Author Logistics Thread

This thread is for communication between and among AUTHORS about grunge stuff, scheduling, etc. Blog work. It is public to deter any kind of abuse. This is like the Wikipedia “talk” section. It replaces Gab chat and MOST (if not all) “private messages to Wolf”.

Non-author members of the site are welcome to observe, but please do not comment unless asked to provide information. I want to keep these proceedings very efficient.



Pull up a chair and let’s talk. Yes, there are spies in the cafe, but we’re in PARIS, friends! Enjoy the show!

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      1. The Twitter plugin, sadly, causes the WordPress page location algorithm to go crazy, and after it jumps to the point of the post, the page “expands down”, and the actual point (which is typically the next post by the person” is BELOW where you are on the page.


        I guess I will copy and paste. Hang on. Coming soon. 😉

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        1. I find that extremely irritating, actually.

          The web programming books I have read (all many years in the past) advised you to ALWAYS include in your code that brings in an image, the size of the image so the browser could immediately size it.

          Twitter loads so effing slowly, though, that I often see a plain text version before the image of the tweet loads. And those worthless toads do not include, with the text version that they definitely had to write special code to generate, code to generate the size of the damn graphic!

          Of course a decent browser would let you re-click on the link number after it’s done spazzing out, and go to where it actually is–or not scroll there until it’s DONE loading.

          So there’s blame to go around.

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        2. You can turn off rendering of twits before clicking the link to get to the place you want in the page. I’m not sure on other browsers, but Firefox has a shield icon to the left of the URL address box that allows you to enable tracking protection. When tracking protection is on, twits show up as blockquotes.


    1. Repeating the posts here:

      First Post:

      I was asked to take this down, but (1) there is no private information here, (2) there is no information in this which could not have been stated publicly, (3) it’s actually pretty interesting and should be shared (Thanks, Michael! 😀 ), (4) it’s a good exercise for people to decode it, and most importantly of all (5) …..


      5:5? 😉

      Now – this is critical.

      I did not approve these messages to my knowledge. Up until this happened, I have been able to rigorously keep these messages unpublished. So this is very strange.

      HOWEVER, I do have NATION STATE ACTORS on my devices – mostly White Hats lately – and BOTH SIDES have this really neat and highly deniable method of slipping in some clicks while the machine locks up. It’s actually an ingenious idea. But nevertheless, people need to understand that if you send me a “private message”, it’s not just ME who may decide to publish it.


      OK. More business.

      I do not give out my email. I do not give out my phone number. BY ANY METHOD, including passively. I have reasons for this, which are probably not exactly what you think. Some will figure it out.

      Gab chat for our authors is now problematic. We need to stop using it., because not all of us can get there, and I have to doxx myself in ways I don’t want, in order to get Gab Pro to invite people. SO – I will create a terrible “scratch pad thread” for ONLY AUTHORS to communicated on, regarding logistics of posting, etc. I ask ONLY authors to post there. Other posts will be removed. But EVERYBODY will be able to see us talk.

      I want everybody who posts here, and particularly the authors, to know that you are at risk of being USED by forces much bigger than yourselves for our mutual enemies to FUCK WITH ME. The only way for me to stop that and PROTECT YOU is to make it impossible.

      Please avoid private messages. If we ever get to the point where private communication is required, I will deal with it then. At that point, we will have bigger worries.


      Second Post:

      This is just logistics. I am STRONGLY discouraging “private messages” to me. See this link, where one SLIPPED THROUGH into public (and I’m leaving it up as a deterrent). It’s nothing super-secret, IMO, which is why it’s going up. I don’t recall approving this comment, which makes this a bit of a mystery. Likely a WordPress bug or my “secret super-admins” as I like to call them. 😎

      I will be creating a thread for ONLY authors to communicate on – it will be public, but won’t get in the way of normal conversation. That will replace the Gab chatroom, which I can no longer invite people to. It may also take up some of the burden of private messages that really don’t need to be private – more like “sidebar” conversations.

      Thanks for your attention to this matter!


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      1. PS – it turned out that Wheatie accidentally approved the messages, since it was her thread, and she was not aware of her moderation superpowers on her thread. The White Hats are OFF THE HOOK, and the Black Hats are OFF THE BOX.

        Life is good! 😀

        I am asking authors to NOT approve first posts by “unknowns”, unless you can personally vouch for their MAGA, non-troll, non-black-hat nature. I will moderate them. If I see unknowns posting (people I have not personally vetted using my extreme vettting), I will reserve the right to ban them if they act squirrelly.

        Not all posters can handle free speech. Those who can’t can return to Twitter or the Middle East. 😉

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    1. As for logistics, I’ve noted this elsewhere, but will put it here for the record. My family schedule has changed such that I’m getting up much earlier and more IRL stuff to do. I am not one that can do well without good rest.

      Mainly what this means for my regular Dear MAGA Open Thread for Sunday is I regretfully won’t be around to engage or help with hospitality until late Sunday.

      My weekends have a little more free time and so for now my plan is to set aside time on Saturdays to set up the Sunday Open and try to catch up on some the week’s events. Then late Sunday I’ll try to read/reply on the Sunday Open.

      This place is way too much fun to not peek in sometime during the week, but I really am busy now.

      As always, great work protecting us Wolf!

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    1. Nope. Going to abandon it. LP and Michael can’t get in. All talk disappears in a week. Have to remember to check it. Not worth it! I’ll add a sticky list on the right for some of our top posts, and the new thread will be one of them.

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      1. “LP and Michael can’t get in.”

        Trying to understand here…
        So Gab won’t let them enroll in just a ‘regular’ account now, without giving IRL info?

        If so, then that sucks.
        It wasn’t like that two years ago, when I opened a Gab account.

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            1. All he did was invite us into the chat and he didn’t have to be a pro to do that.

              We were able to sign up for Gab (the site itself) ourselves.

              Apparently, now you can’t even get into Gab without an invite from a “pro.”

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  1. Note to everybody – when you get those ORANGE comments in your notifications – THOSE are in moderation that YOU are allowed to approve because it’s on one of YOUR threads. Note that any action such as liking or replying will make them VISIBLE – meaning it approves them.

    If you see a known poster, you can almost always approve. Liking is easy if you like it. Approval happens a few seconds later. Same with a reply.

    If you see an unknown poster, I suggest leaving the moderation for ME. I will vet them. EXTREME VETTING.

    If you see that it’s a private message to wolf, just forget it and I’ll deal with it.

    BEWARE of spam – some are known posters, but MOST are nasty, and need to be deleted. Again, best to leave for me if you’re not sure. If it’s a regular person you know, just liberate it.

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    1. Thanks for this, Wolfie.

      I had no idea what those ‘orange’ comments were…so I have always clicked on them, just to clear the ‘orange’ out of my notifications list.

      They have usually been from regulars, people who have been posting here for a while.

      But recently…I did click on one that was ‘new’.
      Their comment was small and seemed friendly enough.
      Haven’t seen any more comments from that one, but I may have missed one.

      Rest assured, now that I know what those ‘orange’ comments are…I will never click on one again!

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        1. She disapproved them! She clicked on the “Approved” button and they went back into disapproval. They turned ORANGE.

          That is from the WP “Comments” interface.

          That is why I found them all in moderation.

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          1. No, I was referring to a comment that doxed her.

            I doubt that it was in moderation…there was nothing about it that would kick it into moderation.

            But it was a bone-headed thing for that commenter to do…and I was so glad that she was able to delete it.

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            1. It was on HER THREAD. She had superpowers!

              She clicked on the “Approved” button in the WP commenting interface, which shows up if you have superpowers. It then changed to “Approve” and the post turned orange.

              ORANGE POST BAD!

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    2. Does this mean that you are disabling your PRIVATE_MESSAGE_TO_WOLFie feature, that automatically kicks the private message into moderation?

      It is still a good feature, I think.

      But it should be known…that it should only be used in a ‘Wolfmoon Thread’.
      Otherwise, it will be seen by whomever authored the thread.

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        1. Okay, good.

          But when we get a ‘new one’ that appears in orange…should we notify you?

          And how would we do that?
          Use the PRIVATE MESSAGE trigger in one of your threads?

          That would work, wouldn’t it?

          We could copy-paste the ‘new poster’ comment into that PRIVATE MESSAGE post to you…so you could see it too.

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    3. Wolf, I honestly cannot remember if I ever clicked on an orange link, but if I did, I’m sorry, and I will not click on one again!

      Glad I checked in here and read, as I am planning to drop another one tomorrow.

      I am also glad you are so careful about who is allowed to comment here. Keeps the riff-raff out. Thanks for all you do!

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  2. When I did the Friday thread (Georgia joked that I was like a dog salivating at the thought of MOAR SHUTDOWN a couple of days earlier, so I just couldn’t resist) I wasn’t able to “curate” it during the day very reliably–which means I wasn’t responding much or even hitting like all that often. That’ll probably be true for any other thing I author in the future (though I promise not to disable comments again–boy was that a bad call on my part).

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  3. I’m going to insert this pro-tip, in the hope that no-one here on the author team ends up like John Podesta with a hacked email account.

    If you haven’t already done so, please ensure that your primary email address is configured to require 2FA.

    2FA stands for “Two Factor Authentication”. What would happen if a bad actor got your email password? They could get all your email! Unless, of course, you have a second token that sits on a key fob, a USB key, or on your phone.

    It’s easy to set up, and easy to use, and gives you extra assurance that your accounts are safe.

    Here’s a great list of sites that support 2FA:

    A lot of folks are using Gmail for email – fortunately Gmail is very easy to set up 2FA for:

    Google 2-Step Verification

    If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to do so. It’s better safe than sorry – an easy way to protect yourself from identity theft.

    (P.S. Obviously I have a lot more security PSA’s – in the future I’m planning to more fully developed them into posts.)

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    1. Of course, gmail is google.

      My email password is long and complicated, unlikely to be cracked with any dictionary attack. I should remember to change it more often.

      If nothing else, protect your e-mail password since it’s generally the key to getting all other passwords reset.

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    2. I set up 2FA for a couple of accounts and realized after a few days that some of the schemes are ripe for disaster. At least in my world. If the fob gets lost… If the phone gets reset… if the 2FA app gets hacked… if someone social engineers the kid at the AT&T store and moves your phone number to a different device.

      Well, anyway, that last scenario is the really, really bad one. I’m practicing good password generation and rotation schemes. As time goes on I’m weeding out some of the older accounts and updating passwords for lesser used logins. It could be a full time job if I let it be. Anyway, those are my thoughts.

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  4. Wolfie, Thank you for a great blog.

    I want to warn you about a guy I have tangled with for years. Jim (Underline Jim)

    My favorite UK Socialist, Richard Courtney, over at WUWT will give you a better discription than I link

    He followed me from WUWT to Tony Heller’s Blog and then showed at CTH so you may see him here.

    (Tony Heller booted him)

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      1. Apparently there’s a 2839 out and has been for a while now. Don’t know how you missed it.

        I’m thinking we should start a new Q thread if he makes a post after about 10AM, then put everything from that day there (he seems to be a bit of a night owl or I’d say midnight).

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        1. I’ve tried to keep them somewhat related by themes and bursts, which in practice means sometimes there is one per day, sometimes one every few days.

          The CRITICAL thing is that the “Q thread” not fall off the bottom of the sidebar list of “recent” posts. It is 10 posts long, and we’re at number 5 now.

          However, if there is some sudden change of theme or big news, then obviously a new thread makes sense.

          While I don’t view it as a problem, people often drop fresh posts in the “open” threads, and many people don’t bother to look at the “Q threads”. Also, almost everybody here has a tab up with a dedicated Q post site. So I’m starting to wonder just how much value our Q threads add.

          A lot of stuff to think about here….

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          1. Yeah, that’s a good point. And I think even position five means no one is looking at it any more (other than me).

            My thoughts as of right now: As long as we’re in a Q blizzard, there’s no point in a separate thread. If he goes silent for days at a time (again) then pops up with a couple of closely related posts–THAT might be worth its own thread, especially if it’s a “breakthrough” sort of situation (something totally unexpected).

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          2. Could go either way.

            If it stays in the Open, Wolf has less churn in his life.
            If it gets into a new article we have a separate record to refer to if other sources go dark.

            Not sure we need to worry about the second scenario.

            So that leaves the question of does using the Open get messy?
            I think we handle messy pretty good around here, so maybe that’s the way to go.

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            1. I guess there could be a pinned (like this one is) post that’s nothing but Q extracts for reference (Including pasting in tweets, etc, that only show as links in the original Q source), with replies disabled–the idea being to talk about them over on the daily but have the extracts for reference.

              Of course that might be kind of superfluous. Consider this brainstorming where I put out silly thoughts in the hope that something I say will trigger a good thought.

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  5. Wolf…could you please delete this comment:

    It showed up Orange, but I thought that Singingsoul had opened up a WP account and was posting that way for the first time…so I clicked on it to release it.

    She has posted below this comment, that she used her Email account to post that comment.
    And she is asking for it to be deleted.

    I didn’t realize that was her email account!
    Like I said…I just thought she had opened up a new WP account, and that’s why her comment was Orange.


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          1. If you’re having any congestion…take stuff to dry that up.

            I don’t like to take drugs, but my doc fusses at me…says “you have to keep that shit dried up or you’ll get an infection!”


          2. Unsolicited tips from your friend Think*3… If it’s sinus crud, Arm & Hammer has a saline spray that may help. I have a friend that swears by putting his face over a steaming bowl of water with apple cider vinegar added.


          3. If it’s a head thing, I can sympathize. I’ve developed many tricks to try and help restore a normal state. Something as simple as pulling air briskly in through my nose to stimulate a nerve that can reset the vagal system to chicken broth with salt added. Menthol or essential oils. Epsom salt baths. Vanilla ice cream. 🙂

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  6. I was going to repost the new Super Amended version of ‘Wheaties Rules’…

    But in light of recent events, boss…I thought it might be a good idea to ixnay any mention of “nukes”, “shooting at nukes”, or any such things that the Loserfarians might try to use against this site.

    I know it is all in good fun.
    But these people have no sense of humor.

    However…if you think I am being to cautious, Wolfie, I will add those other 4 things to the list.
    No problem.

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    1. I think your caution is very warranted.

      More on that in a second.

      No – the other 4 rules are just “4 fun”! I like the idea of things not having to stay fixed here – of slow and gradual changes, whenever we feel like it. It’s nice to have a few traditions, but it’s also nice to change things up. Temporary features are good that way.

      About “violence”.

      I will be very blunt and very open, so that this goes straight into my record one more time.

      Deep State was interested in me for years in a very interesting way. A particular DS asset was sent to “get in close to me” during the CLINTON administration. This was after considerable nastiness had passed in the CA3 “clean-up” years (Reagan, Bush), during which time many different operatives of different stripes were small-tasked to keep an eye, and a few to poke harder, all because it was so easy (location, location, location).

      Anyway, my Clinton-era watcher was an interesting sort, who later began regular monitored phone calls (easily figured out). It became a game to figure out what they wanted – what they were trying to INPUT into me, and what they were LOOKING FOR in return. I also used additional information to put this together – including things given to me by the watcher to test me, and things I observed myself.

      I came to believe that the feds basically “wanted” people who could be “radicalized” in almost any way possible, but the goal seemed to be to have people who could “create” an incident in almost any direction. Thus, these people “like me” who were also of interest to DS were not politically consistent. HOWEVER, they WERE consistent in being amenable to GUN NARRATIVES in one way or another.

      SO – this seems VERY important to Deep State. Gun narratives – violence narratives.

      Thus, you may now see my concerns.

      Anyway, I’m saying “good call”! 😀

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      1. Thanks, boss.

        Sorry you went through all that.
        They underestimated your intelligence level, bigtime.
        The rat bastards.

        They say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.
        But this is little consolation while you’re going through all that ‘strengthening’.

        I cried for days in 1996 after Clinton was reelected.
        I knew they were evil.

        The must be brought to Justice for all their crimes!

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        1. Very much agreed. Now you can see that bigger picture. I may not be up near that 40,000 foot view, but I’m pretty high on the ground, Every day, I understand more an more exactly HOW MUCH subversion was accomplished by sneaking communists into top positions. They can do an incredible amount of damage. Thus, I am very sympathetic to the idea – the NECESSITY – of what is happening. But even then, I’m just catching up, like everybody else.

          Trump has selected some really good people. When I think about how much change they’ve accomplished in 2 years, I am beyond impressed. It tells me that the system itself wanted to clean up, all along, but was largely deceived into performing actions that took it further and further away from a clean state.


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          1. Sunday OPEN queued up … nearly just in time. Some outdoor projects kept me from getting to it until just now. Lots of balls in the air at the homestead.

            Not planning to update my consistent open banter as I happen to really like it the way you crafted it to begin with Wolf and now is the not the time for me to get creative beyond me original commitment.

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              1. As a teacher, Rick has been consistent quality. As a mystic dreamer and visionary, Rick’s brought some of the deepest impact on my own walk with the Lord. The book detailing some of his early visions, The Final Quest, rocked my world in the best possible way. The revelations therein delivered me from long standing bondage and set me on a course to become extremely dangerous for Jesus.

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  7. Something like this happened to some of our regulars a few weeks ago. Someone “not like us” hit “Like” on older posts by us back OT. That WP account was Postcards from Russia and their website did claim to be from Russia.

    Today it’s likes on 9 posts from the 3/17/19 Open by WP account triarianiindah, with a website at which appears to be only one month old and seems to be incomplete, but definitely painting pretty picture of young female “menjani” (young virgin dancer). Not sure what it’s about, so, reporting here for your Wolf review.

    A post with a like from this account:

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      1. BoW gives a thread today to expose derp shade entrapment scheming online…

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      1. It’s not the sketchiness, it’s the time crunch. Now that all is settling in, I’ve got the time. And with Holy Week upon us, I am shoving some other things to the side in order to contribute here.

        As you well know, keeping up with the comments can snow one under when life is pulling you in 20 directions. 🙂

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    1. Yes, I would like to be an author.

      I have normally been using an iPad to access the site. But I have a desktop computer with wired internet ready to go, if necessary.

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  8. Wolf…I made that ‘Poetry Tree’ thread that we talked about, and have had it in Draft.

    Could you take a look at it and let me know if you think it’s okay?

    I kept it simple.
    And took care not to put our Bakocarl on the spot.

    My thinking on doing it…was simply to have a place to collect the wonderful poetry that Bakocarl has gifted us with.

    It is not meant to ‘replace’ the posting of his work in our ongoing threads.
    It’s merely a place to chronicle them…and have a place where we can revisit them…and also for people who may not have seen them when they were posted.

    I also threw it open to any Other poetry that people would like to add.

    So anyway, please take a look at it and see whatcha think.
    If you think it’s not a good idea…that’s cool…and I will trash it.

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      1. Okay, cool!

        I just read through it again and cleaned up some wording where I had dropped out some words that I’d intended to be in there.
        I am bad about doing that sometimes.

        I think I might work on the Tree pic in the header just a bit…try to center it better and see if I can get the trunk to appear in the Thread View.
        Then will post it.

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  9. I don’t think it’s cool…at all…when one Author steals another Author’s pictures out of the media file and uses them before their thread is posted.

    This is an abuse of Author privileges.

    Consider this a formal complaint.

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    1. Okay, I see what happened now…

      I loaded some images into the media file and used them in the Memorial Day Open Thread, which I then scheduled to drop at the end of the day on Sunday.

      FG&C came along and uploaded some of the same images, then used them in his own Memorial Day thread.

      I guess he didn’t check to see what had recently been uploaded into the media file.
      It would’ve been nice if he had.

      I apologize for accusing him of “stealing” them…but that’s what it looked like, when I saw the same pics used that I had just loaded in.

      Sorry, FG&C.
      Don’t go away, you do a lot of great work on your Friday threads…and I would hate to be the cause of your leaving.

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      1. OK – now I see what happened! WOW – interesting. Picture collisions. Eventually, it had to happen.

        I was thinking it was ME. I actually DO use other people’s pictures, and I don’t always know if they have appeared yet! I *try* to use only ones I’ve seen, but it IS a temptation to just grab them and use them.

        (See my post below, too.)

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        1. No…it wasn’t You, boss.

          And I doubt that you would ever use images that someone has already scheduled in to post.
          You have the superpowers to look and see what is in scheduling.

          And besides…you’re the Board Owner, so you can use whatever you like!

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          1. I avoid looking at people’s posts unless invited. It comes from years in I.T., where I did my best to avoid unethical behaviors, even when asked to do them (“It’s OK if you know my password – I don’t care!”). I generally avoid Googling non-public figures, too, in any kind of invasive way. It opens one up to being played or influenced.

            That said, Wolf’s Extreme Vetting is reasonably deep, but only enough to determine if the person is potentially disruptive to the board. I’ve let a variety of presumed operatives and IC-ish people in simply because spooks are people, too! 😉

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        2. I know that sometimes when I’m loading a particularly delicious photo I am grinning thinking of you swiping it for one of your posts Wolf. Makes me happy to imagine my pick is going to be used more than once. 🙂

          Oh! and I’ll try to remember to resize big photos to take up less space and remove photos I don’t end up using.

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    2. Was the picture used in a comment or another post?

      I hope I’ve never done this, although I have seen pictures where I wasn’t sure if they have been used or not. I don’t THINK I’ve used them but maybe I did.

      I guess because we have one big picture bucket, we need to be careful.

      I do see a lot of great pictures in there that “I don’t remember” – I guess we may need to avoid those.

      Does this have something to do with a thread that was posted and is now in the trash? Maybe that post can appear later, after the original thread with the pictures appears.

      I DO think we need some rules. Here is why:

      (1) I see a lot of duplicate pictures. I made a few of them, but I try to avoid it now. Why?

      (2) We are running out of space. We are only at 25% USED now, but at the current acceleration of the rate, we could be out of picture space in a year or so. And that is important, because…

      (3) I will NEVER pay for more space here, because THAT is part of the site’s bulletproof security model. It means that I will likely create a new site and let this one be “the old site”. We should probably postpone that event as long as possible, and that means to be conserving with image space. NO DUPES if possible!

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      1. It was a couple of pics…

        He used the Eagle-sitting-on-gravestones as the Featured Image in the Header.
        Then used the Eagle with it’s head bowed, in the main post.

        I was faced with either re-doing my scheduled thread…or leaving it and letting it look like I was the one using his pics.

        Sorry, I overreacted.
        But it was like I had been hit in the forehead.

        It’s been a rough week.
        I try not to whine about my own health problems, but I’ve been struggling with some.

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        1. Nobody likes to get scooped, even if accidentally! 🙂

          I’m not sure if all people are authoring articles while paying attention to the picture bucket. I am under the impression that some folks just add pictures to articles by drag and drop, and this is why there are so many upload duplicates and repeats.

          Hopefully he won’t leave it trashed, or I may just publish it myself, if there are no objections.

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            1. A wise move. I made some replies to put out the fires.

              I know the feeling of “take the marbles and go home” – I get it all the time – but it usually passes.

              We ARE the news now, and we have newsroom issues. It’s that simple.

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          1. Thanks, TTT.

            Stress I can handle…but throbbing pain is another thing entirely.
            I don’t always make the best decisions when my brain is preoccupied with ignoring pain.

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      2. What we need isn’t a rule as much as an awareness.
        And one important step.

        We need to NOT use drag-n-drop, but always use [Add New] button so that we SEE what is most RECENTLY added.

        Any new photos are likely in the draft posts of other authors.
        This one awareness will likely be all we need.

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        1. Agree…that’s a good step, T3.

          I usually scroll down and take a peek at what’s been added.
          But that’s just me…and my curious-cat nature.

          Encouraging this step going forward, would cut down on the possibility of duplicates and misunderstandings.

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            1. Exactly. I don’t really want to dictate how people do their work, if only because we are limited in how much of other people’s work we can see anyway, to say nothing of not wanting to inhibit people. But I think it may just help to keep an eye on that photo bin which we do share. A quick look, and if there are no obvious problems, drag-and-drop away.

              The most important thing, IMO, is to appreciate that we DO SHARE MEMES – that is part of their nature, their goodness, their utility, and their strength.

              So I reverse a lot of normal imperatives, and end up with….

              Appropriation is a HAPPY CUSTOMER in the SALE OF MINDSHARE.

              If nobody wants to steal it, it ain’t worth stealing.

              Two daily threads are better than one.

              Themes, homage, and re-occurrences are STORY, and STORY IS GOOD.

              Beyond that…..

              There is no reason to be “really” angry with anybody on the internet. Not to where you would even think twice about saving them from harm.

              People do stuff for reasons, and those reasons usually make sense under investigation. So investigate.

              Liked by 2 people

  10. If you are an author here…you can upload pics to your own (dormant?) site’s media page, instead of to here, and then put in a link to that instead. That will save Wolfie some storage.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Wolf…Patrick/PHC could use a little help with something.

    Remember back in the beginning, when we would post videos here…and they would show up HUGE and overlapping out into the margins?

    It was right after you set up this blog.

    Then…you adjusted something…and the videos posted normally after that.

    Would you mind going over to Patrick’s site and imparting your blog-knowledge to him on that?

    People are posting videos and they are dominating the page.

    I mentioned it to him…and he said he would appreciate it.

    Here’s a link to his current thread:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry – I just had to crash my computer due to a possible browser attack.

      I don’t remember which setting restricted videos to “play in their lane”. I will look later. It MAY have been part of the THEME that I chose, although it may also be a WordPress setting. PHC will have to experiment, or others can experiment on their own WP blogs and advise him. Like I said, I can look later, but not now.

      I know that PHC needs some lovin’ right now, but there are other issues that only I can solve, and they need solution fast, so I’m going to ask other people to help PHC.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I have a question to help understand posting here. I have been a registered WP user forever, so I don’t REMEMBER not being one. Did you become a registered WP user when you became an author, or earlier? Do you recall? I am not asking about you, specifically, as much as just looking for information in general.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I set up my WP account several years ago…2013, I think.

            It was back when I was hanging out over at AoSHQ…and their blog would go down sometimes, so they set up a Alternate Site here on WP.

            I didn’t use it much at all until I stopped lurking at CTH and started posting there in 2016.

            Does this help any?

            Liked by 1 person

          2. I’ve seen where some people get the idea that they have to “set up a blog” in order to have a WP account.

            It was not a requirement when I signed up.

            But I’m wondering if something has changed since then.

            Do you know if it is a WP ‘requirement’ now…to set up a blog in order to have a WP account?

            Liked by 1 person

    2. Wheatie, Wolf,

      I’ve got Sunday’s post written and queued up for 12:01 am ET Sunday.
      But I’ve got a packed weekend and may not be around to keep an eye on things.

      @wolfmoon1776 could you check that my Sunday open posts okay?
      @wheatietoo could you keep an eye on things if I don’t make an appearance?

      I really enjoyed putting together this one.
      Shavuot and downstream celebrations all in one place. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Will do, T*3.

        If it doesn’t drop on time…I’ll do a tap dance until it does.

        And I’ll keep an eye on your thread, for as long as I can.

        Liked by 2 people

  12. Wolf, FG&C may need a little tutorial about reloading photos filling up the database. Take a look at the media library for duplicates. Not sure how to fix this after the fact. If duplicates are deleted, they will no longer appear in the comments/posts where they are linked. The links could be edited after the fact, but that is a burden on Wolf. So I think he just needs to know going forward so we don’ burn through this platform too fast. p.s., pls check Gab chat at your leisure. Non-urgent info for you.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Did I get this right?

      When the media/content in the database gets to the free wordpress limit then we toss the sight into deep freeze and will need to start over on a new one, right?


  13. Wheatie had asked me some time ago to provide some things for a memorial thread to PHC that she wanted to put up when the time came. She suggested I post it here for her. Patrick had a health crisis in the night and is closing his blog at midnight tonight so the time is drawing close. I should have posted this sooner, but I have found it difficult.

    So Wheatie, this is what I’ve got. I hope it helps. I’d also like to suggest you might post a song that had a lot of meaning for him, Kris Kristoffersen’s Why Me, Lord.

    Wheatie, you may use all of it or none of it or pieces of it…whatever you think best and however you choose.


    PatrickHenryCensored started out OT as PatrickHenryRevisited and ultimately became PHC.

    Some basic biographical facts:

    Patrick lived in Central Texas for most of his life. He received a college scholarship but rejected his father’s plans for him to be a doctor and enlisted in the US Marine Corps, instead. He served during the Viet Nam war. When he returned, he lived in New Orleans for some time.

    Both grandfathers were in the construction business, and that’s what Patrick wanted to do with his life, so he became a builder of custom homes as his main business. Along the way he also owned a couple of bars and was a partner in a limosine service.

    Patrick played guitar, sang, and he drew and painted, and we all know he could write. He drank Crown Royal and he smoked Pall Malls. He owned and thoroughly loved a Harley Davidson Softail motorcyle that he put more than 100k miles on. He was a car enthusiast and owned various collector vehicles including a Bentley. He loved birds, owning and training several along the way including at least one African grey parrot. He also loved the wild birds around his home. The cardinals and the wrens were the most tame. He went out every morning to fill up the feeders with cracked corn. If he was slow with the feeding, the male cardinal would come into his shop and let him know he’d like his corn.

    Patrick was preceded in death by a son. He was married for 45 years to his wife whom he adored and called his Angel. He is survived by his daughter and another son, and grandchildren including a new one born recently.

    He was a Christian man of deep faith which helped him make the transition from this life to the next.

    Patrick was a complex man, and he was so much more than these simple facts can reveal. He was funny, and his humor was intelligent, and often ribald. He was kind, unfailingly courteous, patient, generous of his time and helpful. He was strong and compassionate and brilliant and cared not one bit what others thought of him or how he chose to live his life.

    Some sides of him may seem paradoxical. He loved his Angel faithfully for 45 years, but he loved all women, so women were naturally drawn to him. He said many times some variation of this comment he made recently:

    “God made me to love women.
    Can’t argue with The Man
    Fine work, if you can get it.
    Love the job.”

    Patrick’s Angel knew her husband well. When she came to visit him she would read the blog and enjoyed laughing at his flirtations.

    Reading Patrick’s cryptic comments and seeing his likes pop up in our side bars brought a lot of joy. We’ll miss him even while we look forward to what he called, “The Reunion.”

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Thank you, Syl…this is very nice.
      If you don’t mind, I will add this and quote you.

      I am still unable to post a comment on his blog.
      It’s weird…it’s like I am ‘banned’ from there…WP doesn’t allow me to comment.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Wheatie, you may use this however you choose. You can quote me or not, I leave it all in your capable hands. If it helps, I’m glad. Smiley provided a nice eagle picture…the eagle is flying into the light…he changed his avatar to that this morning. I don’t have the pic but Smiley could provide it. I don’t imagine it will be long now…

        Liked by 2 people

      2. wheatie, one small correction…I said he liked to drink Crown Royal but it is Crown Royal Black Label. An important distinction, apparently! TY for being patient with me. This has about crushed me.

        Liked by 2 people

          1. Thank you, Wheatie.

            I feel like I let you down not getting it to you sooner, but I guess part of me was having a hard time facing reality. Is STILL having a hard time facing it. Thank you for doing this Wheatie. Hugs, Sylvia

            Liked by 2 people

            1. I want to thank you both for doing this.

              And Sylvia, I want to thank you specifically for tending to Patrick all this time. Not just as a good and kind and decent human being, and a member of this community, but because you made up for my NOT doing anything for him – or at least not doing much. WHY that is doesn’t matter – the fact that you stepped up and helped ease Patrick’s passing is a wonderful thing, and literally *redeems* this community.

              So – hugs to the both of you for helping Patrick along. I really don’t deserve good folks like you two here. The only thing I can imagine is that this is some blessed endeavor, and all the stuff we THINK this site is for, is really just to make sure it’s here for something else. But who knows. I will say this. Patrick will know the truth before we do, and I’m sure it will make him smile.

              SO – time for me to put up the next daily, and I’ll just hint at the closure of the PHC blog, and I’ll leave it for you all to fill people in on what is going on. The thread should be up soon.

              Liked by 2 people

    1. Cannot find ANYTHING from you! It must have gone into “the pit of unquestionable spam”, over which I have no control.

      Were there links in it? Something is very strange. Usually one has to use deep porno terms to make things go beyond where I can see them. “Rhymes with bunt” sometimes goes there.


  14. Probably re: my reposting a WSJ article. If so, no biggie and I can appreciate why. Can take it down and post a link to same in the Open Thread.

    Liked by 3 people

  15. OK, I’m going to have to be slightly unpleasant here.

    FG&C just put up a wonderful article that MAY STILL ACTUALLY GET US SHUT DOWN.

    And I really have to say WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK.


    Barely a WEEK OLD.

    In its fucking entirety.

    And who is this “Wall Street Journal?”

    A malignant MSM outlet that is absolutely RIVEN with communist TRASH – that was used as an assembly point for the TRAITORS in Fusion GPS – that is embarrassingly anti-Trump and anti-MAGA.

    And you wanted to give them a CASE against this site? An ACTIONABLE CASE? POWER over us?


    It was a great article, BTW, and one that I can’t even READ now because I know it was STOLEN.

    ANYWAY – the article has been taken down. TAKEN DOWN. The article is DOWN. FINITO. DONE.

    Nobody had commented on it, and hopefully nobody but me saw it.

    I’m not going to be rash about this, because it sure seems like something that somebody with a stolen password might do, but really – I’m scratching my head. You folks are smarter than this. I CERTAINLY HOPE!!! 😀

    Liked by 4 people

    1. My apologies. I didn’t even think of it that way. I think it’s probably best i just become a lurker. I hate being a problem for people and no one makes me do or say the things I do. It’s my responsibility, no one else’s. Don’t feel bad. Love all you guys. Always will. Hope nothing happens because of this. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. MAGA forever! See you on the other side where there will be no more mistakes! ❤️

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Hang on FG&C, if it was a Wall Street Journal Article I don’t see the problem, but I don’t know all the details. Not like you’re trying to pretend the Onion is real.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The idea of you not posting here is a bit harsh – particularly in view of the fact that we have foreign operatives and assets of all kinds freely posting here – both beneficially and less beneficially – it’s simply not “proportionate justice”. I mean – who is going to engage and reverse some of this stealthy anti-MAGA stuff if it’s not YOU? 😀

        I appreciate your willingness to offer a way to help me “secure the site”, because I was going down a somewhat nuclear road otherwise, “just to be sure”. (Not you personally – I mean the most likely parties who might mistakenly “order” this idea.)

        What I have done is made you a “Contributor”, which means I just edit any articles you want to publish. It’s a needless, unnecessary step, really, but it serves to (1) show concern, prevention, whatever, in a legal sense. I’ve made it very clear that “it won’t / can’t happen again”. That protects us legally. AND (2) it secures this site against any possibility that I have made errors in judgment.

        SO – feel free to post, lurk, or write articles which I will undoubtedly approve!

        It’s ALL over, as far as those on this site are concerned.


        Liked by 3 people

    2. Okay, I get it now… I think.
      Was the problem that the whole article was copied? When the article was behind a paywall…. and thus we are distributing content for which WSJ should be paid? Is that it?

      Liked by 3 people

        1. Understood, completely. That would be a no-no. It’s why we only include first paragraph and then link to source.
          Easy mistake to make, one time.
          Hope we are okay and all is forgiven.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. Forgiven, yes. Forgotten – we’ll see.

            The fact remains that the LEVERAGE that would have been obtained here is very likely handled by a very specific player who would DESPERATELY want to shut me up or gain information.

            That, obviously, is very hard for me to “unsee”. Hence my particular acuity of the problem with posting WSJ’s stuff without permission or right to do so.

            Does anybody know which law firm(s) handle WSJ’s legal stuff? I will not confirm or deny who I am talking about, but – let’s just say they’re big shots, and surely handle SOME of their stuff.

            Liked by 4 people

    3. I am looking at FG&C’s post on my WP Reader tab…which was open when he posted it.
      So as luck will have it, it’s still there since I haven’t refreshed that tab yet.

      There is no mention at the top of the post, that it is entirely a ‘reprint’ of another article…from WSJ or anywhere.

      So it ‘looks’ like it is written by FG&C.
      Which is a no-no.

      Granted, he puts a link to the article at the very bottom…
      But he still did not make it clear that the entire post was a complete reprint of the WSJ article.

      You’re right, Wolf…it’s a great article!
      And I am enjoying reading it, since I cannot see it behind the paywall at WSJ.
      But that is what crosses over into copyright violation territory.

      So yeah, it could’ve gotten us in Big Trouble.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. The article is gone, by the way – no longer in the queue and “Private” – the way I left it. I did not delete it – I’m assuming that FG&C performed the deletion – if not, it is likely “somebody else” (COUGH, friend or foe unknown) did it. I have not told everybody about that part, but I’m sure a jury or tribunal would find it interesting, so if that is the case, no worries.

        In other words, I cannot guarantee the integrity of data on this site. Just a reality of “hats” out there.

        The deletion is a mixed blessing. We are no longer in possession of the stolen bits that would have given Wall Street leverage, but I am missing my evidence in case of an accusation.

        However, I am not missing ALL of my evidence, and what I have is both good and suitable for fair and legal use, so I think we’re comfortable now. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Are those images still in the media file?
          I haven’t checked…
          But those were from the paywalled article, so…maybe they should be deleted.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. They are going to be “fair used” in a BIG and EXTREMELY EXPLOSIVE article I am planning to publish JUST IN CASE there are any problems. They are also evidence. They need to stay right where they are. 😉

            Liked by 1 person

    4. I get the near disaster you just averted Wolf, but people (including me) post images, text, sometimes substantial text of small freely available articles (with attribution) all the time. I get why it is an especially big problem for WSJ and similar, but I’m going to have to review copyright policies again as this gets me wondering…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes – there is a nebulous border in there. Very fuzzy. However, THIS case is amazingly clear-cut, and would put us smack into the hands of whoever handles legal cases for WSJ. Or, more ominously, whoever they would pick for THIS particular case.

        [Be prepared]

        That was an AWESOME tip.


        Liked by 2 people

        1. Psalm 3

          God! Look! Enemies past counting!
          Enemies sprouting like mushrooms,

          Mobs of them all around me, roaring their mockery:
          “Hah! No help for him from God!”

          But you, God, shield me on all sides;
          You ground my feet, you lift my head high;

          With all my might I shout up to God,
          His answers thunder from the holy mountain.

          I stretch myself out. I sleep.
          Then I’m up again—rested, tall and steady,

          Fearless before the enemy mobs
          Coming at me from all sides.

          Up, God! My God, help me!
          Slap their faces,

          First this cheek, then the other,
          Your fist hard in their teeth!

          Real help comes from God.
          Your blessing clothes your people!

          The Message (MSG)

          Liked by 2 people

            1. Wise Wolf. I LOVED that beautiful masterfully written article – read it all and had written a comment praising the author Wotz. It was a masterwork. Made me wish I subscribed to WSJ. No wonder FG&C was super excited and forgot all the rules.

              I appreciate/admire your fierce wolflike protectiveness of WQTH. You made a wise decision. Thank you for holding the fiery sword, watching and keeping all of us in line.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Yes, that article was a temptation. As soon as I felt the temptation, I saw the danger.

                “All along the watchtower.”

                From Wikipedia….

                Several reviewers have pointed out that the lyrics in “All Along the Watchtower” echo lines in the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 21, verses 5–9:

                Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink: arise ye princes, and prepare the shield./For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth./And he saw a chariot with a couple of horsemen, a chariot of asses, and a chariot of camels; and he hearkened diligently with much heed./…And, behold, here cometh a chariot of men, with a couple of horsemen. And he answered and said, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, and all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground.[8][9]

                Liked by 1 person

              2. I’ve spent a lot of time in Isaiah and need to spend a lot more. It parallels what is going on today, our fallen Western nations, our hearts, the rise of Assyria/Islam, etc. Shows us the road back to GOD, peace and joy….Just like Romans, Isaiah shows us our sin and how to be redeemed. So do many other books…in The Holy Bible, thankfully.

                Liked by 1 person

              3. Isaiah 10:5 – Assyria (Islam) is a rod of discipline in GOD’s hand.

                Isaiah 26:3, 30:15…then comes 31:8-9 – which says the sword of man cannot defeat the spirit of Assyria – only the Sword of the Lord – which is the Word of GOD – a confirmation of II Chronicles 7:14 re: the salvation of a nation.

                Liked by 1 person

  16. Just a few things…

    1. I deleted the post entirely because I ASSUMED that was the right thing to do. Wolf has never made any attempt to reach me or ask me anything, either through email or by post here on this forum. Put another way, rather than have some back and forth, Wolf chose to assume he knew everything and give me a tongue-lashing. Ok. His choice and his prerogative.

    2. Some of the images used were the same ones in the article, true, BUT I found them ALL on Google and copied them from the Google Images page, not from the article itself. In fact, I used many that were NOT in the article. Here again, you would never know that because no one bothered to ask, just assume. Wow. See where this is going??

    3. The article was sent to me via email as a .pdf file. I did NOT take it from behind WSJ’s paywall. In fact, I never visited WSJ’s website at all. As such, I was unaware that it was even behind a paywall. And I can PROVE this, too. MORE assumptions! Are you guys having fun, yet??

    4. In my opinion, providing a link to the article AS WELL AS giving info re: the author (his email address) is quite obviously giving attribution where it belongs. Said link was in the .pdf sent to me and I provided it specifically to give proper credit where it was due. Any insinuation or accusation that I tried to make it look like I wrote it is utterly ridiculous in light of this fact. Just as ridiculous, in fact, as accusing me of stealing photos from someone’s Memorial Day post. Interesting that the same person is once again making accusations. Actually pretty pathetic, really, but that is par for that woman’s golf.

    5. Now, I have to assume Wolf knows far more about this space and it’s being “watched” somehow, in some way, by people Wolf refuses to identify. He only says this is happening, but interestingly has never offered any proof one can independently verify. That said, I DO have access to this site’s traffic statistics same as you other authors and, in internet terms, this space may as well be non-existent. Here is why I say this…

    6. There is possibility, and then there is probability. It is absolutely POSIIBLE that some party might try to use my mistake to come after this site. After all, ANYthing is possible. That said, the PROBABILITY this will happen is fucking miniscule to non-existent. Here’s why…

    7. The post was up for LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. It was taken down so quickly that no one could even comment on it, and less than 5 people even saw it. In other words, APPROPRIATE ACTION WAS IMMEDIATELY TAKEN. Put this another way….LEGAL REMEDY was satisfied so quickly as to be described as INSTANTANEOUS. <——- A perfect proof for how insignificant and minuscule this space truly is compared to other media outlets that can and do take DAYS to remedy a situation.

    8. Given all the above and the past dramas that have taken place, I am no longer going to be participating on this site. As I have stated in the past, I dislike drama and my integrity means everything to me. From Wheatie to PhoenixRising and now to the Wolf himself, I am done taking slings and arrows for crap that isn’t true. Yes, I made a mistake. But not one that is going to cost anyone anything. And you people know it, too. In just a few month’s time, Wheatie accused me of stealing her photos on Memorial Day, then found out it wasn’t true after throwing a fit. Her apology was a fucking joke and she never took action to einsure I saw it. Quite simply, she didn’t care and was far more concerned with her own feelings….typical woman. Then PhoenixRising threw out a bunch of stupid, idiotic drama and blatantly leveraged her community popularity in order to dox me by saying a post I made was about her and she therefore wasn’t going to post here anymore….both statements of which were full of shit and untrue, as I made quite clear…and as she herself prove by posting AS SOON AS I DID….meaning she was waiting and watching for me to post. Now this crappy thread….full of accusation and assumption with NO…ZERO…ZILCH attempt made to understand or find out what happened. No questions, just assumed fact (for example, that I had gone to WSJ’s website, gotten behind their paywall, THEN intentionally and knowingly “stolen” the article in order to post it here….oh yeah, and let’s not forget that, according to Wheatie, I tried to make it look like I wrote it too, right?). I’m not upset Wolf took the post down….that was the right thing to do. I pissed off about the assumptions, the accusations made FROM those assumptions, and the lack of ANY effort WHATSOEVER TO DETERMINE THE TRUTH BY PEOPLE WHO CLAIM TO BE TRUTH-SEEKERS!!

    9. There are a lot of people here who claim to be Christian who need to be praying about their hypocrisy. I am one of them, of course, but then again I have never held myself out to be a paragon of virtue like so many here do. You and I know who they are, too.

    10. Walking away from this community is going to be very painful and difficult for me. It has been a wonderful outlet to voice my opinions and beliefs. And it is very hard to distance oneself from a community that shares in the same hopes, beliefs, and values that we do. That said, please pray for God’s help in making the transition successful and to help me forgive all of you who I see as making this step necessary (as well as the reasons why). I’m not mad. I’m sad. If you think I want to leave, you are mistaken.

    Quite frankly, I gave you the best of me, and you are not worthy of it. Any subsequent comment made by ANYONE to somehow imply or flat out contend I have not been a BIG part of this community will be a gross lie, and the person making it a LIAR.

    Btw, I saw all the things you people were saying about me….how quickly you hypocrites can and do turn on someone. How, for example, I was “the best shortstop on the team, but you wouldn’t want to hang with me off the field” after PhoenixRising’s assassination of me when SHE arbitrarily decided a post I made was about her. I saw all the comments on Merica’s blog, too. Oh yes….I’ve been lurking there, too. Well, now your team can do without me altogether. And you can absolutely count on this, unlike PhoenixRising’s BS female drama. I will prove this by deleting my WP account, which will delete all posts and comments I’ve ever made. I will delete my account on Sunday at midnight after some time has passed allowing the people who need to see this post to have done so. And notice how I’m posting it here and not on the main Open Thread for all to see? You fucking women are such a pain in a man’s ass, and most of you are hypocrites, which is why God himself says what he does about women.

    Last, but not least…

    None of you, nor this community, has anything whatsoever to fear from me. If I was who you idiots have accused me of being, you most definitely would. But I’m not and never have been, AS YOU KNOW, so you don’t. Besides that, I have far more to lose than making trouble for you people would be worth. Give thanks for both of these truths.

    God forgive you, God help me to forgive you, and God bless our Republic and President Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Btw, let the record (while it lasts) reflect that I intentionally waited to make this post during the scumbag Mueller’s public testimony….in other words….when everyone else’s attention was turned elsewhere, so as to avoid making a huge ruckus about it and limit it to the eyes that needed to see it. I offer this as further proof of the quality of my character in marked contrast to others.


  17. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I need all of you. And y’all need me, too. This fight we’re in is WAY too damn important to let a little online drama divide us. Our President…and our Republic…needs us to stick together and stay informed, red pilling others and supporting each other as best we can. This is our WWII. I believe this as much as I believe in America and the Holy One who appointed and anointed it. I hope folks will forgive my rant.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Relief. Throw my arms around you in a big hug.
      I understand I’m not part of this skirmish at all, but that doesn’t matter.
      I really don’t care if, one day, you call me an A$$hole. I will probably deserve the brief smack. Bottom line, I know I am YOUR a$$hole, you have my back and I have your’s, and that will never change.
      We’ll figure it all out.

      Liked by 2 people

  18. Hey, Wolfie, we have an idea to propose:

    NYGuy came up with an idea and posted this:

    As I find MAGA candidates running for office, I will post them. It would be great if we could set up a separate area to give these fine people publicity. POTUS needs the help.

    Liked by you and 3 other people

    August 12, 2019 at 11:21
    This is a great idea, NYGuy, we need to discuss the “hows” and swing into action asap.

    Liked by 1 person

    August 12, 2019 at 11:51
    I love this stuff. Maybe set up a subsection on the daily thread if that is possible

    Liked by you

    August 12, 2019 at 11:53
    That’s what I was thinking.
    Mini sidebar encyclopedia for candidates running for office, listed by state/office/district.
    Sure would come in handy.

    Liked by 1 person

    August 12, 2019 at 11:56
    All of us can populate it. Where’s Wolf…ask him.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Hey boss, Smiley has a comment that’s landed in the Spam Bin.

    I noticed it when I was checking for Duchess’s Blessing graphic, which often ends up there.

    Smiley’s comment is posted in Fle’s News Roundup thread…so I cannot release it.

    I don’t think that Fle knows how to check in the Spam Bin yet, so you’ll have to be the one.
    The comment looks fine to me.

    Liked by 1 person

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