The People Of the World Have Awaken! November 8, 2016 Will Be Forever Recognized As the Day It All Started…..

We are living in historical times! The Maduro regime in Venezuela is on its last leg. Within the next few weeks, he will either be killed or run out of Venezuela.

You can find many more videos and pictures in the thread below:

Meanwhile in France, the Yellow Vests are out once again throughout the country for the 15th consecutive week. They will not stop until Macron either resigns or loses his head.

You can find many more videos and pictures in the thread below:

Meanwhile the world waits in anticipation for the second summit between PDJT and Kim Jung-un.


30 thoughts on “The People Of the World Have Awaken! November 8, 2016 Will Be Forever Recognized As the Day It All Started…..

  1. It is really good to take a couple steps back and look at the world at large. My dreams weren’t this big back in November 2016. Now I can see I wasn’t thinking big enough! I believed with all my heart our election had world wide consequences, but I sure didn’t have the energy or the imagination to think about that much or see this far out.

    But to watch this happen? I can’t help but exult. If it hadn’t been for our election, the rest of the world wouldn’t have this hope.

    PDJT is the Leader of the FREE World and he is fighting for all of us.

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    1. Yes he is! He understands it – American Greatness requires America to rise up to its unique and manifest responsibility to LEAD the world in freedom for all humanity!

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    2. Who could have anticipated the effect President Trump would have on freedom seekers over the world SA? People oppressed and lied to and much worse are seeing this man giving hope to our people that have been looking at the despair we were facing and hopes we have now of justice, prosperity and peace. Yeah, they want some of those Winnamins!

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  2. We must continually pray for the Lord’s protective hand over the President and the First Family!!! We know these bastards have tried to eliminate the President on numerous occasions, and they will continue to try as PDJT makes more inroads into their corruption and their control of the worlds economies. The more desperate they get, the more bolder they will become to remove him!

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  3. You do a magnificent job, “flep,” of what I like to call “letting the story stand.” I can’t recall where the phrase originated but I picked it up as I educated myself on educating my little ones. I determined to avoid the ruinous practice of reading great literature and historical fiction aloud and then demanding answers to questions on those stories. I believe most of us here are old enough to recall the practice in school, whether it be in the form of a boo9k report, or otherwise.

    Your news threads, as I noted, do a fine job of presenting the story and keeping out of the way while we digest and come to our own conclusions. Yes, we seem to all reach roughly the same general conclusion(s), but there are so many finely nuanced perspectives shared in the comments to your threads that might not be there if you held forth on what you are posting “means.”

    With gratitude for your work.

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  4. “‘of course Marcron’s police have to shoot tear gas into the peaceful protest'”


    It’s as if people don’t understand basic psychological warfare.

    The police are being ordered (lawlessly) to attack French citizens.

    If you are a French citizen/protester, you MUST counter this action.

    At the moment, the police have plenty of incentive to follow lawless orders. They get to keep their job, for one thing, and who knows what kind of government pension incentive they have to never disobey any order, no matter how lawless. It would certainly be in the interest of any government to set the system up that way. It’s all about CONTROL, always, everywhere.

    So how can French citizens counter this willingness of the police to follow lawless orders?


    Make giant signs that plainly say “NO AMNESTY FOR DIRTY COPS”.

    Put THAT in their little shrunken heads and let them stew on it. Let them think about THAT the next time they take a swing at some elderly woman with their baton.

    Show the police that there is a CONSEQUENCE for what they are doing, if they follow lawless orders and commit violence against peaceful French citizens who are exercising their rights to protest.

    Because until that happens, until the police have a REASON to think twice about what they’re doing, they WON’T think twice about what they’re doing.

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    1. “So how can French citizens counter this willingness of the police to follow lawless orders?


      Make giant signs that plainly say “NO AMNESTY FOR DIRTY COPS.”

      WTG Scott… I like the way you think !

      There is a lesson to be learned from this.

      Somebody please tweet this to some Frenchmen (and women) !


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      1. At the same time, you need other signs appealing to the ‘better angels’ of the policeman’s character, to leave the police force and join their fellow citizens, promising the good cops that they will get their jobs back under the new government.

        You need carrot AND stick. Make the cops fearful of what happens to them (if they abuse French citizens) after Macron is ousted, and offer them incentive to join the People against the corrupt Macron government.

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        1. For example, signs like the following:

          ‘No AMNESTY for Cops who commit violence against French Citizens!’

          The last place a cop ever wants to go is prison.

          The other signs could be like this:

          ‘Amnesty for Police who JOIN the French People!’

          ‘Police who JOIN US will get their jobs back!’


          Carrot and stick.

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        1. I support the efforts to oust Maduro, he is a bad actor.

          But John Bolton knows full well the humanitarian effort is an intentional provocation and anticipated this exact result. It’s all part of the information and propaganda war.

          If you send in the ‘aid’ and Maduro allows it in, that’s a win for the Venezuelan People and the outside forces trying to oust Maduro.

          And if you send in the ‘aid’ and Maduro does NOT allow it in, that’s a propaganda win for the outside forces trying to oust Maduro.

          So for the outside forces trying to oust Maduro, sending in humanitarian ‘aid’ is a win-win, and for Maduro it’s a lose-lose.

          That’s (part of) the larger game being played, and the outside forces will (of course) continue to use effective tactics until or unless they are successfully countered.

          It’s like having a strong ground game in football. If you can pick up 5 yards every time you run the ball, then you just keep doing it, over and over, stuffing it down their throat, wearing down the defensive line, until they figure out a way to stop you.

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    1. Reminds me of the aid sent to Puerto Rico (?) that was purposely left out by the authorities to go bad. Despicable assholes in high places that need to be brought into account for their actions!!!

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  5. “Absolutely despicable, the murderous regime of .@NicolasMaduro has set fire to the #HumanitarianAid on the Santander bridge in Cúcuta, Colombia in order to prevent it from reaching #Venezuela ”


    What else would anyone expect Maduro to do?

    His tyrannical regime is under attack from outside forces.

    Those outside forces are condemning him and seeking (out of both humanitarian AND self-interest!) to help the Venezuelan people. That in itself is an ‘attack’ on the Maduro regime.

    If the Venezuelan people are kept weak, they are less of a threat.

    How do you keep them weak?

    For one thing, you don’t let outside forces supply the Venezuelan people with humanitarian aid, and all of the propaganda value and technology and weapons and the ‘advisors’ that come with it.

    The ‘humanitarian aid’ is the only thing we will see or hear about. What else is in those shipments? That’s the question you must ask, if you are Maduro.

    So is it terrible to prevent his own People from receiving this ‘humanitarian aid’?

    Of course it is.

    He’s a terrible person.

    But it’s also completely understandable. No one should be surprised.

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  6. Socialism is the major catalyst for the stream of immigrants – in more ways than one.

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  7. Some of these images look like they’ve been lifted directly from the show The Walking Dead. When I was young my parents and another couple used to vacation in Venezuela every year and used to rave about how beautiful it was. If I remember correctly, even back then they had men with machine guns in the airports (1980’s)…I believe due to political corruption, massive economic problems and rapidly increasing crime…

    It’s sad to see a country so rich in resources and tourism possibilities be destroyed by the evil corruption of socialism. I hope this at the very least wakes up a few former Bernie sheep and shows them the light…

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  8. The most important lesson for all as we watch the Yellow Vests march and the peaceful protests in Venezuela and the abuse as they protest. They are defenseless without a 2nd Amendment to protect the people. We have a temporary reprieve with Trump as our President, but after that there are no guarantees.

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