Trump Nukes Internet With Pepe-1A Meta-Logical Missile

Well, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. Maybe a bit of a bad attribution. Maybe a bit poetic.

If anybody thinks Andrew Torba of Gab isn’t leading the way to freedom, they’re not being honest. But the President Washington of MAGA certainly helped.

This is simple, yet seems complicated because it’s very new and mind-altering, so stay with me.

The Gab Commenting Extension is here.

None of this would have been possible without Trump. Let’s be honest. The communists did their best to destroy Gab, but – HAHAHA – because Trump held the socialist scum off at the pass – long enough that Gab was able to save themselves – Gab is about to destroy communism (knock on wood).

Well – it’s more like Gab is going to make their liddle communist lives QUITE miserable, but that’s almost the same thing

I’ve already made the first comment at this site:

If you’re interested in trying it, follow along.

PLEASE NOTE that this ADDED layer of commenting will NOT replace our WordPress discussion, but it will likely augment it.

Here is the Dissenter homepage:

After you log in, you get this screen:

At this point, you can click on “Download” in the upper left-hand corner, and go to this page, where you can select your browser extension:

Just follow the directions. You will get a “green G plus speech bubbles” button in your browser. See my first comment again:

Click on the green button, and the window pops up to see comments.

Whether this works for all platforms, browser, devices, etc., I do not know. We will just have to find out. But I think it’s already working very nicely in the Brave browser on the desktop.

You can also get to any URL to comment, through the Dissenter homepage.

The Dissenter homepage even has several ways to get to current “hot” articles. There are lists, but there is also a scrolling banner at the top.

Basically, it becomes like the Drudge Report WITH comments.

What this means is that you don’t even need the browser extension. Just go to and start commenting.

If there is already a discussion, you join it. Otherwise, you start it.

Here is what one looks like:

In other words, they’re talking about a Twitter post (has its own URL) in a dimension that TWITTER does not control.

Here is a Gab post on Twitter (has a URL) being discussed:

Whoops – can’t see that comment – let’s try lower….

Here is discussion of a Twitter tweet about a Spectator article about Facebook banning people:

The thing is, I can also click on the Tweet itself IN DISSENTER and go straight to the ARTICLE itself. Indeed, I was the first person to comment at THAT URL:

Look more closely at the Dissenter window:

What I said is important.

Notice that I can go BACK to the Dissenter homepage and see this comment:

What you are seeing here is FREE SPEECH going TOTALLY META on the ASS of controlled speech.


The whole thing feels revolutionary. To quote Flep – who fortuitously said this today……

NO ####### SHIT!!!

Welcome to the WALLS FALLING DOWN!!!


FREEDOM. It’s back in style.

PS – extra points for figuring out why the opening image seems weird. -Wolf


Gab has just updated its join policy – NO INVITATION NEEDED.

A preview video of Dissenter:

137 thoughts on “Trump Nukes Internet With Pepe-1A Meta-Logical Missile

        1. I agree. The optimal time to do it may be while Trump is still in office in 2024 or early 2025. There will be enough effect by then that the left can’t stop it, no matter how much they object, but the TRIGGERING will still be immense! 😎


    1. Cool! Great commenting platform. Can’t wait to see all the splodey heads…

      Hmmm. NYT, here I come… πŸ™‚

      Also, is that pic of Hill-the-BEAST on “Witches Home Journal” or something like that…

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      1. Hey–can you check moderation folder? I published 2 from dissenter to here but with my real name–please discard… then one is from Marica…so that might be there also…
        Not sure how this all works…but I’ trying…
        Also anyone with a gab account get it downloaded from gab super quick and seemless!!

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  1. Dumb question. Can people outside of the US use this? Like say Tommy Robinson, who was just banned from fb and twit? If so, someone should contact him.
    And on that note, can say the U .K. po-po monitor your speech in the same way to arrest for speech crimes?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. All I know is that Gab obeys U.S. speech laws. What the UK decides to do to its own SUBJECTS is their problem. If the people of the UK want to be part of the Globalist Soviet Union, that is their problem, and – if it matters – Tommy’s as well. But if the U.K. stops supporting basic human freedoms and rights, Americans need to take notice and pressure our government (and ELECT our government) to act accordingly.

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          1. I got a ‘diss’ off and someone commented but I can’t read it or don’t know how to find it. 😁

            I think this important enough for me to learn it…they are censoring us heavily now on the social media platforms.

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    1. Yes – it layers over everything. There will undoubtedly be some tweaks needed, but it’s working very nicely so far.

      For example, it needs to strip off page-jump parameters to distinguish the BASIC URL for this page – otherwise, every comment gets its own URL. Some of that is going to require some decision-making at Gab. But once that is all ironed out, it will be seamless.

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    1. OK – I think I figured it out – there is a bad logical loop where one piece of code is sending things back to the original URL (no “comment-page-1” subdivision), but another is only chopping off parameters back to the secondary “comment-page-1” URL, so we’re seeing blank “deleted” comments at the prime URL and NO COMMENTS at the other., but that is only when the comments are RELOADING later. The developers should be able to find this.

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      1. Here is what the “deleted comments” look like at the “base URL” for the page (i.e., NOT at the “comment page URLs spawned by it).

        Forgive all the developer talk, folks. Just trying to help give birth here. Roll up sleeves and get hot water!!!

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    1. OK, I just logged into my Gab account and it was there.

      The unzipping was to install an extension on my Brave, but I am not good at nuclear physics.

      BTW, I am known by the highly unusual name of “Mike.”

      So if you see “Mike” it might be me!

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    2. Do you get an “extract all” option on the right click menu? If so, you can use that to unzip the files that are zipped to a specific location, and then open them with the appropriate program from there.

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    1. Edited Answer:

      You have to register for a Gab account, but it’s free and open to everybody now!!!

      Original Answer:

      Yes – I think so. And I don’t have a PRO account (for my extremely weird security needs) so I can’t email people the codes to join. BUT if we have a pro member here who is OK with opening up their email to others, then it is possible that we could work something out. We will have to see about that. I would urge caution for the moment on that. I can discuss with the other authors. They might be able to help.

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  2. Whatever the technological analogy would be to dancing with two left feet, that would be what I generally do.

    That said, I am a big free speech fan and I trust Wolfie’s view that this new stuff is going to be important, so I intend to jump in and try this extension.

    I have a stupid question before I do. Were I to comment on a post here using Gab, would there be any evidence of that comment here? I ask because if there is no evidence here, then Gab effectively becomes another place to look for info.

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    1. Yes. It’s ANOTHER LAYER. What Gab is doing, though, is adopting a HORIZONTAL MODEL across the internet, rather than VERTICAL / IVORY TOWER like Twitter or Facebook. They want to make it convenient to comment wherever you are.

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  3. Ackkkk !!

    No No, I don’t 5:5 😞😫😫😫 just kidding; I won’t even try right now.

    No worries. I will wait till you early adopters aka Patriotic Trailblazers work out all the kinks & and the site is IPad-ready for those of us who need a different access than desktop . I will get “there” in time for all the campaign fun & games.

    I am SO proud & inspired by you, Wolfie. And all the rest of you Intrepids. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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      1. Aubergine–Click on your gab avatar Pull up profile and click on settings. You will see your name and you can go over and change on that setting!

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    1. Duck Duck Go is more than likely the search engine your browser uses by default. Your browser would be something like Firefox, Google Chrome (I hope not), Internet Exploder (I hope not), Brave, Opera…

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            1. Well we all have our moments of “looking stupid” (I’ve had some doozies here) but I do not think you *are* stupid. Especially since this is ignorance, not stupidity. (Can’t fix stupid, can fix ignorance.)

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  4. Thus far, if I’ve followed things, Wolf, you’ve only used this to comment on places where you’re allowed to comment anyway.

    That seems vaguely pointless (although it’s a good exercise to prove that it works and you know how to use it)–after all, it’s easier to see a comment posted directly to wherever it is you’re commenting on.

    Its real use is on place that block you, especially places that block you because you aren’t a stinking Leftist!

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    1. That’s what I’m thinking, too. But here’s the part I don’t understand. Let’s say I’m blocked from Twitter, but I want to comment on someone’s tweet. Using this I can do that. However – and this is a big one – just because I can comment on that tweet doesn’t mean the person who made the tweet will ever see my comment. They would also have to have Dissenter, right? This is where I’m not seeing this as a game changer. Everyone on Twitter can just go on merrily on their way tweeting without any dissenting comments in their timeline. Or any of their followers seeing the dissenting comment. It’s like my comment is invisible except to people who use Dissenter, which are all going to be right leaning anyway.

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      1. That’s the sense I get of it–but I may not have understood the whole thing.

        Of course there’s no guarantee that the Left won’t take it over someday; I still remember when the internet as a whole was the Right’s stomping ground.

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  5. ACK!

    I am ‘technology challenged’ so I will run this past Hubby and maybe he can install on his computer.

    We are not on Farcebook or Twatter. Never saw any reason to join.

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  6. So I just went OT and copied a URL from an article into Dissenter to see what would happen. Lo and behold, there are ALREADY some Dissenter comments on the article! It was from today, and people are already trying it.


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  7. Hey, I about got it half figured out wolf. At least I finally got sign-in on Gab, cool. Too bad the app doesn’t work for me 😐 and I can’t figure out how to install the browser extension but I’m still in baby! πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. The browser extensions are a bit of a pain, but once they’re installed – one click on any site and you’re in FREE comments.

      I need to do a “how to” on one of the extensions. I’ve done both Brave and Firefox now, and Firefox was definitely harder.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s probably why I couldn’t get it to install on Firefox. I’m going to sit down and try again later when I have more time. There seem to be some things missing in the directions.


  8. I am already a Gab member and I signed into Dissenter…but I cannot get the darn Dissenter bubble thing to install permanently to my FireFox browser… It forces a temp addon but if I close out and go back to FireFox the green bubble in the upper right-hand corner is gone… So I just saved the site to my BookMark Toolbar.

    But FireFox says there is a problem with the manifest.JSON file that google downloaded while I was trying to set up Dissenter! I don’t use google at all and Lord, I hope I didn’t catch a bug. 😦

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I have tried both ways to download it but it only loads temporarily, and I cannot get rid of the Manifest.JSON file … It is there every time I redownload the Dissent package! I have even uninstalled and re-downloaded my FireFox browser with a new copy to see if that would help… but it didn’t. 😦

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  9. Not home to try but believes the true value will be in being able to comment where they don’t want your comments. Ivory towere people are going to hate this. People will be able to call out their junk stories.

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    1. Word press is messed up this evening. Cut off my comment. It wants me to log in, and it shows Gab. I’ve never signed up with gab. It has Lady_penquin but doesn’t accept the password I’m creating. What to do? What to do?

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  10. I thought he was going a bit fast myself, lol. He does a good job but I still had to watch it a couple of times. None of this stuff has to be this complicated, they do it all to make our lives easier is their defense.

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  11. THis tweet from Sec Pompeo! JUST WOW!!!!

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    1. I read where the ‘Tech Anons’ were thinking that 5G will be a way to *replace* the function that ICANN has control of…since Hussein illegally gave them that control.

      Interesting theory.

      They’re thinking that this could be Why Pres Trump is giving thumbs up on 5G.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Trump is probably privy to whatever DARPA and friends were looking at to “next” the internet. I’m betting they were perfectly happy Obama gave the globos a “used car” internet as a gift he thought would screw America!

        Obummer – SO predictable!

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  12. Status update… my browser is not yet supported. But they say they are working on other browsers. Using Vivaldi.

    Meanwhile I was wondering if we need a special thread on 5G? Not your normal thread, one that you might come back to time to time. Sort of a lazy way to do the investigating we might do ourselves. Collaborate and Educate sort of thing. Pro Con and or just info and supposition sort of thing. Example of posts might be along the lines of Health effects & ways to mitigate effects / Economic Impact / Companies behind it / What they gain. / Cutting China out / Terrestrial based (5G towers vs. Space based and (if there is a difference) and all that might entail / Progress reports i.e in your home town yet, new cell towers up, first thousand satellites launched (supposed to be happening by the end of this year), sites following the issues.

    And no, not looking to be an author. Just tossing it out for future thought and if not the above, posts on the above in daily threads that you stumble upon will work just fine too.


  13. Dissenter is working for me now! I Love it! FireFox helped me clean up the google debacle and now they(FireFox) have included Gab and Dissenter as regular addons to their list of official FF addons! πŸ™‚


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