Adding as fast as I can!!!

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c8dea2 No.5185527 
Feb 15 2019 05:11:04 (EST)
Be alert next 10 days.
FF attempts may be carried out in attempt to change narrative (neg optics).
High possibility of ‘multiple day’ coverage event forcing pause on news.
See something > Say something.

Q Post 2726

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 88d3f6 No.5185619 
Feb 15 2019 05:24:11 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 877d30 No.5185578 
Feb 15 2019 05:18:59 (EST)
I dont think anyone is surprised, got to be the bottom of the pit to harm another human being the way they do. Hang ’em high.


In the past, what was the punishment re: a TRAITOR?

Q Post 2727

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: b2a9e1 No.5185770 
Feb 15 2019 05:37:13 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 934a60 No.5185721 
Feb 15 2019 05:32:48 (EST)

>DOJ held meetings on how to oust President Trump

>Why, hours after the election, did seven people travel to an undisclosed location to hold a very private & highly secured/guarded meeting?

ANONs knew it beforehand.


You have more than you know.
It’s all there.
Future proves past.

Q Post 2728

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: b2a9e1 No.5186098 
Feb 15 2019 06:04:25 (EST)
Remember the cover story for this?
Coincidence re: AF1 re: CA route NK?
Bigger than 25th amendment attempt to remove.
Depth of this is very serious.

Q Post 2729

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: b2a9e1 No.5186264 
Feb 15 2019 06:17:48 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 7e7141 No.5186193 
Feb 15 2019 06:10:39 (EST)

Wife of burned, amputee Veteran here..we are ready, we are with you… we will continue to fight. God speed Q+++


Your husband answered the call as a brave and selfless Patriot.
We are forever grateful for his service & sacrifice to this Country.
May god bless you and your family.
Honor & respect.

Q Post 2730

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: dcb293 No.5186480 
Feb 15 2019 06:41:46 (EST)
Think McCabe [#2] interview re: meeting re: 25th amendment
Think [RR] wear a wire re: attempt to entrap re: 25th….
[2] accounted for?
IDEN remaining coming.
Note ‘Border Open’ context same drop.
Border has more importance than what is publicly disclosed.

Q Post 2731

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 40552e No.5187688 
Feb 15 2019 09:06:01 (EST)
Dark to Light.
The orders came from the highest office in the land.

Q Post 2732

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d75bdb No.5187866 
Feb 15 2019 09:18:38 (EST)

Q Post 2733

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d75bdb No.5187914 
Feb 15 2019 09:21:58 (EST)
Anonymous ID: e795f8 No.5187870 
Feb 15 2019 09:19:09 (EST)

YES…the F15 plane pic Q posted.
feb 15th


NAT EM today?

Q Post 2734

Yikes! Terrible resolution!!! (see next drop)

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: cb89d1 No.5188720 
Feb 15 2019 10:09:24 (EST)
Be prepared for more FAKE NEWS disinfo claiming we stated ‘death’.
Read carefully.

Q Post 2735

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: cb89d1 No.5188819 
Feb 15 2019 10:13:52 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 8ad5b8 No.5188784 
Feb 15 2019 10:12:40 (EST)

6 Jan 2019 – 12:32:35 PM
Why was she ‘selected’?
Who appointed her?
Remember [her] history.
Ref: 230-page book called Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, published in 1977 by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.
>Called for the sex-integration of prisons and reformatories so that conditions of imprisonment, security and housing could be equal. She explained, “If the grand design of such institutions is to prepare inmates for return to the community as persons equipped to benefit from and contribute to civil society, then perpetuation of single-sex institutions should be rejected.” (Page 101)
>Called for the sex-integration of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts because they “perpetuate stereotyped sex roles.” (Page 145)
>Insisted on sex-integrating “college fraternity and sorority chapters” and replacing them with “college social societies.” (Page 169)
>Cast constitutional doubt on the legality of “Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as separate holidays.” (Page 146)
>Called for reducing the age of consent for sexual acts to people who are “less than 12 years old.” (Page 102)
>Asserted that laws against “bigamists, persons cohabiting with more than one woman, and women cohabiting with a bigamist” are unconstitutional. (Page 195)
>Objected to laws against prostitution because “prostitution, as a consensual act between adults, is arguably within the zone of privacy protected by recent constitutional decisions.” (Page 97)
>Ginsburg wrote that the Mann Act (which punishes those who engage in interstate sex traffic of women and girls) is “offensive.” Such acts should be considered “within the zone of privacy.” (Page 98)
>Demanded that we “firmly reject draft or combat exemption for women,” stating “women must be subject to the draft if men are.” But, she added, “the need for affirmative action and for transition measures is particularly strong in the uniformed services.” (Page 218)
>An indefatigable censor, Ginsburg listed hundreds of “sexist” words that must be eliminated from all statutes. Among words she found offensive were: man, woman, manmade, mankind, husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, serviceman, longshoreman, postmaster, watchman, seamanship, and “to man” (a vessel). (Pages 15-16)
>Wanted he, she, him, her, his, and hers to be dropped down the memory hole. They must be replaced by he/she, her/him, and hers/his, and federal statutes must use the bad grammar of “plural constructions to avoid third person singular pronouns.” (Page 52-53)
>Condemned the Supreme Court’s ruling in Harris v. McRae and claimed that taxpayer-funded abortions should be a constitutional right.
Who are the doctors ‘currently’ treating [RBG]?
What other political [former/current] sr. political heads are they affiliated w/?
What ‘off-market’ drugs are being provided to [RBG] in order to sustain minimum daily function?
What is the real medical diagnosis of [RBG]?
Who is managing her care?
Who is ‘really’ managing her care?
The clock is ticking.


Q Post 2736

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a68362 No.5198909 
Feb 15 2019 20:43:14 (EST)
Be careful who you follow.

Q Post 2737

The end! (For Now!!!)


I also need to add the LAST of the “F-14” posts, which fit more with the theme of today’s posts, than with the earlier ones.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 4e1594 No.5181944 
Feb 14 2019 23:29:18 (EST)

2720Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: b152a2 No.5178012 
Feb 14 2019 19:42:35 (EST)
Anonymous ID: b62dd8 No.5177926 
Feb 14 2019 19:39:36 (EST)

Q Post 2721

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 4e1594 No.5181988 
Feb 14 2019 23:31:08 (EST)
No mercy.
No bargaining.
A Traitor’s justice.

Q Post 2722

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 4e1594 No.5182089 
Feb 14 2019 23:34:40 (EST)
Truth push.

Q Post 2723

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 4e1594 No.5182276 
Feb 14 2019 23:42:27 (EST)
A Traitor’s Justice.
Phase III
Panic in DC.
For those who decide to save the taxpayers some money – There is no escaping God.

Q Post 2724

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 46cb93 No.5182398 
Feb 14 2019 23:46:33 (EST)
Chatter – Bill & Hillary’s ‘public’ health will begin to rapidly deteriorate.

Q Post 2725

210 thoughts on “F-15

  1. THREAD – click on tweet


    Praying Medic has extended his Q THREAD – is posting on latest Q drop as I type – following is #74…
    pick up wherever you last left off…

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          1. Sometimes I think “It’s All About The Pentiums” 🙂
            (though I never waxed a modem to make it go faster)…

            At least Weird Al does:

            And is that Rand Paul on the guitar there at the beginning?

            (RyZen shine?)

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  2. Lisa has THREAD –

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  3. Have never read the actual source of that missile launch by Whidbey Island (IIRC).

    Is there am implication if the missile was taken out by THAAD, F-15, terminated in flight…?

    Have never heard a good explanation of the false incoming missile in Hawaii. Did I miss it?

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    1. to my knowledge there hasn’t been one…

      check Q drops during the time of first meeting Pompeo had with NK’s Kim… there’s plenty of dots to connect there wrt Rogue C_A control of NK… and weapons. Cabal orchestrated, I am sure. ymmv

      Also, Eric Schmidt and ex-gov of NM and tech guys visited NK… there are Q drops on that. Set up communications there.

      Cabal is entrenched… everywhere.

      POTUS is practically alone wrt what he can do. Considering what he has been able to do… no one else could have.

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      1. Oh yea. I am 100% with President Trump.

        I do believe the CIA, has, hopefully at this point had control of much happening in NK. Including missiles, nuke program…

        Read much of that in Q and other sights.

        Sadly, and 100% accurate, we really were close to war with NK at the time of the election. Hildabeast would have clinched that for the globalists cabal. What a nightmare that would have been.

        President Trump has pulled us from the brink in NK. No one else did anything positive there over 70 or so years. Endless wars coming to a close.

        Amazing what America centric leadership can do for us.

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    1. “Help me here please.”

      Of course!

      The basic idea is that everything is coming together. There have been MANY attempts at a coup, and at a*****ination, and other criminal, treasonous, traitorous behavior … from those either in the cabal, or subjugate to it.

      EVERYTHING we’ve seen, over the past two or three years, has been driven by a SINGLE purpose.

      POWER. Evil, totalitarian, power.

      America was the prize, one step away from the World. WE have been the bulwark against industrial-scale tyranny, against evil so monstrous it boggles the ethical mind.

      Everything feeds into it – the SJC hearings (and RBG), the “false flags” to dilute the 2nd Amendment, the big-tech censoring to dilute the 1st amendment, the activist judges under the yoke, the obstructionist Congress under the yoke, and the SES (et al.) infiltration by Deep-Staters to compromise the efficacy of the Executive.

      It’s world-wide … but again, it is OUR REPUBLIC which is the lynchpin, the “keystone”.

      The declaration today of the National Emergency is a pivot-point. The Q-codes are becoming more apparent, people here and in many other countries are waking up to the cartel-media’s propaganda and lies, supporting the power-mad politicians (and their handlers!), and soon the GREAT AWAKENING to all of this will reach “critical mass”, and be unstoppable.

      Their greatest fear has been the PEOPLE, waking up to the evil among us. This, as Q has said, is our GREATEST STRENGTH. We’re re-learning how to leverage it, with POTUS’s (and Q’s) help.

      OK, that’s enough for the moment! Bottom line – GOOD times ahead, once this mess is dealt with.

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      1. Thanks for that excellent high level summary, Emerald. I haven’t been monitoring Q that closely, so I, too, am one of the confused who is just starting to rub my eyes as I awake.

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        1. YVW, Ken.

          I’ve been lucky enough to have the time, and the attention, to have been following this for a while.

          I’m still rubbing my eyes, btw! The red-pill “awakenings” just keep on comin’ …

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      1. Yes… but the school itself was holding the drill.

        Don’t forget… False Flag (FF) can result in actual deaths. Parkland did… Sandy Hook, deaths faked.

        These alerted to today are being held by Homeland Security. Doesn’t mean Cabal won’t use the drill as cover for FF attack (meaning some of the volunteers could get killed).

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    1. THIS is Mardi Gras Weekend, wow, early this year.
      Why would anyone schedule a DHS exercise during Mardi Gras?
      Those guys are needed patrolling and looking.

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      1. One possibility is that we had intel on an Obama false flag.

        I think we’re reversing the Obama false flag model into a legitimate “stop the false flag” model, and it should almost look the same to an outside observer.

        Obama abused DHS and other IC/LE to help set up false flags, using his pwned and infiltrated assets to make sure we did not get the drop on things, and also to create the proper media psychological events afterwards. That means get the assets there early to FAKE competence. When the terror hits, it looks like it exceeded the comptence level. This is VERY sneaky.

        Likewise, prepositioning assets when we actually HAVE intel about Obama/Jarrett/Cabal false flags will look almost the same. Plus, if WE make it look the same, many Cabal actors are still going to assume that THEY are in control.

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      2. Daughworks, this is not Mardi Gras weekend–Mardi Gras is on March 5, according to my calendar. The weekend before would be March 2 & 3. Not sure what your connection to the N.O. drill is?

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          1. Son lives in NOLA…It’s Mardi Gras for 3 weeks!! Parades are continuously going on NOW…March 2-5 are the BIG ones –REX, Orpheus, Cleopatra, etc… We went to a big one last year–but it was NOT down in French Quarter-Upper St. Charles Ave….Not as crazy–But the biggest Parade I’ve ever seen! Pray He and his wife stay safe…
            They are moving to Nashville in JULY–Praise GOD!!

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              1. We went to “suberbs” Parade 2 years ago…It was cuz son was buying a house and he wanted us to see it…it was a week out from FAT Tuesday –It was CRAZY!!! We Experienced kid friendly Parade!!! It Still was NUTS!! Over the top Everything from beads to ..

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  4. I was reading some of the comments at The Hill re RBG. Don’t see anybody buying it today without pics or video. Some of the comments are HILARIOUS. Don’t know if they are regular people commenting or bots, but the one about her not having a reflection….

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  5. Hey all I know I am in one days where I’m into my games, Christian music and praying.

    Don’t like what I’m seeing in the bill, and really don’t have fate in a state of emergency (JMHO).
    Getting so tired that lately that so many politicians are shoving what is good for Illegals over Americans, giving them free medical, welfare, free college tuition and the list goes on. What ever happened to the dreams that Americans have?

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  6. Thoughts on POTUS today–F-15…
    So he seemed a bit distracted–like he wanted to tell us alot more..but not yet…Starts off by talking about trade with China . Why? Well–Q posted all those pics of China and DiFi or Hirono or whomever…Then talked about NK–Look again at the Q drops…The NE he came to “announce” was kind of oh yeah–we are gonna do this–I am thinking–IS BUILDING the WALL a big distraction? As in–He’s already doing it, Building is EASY for him, etc… He looks over and points out Bill Barr–hint hint, ! The Paul Ryan exchange was interesting–Was he one of the 7 at that meeting on election nite?
    I realize He had the mic and wanted to get lots of topics covered…However, Maybe he was trying to cover Q drops as well? Anybody else?

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              1. YES. What this means is that what Q said about the killing of JFKJr. in 1999 being what started the Plan rolling makes all kinds of sense. Trump is SIGNALING to the Cabal that WE are coming for JUSTICE on JFK Jr.

                Post 1082:

                Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: a0205a No.952914 📁
                Apr 8 2018 13:15:14 (EST)
                POTUS & JFK JR.
                Plane crash 1999.
                HRC Senate 2000.
                The “Start.”
                Enjoy the show.

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            1. This brings up a bunch of beautiful stuff about how history is both revealed and tampered with using books. Information and disinformation.

              This is “checkable”. If YCAGWYW was in fact his favorite song, I think this is absolutely why they play it at Trump rallies. I am 100% convinced.

              POTUS would KNOW if that was true.

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              1. I don’t want to take credit for a find that isn’t mine. It was either in a video, or part of the comments. I won’t mention any videos, so I don’t appear “out there”. That’s why I ordered the book – to check it out. But it seems real – her husband is Seamus.

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              2. No problem if you just alerted me to somebody else’s find. I think the point is that this solves the odd question everybody had – WHY did Trump pick that song. Now we know.

                This is not widely known, but it should be, because it shows that the White Hats KNOW JFK Jr was killed. They KNOW what happened. Doesn’t mean they can prove it, but it is possible they can – that they managed to get the evidence they needed.

                Part of playing the song would be a PSY-OP. A really great idea, IMO.

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      Marica, you are so good at looking deeper…

      I do not believe POTUS will let the trash in “the Bill” stand. There is more to come… IMHO.

      The House Bill all but destroys the Democrat Party… and a lot of Republicans jumped into the fray. I was shocked to see the vote tally… Chad P said DIMs could not lose more than 18… GOP support needed. Well, GOP gave it… tenfold. Uniparty is strong. Mitch did not give support on Nat’l Emergency ’til last minute, ’til POTUS said he would sign. My hope is that AFTER Order for National Emergency there will be lots of EOs activated and written. Also, lots of behind the scenes arrests…

      Hope springs eternal!!!

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      1. Excellent Phoenix!! That bill may be the very END of the Uniparty! Especially in the HOUSE! Lots of EO’s Activated! For sure!! I am Definitely in on the Eternal Spring of HOPE!!! 😜

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      2. rumor has it–can’t find the article yet to link to–but POTUS said he would sign it because draft he saw did not contain all the poison pills—he was probably exhausted–being up all night with advisers trying to wade thru the many many pages of crap to make sure he can out maneuver them if he has to.
        he did not make a big deal of signing the bill in front of cameras like he does sometimes…

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        1. I think that was a link from BB that I posted yesterday……

          “NumbersUSA reported that Shelby and other GOP negotiators hid the traffickers’ amnesty from the President until the last moment.

          .@POTUS The legislative text sent to Pres. Trump and he agreed to sign did not have the language rewarding child trafficking, granting immunity to large % of illegal aliens, and increasing H-2Bs. That was added on later and then rammed through the Senate. Bait and Switch!

          — NumbersUSA (@NumbersUSA) February 15, 2019

          An article in the New York Times said McConnell told Trump on Thursday there were no political “landmines” in the spending plan:

          In a telephone conversation on Thursday, Mr. Trump asked Mr. McConnell whether the spending measure included any hidden provisions or “land mines,” and the senator reassured him it did not, according to a person familiar with the call.

          Similarly, Kirstjen Nielsen, the homeland security secretary, and White House lawyers told him that he could still move money around, and Ms. Nielsen said that the spending package was actually better than a short-term measure. Mr. McConnell argued that it was a win over Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

          The report did not say if Trump knew about the Texas curbs on wall building, or knew about the traffickers’ amnesty.”

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          1. I’d rather believe that POTUS did know, even if he couldn’t do anything about it. It was out on the ‘net yesterday, and some of his staff does check out the conservative sites. OT had a thread about the poison in there a couple of days ago. We’ve been talking about, and lots of red flags.

            For now, he likely took the best course he could. Ristvan indicated it goes away in 6 months… I’m looking for the Dems to have bigger worries in the next few days/weeks.

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            1. POTUS may not have been ‘officially told’ but I am sure he knew.

              If the Post Turtle or any of his staff LIED about that bill there is going to be HELL to pay in the future.

              I am firmly convinced that President Trump had FISA warrants on a heck of a lot of people. Remember all it takes was POTUS + AG Sessions to activate a ONE YEAR surveillance WITHOUT going thru the FISA court.

              Now think of those pictures Q just put up. As he said, POTUS has it ALL!

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              1. Glad you think so as well, Wolf. The poison pills have been known for several days, so it would have filtered to him. Likely the 6 month window was the safety valve for him – along with everything else we don’t know, but they do know.

                I forget to include the importance of the FISA warrants he could have on suspected players in a plot to overthrow not only the presidency, but the USA as well. Consorting with foreign powers included.


      1. I believe that our VSGPDJT had a long, LONG night.

        When have we ever seen him like this? Almost never. Imagine the load on his mind, right now!

        The S is about to HTF. It’s go-time.

        It was almost as though so many vitally important events have happened over the past few days, that a mere “presser” was so mundane that he couldn’t spend more than the minimal effort to close it. Yet, he spent all the time necessary for transparency, and to answer the BS-press questions.

        I wish him a wonderful sleep, tonight! A modicum of rest, for the weary.

        As Tolkien said (via character Denethor, to his son Faramir):

        “‘Go now and rest as you may. Tomorrow’s need will be sterner.'”

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        1. Again…good fiction, rooted in biblical principles, ALWAYS tells us more, and more effectively, than nonfiction! Thank you for this reminder of a less known portion of the LOR Trilogy.

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    2. FWIW, NYGuy and I spoke this afternoon, and we had the exact perception of VSG: he is bursting with confidence, the type of confidence where you know something other people do not, like the guy holding a royal flush.

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        1. Ed is great.

          I do not think he would mind my saying this: he has stepped away somewhat from the online world and is giving more time to non-technical life.

          He is still recovering from his serious injury, and is still grieving from personal loss in the recent past. IMO he is re-orienting.

          Ed is a genuine man. He is very smart, and very sensitive in the best meaning of the word. He will be happy to hear about the good wishes.

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    1. The lynching thing is psychological. I think a lot of the deep traitors are going to be “minorities”, since Obama surrounded himself with RACE LOYALIST COMMIES. This is media psychology. KGB-CIA protecting its own.

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            1. The mall is a couple of miles long and there’s no reason we couldn’t have a dozen rows of pikes running down most of it.

              A lot of potential tourists would be grossed out, others might spend time looking for their “favorite” traitor’s head.

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        1. I think Willard is Mitt R. Also – just a head’s up, Twitter took this video down because of copyright rules… but you can still see it on Youtube (surprise surprise!)

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          1. Oh, and Twitter is censoring against the “rules” – the video/music use is allowed under “fair use” doctrine and parody. It’s not monetized either.

            Typical Lefties, cannot allow anything that isn’t Leftist Group Think.

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    1. apparently so many people are seeing this because of the retweet and lots of those people being without 1) common sense and 2) zero sense of humor have flagged it to the great wizard of twitter to get rid of and ban i assume… 🙂

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        1. picked up this image from somewhere, but i actually went to the vox site and confirmed… again, going to “their” websites is so enlightening as to what the huge swath they control is actually seeing and believing.

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          1. “… mocking his Democratic rivals.” Really, well what have the Democrats been doing for the past two years – other than disrespecting the President. They were as rude as any group has ever been in a SOTU. They’re filled with hate.

            He’s simply showing the American people how the Democrats don’t just hate him, they really hate Americans.

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          2. “In the past, presidents have tried to keep at least a bit of an appearance that they respected and were willing to work with the other party.”


            Apparently they conveniently forgot 8 long years of Hussein, the treasonous Kenyan muzzie.


            “With his tweet, Trump is doing nothing of the sort; he’s just mocking his Democratic rivals.”


            So Vox includes Mitt Romney of Cuckberry as a democrat. Probably the closest thing to truth they’ve printed since inception.

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      1. well, it appears one of the people i saw wanting it to be banned i overlooked their connection to it… REM bass player mike mills. REM song was used as background music to the video… carpedonkum replied to him also it appears 🙂

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        1. Not now, they are all back home. I’ve been playing catch- up on things I have to do out of the house. I can’t believe how unbelievably busy “ retired” oldies get. Right now, I figure I will have to live till 150 to get all my stuff done. 🙂

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            1. Ain’t that the TRUTH!

              With four lambs in cages cluttering the kitchen hall and POTUS, I can barely keep everything fed!

              Thank goodness it has been warm enough for the lambs to go outside each day. I also have a very old pet goat who has to be helped to stand. She is still bright and cheerful and eatting well so I am not going to put her down yet. And then there are the two old ponies without teeth and my 20 year old barn cats…

              No wonder the vultures have taken to perching on the roof ridge (No lie)

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              1. Gail!! You have a Goat!!! I need goat Pics!! Flep has a Pig!! We got the greatest community!!! All you people have the coolest lives!! “4 lambs in cages cluttering the kitchen hall”!!! We Deplorables are so much more interesting than Soy boy libs who don’t even like puppies and are fine with killing babies!!!! Your Post confirms my LOVE for YOU!!! I wanna come over and play with your lambs and hug on your GOAT!! HUGS!!!

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              2. Marica
                I have about 15 sheep and 30 goats (They keep multiplying.) 20 ponies and a donkey. Not bad for a girl born in NYC

                We no longer have the alpaca, chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks, guinea fowl, pigs or cows.

                My favorites are the goats. They really are such characters and even my bucks are sweet tempered.

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              3. Seriously, we have cows (to complete the menagerie) with calves due late spring, and guineas, barn cats, etc., but today has been so busy politically that getting offline to go outside was hard! Updates here, reddit has me laughing, not much done today! Totally get it!

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              1. Gail I wanted goats and chicken and live to in the country but my Queen NY boy said no way. I cannot take the city guy into the country.

                Instead I took in every stray cat and at one time I had 13 all neutered and spayed . My kids brought home a very pregnent cat she had 9 kittens. We kept them.
                We had a very big house and no one ever saw more than 2 cats at the time except at feeding. They all reached to be 18-20 years.


      1. I heard on the radio that the guys are Nigerian. Names are not released as of mid day according to the news.

        Just wondering.

        Nigeria has the largest Muslim population in West Africa. The CIA estimates 50% [1] while the BBC estimates slightly over 50% (2007). [2] Muslims in Nigeria are predominantly Sunni of the Maliki school of thought.
        Search domain en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_in_Nigeriahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_in_Nigeria

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  7. For those of you asking for more info about the missile incident, this is a good thread that explains what happened. Just click on the tweet for the whole thread:

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    1. There are at least a couple things strange about the missile attack.

      First, what’s with the exhaust flame trail that goes from the bottom of the rocket ALL the WAY to the GROUND?

      Even the giant Saturn 5 rockets used for the Moon missions didn’t have flame exhaust like that. Not even close.

      Second, if the missile was launched from a submarine, why would a submarine have Surface-to-Air interceptor missiles in the first place?

      What are the chances that a submarine is ever going to be in a position to take out a hostile target airplane, such that space (obviously at a premium on any submarine) normally used for ballistic nuclear missiles would be sacrificed for surface-to-air missiles?

      And launching a surface-to-air missile at a flying target in the same general area as the sub will reveal the presence and specific location of the sub — particularly when using one of those special ‘shoot a trail of flame all the way to the launch site‘ ACME missiles 😁

      And revealing his location is the last thing a submarine captain wants to do…

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Those are good questions, Scott.

        Something I have considered since that happened…

        The Big Tech Billionaires and Deep State are fellow travelers in all this.
        They had 8 years with HusseinO at the WH…during which time, they could’ve created their own ‘shadow paramilitary forces’.

        All it takes is money.
        And lots of it…which is what the Big Tech Billionaires have.

        Under HusseinO, they could’ve had access to purchasing the same arms and ordinance that our military has.
        Who would know?
        Who would question…with the media under the control of fellow travelers as well.

        The Tech Billionaires have the funds to purchase ships and outfit them with whatever they want…all in the name of ‘security’, if anyone looked sideways.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. They’re getting them to shoot cops ON PURPOSE.

      When we get the people behind these events, they must be made EXTREME examples of evil. DRAGGED out of Langley with their faces BLOODIED. Then the DEMS must be forced INDIVIDUALLY to “disavow” as they like to say.

      Liked by 11 people

      1. Wolfmoon,

        I think with the wealth in congress, we are going to find over 50% of the Congressmen and Senators took bribes from El Chapo and other Drug Cartels, Sex Traffickers, the muslimbrotherhood and other terrorist groups, the Chinese and other foreign nations. And that is only the CLEAN part of the swamp.

        Liked by 4 people

  8. True. Overlooked part of Pres Trump’s speech and brilliant move.
    Invite Schumer and Pelosi into final stages of China negotiation.
    Make them own it so they cannot $itch and moan about the deal.

    Liked by 8 people

  9. September 21, 2018 The Duran
    Clinton-Yeltsin Docs shine a light on Why Deep State HATES Putin


    Alexander Mercouris is English and has a interesting perspective on how Clinton & Yeltsin destroyed future Russian-US relations.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. I meant to add 600 documents were released. This was the first I heard of it. Have you guys been aware of this?

      Reading between the lines, you can see WHY the Deep State wants President Trump and Putin kept apart so no treaties can be signed. They are still trying to punish Russia/Putin for not licking their feet. Sheds a bit of light on the Ukraine mess and Syria.

      What an awful mess President Trump has had to unravel. The Clintons (& Oh!Bummer) have left a trail of destruction in their wake and the rest of the world blames Americans.

      Liked by 11 people

      1. Gail, I’m so glad you are posting nowadays to Wolfmoon’s site! I never read OT anymore, and I missed your comments and news drops you share! I love this site and read it as much as I can – been busy this week and hope to catch up today and tomorrow. – Thanks everyone for making this site such a great source of news and inspiration!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. First I’ve heard of it too. Here’s a link to the declassified docs:

        Declassified Documents Concerning Russian President Boris Yeltsin
        This Mandatory Declassification Review contains memorandum of conversations (memcons) and memorandum of telephone conversations (telcons) between President Clinton and President Boris Yeltsin of Russia, April 21, 1996 through December 31, 1999.

        Scanned documents that are a part of this Mandatory Declassification Review are not associated with a Freedom of Information Act Request
        Date Available:
        National Security Council | NSC Records Management System


        1. Pg 51 is interesting. Recently elected Yelztin raises the topic of large scale outside investment in Russia. Date of the memo is July 5, 1996.

          From William Browder’s wiki:
          …”Browder and Edmond Safra (1932–1999) founded Hermitage Capital Management in 1996 for the purpose of investing initial seed capital of $25 million in Russia during the period of the mass privatization after the fall of the Soviet Union. Beny Steinmetz was another of the original investors in Hermitage.[20] “…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Apparently much was delegated to the Gore Chernomyrdin Commission https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gore-Chernomyrdin_Commission

            from its wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gore-Chernomyrdin_Commission

            …”Abuses of the Commission[edit]
            In the early 1990s, the United States government gave responsibility to the Harvard Institute for International Development to help the Russian government transition from a public economy to a private economy.[3] The Harvard Project was led by Andrei Shleifer and Jonathon Hays.[3] Anatoly Chubais, a Russian economist, politician, and businessman represented Russia in privatization effort.[3] This group of individuals had a great deal of power and influence over the privatization process. As part of their privatization strategy, Chubais, Shleifer, and Hays (along with several others) used their insider access to different types of information to limit that information to their private network, enriching themselves and many others in the process (see Russian oligarchs).[3] One of the committees on which the members of this small group sat was the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission, which Janine Wedel describes as follows
            “Members of the intertwined Chubais-Harvard network appointed each other to visible binational posts in economic, energy, and high tech areas. They arranged for each other to be well represented on the high-level Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission…which helped to facilitate cooperation on U.S.-Russian oil deals and the Mir Space Station, among other issues.”[3]”…

            Harvard Institute for International Development:


            …”Russian aid controversy[edit]
            Anatoly Borisovich Chubais, who worked closely with HIID advisers in Russia.
            With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded a project by the HIID to help rebuild the Russian economy on the basis of western concepts of ethics, democracy and free markets.[16] Jeffrey Sachs was said to have “packaged HIID as an AID consultant”. USAID were glad to accept help from Harvard, since they lacked expertise for such a project.[17] The HIID oversaw and guided disbursement of $300 million of US aid to Russia with little oversight by USAID.[18] HIID advisers worked closely with representatives from Russia, notably Anatoly Chubais and his associates.[19] Once USAID accepted help from the HIID, HIID was in a position to recommend U.S. aid policies while being a recipient of that aid. It also put the HIID in a position of power overseeing some of their competitors.[20] The project, which ran from 1992 to 1997, was headed by economist Andrei Shleifer and lawyer Jonathan Hay.[16] HIID received $40.4 million in return for its activities in Russia, awarded without the normal competitive bidding approach.[21]
            In 1996 the US Congress asked the General Accounting Office to investigate the HIID activities in the Russian aid program after multiple complaints to the congressional office had been made. The initial published GAO report considered the USAID’s oversight over Harvard’s Russia project “lax.” The US government attempted to hold the Harvard players responsible for their clear conflicts of interest and undeniable misuse of government money but action was slow to ensue.[21] The original GAO report was critical, and further funding was withdrawn from HIID on the basis that as a contractor HIID has “abused the trust of the U.S. government by using personal relationships for private gain”.[22]
            in 1997, the USAID ended a $14 million grant to the Harvard Institute for International Development after Andrei Shleifer was accused of using the institute to help his wife Nancy Zimmerman’s investments in Russia.[23] As part of a settlement, Zimmerman subsequently paid $1.5 million to the USG through one of her companies, Farallon Fixed Income Associates.[24]
            In September 2000 Shleifer and Hay were accused by the Justice Department of making personal investments in Russia, and therefore failing to act as impartial advisers. The episode became a factor in the dismissal of Larry Summers, who had set up the project as deputy secretary of the treasury under President Bill Clinton.[16]
            The President of the institute from 1995, Jeffrey Sachs, resigned in 1999 to form the Center for International Development (CID), which would focus more on academic research than on consulting.[25] The CID was founded as a joint project of the John F. Kennedy School of Government and the HIID.[26] A task force was appointed in July 1999 to review the future of the HIID, which in January 2000 concluded that it should be dissolved, with its functions distributed to faculties within the University.[3] Reasons included the Russian conflict of interest scandal, structural problems and financial deficits in 1998 and 1999.[25] In 2005, the university was required to pay the US government a settlement of $26.5 million for their involvement in the Russian development scandal.[27] The CID, housed at the Harvard Kennedy School, is now Harvard’s primary center for research on international development.[28]

            Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, I follow him, and he follows me. I went to his feed to double-check. Don’t see how it could mean anything else. These people know what they’re saying and why…

          Liked by 7 people

              1. Not too long ago I think Barbara Flynn thanked Patriots for their support of General Flynn and signed it

                Sorry, I did not save the tweet…

                OH GOOD! It is in my HISTORY!

                Barbara(Flynn)⭐️⭐️⭐️Redgate #WhoLeakedGenFlynn
                We just wanted to let Everyone know Our Family will be forever grateful for the outpouring of love, prayers & messages we have received today We are deeply moved and thankful. God Bless You! God Bless General Mike Flynn #FamilyForever #WWG1WGA 💖🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/ZEeDqTOlX0


                Liked by 4 people

  10. I love it that Q listed all those things about Ruth Badder Ginsborg.

    A lot of people are unaware of how vile she is.
    She was the one who started a war against pronouns, which is being forced on us today.

    The Clintons have done a lot of bad things…but putting that woman on the Supreme Court was one of the worst!

    Liked by 8 people

      1. Yep!
        And she’s an especially nasty one, too!

        No doubt, it was Hillary’s idea to delay her retirement until HRC was sitting on the throne.
        Now, it has backfired on them!

        Liked by 6 people

          1. Essentially, the linked article says that there is no amnesty, that the language about non-deportation refers to something very specific at DHS which requires lots of paperwork to be filed (which doesn’t apply to people coming across the border OR most people already here).

            Also, it explains that the thing about border town being able to decline sections of wall is incorrect, that the bill only requires that the gov’t seek to reach agreement with local towns — which the government already does anyway.

            But if the town doesn’t like it, the wall is going up anyway, local towns have no ‘veto’ power.

            Liked by 4 people

              1. I think there are local towns on the border that are ‘owned’ by the cartels.

                When searching for vids about troop movements on the border, I came across a video where a border town in AZ was complaining about the ‘concertina wire’ that the troops had just strung up on the big barrier fencing there.

                The Mayor of the town had a Mexican accent and was pissed off about it.
                Said it was an “outrage”…and wanted it removed.

                I’ve been flashing back on that video lately, with all this talk of ‘local towns’.

                Liked by 2 people

    1. One must check their definition of ‘Child” … a teenage male is a ‘child’ to socialists… and since most have no papers they lie about their age. 20 y/o illegals have been found in our schools.

      Wait ’til Candace finishes her documentary on how “children” are treated. She did a periscope yesterday… she took a film crew to FL to inspect. She was LIVID, have never seen her in such a state. Said facilities were luxury… compared to her college dorm and especially to inner city children.

      It is a disgrace…

      Liked by 4 people

  11. Alinsky rule # 6:

    “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”

    Very definitely a guilty pleasure, but I am enjoying VSG and Q a LOT, especially these recent days. They have certainly hooked the patriots who are paying attention to this war.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Yes. I run into people who bemoan what the Dems are doing, but are poisoned by various MSM narratives, or even #NeverTrump madness, and I am SO GLAD we have what we have – a sharp and consistent view of the world WITHOUT the blinders of the fake news media

      Liked by 7 people

  12. Did anyone notice how many times Pres Trump used the word “Invasion” this morning?

    I think it was about 6 times…and I love it!

    Because that’s exactly what is going on — an Invasion.

    An ‘invasion’ = emergency.
    An ‘invasion’ = a crisis that creates an immediate need to deal with it.

    I hope we hear more people in the T-Administration using the word “invasion” from now on.
    Words matter.

    There is a reason why the Left calls these waves of invaders…a ‘caravan’.
    The word ‘caravan’ sounds so innocent and benign.

    It’s NOT a ‘caravan’! It is an Invasion Force!

    Liked by 6 people

      1. INVASION!

        La RAZA even admits the plan is ANNEXING USA TERRITORY

        So does WIKI!
        Aztlan WIKI MAP


        …Conference on March 15 – 18, 2001, the official “MEChA Philosophy” was ratified. An excerpt from the document states: “as Mechistas, we vow to work for the liberation of Aztlan.”

        The MEChA Clubs on each of the Santa Barbara high school campuses are not the only ones. MEChA groups exist on 90 percent of the public high school, college and university campuses in the Southwestern United States.

        And from http://humanevents.com/2006/04/07/emexclusive-emthe-truth-about-la-raza/

        “…Chicano is our identity; it defines who we are as people. It rejects the notion that we…should assimilate into the Anglo-American melting pot…Aztlan was the legendary homeland of the Aztecas … It became synonymous with the vast territories of the Southwest, brutally stolen from a Mexican people marginalized and betrayed by the hostile custodians of the Manifest Destiny.” (Statement on University of Oregon MEChA Website, Jan. 3, 2006)

        We are a bronze people with a bronze culture. Before the world, before all of North America, before all our brothers in the bronze continent, we are a nation, we are a union of free pueblos, we are Aztlan. For La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.”

        “That closing two-sentence motto is chilling to everyone who values equal rights for all. It says: “For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing.”

        I am just waiting for President Trump to declare LA RAZA a hostile traitor group allong with the Muslim Brotherhood.


  13. Wolfie,

    wrt shootings (FFs) today…

    if military/Q can destroy a missile… if they can detect

    how is it they can’t detect these shootings ahead of time?

    Might it be because shooters are “activated” by some sort of mind control (sleeper cells)
    and Q just follows patterns of Deep State, assumes they will set off FFs? or Q intelligence hears enough ‘chatter’?

    I’m just flummoxed !

    Liked by 3 people

    1. This is a rough question. I basically look at it as THREE things:

      (1) Part of the answer is MEDIA. They CREATE the culture memes which created the modern shooters. This is a large problem, including games, movies, loss of religion and other ways to sabotage American citizens This is combined with the media SELECTIVELY FOCUSING on propaganda events. They see out these shootings to make more visible – UNLESS they have something more useful, in which case they IGNORE these at the national level. Media focus or non-focus is key. IGNORING THEM is the way out.

      (2) Part of the answer is what I would call DEEP INDIVIDUAL TARGETING online. This stuff is extremely intelligent, and may be employing artificial intelligence to CHANGE PEOPLE’S MINDS. It not only tries to go after individuals – it goes after the people around them. Because it is automated, it is thousands of times more powerful than if there were dedicated human influencers assigned to work on people. What would have at one time been a paranoid fantasy about the deep state is now a REALITY that can run automatically. I’m going to leave it at that, because I don’t want to give away the specific programs that I’ve caught. They are very smart, and use inferences about personality based on media consumption, product consumption, eye-tracking, clicks, advertising data, and (for some people, where they have access to it) NSA data. THEN they interact that data with people’s friends and acquaintances, and they try to work from there to find ways to positively or negatively influence, or to socially sabotage as needed.

      (3) While I do think that they have some “direct” methods analogous to what I experienced in the early 80’s, I believe the technology is a lot stronger now. I need to be very careful here and not give away what I know or don’t know, but I believe that the tech is much more advanced and less easy to “catch” or “out”. THAT SAID, I think that MUCH of it has been displaced by methods (2) above – individual targeting on social media.

      NOW – here is how I think we (meaning the White Hats) can get them.

      What we have to do is find a person who they are interested in as a potential shooter. Because I was misidentified as such a person somewhere along the way, and had high awareness and suspicion of people who I knew were government assets, I was able to infer what they wanted – what they were looking for – what they are HIGHLY TEMPTED BY. They would LOVE for an NRA member to be turned into a shooter, or to be tricked into being the patsy for a false flag. They are HIGHLY desirous of this, and eventually I figured out that THIS is what baited them repeatedly under my microscope. This is a tricky and dangerous game.

      Getting ALL THE DATA for somebody who is actively being groomed would allow the grooming process to be monitored. But it is VERY smart – VERY deniable. Because individual media consumption LOOKS like mass consumption, and because the algorithms are hidden and complex, it is very hard to prove what is going on. Deniability is EXTREMELY HIGH.

      Also I think it’s important to find the people close to the person being groomed – the ones who are interacting directly by phone or online social networks. Hidden within those people are both groomers and “second-order influencers” – people who are pushed by deception to target the individual. If they think they have a live one, or some body who can be PAINTED as a live one for media propaganda purposes, then they will PERSIST to try to recover their investment.

      That Gab Nazi bait post with a phone number was an extraordinary find. I seriously doubt they will make that mistake again. But that shows the level of sophistication we are up against. Socialist hoaxing is now very 3.0 – it is NOT easy to catch their most sophisticated stuff.


        1. Good stuff! Thanks – I had not seen that one.

          I like this one, too – nice explanation:

          Now – here is where I think this stuff goes. White Hats – listen up.

          Based on my experiences, I believe that “they” long ago worked out a kind of subliminal protocol – independent of medium or state of the target listener – whereby information is readily taken up by the SUBCONSCIOUS and NOT by the conscious state. The protocol works in a variety of mental states – hypnotized, drugged, sleeping, or combinations thereof. THAT protocol is what was interrupted in my case, by an immediate need to let a third, untrained party, question me, thereby leading to a conscious memory remembrance error.

          This likely means a sharp reduction in the need for sedation, hypnosis, etc., but likely at the price of efficacy. So again – a lot of this can then be automated, but there are still likely cases requiring “on site” stuff.

          There are occasionally things that remind me of my experience with that protocol – one of those things is that category of creepy “whispering” videos that people use for psychological self-help, relaxation, etc.

          Anyway, I believe the interactive protocol stuff can be merged with this kind of directing technology, at relatively undetectable levels (by the conscious mind WHILE SLEEPING) and thus it is easier to do this kind of work, now, but it likely takes longer to accomplish.

          Liked by 1 person

  14. About that Q-post no. 2731…and the “seven people” who traveled to a secured, guarded location, a few hours after the election:

    Who would those ‘seven people’ be?


    Sally Yates

    Clapper is an idiot, so I doubt he was there…he does what he’s told, but blabs stuff.

    McCabe and Yates were both [#2]’s at that time.

    I don’t think Q is saying that RR was at that meeting…and besides, RR wasn’t in a high position at that time.

    I doubt that HusseinO would’ve been at that meeting either.
    He’s just a puppet anyway, not a strategist.

    There might have been someone like Eric Schmidt at that meeting…since his CrowdStrike outfit played a role in their dark ops.
    It could even be why Schmidt suddenly resigned from Google.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on ‘Who’ those seven people might be?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I think Schmidt resigned from Google because Q mentioned his work in North Korea and China. Regarding the 7 at the meeting, I think you’re probably pretty close to the truth. Q did say that the White House ordered the coup, so Obama is involved.

      Liked by 5 people

  15. Yeah, but I don’t think HusseinO would’ve gone to that meeting.
    His comings and goings were too visible and notable.

    And ValJar was the one running the White House, so Q might have meant her when he said “WH ordered coup”.
    But absolutely, BHO would’ve known about it and been all for it.

    About Schmidt…yeah, Q did mention that bombshell about his work in NK.
    But that is just one of the things that Schmidt was up to his neck in.

    Schmidt set up ways for them to all communicate, remember…ways that they ‘thought’ would be safe and undetectable.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I would add Adam Shiffy to the list of possibles. He certainly seems to be in the middle of the mess. Also there is George Soros.


  16. I am going to put this down here too so you can see it better:

    Barbara(Flynn)⭐️⭐️⭐️Redgate #WhoLeakedGenFlynn

    We just wanted to let Everyone know Our Family will be forever grateful for the outpouring of love, prayers & messages we have received today We are deeply moved and thankful. God Bless You! God Bless General Mike Flynn #FamilyForever #WWG1WGA 💖🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/ZEeDqTOlX0



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  17. On towns and property owners and the wall.

    Do not forget the Roosevelt Reservation. It is a 60 foot coridor along the border owned by the federal government to be kept clear of obstructionsfor border protection.

    Wolfie, perhaps you could locate a map with the corridor actually marked on it. It was a 1907 ‘declaration’

    Liked by 4 people

  18. About the Aurora, IL shooting.

    Not surprisingly, many online commenters thought it was Aurora, CO again, which makes one think about Q’s ‘symbolism will be their downfall’.

    On to the shooting, which some on this thread found amusing, for whatever reason. FF or not, people died.

    From the FB link in the tweet (emph. mine):

    ‘At 1:24 pm, 2/15/19, Aurora Police Department received multiple calls of an active shooter at the Henry Pratt Manufacturing and Warehouse building, located at 641 Archer Ave.

    ‘Approximately four minutes later, the first officers arrived on scene and were immediately confronted by Gary Martin, a 45-year-old Aurora man armed with a handgun. The male fired upon the officers as they arrived, striking two of the four first responders.

    ‘Additional Aurora police officers responded to assist in an attempt to rescue the wounded officers and render aid. As additional law enforcement arrived at the scene, they continued to report gunfire heard within the building.

    ‘A regional law enforcement response was coordinated, and several teams of officers went inside the 29,000 square foot facility in an attempt to locate and stop the shooter. Aurora officers, along with officers from the Naperville Police Department ultimately confronted the offender inside the building at which time he fired at them. The officers returned fire, killing the offender.

    ‘In total, five Aurora police officers were shot by the gunman before this incident ended. All of the officers have been transported to area hospitals for treatment for apparent non-life-threatening injuries.

    ‘No injuries to first responders from other agencies have been reported.

    ‘Thus far in the investigation, we have confirmed five employees were located deceased inside the building. We have also confirmed that one employee is being treated at an area hospital for non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.’

    ABC7 of Chicago has a photo of the shooter and more information about him:


    ‘Martin was a veteran assemblyman at the century-old valve plant. Law enforcement sources told the ABC7 I-Team he was summoned to a meeting room where he was told he was being fired. He responded with a pistol, opening fire on the executives in the room, and then took his anger to the plant floor where dozens of his coworkers were still on the lines.

    ‘”Next thing you know, he went walking back in front and we heard more shots and that’s when we just left the building, and he started opening up on the room and he was just shooting everybody,” said John Probst, witness and survivor, who has worked at the plant for 40 years …

    ‘… Martin has a criminal background, and that he was convicted in 1995 for aggravated assault, a felony, in Mississippi and served two and a half years in the Mississippi Department of Corrections. It was not immediately known if he had a criminal record in Illinois.’

    Law enforcement went to his home. ABC7 spoke with his neighbours:

    ‘There was a large law enforcement presence at Martin’s apartment as investigators try to determine his motive and whether any part of this attack may have been planned. SWAT teams and a bomb squad swarmed the parking lot of the otherwise nondescript apartment complex.

    ‘”You never know who you’re living with,” said Patrick, a neighbor.

    ‘Technicians worked with a robot, sending it into the gunman’s apartment to look for anything, perhaps hazardous, that might give them a clue as to what led up to the shooting.

    ‘Investigators are trying to piece together a clearer picture of who Martin is.

    ‘”He didn’t seem odd,” Patrick said. “He kind of kept to himself. Never really saw him with anybody. Just kind of strange.”

    ‘”People are saying like he’s weird. He wasn’t weird. He’s a good person,” said Sherry Spears.

    ‘With tears running down her face, Spears described Martin – who she called Ted – as a kind, old friend.

    ‘”Just in school, we hung out in school. Knowing him, he left town and came back, but he ain’t no bad person,” she said.

    ‘While investigators search his belonging and electronics for clues, Spears offered a little insight.

    ‘”People are tired, depressed, so much going on. I wish the city of Aurora had something for people with mental health,” she said …’

    As so often happens in these incidents, the reports appear before the shooting starts. Unfortunately, the provenance or veracity of this headline is unknown, but it is dated February 14:


  19. Other incidents from February 15:

    1/ Netflix in Los Angeles:

    ‘Netflix says ‘there is no immediate danger’ to employees after evacuation reports

    ‘KTLA news says its studios and Netflix’s space within Sunset Bronson Studios in Los Angeles, California, were on lockdown after police received a report of a “person with a deadly weapon.” Netflix says police are sweeping the area out of caution.’

    2/ Incidents in Houston (Dunkin Donuts) and Nebraska (a school):

    Those in the second appear to be ‘domestics’:




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