WARNING! No One In the Media and the Majority Of Politicians Don’t Want the Wall….. Don’t Allow Them To Gaslight You

I felt compelled to write this article based on what I have read from Q Treepers on the other thread and what I am seeing on Twitter. You have major bigwigs that don’t want the Wall for different reasons. The Koch Brothers, corporations etc. want cheap labor to come into our country. The Cartel payoff many politicians and MSM members to make sure articles and votes stop the building of the Wall.

In the El Chapo trial, we found out that the former President of Mexico, Pena Nieto, took close to $100 million in bribes. You know he wasn’t the only one. Many in our Congress today received plenty of money as well.

The Murdochs had Megyn Kelly try to eliminate our President at a debate because of his stance on Immigration. The CoC pay millions upon millions of dollars to politicians on both sides of the aisle to keep the border open.

I could go on and on with different examples. All these forces are out in full force this evening. They will not stop because their job is to sway public opinion and break our President from his growing base.

Here are some examples of the gaslighting:



For those that will tell you there were land mines put into the bill that will stop the President from being able to declare a National Emergency are lying to you.

More examples of gaslighting that are debunked

Our President has the best assassin in the world as his Chief Of Staff! Do you think he would be setting our President up?

The Uniparty thought our President would either resign or be impeached. Many of them also thought he was dumb and wouldn’t realize the power a President has. Guess when they gave him the authority to do what he is doing?

I think this tweet sums it up perfectly. Our President is an APEX PREDATOR. Never ever forget that for a single minute. Are there things that piss us off in the bill, yes. However, he needed Mitch to support him in declaring the National Emergency. Those things that piss you off were traded by our President to get Mitch’s support.



77 thoughts on “WARNING! No One In the Media and the Majority Of Politicians Don’t Want the Wall….. Don’t Allow Them To Gaslight You

      1. Thanks Felice,

        Maybe now my blood pressure will go down to where I can get some sleep. 😉

        Actually with:
        approved by 375-34 in the House
        and 92-7 in the Senate.

        The Law is veto proof so President Trump’s signature is academic.

        Just watched a vid with skuttlebutt that El Chapo was naming names of the AMERICAN Politicians he bribed and someone caught a few of them before getting tossed out of the courtroom.

        Maybe that is why Whitaker was at the court just before the Jury finished deliberations.

        I sure hope so!

        Funny stuff going on, like that helio raid in LA and other helio ‘training exercises’

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      2. Flep…… You are going to have to quit this stuff!
        YOU are helping President Trump with his WINNING….. 🙂
        Not sure “we” can take much more of this!

        Keep up the Good Work!
        (You post many GREAT Articles)
        You have my profound Thanks

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  1. Flep–Duane Cates–Brians Brother has a thread as well

    Share far and wide!! Pounce!!!

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  2. Flep my husband is from NYC and he told me “not to worry because PTrump delt with curroption in NYC.”
    We are on a roller coaster . It comes all douwn to faith and trust that we voted for the right leader.
    I believe those who jump off the train have no confidence in their own judgement. P Trump is the best in this time in US history.
    Thank you for starting this thread.

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    1. Some people are influenced by what they heard most recently…

      Most people are influenced by Mockingbird media – even though some of them parrot “it’s FAKE NEWS” – they STILL believe.

      Most people are strongly influenced by the reaction of those around them.

      It’s much easier to believe “The sky is falling!” rather than, “He’s got this… just wait.”

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      1. And some people are influenced by the belief that congress is more corrupt than Hades and after the last two years thinks the worst of ANY bills put forth by the Senate and the House.

        America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution explains that the reason bills are hundreds to thousands of pages long is because laws are NOT about justice and equality but instead they detail how the pie gets divided up and who gets what.

        All politicians need to know about a bill is ‘whats in it for them’ that is why they do not bother to read them.

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        1. Many people do NOT understand how “Bills” get written (or Passed)…
          This Ain’t Schoolhouse Rock…

          Bills are WRITTEN by LOBBYISTS! (Let that sink in)…..
          Bills are NOT written by CONgressmen or even their staffs…..

          CONgressmen are “SALESMEN” for the LOBBYISTS Bills.
          CONgressmen get PAID BIG MONEY (re-election funds etc.) to PASS these Bills….
          Most “Bills” these days are NOT in the “Public” Interest.

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        2. Gail I agree with you the Congress is wanting and leadership like McConnell will be waning if they do not get their act together.
          One thing to remember McConnell is from a liberal part of KY Louisville.

          This is interesting from Breitbart. McConnell is a black hat as far as I am concerned and never should be trusted. I am sue POTUS knows that. I also know POTUS now has to make decisions that are for the whole country not just trust in one man.
          POTUS needs prayers and he needs us to be honest white hats standing with him. McConnell in my mind is a bad guy very bad who is two faced self-serving and forgot whom he serves.
          I tell myself that pOTUS is 100% better than any democrat.

          Some good news I found out my County in OH has elected in midterm all Republicans and my town is now half Republican. Govenor Devine came to the University yesterday and that is a good sign for 2020.



      2. There are still folks suffering from battered conservative syndrome, too. So used to seeing the same old thing happen that they throw in the towel.

        I just keep repeating, PDJT is like no other. He’s smarter, he’s tougher, and better prepared. He hasn’t let me down yet, in fact he has constantly surpassed my expectations and delighted me again and again.

        I trust PDJT.

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        1. Sylvia
          “I just keep repeating, PDJT is like no other. He’s smarter, he’s tougher, and better prepared. He hasn’t let me down yet, in fact he has constantly surpassed my expectations and delighted me again and again.

          I trust PDJT.”
          I agree!

          Though the media tries to convince us otherwise.

          Trust the plan trust PDJT.

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    2. This right here pretty much says it all as reported by Fle above:

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      1. I can’t like this tweet enough!!!

        Battered Conservative Syndrome is REAL. I can’t believe the negativity and despair of people “over there,” including their host. It is unbelievable. Did they all FORGET who we elected?

        I have been happier, felt safer, and been more confident in the direction of my country over the past two years than any time in my life! Don’t worry, BE HAPPY!

        Our President is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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  3. FLEP, Very timely and spot on post.

    Incredible how many folks lose their spine so easily. Eeyore’s and Gumby’s demonstrating their flexibility by launching their heads are up their….

    Admittedly, too often I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. But…

    It took me a long time to fully grasp why President Trump ends every rally with a perfect message via the Rolling Stones…

    No, you can’t always get what you want
    You can’t always get what you want
    You can’t always get what you want
    But if you try sometime you find
    You get what you need.

    Commonly near the end of his rally’s he pointedly invokes…

    Never give in. Never give up. Never quit.

    Win. Win. Win!

    Folks, calm down. Analyze all news, not the headlines. And damn sure not MSM and talking heads.

    President Trump has never let us down. You get what you need.

    Promise made. Promises kept. That is the bottom line.

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    1. Exactly.
      Rolling Stones version of the Art of the Deal.

      Never, ever, ever, EVER give up.
      Don’t give in.
      Don’t back down.
      And never stop doing what you know is right.

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  4. I wonder how many Congress critters and/or their aides have read “the Bill”?

    Wonder how many EOs POTUS has written to offset the cr*p in “the Bill”?

    And as a reminder to Q Treepers: Mick Mulvaney still wears his other hat – “Dir of OMB”

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  5. Brian Kilmeade broke the news on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday.
    Transcript via The Daily Caller:

    “I just got off the phone with Mick Mulvaney, chief of staff, and the answer is a resounding ‘Yes.’ Now for the first time, you will hear how much it is and where the money is coming from.
    It’s going to be about $8 billion. He had the $1.3, then $600 million will come from the Treasury, the Treasury forfeiture front. $2.5 billion out of DoD. They consulted with Mick Mulvaney and the White House over the last few months on what they could actually do and they are going to use some money they feel they can spare on the drug interdiction account,” he continued. “Then they came across with $3.5 billion for the military, the military construction budget.”


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  6. I posted this on daily thread… reposting here because it may help those who tweet in educating some of those who are hyperventilating…

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      1. OMG Wheatie I have been desperately hoping that as soon as he unpacks his World’s Greatest Grandpa coffee mug, his philodendron, puts his photo of the family on the credenza and adjusts his big executive chair for maximum comfort that he JUST LETS IT RIP. Blood and feathers EVERYWHERE!

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  7. Thanks flep! With Barr in and RR gone we are on the next level. I have no doubt there are tactics here that we won’t see until after. Even with the Q info. RR can now testify as witness?

    The YTers that interpret are still just giving their opinions but they don’t know any more than we do.
    I’d rather use my imagination for positive ideas and theories…we are supposed to be enjoying the show and I have found my people to watch with!
    There is going to be so many BOOM’s ahead that we will boomed out, not bummed out.

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    1. “I’d rather use my imagination for positive ideas and theories”…and this sweet pic shows that despite the enormous weight of the world that these two must feel at times there are genuine good times!.

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  8. Several things on the declaration of a National Emergency. We actually looked at the Act. Yes, there are still 31 National Emergencies still in place from Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc.

    About this “being a dangerous precedent” — no, it’s not.
    1. Let’s say a crazy President wanted to declare a war on pizza and declared pizza illegal. Well, there is a provision in the Act, which allows for Congress to immediately take a vote and declare the “National Emergency” null and void. Congress HAS the power to override the President.
    Pelosi cannot.
    Pelosi knows that would not pass the Senate, so, she is screaming. Typical.

    “Wait until it’s our turn”, from the Dems.
    2 The new talking point from the Dems is “wait for two years and we will win POTUS and declare national emergency to take away your guns”. No, they can’t. It’s silly and unconstitutional.

    3. The President is absolutely on firm ground by declaring a national emergency. He can do it. AND the Dems ONLY HOPE is a legal contest if President Trump does something with the money which would be ‘out of the scope’ of the Declaration of a National Emergency.
    For instance, if the President declared a war on pizza — and then decided to invade France. The “France” part would be out of scope.

    4. Don’t let the media gaslight you. BOTH GOPe Repubs and Dems don’t want this wall. The only people do need the wall are the people of the USA. We’re seeing them shriek because it might just get built with President Trump.

    5. A National Emergency is NOT like an EO from a President. It is constitutional and carries the weight of law. It must be undone by a Congress BY A VOTE or by a subsequent President. It is a unique power of the Presidency.

    What I do know…..
    President Trump has delivered far above expectations on almost everything he promised us.
    We KNOW that he knows more than we do.
    There is no one better to negotiate this exchange on our behalf than President Trump.

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          1. That’s one thing I keep hearing about this bill: that sponsoring illegal children will be de facto amnesty and encourage people to bring latch onto kids, steal them, what have you thus increasing trafficking.

            But I did see some talking head tonight assure that DHS is going to be interpreting that VERY strictly and with no leeway because they are well aware of the consequences.

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          1. Yep. Pizzagate died very quickly over there, which made me wonder.

            And I think that the paedophilia problem is worldwide, and at the root of many, MANY other problems caused by the deep state. For although money is the root of all kinds of evil, the trafficking of drugs, weapons, and people, especially youth (and baby parts, as it were), is the deep state’s way of getting money and control.

            And it will be their end, both here, and in Hell.

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  9. Cheap labor, cartel payoffs that allow drug and human trafficking with countless lives destroyed, bribes of politicians, taxpayer dollars going to support all of this? I’m so done with this evil being perpetrated upon us, WAR!!!

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  10. You guys are way too quick to celebrate this. Best to see how this plays out before doing victory laps. I did see that the bill is only a CR and expires in September. So we have 6 months before we do this dance again.

    This deal is going to cost the President support unless and until they communicate this better to the American public.

    Next battle is the debt ceiling in 2 weeks. I didn’t see that it was included in the CR.


    1. SIX months?

      President Trump is a BUILDER and this ain’t some skyscraper. It is only a wall.

      ALL the plans are already in place.

      ALL the contracts have been written.

      ALL the contractors to build the wall have been contacted and WAITING to sign those contracts.

      The Amazing Mick dug up the $$$

      The 1907 Roosevelt Easement provides the federal government with a 60-foot border right-of-way on which it could build the fence.

      in 2008 DHS Secretary Chertoff issued a waiver “to bypass environmental reviews to speed construction of fencing along the Mexican border.”

      These walls are going to go ups so fast it will make your head spin‼️

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  11. Flep, you nearly knocked me off the roller coaster I got so excited with your WINNAMINS explanations.

    Mick Mulvaney is the Andrew Breitbart of finance 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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  12. I do think with the wall there is something being missed. We always talk about human trafficking, drugs, terrorists, disease, etc., coming north. What’s headed south from here? More guns and ammo a la Fast & Furious? Military weapons? Other contraband that is off the books?

    If the wall is more than we know, I’m wondering if it goes both ways. I mean, think about Justice Scalia’s death. If it really was what the conspiracy world believes, not natural, that “hunting club” or whatever it was where it happened is right on the border.

    What else has gone on down there that we don’t know about?

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  13. Flep, can President Trump use the Impoundment Act to NOT USE the funds appropriated by the Congress? I know there is a Impoundment Control Act to require notification to Congress when the Impoundment Act is used, but he could probably get overwhelming support from the American people. Could he spend the money for the “good” appropriations and impound the rest?


  14. Jonathan Turley is a rational independent constitutional lawyer and law professor. He represented the House in the leading case against unfettered use of the national emergency power and won against Obama. He say flat out that Trump is on solid grounds and will win. If it gets to SCOTUS, his win will be “SPECTACULAR”. I agree with everything he says and, (tiny brag), wrote essentially the same thing in a comment here last night. Be not afraid.


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