Americans Are Feeling Successes That Haven’t Been Felt In the Past 2 Decades! The More the Democrats, MSM, RINOs, Globalists, Leftists etc. Push the Stronger Our Resolve…..

For those that are worried about what the House Democrats are about to do to our President and his circle of family and friends, don’t be. Americans of all colors are winning for the first time in decades. None of that would have been possible if it weren’t for PDJT and his agenda.

As they watch what the Democrats, MSM, RINOs, Globalists, Leftists etc. go after our President for winning an election that saw over 63+ million vote for him, their Cold Anger continues to build. At some point in time, we will get our revenge.

From the article linked above:

Despite former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s much-ballyhooed testimony before Congress last week and congressional Democrats’ big investigative push against the president, voters don’t see impeachment in the cards. 

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 44% of Likely U.S. Voters think it is likely that investigations by congressional Democrats will produce evidence that leads to the impeachment of President Trump, but 53% consider that unlikely. This includes 24% who say the Democrats are Very Likely to find evidence that leads to impeachment and 29% who say it’s Not At All Likely.

Once the Mueller report is given to AG Barr and nothing is shown, those percentages from the poll above will shift dramatically in our President’s favor. Americans will be incensed that the Democrats and MSM are still pushing their investigations.

The Democrats and MSM are hoping that these investigations will allow them to peel our President’s base from him.

Good luck with that BS!

They will see the Witch Hunt for what it is. Getting back at the Deplorables that dared to take HRC’s presidency away from her.

The polling for our President continues to rise with all this garbage being thrown at him.

From the article linked above:

President Trump‘s approval rating on the economy has reached a new high, according to a Gallup poll published Tuesday.

The poll showed that 56 percent of adults in the U.S. approve of Trump’s handling of the economy, the best mark of Trump’s presidency and the highest approval rating for Trump on any of the 14 issues in the poll.

The poll also found that a majority of voters approve of Trump’s handling of unemployment and of the situation with North Korea, with 54 percent approving of Trump’s job with unemployment and 51 percent approving on North Korea.

From the article linked above:


“We as candidates, or as members of Congress, can’t go coastal on people. Where we as Democrats have struggled is when there have been more of these coastal-type ideas that do not resonate in towns of 1,000 people,” said Rep. Cheri Bustos (D), who represents an Illinois district that borders Finkenauer’s.

For generations, the battle for the blue-collars was centered on the Ohio River Valley, stretching from Pennsylvania to Missouri’s border with Kentucky.

Where Democrats once held a majority of the 17 congressional districts along the Ohio River, today they hold just two, in Pittsburgh and Louisville, Ky.

They will gravitate to our President who is proving to them that his policies are helping the Forgotten Men and Women.

The Economic Data speaks for itself!

From the article linked above:

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Non-Manufacturing Index (NMI) found U.S. service sector growth in February was stronger than expected.

The consensus forecast was 57.2 ranging from a low of 56.0 to a high of 58.0. The NMI came in at 59.7%, indicating solid and stronger than anticipated sector growth.

The Non-Manufacturing Business Activity Index increased to 64.7%, which is 5 points higher than the reading of 59.7% in January. That suggests growth for the 115th consecutive month, at a faster rate in February.

“According to the NMI, all 18 non-manufacturing industries reported growth,” Anthony Nieves, Chair of the ISM Non-Manufacturing Business Survey Committee, said. “The non-manufacturing sector’s growth rate rebounded in February after cooling off in January.”

From the article linked above:

New home sales gained 3.7% to 621,000 units in December after a surge in November, easily beating the consensus forecast.

The consensus forecast was looking for 590,000 units, ranging from a low of 550,000 to a high of 649,000. New home sales by region were as follows: Northeast (+44.8%); Midwest (-15.3%); South (+5.0%); and West (+1.4%).

While the year-over-year still showed weakness, the notoriously volatile report was very strong in both November and December. Not only did sales bounce back solidly, but sellers were getting asking prices.

The median home price rose 5.0% to $318,600. Homes priced at $399,999 and less accounted for 67% of total homes sold in December versus 72% in November.

The inventory of new homes for sale fell to a 6.6-month’s supply at the current sales pace in December, down from 6.7 months in November.

Annual weakness aside, the latest month is always the most important and the final two months are beginning to comport with builder confidence and other housing market data.

Never forget that MONEY TALKS AND BS WALKS!

59 thoughts on “Americans Are Feeling Successes That Haven’t Been Felt In the Past 2 Decades! The More the Democrats, MSM, RINOs, Globalists, Leftists etc. Push the Stronger Our Resolve…..

  1. excellent news Mr.+ !! Can you explain that South Carolina poll to me tho…I am confused… POTUS’s polling with black voters showed all of the Dem candidates at 75% or higher…what am I missing here?

    (just an aside: OT many are missing you and your excellent reports…just so you know…you are loved!)

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    1. In the 2016 Presidential Election, our President only got 8% of the Black vote nationally. The SC poll shows his vote share between 22% and 24%. If our President reached 15% nationally in 2020, you are talking about a landslide victory for him.

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      1. Makes one wonder if Juicie Smollett’s trick show was an attempt to pry away those additional voters.
        And gives more credence to the idea that he had help from his ‘friends’.
        Poorly executed, very poorly executed. They really are stupid.

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  2. Americans want leaders that are willing to take action on things that effect everyday Americans!

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  3. God Bless You Fleporeblog. May God Ricly BlessYou. The title of your post reminds me of Exodus 1:12; “but the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew.”

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  4. The problem with polling is zero credibility. The companies who conduct the polling are just an extension of the MSM and the Swamp.

    Well, much less than zero credibility actually, but it takes a lot more effort to type out ‘less than zero’ or ‘so corrupt it’s painful to watch’, than to just type ‘zero’.

    How are they any different from the enemy? How are they NOT a critical cog in the ‘narrative creation’ machine being run by all the exact same interests we’re fighting against?

    I have no confidence in the polling companies that I have never heard of; and the ones I have heard of, I trust even less.

    Rassmussen, Emerson, whoever the others are… I don’t know if they’re crooks, liars, or just incompetent. Probably all three and more.

    Whatever they are, the one thing they’re not, is trustworthy.

    They have been wrong about nearly everything, or at least that is certainly my impression.

    So if/when they suddenly start saying things I like to hear, if they ‘tickle my ears’, how can I trust their latest Siren Song anymore than I trusted the manure they were shoveling last week, or last year, or last decade?

    How much is ‘push polling’? How much is playing with the numbers to achieve a desired result, to tell the client who paid for the poll what they want to hear?

    It would take not just an honest man, but a corporate construct FULL of honest men to pull that off.

    Has such a rare and exotic creature ever existed in the DC/NY/L.A. universe?

    An entirely new paradigm is required.

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    1. I love the article, I love the optimism, I love to feel good about the future… I just don’t know how I can trust the companies reporting the data.

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      1. I’m with you Scott……
        Pollsters (at least “Public” ones) NEVER seem to be even close…..
        Until the “election” is close and they have to prove their worth their fees.
        Who would hire a pollster that is consistently WRONG?
        Unless…… there was an AGENDA to spread among the prols.

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    2. If I may…I think that not just a ‘grain of salt’ is necessary when taking in the results of the pollsters, but an entire salt shaker.

      I think Fle knows this.
      And I appreciate his efforts to round up their recent offerings for us and post them for us to peruse.
      Thanks, Fle!

      It’s good to see what the pollsters are saying…even though we know they’ve been ‘off’ more times than not.

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      1. “I think Fle knows this.
        And I appreciate his efforts to round up their recent offerings for us and post them for us to peruse.”


        Very much so.

        If anything, when the polls report positive news (from a Patriot’s perspective), I have to assume the polls are UNDERPLAYING what we perceive as good news.

        In other words, if the pollsters say unemployment is down to 4%, in actuality it’s probably down to 3%.

        If they say GDP is up by 3%, it’s probably closer to 4%.

        If our country was a race car, they are RIDING THE BRAKES, trying to make us lose.

        That’s what they do, and that’s who they are.

        Enemies of the People.

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        1. Yep, agreed.

          And I always add 10 points to the ‘Trump approval ratings’…to make up for all the flyover people out here that Don’t Get Polled.

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        2. Your absolutely right Scott! I do trust Rasmussen out of the bunch because it is predicated on a 3 day average and only polls likely voters. The others are just a moment in time and they heavily skew towards Democrats rather than Republicans. Most of the time the skew is 8-10 points. I actually laugh because I track the monthly Gallup Party Affiliation Poll.

          In December the poll was as follows:
          D – 34%
          R – 25%
          I – 39%

          In January the poll was as follows:
          D – 32%
          R – 25%
          I – 41%

          In February the poll was as follows:
          D – 30%
          R – 31%
          I – 37%

          Only 6 states have more people identify as liberals throughout our country. The majority identify as moderate or conservative.

          Wheatietoo is absolutely right about adding 8-10 points to any poll on our President.

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            1. Here is the problem I have with all polls. Many, many people have only cell / smart phones. I have an old flip phone but I have no landline. I NEVER answer a call from a number I don’t either have in my contact list or recognize it as a local number. And I would venture to guess the majority of cell phone users are the same. On top of that, when they only poll 1000 people – I mean, come on – really?

              Having said that, I certainly don’t ignore them either. Something can be gained, even if we know they are badly skewed.

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    3. Polling companies are in a bind. People won’t talk to them. People don’t have landlines anymore so polling an area gets a lot harder. And people lie to pollsters-just because they have contempt for them. The polls were so wrong about PDJT. or were they lying? Most Americans are conservative butfrom the msm and polls you’d never know it. They have fed the public their poison so long no one trusts them- either to talk honestly to or their results. They are now reaping what they have sown

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      1. Caller ID allows a view of the incoming callers number.
        Like many others, if not a recognized caller/number there’s no conversation.
        Polls suffer. Good.
        On 11/8/16 we showed em what they could do with their pools.

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    4. Here is a REAL result that shows which side Americans are selecting!

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  5. Scott! Here’s how you know Flep is right…Where else but here are you hearing these poll #s and jobs numbers etc… Flep gathers them from all across the net! MCM could do it too! Even just a few! But they don’t. That’s why I can trust Flep! and–His polling numbers throughout the run up to the election were 99% spot on!!!!
    Thanks again Flep!!! When you don’t post our tree wilts a little!!!
    Love your 🌞 and forever optimism!!!!

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    1. Yes, thanks Flepper!!! The energizer bunny of research!

      Polls are so easy to manipulate—but they can indicate things that are trending up or down (but not exacting). I mean, I was all in for my favorite, Hillary, in 2016, at 95%—and got screwed!!! Still haven’t gotten over that—borderline suicidal still!!! 😳😳

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  6. Thanks for the report, Fle!

    That’s great news about the Mississippi Valley and the manufacturing news.
    Love it!

    Great news about New Home Sales too!
    That is a huge indicator of how well the economy is doing.

    So much winning…and all the Dims can do is carp from the sidelines.

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  7. Leftists are…….

    This is beyond words.

    (disabling to keep it from showing here)


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  8. Pro Tip
    For those that don’t know:
    On Qpub…… Drop # 2979
    See where it says “Kansas” with a lot of dots under it?
    Hover over the dots with your cursor……
    Kansas = Mike Pompeo

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    1. Man! That was some dress! Loved it then and love it now. BTW, SO GLAD to find you, Flep, and Scott467 and lots of other friends over here. I wondered where y’all went. I am so happy tonight – it feels like a reunion to me!

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      1. Hi! So glad you found this great site! Wolfie is a great host – and Flep is an awesome political poll and economics analyst. Then there are Daughn, Steve, Wheatie, ThinkThinkThink holding down the fort and writing, and so many commenters sharing their hearts and minds. It’s a sweet homey place to be!

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  9. More incredible WINNING that will last for decades to come!

    Another one coming tomorrow and another one on Friday!

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  10. They have gone so far Left that Bloomberg decided to save his money and will not run!

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    1. That’s like me entering a golf tournament and deciding to withdraw because I would have won, and that’s not fair to the field!!! Okay … whatever!!

      Apparently Hillary has said “no” to 2020, until they beg her!

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      1. Eisenhower only faced one democrat in his two runs for POTUS – Adlai Stevenson. You would think the donkeys would remember this humiliation of nominating a known loser to run against a winner.

        How arrogant is Clinton? The DNC? Are they arrogant enough to run a known loser against a winner, thus duplicating the humiliation of 1956?

        I believe they are.

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  11. Americans Are Feeling Success… so true Flep!
    Every time I venture out into the world and witness the hustle and bustle on the roads it’s so easy to see the economy is cooking. Take a minute to check out the truck traffic moving all things that keeps us supplied in life.
    The raw goods like the flat bed trucks hauling steel destined for our manufacturing base is a sure thing that the optimism for the immediate future for demand is strong.
    I was looking at the company stock I retired from in the steel industry back in 2016 and the price has doubled for their stock since.
    Man, it’s a good time to be in the workforce in the USA!

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      1. Wolf,could you pull this I ended up using my legal name instead of User name. Thanks. I will have to sign out and log back on to get screen name correct. Thanks and sorry for the extra work made for you.

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  12. “.@JerryNadler admits on #CNN they have no proof of Obstruction by @realDonaldTrump it’s just his “personal opinion”

    Yes, but ” “personal opinion” is NOT justification for subpoenas even Justice Ginsburg concurs!

    This applies to the NY state SEARCH WARRANTS…

    Amendment IV

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    From Cornell Law School: unreasonable search and seizure

    An unreasonable search and seizure is a search and seizure by a law enforcement officer without a search warrant and without probable cause to believe that evidence of a crime is present.

    An unreasonable search and seizure is unconstitutional as it violates the Fourth Amendment. Further, evidence obtained from the unlawful search may not be introduced in court. This evidence is referred to as fruit of the poisonous tree. In Mapp v. Ohio, 347 U.S. 643 (1961), the Supreme Court held that exclusionary rule applies to evidence gained from an unreasonable search and seizure.

    Qualified Immunity

    A defendant who has been subject to unreasonable search and seizure typically will have no remedy against the police officer who performed the search. This is due to qualified immunity, which is a doctrine that protects government employees when they perform certain actions pertinent to their occupations. A police officer who qualifies for qualified immunity is protected from being personally sued by the defendant.

    Because of qualified immunity, the exclusionary rule is often a defendant’s only remedy when police officers conduct an unreasonable search or violate the defendant’s Miranda Rights. Qualified immunity usually will extend to officers who violate a defendant’s constitutional or statutory rights.

    Under qualified immunity, an officer may be sued only when no reasonable officer would believe that the officers’ conduct was legal. This exception comes from both Graham v. Connor, 490 U.S. 386 (1989) (stating an objective standard for reasonableness which “must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer on the scene”) and Justice Ginsburg’s concurrence in Saucier v. Katz, 533 U.S. 194 (2001) (stating that “an officer whose conduct is objectively unreasonable under Graham should find no shelter under a sequential qualified immunity test).


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  13. For Congressional Harrassment it is different I am sorry to say and as usual the Supreme Court takes the side of the Government AGAINST that of the individual. They see an administrative subpoena where you are ORDERED to produce documents as not the same as having your home searched although the results are IDENTICAL, you privacy is breeched WITHOUT CAUSE!

    Note it is not JUST Congress but 300 differnet branches of the government that have this power.

    Administrative Subpoenas in Criminal Investigations: A Brief Legal Analysis


    Administrative subpoena authority is the power vested in various administrative agencies to compel testimony or the production of documents or both in aid of the agencies’ performance of their duties. Administrative subpoenas are not a traditional tool of criminal law investigation, but neither are they unknown. Several statutes at least arguably authorize the use of administrative subpoenas primarily or exclusively for use in a criminal investigation in cases involving health care fraud, child abuse, Secret Service protection, controlled substance cases, and Inspector General investigations.

    As a constitutional matter, the Fourth Amendment only demands that administrative subpoenas be reasonable, a standard that requires that
    1) they satisfy the terms of the authorizing statute,
    2) the documents requested are relevant to the investigation,
    3) the information sought is not already in the government’s possession, and
    4) enforcing the subpoena will not constitute an abuse of the court’s process.

    ….Administrative subpoena authority is the power vested in various administrative agencies to compel testimony or the production of documents or both in aid of the agencies’ performance of their duties. During the 108th Congress, the President urged Congress to expand and reenforce statutory authority to use administrative subpoenas in criminal and legislation was introduced for that purpose.1 Modest proposals have been offered during the 109th Congress.2

    Proponents of the expanded use administrative subpoenas emphasize their effectiveness as an investigative tool and question the logic of their availability in drug and health care fraud cases but not in terrorism cases.3 Critics suggest that it is little more than a constitutionally suspect “trophy” power, easily abused and of little legitimate use.4

    More precisely, it might be said in favor of the use of administrative subpoenas
    in criminal investigations that they:

    ☠️ provide a time-honored, court-approved means for agencies to acquire information in order to make well informed decisions;5

    ☠️ should be available for terrorism investigations;6

    ☠️ do not ordinarily require probable cause and consequently can be used from the beginning of an inquiry to gather information;7

    ☠️ can be used to gather information held by third parties other than the target of an inquiry;8

    ☠️ often can encourage the cooperation of third parties by providing immunity for cooperation similar to that available in a judicial context;9

    ☠️ often can make third parties subject to nondisclosure requirements thereby reducing the possibility that the target of an investigation will flee, destroy evidence, or intimidate witnesses, or the risks to national security;10

    ☠️ can be made judicially enforceable both to ensure compliance and to safeguard against abuse;11

    ☠️ are less intrusive than search warrants; material is gathered and delivered by the individual rather than seized by the government; there is ordinarily an interval between the time of service of the subpoena and the time for compliance, allowing parties to consult an attorney;12

    ☠️ can be more easily and quickly used than grand jury subpoenas, but are otherwise similar;13 and

    ☠️ are now available for investigations relating to some crimes and there is no obvious reason why they should not be available for other equally serious criminal investigations.14

    On the other hand, it might be said that in the context of a criminal or foreign intelligence investigation that administrative subpoenas:


    ☠️ are more likely to lead to unjustified intrusions of privacy;15

    ☠️ in terrorism cases, seem to replicate and expand existing national security letter authority, without an explanation as to why additional authority is needed;16

    ☠️ lack the judicial safeguards that accompany the issuance of a search warrant, probable cause and issuance by a neutral magistrate, among other things;17

    ☠️ generally lack the safeguards that accompany the issuance of a grand jury subpoena in that they ordinarily are not subject to a motion to quash or to the necessary participation of an Assistant United States Attorney;18

    ☠️ are distinguishable from grand jury subpoenas by the simple fact that the extensive powers available to the grand jury are justified in part by the fact that the grand jury is not the government but a buffer against the abuse of governmental authority;19

    ☠️ can be extremely expensive and disruptive for the person or entity to whom they are addressed long before the thresholds of overbreadth or oppression (the point at which a subpoena will not be enforced) are reached;20

    ☠️ are subject to easy abuse when they are issued against third parties who may have little interest in contesting their legitimacy;21

    ☠️ are subject to easy abuse when they are issued against third parties who are granted immunity from civil liability for the disclosures;22

    ☠️ are subject to easy abuse when they are issued against third parties who are subject to permanent gag orders precluding disclosure to targets who might otherwise contest the abuse;23 and

    ☠️ are sought for their speed,24 an environment in which mistakes often breed.25….


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  14. Here is the Supreme Courts point of view:

    […] Objections to the enforcement of administrative subpoenas “must be derived from one of three sources:
    a constitutional provision;
    an understanding on the part of Congress. . .
    or the general standards governing judicial enforcement of administrative subpoenas,”
    SEC v. Jerry T. O’Brien, Inc., 467 U.S. 735, 741-42 (1984).

    Constitutional challenges arise most often under the Fourth Amendment’s condemnation of unreasonable searches and seizures,38 the Fifth Amendment’s privilege against self-incrimination,39 or the claim that in a criminal context the administrative subpoena process is an intrusion into the power of the grand jury and the concomitant right to grand jury indictment.40

    In an early examination of the questions, the Supreme Court held that the Fourth Amendment did not preclude enforcement of an administrative subpoena issued by the Wage and Hour Administration notwithstanding the want of probable cause, Oklahoma Press Pub.Co. v. Walling, 327 U.S. 186 (1946).

    In the eyes of the Court:

    The short answer to the Fourth Amendment objections is that the records in these cases present no question of actual search and seizure, but raise only the question whether orders of the court for the production of specified records have been validly made; and no sufficient showing appears to justifying setting them aside. No officer or other person has sought to enter petitioners’ premises against their will, to search them, or to seize or examine their books, records or papers without their assent, otherwise than pursuant to orders of court authorized by law and made after adequate opportunity to present objections, which in were made. Nor has any objection been taken to the breadth of the subpoenas or to any other specific defect which might invalidate them. 327 U.S. at 1975.

    NOTE THE DATE! 1946 — This is after FDR castrated the Supreme Court and bent them to his will. His Presidential term: March 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945 (Died)

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  15. I wanted to let everyone know where President Trump stood on the Presidential Harrassment and 4th Amendment over reach.

    I am hoping this and many other BAD interpretations of the Constitution by PROGRESSIVE Supreme Courts get revisited in the next six years. Ginsburg can’t retire soon enough for me!!

    The one bright spot is I think many many people have had their eyes opened on just how far the PROGRESSIVE Supreme Courts have pushed this country away from the original PROTECTIONS afforded to American citizens. I will put up some other cases as the time allows.

    Perhaps Daughn’s ‘resources’ can weigh in on this subject since I am not a lawyer.

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