Your 5 Minutes Are Over, Nadler.

Your five minute are overDiscussion thread for the Whitaker hearing.

Hat tip to Volgarian, here is the C-SPAN LINK for the hearing:

Chairman Jerry Nadler is the Head of Oversight for DOJ/FBI.

This will be the first of many hearings by the new Dem House and it looks like Jerry Nadler is trying to set the tone.

We understand many QTreepers will be following the testimony today, please feel free to make comments here.

Yes, we’re going to need BUCKETS of popcorn.

169 thoughts on “Your 5 Minutes Are Over, Nadler.

  1. Best part of the hearing?

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      1. Yep, absolutely.
        Maybe in second term?

        I figure the reason P45 didn’t nominate Whitaker for AG right now…is because of the close association to Sessions.

        Let that air out for a couple of years, then maybe we see our man Matt get promoted.

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  2. Wolfe, I hope you don’t mind me linking to other writers ie pointman, Brian cates, Thomas wictor, anonymous conservative. Say the word and I’ll stfu.

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    1. Ozzy, the rules at the top of every Dear MAGA Open give us all permission to post links, discuss what ever. Free speech rules. (Of course other people are free to complain if your posts are too long or to hard to read.) My personal preference is that you make at least a short comment about any link, to help readers decide if it’s worth the time to check it out.

      Good to have you contributing. 🙂

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      1. Thankyou ttt. As it’s Wolfe’s site and I’m linking a bit lately I felt respect was called for. Will definitely say a little about links to help with selecting. Tbh, previously I have discounted some of ac, wolfs stuff as a little paranoid but I’ve crossed the rubicon now. I also think the threshold of evidence has been reached re Q, DS, MK and surveillance. So happy to see The cabal being countered by such a well planned strategy. The link I posted from a showed that Pres Trump and team are defunding cabal so severely that “security and research” firms have lost 75% income. They Are also unable to fund their msm mouthpieces who are laying off staff. Learn to code arseholes. Supplies and funds win wars

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        1. Gack… to paraphrase chiefio, we have too many people coding right now (with all the H1Bs), we don’t need another bunch of bad coders…

          I’d be interested in what Pointy has to say about today’s travesty… and Farage’s return (wakey, wakey 🙂 )…

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  3. Dearest Daughn, thanks for putting this thread up.

    I didn’t know about the hearing. Caught part of it earlier. Shut it off almost at once because it was making my blood boil.

    I should have known to come here and find a thread. I could have probably watched it if I was doing it with you all.

    As it was, I liked reading the commentary after the fact. Bless you.

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