Author Logistics Thread

This thread is for communication between and among AUTHORS about grunge stuff, scheduling, etc. Blog work. It is public to deter any kind of abuse. This is like the Wikipedia “talk” section. It replaces Gab chat and MOST (if not all) “private messages to Wolf”.

Non-author members of the site are welcome to observe, but please do not comment unless asked to provide information. I want to keep these proceedings very efficient.



Pull up a chair and let’s talk. Yes, there are spies in the cafe, but we’re in PARIS, friends! Enjoy the show!

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    1. Let me take a look. Are you using the block editor? If so, you can always delete a block and then add an empty one back using the little “+” in a circle that floats above the top of a block when you hover near the top edge.


        1. I’m having a lot of trouble doing administrative functions right now. Every time I try to do anything that connects to an administrative function like checking your posts, I come under some kind of relentless BS that locks up my browser.

          You’re on your own. If I can get in before tonight, great, but if not, just leave it like it is. If the post won’t schedule, somebody else is going to have to do a substitute post.

          Things are going to get ugly this month. My prediction is that 8-chan will go back up, impervious to their BS, so they will pick on other targets, and WE are one of them.

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          1. I’m having the same problem on my laptop freezing up. On my iPad now(I hate this thing) which seems to be working ok.
            Been having some issues with the laptop as of late…
            Good news about 8-chan ,but the last sentence and WE is disconcerting 🙁

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              1. This week has been bad for me. I usually spend a little more time getting the post ready,
                but today has been a struggle to get everything done.
                Not that I’m complaining.
                Taking life one day at a time and happy I am everyday I wake up and still have the drive to get it done.

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          2. I’m beginning to think we will need to be running our WP activities sandboxed in virtual machines.

            The least resource demanding would probably be
            A more intensive option would be VirtualBox or VMware.

            It’s less demanding resource wise than “burner computer” option, but would take a learning curve investment to implement.

            For a lightweight initial option, maybe using a separate locked down browser just for WP work.

            Any other ideas?

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            1. Theoretically, any uniformity across our group works against us, IMO. Randomness and unpredictable variation work in our favor. I have my own perspective on my own effectiveness, and my best tactic is simply not to talk about it, other than when I can get maximum broadcasting of blame and reporting on their tactics.

              I’m fairly comfortable where things are right now. I may experiment with various forms of sandboxing if I have to do it.


  1. Okay, for a refresher…

    UNDERSTANDABLY — IT WAS A BIG BIG BIG DAY YESTERDAY — one of our authors fell asleep at the keyboard and the MAGA Open was delayed. Happily Wolf was on the case, so I hit the sack knowing something would be posted, but it reminded me that I don’t remember our guidelines for this kind of event.

    If we don’t see an Open posted before ????, then any author can throw together a backup for that day.

    Thanks for taking it on this time Wolf.

    If we didn’t have such early hours at our house, I would have tried harder to remember the plan.

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    1. I’m thinking about an hour is an OK wait. Remember – in my case, I can see if there are any drafts by ANYBODY. I could tell that Daughn hadn’t even started one, so it was really a safe bet.

      People are afraid of there accidentally being two dailies. I absolutely don’t care about that. No biggie to me. I just know that people wait on the new daily threads, so it’s worth getting a new one up. But also not a disaster if it waits a while.

      So I think 1 AM Eastern is a good wait, and if no sign, throw one up for the person.

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  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!

    Beautiful to see it all running like a well-oiled machine (and it is well-oiled with prayer) while our host, the great and terrible Wolfmoon is off on a secret mission to contribute his part to saving the world.

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    1. Have you ever heard of a kind hearted couple that took in foster kids that needed a lot of help healing and learning to be part of a family but they allowed one of the foster kids to abuse the other children because, well they were kind hearted? This is starting to look a little too much like that scenario. Check yourself. This is too important a place to get this wrong. Thanks.

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    2. Buried in Truth! It was a long time coming, but it finally came. I missed everything earlier, so the RECAP by Wheatie was a great idea. BRINGING THE CONTEXT makes it clear WHY she chose to continue the fight – to not allow “duck and cover”.

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        1. I won’t growl – when it happens, he’s just GONE. When the Wolf strikes, it will be OVER and done in one bite to the throat.

          But I think we have to also give him the opportunity to behave, too. He treats every sub-thread as a “new leaf” – if attacked b/c of a prior engagement, he considers that the other person “started it”.

          The problem is simple. He is TRYING very hard to demonstrate Christian hypocrisy, and he’s almost doing it. He’s an excellent lightweight test for us, of turning the other cheek, and extremely good practice in this regard. It can be VERY difficult.

          I think that standing up to him is important, and an important part of free speech, which curbs his tongue, and also teaches. But we need to become more artful in this regard, and doing nothing, saying nothing, is an important part, which will help visualize demonic activity.

          I am seeing how he conveys cultural Marxist memes (we all do, to varying extents, all falling short), but he does it at levels that we all can see are likely hinting at actual close-to-the-surface demonic activity. I believe that an absence of engagement and a failure on our part to be drawn in on this stuff will make it dry up and blow away under some conditions. However, there are other outcomes that will demonstrate hostile intent and stronger demonic purpose – that I can act on to remove, in good faith toward free speech. We are not exorcists. We are close to where I can reach a branch in the decision tree that would mean a ban.

          What I need from everybody is to turn the other cheek for as long as they can – and see what he does in that space. What I need to see will become visible. Who is in control? Andy or the demons?

          I am not unconcerned about what is going on. Trust me, I am not seeing any kind of false symmetry. However, we claim to be different, and we really have to SHOW IT and PROVE IT WORKS.

          Trust that I fully sympathize with those of us who react in righteous anger to the outrageous. We need to support Duchess strongly. The trick is doing that in ways that rebuke Satan and not Andy.

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          1. I get what you’re saying boss, I do.

            But the toxic effect that the disruption trolling has on this place will result in people just leaving.
            It already has.

            Attention-seeking behavior is one thing…but bullying people is another.

            Bullies love it when people turn the other cheek because it gives them power.
            They use it to their advantage, thinking that they can get away with anything…and if anyone stops turning the other cheek, then they can accuse them of hypocrisy and thus act ‘superior’.

            This has a demoralizing effect on the community as a whole…because people don’t like to see unmoderated bullying.
            So they just leave.

            It’s up to you, boss, of course.
            But in this case…I think a stern warning could have a positive effect, without resorting to the banhammer.

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            1. I keep writing responses to this and trashing them.

              I have reduced it to six words.


              Sometimes that means making him FEAR your free speech.
              Sometiems that means making him LIKE your free speech.

              I will say more after I sleep on things, but I would prefer that people learn to COUNTER-PUNCH LIKE TRUMP. That means NEVER make the opponent the good guy by a dirty, late, or below-the-belt hit. When Andy is good, treat him well or at least respectfully ON THAT POST. When he’s nasty, BURN HIM LIKE A FLAMETHROWER – BUT ONLY ON THAT POST.

              Don’t do late drive-by hits on “behaved” posts. Some (not you) do that, and it does not TRAIN properly.

              Don’t assume that the “Jesus!” posts are malevolent. That’s the demon winning when you assume the worst. Think about how that works. I had to figure that out. It’s very smart. Incredibly tricky. If you CAN read the posts as a light-hearted running gag, consider that maybe you SHOULD read them that way.

              If you assume bad intent on those posts, the DEMON wins.

              The DEMON is not just working on HIM.

              More later. I need sleep.

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              1. Messy. Don’t really want to invest much time in your lab experiments at this point.

                “Keep it civil” assumes some self policing. While I admire your commitment to the guy in the gutter, I’d rather not be thread author while this goes on because I don’t see it at hospitality when the town drunk is vomiting on the other guests. I’m not threatening to quit, I’m telling you how I feel about this. I’ve been on the line for months considering to take a break or maybe even retire from authoring on your site simply because I have taken on more commitments in the local arena. The only thing that has kept me from stepping away has been my love and appreciation for you and the other authors and commenters here.

                What you choose to do is solely up to you. You are the boss. I’m profoundly grateful for what you have created here and I am in no way second-guessing your approach. Thank you.

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            2. See reply to T3 below. I’ve given up on Andy. Give me an ACTIONABLE incident where he is NOT baited into misbehavior, but clearly the initiator. Just notify me when I’m online. No prior incidents that day. He has to attack, mock, or otherwise cause trouble AS THE INITIATOR. It needs to be fresh and outrageous.
              Then he’s gone. Like I said, see below.

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          2. Okay, not sure if you’ll see this reply. I’m late to the all these details and the big picture. I remembered reading the start of this thread, but obviously never continued with it. Had no idea it had expanded to this extent, and obviously the content has been serious.

            I’m following links back and forth and just now learning more details of why T3 ended their tenure as Sunday author.

            Andy is a challenge, but I guess one that I didn’t make a personal challenge. He does say inappropriate things but something drives him to do so. I don’t know, he has been a little quieter the past couple of days. Today is November 10th, so maybe being shunned a little is getting the message through.

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            1. It’s been a complicated business. If WordPress offered an “ignore” feature, this would all be over. Since they don’t, now they get TWO trees (or three, counting CTH) aimed at the DEMS and the DEMOCRAT FAKE NEWS!!! 😀

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        1. No, I haven’t seen it yet, though I will later.

          Time for some bluntness.

          I’m researching our drunken friend. It’s very interesting how he got here, actually. It was part of the “PHC event” which caused so much disruption. A group of posters from the non-political open thread at CTH all came together, including:


          There are a few others, but these are the most prominent current posters from the lot.

          All of the new posters coming here and fitting in caused a lot of issues. Free speech, Duchess and Andy were not a good combination. Note that Duchess MIRRORS her CTH posting here, and Andy can nick her for it here, which he can’t (or at least doesn’t) do there.

          What’s interesting is that all of them are still posting on CTH. Andy’s last posts there were in June of this year, but I don’t *think* he’s banned. Mandy went back, I believe after a serious scolding for Eeyore postings. She is not banned here – she just left. Dora and smiley both recovered nicely from CTH Eeyoreism, and have had no issues.

          If Andy can still post at CTH, I’m strongly considering just “banning him back”. He will have a place where he gets along with people and minds his manners. Duchess can and does post both places, and has no problems with anybody but Andy, and she has no problems with him there.

          Does anybody know if Andy has been banned by Sundance, Menagerie or Ad Rem?

          If we had an “ignore” feature, I would tell all the people who don’t like Andy to ignore him. Sadly, we don’t have that, and so I’m basically screwed on upholding free speech.

          I will begin looking for platform changes that can get us to an ignore feature, but that will not happen any time soon.

          I will deliver the bad news to Andy the next time he screws up, but it will NOT be if anybody here attacks him first. I want LICENSE TO KILL, so to speak, and if people nick him out of the blue, I do not have that. He needs to attack an innocent person. Bring me the evidence, and he’s gone.

          Are we happy? He’s about to be my second ban.

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          1. Hey Wolf,
            Congrats to you. You’ve done a lot of detective work, here.
            Way ahead of the game.
            As a contributor, it makes me/us feel more comfortable.
            Thank you.

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            1. No problem. Things were getting out of hand, but sometimes it’s hard for me to see how other people are impacted, b/c I see things from an administrative angle that encourages a kind of “forgiveness from above” due to seeing multiple sides. It can be a mess!

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  3. While I’m thinking about it. Most interesting you could figure out who was posting in two places.
    Don’t suppose we will ever know what is really going on…
    …. but something is going on between the two sites.

    Not sure how WordPress works, way outside my wheelhouse.
    Yet, if someone is banned, they should be banned without a manual deletion of comments, right? And the deletion should be permanent until the owner of the page lifted said ban, right?
    Makes sense.
    Yesterday, I was working on the rally thread, moving quickly between Twitter and here. By accident, dropped a comment “OT”. Didn’t realize what I had done until people started commenting on it and I received notifications.
    How could it happen if I was banned?
    And yeah, I was banned, no likes, no ability to post.
    So why is it, months later, we can occasionally comment and like.

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    1. Big Mama Tea did fuss at OT for the bannings a few months back. I think that might have kicked some of us out of the dog house. We still don’t know who was/is monitoring our activity on this site and initiating the bans. At the time it seemed all so strange and life was too busy to invest in the crazy. Love my people here and so here I stay. Thanks for all you do Daughn.

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    2. That’s very interesting. You WERE banned – there is no doubt.

      Wondering if your comment is still up there.

      I have theories on what is going on. If your comment is still up, but you go back now and can’t post, it would strongly favor one theory.

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      1. Well, I know that I was a recent complete ban. About 3wks ago, Right after Q-Tree’s birthday thread. Until then my rare comments were going into moderation. Now, no comments, and no likes. Interesting, once banned you can’t even see who is liking comments OT.

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    3. In reply to above discussion about civility and uncivility…

      In her usual succinct manner, DP has summed up an observed behavior pattern.

      And the big issue, IMO, was a combination of personal attacks, ridicule of belief systems, and baiting participants.

      After thinking it over, I highly doubt that this behavior will change on this site based on the m.o. as observed up to this point. An enlightening self-description came when he described what he considered fun for the trick or treat guests to their home. A sign on the tent he sat in said, “don’t look” and when they violate the injunction, the consequence dealt out is a full blast of cold water to soak the offender. Asymmetrical attacks that apparently soothe the person’s missing sense of feeling powerful in their life. Adults shouldn’t need to assault others, especially children, to meet some need in their world. Especially when the payload carries not just intensity but apparent malice as well.

      In regards to needing to step down for now…

      I do appreciate having a good enemy from time to time to strengthen me and develop a greater love for the One who died for me when I was still His enemy as well. And therefore I’ve been doing a lot of processing and listening since yesterday’s new developments.

      I came up with strategies for how I would fully lean into remaining engaged. And then I finally just asked the question, “What am I to do?” and the answer was very clear, “Let it go.” This has probably been the answer since about July, but as usual I’ve been fighting my inner knowing that I need to step away from a current commitment to engage with other new commitments.

      The timing of this is going to cause some people to assume I’m unhappy with the site or Wolf or others. Not true and I don’t really want to have a long discussion about it. Some people are just going to get it wrong and nothing I say will likely help.

      I love this site and I love how it have challenged me, stretched me, made me a better person. But I must follow my heart and step away from the commitment to post the Sunday open, perhaps remaining active in comments when I have the time or fading away if that is what is needed for the other work I’m engaged with now.

      You have my respect, my appreciation, and my affection, all.

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      1. No problem – I understand! I will take this Sunday’s open and go from there!

        You’ve served this place extremely well, and I never really thanked you adequately for it – my mistake. But that’s water under the bridge now. I always knew you would do the right thing, whatever that was, and just let things go as they should go. Lazy? Yup – another one of my sins.

        If you ever want to author a post, you will still have the privilege. I can remove it if you feel like it’s a temptation you don’t want, but I suggest keeping it in case you really think something needs to be said. Having that Occasional Author thing is very liberating compared to the daily threads. You don’t have to ask permission of any kind – just post.

        Again, thank you for your service! It has been greatly appreciated. I hope you are still able to spend as much time here as your other commitments allow.

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          1. I’m, like so many others are going to miss you’re Sunday posts T*3 but we all understand if you need to step away.
            God Bless you and know we all appreciate your input and wisdom.
            Please don’t be a stranger here!

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      2. Oh no…this is sad news, Think*3.

        I will miss your Sunday threads and miss having you here on a regular basis.

        But I understand, because I know how the weight of that commitment can weigh heavy at times.

        I hope you’ll continue to check in with us here, though.
        I will miss your valuable contributions.

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      3. I’m very sorry to read this. Really. For now, I’m sticking around, but today…usually I can take a lot, but I’m in tears being called things I’m not, and just being disrespected for being who and what I am. In tag team formation. By people who have never done that before.

        I have to quit crying cause I can’t sing if I’m a mess like this, but I’m trying to get a book out, and it’s hard to concentrate….

        Sorry. Maybe I just need a little break.

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        1. I am very sorry D.P.

          Your own steadiness have been a support for me in my own times of trial. Thank you for that. If break can help you retain your steadiness, it’s worthy of asking our source of Wisdom for the wisdom to know how to proceed.

          I can recall the very moment I discovered that nearly all of my family had been “making nice” for all my life but once the restraining influence (elder) in the family passed away, all the ugliness manifested. It was a horrible shock which took a very long time to resolve. Turns out the circle of people that were truly mature was far smaller than I thought.

          Here’s what I am seeing…

          The ability to truly SPEAK FREELY is “heap big medicine.” Many people living in adult bodies have no concept of the level of maturity it takes to PROTECT OTHERS FROM YOUR POWERFULNESS.

          But, eventually those without the maturity to protect others from their powerfulness will discover that they become ruled by tyrants (surrogate parents) until such time as they can develop their own ability to exercise restraint.

          Wolf will either let it become Lord of the Flies or he will develop benign tyranny for those that need it.

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          1. Boy, you can say that again. I was doing okay, and almost started crying again at the homily this evening. What Father had to say was perfect for the situation. And then the petitions were read, and I found out a mom from my childhood died. So, I have to go to a funeral this week. Then I went home for dinner since my brother we see once a year is in town, and he was explaining something badly and my sister blew up at him for what turned out to be no reason.

            And to top it off, the dog I’m sitting with right now does not like other dogs, and every time I’ve taken her out today, we’ve run into at least one.

            It’s just been a crappy day.

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        2. Nikki’s post from today may be apropos.


          Michael Youssef, Ph.D.
          Nov 8, 2019

          beatitudes sermon on the mount countercultural culture

          Jesus closes His beatitudes with a double blessing: “Blessed . . . blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness” (see Matthew 5:10-11). The world loves people who are easygoing, flexible, not too caught up on Truth or conviction. Society says, “Happy are those who live and let live, who mimic the culture and its values.” Yet, Jesus ascribes happiness to those who are persecuted for His name.

          Jesus was persecuted because He spoke the Truth, lived the Truth, and was willing to die for the Truth. And as we claim Jesus as the way, the Truth, and the life, we can expect the same (see John 15:18-21). Now, there are some who want to claim persecution for being offensive and unkind; Jesus does not promise them blessing. Rather, living righteously like Jesus is naturally offensive. Why? Because it reminds people of their wickedness.

          When you suffer because you are distinguished from the world, be glad! When you are attacked for the sake of Christ or targeted because of His righteousness in you, rejoice! Be glad because they are treating you as they treated our Savior. Rejoice because your inheritance in heaven is great—greater than you could ever hope for or imagine.

          Prayer: Jesus, thank You that You are always with me—that in any circumstance I can rejoice because You are faithful. I rest in Your promises, in the hope of glory I have by Your blood. May I bring You honor as I persevere in faith, hope, and love by the power of Your Spirit at work in me. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

          “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:10).

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        3. Dep Pat – I strongly suggest you avoid that place. It was NOT made for you. It was made so you could stay HERE and others could LEAVE.

          For what it’s worth, the attacks on you were wrong and totally unjustified IMHO, but “picking sides” only inflames things in savage fighting cultures. NOT HELPING a contestant is how you help them have a respectable showing. You have to take your lumps and know who stands with you through their silence.

          T3’s analogy of Lord of the Flies is very apropos.

          The bad guy martial arts center is next door. AVOID. Stay HERE!

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          1. I’ll avoid religious discussion. The priest saying Mass this evening spoke words I needed to hear in that regard. The trick is to be happy and content, and for them to ask why.

            To avoid the place is…IDK, just not conducive to open speech. I don’t have to say anything to at least get a lay of the land.

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          2. the other thing I realized, is that by doing what FOUR people did this afternoon, they exposed themselves for all to see what they are. AND, that what we see as objectionable coming from our political opposition, is exactly how those people behaved.

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          1. You are at least willing to admit that there may well be something out there you don’t know. You’re not one to come to a conclusion and then go looking for supporting documentation to “prove” a point that’s erroneous from the get go.

            Plus, you don’t call people “arrogant” without actually having met the person. Seriously, each of us could be sitting next to the other(s) on an airplane for eight hours and not know it.

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            1. Frankly, if there was just a wee bit of selectivity in the boarding process, that would be an awesome flight! Either that, or let there be a “just tape them to their seats” drama in the middle, so there would be even more to talk about. 😉

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        4. DP, I’m sorry anyone made you feel that way today. It shouldn’t be that way.

          You do a great job of standing your ground and I admire your faith and commitment. If I was picking people to fight alongside with against the black hats, you’re on that list. 👍

          Teasing is one thing, and spirited debate is one thing, but being mean-spirited to the point where someone is genuinely upset just isn’t right, especially among MAGA patriots, and even more so among Christians.

          I spent a couple years fighting in the comments section at places like Breitbart, back when 1,000 comments was a big deal (I just checked, there is a thread over there with over 17,000 now), so it was small enough that you could have extended debates with Lefties.

          It was great training or practice, but it makes no sense to treat people on our own team (the people here) like this is a ‘live fire’ exercise. It’s one thing to spar and build each other up, and minor injuries are par for the course sometimes — but it’s a whole different thing to hurt somebody on purpose.

          There are lots of effective strategies to deal with online opponents, and I wrote a whole long post before I realized that’s probably not what you want to talk about right now. I saved it, so I can post it later, if you’re interested.

          What I really wanted to say is that there are lots of people here (including me) who value your contributions and look forward to your comments, so I hope you’re not upset to the point of thinking about leaving.

          This is a great group of people here, the best that I’ve ever been around. There is so much happening right now, and this election year is going to be a crazy fun ride. There’s no better place to enjoy it!

          Here’s your good morning song, and I hope you have a great day today 😎


          And if that one doesn’t make you smile, this one has too 😁

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            1. T3, is this a private thread, or can anybody click in here if they see one of our posts in the “Recent Comments” column along the right hand side of the screen? Pretty sure it’s open to everyone, right?

              Is there a way to ‘follow’ certain posters?

              It seems like there must be, but if so, I don’t know how. The reason it seems that way is because sometimes when I post, even if it is to an old Article like this one, people see my post and reply or ‘like’ it, and I don’t know how they would be able to do that unless you can ‘follow’ people’s posts here, or they just check the “Recent Comments” column regularly.

              By civility hammer, do you mean Wolf’s threat to remove someone from posting on WQTH and move them exclusively to Utree?

              I miss so much drama that’s going on around here, and there’s so much happening, that instead of spending a couple hours getting caught up, I have to just skip to what’s current or I end up 5 or 6 threads behind and never catch up.

              As for my take, I will wait to hear back from you here first. 👍

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              1. Not private. Only restriction is that this is only to be used for author’s discussion. (In my mind it’s ok that you joined to speak a kind word to one of our authors, D.P.)

                Don’t think you can follow a specific person. Some get notifications when a reply is made to their posts. They will see those even if it’s older. Anyone using a reader will see all comments (ordered newest to oldest). And yes, recent comments are seen by all.

                Correct on civility hammer. You haven’t missed much really. However the back story to the creation of our new wild west playground probably starts here:


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              2. “Not private. Only restriction is that this is only to be used for author’s discussion. (In my mind it’s ok that you joined to speak a kind word to one of our authors, D.P.) ”


                Hmm… I wonder how I ever stumbled onto this thread then? I don’t remember now, and I’m not in the habit of checking the ‘recent comments’ listing on the right hand side of the screen, but that must have been how I found it.

                Thank you for the explanation on the ‘following’, I wondered about that, and wasn’t sure if I was missing something.

                My take so far is that the Utree seems to be going well (I haven’t really checked it today yet), it’s just hard to keep up with everything. Before Utree, there was regularly at least one thread here on WQTH that I didn’t really get to or if I did (I do try to read all the articles), I didn’t have time to read 400 or 500 comments, between breaking news and scouring other websites for news and updates that people here would be interested in.

                Now with Utree, it’s even harder to keep up with all the threads and comments!

                And I WANT to keep up with them, because there’s so much going on here… which is great 👍

                So that’s a good problem to have.

                Utree has a different ‘feel’ for me than here. Here is more like casual, shoot from the hip and that’s usually close enough, so it’s relaxed or laid back. And I like that. It’s not tense like CTH always was.

                Utree reminds me of Breitbart when it had less volume of commenters, so it has an instant familiarity to it, which I also like, for completely different reasons. On BB, there were lots of enemies, so there was a ‘thrill of the hunt’ aspect while looking for someone to fight with that is missing at Utree (because we’re all on the same side of the political fight here), but just knowing that it’s ‘law of the jungle’ changes the atmosphere, and forces you to think a little more carefully before you post, and to take better aim instead of shooting from the hip, because that helps keeps you avoid unnecessary trouble.

                People are naturally more careful when everybody has a gun and nobody is afraid to use it 😁

                So it’s a little like the Wild West, in the sense that in a town with no law, it’s every man for himself. People either practice their quick-draw skills in order to stay alive, or they’re careful not to provoke anybody. Or some do both.

                You can always shoot your way out of trouble, and that’s fun too, but you have to have the time available to commit to it, because if a confrontation starts, you’re kind of obligated to see it through, and that can take a while… when you might rather be reading the latest series of Q posts or some other breaking news, for example.

                It’s also very interesting to watch how people process the new environment and adapt.

                With regard to the current primary agitator, I think I understand what he’s doing, and I don’t think he’s really trying to ‘hurt’ anyone’s feelings at all. When I didn’t respond in a way that he was looking for a couple or three weeks ago (when he began getting in flame wars with numerous people), he just moved on to find someone who would respond in the way he was looking for.

                Like he’s testing, but it’s not pointless, it’s not just provocation for the sake of provocation.

                But I see how many people don’t know how to respond to what he’s doing, and they get frustrated, and then confront him angrily — which escalates and then feelings get hurt — but I don’t think that’s his objective, or what he’s trying to do.

                If I explain it further, I might spoil it. If I don’t explain it further, he might eventually be kicked off the forum before people figure it out, which would be unfortunate.

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          1. Good to hear that she has a place to post.

            I hope she finds a good place with lots of friends and support. If that’s Marica’s, then great.

            Think of this as a forward combat unit. Not everybody should be here – and that’s OK. We’re still on the same team, and we can still respect each other.

            This unit requires fighting strength and intense discipline. It is NOT a place for recovery and healing, or (in some other cases) untreated issues. Not a good place for untreated or poorly managed PTSD, depression, anxiety, borderline, or any of the rest.

            Marica’s is a good place to get strong and contribute to the fight!

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  4. Bin Checking

    Bakocarl asked and Wheatie answered questions on this topic.

    Answers copied from here…

    To access the ‘bin’…you go to “Comments”.

    You’ll find that in the menu on the Left Hand side of your editor screen.
    Click on ‘Comments’ and you will see the different categories.

    Click on “Spam” to see the comments that have landed there.

    Click on “Approve”…if it is someone that you recognize and the comment looks okay.

    Beware of comments that appear with an orange icon in your notifications.
    Those end up in the “Pending” category…and be careful about approving those.
    If it is someone you do not recognize, leave it for Wolf to deal with.

    When you ‘approve’ of an orange comment, you are giving them access to making comments on the blog.

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    1. First, you cursor over the link to it…which can be found in most all of the Open Thread posts.

      Then do a right click.
      Select “Copy Link”.

      Then go to your post that you are creating and highlight the words “Jan 1st open thread”.

      Then select the Link Icon up in your tools dashboard.
      It looks like this:

      Click on that.
      A little box will pop up, with a space at the top of it.
      Do a right click on that space and paste the link into it.

      I hope I explained this so it made sense!

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  5. I would love to see someone make this into the basis for a post at the U Tree (with Scott’s permission, of course)…

    Scott, Troll Hammer says:

    The thing that gets me is that name-calling other posters isn’t even 1-D checkers. Five year olds do that. And what’s with the excitement of feeling free to use profanity?

    I mean, if people are going to do it, they’re going to do it, but it’s kind of weird for people in the age group that seems to be a majority on this board to make such a big deal out of it.

    Name-calling and profanity for the sake of profanity isn’t even a matter of whether it is ‘appropriate’ or ‘uncivil’ or not — it’s just bad strategy.

    It makes the person doing it look bad.

    It can never lead to one person causing the other person to withdraw in defeat. It might cause them to withdraw in disgust, but how can that be considered a victory for the other person?

    You can’t ‘win’ the audience to your side with personal insults, the best you can ever do is a Mexican standoff while the other person just does the same thing. It’s bad strategy.

    This ‘game’ can be (and is) so much more fun if we don’t make the obvious kiddie pool mistakes, and swim over to the deep end (or at least deeper end) instead.

    If someone is calling us names on a message board, that shouldn’t make anyone angry, it’s an opportunity. Somebody has just invited us to play, and if that’s their opening shot, you should be smiling, because you’ve already won. All you have to do is let it play out, and when they expose themselves particularly well, drop the hammer. That doesn’t mean swearing at them or calling them names, it means waiting for the right moment and making a post so devastating and effective (or humorous… ridicule is man’s most potent weapon — Alinsky) that any reply your opponent could make only makes them look worse.

    They withdraw because you left them no other option. Because you set up a ‘check mate’ scenario.

    Calling each other names just cheapens the whole experience! 😁

    Anybody can call names. So do something different. Do something they don’t expect. That’s when the game is afoot… and that’s no time to be trading insults, lol!

    I have a lot to learn from everybody. Some days I do better than others 😁

    The whole ‘dealing with trolls’ or other Internet opponents is just something I learned or adapted to out of necessity. I wanted to get in the discussions, but nasty Leftists were always derailing interesting exchanges.

    So to stop that from happening, I just did what I would do in person, I cracked jokes on them until they stopped or went away. When you do that, others see it and often join in (safety in numbers), which is also fun.

    Pretty soon it became like a sport, and it was as much fun as (or more fun than) the discussions I had wanted to participate in, in the first place.

    The first time I really went after someone who was just causing trouble, the moderator called me a ‘Troll Hammer’. I didn’t know what that was, I didn’t know it was a compliment, I thought he was attacking me, so I attacked him next for calling me a ‘Troll Hammer’, until it occurred to me what he meant. 😁

    The best training ground in my experience is forums where there are plenty of Leftists. They’re nasty, they play dirty, and there is always someone to fight with, day or night. From watching what other people (good guys) do that works, and trial and error on your own part, you begin to see patterns and basic personality types, and various techniques or strategies that work best with certain types of people. Nothing extensive is needed, more like a basic tool set of 4 or 5 different ways to deal with the several basic types of opponents you would regularly face. It’s not very complicated in practice, once you get used to it.

    The arguments over on Breitbart didn’t usually involve a lot of profanity. The opponent might, but he usually figured out pretty quick that strategy wasn’t going to help him. It usually involved factual corrections with lots of mockery and ridicule thrown in, because that’s what the Left understands and hates.

    Their peers are always watching or participating, so ridicule them in front of their peers. If they don’t withdraw immediately to go look for an easier target, just keep ridiculing them. Most Leftists make it pretty easy to do. Eventually they get angry or frustrated and blurt out some Leftist ideological idiocy. Anybody here at WQTH could easily destroy their talking points, then end with a large dose of ridicule. They hate that, and most of them can’t do it well enough themselves to try to do it back, they just run away. They look for someone easier to pick on, someone who won’t make them look bad.

    One of the most effective tactics was to just tread water for a while in the give-and-take. Even after you have developed a few ‘go to’ plays or techniques, you can’t always tell which one would be most effective until you study your opponent for a little while. You can even let them get the better of you for a while. It boosts their confidence and makes them careless. It’s sort of like ‘rope a dope’. They keep attacking, but you’re not tempted to react emotionally to their attacks and lashing out back at them. You’re studying them, seeing what they ‘give away’ in their comments that you can use against them. That takes you out of ‘reaction mode’ and puts you in more of what might be called a ‘hunter’ mode. You’re not taking anything he says personally, you’re testing or prodding or just keeping the conversation going long enough until you spot an opening that you can exploit.

    Instead of getting angry (which makes it much harder to get the better of your opponent), you’re smiling. You’re giving them rope to hang themselves with. Keep the back-and-forth going long enough to learn a little about your opponent. Whatever he gives you, whatever he reveals about himself, there will usually be things that can be used to ridicule him later. Let him do it, and wait for him to make a serious mistake, something you can nail him with.

    They always do make a serious mistake, some just take longer than others. If they are taking too long, you will have observed them long enough (by that point) to set a few rhetorical traps to speed the process along.

    When they do make a mistake, when they expose their neck (i.e., some weakness), that’s the moment to strike. Most of the time they never see it coming. They don’t ‘know’ you, you’re just a random Internet person. But they remember your screen name afterwards. You will know they do, because they almost never test you twice. They’ll avoid you. They’re looking to demoralize or just take their anger out on conservatives, and getting ridiculed or humiliated by a conservative accomplishes the exact opposite of what they’re trying to do. The new guys won’t avoid you (and there’s always new guys), because they haven’t learned yet, but the regulars learn.

    If you are using humor to mock them, once you see other conservatives chiming in with ‘laughing’ emojis or other encouragement, so you know even their own people must be laughing at them, then you laugh at them too. Don’t let them off the hook, rub it in. By then they usually have lost all composure, which only makes it easier to mock them. It’s like chasing somebody downhill at that point, and they leave rather than continue to be mocked.

    In all the time I was playing that game, very rarely did someone came at me a second time after an experience like that. It’s like a hustle, and they know when they’ve been had, and they don’t want that experience again.

    Another effective technique is arguing in the form of asking questions instead of declarative statements. Especially if you can include jabs or ridicule in the process. You don’t want to go full speed on them right at the start, you want to draw them in, let them get comfortable and overconfident, and they’ll get sloppy.

    It’s easy to convert a declarative approach to an interrogative approach. For most people, debate by declaration or decree is human nature. You see it all the time. I do it myself (and try to catch it and fix it before I hit ‘post’). All you have to do is take your declarative statement and put a question mark at the end of it, and then change the first couple words to make the statement into a question. It is much harder for your opponent to attack a question than a statement, and it interrupts their entire thought pattern. It puts them on defense instead of offense. They can ignore your questions, but after they do that a couple times, you can use that fact against them too. Mock them for their obvious inability to answer simple questions.

    Every opponent is different (which is good, otherwise it would get boring), that’s why you have to tread water for a while, let the argument or debate develop long enough to figure out the best angle of attack. After a while you develop a general outline response to the 3 or 4 most common opponent types, so you’re not starting from scratch each time, and then tweak it or personalize it to your specific opponent, based on what your opponent reveals about himself during the fight. You have an idea what direction you’re going to take the discussion more quickly after you do it for a while, so you don’t have to spend so much time analyzing the opponent. You learn to recognize what kind of opponent you’re dealing with quicker.

    One of the best strategies is to make yourself less vulnerable to counterattack. Get in the habit of arguing against your own points as you type. When you instantly/habitually argue against your own points as you write your replies, you see how the enemy will probably attack your points too. Recognize the openings your opponent is likely to exploit, and then either reword your reply to remove that vulnerability, or take the opening away by answering that ‘objection’ yourself pre-emptively as part of your reply. And if you can’t re-word it or make it less vulnerable to counterattack, delete it. It’s better to just not say it, if you can’t say it without leaving yourself open to counterattack.

    Attack your own replies to see where the weak points are, and shore them up or fix them if necessary, before you click ‘post’. It is very frustrating for an opponent to not see any obvious angle of attack. If you combine that approach with asking questions, then he’s on defense. Add humor or subtle (or not subtle) mocking, and he’s getting hit with multiple tactics in combination, with no easy way to counter.

    It becomes second nature after awhile. It doesn’t take long before it becomes habit. You begin formulating your replies without leaving chinks in the armor, making it hard for the opponent to score a point. The less time you spend on defense (because you purposely didn’t leave any easy openings for your opponent), the more time you can spend on offense, and offense is a lot more fun, once you have sized up your opponent and baited him into making a mistake.

    Most of all, it’s a challenge that is also fun. Almost like a sport. And people almost always get better at things they enjoy doing, so don’t forget to have fun with it.

    When someone attacks you, and your involuntary response is to grin because the game is on, you’re on the right track 😁

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  6. BTW, a thought just crossed my mind today. Predators do not just groom the target of their abuse. They are careful to also build trust and good will with THOSE WHO WOULD OTHERWISE PROTECT their target.

    Child molesters groom the parents or caregivers of their target so no one will suspect or believe if told of the abuse to come.

    Online stalkers groom the strongest voices on the forum by presenting a false front to recruit their good will, hopefully allowing them a “pass” when they attack their chosen target(s). It seems to me that both Scott and Steve were recruited in this manner. I was watching and made note of the behavior at the time.

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    1. Take a look at the update I just made on the announcement. It explains a bit more about the “why” of things. 😎 Also Daughn mentioned offering NF some admin responsibility on one of her groups – I’m assuming FB. Sounds like a plan! 😀

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  7. Throwing this out there to the terrific rotation of authors here at the Q tree…

    Ozzy (if he’d be interested and needed) would be a terrific bullpen addition to your crew, he such a prolific poster in the early AM aggregating a lot of news from a different angle.

    I’m probably stating the obvious or the oblivious…just popped in my head reading through his torrent of posts this AM.

    Thanks all

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  8. Heads up, boss!

    Having trouble with my internet connection…it keeps going out.

    Been unable to finish my Open Topic thread post for tonight.
    But will keep trying!

    Wanted to alert you to the problem…and possibility that you may have to step in.
    So sorry.

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              1. No, not really.
                I think it could be a physical problem…due to construction in the area.

                Got an upgrade earlier today on the firewall installed.
                It may be too gonzo and is deciding that No Internet Connection Is Secure Enough To Be Allowed.

                Will keep troubleshooting.

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  9. trying to be discreet in a post I posted but obviously my cleverness has limits and my memory is even more limited as I don’t remember the exacts from what I used last spring. Oh well. This morning’s experience was more of a shock, surprise and frustration v. feelings hurt and sad/angered. Frustrating as it is a venue for MAGA …. but somewhat intriguing.

    Will figure it out and will continue to be a force for MAGA in many ways.

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    1. I saw your missing post, which went into the moderation bin. I don’t want to get into the tech specifics of security on these sites, but let me just say that you are highly unlikely to have more than short and limited success with any method of getting back on OT, even with the most informed strategy, and it would not be kosher for me to assist in it, anyway.

      I would highly recommend putting your efforts into posting on both Q Tree and U Tree, thereby building up the latter, which will eventually draw a more secular and CTH-like audience.

      One thing we need more of on BOTH SITES is commentary on Sundance’s articles There is no reason you can’t do comments here on the open threads which cite the TITLE, SHORT EXCERPT or MAIN IMAGE, and a LINK to Sundance’s posts, and then go into discussion about what he is saying – POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE. This will be a good thing for both sites.

      For example:


      see this linked comment as an example:


      I used bold tags around the copied title, italics tags around the copied first paragraph, the copied address of the first image, and the copied link of the SD piece. If people want to read more, they have to go to his site and give him traffic.

      Sundance may or may not object to the hot-linking of his images, but IMO they will drive more traffic to his site, and I love using images to get people to click.


      1. Got it…I think

        Never thought of it as asking you to help with something nefarious. Just goes to show that once again you have a bigger picture view than I. I was just curious. Had actually been curious as to why others who were banned didn’t simply start over with a new screen name, email and, if needed, via VPN. I will ask husband for advice as not something I know much about at all.

        Yes, I agree with investing here. In my opinion, the comments section there Needed positive people as I appreciate the articles but hate sending people there these days due to the comments section – some of which is still valuable but much of which is pure discouragement. If even a MAGA site has that much discouragement then it must be true….is what I don’t want people to think!

        Plus, it is already a larger platform so comments are amplified. However, I have already switched my more detailed posts to here…in part because they were never asked for over there. You are kind about my input whether helpful or not and that has encouraged me.

        I was just asking in what was intended to be an open post with out using my current name in case I was just in a time out over there as it was a surprise to say the least. I was trying to post publicly but with an older wqtree name so as to be discrete but was not trying sort post a private message. It went to the bin because I have forgotten my original, peacemaker motivated name. It was faulty memory v. an attempt to be private or put you in an awkward position, etc. I apologize I came across that way.

        Now, to see how long my time out lasts or if just banned. and to decide about screen names. A surprise so don’t really have a plan.

        Shake the dust off of my sandals, move on and, yes, I will still read and appreciate the articles of SD at TCH. As to what he would like and what he wouldn’t …. I am the last person to ask as I obviously was wrong since I am now banned!

        Appreciate your time.

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  10. I’m working very hard at migrating all my computing to a completely different and much more sand-boxed set of platforms.

    I came back over here to quickly register the info that you might not see much of me until after Christmas and BOOM, the tyranny of the mini-skirt post by DP was just to fun to not burn some of today’s clock while reading.

    Wolf, you’ve created the ultimate intellectual patriot’s “cheers” bar times two.
    Kudos and BRB in some weeks my friends.

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    1. I just saw this (I should look on this thread more often, it seems!) and I’ve been doing the same thing.

      I’m now running a virtual Linux machine on a Linux machine, right now, and so (in theory) the internet should find itself corralled in a very tiny sandbox here.

      The downside is I don’t get two monitors worth of screen “real estate” I don’t even get one, because to make the virtual screen the size of one of my monitors means the borders would need to be accommodated too, and I only have a fixed number of sizes to pick from.

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    (No, it’s not private, but I wanted to be sure you’d see it as I’m asking you a question.)

    OK, now for what I came here to post.

    I did this: as a comment over at Marica’s. I’m not sure why, it just sort of “growed.” Their theme today is about wishing on a star.

    I hate to see it get buried. I could turn it into one of my “sciency” full-blown posts over here, and normally, I think no one would mind, BUT I know sometimes people get upset with non-original content, even when posted by its originator.

    So I thought I would ask.

    OK to post this here as a break from politics?

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      1. Nope, I went and checked. You didn’t comment on that one though maybe you did see the one I did a few days later on Sirius.

        I’ve got another topic bouncing around inside my head, but first I’ve got to do a blowout on Uranium on the U tree tomorrow (it’s Uranium day there).

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  12. Question for other authors:

    Do any of you write out posts in a word processor and then copy and paste into WP? Are there advantages/disadvantages?

    I have one in mind and want to get started, but I DETEST the block editor that won’t let me just put the cursor in a block and edit. A lot of times, I have to delete the block and start over again. And this post can’t be done in one sitting.


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    1. I have not tired this, but I have considered it because of the bug you cite.

      My way of getting around the bug is to change the block type to heading and back, which frees up the editing capability again.

      Yes – this is a NEW BUG in the block editor, that makes the paragraphs uneditable within a short time. They MAY be playing with it, because I’ve seen it change to some extent.

      One approach would be to notify WP on their blog that this is still a problem. I believe it is cross-platform, too – simply a problem of the block editor, that did not used to be there.

      But as you say, typing out on a word processor gets around the problem.

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      1. Editing is impossible after the draft is saved. I’ve figured that out. I think I can get around this with the entries being essentially bullet points with out the bullets.

        My worry with the word processor is if you copy as plain text, the paragraphs won’t be preserved and all of of them will have to be put back in by hand. Another site I am on, I run into that.

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  13. Hi Wolfie:

    I’m using Ublock.
    I’m on Duck Duck Go
    I have a CC cleaner and Microsoft firewalls.
    I haven’t changed anything.
    It started yesterday.
    Computer hasn’t been turned off in that time.
    I will leave you a message on the author’s post.
    Don’t want to be a problem in the middle of a thread.

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    1. So do you see the TEXT of tweets, but not the pictures? I had that once, and the only way I could get past it was turning off shields completely, which I didn’t want to do. Eventually, they fixed Brave to make it work OK. It was some failure of the platform to work properly with Twitter URLs. Brave actually has a preference about allowing embedded Twitter posts, so you may want to see if that turned off somehow, if DDG has such a setting, too.

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          1. This means that the WordPress plugin is working, but it’s not fully reconstructing your tweets to include the pictures.

            This is the DDG *app* – correct?

            It is very likely an app setting. What OS are you running this on? iOS or Android?


            1. I’m on a laptop.
              I figured out what to do.
              If I go into Microsoft Edge as a browser, I can see the pics. Was making me crazy not to see the pics for His Roundup.
              Weird, but it works.
              Strange thing, if I compose a post in Edge, a new one, the format for WordPress is strangely different. I’ve played with settings, etc.
              Not a permanent solution, feels like running with a limp, but I’m getting there

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  14. Saw a message from Gail. She has compiled notes on the Corona virus. Looking for a thread from either me or you, Wolfie. I sent a message back, saying I would be happy to do one, or if she wants you to do it, that’s okay, too.
    I was thinking, and let me know how you feel…..
    We’re already over 600 comments on the Update #3.
    I was thinking about doing a new thread, Week #4/Update #4 for Coronavirus from Feb 8th – 15th. I also like the idea of moving it immediately to the side bar.
    What do you think?

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  15. FYI, I’m so frustrated with WordPress I’m losing my mind.
    Did a complete system restore, played with settings all afternoon.
    To a point where the computer may end up in the driveway soon.
    I need a break.
    Taking a break.
    It’s 5:00 o’clock somewhere.

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    1. Tell me your symptoms – they may have chosen to mess with you the way they messed with me. It’s coming through YouTube, as near as I can tell. If I never open a YouTube tab, Susan Wocommies little marxy minions can’t do anything, and I don’t have problems. But eventually, it gets to the point where I can’t even open an administrative tab for ANY reason in WordPress.

      They’re hitting YOU because you picked up the slack in the rope. Sorry, Daughn – but now you see what I was dealing with.

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    1. You’ll have to drop a reply on one of bakocarl’s threads to guarantee that he sees it. You can tell him to look here. Or just put a reply on one of his OLDER threads and he’ll see it in notifications.

      Unless he subscribes to this thread (I’m not actually sure if that is done or possible on the WordPress platform), he won’t see it, because it was my thread initially.

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      1. I’m here . . . with a question.

        Would it be OK with you if I did a “Midweek Message” thread analagous to the midweek church services that I grew up with? It would just be a simple devotional or a message pulled from the internet, without any intro.

        I’ve got one ready to go, planning to drop it 2/19 at 00:04, unless you’d like me to hold off.

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        1. Let me put it this way – if I ever stood in the way of MORE GOD in the public square here, then Dep Pat has permission to rap my knuckles with a yardstick and wake me up! 😀

          So more than just saying “yes”, I’m saying that I don’t even feel like I have the right to say “no”, without being a free speech hypocrite, to say nothing of a religious coward!

          One of the great benefits of having the UTree now is that non-believers can congregate there if they ever feel uncomfortable that things are to gettin’ too “churchy” here for them. So I’m quite pleased!

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          1. I understand the free speech aspect, but I want to be sure that I’m contributing to the success of your blog, and not bending it, even slightly, in a direction that you might not want to go at that time.

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  16. Question for Wolfboss or any of the esteemed authors who might be able to help. I’ve been adding images on my blog spot and being the illiterate ‘puter person I am, having difficulty using those images to post here.
    Thanks for all your help😁

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    1. Let’s try one right here.

      Right-click on the image in your blog spot, then copy the image address (menu item), and then paste that in a comment below this one. Let me see what that looks like.

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        1. Yes, exactly. Use your blog to store images, and then use the URL of those images on the WQTH blog.

          In a COMMENT here, you can always use the image just by pasting the URL and removing the “?resize=219%2C219” part at the end.

          There are two ways of doing it inside a POST. One is just like a comment, the other is using the image block.

          You can just put an image (like your working one above, which ends in the extension, after you clear off “?resize=219%2C219”) in a block all by itself. That will turn into a picture, but you don’t get full control of it that way.

          The other, which I prefer, is to add an “image block”, then click the URL option, use the URL, cut off the “?resize=219%2C219” part, and then hit the return key, which creates an image block with all the resize handles and options.

          Either way, the storage goes into a different blog bucket with more space.

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  17. Dearest Wolfie, other authors, and contributors,
    Need your input, please.
    Today is the last day of the Coronavirus thread.
    I’m ready for another update.
    What I have been doing in the past is to go through all the comment section and cull info from the past week and add to the basic thread.
    This creates timelines for each section. Problem is, we’re ending up with something unwieldy and confusing. It looks like a book instead of a blog.
    Therefore, I believe it is time we go to a DAILY THREAD type format for Covid/WuFlu as well as a regular daily thread for these extraordinary times.
    What say you?

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  18. Hey Wolfie, I’m setting up the additional daily threads for Covid 19, Wuhan flu, Kung Flu, whatever.
    Is there something specific you want to call it?
    I’m going to set the schedule for these threads to come out at 12:06am. Normally, we have the regular daily come out at 12:01am Eastern and the COVID thread will come in after it.

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  19. On the issue of Virus Daily Threads. Some people are concerned the Daily Thread authors have their feelings hurt and/or the contributors are getting lost and can’t remember where they posted things.

    Here is my comment.

    I hear you and will let the group decide or Wolfie. Good with me.
    I advocate on behalf of two threads.
    Here is why.
    1. Personally, I like two threads, because MOST of the virus stiff is here, and I can search and link to the big weekly threads. To link a Daily Thread would not work, see what I mean?
    2. Also, many of us get to a point were we need to take a break and AVOID the virus. Daily thread is better and… nicer, mentally.
    3. If we get jumbled and can’t remember where we put posts (easy to do) then logic would dictate we never need another individual subject thread. And then….. we would forget which day we posted a certain post….. so we would never need a daily thread for every day…. just one big thread.
    4. This one issue will subside, the virus. Historically, it will be easier to go back and find info instead of searching through a daily.
    5. The subject thread is easier to share across different platforms. It would be awkward to share our daily thread with some people and/or in certain social media platforms.

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    1. I think the creation of a separate string of virus threads – first periodic and then daily – was an inspired idea, and I’m still 100% behind it.

      My main reason? Because the virus stuff is just nasty and I think it harms the daily threads. It’s like the hospital. It needs to be separate.

      However, I am spending SO MUCH TIME there, I don’t know if there are negative impacts that need consideration, so I am very willing to hear alternative viewpoints.

      I also think we are helping the administration and the medical fight BOTH by having separate threads, because those who need COVID answers – a very high priority – know where to look, and get our thinking in HIGH CONCENTRATION.

      We will all be back together soon, either way. It’s not that much longer, IMO. A few months is nothing. Wolf is here for the long run, no matter what!!!

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    2. Agree with Wolf Daughn. Keep doing it the way it is. We need the Virus Thread especially now when this ugly bug is getting worse! It provides a wealth of info we all need to get through this.😷


  20. Wolf, I just tried to post at the U Tree and got this message:

    Server Maintenance
    Your server is going through a few minutes of routine maintenance. Please don’t touch your browser for a few minutes.

    What do I do?

    If you were posting a comment or making a post on your blog then do not press BACK on your browser. Wait 5 minutes and press the refresh icon on your browser. Your comment or post will be sent as normal.
    If you are browsing a blog here just wait a few moments and hit refresh. The page you were expecting will appear.


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