The Wall Is Getting Built & Much More Will Get Done!

From the article linked above:

Here is a blow by blow of the 2017 and 2018 appropriations for the wall (almost all obligated on contracts), extracted from the official press releases on the CBP website (like this:

San Diego, California 14 miles of 18 foot bollards with anti-climb plate are being built (nearing completion), due to finish by May. FY 2017 appropriations. The $147 million contract for this project was awarded to SLSCO, a Texas-based construction corporation.

A second 14 mile layer of 30 foot bollards has been awarded, and just started (February 2019). The contract was awarded on December 20, 2018 to SLSCO Ltd. using CBP’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 appropriations. The total contract value, including options, is approximately $287 million (and includes the 15 miles below in Tecate, Andrade and Calexico).

Tecate, California 3 miles of 30 foot bollards contract awarded, should start early 2019.

Andrade, California One mile of 30 foot bollards (one side of the Port of Entry), contract awarded, should start early 2019.

Calexico, California 11 miles of 30 foot bollards East of the Port of Entry, contract awarded, work to start in the Spring (FY18, included above).

Calexico, California 2.25 miles of 30 foot bollards West of the Port of Entry. Completed. FY 2017 appropriations, about $18 million.

Yuma, AZ 27 miles, Contract awarded, construction is scheduled to begin in April 2019. Fiscal Year 2018 appropriations awarded on November 13, 2018 to Barnard Construction Company, Inc. for the base contract of $172 million for approximately 14 miles (plus 13 Option miles), includes 5 miles in Lukeville, (below). Total contract value, including options, is approximately $324 million.

Lukeville, AZ 5 miles Contract awarded, construction is scheduled to begin in April 2019. (included in award above)

Santa Teresa, NM (Western flank/suburb of El Paso) 20 miles of 18 foot bollards with anti-climb plate. Complete. CBP awarded a construction contract January 22 to Barnard Construction of Bozeman, Montana. FY 2017 appropriations. The project cost is approximately $73.3 million.

El Paso, Texas 4 miles of 18 bollards with anti climb plate East from the Port of Entry to Fonseca Drive. Complete. CBP awarded a construction contract June 1, 2018 to West Point Contractors of Tucson, FY 2017 appropriations, 22 million.

Mission, Texas (Western Flank of McAllen Port of Entry) 8 miles of hurricane rated levee wall system, topped with 18 foot bollards. Contract awarded, construction is scheduled to begin in February 2019. This is the area with many of the test cases that were pursuing legal challenges (La Lomita Chapel, National Butterfly Center, Bentsen State Park, Ray Cavasos). (FY) 2018 appropriations. The contract for this project, referred to by CBP as RGV-02, was awarded on November 11, 2018, to SLSCO in the amount of approximately $167M.

Donna/Weslaco, Texas, (Eastern flank of McAllen metro area, East of the Santa Ana Reserve) 6 miles of hurricane rated levee wall system, topped with 18 foot bollards. Contract awarded, construction is scheduled to begin in February 2019. (FY) 2018 appropriation. The contract for this project, referred to by CBP as RGV-03, awarded on October 31, 2018 to SLSCO Ltd in the amount of $145 Million for construction.

Brownsville, Tx Area 7 (with an option for 4 more) automated gates to be constructed, to begin closing the 35 road gaps left in the area during the Bush-era Secure Fence Act barrier construction. (FY) 2017 appropriation. The contract for the first phase of gate construction was awarded on October 3, 2018 to Gideon Contracting, LLC, from San Antonio, Texas in the amount of $3,731,380 for the seven base gates. The contract includes options for four additional gates valued at $1,985,525.

All of this that has been put on contract so far during the Trump Administration totals 115 miles – probably what the President was referring to on Christmas Eve.

The pace of construction this year will be significantly higher than last. In 2018, 35 miles were built over four different segments. Already awarded for this year are 80 miles across thirteen segments (one of the Texas awards is composed of five separate segments).

The $5.7 billion requested for FY 2019 to do 234 miles, would effectively button up the the Rio Grande Valley (~100 miles), Laredo (55 miles), and 75 more miles for the highest priority points on the border – where more than 2/3 of illegal immigrants now cross. That much barrier would make a significant and lasting impact. $8 billion, even more so. After the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo, everywhere else is cheaper and easier to build.

The $1.375 billion appropriated for 2019 may be going toward about 50 miles in the Rio Grande Valley (if informal sources are to be believed), but that is not authoritative. Usually, the announcement of environmental (and other) waivers precedes contract awards by about 10 weeks, and I have not heard of them yet for new segments. I am guessing that in 3-6 months, new segments will be being awarded like like rain falling – maybe earlier if they have prepared well for the funding.

Contracting lead times have been shortening over the the last two years of the program, as would be expected.

15 thoughts on “The Wall Is Getting Built & Much More Will Get Done!

  1. Thanks Flep – that’s the most detailed summary I’ve read yet.

    I also note that many of these contracts were awarded BEFORE this past election … and with all the prep time required, the beautiful WALL has been going up for many months now.

    It wouldn’t be any surprise if VSGPDJT has been working on this ever since we elected him …

    I nominate YOU, Flep, to be our WALL reporter!

    I’d really like some enterprising anon to put together an easy-to-view graphic, highlighting the wall locations already constructed, and those on tap to be raised.

    I’d also like some enterprising independent cinematographer to start filming a documentary movie on it, from beginning to end!

    Rough cost figures:

    ~$ 5M per mile of 18′ height
    ~$10M per mile of 30′ height
    ~$20M per mile of special / gate / port

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  2. Our National Security-minded, Builder/Financier President has been working on building and funding the Border Wall since the first days after his inauguration!

    President Trump had the Army Corps of Engineers begin site work assessments in 2017.

    President Trump asked the Border Patrol for their recommendations and requirements.

    From 2017 to the present, wall construction has continued non-stop!

    In some areas, there will be TWO walls, 30′ and 18′ with a lighted, with an electronically surveilled no mans land and a paved road in between.

    More views of the wall:

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  3. The border between the United States and Mexico is 3,145 kilometers or 1,954 miles. ( CNN says 1,933 miles)

    CNN and ABC both say that 700 miles of fencing already exists. (Who knows just what type of fencing.)

    That leaves 1254 miles of border WITHOUT any fence. President Trump and others say portions of the border are so inhospitable that no fencing is needed.

    Does anyone actually know just how many miles still need fencing out of that 1254 miles???

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  4. My guess is the day VSGPDJT heads down to the border to do some sort of ribbon cutting ceremony, and the WH press whores follow him like wolves follow the alpha, he’s going to make them look like pretty girls jealous of the prom queen.

    Now, if Congress, and others, would just listen to the words of Rep. Adam Kinzinger when he said that the trafficking is going on in the mountains despite the assurances that “natural barriers” are protective. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and the coyotes and drug runners have the will.

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    1. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and the coyotes and drug runners have the will.”

      Not to mention modern technology.

      In the mountains a tad bit of dynamite stratigically placed might do nicely. Sheer cliffs are a bit hard to navigate esp. if the border patrol has a road along the top and can cut your ropes.

      Hi-Definition Military Satellites:

      Oct 9, 2001 – They are known in the spy trade as “Keyhole-class” satellites. And they have a resolution of 5 to 6 inches, meaning they can distinguish an object that small, but no smaller, on the ground. … Their resolution is about 3 feet. While satellites cannot read license plates, they can tell if a car has one….

      The new capability the public is most familiar with — because of the Bosnian peace accords — is the development of 3-D “virtual reality” animations of land features.

      During the peace talks, representatives of the warring parties were able to view “Powerscreen” animations of the Serbian countryside derived from unclassified satellite and aerial reconnaissance imagery. The clear message was that combat pilots would be prepared to navigate the real geography unless Belgrade was willing to make a deal.

      But there are other uses — some of which are derived from classified imagery — that are even more extraordinary….

      In Agriculture they are using satellites to determine the health and yield of a field and calculate crop production.

      I think there is a LOT more knowledge of what is happenning at the border than President Trump has acknowledged so far.

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      1. Right Emeraldstar,

        and a good poker player never shows his hand…

        why would POTUS announce to the opposition that he is succeeding – building the WALL under their noses!

        By election time in 2020, Trump supporters will KNOW HOW MUCH wall stands… (Ms Ann can pound sand!)

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        1. Thank you. I do try to think logically, ask questions of myself and others, and ‘show my work’.

          However I do get VERY ANGRY at the POS that have DELIBERATELY sought to destroy our country. That reminds me that I need to call Tillis’ office again and tell them just that.


  5. USACE is extremely busy right now! Engineers that don’t normally do wall construction are being brought in to expedite contracts. Everything from the top is Go Go Go!

    But there are a lot of leftist bureaucrats that infest ACE. Many of them are anti-Trump resistance that are working to tie up contracts with every piece of red tape that they can.

    Forcing contracts to go through the “small business” contracts process is NOT about helping the little guy. They are using these methods to drive up the costs by 50% or more as well as stalling and buying time. Small outfits lack the capabilities to deliver at the volume and quality that is required. Sections of wall will be built only to find that they don’t meet specification and will have to be rebuilt.

    They are also pushing as many EEOC complaints against their usual go-to effective contractors as possible to stall them or get them kicked off the contract. Internally the resistance has become extremely political, looking for any chance trip up the good guys in USACE, filing personnel complaints, making a stink, accusing others of favoritism, incompetence, trumped up charges of “-ism”, anything they can find. Dirty tricks and dirty politics are everywhere as phony HR complaints are filed. Listening ears everywhere trying to find anything that can be weaponized against anyone in USACE that is effective and carrying out the President’s objectives.

    Try as they might, they can’t stop the wall – it’s going up!

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  6. Felice,

    Sorry to be late to the party…

    As usual, you bring the positive in buckets ! Your other piece today hit the ball out of the park – just as I was thinking “I hope Felice has a piece on this latest news,” – BAM ! There it appeared.

    Thank you for this compilation…on the progress of the wall, and all your thoughts surrounding the info…

    QTree is so blessed to have you and Wolfie and our entire group of talented writers/thinkers – Wheatietoo, think,think,think; Steve, Daughn, Aubergine, Deplorable Patriot.. and those I missed ! Not to mention the brain drain from OT… how blessed we are… best site online !!!

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    1. “…Not to mention the brain drain from OT… “

      Yes, they were no longer many useful comments just trolls and Eyores.

      A shame because we are headed towards the 2020 election and SD helped President Trump ALOT.

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