That Pendulum Is About To Decapitate the Democrats, MSM, RINOs etc.

The House Democrats decided today to go after our President. House Judiciary Chairman, Jerry Nadler, has begun the process of digging into every aspect of PDJT’s personal and political life. The hope is twofold. Set him up to be impeached and to destroy his name and reputation before the 2020 Election.

The crazies are super excited! This is what they have been salivating about for the past two years. They want their pound of flesh.

They are about to cause that pendulum to decapitate themselves.

70% of Americans consider themselves moderate or conservative. They are going to be extremely upset about what the House Democrats have done with the power given to them in 2018. They were voted in to fix Healthcare not to go after PDJT.

Mark Simone is absolutely right!

The polling numbers will only get better as the Democrats push their stupidity.

This is what Americans care about and why they will destroy anyone that goes after our President because he won an election she wasn’t suppose to lose.

Our Lion will have the last laugh!

52 thoughts on “That Pendulum Is About To Decapitate the Democrats, MSM, RINOs etc.

    1. His pinned tweet is Flat out FAKE News! Dweeb!

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      1. In 2017, he was one of about 200 Saudi citizens rounded up and held prisoner at the Riyadh Ritz-Carlton hotel. The Saudi government said that the mass arrests were an attempt to eradicate corruption in the country. The same corruption that plagues this country.

        I seriously doubt Mr. Tribe can direct us to his tweets on Venezuela or to the ones about the hundreds of journalists killed in Mexico. What about all those imprisoned in other countries or are Kashoggie and this guy the only ones?

        The guy is a Saudi born citizen in Saudi Arabia. Sucks to be him with his dual citizenship. Meanwhile the State Department is looking at this, but IMO he can take a back seat to any other American held in any other country.

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  1. Perhap Trump’s new Friend Kim Jung Un, could lose control of one of his nukes and drop it on Washington DC while the Republicans and Trump’s best cabinet members are on a retreat with his family and theirs in Mar-a- Lago.

    I think that is about the only way to stop this idiotic madness.

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    1. 65 million patriots in Orange Vest standing outside of our White House would show these traitors who they work for.The movement going on in this country is like none ever seen, we need to use a show of force like never seen before.

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    2. Perhaps we can “carpet bomb” the people of that region with INTENSE fasting & prayer for dreams and visions and angelic visitations to come to all the key movers and shakers. Saul-to-Paul conversions. Insiders becoming apostolic Kingdom movers and shakers!

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    1. “We the people will now be subjected to the biggest display of modern day McCarthyis”

      I love the general trend of thoughts in this thread, but this Paul Sperry’s reference to “McCarthyism” is very unfortunate and historically inaccurate.

      Sen. Joseph McCarthy in reality was as fine a patriot as the United States produced in the 20th century..

      The derogatory term “McCarthyism” was created by a concentrated effort of the American Left and the Fake News media of the day. It is now known that this effort was undertaken pursuant to direct orders from Josef Stalin, to block the Senator’s successful probe into Communist infiltration of the American defense establishment.

      Anyone doubting me should please read Blacklisted by History by M. Stanton Evans. This is the definitive modern biography of McCarthy that he deserved earlier, but which could not be published earlier because it is so difficult to do research on this topic. This is because the Left, as well as spreading lies, has actually rifled through private and governmental archives to destroy as many records of Sen. McCarthy’s words and deeds as possible,

      I heard Sean Hannity just tonight on his Fox News show use “McCarthyism” as a derogatory term, and not for the first time. I’ve heard any number of Republican Congressmen and Senators use it in the air, and I have even seen Mr. Trump use it multiple times.

      But really, we have to learn to stop shooting ourselves in the foot, and establish instead a zero tolerance policy against well-meaning people using this false and corrupt word.

      We will never win the culture wars as long as we keep helping the Communists perpetrate their deceptions.

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      1. I agree with you sentiments about McCarthy, but not about the term “McCarthyism.”

        Many of us thinkers on the right understand that McCarthy had it right, but we are already Trump voters. Idiotic leftists think McCarthy was the Devil.

        Using a term as they understand it helps our cause, even if it isn’t true. We don’t have time to re-educate them all on McCarthy right now.

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        1. Aubergine,

          Thank you for your reply. I wish I had seen it sooner. I guess I should get a WordPress account so that I can keep track of replies on multiple threads better.

          I respectfully disagree with the points you are making here. Taking them out of order:

          “We don’t have time to re-educate them all on McCarthy right now.”

          I’m not asking Mr. Hannity or Mr. Sperry or Mr. Trump to use their limited time in a broadcast, or their limited space in a tweet, to deliver a lecture on Communist infiltration into the federal government in mid-20th century America, in the manner of a Stan Evans or a Diana West.

          However useful even a short summary 2- or 3-sentence version of such an exercise would be, I understand that that is not the role of these public figures.

          “Using a term as they understand it helps our cause, even if it isn’t true.”

          I understand it helps our cause to call out Herr Müller and his angry Democrats, or Schiff or Nadler and the Democrats on their respective committees, or the fake news Mockingbird media.

          I don’t understand why it helps our cause more to use that word in particular, rather than to use an accurate turn of phrase such as desperation, or intolerance, or bombast, or bumptiousness, or fanaticism, or overzealousness, or blinkered, or grasping at straws, or pursuing deplorables like Javert pursued Valjean.

          “Idiotic leftists think McCarthy was the Devil.”

          Idiotic leftists think McCarthy was the Devil because Josef Stalin, from his office in the Kremlin in Moscow, acting in his capacity as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, issued an order that was binding on every Communist front organization in the world, and on the editorial board of every Soviet-sponsored newspaper and magazine in the world to slander and libel Joe McCarthy in every way they could, and to make this a priority. In many cases, it was a higher priority than anything else they were working on.

          How much manpower was mobilized by this order, in the cause of staining the reputation of an American hero, and for how long?

          Initial results were favorable, and the program was extended for several years. It was never definitively halted, and to some extent it continues to this day.

          How many bearers of false witness do you think were involved at the program’s height? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Millions?

          Well, I don’t know, either.

          But I know this much: Diana West’s research has uncovered that “thousands” was the number of high ranking officials in the American federal government, together with their Soviet-employed staffers, who directly or indirectly did Moscow’s bidding, in the Washington, DC area alone.

          So anyone who guessed “thousands” for the size of the worldwide effort against McCarthy had an estimate that is just way, way low. So low, in fact, that they don’t even have a handle on the general size of the problem confronting Western civilization with respect to the Communist propaganda threat.

          Why so much effort to blacken the reputation of just one man? Because Stalin knew what he was doing.

          Joseph McCarthy wasn’t just any man.

          From Calvin Coolidge in the 20s until Ronald Reagan in the 80s, there was not one single chief executive to hold aloft the banner of Constitutional, limited government, and of anti-Communism. Hoover, Eisenhower, Nixon, and Ford, the only Republicans presidents during that period, were not philosophically attached to small government, and/or had major black marks on their record in handling Communist threats.

          The infiltration into high office of Soviet agents and fellow travelers was rapid under Franklin Roosevelt. Truman and Eisenhower are presented as patriots by comparison, but both, for whatever reason, chose to quarrel politically with the anti-Communists rather than the Communists in Washington during their respective administrations.

          Both had the opportunity, but failed to perform any type of DECLAS to prove that Martin Dies, Joseph McCarthy, etc. were correct in their basic claims. These presidents did not have the backs of the anti-Communist patriots.

          In this environment, the integrity of the American government depended on a handful of investigators. Communists attacked all of them with gaslight techniques. But Stalin himself picked McCarthy as the chief one to make an example of.

          Due to the intensity of this attack, McCarthy had to step down, and did not succeed fully in his goals. But he did score significant partial successes at informing the public of the issue, and at creating resistance against Communists working in our government.

          After reading 2 earthshattering works of original research, Evans’ Blacklisted by History and Diana West’s American Betrayal, as well as many excellent but lesser books on subversion, I have come to the conclusion that Sen. McCarthy was the fulcrum of the American anti-Communist movement during the crucial Coolidge-to-Reagan period. By investigating their penetration of our government, he did the most to block Communists from what they really want: political power.

          Without his efforts, I believe that America would have been too soft a target in the 1950s, and the infiltration would have gone too far too fast. We would never have seen a Reagan or a Trump presidential win.

          With McCarthy’s wins being only partial, and the Communists making his name into a term of obloquy, we got the Deep State, which we have not defeated even yet.

          With no McCarthy at all, the State would not have needed to be Deep, and the patriots would have been locked in camps long before now.

          Sen. McCarthy was a popular figure, an admired figure, even a beloved figure. He was known to be a hero, especially in the middle of the country, away from coastal hotbeds of Leftist thought.

          His actual character was the opposite of the what the Communists have portrayed it as.

          This is what Stalin’s order has yielded: from famous hero, defender of the Republic, to mud in a decade, until now even Republican leaders, conservative thinkers, MAGA patriots, Treepers, and Q supporters follow the lead of Stalin’s dirtiest little minions in using his name as a term of abuse.

          I obviously can’t control what others say or do, but for my part, I will not take Joseph McCarthy’s name inappropriately. And I will encourage others not to, either.


          1. I personally can’t disagree with anything you have written. Thanks for your response.

            However, my experience with MANY leftists, who are mostly millennials, but not always, is that they have the attention span of gnats. They would not read much past your first paragraph. They think in shorthand, speak in shorthand, and act accordingly.

            I have better luck with Gen Z kids. They seem to be more willing to listen and learn.

            I am the first to admit that I don’t know how to “educate” the shorthand generation. They want everything in soundbites. The best things I have found so far are the short videos from Prager U. I sent one about Capitalism v. Socialism to my recalcitrant millennial son, and it actually penetrated!

            Maybe Prager U will do one about McCarthy someday.


            1. Aubergine,

              Thanks for your response.

              Looking back in the clear light of day on what I had written last night, I sure hope that it does not seem too heated, and, in particular, that it does not come across as critical of you.

              If it does, I apologize. That was not my intent then or now.

              Re: the education of the younger generation-

              I don’t really expect to have the opportunity to explain what I wrote above to many younger people. But I do try to point out the flaw behind the word “McCarthyism” when I hear it, when one is within earshot.

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              1. You didn’t seem heated or critical at all. You are very informed, and it was well-stated.

                I get it, this is a “hot” term. Currently, I am out to “change the hearts and minds” of a few young people, one of whom is my own child!

                I figure if I can get them to accept that the Congress is on a witch-hunt of epic proportions, then I can get them to hear the rest of the truth over time. THEN I will try to explain the gigantic truth of how Communists have infiltrated America, and at least McCarthy knew.

                For now, I just want them to vote Republican in 2020!

                P.S. I hope you do get the chance to explain to some young people what you know, it is valuable knowledge. A few of them are awake enough to listen!


      2. McCarthy was perhaps the first major foray into opposing the communist globalists—and he paid for going against the power elite! Notice too how the media framed the whole affair (history repeats!!!).

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        1. Actually it was Congressman McFadden in the 1930s. link First they used the Bankster Owned Press to assasinate his character, call him crazy and drive him out of Congress. When he still would not shut-up, they went further and assasinated him on the third try.

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            1. Pete,

              Thanks for mentioning the media. That’s such an important element from the beginning of the “Progressive” (actually, regressive) era.

              Martín Dies, a Democrat representative from Texas, came slightly before McCarthy, apparently between McFadden and McCarthy, chronologically.


      3. Another one of those things where future has proved past. All you have to do is look at all the commies in government and on collage campuses and in MSM now to see it.

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    1. REPOST:

      Obama abused his office from day one – and one of his favorite ways of doing this was WARRANTLESS SURVEILLANCE.

      The FISA warrant was merely window-dressing. Truth was Øbama was surveilling Trump for a year at least, probably more.

      Ø surveilled/spied on anyone and everyone he wanted!

      The Press –

      Congress –

      During the 2015-16 campaign, Ø used his Executive branch agencies to (try to) help Hillary win and after the election to try to remove President Trump and thus extend his own power and agenda past his lawful term. Hence the house down the street from the White House.

      Obama spied on Trump campaign –

      Obama’s Illegal warrantless surveillance was not limited to the Trump campaign, or the press, or congress.

      There was a dramatic rise in warrantless surveillance during the O years – so much that it alarmed even the leftist ACLU:

      Obama changed the law twice (2013 & 2017) to make it easier to conduct warrantless data gathering:

      85% of Obama’s warrantless surveillance searches were illegal: SEE P 82 –

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        1. I refuse to fly with the NSA pawing, prodding, peeping at people, going through suitcases. Some of the NSA employees are on the terrorist no-fly list, low-life sickos, criminals themselves.

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  3. I believe there is indeed collusion.

    Between the DEMONcRATs, RINOs, and Satan.
    They are dancing with the Devil.
    And they will burn with him…

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  4. I believe it is time to go on the offense…empower a Special Counsel to investigate the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party in extension in connection with THEIR abuse of power and prosecutorial abuse.

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    1. I agree a Special Prosecutor is needed, I’m still really hoping that we already have one. His name is John Huber.

      If he has been doing his job, then all of this bullshit is about to hit the fan.

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    2. Let’s assume Trump and Sessions had a very clear idea via Adm. Rogers just how deep this corruption was across the Alphabet Agencies all the way to the top (Obama)—pre-inauguration. Do we think they never discussed a method and plan to expose and bring it all down—and what would be the best method to do so?

      Was Sessions appointing Huber the best method—foregoing a special counsel? You know they had to weigh the different legal options at their disposal—these people are far from being stupid!!!

      Perhaps the plan was Huber first (groundwork), then SC?

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  5. Something clicked, it must of been the clock. Follow closely. This blanket request for information should be met with no’s it’s only a request (as Joe said). However it’s only a matter of time before the requests become subpoenas and those are much more costly to fight. Either way the intention is to set perjury traps in order to embarrass the president and drive him from office. Hopefully everyone does take the fifth (Joe again) but some may still be compelled to cooperate.

    So what to do, what to do? Clock! Time. Event. Arrayed defense first (not sure how this part works but is about the next), followed by an active but civil offense . This is an action against not just the president but the people that voted for him. We all know the talk, we know the truth, we know what happened and we know none of this should be happening.

    Arrayed defense. First Joe’s no and take the fifth. When the subpoenas come those able to resist (money) find the lawyers and hopefully some of this gets picked up by non obama/clinton/bush judges but instead get picked up by Trump judges who start to dismiss the subpoenas and make the witch hunt look foolish.

    Now nothing happens in a vacuum. This does not get to work in the way Dems envision this.

    Muller Report has likely dropped. It puts both sides into a frenzy. Both sides will become outraged, both for seeing injustice against their particular camp.

    Declas and other releases of info have come too. They should be enough to blow back and crush leftdumb’s attack (what Fleporeblog is talking about.) However the left is stubborn, dense and desperate and they have far ranging friends in similar positions who likely will not let the dems drop this.

    Tick Toc its July 4th. Party of million plus patriots are in town, congress has run away. Should be a time of great rejoice as the witch hunt is finished and president can be free to continue to do great things. However if the left still stands then it’s time to stand physically with the president with a presence left over from the July 4th celebration.

    Now it’s time to Occupy Washington D.C. Active Civil Offense

    The July Fourth people going to Washington should go with the intent of setting up a camp infrastructure so they can leave an occupying force behind in DC. 5, 10, 20 thousand? Not sure of the number but it should be as large as possible and or practicable. Demonstrations back in there face. Coordination should be made there that allow for people to go home and others to return back to Washington at a latter date with rotation schedules set up to maintain the pressure. Continuous occupation yellow jacket style. It should accommodate surges at latter dates also by collapsing, securing and then expanding the camp resources as required. It should fight for the president, fight for the wall, fight for the American way of life and drive out the commies. If there are still wall gofundme accounts still out there they should be used to support this to get the wall and other gofundme accounts should be set up to support these actions also.

    Okay, finished, heading back to bed.

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  6. My version of

    Largely ignore and give lip service to Jowels Nadler, Mad Max and Shifty Schitt.

    Absolute transparency follows…

    Ideally Huber has been doing his job.

    Mueller’s hoax officially ends.

    Declas and release docs, texts, etc.

    Release Mueller report, internal email, internal office memos…

    Multiple SCs appointed. hussein. hildabeast…

    Where not conflicted with SCs, indictments unsealed, arrests, prosecute with zero leniency.

    End blanket security clearances for folks after they depart Government.

    Five Eyes access logged and information accessed tracked.

    Publicly slam NZ, UK and any other Government that played along with interfering with our Government.
    – Those @ssholes are not our friends.
    – We may have some mutual interests, but they are not our friends.

    All the above aside, President Trump assuredly has an all encompassing way ahead, at the ready. His patience is amazing.

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    1. Agreed, all those in short order to come. Expected. And if it doesn’t bust them and doesn’t shut them down, we’ll have a grass roots insurance plan. I’m sure others will be thinking the same. PDJT giving us the keys to the city will not be squandered. We go in happy or go in angry depending on all of the above. Either way though the Fourth should be glorious!

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    1. Nadler said ‘It’s very clear [Trump] obstructed justice.’ ….. Then he added: ‘We don’t have the facts yet.’

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  8. Mark Simone: “The new face of evil – Jerrold Nadler. He will now target and investigate Donald Trump’s children. A new low in sleaziness.”


    Not new. Nadler and the rest have always been this way, at least since they entered national politics. These are evil, wicked people, if they can even be called people. Sometimes I honestly wonder whether they might not be human beings at all. Whatever they are, they are enough to make people start believing in the Devil, in Satan, if they didn’t before.

    If anything can be said to be ‘new’, it is that they are revealing their true selves to a much wider audience, far beyond those who normally pay attention to such things.

    It’s so far beyond infuriating that words cannot describe the anger I have toward these creatures.

    It’s not just the audacity, or the open corruption. I don’t expect much more from this kind of animal.

    It’s not even the lack of repentance that infuriates, because there is not even any acknowledgement of wrong-doing. Far from it. Clearly their intention is to intensify, to do more and more evil.

    It’s not even the arrogance, or the pride they take in their wickedness.

    It’s not even the callousness, the complete and total disregard for the immense pain and suffering they cause to millions of human beings, purely for their own manipulative benefit.

    It’s not even their depraved indifference, or the pleasure they take in doing harm to others.

    I think it’s the lack of humanity, which is revealed by all of those things and more, taken together.

    Redemption is available to all mankind.

    What if they’re not mankind?

    I realize it sounds like a crazy question.

    I just don’t know how to reconcile their conduct with humanity.

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