The RED TSUNAMI Is On Its Way! HRC, Eric Holder & Michael Bloomberg Have Decided To Sit Out 2020….

Within the last 48 hours, three presidential hopefuls decided they would take a pass in 2020. There is a lot of speculation as to why they decided against running. In my humble opinion it has nothing to do with some damn Democrat strategy but everything to do with the fact they realize the Democrats can’t win in 2020 against PDJT.

For those that think Joe Biden will be the chosen one, Democrat voters think his time has passed.

The signs are beginning to appear. Americans are angry about what the Democrats are doing when it comes to Late Term Abortions (Infanticide), Climate (Green New Deal), Open Borders, Illegal Immigration, Racist Acts (Black Face) and the continued WITCH HUNT against our President.

Look what happened this evening adding to 3 other flips so far this year.

Even the MSM has to admit they can’t break our President and that he is only getting stronger!

From the article linked above:

The U.S. economy — historically the most important factor in a president’s popularity —continues to boom. A late-2018 dive in the stock market, whose levels Trump fixates over, has nearly been reversed. Trump’s approval ratings have ticked up to 46 percent, according to the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, the same percentage with which he won the 2016 election.

These BS Polls are biased. The fact that Politico had to admit his approval rating is at the same percentage as when he was elected is admitting defeat! Two years later and nothing has changed in the mind of Americans.

They also know that once you go to the states that will decide the election, our President is even stronger.

More and more evidence that Blacks are beginning to realize that PDJT is truly helping them flourish in this economy. Keep in mind that he only got 8% of the Black vote in 2016 and still won.

Our President only got 29% of the Hispanic vote in 2016 and won. He is now consistently polling between 35% to 40% with Hispanic voters.

The 3 POS decided not to run because they didn’t want our Lion to hand them their asses after the 2020 Election!

42 thoughts on “The RED TSUNAMI Is On Its Way! HRC, Eric Holder & Michael Bloomberg Have Decided To Sit Out 2020….

  1. It would have been more fitting if Hillary sent creepy John Podesta out to say she wasn’t running and for everyone to just go home. At least this time they won’t waste any money on fireworks.

    I think Senator Gropes-A-Lot (Biden) is next to throw in the towel. I doubt that he’s actually going to run either.

    And Chief Shitting Bull is already dead in the water…she should stock up on that beer.

    Well, that leaves a bunch of communist baby killers to lead the Demoncrats out of the wilderness…ha ha ha…good luck with that! Pretty soon they’ll be begging Oprah or Michael Moore to jump in.

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      1. I think Harris. As organicalky dumb as she is, she is extremely devious and a prilific lisr(prib why ibummer liked her) and the cabal of CA dimms are close at hand. If its Bernue, we are talking looney tunes grateful dead bernie bro tour time.

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  2. Flep!! Thanks on the KY Special Election!!! I live here and the Fake News ignored!!! Kentucky Is gonna Rise up and Get rid of McConnell and even Paul after this bullshit vote on the National Emergency!!! We are an ENTIRE STATE of Deplorables!! THANK GOD!!!

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    1. Kind of an odd way to put it. I’d have said 71 percent of likely voters DISAGREE with DEMONcRAT investigation of Trump…

      Erm, that would be PRESIDENT Trump to you, Tammy…

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  4. I still remember a comic of some Dem announcing they wouldn’t be running for President in 1984 for “personal reasons”

    The next scene shows that he’s standing in front of a BIG Reagan poster, and he says “…this person.”

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    1. I think it was more like 1 or 1.5″. You can see her shoes when she and Bill are walking on the sidewalk. She has to be helped at curbs and stairs. No way could she walk in 4-inch heels!

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  5. “Within the last 48 hours, three presidential hopefuls decided they would take a pass in 2020. There is a lot of speculation as to why they decided against running. In my humble opinion it has nothing to do with some damn Democrat strategy but everything to do with the fact they realize the Democrats can’t win in 2020 against PDJT.”


    But don’t forget this other possibility. They could just be lying about not running — because if they are anything, they are most certainly liars, all.

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  6. Katie Glueck tweeted: “Bloomberg, bowing out:“It’s essential we nominate a D who will be in the strongest position to defeat Trump& bring our country back together. cannot allow primary process to drag party to an extreme that would diminish our chances in the general election”


    Uh, Katie?

    Have you even looked at your party?

    It’s already rated ‘X’ for profound violence, profanity, nudity, strong sexual content, infanticide, pedophilia, treason, promotion of moral depravity and murder.

    If it was any more extreme, it would have to be terminated out of compassion — for everyone.

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  7. Hillary is not physically capable of running, and I’m sure the Dems don’t want her. (She should be in jail, anyway.) Holder and Bloomberg would be horrible, but are capable of appearing more sane and statesman-like than the crop of women, who come across as crazed, radical, and classless. Holder and Bloomberg are showing a modicum of good sense by not running.

    I think Kamala is the chosen one. I’m already sick of her, but it would be gratifying to see Pres. Trump eat her lunch in a debate.

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      1. It matters to me! We don’t have Repubs with enough spine to look into it. Wiki says she was born in California but doesn’t say whether her immigrant parents were citizens.

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  8. Maybe the donkeys’ grand plan is to run anybody willing to campaign with a bag over his/her head.

    Vote for The Unknown Democrat for president. “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.”


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  9. I would imagine they will put up a sacrificial lamb in 2020, and those who are still well enough to meddle in our lives will find a retreat center somewhere and start prepping the 2024 candidate all while making plans to reverse the progress VSG has made in destroying what they created in the thirty years prior.

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  10. fleporeblog,
    If you wish to take any of my comments, edit them and make them into an article please feel free.

    I can not contact you via e-mail since I can not even send Hubby email… 😣

    Agenda 21: Possible Origin was a bit complicated for a comment and might make a good article.

    I go over the ownership of Shell Oil HERE The major owners are The Dutch royal family, the Queen of England, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. They are also entangled with the World Wildlife Fund and seem to be at the top of the elite chain.

    The meat of the theory is HERE. And that is just the bare bones.

    If you look at the 1st half of the 1970s there are a lot more really ‘squirrely’ moves made by US politicians.

    The US census is very interesting to look at esp. the change in the percent of the labor force:

    YEAR:………………….1970 ……………………………..1996
    total population…..137,085,000 ………………….. 269,390,000
    Labor force………..82,771,000 ……………………. 133,943,000
    Labor force = 60.37% of Pop. ………………… 49.72% of Pop

    total government……12,320,637 = 14.9% ……. 22,048,000 = 16.4%
    fed……………………..3,284,241 = 4% ………….. 2,721,000 = 2.03%
    state…………………..3,016,396 = 3.6% ……….. 5,128,000 = 3.82%
    local………………….6,020,000 = 7.3% ………. 14,199,000 = 10.60%

    manufacturing…….19,864,209 = 24% ………… 13,632,000 = 10.17%

    Education…….6,079,968 =7.3% …………….. 3,215,100 = 2.40%

    Note that 1996 was just before NAFTA and WTO. The labor force labor force participation had peaked at ~80% and then steadily declined. In 1970, when Mom did not HAVE to work it was ~60% 1996 was also Peak Baby Boomer.

    (Numbers are from various sources. Most from the Census but I could not access pop and labor force for 1996)


  11. I don’t think we’ve seen the “chosen” democratic candidate yet. IMO they are using AOC’s cray cray to tag all the candidates so far as socialists so that when they do trot out the chosen one there will be great relief and support by all the more moderate party members. They are internally combusting and we all know the dems don’t do that without a planned purpose. We may be shocked when the real candidate steps into the limelight. My guess is Mooch O.

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