Trump/Kim Summit 2.0 + Presser. Overnight Thread.


New Thread. We all needed a shower after Cohen this afternoon. Let’s refocus our energy. Check out this extraordinary letter from Dennis Rodman. It’s a beautiful letter.

rodman letter

From Flep, here is the schedule for President Trump and the whole team.


EST/Local Time

8:25 PM (Wed)/8:25 AM Depart JW Marriott Hanoi en route to the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi – Motorcade

8:45 PM (Wed)/8:45 AM Arrive at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi – Hanoi, Vietnam

9:00 PM (Wed)/9:00 AM Participate in a 1:1 bilateral meeting with the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

9:45 PM (Wed)/9:45 AM Participate in an expanded bilateral meeting with the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

11:55 PM (Wed)/11:55 AM Participate in a working lunch with the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

2:05 AM/2:05 PM Participate in a Joint Agreement Signing Ceremony with the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

2:40 AM/2:40 PM Depart Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi en route to the JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi – Motorcade

3:00 AM/3:00 PM Arrive at the JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi – Hanoi, Vietnam

3:50 AM/3:50 PM Participate in a press conference [Live Stream]

5:15 AM/5:15 PM Depart JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi en route to Noi Bai International Airport – Motorcade

5:55 AM/5:55 PM Arrive at Noi Bai International Airport – Hanoi, Vietnam

6:05 AM/6:05 PM Depart Hanoi, Vietnam, en route to Joint Base Andrews – Air Force One

Friday March 1 – All times EST

1:10 AM Arrive at Joint Base Andrews

1:20 AM Depart Joint Base Andrews en route to The White House – Marine One

1:30 AM Arrive at The White House – South Lawn

219 thoughts on “Trump/Kim Summit 2.0 + Presser. Overnight Thread.

    1. RED CHINA
      UNIVISION COMMIE JORGE RAMOS with his bogus info hand-off
      MUH RUSSIA jumping to Venezuela’s defense

      I mean, seriously, is this even a question?

      It is ALL coordinated.

      Knowing that, how do you play?

      Exactly the way it’s being played. Give them every chance to bail from their stupid plot.

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  1. I think the ChiComs pressured Kim to bring up Venezuela in their talks.

    Probably told PTrump that he had to ‘back off in Venezuela’.
    And our VSG Potus just said…”That’s it”…and walked away.

    The ChiComs stand to lose billions when Maduro falls.
    They are not happy about our support of the people and the new Venezuelan President.

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    1. I didn’t like Kim’s attitude this time…it was different from the getgo.

      Kind of smug, like he was in the catbird seat.

      I didn’t want to say anything, was hoping for the best.
      But something was ‘off’ about his attitude this time.

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      1. Yep – KJU has a dark side. Obviously, he and his handlers are not quite converted/convinced to remake him into a benevolent/benign leader of his country.

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    2. Interesting theory. This makes sense, because that is the kind of shit tactic that ChiComs will do. But they probably got SOMEBODY ELSE to ask Kim – send it through a third party. Maybe Maduro.

      Win/Win for the ChiComs. Trump relieves China, or the ChiComs suck Kim back into their grasp. Kim plays the young chump.

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      1. Why else would PTrump bring up “Venezuela” in the first few sentences of this presser?

        I think he’s still steaming about it.

        Kim and the ChiComs thought that PTrump was so ‘desperate’ for a win in these talks…that they could get whatever they wanted.

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          1. Well they are getting desperate.
            And desperate people do foolish things.

            Chairman Xi will ‘lose face’ bigtime, when Maduro finally falls.
            And Maduro *will* fall.

            Today, Maduro was confiscating Gold from the banks there, in a desperate move to get as much as he can…while he still can.
            It was widely condemned as an “illegal act”.

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              1. Putin already took what he could get, from VZ.

                He’s a realist.
                He sees what is coming.

                Putin probably feels like if he stays out of it…and doesn’t try to bolster Maduro…that he can come back later and do a deal with the new President.

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            1. Early reports of NK willing to dismantle plutonium plants and the like, but not give up nukes didn’t seem like a winning strategy.
              – However, willingness to give up those facilities was a huge step forward and one to build on. Pompeo will do just that.

              ChiComs surely could make denuclearizing the Peninsula work, and ensured it wouldn’t. IF Kim played the Venezuela card, major ChiCom blunder.
              – President Trump won’t hold it against Kim, but will against ChiComs.

              No deal by NK, in ChiCom minds is leverage for ChiCom.
              – ChiCom did not win anything with President Trump.

              ChiCom does fancy and plan on world domination.
              – IMHO, will never happen.

              Don’t believe Kim is wedded to his nukes. Nukes are a security blanket of sorts. Security can be assured through peace and investments. NK Generals almost assuredly against losing the nukes.
              – Kim will reign them in…bribe the hell out of them. Maybe have a couple cease being players. An airplane crashes, car accidents, training accident… Nothing gruesome to evoke bad press.

              SK and Japan, if they have not already committed to do so, they must have massive formal investment and aid ready for NK. Timed with NK being fully onboard denuclearize agreement signing. Absolute security for Kim and NK from retribution over past crimes against humanity. The latter far better than NK with nukes they can obliterate cities…Seoul, Tokyo, Seattle…
              – In addition to President Trump updating Moon and Abe on the Summit, massive investment, aid and security assurances will be reinforced and pursued.
              – Moon will be more active and engaging with NK.

              Trade talks with ChiComs at some point will arrive at the biggies such as forced technology transfers, penalties for ChiCom cheating in the future. ChiCom will not willingly comply. Not enough ChiCom pain, yet. IF Xi arrives in Mar Lago late March, Xi will either agree or President Trump will walk away.
              – Having walked away in Hanoi, Xi knows President Trump WILL walk away from a bad deal.
              – So ChiComs know, President Trump will walk away. And ChiComs know massive tariffs delayed, will become effective immediately.

              Ending the Korean War, will, I think become part of Peninsula denuclearization.

              Perhaps not publicly, NK and SK reunification path will be agreed to by SK, NK and US. Not ChiComs as they don’t see reunification in their interest.

              Don’t personally see this as a set back. Rather a step in the right direction. Absolute goodness comes from denuclearization. Kim knows this. As does Moon, Abe and President Trump. ChiComs are conflicted with insecurities and control freaks.

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  2. Sanctions hurt NK more than they hurt us. How long can they keep going, it’s been over a year now. Yes, China and others are cheating some, but Kim has a long train ride home!! I see no new Airplane in his immediate future.

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  3. So Kim offersed to give up a few nuclear locations, and when we asked for the uranium locations too, he seemed surprised that we knew about them. HaHa!

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  4. PT – Kim felt bad about Otto. Wasn’t aware til after the fact. Prisons are rough, big country, a lot of people, lower level people did something bad to him without Kim knowing. Kim had nothing to gain by harming Otto.

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      1. President knows the ‘dance’ He has been doing deals since before Kim was born… AND he holds the winning hand!

        Felice & SD has kept us up to date on the economic winning hand but there is a lot more.

        I am quite sure President Trump has the intel on all the Congressmice and SenateRats that have been taking BRIBES from foreign governments. (President Trump + AG Session => One Year FISA warrants WITHOUT courts knowing!)

        Awan Brothers….
        El Chapo….
        DiFi’s Chinese Spy….
        Piglosi and the Drug Cartel — that is why he wanted HER as House Majority Leader
        Californicate’s Reps and Senators and Human Trafficking…
        Wiener’s Laptop…

        As Q said, things are going to start getting ‘interesting’

        The DemonRats really blew it with the state INFANTICIDE laws. That is shocking a whole passel of people into waking up. The news of ElChapo bribing AMERICAN Politians + the DemonRats denial of problems on the border is raising a few eyebrows too.

        AG Sessions just spent the last two yeasr arresting a YUGE number of MS 13 thugs (Think drugs) and child Sex Traffickers & Porn rings. Not to mention medical fraud practicioners.

        Lighter sentences ===> INFORMATION and you work your way through the webs. ALL of it is connected with a lot going back to the Politicians & Clintons & CHINA!

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      1. I think the Chinese used this summit to see how far they could push President Trump to have their cake (good trade terms) and eat it too (keep control of NK). When Kim said he wouldn’t be there if he didn’t intend to discuss denuclearization, the Chicoms essentially pulled Kim from the negotiating stage because he got out over his Chinese-owned-&-operated skis. (Forgot he’s only a puppet).

        Trump is trying to lure Kim away from Chicoms, but that is going to take more time and more hard squeezes on China. It is complicated business!

        We need to watch Lighthizer and whether the trade tariffs that were just postponed get reinstated, regardless of the status of the (irrelevant) MOU. I don’t think President Trump is going to make nice at the trade table after Chicoms just squelched Kim in the midst of the summit.

        Fascinating geopolitics. We can not forget that whether it is NK, Middle East, Africa or South America, the enemy behind the curtain is China (and to some extent Russia).

        President Trump knows, learns, adapts, and finds a way. We owe him our vocal support and patience.

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      2. Yes POTUS has been in the driver’s seat from the beginning on this. He isn’t doing this for “muh legacy” unlike a certain other individual.

        Naturally the media will spin this to some BS about losing credibility, how do you regain the face you lost, pressure is on for POTUS to deliver, questioning whether this is going to get across the line, what the impact will be to his legacy, blah blah blah. They all talk like traitors.

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        1. President Trump’s bottom line is spot on….make a good deal, not a bad deal.

          Pressure is on ChiComs and NK.

          President Trump has the winning hand.

          President Trump will prevail with NK and China.

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    1. Yeah, like I said earlier…the MindControlMedia were all tripping over themselves to claim that “Trump failed” to make a deal.

      They are all vile, slimy skuzoids!

      The way I see it, Pres Trump succeeded in recognizing a Bad Deal and did the only thing he *could* do…he walked away from it!

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    1. Fle…I don’t think China is allowing the true story to come out, of how bad it is getting there.

      I mean, as bad as the stories are, that they are allowing us to know about…I think that tells us that things are really much worse.

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      1. I agree, Wheatie.

        Their stock market is down 40%, manufacturing contracted for the THIRD straight month, and they just borrowed 5% of GDP in ONE month.

        I also recall that economist (now silenced) who, a couple months ago, put their REAL growth number at ~2%, when the gov’t was claiming 6-7%.

        I bet even the manufacturing number is understated, in terms of how severe the contraction is.

        And new US tariffs can happen at any time … which will be crippling economically. Lies won’t help!

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        1. Thanks, EmStar.
          Yeah, it’s not like communists to ever admit how bad things really are.

          The Soviets in Russia tried to hide how bad things were…right up until end.

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      1. Yes, just like the Bombing in Syria while Xi is having desert at Mar-o-lago. President Trump just lobbed another bomb into Xi’s lap with 25% sanctions attached. 🤣

        The Fifth Column Urinalists are not helping their Masters. People KNOW they are Fake News. All they are actually doing is providing cover for President Trump.

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  5. Personally thinks PDJT knows he can let this play out as long as it takes. He’s in the cat bird seat. If this needs to go all the way back to aircraft carriers off the coast so be it. He can be magnanimous when he’s secured a real peace. If there is no peace so be it. Costs us nothing, them everything. China right now is the stumbling block and they better get their act into gear.

    Meanwhile the Dems are the ones that have put these negotiations into peril. Their self serving pursuit of power has created a divide that any adversary would like to take advantage of.

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  6. Remember the phrase, “They never thought she would lose”?
    Well, they never thought Trump would walk away.

    OMG – China is having a cow. Here come the tariffs. Balls to the wall. Let’s go.

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    1. “… they never thought Trump would walk away.”

      I think the whole Cohen Dog & Pony Show was all about putting pressure on President Trump so he would be ‘eager for a win’ ANY ‘Win’ That is part of why the Fifth Column Urinalists were shouting Cohen questions.

      The LAST thing TPTB expected was for President Trump to shutdown the Urinalists and walk away from the negotiating table. (That is why Little Kim was wearing that s…t-eating grin, he was told he couldn’t lose.).

      They are SO used to manipulating the media they thought President Trump would ALSO be media driven….🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

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  7. Chinese policy, for years has been to shuffle nukes to NoKo to keep USA South Korea Japan, at bay and provide China with a buffer against the west.
    THEN – NoKo helps Iran with nukes to keep the USA tied down in the Middle East, wasting blood and treasure.
    Meanwhile, the Chicoms raid natural resources in Africa and take over the world via ECON rather than shooting bullets.
    China has been effective, true, and rolled the USA and prior admins.
    President Trump has been the only challenge to face them. By rolling ALL of the problems into one, Venez, NoKo, South Ko, Japan, and Middle East into one, PLUS the economic pressure on China has brought them to the table.
    China is bleeding.
    Their economy is now contracting.
    Chairman Xi looks like a fool.

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    1. Notice that A2 has no longer been commenting OT. He has been replaced by Cripto, who, though he provided decent info, gives me uneasy vibs.

      cripto says:
      September 30, 2018 at 3:40 am

      35 years and counting. LOL. I’m the looney who thought when Bill Clinton was elected, I was way out of touch with America. Better to try convincing the Chinese to not be commies. Lol x a million. But you know maybe not so mad. Every journey begins with the first step.

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      1. “gives me uneasy vib[e]s”

        His off-the-charts conceit – and his penchant for immediate and unrestrained vilification of those who disagreed with him – sealed the deal for me.

        It’s yet another example of someone with an extremely high IQ (he purportedly speaks five languages), but without a commensurate level of EQ (self-knowledge).

        It’s a very dangerous combination. Anytime someone challenges their expertise (their self-“identity”), the vitriol comes gushing out. It ain’t an intellectual problem – it’s a psychological problem.

        And most often, it’s a problem they refuse to recognize, despite substantial evidence / feedback provided to them that a problem does, in fact, exist.

        I steer clear of people like this …

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        1. I changed nasty vibes to uneasy since I did not have concrete prove to give.

          However I would not be suprised to find he is actually a Chinese college educated here in the USA and NOT an American.

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          1. That thought had occurred to me as well.

            What I find unnerving, in this scenario, is his MASTERY of the English (American) language. Broad, detailed understanding of the lexicon, of grammar, of syntax … and of idioms only someone immersed for MANY years here would be comfortable using.

            And his usage was ACCURATE. I suspect he scored better on the SAT-Verbal than I (I did quite well).

            Pathologically against Russia, too – which is unusual, and 100% consonant with the leftie-brigade.

            I always wondered HOW he could post the opinions he was able to from Shyna, with all the censorship in place and ACTIVE there.

            Multiple yellow flags …

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            1. Remember that Chinese Nationals work here in the USA under H1b visas so he could easily have been here for years or even born of Chinese Nationals who worked here. However I doubt his loyalty is to the USA.

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        2. Poly-linguistic people often give me bad vibes. I don’t have a ton of respect for people who think they are hot for speaking Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. They’re called Romance languages for a reason.

          There’s a lot of arrogance that comes with that kind of knowledge, and frankly a lot of power. Spiritual attack too. But some people measure their knowledge by the number of languages they speak and their connectedness to people. That is far from real knowledge and real wisdom. Linguistic Intelligence != IQ. Domain knowledge with any depth takes time to develop – each is really a language all its own, with its own vocabulary and grammar. They have a strong surface knowledge but no depth.

          Funny too is for all their “language” expertise they often haven’t even done a casual study of linguistics!

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  8. JoeM#StormisUponUs:

    Optically, it is crucial for the US to show we are doing our due diligence and not just bending to the will of Kim. Trump team proved they will accept nothing less than TOTAL denuclearization, and will not give up sanctions lightly. (Anons know North Korea is fully resolved).

    Trump and Chairman Kim are playing out a strategy that makes neither side look weak. Americans must see a tough negotiator who doesn’t let a foreign dictator push him around and North Koreans who worship Kim must see a leader who will not bow to Trump. The nukes are already gone.

    Darn! someone please teach me how to grab the tweet so it posts as an image. Please?

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  9. Emeraldstar says of China:

    “…Their stock market is down 40%, manufacturing contracted for the THIRD straight month, and they just borrowed 5% of GDP in ONE month….”

    Do not forget that we are looking at right now is US manufacturing STOCK PILING non-perishables in anticipation of the 25% tariffs…. Meanwhile US start-ups are gearing up to replace Chinese factories and corporations are also looking to India as alternate sourcing for Chinese manufactured goods. 🤣

    Once those tariffs hit the Chinese economy will REALLY NOSE DIVE!

    The Chinese were hoping their puppets in Congress would takeout President Trump, but I do not think that is going to happen no matter how much Cohen lies. If there actually was a ‘There there’ The American Commies would already have taken President Trump out.

    Right now President Trump is toying with his prey while Americans wake up to reality.

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    1. Slamming China w/ 25% tariffs can’t happen soon enough for me! They’ve demonstrated themselves to be bad actors. Their negotiations may be good faith but the level of damage done for 30+ years can’t be undone by a couple of months of talking about it. Fundamental systemic reforms are required – hard medicine that China has not demonstrated that it is willing to actually take and not just talk about.

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      1. China thinks LOOOOooooong term. President Trump is here, for at best 8 years. they know this. I think they hope to out wait him and NOT do a trade deal at all. Meanwhile they will do as much as they can to make sure President Trump does not win in 2020.

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        1. They can think long term but they better not underestimate the Eagle’s speed and power to strike. Their economy was strong and it gave them hubris – they didn’t realize how weak they are. I don’t want any delays on the tariffs. This last break for a few months was too long. I know, Trump has an endgame. But the dragon’s comeuppance is overdue.

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          1. Yes and that economy of theirs was built after a long time…or at least as far back as when they woke to the fact that they needed to embrace economic capitalism, cheating a lot to get there and with out the democracy thing. That’s the long time they should be looking at.

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            1. Their “long term” isn’t sustainable. It’s pretty hilarious actually. They don’t have an independent and diverse economy, which is totally unsustainable. Sucking wealth from the U.S. is NOT a “long term” strategy. Communism is certainly not a “long term” win. Talk about a paper tiger.

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