I posted this in its entirety a couple of days ago. It was really long! Thanks to all of you who slogged through the whole thing the first time!

I was asked to break it up and re-post in parts, so that it would be easier to digest. That is why it is going up again. There is nothing new here, so if you’ve read it, skip it. Wolf had a couple of questions after reading it, and I found a couple more things which were interesting looking for answers. I will make another post at the end of this series to include those things.

So, this first part is the set-up. Why did I look for him and his family?

A while ago, Wolfmoon mentioned the name Percy Sutton in a response to my inquiry about what type of material he wanted for the site while he was away. Wolfmoon stated:

“I also have an interest in “red diaper theory”, so the genealogy of all “red diaper lineages” is of interest. I have some projects that are needed there. There is a guy who was significantly behind Obama named Percy Sutton, who claimed that half his siblings (large family) were Communists, with a capital C. I believe that this would be a fruitful entrant into many mysteries.”

I started this investigation with the main purpose of finding the Communist members of this family. However, in the course of it, I have found something else which interests me almost as much. This family has a history which appears in many instances to have been made up out of whole cloth. The more I found, the more I understood how people like this wouldn’t bat an eyelash over creating a completely false background for Barack Obama, and foisting it on the American people. From big lies to small, there are many instances. The Communists and connections to them are there, too.

I am accustomed to detailed research for people who might be looking for clues to more, so I have included links to where all this information was found. It is NOT necessary for you to click every link and read! But you can if you want. J

Percy Sutton famously claimed he helped Khalid Al-Mansour in getting Barack Obama into Harvard Law. I found this about Al-Mansour, who was born Don Warden:

“Al-Monsour has direct ties to the Saudi royal family. He is an adviser to Prince Alwaleed, an enormously wealthy man – at one time, and perhaps still, one of the 14 wealthiest men on the planet. Al-Mansour is the man who offered New York City $10 million to help rebuild downtown Manhattan, then criticized the U.S. saying we had contributed to the 9-11 attacks. Then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani refused to take his money.”


Al-Mansour is a native of Texas, as is Percy Sutton and his entire family. Al-Mansour was born 29 Jan 1936, as Donald Warden, and attended Howard University, as did Carrie Sutton, Percy’s oldest sister, and his brother Samuel. The schools are important as you will see. I’m sure the Universities are where the Communists found fertile ground. Interesting note: Rev. Jeremiah Wright graduated from Howard U. as well, and may well have overlapped with Al-Mansour’s time there.

In the first reference I found to the “Six Communist Suttons,” Percy Sutton was named/associated with Emma Tenayuca, a renowned Communist, and others. I found the association here (names in bold reoccur in our story):

In 2007, Texas Communist Party USA member John Stanford was honored at the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center in San Antonio, Texas. He stated:

“In October of last year there was a symposium held at the Tamiment Library of New York University on “James and Esther Jackson, the American Left and the Origins of the Modern Civil Rights Movement.” James Jackson was a big influence in my life. At the symposium Percy Sutton, former Manhattan borough president, spoke of his long association with and appreciation of the Jacksons. This began in San Antonio where Sutton grew up in a family of twelve, half of whom became Communists. The six Suttons; Emma Tenayuca and John Inman, both of whom were chairs of the Communist Party of Texas; Hattie Mae Inman, who raised a family and was an inspiration to others while bedridden with five types of cancer; Manuela Soliz Sager and her husband James Sager; Luisa Moreno, and many more — these are people to whom I’m indebted. I think this honor belongs to them also. And to my wife, Jo, whose support enabled me to be involved in struggles for peace and justice.”

According to Stanford, six of the twelve Sutton children became Communists. There are commonalities and connections in their lives which suggest this is true, and how they became Communists.

At the symposium “James and Esther Jackson, the American Left and the Origins of the Modern Civil Rights Movement” referenced above, the Communist Party of the United States was well represented. Sutton was a long-time associate of the people being honored, James and Esther Jackson.


One of the first things I noticed when I started researching is the secrecy around the family group. Information is there, but not-there in weird ways. For example, with almost every “famous” or well-known family I have researched, other people are out there searching for them, too. Many of those people have public family trees on Ancestry.com. Most of the trees where people from THIS family are included are marked Private, so they can’t be seen. Average family researchers usually just aren’t that careful. I finally found a couple of trees I could see, but the information was very generic.

Percy Sutton was born 24 Nov 1920. He was the son of Samuel J. Sutton, born Feb 1863 in Virginia, and Lillian Smith, b. Dec 1875, in Louisiana.  They married about 1897. Lillian was pretty much always pregnant. Her first child was born in September of 1897 and the last of fifteen was born 1919.


Samuel J. Sutton, Sr. was a Freemason. According to an article in the Richmond Planet newspaper in 1895, he was the Deputy Grand Master of the Masons, and the delegate from Texas to the Masonic Assembly in Chicago in 1893. I’m fairly certain Percy Sutton was a Mason. G. J. and Alexander records confirm were, but I suspect the other boys were Masons as well.

I found the following “correction” of Percy Sutton’s father’s past. It is representative of the misinformation about this family that has been perpetuated by the family itself:

“In a December 27, 2009 obituary of civil rights attorney Percy Sutton, The Associated Press erroneously reported that Sutton’s father, Samuel, was a former slave. A family spokeswoman, Terrie Williams, says that Sutton’s father lived in times of U.S. slavery but was not enslaved. In a videotaped oral history, Sutton said that his family had believed for years that his father had been born into slavery in Virginia, but found out later that his father was born free in Texas.”


I would really like to see what else Percy Sutton had to say in that oral history, but I can NOT find it online. I have to wonder if it has been scrubbed.

Census data clearly states that Samuel J. Sutton was born in Virginia, not Texas. Whether or not he was free at the time of his birth I have not been able to determine. The 1870 census of the state of Virginia only reveals one possible Samuel of the age to be the correct person. He and his brother David are living with their mother, Sarah Sutton, with no father in the home. I cannot say for certain that this is him, but in an interview with Lillian Sutton (Percy’s sister) that I will reference in greater detail in a bit, she lays out in great detail her father’s early history in Virginia. So much of the family story is contradictory, even spoken by its members, it is impossible to say what’s true and what’s fictional.

Another example of this comes from Percy Sutton’s obituary, within which it is claimed he was the first Eagle Scout in Texas. This is a verifiable lie. The first Eagle Scout in Texas was W. E. Merrem of Shiner, Texas. He became an Eagle Scout in 1913, seven years before Percy Sutton was even born. Perhaps they meant to say the first black Eagle Scout, but they didn’t. And I don’t think he was that either, although I have been unable to verify it. The early Scouting records for blacks are spotty, at best.


From childhood, it appears the children in the Sutton family were exposed to Communism. W.E.B. Dubois was a frequent guest in the Sutton household in San Antonio. DuBois officially joined the Communist Party of America in 1961, when he was 93. But I’m sure his ideals were communist far longer than that. The oldest child, John, went to Russia and worked for years. Thurgood Marshall, whom some believe was a Communist, or at least a sympathizer, was also a frequent visitor.

All of the Sutton children attended college. For part of his education, Percy Sutton attended Tuskegee Institute. As a result of his connection to one of Tuskegee’s most famous professors, Percy’s brother John actually LIVED in Russia for two years (more on that in a bit). The siblings of Percy Sutton and their histories, as much as I can find, will be in the later posts. I do think I found the six most likely Communists.

That’s part one. I will post another section in a bit.


      1. That’s it! I figured you had to be a book-type writer.

        Glad you didn’t mind working with the ‘net and shortened reading opportunities. I’ll be back later to peruse. 🙂

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  1. I love reading the history of people, especially when there is so many contradictions about their past.
    Looking forward to the rest of their lies.

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          1. I traced my dads side of the family to an adoption. The time coincides with orphan trains with no adoption records so who knows.

            My wife on the other hand ran hers into a family that did a lot of research because of the nobility aspect of the family. She even communicated with the lady who did that research.

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            1. I have a good friend who ran into the orphan trains from New York. Dead ends like that are so frustrating.

              Researching the Sutton family was a new experience for me, because they were black. I ran into a brick wall with them in the 1860s. What a surprise, right? The other group that is like this is the Irish. They were treated very badly when they got here, and there are very few good records.


          1. That’s cool! I mean, in a weird way. When you research families like I do, even the bad stuff is good stuff if it is different. How much fun is it if all your ancestors were store clerks or laborers. I like the occasional outlaw for some spice!


            1. My sister claims she is Celtic, even though nobody else in the family is. And when my Aunt passed away her children were telling me that the American Indian theme to her funeral was because it was in her blood line.

              None these facts were true sort of like Elizabeth Warren, I guess everyone wants a little spice.

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              1. I guess not. Unfortunately, I think our horse thief knew darn well what he was doing and did it anyway. 🙂


  2. Maybe I’m just dumb but what is the point of breaking it up and re-posting it in pieces? If people read it the first time, less than a month ago, then why would they read it again? That’s like going to a movie and sitting there when it’s over so you can watch it again.

    You could have saved yourself a lot of work formatting the whole thing into sections simply by posting a link and telling people that they must go read it or be a complete loser for all time.


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    1. Aubergine, posted entire article, which was extensive, just a few days ago. It wasn’t so much a matter of simply posting a link and encouraging people to read elsewhere. He/she wanted to detail it here. As it was quite long, most of the readers, at least if they’re like myself, do not have the time to get through the amount of material the post contained. It simply isn’t realistic to expect them too.

      In the interest of making sure people did get to read, and digest the wonderful research done, it was requested to bring it back in installments. That way, more people would have an opportunity to read… several blog postings a day here also push articles off quicker.

      It seemed like a good way to ensure the article got the attention it’s due.

      As the increments get posted, Aubergine can link back to the previous installments.

      Anyway, that’s the summary of trying to make all his/her work/effort appreciated. 🙂

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      1. My comment was intended to be mild sarcasm. I thought the smileyface was sufficient to label it as such. I was wrong and I apologize for causing distress.

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        1. No worries, at least from me!

          I do realize that some of the genealogy stuff can be pretty boring. It takes all the dull details to lead along to the good stuff. It’s like building a case on minutiae. But since they aren’t just honest about who they are, that’s all we have to go on!


      2. Thanks for good explanation, lp. By the way, for what it’s worth, I’m of the female persuasion. Big Zinke on horseback fan! And I’m from Montana, so I could conceivably run into him sometime. 😉

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        1. You’re welcome. I didn’t want folks to miss out on the kind of in depth research and knowledge you were willing to share. I love Montana, and I’m a Zinke fan as well.

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    2. Sometimes (as in this case) excellent material bears repeating. And this skulduggery gives me the willies. Especially having gone on for so long.

      In this age of 140 (or however many-it-is-nowadays) byte messages, the abbreviation TL;DR often rears its head. OT, the phrase “wall of text” was not an uncommon complaint.

      Breaking it into chunks is a good idea, in my book (no pun intended), as it leaves more time for thought and dissection of the travesty that was Øbama, and the current set of “out-of-nowhere-wonders”, as well as showing that, indeed, this is most certainly NOT a new phenomenon.

      All the more scary.

      The deep state is more than just a hall of smoke and mirrors, or an onion which you peel, layer after layer, and all you are left with at the end is tears. No, it is a malignant, malevolent, misanthropic morass of evil, wickedness, and malfeasance hell-bent on destroying life, the family, the church, and everything as we know it.

      All for the benefit of a very small cabal of “Babylonian Narcissists”, who will still be unhappy once they’ve rid the world of anyone else (cf The Georgia Guidestones, aka Satan’s Ten Commandments)…

      I’ll take chunks or the entirety in one go. Just don’t quote the “wit and wisdom of AOC” 🙂 (OK, there probably isn’t any, but you get my drift)…

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      1. He was a made up nothing, out of nowhere, with a sanitized past. I bet POTUS knows everything. I’m only sorry we’ll never get to know the truth.

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        1. There are some folks who have been digging on it. I found these articles a while back which support the Ø as being of Indonesian descent, NOT black. So he”s shafted his supposed “people” as well.

          Would be great to get definitive proof of that (why else would someone want to bury their birth certificate or anyone who had a REAL copy of it?).

          I have a feeling Satan Soros’s Palpatinish (to coin a word) fingers are in all of this. Along with the Rothschilds, the various French über-rich families, and the Rockefellers, et. al. Not just Trillions, but Quadrillions or Quintillions at stake. And all but the last few digits hidden from us…

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          1. Ooops. Forgot the links (senior moment…).

            Here are three links about that (I owe someone a H/T but I can’t remember who, sorry, it was on another thread a few months or so ago). Bathhouse Barry is even a fake black. He’s an Indonesian.




            Here’s a comparison pic:



            Pretty obvious that Obama is not his father…

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        2. Oh, I believe will know what Trump deems safe to disclose. I have memories of a hard drive crashing the 2nd time I looked up his birthplace on Ancestry.com. I tell you I have learned most life lessons from personal experience & I had no idea early on his stage entrance….

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      2. Haha!! Just now got to see it!! Can you imagine if our POTUS tried something like that about his tax returns or Russian acquaintances to the press?? The double standard is infuriating!!! Thank you!!

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  3. Just a quick thanks…I had planned to go back when I had more time to read the 1st one but I love this…because the names in your header are verrry familiar!

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  4. Aubergine, I slogged through the first time. It was kind of heavy going for me, especially when not feeling well.

    Whether it is taking it in in pieces gives me time to absorb it a bit or just because I am reading it the second time when I am feeling better it made more sense to me this time around, so I appreciate your efforts are researching and communicating this to us.

    Intriguing story. What a group of people. I look forward to more.

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  5. That you Aubergine for breaking your research up that sparers me to print out the longer post. Very good research and greatly appreciated . I can see your love for research and detective work:)

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  6. Aubergine, just finished reading this part and splitting it up does allow the info to percolate in our memories. I love the way you “bolded” just the words I was looking back for to be sure I was connecting correctly. Great read!

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  7. Thank you Aubergine. Like others here, I worked my way through your whole report the first time. I understood the first half hour of reading, then got overwhelmed, but wanted to finish. By the time I did finish, the people blurred together for me.

    I really appreciate this breakdown and look forward to the other parts. Thank you again.

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