Trump Derangement Syndrome Will Guarantee PDJT Another 4 Years! Look What the Democrat Hopefuls Are Pushing……

As a kid I would want a competitive game whenever my favorite team played. As an adult who follows and enjoys politics, I want our President to crush everyone, especially his opponent in 2020.

Earlier today our President held a press conference from the Rose Garden.

Our President stated that he will declare a National Emergency to have a majority of the remaining Wall built.

Look what the Democrat hopefuls are now saying.

From the article linked above:

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand signaled her support Friday for tearing down the already standing border wall when asked if she would support demolition efforts.

Gillibrand, a 2020 hopeful, not only criticized President Donald Trump’s border wall, she said during a campaign stop in New Hampshire she does not know if the current fencing is “helpful or unhelpful.” The New York Democrat said she would look into tearing down any existing border walls or barriers.

If you think this will sell with 75% of Americans, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

Our President is an APEX PREDATOR! He knows the more he pushes them the crazier they get. He decided to tweet this incredible video below.

The more radical they get will guarantee Howard Schultz running as an Independent. With or without Schultz, our President will crush whoever is the Democrat Candidate.

90 thoughts on “Trump Derangement Syndrome Will Guarantee PDJT Another 4 Years! Look What the Democrat Hopefuls Are Pushing……

  1. FYI…..

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          1. There is a video of Congressman Mo Brooks in a Hearing questioning a Pentagon Official about PDT moving funds around and the guy replies, perfectly legal, just need a request. It’s been out there for 2 weeks, but couldn’t find it quickly. The talking heads will be on TV blabbing about the NE and even putting all their time & resources towards it…all the while wall will be going up. PDT is very shrewd at “look at the shiny ball I’m holding”, don’t worry about whats going on over there!

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              1. Makes you wonder if the Nat’l Emergency is so the Dep of Defense can be used inland…. Like those LA helio raids… ERRRrrr practices.

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    1. I think Eisenhower also said it.

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      1. Clinton declared a National Emergency to protect Burmese.
        Bush declared a National Emergency to protect Belarusians.
        Obama declares a National Emergency to protect Burundians.
        Trump declared a National Emergency to protect Americans.
        See the difference?

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      2. Eisenhower didn’t just say it HE DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

        “Operation Wetback, the biggest mass deportation of undocumented workers in United States history. As many as 1.3 million people may have been swept up in the Eisenhower-era campaign…”

        Remember this was at the time, Jose Vasconcelos, the Nazi Propagandist behind La Raza Mexican nationalism was active. Vasconcelos” wrote “La Raza Cosmica” in 1925 and there was a 1948 rewrite. Vasconcelos was on Hitler’s payroll in 1940 as a propagandist.

        You won’t find that in a google search but a Reddit commenter had the info.

        There is also a scribd Doc which I can not access on this old dinosaur of mine.

        The whole goal was to INVADE THE USA AND TAKE THE SOUTH WEST! So far they have done a bang up job of it!

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    1. President Trump has given those Angel families a voice. Their loss will never be assuaged, but having the President as the “wind beneath their wings” has given them a sense of dignity and purpose.

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      1. AOC is the sacrificial lamb.

        They’re going to allow the alt-left to crash and burn.

        They look moderate and normal by comparison.

        Once they’re done they’ll go back to situation normal.

        Nothing to see here.

        Deep State: Re-activate. Mode: Dark.

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      2. Another more direct reason: Bozo is pissed off about HQ2 and hitting back at AOC making her feel pain.

        AOC was overexposing their plans, even though a good distraction from Bozo’s infidelities and whoopsies, and for these people revenge feels good.

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      1. Yes it is FASCIST.

        If you want to know what is going on you have to understand the Fabians and ‘The Third Way’

        Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and the former Director of the London School of Economics, Anthony Giddens, reworked and renamed Fascism and called it ‘The Third Way’

        From my old bookmarks:

        E.M. Smith who has a degree in Economics, and unlike Occasional Cortex understands it has a good short explanation of the continuum between capitalism and communism.

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  2. Agreed. I was in a national chain bookstore today – LAUGHING at the TDS on full display. Books – magazines – the story employees clearly have orders to position the TDS front and center – SO incredibly OBVIOUS – and now it is SERIOUSLY deranged. The mouth-foaming hate highly resembles the old Soviet nuttery that came across the shortwave radio using their Lord Haw-Haw types, back during Reagan. We are being ruled by radical CREEPS from back then, who AGREED with the Soviets. They have almost total control of the publishing world. It’s SICK.

    “PSSSST! They really are commies! They’re THAT crazy! Pass it on!”

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  3. these DIMWITS are so far removed from the general population!! so many citizens want the wall–we want less illegals, less crime, less taxpayer burden for illegals.
    God Bless the Angel Families!

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  4. I’ll let that Gillibrand creature in on a little secret: you lay one hand on that wall, and you’ll have 65 million Americans all over you! Just try it, beotch, and we’ll see what is real.

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    1. The exposure of the Faux-Cons is long overdue and necessary. I can’t even list them all.

      Bill Kristol
      Ben Shapiro
      Ann Coulter
      Chris Wallace
      Fox News
      Erick Erickson
      Matt Drudge

      Just a few that pop to mind.

      You can also add about every “pro-family” non-profit out there. Almost none of them have any stomach for countering the LGBT extremists. Most of them just want to write articles, do fundraising, have galas, give it the old college try, and go back to situation normal.

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      1. GA/FL it gets even better!

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  5. I am sitting on a plane to Jacksonville. The two men next to m decided to talk about our President and how he has no chance of winning in 2020. He cited that the Tax Reform Bill is going to devastate him. He went on to say that what he did today will kill him with Independents. He told me that the Republicans got destroyed in the 2018 Election. When I said that this President won seats in the Senate that hasn’t been done since the 1930s, he said that the Democrats had more wins than Republicans. I told him that only 9 Republicans were up for reelection compared to 25 Democrats. The fact that the Democrats won 22 and the Republicans won 12 is absolutely meaningless.

    He than said that 538 has his poll numbers in the gutter. I said that would be the same 538 that had HRC winning by 98% a few days before the Election. I asked if he had seen the poll that CBS put out after the State of the Union where 82% of Independents approved the President’s agenda he said that at this point there is no need to discuss it anymore.

    I have a hoodie on and am much younger than both of them. I think they made a judgment of me and I handed them their asses on a platter!

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      1. He asked me if I needed him to explain gerrymandering. I said I understand it well and the Democrats found the right judge in PA to overturn what the Republicans put in place to allow them to win more seats in PA that they never should have won.

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          1. HEee Heee

            I took a snobby Bostonian to a Christmas party in the boonies of upstate NY. My caving buddy there actually went to a one room school. One of his childhood friends is a prison guard at Attica prison. Both look and talk like classic back country hicks.

            So the prison guard challenges the Boston snob to a game of chess…. What we did not tell him was the prison guard was a nationally rated player so it truly was like he was playing chess with Bobby Fisher. 🙄

            Oh, and my buddy? He wipes the floor with anyone who makes the mistake of playing cards with him.

            Gotta watch out for those country hicks… With brains like steel traps.

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    1. WhaaaHoooo !!!

      Good for you Felice… 2 0f them !!!!!

      Hopefully they will think about what you said, do a little diggin’ and come to different conclusions. Not all us
      ol’ folks are rigid in our thinking.

      Proud of you for engaging with them. Kudos.

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  6. TDS, Open Borders, Higher Taxes, Spygate, the New Green Deal and the Coup….

    and the lack of any common sense logical practical policies and their lack of empathy for the American People – have made the Democrats look unappealing and loony as all get out.

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  7. Majority of Americans are for the border wall and deporting ALL Illegals/Anchors/DACAers. Americans are tired of being used and abused by Illegals.

    ANGEL MOMS Surround and Confront CNN’s Activist-Reporter Jim Acosta After Press Conference on Border Security (VIDEO)

    20%, criminals in Federal custody Illegals
    33,000 homicides committed by Illegals
    663,000 violent crimes by Illegals
    1,500 terrorism cases by Illegals
    Extra FYI-Over 20% of USA Welfare Recipients Are Illegals
    A look at anti-sanctuary cities

    By Full Measure Staff Sunday, September 16th 2018

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      1. There is a point where you get so tired of our politicians working for every other country but America(even our enemies) and Non-Americans in other countries & our own country(especially those breaking laws in our country).

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    1. Kin,
      That does not include all the unreported or unsolved crimes or the crimes commited by addicts thanks to the drugs comming up through the border.

      I am on what used to be a dirt road in the middle of no where. So far I have had stolen:
      2 semi truck tractors
      one reffer trailer
      a john deere tractor
      3 lawn tractors
      4 saddles, bridles fencing, posts, houshold items including a bed!
      untold number of sheep and goats….

      What have the cops done — ZIP!! and I KNOW who some of the thieves are!

      How many other people have also been the constant victims of ‘petty’ theft. Heck there are videos up about theives stealing packages off porches and the booby traps people have resorted to.

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      1. That is sad part–I think one of the tweets above mine addressed that too.
        So more than likely they responsible directly or indirectly through drugs for close to 50% of murders. Since many of the murders committed in America are due to drugs & drug wars.. DAMN

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              1. since I only use FB for family, religion & military, twitter is my means of getting the word out there. I have spread lots of news on FB, the real truth news.

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      1. Someone here on Twitter should send her a tweet and ask. (I’m not on Twitter.)

        If so, perhaps Wolf could invite her here.

        I’ve not visited CTH for a few weeks, but even when I was, between my first and second bans (with a brief reinstatement in between), I didn’t see any more posts from her. That would have been between November and January.

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