Democrats Got Played! Please Promise Not To Tell Anyone Until Friday Night…..

If you promise me you won’t share this with anyone, you are welcome to continue reading.

All you will hear from this point forward until PDJT decides he will sign the bill that will be passed out of the House and Senate is that the White House and President are not happy with what they came up with. $1.375 Billion is fare less than 5.7 Billion.

Listen to our President and hear what he had to say. HE IS NOT HAPPY! 

The talking seals in the MSM will run around elated that the President is not happy and feels like he lost with this bill.

From the article linked above:

Trump: ‘I’m not happy’ with border security deal, but another shutdown looks unlikely

  • President Trump says he is “not happy” with a deal to avoid a government shutdown but believes funding for the government will not lapse again.
  • Lawmakers reached a tentative agreement Monday night to keep the government running past a midnight Friday deadline.

People on our side will also come out blasting our President if he decides to take the deal.

You won’t hear much coming from the Democrats because Nancy insisted she would not give a $1 for the Wall. They will also keep quiet because they don’t want their mushrooms to realize how much the President got and that the Democrats got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING back in return.

No relief for the TPS (Temporary Protective Status). No extension for DACA recipients. No reduction in the number of beds for illegals waiting to be deported.

What no one will share with you is a certain provision in the bill.

From the article linked above:

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) stated that he assumes the president will accept the amount of wall funding in the deal struck by the conference committee, which will be short of $5.7 billion, and then move around money to make up the difference.

Graham said, “[W]e’ve allocated money to deal with drug corridors, but there’s also language in the appropriations bill where you can move around $4 billion inside the Department of Defense in the discretion of the secretary and the president. So, there’s well over $4 billion available to the president under current law, in addition to what the Congress will give him in this deal. 


90 thoughts on “Democrats Got Played! Please Promise Not To Tell Anyone Until Friday Night…..

  1. I read what purported to be the list of conditions somewhere, and the only one that looked like a real problem was the limitation on the money being spent for the Rio Grande sector. There were no limits on beds for detainees or any of the other crap that was mentioned a few days ago.

    But even that Rio Grande restriction is not a problem so long as it only applies to this money. Because, as you say, the President can scrounge up other money, and spend it in other places.

    The real downsides are 1) we have to listen to a bunch of smug leftist assholes crowing about breaking Trump. I can live with that. 2) we have to listen to people on our side shrieking and panicking. Oh, well, I guess we gotta put up with that, too.

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    1. Yea, group 2 above used to frustrate me greatly.

      Once I recognized there is precious little difference between group associated in 1 and 2 above, I understand and accept reality. They are truly Uniparty, in it for their prestige, control, power and most importantly, money.

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      1. You’re in a good place, then! The 2) group frustrates me no end, and it includes commenters on websites. (Some are trolls, but some are conservative pearl-clutchers.) They want Pres. Trump to demand $5+ billion from Congress, no matter what, and shut down the government again with disastrous political consequences. Or they would have him declare a national emergency because that would be a bad-a** thing to do. Never mind the precedent it could set. (If Pres. Trump thinks that’s the only way to get what we need, I support him, but I don’t think he’s going there. He’s talked about it as an option too many times. He doesn’t telegraph what he’s going to do.)

        I expect Ann Coulter will be leading the charge. I also expect her to find someone to primary Pres. Trump for 2020 because this will be the last straw, or something. She would get maximum attention that way.

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        1. That all or nothing mentality is part of why the Pro-Life movement has not been very successful. In-fighting abounds, or at least had been prominent for at least the first 25 years. Purists are a detriment in most cases.

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        2. Ann Coulter will never be happy until the Democrats adamantly refuse to cooperate and Trump threatens to use the entire nuclear arsenal of the United States against Congress.

          I’m not even joking.

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        3. I stop listening to Ann Coulter a year ago. I suggest you all do the same. She believes that her exact position on any topic is the only acceptable end point. Everything else is failure. Imagine being married to her….

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          1. ‘Imagine being married to her….’ That’s probably what all her boyfriends asked themselves. 😉

            She was on Howie Carr yesterday (regular weekly phone interview) and, afterwards, his co-producer said that listeners were asking why she is still on every week.

            Howie said that he was aware of what people thought, but, well, they’d known each other for a long time, so she would continue to be a phone-in guest.

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    2. One question: does the bill restrict the TYPE of barrier than can be built? As for the Rio Grande sector, I presume that is the same sector to which PDJT was referring last night, about beginning the wall on the Rio Grande?

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      1. Anything that is appropriated from Congress is very specific when it comes to what area, how many miles and what type of structure. So the $1.375 billion will be laid out that way. The additional $4 billion will have no strings attached.

        The Army Corp of Engineers will determine with DHS where, what type of Wall/Barrier etc. The Army Corp of Engineers will not do the work. They will subcontract it to multiple businesses. However, they will specify the type of steel, concrete, barrier etc. that they company needs to follow in order to pass inspection and ultimately receive the full funding.

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    3. “The real downsides are 1) we have to listen to a bunch of smug leftist assholes crowing about breaking Trump. I can live with that. 2) we have to listen to people on our side shrieking and panicking. Oh, well, I guess we gotta put up with that, too.”

      True…but that will be temporary/relatively short term crowing and gloating…until they realise they’ve been beaten again…by Trump! Can you imagine the abject despair these maroons will be in when they realise he wasn’t just blowing smoke? When they see the major construction taking place all along our Southern border? I think I can wait and put up with their crowing to witness the meltdowns taking place all over the place.

      It’s amazing that they haven’t learned this by now…President Trump doesn’t blow smoke! The wall will be built. And I’d be willing to bet that years from now, maybe months from now, we’ll all look back and realise that by some fashion or another, Mexico has paid for the whole thing!

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    1. Not at all! The appropriation committees in the House (Regrettably chaired by Democrats) will start the appropriation process sometime in March/April for the 2020 budget. It has to be approved by September 30, 2019. There will be serious issues of what our President wants compared to the BS that Democrats will push for.

      Our President will fight to get as much money as possible for the military. Meaning he will have to give more than he would like to the Democrats for their pet projects. If they can’t reach a deal on each bill (I believe 12 total), they can do a CR or an Omnibus Bill.

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      1. I understood Pres. Trump to say he would not sign another omnibus bill. Someone correct me if I am mistaken, but I thought he only signed the first one to get the necessary funding for the military, which was needed immediately.

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          1. Things are basically so broken – they will follow Eddie Munster’s lead and continue with CR’s & Omnibus Spending Bills. They may mark up appropriations and the President will send his budget, but they will never agree and fight until the last week when only the above will work. It has been the working model since Hussein’s first year, it’s going to take a hard core Govt wide shutdown to break the cycle. Which PDT will probably do in his 2nd Term. He has to fix things now, but his attention will turn to the debt soon at the rate he is racking up accomplishments.

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            1. I disagree with the comment about another omnibus bill; I don’t think PDJT will sign another Omnibus.

              But your point about taking another hard core shut down to fix this is spot on. Hussein worked hard to kill off the constraints imposed by the Budget Act of 74, and given the benefits that flow individually to members of congress from profligate spending, the uniparty was happy to help him. Moreover, it is a fact that people who vote for fiscal discipline do not get re-elected.

              Looking just at the appropriations process, I would agree that the outlook is not great. That said, I think there are two additional big picture elements in play. I think PDJT has laid plans for massive cuts in federal spending, using the shut down to identify specifically how selected agencies operate at reduced personnel levels. I’m not sure when or how he can implement these cuts, but I think there is a plan to do so.

              A second big picture element of the plan must be the restoration of sound money. History has shown that massive debt destroys currency value, which in turn wipes out middle class savings and devastates retirees on fixed incomes. Creating more middle class jobs is not sufficient to enable a decent living if worker are paid in worthless currency. And when retirees wake up to the fact that the plan to save social security is to promise the same dollar benefits while driving down the value of the dollar, they will vote against whomever is in power.

              Hussein planted a debt time bomb knowing that never in history has a country survived the collapse of its currency. We scoffed at the silliness of shovel ready stimulus projects and cash for clunkers and whatnot, but there was a deadly serious purpose behind them.

              PDJT knows that if this blows up on his watch, history will blame him for it and everything he has accomplished will be swept away. And he knows that reducing the debt is required in order to save the dollar, and restoring the dollar is the only way to prevent the recurrence of debt-based profligate spending in the future. I have to believe this is part of the plan, and as you say, PDJT will turn to it soon.

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        1. Pay down the debt? Give me a break!!! We can’t even phantom $23 trillion let alone pay it down! It requires Congress to quit spending money they does not exist in revenue. Good luck with that!!! Keep the interest payments up!


  2. Ill have to explain this to mr hil and have it passed on accurately. No playing “telephone” on it. As long as it gets done on time and hopefully under budget, I dont care if the arrangement of money isnt in one pot.

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  3. Democrats always overplay their hand!

    From the article linked above:

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 59% of Likely U.S. Voters think border security is a vital national security interest for the United States these days. Thirty-three percent (33%) disagree.

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    1. “…Thirty-three percent (33%) disagree.”

      This tells you the percentage of diehard brain dead DemonRats in the country.

      December 2009
      Democratic — 36%
      Tea Party — 23%
      Republican — 18%
      Not sure — 22%

      Notice the Republican GOPe actually has very little support. This means with a true leader (President Trump) the Tea Party can actually take over the GOPe.

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  4. Don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade…

    But POTUS can get FULL funding from several places, including Defense.

    Why would he accept this bill which also contains provisions to do with reducing detention beds, etc. and no
    money for Disaster Aid or additional BP agents, etc. ?????????????


    additionally, Mitch is bringing the House’s Joint Res Bill .1 for cloture and then a vote… POTUS was A-OK with this bill… Nan wasn’t. Pelosi wants the company she is highly invested in to put in Hi Tech… scanners…

    POTUS said last night that German Shepherds are better, clearly a jab at her vested interests…


    Mitch is on the floor now…

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    1. Why would he accept this bill which also contains provisions to do with reducing detention beds, etc. and no
      money for Disaster Aid or additional BP agents, etc. ?????????????

      Are you SURE of this? I know it was being talked about a few days ago, but are you sure it’s actually in THIS agreement? Because I’ve seen no indication that it is.

      If you’re right, then of course everything changes.

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      1. Felice,

        I’m not disagreeing with you necessarily… I’m puzzled by volume of info…

        Watched interview you posted w/ Graham and Sean…

        Lindsey responded NO to Sean’s query wrt “Do you know what is in the Bill?” Lindsey then responded, I can tell you what won’t be in the Bill (he is referring here to the one POTUS actually signs, I believe) and he goes on to speak about capped BP agents, beds, etc. Lindsey did say $$ for the Wall were very low, however, POTUS can move funds around (which we already know he can).

        Few mins later POTUS is speaking, saying that DIMs want (what Lindsey said POTUS would NOT sign off on.

        “Bree” is the only one talking about “beds” … in two tweets. In one she says “same exact number as 2018” and in the second one she says huge increase from 2018.

        I’m still flummoxed.

        As for the DIMS being played… our VSG POTUS does that 24/7 😉
        AND I’m sure he will do so wrt this matter.

        In addition to the necessity to get Barr confirmed (POTUS needs DIM votes in Senate unless Mitch gets cloture)

        oops, Mitch just got vote FOR CLOTURE for Barr


        How long after vote for cloture does Mitch have to wait to take vote for confirmation? Anyone know?

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        1. After invoking cloture, the Senate will have up to 30 hours to debate before a final vote. But senators could agree by unanimous consent not to use all that time.

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          1. Phoenix I really believe Lindsey is working for our President in the trenches. He knows more than he let on with Sean. He knows the details but played stupid because they don’t want the crazies on the Left to realize they got played. You aren’t going to get much from now until the votes take place. I really believe that on Friday, Mick Mulvaney will do a press conference from Sarah’s location and will provide all the details so that we get to hear all the great things we got and the fact they got nothing.

            The press is going to run on disinformation. The Mueller debacle today has half of them ready to kill themselves. No need to have them take out their anger on the bill. Let them believe they won so the MORONIC Democrats can vote yes and destroy them on Friday knowing Monday is President’s Day and they can have 72 hours to go crazy this weekend.

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          2. Thirty more hours of grandstanding that is a complete waste of time since they all know how they’re going to vote. (WE could probably guess correctly how the vote will go. Probably every Dem will vote no except Manchin; every Repub will vote yes except Rand. There. I just saved us all some time.)

            How many days does 30 hours equate to in the Senate? I really hope they agree by unanimous consent. But if they’re afraid of Barr, they will delay as long as possible.

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  5. POTUS so in his speech last night…

    HOWEVER, I have just read Mitch’s tweets, from 6 hrs. ago… and he is stating that GOP agrees to the “Bill” which is the one Felice is talking about.

    I’m really flummoxed !!! Could it be that Mitch’s tweet about filing cloture on HJRes. 1 forced DIMs in the Committee to break away from Pelosi and vote for smidgen amount of money in order to have the original bill which was much better come back?

    I admit I don’t know what is going on…

    by the way, in case they have not been posted, here are Mitch’s tweets as Leader, not from the cloakroom:


    Last tweet sounds alot like Paul Ryan’s “promise” on the Omnibus Bill… jes sayin’

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    1. Concerning McConnell, my gut feeling tells me he really did /does not want POTUs to fight for the wall or this bill. I believe he put Barr before POTUS nose and said “you want Barr then you need to agree to XYZ.”

      Unless POTUS has Republicans on his site and McConnell he cannot do much of anything and McConnell never thought POTUS still would be WH
      The conservative Republicans in Congress are ticked off .

      This makes POTUS look weak and to me looks McConnell is setting POTUS up the way Ryan and he did last time.
      I hope to God this works out because POTUS is to good of a man to be shafted like this. I also heard his advisers advise him to take the deal. I hope he goes with his gut feeling.
      Maybe I feel this way is I do not trust the swamp.

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  6. PRESIDENT TRUMP started site evaluations and preparations for building the wall from the first week after taking the oath of office – and hasn’t stopped building the wall ever since – even with the government shut-down!

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  7. Democrats are so busy with their radical leftist Green Deal they haven’t paid close attention to the border deal.

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          1. Trump has long ago planned how to finance the wall and who will pay for it.

            Building and financing a mere wall is no problem for a skyscraper builder and financier with over 50 years experience in NYC and around the world!

            “Of note, the contracts for all the new wall sections last year were executed by the Army Corps of Engineers (with transferred Homeland Security money).

            So they already have the mechanism, the subcontractors and the precedent.

            Buckle up.”

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  8. Meanwhile, back at the raunch, Occasional Cortex was seen frantically flipping a small yellow Post-It note over and over and over in her hands…

    Closer observation revealed the text, identical on both sides ot the note:

    “How do you keep a blonde occupied”

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      1. Worse, Occasional Cortex was culturally appropriating a blonde joke (what a relief is must be for blondes, after all these years and all these jokes 🙂 )…


  9. Not one dollar, eh Nan?? Of course Trump won!! That’s a no-brainer.😃
    We need to beat the $1 club dummies over the head with that. 1.375 + 4 BILLION DOLLARS!!!

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  11. From Flep’s article: “No relief for the TPS (Temporary Protective Status). No extension for DACA recipients.”
    This is HUGE. It’s hard to believe the Dems would leave the Dreamers hanging. If Pres. Trump can get a bill that doesn’t have anything horrible in it, doesn’t have any provisions for DACA and TPS, and funds part of the wall, it’s a win since he can get wall funding elsewhere.

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  12. To pay down the debt:
    1.have a ever DECREASING debt ceiling (Instead of expanding)

    2. NO welfare type programs for anyone but citizens!
    …..a. NO Emergency room
    …..b. NO Food Stamps
    …..c. NO Section 8
    …..d. NO Medicare/medicaid unless you are a LEGAL permanent resident who has paid in.
    …..e. NO English as a second language
    …..f. NO Printing Gov doc.s in several languages
    …..g. NO Sanctuary cities/states

    You can go through and find ALL the programs that are FOR non-citizens and eliminate them!

    KILL Departments and hand that section of law back over to government:
    …..a. OSHA
    …..b. EPA
    …..c. Education
    …..d. Most of USDA
    …..e. Most of parks & BLM. The land should go back to the states!

    Again go thru all of the ‘departments and either eliminate or slash.

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  13. —————

    The 30-hour requirement on cloture vote will be up midnight tonight… so Mitch could call for confirmation on Barr Thursday a.m.

    Don’t hold your breath…

    It appeared to me several days ago that Mitch has been holding Barr’s confirmation as leverage to get POTUS to sign off on Border Security bill…

    Chad’s TL indicates the Conference Bill will be available late this afternoon, however House won’t vote on ’til Thursday night… and zeroHedge is reporting that

    … “Update 2: Just hours after Steny Hoyer said a vote on the border funding compromise bill had been set for Thursday night, Republican members of the 17-lawmaker compromise committee have told Fox that some internal squabbling has erupted over the text of the bill. Georgia Congressman Tom Graves said the bill is “leaking oil” right now. He’s recommending that the text of the bill be allowed to sit for a few days in the name of transparency.

    Graves is undecided on the bill, but if he bolts, it could possibly kill the compromise. Meanwhile, after announcing that he would sign the bill, President Trump said he will instead wait to see the text so he can look for “land mines.”

    Lots of smoke and mirrors…


  14. House Update… from Chad’s Twitter TL …

    Here is the state of play on the border security package.

    House Democrats will whip the vote tonight and get a sense of how many Democrats will support the package. Fox is told there is a “churn” among members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus who may oppose the package

    Some CHC’er are up in the air about the border package. But I would note that Reps. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA), Henry Cuellar (D-TX) and Pete Aguilar (D-CA) are all CHC members and are conferees.

    Dems will whip the border security vote tonight. Democrats will then go to Republicans and indicate if Democrats can haul the freight on their own or if they need GOP support. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) indicates Democrats will likely reach out tonight.

    Here is the current breakdown in the House

    432 members

    235 Democrats to 197 Republicans. That means Democrats can only lose 18 of their own without needing GOP help on border security pkg. Nineteen losses produces a tie, which by rule, fails in the House.

    On border pkg, one senior Democratic source tells me “we’re not nervous” about the vote tomorrow night. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) tells Fox “I think we’re going to do well” when asked how many Democrats would support the plan.

    Democrats may need Republicans to support the border security package to lug it across the finish line.

    “The margin for error is more narrow than they think it is,” observed one knowledgeable Congressional source.

    There is concern the Freedom Caucus could try to rev up Trump to discourage him signing the border pkg. That’s what happened in December..and nearly happened last March.

    “We have have seen before makes us worry about that possibility,” said Hoyer.

    There is also some question as to whether the House or Senate will vote first. We have been told for days the House would start. But we are hearing tonight the Senate could start. Hoyer says no decision has been made yet on that front.

    Fox is hearing we could have bill text to border security package after 9 pm et tonight


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