Author Logistics Thread

This thread is for communication between and among AUTHORS about grunge stuff, scheduling, etc. Blog work. It is public to deter any kind of abuse. This is like the Wikipedia “talk” section. It replaces Gab chat and MOST (if not all) “private messages to Wolf”.

Non-author members of the site are welcome to observe, but please do not comment unless asked to provide information. I want to keep these proceedings very efficient.



Pull up a chair and let’s talk. Yes, there are spies in the cafe, but we’re in PARIS, friends! Enjoy the show!

313 thoughts on “Author Logistics Thread

    1. Let me take a look. Are you using the block editor? If so, you can always delete a block and then add an empty one back using the little “+” in a circle that floats above the top of a block when you hover near the top edge.


        1. I’m having a lot of trouble doing administrative functions right now. Every time I try to do anything that connects to an administrative function like checking your posts, I come under some kind of relentless BS that locks up my browser.

          You’re on your own. If I can get in before tonight, great, but if not, just leave it like it is. If the post won’t schedule, somebody else is going to have to do a substitute post.

          Things are going to get ugly this month. My prediction is that 8-chan will go back up, impervious to their BS, so they will pick on other targets, and WE are one of them.

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          1. I’m having the same problem on my laptop freezing up. On my iPad now(I hate this thing) which seems to be working ok.
            Been having some issues with the laptop as of late…
            Good news about 8-chan ,but the last sentence and WE is disconcerting 🙁

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              1. This week has been bad for me. I usually spend a little more time getting the post ready,
                but today has been a struggle to get everything done.
                Not that I’m complaining.
                Taking life one day at a time and happy I am everyday I wake up and still have the drive to get it done.

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          2. I’m beginning to think we will need to be running our WP activities sandboxed in virtual machines.

            The least resource demanding would probably be
            A more intensive option would be VirtualBox or VMware.

            It’s less demanding resource wise than “burner computer” option, but would take a learning curve investment to implement.

            For a lightweight initial option, maybe using a separate locked down browser just for WP work.

            Any other ideas?

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  1. Okay, for a refresher…

    UNDERSTANDABLY — IT WAS A BIG BIG BIG DAY YESTERDAY — one of our authors fell asleep at the keyboard and the MAGA Open was delayed. Happily Wolf was on the case, so I hit the sack knowing something would be posted, but it reminded me that I don’t remember our guidelines for this kind of event.

    If we don’t see an Open posted before ????, then any author can throw together a backup for that day.

    Thanks for taking it on this time Wolf.

    If we didn’t have such early hours at our house, I would have tried harder to remember the plan.

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    1. I’m thinking about an hour is an OK wait. Remember – in my case, I can see if there are any drafts by ANYBODY. I could tell that Daughn hadn’t even started one, so it was really a safe bet.

      People are afraid of there accidentally being two dailies. I absolutely don’t care about that. No biggie to me. I just know that people wait on the new daily threads, so it’s worth getting a new one up. But also not a disaster if it waits a while.

      So I think 1 AM Eastern is a good wait, and if no sign, throw one up for the person.

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  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!

    Beautiful to see it all running like a well-oiled machine (and it is well-oiled with prayer) while our host, the great and terrible Wolfmoon is off on a secret mission to contribute his part to saving the world.

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