures. Americans have been conditioned to believe that only highly reliable techniques are every deployed. People fail to understand that failure is an accepted part of statistical wins.

      My prejudices about what is possible in mind control are why for YEARS I never picked up on a person who did something highly nonsensical that resulted in the goals of CA3 being fulfilled. I kept ATTRIBUTING CONSCIOUS MOTIVE in any possible solution – otherwise, it remained a MYSTERY, which was the SMART SOLUTION. Keeping it as an open question eventually allowed me to solve it.

      Deep state had expectations of some kind – either that I had not observed what I did observe, or that if I did in fact observe it and remember it, that I would interpret it in the expected ways that benefited the CA3 narrative. This is why a minor but persistent long-term effort was expended to keep the loose end under long-term observation ON THE CA3 MATTER. It was not hard. The feds had other, legitimate excuses to keep an eye on me, but the CA3 stuff was “special”, and now I know why.

      I believe that the human brain subconscious and unconscious API goes way beyond what we normally call hypnotism. I believe that people have pushed human programmability in ways that the public would find extraordinary if not ALARMING.

      I want to make something very clear. I don’t need MOST people to believe me about this. That is not my purpose. I only need to communicate my ideas to the people who I’m sure know about this stuff, but are in all likelihood CATCHING UP on specific enemy superiorities. I’m presuming that “our” abilities are not the same as foreign, all sides having a spectrum of superiorities and inferiorities.

      But yes – we are talking about what some people might call “super-hypnosis”.

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      1. Wow, Wolf Moon, your site is so mind-expanding.

        Every time I think I am the most red-pilled dude around, (on various issues, both those connected to one another and other completely unrelated ones,) you post another one of your MK essays and blow me away all over again.

        The earlier ones got me up to speed on what you believe was your experience, and on how our understanding of the foreign and domestic MK technology can be used to better model what is going on in our world WRT the globalists’ control over our society: Mockingbird, degenerate Hollywood, cultural Marxism in general, Las Vegas, Parkland, and, you have me increasingly thinking, even 9/11.

        This post inspired me to build on the earlier thought process to look at events I am familiar with, and to consider the possibility that TPTB may have wielded their individual MK tech to derail positive developments that have gone previously unremarked on your site.

        Over the past decade I have learned how to have mental epiphanies that produce new hypotheses to test, regarding big issues.

        I started with reading some of the recent critics of early Islam, who have questioned the traditional tale of how the religion started, and who have connected its actual origin to other events of that epoch.

        Then I moved on to the work of Diana West on Soviet penetration of the American government in the 30s and 40s, and M. Stanton Evans’ research on Joseph McCarthy and the Soviet penetration of the 50s.

        Most recently, I’ve been studying the Soebarkah/Clinton/Rodham/Holder/Brennan/Petain treason, Spygate, etc., and the writings of you and the community here on the media, gaslighting, false flags, MK, etc.

        In each area, I immersed myself in the details to learn them thoroughly, then did a blue-sky, what-if exercise in which I stepped back from the details, adopted a wide-angle lens to view the issues from a different perspective, focused on the question of causation, and tried to spot patterns.

        Each time, I have been left virtually speechless and disoriented with the sudden insight that the world we thought we were living in is not the world we actually are living in. And that the “experts” consciously or unconsciously are systematically presenting us the wrong picture.

        Anyway, I have stumbled on this technique before at various times in my life. But I want to thank you because I am now much better at it, having identified it and its steps consciously after reading your work on Tavistock, Deja Woo, etc.

        So, after coming across this thread last night, I applied the technique again, and was left with the realization that an earlier movement which faced a rocky start 40 years before the Tea Party debacle of the early Soebarkah years, was, yes, probably the victim of a deliberate derailment effort on the part of TPTB, and with at least some tell tales of individual MK.


  2. ____________________________________________________________

    Goodlatte then goes on to ask: “were you briefed about the relevance of Mr. Page’s FISA warrant with regard to this broader Russia investigation?”

    Again, Lynch fails to have any memory of anything Page.

    “I don’t have a recollection of a briefing of that type, no,” said Lynch.

    Goodlatte then asks: “When did you first hear the name Carter Page?”

    Lynch: “Again, it would have to have been like late spring of 2016 or so in this context. I don’t recall I knew of him from other sources or not.”


    Carter says Lynch failed to have any memory of ANYTHING Page, and that her testimony of not remembering was contradicted by a memo that Lynch discussed Page in late spring after Page joined Trump on March 21, 2016.

    Carter may be overstating things. Lynch used very careful language. She was asked about whether she was briefed on “the relevance” of Page’s warrant to the broader Russian investigation, and she answers very specifically that she has no memory of a briefing of “that type,” meaning a briefing on relevance.

    IOW, Goodlatte’s question was an inept one you do not ask a hostile witness. The question was virtually meaningless because the word “relevance” is too vague for Goodlatte’s purpose.

    Then Goodlatte asks when Lynch “first” heard Page’s name, which is a better question but flops. Lynch evades the question and says when she THEORETICALLY would have heard it “in this context”, and otherwise didn’t recall if she “knew of him” from “other sources.”

    Lynch never says she did not recall when she first heard Page’s name, and Goodlatte apparently did not re-ask the question which was never answered. So, if there is evidence of a writing in Lynch’s handwriting with the name Carter Page, evidence that she had “heard” of his name at some inculpatory time, she can truthfully say she never denied hearing of his name at that time. She can say she was just answering the questions in some undefinable, irrelevant context.

    IOW, it looks like Lynch was rather brilliantly evading the questions while making it look like something else.

    One reason (among many) these congressional hearings are so painful to watch is that 90% of the questions are stupid, especially if they are intended to establish even one simple fact.

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    1. I just wanted to clarify: when Lynch says she didn’t recall “knowing” Page from other sources, she does not say what those “other” sources were “other” from, although “in this context” would necessarily mean official sources. So, in effect, she is saying this:

      “I never heard of Carter Page in the context of official sources explaining to me the RELEVANCE of the FISA application to the Russian investigation, and I do not otherwise recall ‘knowing’ him from any non-official source.”

      Lynch never, as Carter states, denied having a memory of ANYTHING Page.

      And if this seems like splitting hairs, it is because it IS splitting hairs. Splitting hairs is the techniques which is used to avoid answering questions when trying to seem to be answering questions.

      IMO many, many questions asked by Congressmen are so inept and stupid, the questions seem designed to permit a witness to split hairs, and thus totally evade the purpose of the hearing.

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        1. He might have been there to continue, alter, or “complete” her programming. Also remember that BeezleBubba is a Satanic Black Magick Illuminised Witch, the darkest and most powerful sort. They weren’t talking Yoga and collard greens there…

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          1. Sorry, I’m not buying this thesis about Lynch at all. Certainly not saying it didn’t happen to Wolfie, but I see her as a practiced liar and radical leftist. Obama wouldn’t have appointed her otherwise.

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              1. VERY Practiced LIAR. You do not climb as high as she did without being a practiced liar and a psychopath.

                Lynch would NOT have been offered the Supreme Court position if she was not ROCK SOLIDLY in the Elitist camp.

                Can A Psychopath Or Pathological Liar Pass A Polygraph
                ” The psychiatrist’s answer was that most polygraph tests are useless, since so many criminals are psychopaths…..”

                This Is Why Psychopaths Lie So Well
                “Beware of Convincing Liars—They’re Probably Psychopaths … lack of remorse, a new study suggests psychopaths also excel in telling lies….”

                Interesting commentary on Psychopaths:

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            1. There is I am sure lots of mind control going on. Simple stuff I get. Beyond that I have much to learn.

              That said, a few thoughts. Lynch is a lawyer, I believe. Lawyers parse words. Answer questions with words that do not really answer the question. Questions are not precise enough or crafted to pursue intended goals.

              I am quite sure Lynch remembers the FISAs, some or all of who signed them, why they were doing FISAs… It was their plan to derail Candidate Trump, impeach President Trump, etc.

              Lynch knows the answers. She is simply a lying D-Rat trying to not implicate her co-conspirators (right word?) and not go to jail.

              Lynch lied about her knowledge about FISA, Page, etc. in that interview. Just as Lynch has always lied about the meeting on the tarmac with Slick Willy.

              Looking forward to reading about Lych’s indictment being unsealed, her arrest, prosecution…

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            2. Two words: AND LOGIC.

              Again, the overlooking of AND logic is the MOST fundamental MK which has been obtained on humans, and Americans in particular (thanks to the advanced state of our “Fake News”).

              “One or the other” thinking allows truck bombs to be driven through American society invisibly, with the population absolutely clueless. Best friend of spycraft EVER.

              Yes, she’s a liar and a hair-splitter. Yes, she may well be a psychopath. But I am betting money that she had psychological HELP to make sure she floated through. What if such techniques work BETTER on psychopaths? What if they work BETTER on mental cases? What if they work BETTER on trauma cases and PTSD? What if they work BETTER on people who are “pre-broken” in particular ways?

              Who is studied more? Normies or abnormies?

              Much of the MK about LL is accomplished externally, simply because she is a BLACK WOMAN, and all of America has been MKed to be extra forgiving toward blacks and women. This is key to the communist approach here. “Protected classes” allow all sorts of mental exploits through the media – Fake News and Fake Entertainment. This is how LL got in as AG, BTW. Nobody had the heart to be rigorously legal on her ABSOLUTELY disqualifying links to Eric Holder. Mass media accomplished the MK there, over YEARS.

              Lynch undoubtedly had meetings and conversations where the complexities of Spygate were discussed. My suspicion is that she had no recollection of those AT ALL when she was testifying.

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              1. ” AND LOGIC. “

                OK I can see what you mean. A Psychopath or Sociopath would probably be the easiest target.

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              2. Getting good people to see the world in XOR terms instead of OR logic (which includes AND) has allowed the enemies of Truth to drive truck-bombs EVERYWHERE without opposition.

                “He has real papers – he’s OK.”

                We are constantly deceived by these things. If you use mentally damaging tools on mentally damaged people, nobody will catch you unless they are VERY cunning.

                BUUUUUUT go on and turn on the boob tube and lookie there! It’s Miley Cyrus! Is it mind control or just decadent Hollywood? WHICH ONE is more likely?


                AND logic. For the win.

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              3. Yes, there is nothing necessarily inconsistent between hair-splitting and MK, and in fact they do fit together.

                Lynch strikes me as a sacrificial entity and someone not at all in charge, or even clued in to the deeper levels.

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        2. Rayzorbak, If there is a tombstone for Tarmac Buddy Bill, it would not need a name –
          just, “The definition of Is?” would identify him to most people and textbooks should
          reflect that story for the sake of true history.

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  3. is it at all possible to program someone with “flu like” symptoms if triggered by the onset of a certain memory? The average person would medicate in some fashion–try to sleep it off–perhaps if the symptoms are particularly worrisome, they may medicate somewhat aggressively and sleep for a really long time. only to awake refreshed and the memory has submerged once again. Until one day, that memory floods back and releases the doomsday trigger and the person does something drastic–shoots up a school, or commits suicide.
    Is all that possible?
    I pray for your health Wolf–body, mind and soul always!

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      1. L. Ron Hubbard, former used car salesman. Guess he found a more profitable gig. Ripped people off and destroyed many lives, and talk about turning people robotic. scientology still a huge scam.

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        1. No doubt – a cult, for sure. However, what I was getting at was perhaps our own government pursued this concept along their own lines and needs? The theory behind it always interested me – during periods of “unconsciousness” (a form of which often occurs during and immediately after traumatic events) there is cellular memory that actually “records” the feelings, unbeknownst to the person involved. Those memories are often then triggered in the future. Just a thought….

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            1. Now what is interesting is that Hubbard realized that psychiatry quite literally WAS his enemy. Psychiatry is (as we see now) not necessarily “right” or “healthy” (think Soviet psychiatry – now think American Soviet psychiatry and what it says – or is forced to say). Psychiatry serves whatever narrative is dictated by TPTB. If “trans” is “normal”, “trans” is “normal”.

              Again, AND logic solves this beautifully.

              Dianetics was private cult mind control. Psychiatry is world-class mass human mind control. AND logic allows both to be true.

              Why do I say that? Because a DISSIDENT psychiatrist was one of my biggest Red Pill deliverers – a true Morpheus. Actually a couple of them, but one was more openly dissident than the other. That one had to be very careful. Still, I was given a KEY that solved so much.

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              1. You are right about scientology and about psychiatry, Wolf, and I love that you found two dissident psychiatrists. That must have been interesting and also helpful.

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    1. You don’t have to worry about me. I’m the one who worries about people who are not ahead of this game.

      By the way, things like the flu, and extra long sleep, going off schedule, CAN kick the tires of the brain. Normal – nothing to be afraid of. I had wanted to do this article shortly after seeing Q’s post, but the idea of LL getting prepped was falling off the back end of my mental conveyor belt from lack of attention. Taking a rest and thinking put a spotlight on it again, and I realized I needed to get these thoughts out there.

      Based on not only my personal experience, but also years of research and theorizing, religious imperatives, truly and fully believed, are an absolute show-stopper on almost anything that can be programmed. THEY know it – WE know it. Ain’t gonna happen.

      If you believe suicide is WRONG, you cannot be tricked into performing it intentionally. If you believe shooting up a place is WRONG, you cannot be tricked into performing it intentionally.

      However, people can be TRICKED into making lower-level commitments IN ERROR, that lead to WRONG OUTCOMES (and particularly to be victims of SET-UPS). THAT is the key. THAT is how I solved CA3.

      This is where the ingenuity of MK craft seems to come into play. This is why I failed to solve CA3 for so long. I didn’t truly understand how tricky instructions can be used to get people to endanger themselves.

      Most of the time this can be hidden very effectively, accomplished gently, and performed statistically. It’s simply not going to get caught. Mass media can make large numbers of people accept almost anything. Slow and steady WINS undetectably.

      The problems happen when there is heat on to accomplish something against a schedule. Forcing slow, long-term, statistical operations to accelerate beyond their safety limits is where bad stuff happens (to the op, from its own perspective), and people begin to sense things The AUDIENCE knows that something is wrong.

      That is what is happening to LL, IMO. I think she’s good, but I also think they made her “better”, and people sense it. She will not remember key meetings, key discussions. Not a blip will show. No question will ruffle her feathers.

      How do they find out about those key meetings and discussions to “submerge”?

      AH, YES. Discovery and clean-up in one simple operation. Ingenious.

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      1. How much of the population regardless of native intelligence thinks independently?

        Categorically, probably close to zero (but there are some).

        Somewhat less than categorically but significantly, 5 % to be generous? 10%? 25%?

        The reason has something to do with native intelligence, but vastly more-so with religious belief, absolutely. The Spirit of truth is immune.

        “Putting on the armor” is more than a pretty notion from Ephesians. It is the deepest psychological insight applicable to us today, and maybe every day.

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        1. You see it! And it’s even bigger than that. You have to sense it. WHY is it so protective?

          This is where the SPIRITUAL literally TRUMPS the totality of information science, which trumps the material world.

          The information world – no matter how intelligence is constructed or constituted – in this or any universe – is subject to not metaphysical but meta-informational constructs – laws – realities – things and ideas literally beyond this universe – possibly beyond mathematics. Materialism points us in the wrong direction – blinding us to the reality of the unseen which governs not only the seen, but most of the unseen that we can comprehend.

          We NEED the spiritual to go beyond where we are. Without it, we are destined – at best – to be somebody else’s slaves or soldiers.

          The ARMOR OF GOD is also a SPACE SUIT / DIVING SUIT / ENCOUNTER SUIT. We can’t really understand our universe without it. It is the difference between subjects and citizens in this universe, and others as well.

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            1. It is so easy at that point to try to reflect higher constructs back into the readily knowable and understandable, rather than to posit things even harder to understand, to describe, or to even just postulate clearly.

              This is where materialists have the advantage of monopolizing discussion – by virtue of keeping things within the realm of the easily understood.

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              1. I watched this just last week (17 minutes). You probably already know and understand what is discussed. But for me (who has come late to physics) it was very clarifying:

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            2. That video you posted down below was mind-blowing! I had to watch it twice—but WOW! Very interesting!

              I had of bits and pieces (no pun intended) of the particle experiment before but never really looked into it. Now, I will be some more research on the subject. Thanks, Tonawanda!

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      2. “religious imperatives, truly and fully believed, are an absolute show-stopper on almost anything that can be programmed. ”

        Wolf Moon,

        This is a valuable insight, and one reason I am so down on the idea of Muslims in the military, intelligence communities, counterintelligence, police forces, etc. of civilized nations. Or in elected offices, or in any position that requires a security clearance.

        To get a security clearance in the executive branch, or as a congressional staffer, you have to go through a background check that includes a lie detector test for any position that is really sensitive.

        Islamic law doesn’t allow Muslims to show respect for “man-made” (i.e. non-Qur’anic) law. That is why jihadists on trial won’t stand up when the judge enters the courtroom, and so forth.

        There is a whole list of Arabic words (takiyya, kitman, tawriyah, etc.) in Islamic law dealing with various types of lying that Muslims are theoretically forbidden from engaging in. Except that there is always the legal fine print that the lying is permitted if it is used to obtain a religious goal that cannot be obtained otherwise. And, further, that the lying is mandatory when the religious goal in question is mandatory.

        For a committed Muslim trained in all this, in many cases from birth, these exceptions are religious imperatives that are show-stoppers for the normal Western programming that lying is wrong, and that you are not supposed to lie to the FBI during a background investigation.

        So I am not convinced that a Westerner conducting a check on a sleeper jihadist can reliably spot his lies. The cultural differences regarding truth vs. lie are too great.

        Nor am I convinced that a Muslim FBI agent conducting a background check on a co-religionist would not falsify the report to get the subject into a sensitive position.


        1. I agree with you very much, Covadonga, especially about muslims in our military, FBI, legislatures Etc. In taqiyya, muslims are allowed to lie to the infidel, meaning non-muslims.


  4. some eye candy for Sylvia this morning…

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        1. Eye patch got me thinking there are some autists somewhere out there who could use some BIG KEK. 😉

          At the risk of appearing to talk to myself (*COUGH*), allow me to share a picture of a storybook warrior with an eye patch, a character who is quite near and dear to me for interesting reasons. Not as easy on the eyes as Crenshaw, but he has a certain rustic yet space age charm!

          The full episode was meant by Fake Entertainment to be demoralizing to patriotic Americans – a poison pill in a bitter but sweetly and morally sedating Cultural Marxist wrapper, but it overplayed its hand. Disarming it was key. From its complex construction, I learned much about the enemy.

          I HIGHLY recommend it. The plot and its successful deconstruction and reconstruction into a weapon against the enemy is explained as follows:

          Matthew 18:9 (all tokens significant)

          And if your eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell.

          The first secret is speaking the unspeakable truths.

          The second secret is accepting the unacceptable truths.

          The third secret is knowing which eye to pluck out.

          The final secret is knowing that you’re not only over the target, but that it’s the RIGHT target.

          It also helps to use the right ammunition……

          And the right weapon…..

          To battle this enemy, we are going to have to be VERY smart, and FEARLESS.

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  5. This reminds me of the time when the Dr. wanted to put me on statins for my cholesterol. I had all the side effects they don’t want you to talk about.
    Statins carry warnings that myalgia, memory loss, mental confusion, neuropathy can happen.
    It was definitely a weird feeling forgetting why you went into a room to do something or get something and you didn’t remember what.
    So ask yourself this question is any of that by design to keep people unaware of what’s going on in the world? Over the years I have spoken with many people who were in the same situation and they just related it to old age. I am not so sure anymore about it being all age related.

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    1. Hmmm.

      On a statin. Seemingly have memory loss more often than I like. That, walking into a room, only to realize I forgot why I went there. Happens quite often.

      Need to research this a bit. Ask the quack.

      Thanks Brave and Free for posting.

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      1. And the research has documented for decades, that 1) “cholesterol” does not “cause” heart disease, 2) “arteriosclerosis” is the result of inflamed and damaged vessel walls upon which cholesterol lodge, 3) and perhaps most relevant here, statins do not work as described by medical professionals, who will often plead “I practice western medicine. Those studies you tell me about from other countries have not been verified in the USA.”
        They have lied to us since at least the ’70s about this. They are still lying.
        Bolouke does a better, safer job of clearing vessels.
        Eliminating sugar and grains and tubers and legumes does a better job of eliminating vessel inflammation.

        I have taken to calling the low fat, high “healthy” grains & beans, limited meat diet, the killer diet. I am convinced it played a significant role in the deaths of many of those born at the beginning of the 20th century.

        And, no, I have no idea how our POTUS seems to get away thus far unscathed by their lies and evil drugs.

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      2. One thing they never tell you about cholesterol is how MUCH recent diet affects your “bad” cholesterol numbers.

        Fasting is supposed to help with that, but I was told be an honest physician that what you’ve eaten for the past two weeks to a month drastically affects your numbers.

        So, say you get your test done at the end of the year. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, although you normally eat pretty well, you were like most people and ate ALL the goodies. That would make your numbers high in the wrong places.

        Before I took ANY medication for cholesterol, I would ask to wait and be retested in four to six months. I would then embark on a healthy diet plan. If the test is still bad, then consider meds.

        I just think Big Pharma has a BIG interest in keeping us a “little” sick and on medications.

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    2. same thing with the mental medicines hey foisted upon everyone and now it is second nature. they have all our kids under control.

      my own daughter is a victim of this. i know also for a fact that up to 70% of the kids in her high school class were on or had been on mental illness meds. counselling for every tiny thing in life. they are the victim, etc.

      they scare the parents and get them to concede and there is no goig back. try and find people on these drugs since they were 12 years old and see how many actually fix their issues and get off the meds. i would dare say if you can even find one (yes i know there are a few here and there) you would be lucky. they never get off them and by the ages of 18 or 20 they cannot even miss a day or else they panic and freak out so much its incredible.

      had i grown up in these times i might have been told to take these. but because i was able to think through things, to look these things directly in the eye and say you do not own me, and to know that panic and anxiety and all this stuff they call a disease is actually human instinct. now whwn i encourage people to try alternate methods i am critcised and accused of being a thoughtless ass who has no idea what these people are going through. even been told that by my own kid starting when she was 15 – that i have no idea – and 5 years later i still hear that (last night was the most recent time). and they beat that into them that only heartless people would consider telling them to try to get off meds.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Andrew, my heart goes out to you. Hard for your daughter to realize right now that you are trying to do what is best for her. I have seen the same things with children of my friends, and many of these parents think the experts know best, and they have tried so hard with these young people and they hope a drug will fix it, and it’s often turning them into flattenened robotic people (flattened emotions). It changes them in ways that are so sad. So sorry.


  6. Whatever the case is with Loretta Lynch and her memory holes, we know a few things thanks to Q and FBIanon (who needs to be taken with a grain of salt).

    One, last fall she started talking to anyone who would listen. Whether or not she had been identified as a potential weak link in the chain is a matter not yet known. However, even FBIanon said in 2016 she was trying to save her own skin just like everyone else.

    Just watching all of this go by, I’m reminded of the deal Lando Calrisian made with Darth Vader in “The Empire Strikes Back.” It kept altering and getting worse. It really looks like once these people are compromised, the handlers just keep demanding more and more. Did Lynch refuse at some point? Or, and this is a definite possibility, is she smart enough to evade entrapment while letting others hang out to dry.

    At this point, any and all of it is on the table as possible.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. WOW – I think you are ONTO something. Her timeline and appearances will pin down MUCH. And YES – the idea that she might have been a weak link makes sense.

      I believe that when Holder, Obama and Jarrett picked Lynch, it was with MUCH consultation with people like Brennan. And I think much of that was precisely because Lynch was regarded as a weak link. Perhaps not fully on board TRAIN STALIN. A waffly Menshevik in a world of Bolsheviks.

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  7. A related and rather scary component of this line of thinking is that it raises real questions about the ability to prove that someone who committed a crime understood that what they were doing is wrong. Scienter is a bedrock of our legal system, as well it should be. Given this, what do we do with the possibility that Dr Two Door believed the garbage she tried to foist upon us?

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    1. I am now a firm believer in the idea that MK will be a problem before AI. Perhaps that it’s even a form of the SAME PROBLEM.

      The most reliable witnesses, ironically, are cameras watched by cameras, to make sure humans don’t try to pull any tricks.

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    1. Reagan already had Alzheimer’s by the time he testified. Nancy was making a lot of his decisions for him, in conjunction with GWB.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Given what the Congress and DOJ can do to you if you ‘lied to them’ MY only answer would be “I don’t Recall’ or “I take the 5th Amendment.” If they got angry about it, I would look the Congress Critter in the eye and tell them I had zero intentions of going to jail because of innocently recalling something incorrectly. Same with the cops or the FBI.

        THIS is what our INJUSTICE System has done to anyone who has any brains. NO ONE in their right mind would cooperate willingly.

        Liked by 7 people

          1. HOPE!

            2982 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 6 Mar 2019 – 10:58:00 AM
            ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

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    1. I was a WAY better witness than I should have been. Absolutely amazing. I never realized WHY I performed so well until later. Much, much later.

      However, there is ONE MORE CATCH to the situation, which is worthy of an Oscar-winning movie plot twist. And I think the White Hats understand it now. Actually, they understood it LONG before I did.

      THE ENTIRE THING WAS RIGGED. The whole thing.

      That is the stunner.

      BECAUSE Martin Luther King, Jr. was dead.

      The only person who could have steered the whole thing into a TRUTH path had been eliminated. And now – it was a STEAM-ROLLER OF LIES, and nobody was going to stand in its way.

      There were never two sides. There was “get on board with the lies we don’t talk about” or “get run over”. Didn’t matter what you actually “believed”. Truth was having a bad hair day, no matter what. No matter who.

      But I’m like Aubergine – it made me who I am. Don’t regret it, because it brought me to God, and this very moment where we can actually DEFEND against the madness.

      Interesting times.

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  8. Unfortunately, I have some experience with trauma-induced amnesia.

    I have VERY FEW memories of my young years, before about age twelve, due to sexual abuse. What I can tell you is, I am sure that affects my ability to recall emotional or traumatic events up until today.

    I think some of us are more susceptible to this type of “brain-washing” because of predisposition. Events that are scary, dangerous, or emotional just “hide” in our brain. I can recover the memories now if I want to. I learned some of how to do that in years of therapy. Most of the childhood stuff I don’t want to remember anyway. But I can think back on painful things from adulthood and get most of it back.

    I don’t doubt that Two-door Ford has had some kind of trauma. I think she was both exploited and exploiter. She helped her friend beat a polygraph for whatever reason, thus exploiting the system herself. WHY McLean would need to beat the test is an EXCELLENT question, Wolfmoon.

    In all my looking at how the Communists have been infiltrating our society over the past 100 years, it is apparent that some kind of mind-control has been used. It is insidious. Otherwise intelligent people are flying by the seat of their emotions, all the time. They act in irrational ways and say irrational things, often against their own self-interest. It’s just crazy. And since the beliefs they have are SO illogical, nothing else explains it to me.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thanks for this! And let me begin by offering my sympathy. Wow. THIS is what Christ was talking about when he warned people doing things to children. The punishment he talks about is proportionate to the DAMAGE that is done to children by abuse. So we’re talking MILLSTONES and DROWNING. This is the suffering of people whose whole lives are weighed down by abuse as children.

      Not all people understand the weirdness of memory, but people who have had bad / traumatic / terrifying experiences are very frequently among those who do. People who have REASONS to repress memories are typically the people who CAN repress memories. This ability to take introspective mental action OPENS THE DOOR to mental engineering. It’s pure computer programming. With an internal delete key and external inputs, almost any program can be created, if one is ingenious enough. From there, tools can be built, and tools can build other tools.

      I agree that Ford very likely had traumatic sexual experiences – probably multiple instances. She would be a fascinating case for OTHER therapists and psychologists, and THAT is likely how she was discovered as potentially useful.

      As for the Russians and their American allies (KGB and KGB-CIA)…..

      I believe that while we were strongly defending hard science departments on university campuses, the SOVIETS dug very deep into our PSYCHOLOGY and SOCIOLOGY departments.

      I think that American “useful idiots” buy in at the “We’re a friendly brown bear! We have cookies!” level, but down deep, KGB and KGB-CIA have other plans. The milk and cookie handlers have NO IDEA that the MK folks are watching their products with deep plans and machinations.

      Not sure how much will come out, but until then, I think it’s wise to assume that Russian and Chinese MK abilities are superior to ours, include some capabilities we don’t have, and employ a strong network of Americans doing the legwork. I think that LOCATING POTENTIAL ASSETS is a key activity that is both performed and exploited by intelligence and counterintelligence. Any side that defends against enemy-exploited assets has to identify potential assets – that information can be stolen and exploited.

      It’s likely a real MESS.

      Best way to make oneself useless as a tool of the black hats is to be STRONGLY religious in a good and non-violent way. No trauma can be exploited by them if one is forgiving.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, pure faith of any kind truly is the key. One must believe in something greater than oneself, and that there is divine retribution for wrongs. Then we can let go of the need for revenge, and just live.


      2. Also, thinking about it, and re-reading your comment, I am SURE that the Chinese and Russians are better at it, and Americans are more susceptible to the manipulation.

        The great thing about Americans is our innate innocence and naivete. We are eternal optimists, good neighbors, and helpful friends. People like that want to see the GOOD in people. That IS our country.

        I haven’t lived there, but I imagine that Russian and Chinese citizens are suspicious, nervous, and insular. They live in a perpetual state of fear. So it would be harder to manipulate them.

        That’s my take on it, anyway.


        1. Well, in CcChina individuality is not emphasized, but also they do that social scoring, which is a huge tool for manipulation. If you can’t travel or work, maybe even find housing you can be controlled.

          Liked by 2 people

    2. i just recently witnessed an attack on a church (from inside) because of these type of situations. that a repressed ptsd type of narrative lashed out and potentially threw a church into a quagmire of questioning and accusation and the exact thing it takes to break the bonds of a church. i would call it an attempted coup of the church itself to weaken and destroy it slowly. it only takes one incident to make people start questioning.

      the spiritual warfare is real and getting stronger and it will not stop.

      Liked by 3 people

    3. Aubergine a big hug and love from another who has survived this.
      It is much like PTSD that even if you can remember it you don’t want to.


      Liked by 4 people

  9. Great article Wolfie. Thank you.

    There are a few traumatic things that happened to me through the years, that I didn’t remember until I or a loved one needed to be made aware of potential for danger. A type of PTSD. The need to warn was a type of triggering. Recollection in one case was such that for a while I couldn’t remember specifics much, and I questioned if such and such really happened, until specific physical surroundings at the time of the event, became manifest in my mind. Wow!

    I was getting confused with all the different names for all the different devious pograms of the bad guys, so I looked up Monarch and this is what I found. Seems like a good supplementary.

    Click to access Origins_and_Techniques_of_Monarch_Mind_Control.pdf


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