Dear MAGA: 20190304 Open Topic

This MAKE READY MONDAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

Keep it civil. They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM.

Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.

Remember – your greatest gift to President Trump is FIVE WORDS:


Also consider The Non-Amended Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

But we add that there are NUKES. They’re real. Don’t shoot ’em.

Today’s message is to PREPARE.

We borrow this from the “The Clock Is Ticking” thread…..

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 9e30da No.5488056 
Mar 3 2019 17:59:38 (EST)
Full-scale attack.
March Madness.

-Q Post 2942

Things are getting close. You heard the man. PREPARE.

Most preparation, as I have *ALWAYS* stressed, is MENTAL.

Being short-handed is NOT an unrecoverable situation. What is a major problem is lack of situational awareness, including NOT having already gamed out “what you might do”.

Q says prepare. Q says MARCH timeframe. Be ready. We are TWO DAYS into things. Middle of the month is TWO WEEKS AWAY.

My recommendation is to have most PHYSICAL preparations DONE within the next WEEK. That allows one week for mistakes to be remedied.

Finally, my MOST IMPORTANT tip for preparation.


Be COOL AS ICE. NO HOT ANGER ALLOWED. Super-cool, cold anger, absolute zero, if any. Better still, NO ANGER – JUST LOGIC.

Warm heart, love your fellow humans, but COLD LOGIC. This is how people survive holocausts. Set all fear aside and ACT or DON’T ACT according to COLD, CLEAR LOGIC.

Divine inspiration will fill you with what you need.



976 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190304 Open Topic

  1. Lisa Mei Crowley

    8m8 minutes ago
    2. Whitaker may be stepping down as Sr Counselor to Assoc. AG in DOJ but he’s still “an actor in the movie”. He was Sessions’ CoS since Fall 2017. Nadler wants him to testify again. Is this where we’ll see a “doc dump”? Be careful what you ask for, Dems.


    I don’t think Congress can call a “Witness” to testify…??????????????

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    1. Congress can call Whitaker BUT as a private citizen he can tell them to go pound sand or he can take the FIFTH ALL DAY LONG! (A government employee can not.)

      This may be why he quit. If I were he I would have my LAWYER tell them, that in light of recent events I will be taking the fifth to any and all questions. If they still want me to testify I will show up but I will not answer ANY questions as is my right under the Constitution.

      ALL private citizens should also take that same line.

      Let them have their Dog & Pony show with completely silent ‘witnesses’

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    1. Lefty’s are probably melting down over Chick Fil.

      Hope next time they go for wings…Hooters, Pikes Peak…

      Whatever it takes to irritate the lefty’s, I am all for.

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      1. Whatever her source, she came up with another “new” excuse for losing. She lost out on 40-80k votes because she ran without the Fair Voting Act!! As if that few would’ve made a difference! It’s always somebody else’s fault, huh Hillrotten? 🤦‍♀️

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      2. I’m starting to wonder if she’s a shape-shifter… (and I’m not talking fantasy literature here; I mean the real deal…).

        When someone is as deep into the Dark Arts (illuminised Black Magick Witchcraft) as she is, there are a lot of Satanic tools available…

        But, as you note, in order to do that, she needs power, from sacrifices. HUMAN sacrifices… recharging her DEMONIC batteries…

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    1. God forgive me, but I can’t help thinking that the tornado missed. Just a little more to the west. I will be going to hell for this, I know.


    1. Qmap does that.
      I dunno why they feel the need to assign ‘titles’ to the Q-posts…but they do.

      Q makes these cryptic posts from time to time.
      It’s like the Q-team leader is talking to the other members of the Q-team.

      Go to the site and check the ID numbers.
      You’ll see what I mean.
      These cryptic posts from 2961 thru 2967 are all from the same ID number.

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      1. Ah. I didn’t realize that those titles were from Qmap, not from Q. (Sort of like the way the titles of most books of the Bible were assigned centuries after they were written.)

        And yes, I did get the impression it was “internal” comms. Or perhaps comms to an outsider who is “in” on something.

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      2. Makes me want to speculate… The whole series reads like some kind of operational chatter, it reminds me of GPIB instrument control code mnemonics… something important must have happened, important enough that it has been posted in a place visible to the world at large. Or we would not have been seeing all this, which indicates that Q’s guys have taken out or turned off or removed or disabled something identified as -48 apparently, in order to protect the MGL.

        Whatever or whoever MGL is, maybe the President.

        According to #2966, this -48 thing has been forced to go dark successfully.

        Now, the -48 could be a reference to -48V telco battery backup power, so maybe this has been about powering off some comms system? And batteries for these don’t usually sit on a roof anywhere, unless the antennas which would be on the roof have their own batteries. But if you pull the plugs, whatever is powered goes dark, so that kinda fits the hypothesis.

        Or -48 is some kind of direct threat to the MGL, that has been averted with a pair of surface-to-air missile systems, one on the roof and another on the ground. The Tracks in #6266 and Fire in #6262, as well as the talk about war in #6261 kinda supports this argument.

        Other meanings of [-48] might be that something is shut down for 48 hours, or it will be shut down in 48 hours, or there is a group of 48 who has been silenced or had communications cut off. Or maybe the 48 States of the Continental US have been put in the dark in some way. Or maybe even the third in line after the President, however, the minus sign doesn’t really fit with that.

        Yes speculation it is.

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      1. Now this is the sort of thing that used to make me say Q was a Rorschach test.

        Extremely cryptic posts that just beg people to invent a meaning for them–when (let’s face it) we don’t have enough of the context to even have a legitimate clue.

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        1. ‘Context’ is kind of a relative term.

          The type of ‘context’ that you may be in need of, would require Q to break NatSec regs and laws.

          If you’ve been reading Q-drops from the beginning…you get a sense of ‘context’, but it is spread out in over a year’s worth of drops.

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          1. The type of ‘context’ that you may be in need of, would require Q to break NatSec regs and laws.

            Yes, that’s precisely the point.

            Why even try to interpret this? We don’t have the context (nor should we). It’s a wild ass guess at best.

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            1. Personally, I think that Potus created this Q op as a way to tell us that things are going on behind the scenes…things that he would love to tell us about, but can’t.

              It’s like a ‘back channel’.

              There have been too many ‘proofs’ for me to think that it’s just a ‘LARP’.

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              1. Yes, I’m well past the point where the thought of Q being a LARP even enters my mind.

                These last few drops drive me NUTS because they are not something for us to figure out. I think they are to create reactions in other people, or even if it is just nonsense and means nothing at all, I would guess the purpose is to sort of reassure us that stuff is happening even if we can’t turn on NBC news and see it.

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              2. To me, honestly, the most impressive argument in favor of Q isn’t any of the proofs. It’s the fact that POTUS has done *nothing* whatsoever to discourage interest in Q. That tells me that, at the very least, Q is doing something that is valuable to POTUS; they’re on the same page.

                That doesn’t necessarily mean that Q is a clandestine comm channel, POTUS to us. Q has been wrong before, of course, and we say “deliberate misinformation” but maybe he’s someone in a basement somewhere, making it all up and the stuff that turns out to be right is actually the accident.

                But either way, he’s serving some purpose useful to POTUS, or we’d have heard by now.

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              3. “he’s serving some purpose useful to POTUS, or we’d have heard by now”

                Yes, Steve, I think that is the very heart of the matter. I have come to believe it is more directed than some random guy in his basement, but whatever the connection if it were NOT useful to PDJT we’d have heard about it by now. He would have been denounced, called out, something.

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              4. I don’t know if Q is a LARP, but don’t care. It’s fun following Q and gives me hope.

                Question: Q seems intent on providing he/she/they are legit by repeatedly posting within a minute or two of POTUS tweets. How does this prove anything? Can’t Q get a post ready and wait all morning (when POTUS usually tweets) watching for tweets? The moment Trump posts, Q posts right after. Takes patience, but not impossible. Or, am I not understanding something?

                Then again, as I was walking the dog this morning, I saw this on the sidewalk. I mean, ain’t this proof enough?



              5. Not a “minute or two” difference, Chimpy…

                A second or two difference!

                A few times it has been 0 difference!

                So yeah, you’re not understanding it.

                There is a time-lag that happens between when you post a tweet and when that tweet shows up.

                So even if you were staring at Potus’s twitter feed and watching for the ‘New Tweets’ clicky to appear…there would be no way to post at the same time, within a few seconds.

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              6. Oh that’s right!
                You were ‘Ken’ before.

                Thank you.
                I think.

                I am trying to remember now, what it was that I said, that was the ‘inspiration’.

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            2. No way for us to interpret it. I don’t think we are meant to interpret something like this. Sometimes things are dropped for people who know a lot more than we Deplorables do to poke them and see how they react. IMO.

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    1. I’m trying to prepare for everything. Keep forgetting stuff. Remembered to fill up the tank with gas today, forgot the extra dog food. May do that yet tonight. I don’t know what else to do other than be prepared and wait and see. And keep praying.

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        1. Coffee…cocoa nibs for brewed cocoa…no corn (zines!), no grains, no tubers, no grasses….but pounds of bacon, loads of coconut cream/oil/etc., and soaked/dehydrated nuts and seed!!!!! And did we mention BACON?!?!?!?!?!

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  2. Operational Command Posts from Q just in, Wolf.

    Of course anons trying to decode and Q hasn’t said “not for anons”

    important item in the 4 drops: -48

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      1. Once you start looking you cant stop. I cant show this to mr gil even still! Damn creepy.
        Btw, Im emvarassed to admit I still have to go to target for certain things, akthough I have found multiple conservatives at the one I go to. I had to have new school shoes for kiddo, color specific and only they had his size yesterday. So, we go look at toys while we are there and along 1 wall are all the card or board games. Mixed together, facing the bigger toys.
        In its own bigger display was some kind of trendy card game that had 3 or 4 versions and 1 versions box cover where all kids can see, was an old art image of a bearded man eating a child!!!!!
        I called the male mgr who really didnt care, said he would tell cirporate, nobody complained before(its new). I said loudly wuth multiple parents in earshot, “No parent wants their child exposed to cannibalism and sex games”. And the moms really looked at the display. I went up front to find the conservative women who said they would deal with it immediately. I was sick and my kiddo had seen the image and it scared him.
        He asked me why they had that picture there by the toys.
        I told him there are bad people everywhere who want you to think bad things are ok.
        I also said we stand up to those bad things and its my job to protect you.
        Then we got a cookie and left. 😤
        We never use their bathrooms either…

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        1. Had to get bday gift for small child last year. They purposely took down “boys” and “girls” signs from toddlers and young kids clothing departments. Took forever to find proper sizes by gender! 🤦‍♀️😡

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          1. Ours is still separate but remodeling…so not sure what new look will be. I hate having to go there but its mostly for kiddo things i cant find elsewhere(believe me i look). Frustrating.

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            1. This wasn’t a remodel, it was their new plan. There was a News article about removing the signs. It was very frustrating and time consuming to locate what I needed.

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        2. Have not been in a Target for a few years.

          Since they decided to not differentaiate between boys and girl.

          Then anybody use which ever restroom they like.

          Target Corp. is sick.

          Always thought Target was pricey anyway.

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          1. LOL :…pricey anyway…: for a discount sort of store! I love it! (This from someone who does not “shop” in any “regular” retail outlets. Thank you for the giggle.

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      2. and have sections on symbols and cults. Those symbols listed are also on those two sites (maybe http://www.vigilantcitizen as well).

        There are a TON of companies that use Satanic symbols as either part of their corporate symbol, or as advertising content. As an example, the snake of fire eating its own tail (LUCENT Ouroboros) picked out by Carly Fiorina, no less) is a Satanic symbol (then again, Lucent is not too far from Lucis and Lucifer)…

        There is an article about corporate symbols with “additional meaning”. I’ll try to find it. VERY interesting stuff there…

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        1. Rather anti-Christian or pro-Satan, I would describe age-old mythological symbols like Ourobouros as being pre-Christian.

          Their use goes back thousands of years before Christianity, in most cases to Mesopotamian civilization, and in many cases all the way back to Sumer.

          So they really don’t have anything to do with Christianity, though of course some people since the development of Christianity may have begun using them specifically as alternatives to Christian symbols.


      3. Here are some articles about occult symbols in corporate logos, along with a couple of interesting points about recent “Hollyweird” news…

        Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos:

        Analysis of the Occult Symbols Found on the Bank of America Murals:

        The Independent Spirit Awards Began With … Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual:

        Luke Perry Dead at 52 After “Serious Stroke”:

        Further to the B of A Murals, an excerpt from the article:

        What Is The Meaning of the Frescoes?
        Like most elitist art, the frescoes on display at the headquarters of Bank of America, the largest bank in America, tell a story intended to be decoded by those in the know. The frescoes seem to depict three stages of world transformation – planning, chaos, and achievement – and are color-coded to be analogous to the three stages of hermetic alchemy: Nigredo (blackness), Albedo (whiteness) and Rubedo (redness). The frescoes bear many resemblances to the murals of the Denver International Airport, which also depict progressive phases of a profound transformation of society after a period of intense turmoil.

        The first fresco displays a wide array of occult symbols, some directly referring to Freemasonry. This is quite astonishing as the painting is in the lobby of the headquarters of the United States’ most predominant bank and not in a Masonic lodge … but perhaps there is some overlap. Those who are “in the know” and initiated to the Mysteries are those who are qualified to accomplishing the planning process, which in this painting seem to be the men in suits, whose ties match the red and white checkerboard floor, and who make plans for the future generation, represented by the blond Masonic boy.

        In the second fresco, civil unrest, riots, protests, and repression are all taking place. Historically, the masses only usually go into an outright revolt when their living conditions deteriorate significantly or when hugely unpopular policies get adopted. Does this piece refer to the loss of civil liberties and the rise of a police state? There is also a metaphysical aspect to the image, represented by the spinning naked bodies that appear as the sun, implying that the period turmoil is also happening on a cosmic level.

        The last fresco gives a sense of “mission accomplished”, with the dominant figure surveying the work, while also conveying the message that “the work is never totally done” as laborers are still hard at work in the underground. This is reminiscent of the movie Metropolis, where a class of workers silently slave away underground to sustain the elite’s utopia.
        [End excerpt; full article at link above]

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        1. I think it’s different devices…or when Q is travelling.

          The Q ‘tripcode’ doesn’t change, though.
          Q set that up with the Board Owner.


  3. Just noted obummer is in Calgary tomorrow for a conference if some sort.
    Visiting justin while there perhaps? Its never “just” a speech.

    A Conversation with President Barack Obama 2019

    When: Tuesday, March 5, 2019

    Time: Noon

    Where: Scotiabank Saddledome — 555 Saddledome Rise SE

    Tickets: Available online, presale starts Monday, January 14 at 10 am, sales to the general public begin on January 16.

    Prices are leveled at $104, $157, $210, and $314

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    1. Wishing for a VERY localized BLIZZARD @ the Saddledome. (Not wishing it on the rest of Calgary) Maybe a Blizzard tornado?

      Althoug I imagine a snow storm wouldn’t bother the locals very much.

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  4. tell me again… Kristol is a Republican? And up is down right?

    Hours ago: “Interview: Bill Kristol and John Ziegler Agree that Conservatism Would Be Better Off Had Hillary Won”

    I’m not even going to provide a link to what has to be a piece of garbage…

    While we’re looking to POTUS to drain the swamp, WE NEED to drain the Republican Party!!!

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    1. Kristol is deranged, and it’s not just TDS. Once someone becomes irrational, and he has, then you have to take into account mental illness, dementia, and other pathologies that can cause mental status changes. He has lost the ability to reason, and cannot restrain himself. Sick man.

      Of course, he never was a conservative so believing Hillary’s email server was okay is not necessarily that delusional.

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  5. Jane Philpott, one of Justin Trudeau’s most trusted ministers, announced today she has resigned from cabinet as the Liberal government’s crisis over the SNC-Lavalin affair deepens.

    “I must abide by my core values, my ethical responsibilities and constitutional obligations,” she said in a written statement.

    “There can be a cost to acting on one’s principles, but there is a bigger cost to abandoning them.”

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    1. GIl!!! I would pay $ to spend the day here!!! I would laugh my A## OFF!!🤣🤣🤣 and pray I got behind a Liberal group who would be horrified and Scream and MELT!!!
      Please let this Happen for real!! AMEN!

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    1. And that is about as good a summation as I have read. They ARE all connected.

      I’m still struggling with this, frankly. But every day I see more and accept more. Our country truly went off the rails around 1900, and the rest of the world as well. And I get impatient when it isn’t all restored right away. Lordy, what a mess.

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    2. Sinking of the Lusitania with American foreknowledge (to secure our involvement in WW1) — the attack at Pearl Harbor (with US foreknowledge, to secure our involvement in WW2).

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  7. Mark Levin interview with Brandon Straka is quite revealing about just how brainwashed some of the liberals are. (It is now up on Utube.)

    This is an even better Levin:
    Levin TV Exclusive: Robert Mueller’s Appointment is Unconstitutional
    It violates the appointment clause of the Constitution because Mueller is acting WITHOUT direction, supervision or narrow scope therefore he is acting as a Principle Officer and not as an inferior under the direct supervision of a Principle Officer.

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    1. Hmmm. Is someone/something taking down a bunch of those tweets/articles/whatever?

      I’m seeing a lot of Server Error 500 messages extolling the virtues of trained monkeys (the likes of which work at Google, probablly)… but the original source/pic/tweet/etc. isn’t there…

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      1. There’s a problem with YT – even the top video on YT’s home page has this Server Error message..

        From Citizen Free Press (owner “Kane”), about 25 min ago:

        “Quick Note — As you see above, all youtube videos on the site are displaying with the 500 internal server error. This just began in the last 15 minutes, and has NEVER happened before in 18 months of running the site.

        UPDATE — The problem is with Youtube. You will find this same message on every website across America right now that has a story with an embedded youtube video.

        I’m guessing it will be fixed in the next hour. We’ll see how good the Youtube emergency team really is…”

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  8. where have we seen such fakery before? Liberals in US?

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  9. Latest POTUS TWEET!!


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  10. Patrick Moore is on Hannity right now.

    That is the Greenpeace co-founder who called AOC an “insufferable twit”.
    I think that’s what he called her…it was something like that.

    It’s a really good segment so far…Joe Bastardi is on too, with Patrick Moore.

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    1. Pompous twit.

      Funniest thing ever. And how AWESOME that it is the cofounder of Greenpeace!

      I only watch Hannity a few nights a week. He kind of gets on my nerves. But the thing is, he and PDJT are friends and as many times as PDJT has told us to tune into Hannity, well, I figure he bears watching. And this was GREAT!

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      1. “Hannity is a patriot!” says a certain person for whom this site is, well, not quite, named.

        Disinformation is necessary.

        You are watching a movie.

        Actors have their roles to play.

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  11. Tracy Beanz had a quick U-tube up
    A Stella [unpronouncable]Stoper is suing Felix Sater for installing a backdoor on her computer! (They were dating) She was in real estate and it may be connected to Kazkh bank, BTA bank, money laundering and three Russians buying 3 condos from Trump in SoHo. She is still chasing down leads and will have more in a few days.

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  12. Mitch must believe he is one of those going to jail … He told POTUS earlier he would support him on Emergency Declaration. And I have noticed that POTUS’ nominations are moving verrryy slowly…

    this is all that was voted on today… (wrt nominations)

    this is all that is scheduled for tomorrow

    Trump Is Right About the Ninth Circuit Court
    The judges are a noticeably left-leaning bunch.

    Regarding William A. Galston’s “Trump Misjudges America’s Courts” (Politics & Ideas, Nov. 28): President Trump may be a smidgen out of line attacking the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, but he’s hardly misjudging the court. The judges are a noticeably left-leaning bunch, who seem disturbingly anti-Trump on immigration. The president is very right about the southern border being the Wild West, where an absence of laws is seemingly encouraged by the Ninth Circuit. The Ninth was packed with left-wing judges by President Obama.

    Ninth Circuit district courts are authorized 112 judgeships. There are 22 vacancies with 3 future vacancies announced. The duration of the vacancies ranges from 1,672 days to 36 days. The president has made six nominations.

    See link for political make-up

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    1. Mitch is being his RINO self, supporting(MAGA) but not supporting(CoC) POTUS. This way he blames National Emergency all on Trump, not Congress, for not doing their job which is where blame belongs. What happened to “he would not put a bill on the floor knowing POTUS would not sign it”?? Answer that Mitch!!

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      1. You’re right… I hope one of those indictments has his name on it !

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    2. Won’t do any good, but I sent a blistering email to Turtle for his blatant lying directly to President Trump.

      So very, very disgusted with nearly every Republican.

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      1. Kalbo! I used to call his office weekly!! But He doesnt care!!! Good for you!! and Agree! “So very, very disgusted with nearly every Republican.” I can’t think of ONE Senator I Trust!!!!

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        1. Marica, Yes. An exercise in futility, but I launch emails daily. TY to President Trump. Half dozen burners to my Socialist Senators, Masto & Rosen.

          Agree, not on Republican Senator. Zero.

          A few Congressman. Nunes, Meadows, dude from Ohio (I think) never wears a coats. These guys seem solidly conservative and always supportive of President Trump.

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            1. Jim Jordan not wearing the jackets drives me insane. He must have one heck of a high metabolism if he’s always so hot that piece of decorum goes out the window.

              Sorry. That’s the preppy in me coming out to play.


    1. “Leader” McConnell…

      More like BOTTOM FEEDER McConnell…

      Well, Yertle, it’s about time you visited the “Wayback Machine” and go way back to where you came from, because you’re not doing a lick of good here…

      You and your RINO “buddies” and the DEMONcRATs and the rest of the Demonic left aren’t worth half a damn.
      Pathetic is the nicest thing I can say about you lot. You are a disgrace to the American People, and to the Founding Fathers and all of the brave who have fought and died to make and keep America free.

      More Kentucky BLUNDER than Kentucky wonder. And that goes for Rand Paul, too…

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      1. That is Qewl!

        Cmdr Wolfie will be pleased. 😀

        I think he must be tied up with his own preps or something, or is down the rabbit hole on some deep dive.
        He’s going to love all these recent Q-drops!

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        1. You guessed correctly. And STILL behind on preparations.

          Also going to have to make radical changes in plans of various kinds. Not good. Major recalculations.

          I need to see the Q posts. Not sure what the hell is going on, but something stinks.

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    1. I wish someone with know-how would attempt to put together a class action suit against Congress for not representing us. I detest these grifters

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      1. nikki,
        thanks for all your help, not only with me, but so many others who wanted to get a message to phc…
        you are a very kind and thoughtful person… God bless you.

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        1. Thank you phoenixRising I appreciate your kind words and I consider it a blessing to be here and able to be helpful, so so many beautiful people here .. you’re all worth it 😉👍❤️
          Thanks for the blessing and back at ‘cha 😉

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    1. The problem began around 9:30 Eastern, and it was across ALL sites. It’s fixed now, it seems.

      It was YT, not anything directed at patriot sites!

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        1. I hadn’t thought of the solar storms – mebbe so!

          Anyway, no need to apologize! EVERYONE noticed it, and wondered what was up.

          Marica does the exclamation points – your thing is emoji’s! 🙂

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        1. Was it -48 minutes?? Re-route Internet domains? FS – flip switch? Wild guesses on my part. Why would they communicate that type of stuff in public? Surely they have more secure, encrypted channels? Unless they want some certain people to know, us? Bad guys?

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      1. It actually helps if you have larger feet.

        I read somewhere that our beautiful Flotus wears a Size 10…which is good for her height.
        Looks perfectly normal on her.

        I wish I had larger feet.
        I am about the same height as her, but have freakishly small feet for this height…Size 8.

        It’s no fun.
        It’s like my feet just stopped growing and the rest of me kept on shooting up vertically.
        Wearing high heels has always been tough…because of the decrease in surface area to balance on.
        Small feet.
        Small ankles.
        Add high heels and it’s like a recipe for turned ankles.

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  14. Here you go, headline: President Trump Cures Aids.
    Actually, it looks like the second person, confirmed, as been cured. It’s an enormous breakthrough for millions afflicted. THIS is the kind of research we need, and would never happen under Medicare4All.

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      1. Cultural Marxism is (IMO) an informational bio-weapon that spawns degradation of societies for socialist take-over. It’s a set of corrosive ideas that break down societies for their destruction and remaking as socialist states.

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  15. The Republicans are making the President do the heavy lifting on Border Wall.
    The Dems have rebuke any attempt to compromise on DACA, anchor babies, chain migration, visa lottery.
    ALLLLLLLL members of Congress are ducking any attempt to resolve our problems with illegal immigration. And entries are at an all time high.
    It’s disgusting.
    The GOPe is chicken $$$hit. They want their money from the Kochs and the US Chamber, donors, but they force the President to stand alone.

    Liked by 9 people

        1. The wall…and just about everything else that our President is trying to do.

          I’m sure PDJT would like to expose them — but he needs them.
          The traitorous scumbags know this too.

          I look for a lot of sabotage from some of them, to keep him from getting reelected.
          We may yet have to take our pitchforks and shovels and march on DC.

          Liked by 8 people

  16. Apparently there is a book out now about “Qanon”.


    —– From the article:

    A book detailing the QAnon conspiracy has made its way up the best-seller charts on Amazon, appearing as the No. 1 book in the censorship category as of Monday night.

    “QAnon: An invitation to the Great Awakening,” is climbing the website’s best-seller lists. The book was listed as the No. 8 best-seller in the politics category as of Monday night.

    NBC News, which first reported on the book’s placement on the Amazon charts, reported that the book received an algorithmic boost from product recommendations. The book, written by an anonymous author, averaged 4.5 stars and has been flooded with positive reviews.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Wheatietoo, there are a # of books on Amazon about QAnon beginning November 2018…I had no idea until I saw your post and looked on Amazon, but this one seems to have gained more traction that the others…likely because of the authors.

      About the book:
      This book was written by twelve “Anons,” anonymous Q followers, decoders and citizen journalists known collectively as Where We Go One We Go All (WWG1WGA). These are the real experts on QAnon, each bringing their own unique perspective and experience. Together they give you an overview that may encourage you to learn more. The one thing they are all convinced of: QAnon is not only real, but an insider with White House connections and this book offers many proofs to substantiate this claim.

      SerialBrain2 is one of the group of authors and so are Pamphlet and Radix of Patriot’s Soapbox who tell a great story of how this particular Q image on the cover came into being during a time they were working to shift the narrative when Jerome Corsi was attempting to divide people saying SB2, was “Q”.

      Liked by 4 people

  17. ok I am listening to the Ladies of Liberty periscope. They have a man on there – a former law enforcement guy – who says he is Matt Whitaker’s friend. He is really pissed.

    He just finished telling the audience that a very angry Matt Whitaker called him and told him that he quit. Apparently, Whitaker freaked after his meeting with Barr. Whitaker was upset because he opened all these investigations and he got the distinct impression that Barr intended to obstruct all of them. Whitaker was doing everything we hoped he would do but Barr was not sympathetic to it.

    Whitaker’s friend thought, if all that was true, then the OIG report was our only chance to force Barr to follow through – which will be released right after the nothingburger Mueller report.

    So that’s it. The law enforcement guy conceded he does not know if Whitaker was blowing smoke up his ass but he believed him. Whitaker has always been straight with him.

    Hopefully I summarized enough to give you an idea of what these people think is happening. Sounds extremely bad. Of course I cannot confirm anything ..just passing it along. Go listen to the scope or the replay and judge for yourself..

    Liked by 5 people

      1. it seemed pretty obvious when the senate breezed through the confirm on barr and there was only a TINY whine thrown up by the democrat actors.

        then caving in on the “budget” and no wall money.

        then voting against protecting a live birthed baby.

        then voted to bestow honors on mccain.

        then voted to block the emergency declaration.

        listen guys, theres only so much time that can pass. so much patience you can have. the evil cabal has been running rampant all this time covering tracks and making plans, and as a bonus furthering their agenda in washington and in all states.

        i am notoriously black pilled as i have always admitted – but years and years of carrying around the knowledge of “red pills” makes you tend to lean toward a synical (realistic) view of reality.

        i could go on but i dont want to be b&…

        yes whitacker could have fed this guy a line and q might be real and telling us the truth (and telling them all also) but one thing is certain we are going to win or there will not be a true election in 2020 guaranteed.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think it’s too early to tell anything. I would be suspicious of a friend calling in to a talk show. Could be disinformation, could be enemy interference for demoralizing the troops, could be a prank.


        1. Fingers crossed…hoping that our VSG flipped Barr to our side.

          I wondered at the time, if all those ‘letters’ that were passed to the wives at the GHWB funeral, had to do with Barr.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. I think the letters were something sentimental and kind. Made Laura exclaim and GWB seize up to keep from crying. It’s the SIMPLE explanation.

            Too much elaborate CRAP on our side.

            Sorry. I’m in a bad mood on the Whitaker resignation.

            Liked by 4 people

            1. WM, I thought Whitaker could be more useful now outside DOJ where he can’t be a target of the Dems who only see the target in front of them, not the target behind them.

              Here are some posts on Qresearch that give interesting perspectives…
              Key positions always changing because objective for that actor is complete… (sometimes may appear later on in the film again)

              My sense is that since POTUS hasn’t said anything, Whitaker has been moved to a very strategic position for swamp cleaning.

              Scaramucci mode brother. He was used for what we may or may not ever find out. Trump team is the masters of using people for just the right amount of time/job.

              Liked by 5 people

      1. Seems off since the meeting had to happen Saturday or earlier. Q posted everything today. You would think the Q team would have had a heads-up already before posting any comms.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks. Very helpful.

        The fucking swamp. They KNIFED US IN THE BACK.

        President Wolf Moon ain’t putting up with this shit.

        How much longer is there for me to get my name in?

        I will run on DEATH PENALTY FOR CANKLES.

        None of this namby-pamby “shutting down investigations” bullshit.


        Do the math.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Are you listening to this guy’s Periscope?

          Not sure what to make of it.
          I’ve never heard of this guy before.

          Taking a step back…and thinking about it.

          Let’s say this James R and Director Mike are on the level.
          And Whitaker actually *did* call Director Mike and say to him what Mike has repeated on this Periscope…

          Taken together with what Q said today…
          I think Whitaker may be getting ready to do a ‘document dump’ and fall on his sword for the team.

          Because that’s what Q referred to — a “doc dump”.
          And that all would be revealed when that happens.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. Something is not right. That’s all I know.

            This is me.

            I have tomorrow night’s post scheduled.

            I need time to think about this. There is a HUGE disturbance in the force. My spidey senses are telling me very bad things.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Strangely enough…I’m not getting a sense that ‘bad things’ are about to happen.
              To *our* side, that is.

              I get the sense that ‘something big’ is about to happen.
              Or start happening.

              But it will be something happening to these criminal elitists who so badly deserve it.

              The longer I listen to this guy’s Periscope, the more I am giving it the side-eye.
              It’s like they are trying to whip people up into a frenzy, or something.

              Liked by 2 people

            2. The more I think about it, after listening to this guy ‘Mike’…the more I question it.

              It is just hard for me to picture, Mr. Tight-lipped Whitaker, talking to a motor-mouth like this Mike guy.

              I mean, really.
              Does this Mike guy sound like someone that Whitaker would pick up the phone and talk to about this stuff?

              It just doesn’t track.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. It depends on Who should we trust.

                Do we trust what Q told us today?
                That Whitaker is moving on to some other part of the plan.

                Or do we trust this ‘Mike’ guy on that Periscope episode.

                Liked by 2 people

              2. I’m just going to watch the game for a bit and see if I can figure things out.

                For the moment, I trust only God. Makes it easy to jiggle the whole thing and see who’s lying.

                Liked by 1 person

              3. Sounds like a good plan.

                God is at the top of my ‘trust list’, too.
                Then, there is a choice group of humans, which includes PDJT, my hubby, you and a few others.


  18. Ed!! This could be dis-information! –Let’s Hope!! 48 hour rule here!! Every SINGLE TIME we get BAD news…Within 2 days its either discredited as FAKE or it ends up helping our cause!!! I am still trusting Q!!! Hugs dear Ed!!!😘

    Liked by 8 people

    1. This seems eminently sensible.

      To hear them tell it, Barr was nominated by PDJT because GWB recommended him.

      But why would Trump pay any attention to W?

      Wait 48 hours.


      1. just as a side note – if you look back over comments on this site you will find some of the same posters from this site stated just that when they heard it when barr was first announced.

        that he was gwb reccomended, that he was possibly anti gun, and that he and family had ties to meuller no matter how deep.

        then someone said they heard trump made a deal with some of the baddies to bring barr in in exchange for testimony or whatever, th3n everyone forgot about it. i mean this was months ago. about the time everyone was going crazy over the funeral notes that were passed out.

        if anyone thinks they will just go quietly, or that some things are just nlt needed to know, or whatever, thats fine.


  19. wrt LEO guy say Whitaker QUIT…

    1. Allow @ least 24 hrs. to come to any decision as to the veracity of this report.
    2. Whitaker never leaked anything to anybody (shadowed Sessions, helped clamp the leaks, etc.)
    3. One/two days after he leaves DoJ he calls his LEO ‘friend’ ?
    4. Whitaker strikes me as a very stable person. would he LEAVE if even everything LEO is saying about Barr is true?
    5. I wonder if he wouldn’t STAY and try to get word to POTUS … at least stay… fight from within.
    6. Too many holes in this.
    7. Definitely wait 24 least.
    8. We don’t need division in the ranks. POTUS is carrying too much by himself as is. Don’t need to shoot down Barr before we know anything.
    9. This so-called ‘friend’ of Whitaker’s? He would have a conversation with Whitaker and immediately broadcast it to the world?

    We definitely need Suspicious Cat

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Yeah, this could be a cover story for Whitaker going and doing something different in furthering the MAGA agenda, but they want it to look like something else so Whitaker tells his LEO buddy. Maybe.

      And how do we know this LEO buddy is legit and not a fraud?

      This story is playing, very conveniently, into our worst fears and apprehensions. Sigh. We wait and we watch.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Why would a friend spill the beans? What friend would do that without permission?
      Why would Whittiger give his so called friend permission?
      Something does not add up!


  20. I’m sorry…I know we’re supposed to transition to the ‘new’ Open Thread when it gets posted…

    But having a ‘666’ at the top of it is just too freaky.

    Makes me feel like I’m going to burst into flames if I stay in that thread.


    So I’m sorry if I am being a weenie…but I am Not going back to it.

    Liked by 5 people

      1. You know, I actually thought about doing that.

        And I even had this one que’d up post over there:


        But it’s just too freaky, Wolf, to be spending any time in a thread that is celebrating that number…and has it in the header, staring at me.

        Sorry, not going back.

        Liked by 4 people

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