Dear MAGA: 20190220 Open Topic


You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Keep it civil, but keep it free.

Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

A couple of other important things to consider. This here link….

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Also consider Wheatie’s Rules (as amended by SteveInCO):

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Remember – this is a free speech zone. Barring the few minor things that can get this site closed down, you ain’t gonna get banned.

And once the Gab commenting layer is here – BOOM.

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The current plan for Dear MAGA threads is to switch to a format where people have ONE NIGHT A WEEK that they take care of the thread. For example, Wheatie will put up the SATURDAY thread on FRIDAY NIGHT.

  • Monday – Wolf
  • Tuesday – Wolf
  • Wednesday – Wolf
  • Thursday – Wolf
  • Friday – Wolf
  • Saturday – Wheatie
  • Sunday – ThinkThinkThink

If anybody else would be interested in being a Dear MAGA author one night a week, feel free to let me know.

Remember that our greatest gift to President Trump is PRAYER!


If you have not checked out President Trump’s speech on Venezuela – AND Cuba – AND Nicaragua – AND SOCIALISM in general, which is about to be removed from this hemisphere……

Check it out.


Beware of Shilliputians!

627 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190220 Open Topic

    1. Just read an extensive article in Epoch times – there’s significant health concerns with 5G. Too much power in the radio waves, the low frequency carries further. The airwaves saturated.

      They’ve not done adequate health studies on this.

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  1. I’m so glad I cancelled cable tv so many years ago…unfortunately it doesn’t prevent me from watching occasional pieces of it…gotta remind myself once in a while of how insidious and manipulative this medium has become (now I choose to be manipulated by insidious youtube…but for now I feel that I have at least the tiniest bit of control over what I click on…for how much longer who knows?).

    I find this fascinating and instructive at the same time. Here’s Greg Gutfeld coming to the realization that the news (WAPO in this case but the MSM in general) purposefully pushes conflict in the news and pushes it specifically to attract clicks on-line…and that this is how huge amounts of money is made. There is a another question raised about who should profit from said conflict. Meanwhile, communist tool Juan Williams is there shamelessly defending the MSM for attacking high school children without so much as verifying the story. Why is Juan Williams on this show? What’s his purpose there? Specifically to create conflict!

    It is instructive (obvious to us) in that it is a great example of what has gone wrong with the news (on top of the fact that most news organizations are controlled propaganda for communists trying to destroy America). Even though The Five is an opinion-based show and conflict is apart of these types of shows, the news has followed in their footsteps to attract as many viewers and clicks as possible. And it is so obvious in THIS show that the communist tool Juan Williams is their solely to provide a conflict, whether it makes sense or not does not matter! What’s important is that their is a conflict! Ninety percent of the time he fails to convince viewers that even he believes in what he is saying. The whole thing is absurd. And this is Fox News…it only gets more absurd when you change the channel.

    It is fascinating in that this circular argument on display flies completely over the heads of the five people discussing it.

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      1. I hope so, phxR…some decent standards need to be re-implemented. I mean, the news industry has never been close to ideal, and I wouldn’t want to harm our 1A in any way, but things have really gotten out of hand in the last few decades. It’s not only wrong…but dangerous to our way of life…

        In the past the free market could force (at least to some degree) the media to report with some degree of accuracy and honesty…but I don’t know if that really applies today when most, if not all, of the major news organizations are being funded by who knows what and where. And this “click for profit” model of business seems to twist the free market into something somewhat unrecognizable. Are people clicking for news and information or are they clicking to see a brawl or to see if their side won? It’s kind of like watching professional wrestling for a competitive sport aspect.


          1. Agreed…the US Justice Deptartment broke up the Ma Bell phone company back when many were still using rotary phones…and they just provided a vehicle…not content.

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          1. Ed, that is true progress. Facing fears when you have so many unanswered questions about your future issues. Just know many of us have experiend traumas & accidents, or have macular degeneration & hearing loss in our future.

            In my case too many accidents – the worst a broken neck and displaced jaw with effects I deal with daily even though the accident was 6 years ago. In fact, during everyone’s suggestions the other day for you to look into, I wonder if anyone has assessed whether your jaw was thrown out of alignment because it does affect hearing, headaches etc.

            Anyway, great to see you here in the Wolf Den 💖

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    1. Oh, my…implying Romney has paid her off!!

      Well, I bet PUBLICLY she wishes it was easier to sue for libel…but privately, she’s glad she won’t have to explain why she won’t do it.

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    2. Q going after Coulter…yes! She has supported Romney for president in the past, but has also criticized him. (So what’s new?)

      Q didn’t come right out and say Romney is paying her off, and I would like to see evidence, but it does make sense because she’s so unreasonable in her criticism of Pres. Trump. Something seems off.

      Does Coulter need more money, really? I wonder if Romney could have promised her something else, too. Whatever the case, I hope the juicy details will be revealed soon.

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  2. We are watching a slow motion takedown. A brilliantly designed, artfully crafted counterattack. Coming from all angles and every direction. Top down and bottom up. Players we know and many we don’t. Just when they thought they had won…..

    I don’t need to post a long deeply sourced article for y’all to understand.

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    1. You’re right. I think we’re all seeing it. Their evil schemes are being thwarted, and they are being taken down both for the wrongs they are directly responsible for, and indirectly in other ways. It’s amazing to watch.

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  3. And the nastiness OT continues…….

    Sharon says:
    February 20, 2019 at 8:53 pm

    Behind there has been plenty of proof of that certain letter of the alphabet is real! People need to open their eyes for heaven sakes! How much more proof do they need?Even the video where Our President is talking to the media with the room full of generals and others about this the calm before the storm! And he makes the Q sign with his left hand as he is talking! Also the recent rally in El Paso when Donald Trump Jr. is giving his speech and talking with his hands and making the Q sign with his left hand! And many more signs! So Obvious. General Flynn signing things with WWG1WGA! Really sad that oh we aren’t allowed to discuss Q here! No freedom of speech?


    Arty Shellrep says:
    February 20, 2019 at 9:24 pm

    -Sharon says: “No freedom of speech?”

    This is Sundance’s private blog and he denounced Q’s trust the plan as disinformation.
    There is NO expectation of free speech on a private blog.

    Sadly , Qtards are consumed with confirmation bias which inhibits critical thinking.

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    1. “This is Sundance’s private blog and he denounced Q’s trust the plan as disinformation.
      There is NO expectation of free speech on a private blog.”

      Then why have a comment section at all? Ridiculous comment by a zombified “SDtard” (to borrow and slightly change one of their favorite insults).

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      1. Sundance is known for being unforgiving of those who do not share his opinion. I was told that on another blog before I joined the conversation OT That is why I was rather cautious when making comments.

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        1. Well, I’m glad you made it to a home of the free…

          Freedom of speech…freedom of thoughts and ideas…a free home (with limited rules within reason) is a healthy home!

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      1. Welcome. We have an expectation of open thoughtful communication. But we all make mistakes too. Thats why we also forgive but keep talking. 😀
        Im sure others will finally try out the branch here too!

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    2. “Sharon” is right when she says, “There is NO expectation of free speech on a private blog.” (We are fortunate in what Wolf allows here.)

      But then she loses all credibility by stooping to name-calling. She insinuates that she and other Q-deniers are able to think critically, but seems to rely on SD’s opinion that Q is disinformation. She presents no other evidence to support her theory.

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  4. Hypocrite?
    History of “flip-flopping”?
    What *made* her flop this time?
    Wire transfers are an effective way at swaying opinions.
    Shills come in many different forms.
    Race to build a base (followers) to build worth to draw funds.
    Common these days?

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      1. Could be…….

        But, you knew that already.
        Hence why [AS][SDNY][MW] are attempting to keep the ‘insurance’ scheme ongoing post Mueller.
        The fun begins directly after.
        Will make the Super Bowl look like a puppy show.

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        1. Super Bowl? That’s for wimps you want blood go for RUGBY!

          Hubby’s classmate finally had to give up playing a couple years ago after the second knee replacement. (Hubby is 76)

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    1. Yes, Coulter has a history of flip-flopping. I alluded to it above.

      This is what I don’t understand: Q says “to build a base (followers) to build worth to draw funds.” Coulter already has a following, and she would have more of a following by supporting the President. Presumably, she has made good money. Why would she need to build more wealth for drawing funds? Is simple greed the answer?

      I can’t stand the way she’s going against Pres. Trump, but I would like proof if she’s being paid to express the opinions she does. And who are the payERs? That would be very interesting.

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      1. Yes, but she has to KEEP that following – IMO, her popularity had started to take a slight hit lately anyway, with her constant harping. Many people were already getting tired of it. Q is alleging she is in cahoots w/Romney – the Tweet he links was from 2012, where she says she is sorry for Romney – not just financial is my guess.

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        1. Yes, that is what Q seems to be saying. I just wondered when Q said this, in Post 2842…

          History of “flip-flopping”?
          What *made* her flop this time?

          …if he is alleging she has been paid for opinions before. It made me wonder if there have been other payers.

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      2. Remember one thing about Coulter: she’s from the NYC club. Her dad was a lawyer, and an anti-union and red FBI agent. She grew up in the system. Already monied. Legacy sort.

        The only “conservatives” I can see from this group on the east coast that really are/were are the Buckley, Brent Bozell family, and even then I have my doubts.


    1. Oh, hell…..never mind – something went TOTALLY haywire and all of a sudden I am looking at drops from last year….??????? Whew.- reset and that was the last one so far. Dang – sorry!


  5. Q said:

    “Wire transfers are an effective way at swaying opinions.”

    He wouldn’t have said that unless they already have noticed some ‘suspicious’ wire transfers going to Ann Coulter.

    One of the oldest ways of doing a payoff…is doing a massive book-buy of someone’s book.
    The Dems have been doing this one for decades.

    So if there have been some bulk purchases of Ann’s book(s) recently, then that could reflect a payoff.
    It’s just not normal for someone to be buying 100,000 copies of a book.
    Or even 20K copies of all of her books.

    And even if Romney used some elaborate off-shore methods to do it…Mnuchin’s investigators could sniff it out.

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      1. Oh yeah…there was even a scandal about Sen George Mitchell with a massive book-buy of some of his books.
        Happened back in the 90’s.

        The media covered for him, though.
        He was Majority Leader for the Dems.

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        1. Yep, SD was terrific at tracking the money to pundits. Remember? We just thought their opinion was their own.
          Levin had books purchased, roughy $1 million.
          Erik Erickson was bought by the TD Ameritrade guy.
          Hugh Hewitt and all of Salem Media was co-opted.
          Ann Coulter is just the latest.

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          1. ATM though he’s sniffed down that trail so far that’s the only thing he smells. Anyone who disagrees with him he thinks is writing a book.


      2. I thought that was well known. We saw it all the time during the Climate Wars.

        Rajendra Pachauri, former chair of the UN’s IPPC, smutty book “Return to Almora” is a classic example.

        I missed this news about our ‘old friend’

        Former IPCC chief Rajendra Pachauri to stand trial on sexual harassment charges

        Couldn’t happen to a nicer nastier guy.

        Another Climate ‘Hero’ Mikey Mann wrote several books.

        Another favorite is the private ‘Consulting firm’ Rosa DeLaura (D – CT) is wealthy thanks to shares in Hubby, Stan Goldburg’s ‘Consulting firm’


      3. $cienos (Scientologists) do it, too. They buy thousands upon thousands of copies of “Dianetics” (or whatever), bring them back to “the org”, and the books “magically” end up getting sold again, and again. and again … and so L. Ron Flubbard becomes a best-selling author of a snake-oil, D-grade science fiction “religion”…

        Even hear people there brag about how they conned the IRS… (long, long ago)… Sort of wonder if they’re somehow controlled, considering Hubbard’s connections with Jack Parsons (of JPL)…

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  6. How to change the subject from TDS and Jussie Smollett:

    Feds: Coast Guard lieutenant compiled hit list of lawmakers
    White supremacist
    Loves Russia
    Firearms collector
    Targeted Dems and liberals

    “Hasson appeared to be a chronic user of the opioid painkiller Tramadol”

    “Court papers detail a June 2017 draft email in which Hasson wrote that he was “dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on the earth,” and pondering how he might be able to acquire anthrax and toxins to create botulism or a deadly influenza.”

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    1. There had to be a righting of the balance …so…on deck a white supremacist that they’ve known about for years? Were they saving him for just this occasion?


    2. SMELL the distraction in the air. This is done now so the media doesn’t have to talk about Smollett being in a bond hearing in the morning.

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      1. Right?!
        AOC has already used this in diverting attention . The articles also have the distinct smell of anti gun propaganda. They act like 15 firearms and 1000 ammo rounds is akin to a home armory.

        Nothing that ever hits the press is covered equally. The man who actually did carry out a terror incident by shooting Steve Scalise and the others was barely a blip on the media radar.

        It strikes me oddly that a man could have these extreme views for 30yrs and it never ooze into his professional life.

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