The Data I Shared the Other Day Tells the Story Behind the Polls Coming Out of North Carolina and Ohio! It Shouldn’t Suprise You… Plus Guess What Is Being Built in New Mexico & California….

Problem for Joe Biden is that the Democrat Party he grew up in has left the station! The Crazies want a far Leftist to run against our President.

The other day I wrote an article explaining that the mass exodus we are seeing in the North East is actually solidifying states like Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas to the Republican Party.

You can find the thread below.

From the thread linked above:

Ohio is no longer a Purple State. It is getting more Red by the day. Look at their data over the past 13 years.


President Obama won the state by ~207K votes in 2008

President Obama won the state by ~104K votes in 2012

President Trump won the state of by ~447K votes in 2016.

That was a change of +~654 votes from BHO in 2008 to PDJT in 2016.

As of December 31, 2008, Democrats had a 870,279 registered voter advantage.

As of December 31, 2018, Republicans have a 593,697 registered voter advantage.

Republicans gained 1,463,976 more registered voters between 2008 and 2018.

North Carolina

President Obama won the state by ~14K votes in 2008

Mitt Romney won the state by ~97K votes in 2012

President Trump won the state of by ~173K votes in 2016.

That was a change of +~187K votes from BHO in 2008 to PDJT in 2016.

As of December 31, 2008, Democrats had a 865,018 registered voter advantage.

As of December 31, 2016, Democrats have a 636,573 registered voter advantage.

As of December 31, 2018, Democrats have a 571,190 registered voter advantage.

Reduction of the Democrat advantage in Party Affiliation by 293,828

I am not at all surprised by the polling data that has come out of Ohio and North Carolina.

As the Democrats, RINOs, CoC, Koch Brothers, Globalists, MSM etc. continue to try and find a judge to stop our President, more and more of the Wall is being completed in New Mexico and California.

Our President and Mick Mulvaney absolutely destroyed them in terms of which monies will be used first to fund the Wall. The National Emergency money will be used last.

From the article linked above:

The White House is moving forward with plans to shift existing federal funds to pay for construction of a wall on the southern border, a senior administration official and source close to the White House said.

But in the face of several lawsuits challenging Trump’s authority to declare a national emergency to reallocate billions of dollars toward a border wall, the White House does not plan to spend any of the funds that hinge on Trump’s national emergency declaration, a source close to the White House told CNN.

Instead, the White House plans to focus on building new portions of border wall using funds from the Defense Department’s drug interdiction program and Treasury Department’s asset forfeiture fund, which do not rely on the national emergency declaration. Those two sources of funding alone amount to $3.1 billion.

They can’t stop him folks! He decided to slap them around the other day by putting out this statement.

We are getting our WALL!

From the article linked above:

Construction commenced on up to 14 miles of border wall in San Diego this week; with US officials confirming the current “steel-mesh” will be replaced with “30-foot-high steel bollards.”

“Construction has begun on the fifth border wall project of Donald Trump’s presidency, replacing up to 14 miles of barrier in San Diego, authorities said Tuesday,” reports Fox San Diego.

“The first panels are in place to replace a steel-mesh fence with 30-foot-high steel bollards, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. SLSCO Ltd. of Galveston, Texas, was awarded a $101 million contract in December, with options for an additional $30 million,” adds the report.

The construction project comes days after President Trump declared a “national emergency” along the entire US-Mexico border.

WINNING everywhere you look!

71 thoughts on “The Data I Shared the Other Day Tells the Story Behind the Polls Coming Out of North Carolina and Ohio! It Shouldn’t Suprise You… Plus Guess What Is Being Built in New Mexico & California….

  1. Mulvaney doesn’t miss anything. Using the drug interdiction money, first, means “no standing” no complaining for use of military funds.
    Our President and his team have outsmarted the Dems.
    Love my President!

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    1. That ‘asset forfeiture’ fund grow expontially as we see indictments unsealed, and wait patiently to find out if the Clinton Foundation, Soros Black Hole and the likes are actually being investigated. If so, it’ll be a double-whammy for Democrats since Obama directed sanction/penalty funds TO political activist groups of the Leftist persuasion.

      And the number of drug busts & interdictions at the borders and by the Coast Guard recently certainly appear to be putting a pinch on dark money that goes against our USA interests.

      On the other hand, I’m so mad I could borrow Sylvia’s shovel to bash our Colorado legislature who recently passed something to disenfranchise our votes by giving our Electoral votes to whoever wins the NATIONAL popular vote!! What part of ‘protecting smaller states’ via Electoral College do they not get?

      I read at least one other state – Michigan, I believe, is doing likewise. Colorado sadly is blue, but Michigan handing its Electoral votes via National popular vote could really hurt.

      I hope these are able to be challenged in our State Courts and I hope our ineffectual clownlike state GOP is pursuing this.

      Also, I think President Trump is savvy enough, that he will adjust his campaign strategy to win the popular vote if these Electoral giveaways become an issue. That makes our voter fraude all the more critical to get cleaned up. WHO is working on this state-by-state ???

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      1. So far it’s a wish thing – would have to be accepted by the states at large. Don’t see that happening anytime soon. Sometimes, states pass these feel good leftist bills, but they don’t have the teeth to force it. It basically would be disenfranchising the voters of Colorado and any other state which tries. Could actually end up being excluded entirely from the electoral process. It will end up in the Courts before enforcement.

        Still, we must remember that Evil never Sleeps.

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        1. I did not know that! Thanks, Lady P. Of course local news makes it sound like it is a done deal. ( I still would like to borrow Sylvia’s shovel just for the aggravation this crap causes me!)

          And Flep, thanks for the awesome data. I did not think we would ever get a wall. President Trump, Mick Mulvaney & Steve Miller are a whole ‘nother set of Mulverines (wolverines)!

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          1. I believe it’s Maine and Nebraska divide their electoral votes – in Maine, 2 go to their state’s popular vote tally and the other 2 divided by who won their two Congressional districts. In Nebraska they have a total of 5 electoral votes, give 2 to the winner in state’s popular vote tally, and then the Congressional District winners.

            In both cases, it’s still based on the citizens of that state. Lefty are trying to end our Constitutional Republic and set in place a “democracy” – majority vote across the nation. Perfect Storm for vote fraud and theft. The electoral college was designed to make sure each state participated in the elections fairly, instead of the populous states running the table.

            Today, California, and NY would essentially decide the presidency.

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      2. “On the other hand, I’m so mad I could borrow Sylvia’s shovel to bash our Colorado legislature who recently passed something to disenfranchise our votes by giving our Electoral votes to whoever wins the NATIONAL popular vote!! What part of ‘protecting smaller states’ via Electoral College do they not get?

        I read at least one other state – Michigan, I believe, is doing likewise. Colorado sadly is blue, but Michigan handing its Electoral votes via National popular vote could really hurt.|”

        Right there with you, shovel in hand. When I read about this I felt equal parts rage and despair. I’m hoping there is some legal/judicial way to snap this back or challenge it.

        Meanwhile, as you say, all the more reason to clean the heck out of voter fraud.

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      3. Fellow Coloradan, hi 👋. I’m sick over how the dems gained control of both houses and the governorship and what they’re trying to jam down our throats. Hope it’s only a 2 year stint with several recalls in between but at least the safe injection sites for heroin users idea got shut down, yay.

        Never though much about the asset forfeiture angle before but I like it!
        Ripping off our electoral votes has to be unconstitutional though, right? I mean, kinda kills the idea of being a representative Republic in my mind but agree, PTrump can absolutely win the popular vote in 2020.

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        1. Hey Driller!! Been meaning to tell you we love the Franktown area and back roads down to Calhan, Swink & Bent’s Fort. Such beautiful open country interspersed with those pine forests and hills. It’s a little slice of how the Front Range used to be before the hoards moved in (me being one of the early transplant hoardes so I get to complain about the Johnny-come-latelys!)

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          1. It is God’s country no doubt and we’re blessed to be here. I’ve drilled on the plains and in the forests between here and there. Kiowa, Limon, and down to Calhan, on to Peyton over to Black Forest and the backroads up to Elbert then Elizabeth and back home. If you have the time, take rd 106 just north of Elbert and stay straight west till you end up on Russellville, especially in the fall. I get to go all over Colorado but it’s special out here for sure. Good luck to the commie dimms who’d try and take our guns too


      4. There are more states than just those you mention, I believe. I quickly scanned the following link but couldn’t find when it was last updated. There is a link provided for each state.

        “It has been enacted into law in 12 jurisdictions possessing 172 electoral votes (CA, CT, DC, HI, IL, MA, MD, NJ, NY, RI, VT, WA). The bill will take effect when enacted by states possessing an additional 98 electoral votes.”

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  2. Those guys move fast….6 wall sections is 24 seconds !

    At that rate PDJT will have the entire wall built before Comey & crew get to Gitmo !

    The best thing about the wall is that PDJT told them what he was going to do…and he’s doing it.

    When he recently said ‘I didn’t really have to do it’ (declare the emergency) all the idiots scream ‘see he even admits he shouldn’t have done it.’ When in reality he means he wanted to give Congress the opportunity to do their their jobs and show America what can be done when they work together for Americans…but alas those dolts can’t even do something as simple as build the wall that most all voted for previously.

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  3. I left NY because of taxes and the progressive policies of Cuomo. And I still vote R !! in the sunshine state.
    Have to give everyone of y’all who do the legwork for this sight a BIG THUMBS UP ! I am truly great full.

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    1. Same here…”Voted with my feet,” took my conservative vote, and evac’d out of liberal hell hole MD. My vote didn’t count much there being overrun with libs. Probably doesn’t count for much here in red TN, but at least now I can help “Run up the score!” 5 years and no regrets!

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    2. Brave and Free, it looks like you’ve got a great #MAGA governor in Florida these days. Better than anyone in the past couple of decades. Seeing DeSantis stay true to his word, and immediately acting on important issues, is really refreshing.

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      1. You are absolutely right about Governor DeSantis! H has embraced our President from day 1 while in Congress. He gets TRUMPISM in all its glory. He is making a big time name for himself.

        I actually think he would have the best chance replacing our President in 2024 and carrying his legacy forward.

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        1. He absolutely is following our President’s playbook to a tee!

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      1. Yeah, but the problem is they’ll NEVER figure out it was their voting that did it.

        They’ll just figure it got too crowded or something like that, and never that it got too crowded with people like them.

        But the POINT here is, we’re both assuming that Colorado is an EXCEPTION to what Flep is saying. Flep is maintaining the transplants are Red people fleeing blue states; we’re assuming that, in Colorado at least, the transplants are Blue people metastasizing their cancer (Neal Boortz called them “political kudzu”) here in Colorado at least. I’m asking Flep if he has ANY evidence that this is wrong IN COLORADO.

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        1. One saving grace as a taxpayer in Colorado is TABOR. Our Commie Dems cannot willy nilly raise our state taxes like they can in some other states. And we will not vote to tax ourselves. At least not yet, Unfortunately double-edged because it has brought the Lefties, and our urban population is overwhelming what used to be God’s country.

          The CA trek to Colorado mecca began in the 90s when they could buy a house in Boulder (I lived there) for 1/5th what their house cost in California, and they metastisized to the surrounding corridors of rural communities & outward to Denver. When we sold our $750k house (Boulder prices) in 2001, most of the clients coming through with realtors were out-of-state parents looking to buy a nice house for their pampered college kid. If we hadn’t know before it was time to leave Boulder, that nailed it. We sold to a gay couple from CA, but at keast they weren’t college kids.

          Also, Steve, don’t forget the Western slope needs and wants migrant labor for farms. It is complicated!

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          1. President Trump is not anti-migrant labor. He is aware it is needed on our farms. What he wants is LEGAL migrant labor.

            The tobacco farmer across the street used to go down to Mexico once a year in the spring and pick-up his crew and bring them back to NC. They were LEGAL temporary workers. They went home in the fall for three months before coming back again in the spring.

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          2. Yes, TABOR has saved our butts on many occasions. On the other hand we also passed amendment 23 (? or 22? One was a stupid “gun show loophole” measure, the other is the one I’m griping about now) that required the legislature to continually ramp up education funding (without bothering to ask the question whether throwing money at education would compensate for STUPID educational methodology).

            People almost invariably approve measures to fund education, and “transportation” though I think they’re starting to catch on to the shell game with “transportation”–the money get spent on bike paths, buses, rail, anything but the damn roads!

            I actually voted for “Fix Our Damn Roads” last November because it was explicitly for roads–even though most of those roads were in the Denver area–because at least there was no damn shell game behind it. I voted against the other measure.

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          3. Whatever happened to the seasonal migrant workers who came in legally to work and then went back home untilthe next season? Were they ousted from their employment by illegals? Really wondering.

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              1. I always thought of that as a workable option – a win, win, even thoughit obviously could be a hard lifestyle. The golf course that connected to our subdivision used a “chain” of migrants two fairways wide to do spring cleanUp . Those guys were magnificiently efficient and hard workers.

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            1. I grew up down the road from a labor camp in southern Idaho, migrant workers, and seemed like things worked out well for everyone back then. The first friends I ever had, since my very earliest memories, were Mexican kids and they were so fun to play with. What the hell happened? Of course I was just a young, innocent kid so what did I know. Muh white privilege obviously blinded me 😐

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        2. I was hoping flep had some good news for Colorado too. I go into Denver often for work and I just see a lot of ignorant leftists entrenched in their ideology and still a lot of stupid yard signs, “love not hate lives here” or something along those lines. I never take drillerwife or the family to Denver for anything anymore. Every since Hickenlooper’s “road home” scam that has drawn so many street ppl there, downtown is turning into a shithole. It used to be pretty nice down there and much safer.

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    1. The fact Colorado joined the law suit and our Governor had some idiotic statement against the wall and PT says enough. I was reading that the Front Range is expecting to grow by up to two miilion people. The State is screwed.

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      1. NV also joined the suit against the wall. idiot he is. As are our two Senators.

        Won’t help, but those numskulls (Governor and Senators) get multiple emails from me daily.

        When I have the time, calls to the hapless folks in their offices. Their canned talking points are easily trashed with simple logic.

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        1. Totally invaded Sylvia, right before our eyes. Even CO Springs recently voted in mostly leftists to the city council and Douglas county, where I live, was one of the most conservative counties in the nation so of course, we vote in a bunch of progressives to the school board. Aaaarrrrgghhhh!

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        2. But like most States, the rural parts have good peeps. Big cities are literally crap but they have the population to out vote the rest.

          I live in a new neighborhood with at least three other CA imports on my street. Just a lot of people moving in and I know they vote dem. Not much hope here.

          But still flying my Trump 2020 flag on the garage with Old Glory and it ain’t got stole or de-faced yet. Maybe my NRA sticker on the window out front has something to do with that.

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        1. Colorado

          President Obama won the state by ~196K votes in 2008

          President Obama won the state by ~113K votes in 2012

          HRC won the state of by ~136K votes in 2016.

          That was a change of negative ~60K votes from BHO in 2008 to HRC in 2016.

          As of December 31, 2008, Republicans had a 130,391 registered voter advantage.

          As of December 31, 2016, Republicans had a 36,915 registered voter advantage.

          As of February 1, 2019, Democrats have a 48,639 registered voter advantage.

          Democrats gained 179,030 more registered voters between 2008 and 2019.

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  4. Thanks Flep!

    Below quote simply priceless…

    WOW. I had to double-check this was real. It is. Remember all those poison pills in the latest DHS funding bill? Yeah Trump just basically said “Dear Nancy — GFY. I have a job to do. Sincerely, Donald”.

    Endless winning!!!

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  5. Flep—and what about Nevada and Arizona? They seem to have gone squirrel-ly from a West Coast migration? Or has the indigenous species gone down the toilet? Thanks for all your research, Flepper!!!!

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    1. It is to be hoped that the drug problem (and deaths) hit the left side of the demographics instead of the right. This will render the left vote less than the # of adult residents.

      Now if the Elephant would get off its fat rump and go after VOTER FRAUD, we have a good chance of correcting the direction this country is headed in.

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    1. Is that asshole still alive!!?? With Florida underwater, I thought for sure he sank with his vacation home! He doesn’t look too much well—has that globalist color to his skin—kinda a gray putrid white! Guess Lucifer hasn’t taken him home yet—geez it’s cold out! That damn global warming is making my winter heat bills go up!!!

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  6. Flep, about 20 years ago I read about a trial project in CO. I can no longer find anything about it on line. It had something to do with the huge importance of the office of the Secretary of State who signed off on election results. I believe the conclusion was that it was more necessary for that person to be a dem, than other offices. Know anything about it please?

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