Ralph Northam’s Brotherhood of Silence

Alternative title: “A Conspiracy of Silence”

Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, made national news last week for two issues: 1) supporting infanticide all the way up to, and including post-birth, and 2) someone revealed his Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook page picturing him as a guy in blackface, or a KKK outfit. There isn’t a definitive answer as to which one is Gov. Northam. The Governor now says it’s not him in the picture. What Governor Northam apologized for on Friday, he retracted on Saturday.

The likelihood of someone else’s photos being submitted for his special, exclusive yearbook page is nil.

Washington Times article notes this:

“He acknowledged his version of events over the photo was unlikely to be accepted, saying he realized it was convoluted.

But he insisted he didn’t know of the photo’s existence, never bought the yearbook, and despite initially saying it was him, no longer believes that was so.”

Governor Northam is prevaricating. Lying. Now says he didn’t purchase a yearbook… what about his classmates who did? They would have said, “Hey Ralph” look at your page in the yearbook!” “Wow, did you know they’ve got a a photo of you in blackface, or was that you in the Klu Klux Klan outfit?” “Gee, Ralph, you didn’t give them that picture? Then you’ve got to report it, and the publisher has to edit and reprint a new edition.”

Do you see where this goes? Not only is Ralph Northam not telling the truth about that yearbook picture, but what about the 100 plus classmates of his medical school graduating class – few would have been unaware of Ralph Northam and that picture, including the man himself.

This brings us to the “Brotherhood of Silence” but let’s call it what it really was/is, “A conspiracy to keep silent.”

Fast forward from 1984 to 2008 and 2013:

Ralph Northam was first elected as a Virginia state senator in 2008, coming in on the anti-GOP wave, and Barack Obama’s strong coattails. In 2013, he ran for Lt. Governor on the Democrat ticket with Terry McAuliffe (Hillary Clinton’s guy). Ralph Northam won his race, and the Democrats swept all three top offices. They repeated the sweep in the 2017 elections.

There was a significant incident during the 2013 campaign. Mr. Northam refused to shake the hand of his opponent, Pastor E.W. Jackson, who happens to be Black. Draw your own conclusions. That’s on video, so Northam cannot dispute refusing to shake Pastor Jackson’s hand, but even more egregious, was Northam’s attitude toward Pastor Jackson throughout the debate. He acted as if the Reverend was not there. Did CNN point it out? Did they report it? No, just as with all mainstream media, it’s only news if it’s negative for Republicans. Imagine the headlines if it had been a White Republican candidate refusing to shake the hand of a Black Democrat candidate.

The Democrat Party, with the help of CNN, covered for Mr. Northam. They pretended nothing untoward happened. If there is one thing we know about the mainstream media is that if they don’t report something as being news, then it didn’t happen or it was “much ado about nothing.”

They obviously succeeded because Ralph Northam became Lt. Governor. Virginia law only allows one four-year term for their governors, so when McAuliff was term limited, Mr. Northam takes his turn. He won the Governor’s seat in 2017. His GOP opponent was Ed Gillespie. There was an issue during that campaign as well. In some parts of the state the flier posting the Democrat slate for voters left off the Lt. Governor’s name, Justin Fairfax, who is Black. Some people perceived it as racist, others said it was because Fairfax didn’t support the gas pipeline being built in Virginia, so in some parts of the state they didn’t want to remind voters of the problem with Fairfax. Draw your own conclusions.

In all of this is a conspiracy of silence. From the time Ralph Northam first ran for Virginia’s Senate, to his election as Lt. Governor, and then Governor, someone knew, and likely many knew about that yearbook. During his state senate years there had been some talk of his switching political alliances, Dem to GOP, which would have given the GOP control of the Statehouse, but Northam met with his Democrat compatriots, came out of the meeting and said he was sticking with the Democrats. Someone in the backroom may have shown Northam his yearbook.

Mr. Northam had a brotherhood. His Virginia Military Institute (VMI) certainly was one, his brothers in arms. It’s a group that stays with him forever. VMI provided an extended family, a close circle, they’re the ones who gave him the nickname, “Coonman.” Ralph Northam stated that he doesn’t know why his friends gave him that nickname.

We have his brothers at VMI, his medical school class (approximately 100, mostly male at that time) at Eastern Virginia Medical School, and not one of his fellow graduates spoke up about that yearbook picture as he climbed up the political ladder in Virginia. Some of them knew, it’s statistically impossible for them not to have known. His friends, acquaintances, and colleagues remained silent.

Next up is the Democrat Party of Virginia and the mainstream media. They’re one and the same. Research is what they’re good at, especially finding and exploiting any dirt, real or made up, about their political opponents. It has cost many a Republican candidate an election win. They are feigning their lack of a thorough background investigation. They have to have known about this yearbook, but kept silent because Northam fit their top requirement – supporting radical abortions/infanticide.

There was clearly a suppression of this yearbook – either Mr. Northam himself would have let the Democrats know, or they addressed it with him. The outcome? The yearbook story would never see the light of day. Ralph Northam’s candidacy and governorship would be protected.

Now the Republicans. Ed Gillespie ought to get a refund from the people who ran his campaign. Either they didn’t do due diligence in their opposition research or they did, and had other reasons for not letting the public know. It will be discussed for years whether the Republican Party of Virginia actually knew about Mr. Northam’s yearbook. They certainly knew about his overt racism towards Pastor Jackson in 2013.

Alternative media, or people who supposedly represent our side – they’re culprits too. Dan Bongino, who likes his screentime and political analysis segments on the cable news stations, has publicly stated that he had this information in Oct. 2018, but it wasn’t “verified” so he didn’t do anything with it. As far as Virginians go, Mr. Bongino’s credibility is gone. It wouldn’t have been difficult for alt media and citizen journalists to verify the report. Virginians want to know why Mr. Bongino didn’t do further investigation. After all, the suppression of that yearbook, even after the Northam’s election in 2017, would have affected the outcome of our federal elections in 2018. The GOP lost a number of incumbent seats to Democrats in 2018, perhaps if the public – who had a right to know – had been duly informed about their Democrat Governor’s past, they would have made better voting decisions.

Why does all this matter? Virginia now has in place an openly pro-abortionist, advocate of infanticide – after birth abortions. it’s important to note that infanticide, killing of viable unborn babies has been going on for decades, only now the Left is open about it.

The Democrats have long had this plan, it’s who they are. Protecting and hiding the darkness of people like Ralph Northam is how they take power. They find the perfect candidate, a physician, a pediatrician no less, and massage him all the way into the governor’s office.

What happens if Governor Northam resigns? Then the Lt. Governor, Justin Fairfax, takes over. Who is Justin Fairfax? He has served on the Planned Parenthood Metro Washington Action fund for years. Raising money. Planned Parenthood poured millions into getting Northam and Fairfax elected in Virginia, that’s why the bill for legalizing after-birth abortions was in committee.

Mr. Fairfax has long advocated for allowing 40 week abortions. He’s on the same page as Gov. Northam, but worse. Why? Mr. Fairfax is Black, and the Democrats will play the race card to keep him around next election.

Virginia has been poorly served by both her political parties, and Ralph Northam’s yearbook story is simply a blip on the radar. The real story is the conspiracy of silence which allowed this man, because his radical views were hidden and protected, to become Governor of Virginia.

Ralph Northam’s story also proves the depth of the Democrats’ influence, and the MSM’s full cooperation in pushing the Leftist’s agenda forward. It means they’re one and the same – enemies of the People.

PS: Don’t be distracted by the virtue-signals from the Dems calling for Northam’s resignation; they had to get Virginia’s plan for full out infanticide out of the headlines.

126 thoughts on “Ralph Northam’s Brotherhood of Silence

  1. The Lt. Gov of Virginia, Fairfax, served on the Washington Board of Planned Parenthood, raising money, in DC?
    Now it all makes sense.
    Most of us were wondering how the bill was brought up in the first place. The timing, NY state, New Mexico, Rhode Island, all at the same time, looks coordinated.
    Planned Parenthood is buying horrific, baby killing legislation with our Taxpayer dollars.
    Lady P, you found it. Well done.

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    1. Yes, daughn. It’s sickening how both of these men were actually moved into position. This is how the Dems do it. With malice aforethought.

      Fairfax would be worse than Northam.

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      1. Shifting tense from above, when D-Rats succeed in dumping Northam.

        Fairfax will be worse than Northam.

        My understanding Northam will then be Governor ~seven years. A few years to finish Northam and four after being duly elected. Assuming VA law allows this.

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        1. That’s my understanding. He can run for his own 4 year term. Virginia has a problem, and now the people SHOULD know just how egregious the suppression of news and information is by the MSM and others.

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            1. Haven’t looked into him yet, but that would perhaps keep him from winning an independent term. I can say with certainty that we lost at least 3 GOP House seats because the Northam story was suppressed. Blacks wouldn’t have voted for him because of the racism.

              We had some apathy here in Virginia secondary to the Dems turning us purple…blue. At least the infanticide issue might wake people up.

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    1. Thank you. I wish had great scoops to write or exciting ones, but I’m more of a connecting dots for people and looking at the picture behind the bright shiny objects.

      The Democrats had to have known, but kept it hidden. It tells you how powerful their influence is.

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  2. And, Lady Penguin, if Gov. Northam tries to say that he was unaware of the pastor’s attempt to shake hands, the video shows the pastor tapping the governor’s arm to get his attention.

    I also wonder what tactics the Conspiracy of Silence used to block the verification of all that you have brought to light. Or are the Republicans part of the conspiracy? May God help us!!

    Great writing on a subject that will determine whether He helps us or not! I agree with Daughn and GA/FL. “Well done,” “you are formidable!”

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        1. It’s the MAD syndrome, like with new-CLEAR weapons.

          Mutually Assured Destruction.

          There is so much dirt – career- / liberty- / life-ending DIRT – on so many of those we call “in power”, that no one dares pull the trigger.

          Well, almost no one. Our VSGPDJT – as Q has said – “has it all”.

          Imagine the leverage he has! Used judiciously, to pick at the edges (it’s a combat tactic, yes? reduce the enemy!), and after enough gut-work, the enemy is FAR less potent than beforehand.

          But it takes time.

          I think we’re pretty darn CLOSE to the public being aware enough, and to the attrition damage being great enough, so that the MOAB (Sun-Tzu “lightning” strike) becomes viable / usable.

          They are ALL complicit! Pols, Corps, Judges, Lawyers, Lobbyists, Fakewood, EneMedia, the FED / the banks (the Redshields), the ChiComs, the RussComs, the Muzzies, the Satanists – you name it!

          We The People are the target – the LAST thing in their “Way” to permanent totalitarianism.

          Plus a few TREMENDOUS leaders, like POTUS and his loyal crew, like Q, like Salvini and Orban et al (including the Brazil Prez), and an increasing scattering of others.

          RIP, “Old Guard”. Your time of power is OVER!!!

          It’s time for the TRUTH. I’ve heard that it will set us FREE!

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      1. True. It’s the uniparty. These rino’s are a bigger threat to us than the dems. They are in reality stealth liberal democrats. The GOP has been infiltrated for a very long time now.

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  3. great article LadyP!
    I admire and certainly appreciate your ability to connect the dots for us!
    We need to stop funding the Dems thru Planned Parenthood!

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  4. There’s been some significant connecting of dots about how these non-profits lobby for fed funds, and then return the favor by donating to the democrat campaigns. It’s a scam. The idea that we give money to PP, NPR, etc. and they turn around and undermine the country, that’s ensuring sedition and treason.

    We’re funding our own demise.

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      1. PP is pretty much Dem focused. GOP getting their $$ would keep them from getting elected. It may be hidden, not sure, but for the most part, Uniparty is picking up funds from other groups that “support” what PP does. Meaning lots of leftist groups out there.

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        1. Agree.

          Simply no longer trust vast majority of Republicons. Some had to be in the know.

          Simply mind boggling that Bongino did nothing. He spouts the “high road” saying it wasn’t verified. Well he had a choice.
          – Make the step from talking head, to investigative person.
          – Share it with a trusted new media source to verify the picture.
          – Or, do nothing.

          Surely Bongino knows well connected folks that could have easily verified this photo, or gained an audience with Northam. Then go public.

          Bongino didn’t live up to one of his show’s motto’s, “a show not immune to the facts”. Or something along those lines.

          No one in MSM will pointedly ask Bongino if he tried to verify photo, or he simply let it go. Of course he’ll vehemently deny the latter.

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          1. Nothing Bongino says is going to fix this. Former Secret Service guy has plenty of connections. If he’d had our best interest at heart, he would have investigated. Easy enough to do. IMO.

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            1. I’ll bet Bongin’s reluctance was because of the VMI connection. Too much heat falls on military and LE brass (all of Bongino’s sources and friends) if VMI gets smeared in the process, so he himself won’t go public unless he has super-solid info – which he can’t get because of the conspiracy of silence. If he ignites the fire publicly to flush out the information and it burns wrong, he gets burned, losing too many friends and sources. So Bongino and all his sources and friends in .mil and LE may know the BEGINNING of the story, but nobody wants to look like they’re digging, and no source wants to go on the record, so EVERY SINGLE ONE is going to be part of ****DRUMROLL**** the conspiracy of silence.

              This is beautiful stuff – and it’s actually great science, too, because it is LITERALLY a demonstration of the utility of conspiracy theory. There are all these nominal divisions like “Democrat” and “Republican” and “black” and “white” that simple-minded arguments will tell you are “why” people “should” or “should not” do things, but they fall apart when motivations are analyzed at a component level.

              Example – a guy in college could get the name “Coonman” for several reasons. Doing blackface is one. Dating black girls or having black friends is another. And it doesn’t just have to be ONE or the OTHER. A lot of times people get nicknames precisely BECAUSE there are multiple levels of understanding that make them funny, ironic, or even double-edged.

              Then turn “black girlfriend” into “black hooker” and watch the audience reaction shatter and flip again. Just wait for “moonwalk-appalled wife” to get served with microphones after THAT.

              And remember that even reaction to Michael Jackson has changed based on media exposure of his pedophilia, which was SUPPRESSED while he was being used by the propaganda media as an article of “racial unanimity”.

              Northam also has multiple audiences, and they do NOT always react the way people might think. Recall the Jeffersons to get just a TASTE of the complexity. If Northam has a “complicated” past with black people – not a simple story – it will not fit ANYBODY’S narrative. Democrat audiences have been TAUGHT to oversimplify and make snap judgments – the DNC *relies* on this. Layer that on the long-standing race issues of the South, where in the PAST (more than now, but still hanging on), people invested in BOTH SIDES of racial separation.

              Add to the fact that NOBODY really wants to re-examine the ACTUAL race issues and complexity of the past, except when it’s politically useful and politically safe. They would RATHER inflict modern oversimplifications on it.

              And ALL of that is a TARBABY (refuse to abandon this wonderful term) to pull us away from INFANTICIDE, which is the real issue they needed to distract from.

              There are very few stone cold, hard, absolute facts here. The one that counts is that the Dems walked into INFANTICIDE here. After that, the complexity of an explosion, intentional OR accidental, or “both”.

              I am leaning toward Northam and two or three others actually knowing the full story on why he got that name, but nobody wants to drag out the (likely painful) story. But if the Dems sense that it is the only thing that saves them from being tarred with infanticide, they may go there.

              All very complicated now. Race and abortion have collided.

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              1. Ok, so I got it right, that conspiracy of the brotherhood. Didn’t know about VMI connection for Bongino. But let me share this, I KNEW about brotherhoods, why? My hubby is a Naval Academy grad – he has all 4 “Lucky Bag” yearbooks from his time there. The alumni are a close knit community, not just to their classmates, but to the INSTITUTION! That’s why I chose the theme.

                We can figure out why Northam is pro infanticide, racism connects, but the Lt. Gov. Fairfax? He’s black – can you imagine the reason why he’s for aborting out his OWN people?


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              2. Wolf, I wonder what General Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson would think about the future alumni of VMI and todays vile demoncrat baby killers defiling his cherished military institution.

                I would like to believe the lemon sucking general and man of God would say Open Fire!

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  5. Another very telling article LP. One of my pet peeves is people who say “oh yeah, I knew that”. (Looking at you Dan Bongino). It was one month before midterms and he falls back on the “unverified” defense???
    I’m with Lady on this one and I will forever apply Suspicious Cat looks in his direction. We scrape off one layer of evil and find even more. Now Fairfax is being accused of sexual misconduct. Sticky webs they do weave.

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      1. Appreciate the tweet.

        Initially thought it was odd, Bongino would now admit having the picture back in October 2018.

        Perhaps Bongino outed himself to prevent someone from publicly nailing him.

        Good guys, including President Trump surely took note of this. Bongino’s integrity stocked plummeted last week. Will never fully recover.

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        1. I’d never felt comfortable with all that screentime, something not right. He may have some POTUS regard, but he hurt the GOP badly in Virginia by withholding that information.

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            1. It was horrible, Wolf. Our local commie rag wouldn’t even endorse McAuliffe but let him get by anyway. McAuliffe should be in jail or at least investigated. He was Hillary’s moneyman.

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            2. Absolutely, Sarvis was a ringer. We’ve had a horrible day since the Tea Parties marched in 2010. Conservatives have had to fight the Dems AND their own party.


        2. Now that I think about it…..
          Danny boy is always opposite Chris Hahn in debates on various shows….
          Hannity, Tucker, Judge Jeannine, etc.

          Danny may be “Controlled Opposition”

          He had many good points bu I could NOT stand to listen to Chris Hahn…
          Therefore MUTED them, or changes the channel.

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    1. Re: Bongino. I’ve never trusted him. Likes his screen time too much. No true believer in POTUS or a conservative would have kept that info to themselves. Bet there is a money trail to follow.

      Think how many people knew about that yearbook… Now we know who our friends are, and who our enemies are…

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      1. It seems to be getting so much easier to know who your enemies are (it’s become the default position)…but knowing who your friends are is the tricky part…

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        1. Yes, our side gets done in by our “own” people more than any damage the others can do. It’s about having the courage of one’s convictions. Too many people are wishy washy.

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            1. No, I don’t believe he would have. These people have contacts and it can be done quietly. Those yearbooks are out there. How many times do the Dems drop innuendo out there, and everyone runs with it? 100% of the time. No, Bongino and others were protecting their rice bowl. Or there was payoff.

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  6. My question(s): What was Bongino’s interest in keeping this information under wraps? Hard to believe the ‘verification’ excuse. Was Northam’s Republican gubernatorial opponent MAGA? Did the GOPe want to keep an America First politician out of power?

    I don’t know any of these answers but these are the questions that occur to me as I read this piece. Thank you, ladypenguin.

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    1. Ed Gillespie wasn’t a MAGA candidate, simply old school GOP. Our House GOP reps stayed away from POTUS – bad decision. OTOH, if this had been known, it would have cost Dems many black votes – we lost several incumbent GOP seats by slim margins. That’s how much a difference it made. Big.

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      1. Barbara Comstock would have won. The GOP blew 5 million in her race alone.
        My understanding, Bongino had the photo in October but was unable to verify it, source it, and they tried.
        Trying to be objective here, I would have never, in a million years, thought a medical school would publish a yearbook. Law schools don’t.
        New info though, the same medical school discontinued their yearbook in 2013, because too many grads were wearing Confederate uniforms for pics, and suddenly, it became a “thing”

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        1. Well Bongino is going to say what he needs to after the fact. It’s a yearbook, in the archives in the library at EVMS. All they had to do was go to the library. There are online sites for yearbooks as well. Bongino aside, not that it is known that indeed this was his yearbook pic, his friends, acquaintances, colleagues stayed quiet. IMO, the Dems knew this all along, and made sure it stayed hidden, until perhaps, they released it intentionally. Someone did, which means others knew. Comstock was a harder race, and I’m not sure about her, but my activist friend in Northern Virginia, believes she would have. I do believe that Dave Brat and Scott Taylor would have retained their seats. We lost a lot of incumbent seats, unusual.

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        2. Another thought, daughn. Even if Bongino couldn’t “verify” 1) could have handed it off, 2) leaked it and then the research would have been done. The Dems ran Northam because who wouldn’t believe a physician? In our society, they automatically have elevated status. So he was that “fine-upstanding member of the community.”

          As a RN, I’ve learned that being a physician doesn’t make you any better or less of person than anyone else. Some are more compassionate, and gifted. Some less. Same for nurses, or any profession.

          Dems leak stuff all the time. I’m not buying the couldn’t verify – it simply means that there are a lot of people who participated in the conspiracy of silence. Dan had a reason… it’s between him and his conscience. He could have been a hero here in Virginia. In fact, I think he lives in VA.

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            1. I see what you see, singingsoul. Something is off. Didn’t always feel that way, but perhaps fame has taken over. It’s often about the money.


  7. What happened to “see something, say something” (looking at you, Bongino)?

    I always wonder about the ones like Bongino who get “famous” really fast. Are they for-real, are a useful tool?

    As for the Lt. Governor, the press will probably brush his #metoo under the rug. If it’s a Dem, there have to be three eye-witnesses and a video at least. The press is as bad as a Muslim country when it’s a Democrat on the line. A woman accuser is given no credibility until it’s a Republican, then she is to be believed 100%.

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    1. Bongino has lost all credibility. Rose to fame and likes his screentime. He made himself into a tool for the MSM. Likely was afraid if he broke the story he’d lose his gig.

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      1. I’m really starting to see how this works. When one “signs on” with any establishment gig – even a quasi-MAGA one – one starts accepting limitations.

        “Don’t go there until you have the facts” is Establishmentese for “don’t go there until it’s too late”.

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    2. There you have it…..
      The “Media” stars are just Actors in this “Grand Illusion”
      (Hat tip to the Band STYX)

      Not much REAL Info comes from the TV stations.

      This Media (C_A) control of the narrative has been going on a very long time.

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  8. BB has done a fairfax article.

    Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) — the official tipped to replace the state’s Gov. Ralph Northam (D), who is facing bipartisan calls to resign after a racist photo in his medical yearbook emerged, is denying recently resurfaced sexual assault allegations from 2004.

    The alleged incident, which was reported by Big League Politics over the weekend, is said to have occurred during the 2004 Democrat National Convention. As WUSA9 reports, the Washington Post has not corroborated the claims, which the paper has been looking into for months.

    In a statement released early Monday morning, a Fairfax spokesperson denied the allegation, affirming that the man who could be governor “has never assaulted anyone – ever – in any way, shape or form.”

    “Lt. Governor Fairfax has an outstanding and well-earned reputation for treating people with dignity and respect,” the statement reads.

    “This is part of the sad and dark politics that the Lt. Governor has dedicated himself to helping Virginia and the nation rise above,” it continued.

    The statement then warned that Fairfax will take “appropriate legal action against those attempting to spread this defamatory and false allegation.”

    Akin to other news outlets, Breitbart News will not report on the allegation itself as several details from the purported incident remain unverified.

    Meanwhile, Northam faces a flurry of resignation calls from top Democrats and Republicans after the surfacing of a photo showing the embattled governor with another individual in blackface and a Ku Klux Klan attire in his 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical yearbook.

    On Friday evening, Northam took responsibility for being featured in the photo, but the following day, claimed he actually did not believe he was in it.

    “Yesterday, I took responsibility for content that appeared on my page in the Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook that was clearly racist and offensive,” the embattled Virginia Democrat said in a Saturday press conference.  “I am not and will not excuse the content of the photo. It was offensive, racist, and despicable.

    “I stand by my statement of apology to the many Virginians who were hurt by seeing the content on a yearbook page that belongs to me,” he continued. “It is disgusting, it is offensive, it is racist, and it was my responsibility to recognize and prevent it from being published in the first place.”

    The stunning reversal does not appear to have changed the minds of lawmakers demanding he step aside.

    Northam reportedly huddled with staffers Sunday evening to discuss his possible resignation; however, details of the meeting are not known at this time.


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    1. Yes, I saw a bit of the BB story. The real problem for us here in Virginia, is the fact that Fairfax is Black, – Dems will play race card. #SICK.

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    2. Wait, wait, wait………… the WaPost says about Fairfax claim, ” …..which the paper has been looking into for months.”

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  9. I know this is going to go against the grain, but this is a tough one, IMO. Dan Bongino aside as he has said some really idiotic things on other subjects not having to do with politics, there is a certain amount of fear and trepidation when it comes to being a lone voice against someone popular and well thought of, or at least backed by more powerful forces.

    I have first hand experience at this. Someone I’ve known since infancy is revered by classmates, at least some of them, from all of our grade school and HS years. This person made my life a personal hell during this time, but I can’t say that. I can’t give away what I know to be the character that is less than the trend-setting mod girl all the others sought to be with. It would not be believed. All I ever said to the over all group was “we don’t speak.” That’s changed of late for reasons I won’t go into, but all that is involved is cordiality.

    Is there a “conspiracy” of silence or do these people consider themselves friends and they don’t want to hurt a friend? It’s not simple with humans. It just isn’t.

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    1. DP, rest assured, you’re not going against the grain. I get what you’re saying. Likely everyone has someone in their past that can tell a similar story.

      But, as regards Bongino – he had the opportunity to find people to verify – that’s the mistake. He could have just handed it off and let someone else take the “heat” if it proved true.

      We were burned badly by his not doing something about that “see something, say something” – this was an easy verify or not.

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    2. “It would not be believed.”

      Yup. I know exactly what you’re saying. The surprising thing (to me) is that the “credibility limit” will hit people not just once, but several times in their lives. The “dark side” uses this OVER and OVER and OVER.

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  10. Great thread LP.

    One thing sticks out to me. Had Northam not won, we would not have have been privy to the entire infanticide plan that LP and the dems themselves have exposed.

    My question now is will this be remembered by the voters in future elections, or will they go back to sleep.

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    1. WE have elections coming up in Nov. 2019. All of the state delegate seats (100) every two years, and some portion of the state senate seats, not sure how many or which party.

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        1. No, Virginia holds off year elections from the feds. Our state offices are in odd numbered years. The three top offices will be up again in 2021. Northam just won in 2017.

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  11. Of note, the reason I’m writing so passionately about this, this is my neck of the woods, been in this area since the 1980s, and what Northam and the Dems pulled off, is despicable.

    They pushed two rabid abortionist candidates into the top offices, and Herring, the Attorney General, he’s bad news too.

    You know who else is in this area, a citizen activist? Scott Presler, who works tirelessly to get GOP folks elected.

    Our GOP losses in 2018 leaves a bittertaste.

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  12. This keeps adding up:

    Report: Ralph Northam’s Abortion Comments Prompted Classmate to Reveal Racist Photo


    MORE LIES: Democrat Gov. Northam Fabricated His Desert Storm War Experiences in 2017 Campaign


    Wow! Far Left Hacks at Washington Post SPIKED Sexual Assault Charges Against Virginia Lt. Gov. Fairfax …A Democrat


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  13. Maybe the white hats asked Bongino to hold off on publishing the photo so that it could be used at a strategic time? I ask this as someone who dislikes TV pundits in general. This whole Northram thing–the outrageous abortion comments out of nowhere then the carefully deployed photo on the first day of Black History Month–feels like a Q movie. I think it’s at least possible Bongino didn’t publish it for white hat reasons (and equally possible that he’s just another controlled opposition puppet).

    Liked by 6 people

    1. As one of the people adversely affected by these Virginia elections, I can’t give Bongino a pass on his withholding of vital information. We could have retained several GOP incumbent seats if this information had been out there.

      If not before an election, then when? Bongino should have kept his mouth shut that he knew and didn’t disclose. Conservative Virginians aren’t going to forgive him. Now he has lost credibility. He is also blocking people from our side on Twitter who have criticized him, though he hasn’t blocked me, ’cause he likely doesn’t know about me. 🙂

      Liked by 8 people

      1. I agree, Lady Penguin. If he didn’t want to do the work, he should have sent it to the Gillespie campaign, or someone else in the alt media who would have exposed it. But he did nothing.

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    2. I don’t know about Bongino, but this does look like a Q movie with Northam getting exposed when he was. I’m remembering when Harvey Weinstein was exposed and then the whole #metoo movement coming about. I wouldn’t doubt that the Q team is behind some of these exposures.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Now that they’ve been exposed, we can’t let up. Too many people didn’t realize the depths of the Democrats depravity regarding abortion – using Daughn words, dems have been winning simply by controlling the words. They painted the right to lifers as radical, when in fact, the Dems are radical in their desire to kill – babies, the disabled, and the elderly. Abortion and Euthanasia are two sides of the same coin. Hence their move to takeover healthcare.

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  14. This subject deserved its own post and you did it justice LadyP. They have perfected the conspiracy of silence (great term) to an art form because no matter how egregious their wrong doing it’s always condoned as harmless or trivial by their lack of action. No War of Words against their own party but if you ain’t in their club funny how it’s an instant rallying call for the death sentence.

    Interestingly, this Fox article https://www.foxnews.com/politics/virginia-lt-gov-fairfax-denies-sexual-assault-allegation-amid-political-storm claims that Big League Politics posted the allegation of sexual misconduct by Fairfax shortly after it posted Northam’s yearbook page. Quite a coincidence that they got both tips almost simultaneously to highlight that Virginia is being run by a governor who is an extreme racist and baby killer and the Lt. governor isn’t any better being now accused of sexual improprieties who also strongly supports infanticide. The pesky fact that PP heavily funded both of them is coming to the forefront too. I figure the best outcome could be Virginia’s great awakening to the #walkaway movement from the party of criminals and baby killers…..and hopefully defunding PP becomes a prime target again.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Thank you, TBOR. It was the story behind the story which seemed important. This is about suppressing important information about a candidate. This isn’t locker room stuff, it was front and center and if known, if would have offended the Black population. It’s not out of context because we saw Northam’s behavior in 2013. Wouldn’t shake Pastor Jackson’s hand and ignored him.

      If the roles had been reversed – the Democrats would have skewered our GOP candidate – and that would have been the end. Period. It’s not dirty politics to do what’s right. In this case, the Democrats scammed the people of Virginia. We have a right to be angry, and should be.

      Unless Good stands up to Evil, Evil wins. But when Good stands up to Evil, Evil blinks.

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      1. Evil has been blinking a lot under the pressure of our great President. I pray a lot that through God the power of Good destroys these Satanists.

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  15. It is possible that Bongino was sent the picture, not the yearbook page…just the picture without any context. *IF* that was the case I can see why he didn’t necessarily go nuts trying to connect it .
    It’s like the picture that has floated around of hayseed Bill and blackface woman…it’s purported to be the Clintons but without context and possible backstory it makes the person highlighting it seem wrong for doing so without some corroborating evidence.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. But the context is there. Yearbook. Then one looks up where did Northam go to school. Bongino has admitted knowing that the picture was sent in reference to Northam. So that’s the first clue for him.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Yes, the picture itself has his name at the top of two pages. All of it is about him. It’s how professional schools did those yearbooks. Back when they still did yearbooks.

          Liked by 3 people

      1. Bongino addressed this near the beginning of his podcast today. He said most people were supportive of him, but some were questioning his not doing anything about the pic. He said what I had suspected, that he was extremely busy with getting his book out, working “3 jobs,” taking care of his family, etc., and that he didn’t have time to research it. He also said they had a staff of three — himself, his wife, and producer Joe — and they didn’t have staff to research it, either. He said he makes no apologies.

        He didn’t seem to be making the connection that researching the pic and getting word out might have changed the course of several elections.

        I have mixed feelings about this. I don’t think we should place all the responsibility on one person just because he has a platform, because he has a life, too. On the other hand, if he hadn’t been so wrapped up in what he was doing at the time, maybe he would have realized the significance of what had been handed him.

        I like Bongino and think he’s doing a good job of getting the word out about a lot of things. (I also wish he would debate Ocasio-Cortez on economic issues; that would possibly educate some Lefties, and it would be a slaughter.) I am also a little leery that he joined FOX because I think that could affect his point of view or what he is allowed to say about some things. So that bears watching, for me.

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        1. I understand what you’re saying, TT. but he lives in the limelight. Never a day goes by that he isn’t tweeting something about current news. He has contacts. Virginians who were doing everything they could to bring in our candidates, will look at him with a jaundiced eye. It would have made a huge difference if this background regarding Northam had been out there. Suppressing it, influenced our elections.

          The other problem Bongino has, IMO, is that once he hit the big time, and happens to too many, it changes how strong they are regarding making sure truth is served, and not a mass media market.

          He literally cost us several seats. I’m right here in the same town as that medical school. Scott Presler, activist is here too. Our GOP losses in this state are compounded by voter fraud, having the truth about Northam hidden makes us angry. Justifiably so.

          I’ve always had some concerns about him, and it might be simply that there’s a lot of talk, but not the action. Action like Andrew Breitbart might have taken. That’s the difference – we need Andrew Breitbarts.

          But peace between us, ok? 🙂

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            1. Yes, thank you. Each state has their own politics and demographics. The Dems have been gradually taking over in Virginia. The Northam story is example of how they do it. Who would have thought a pediatric physician would hold such radical view regarding the unborn? Dems choose candidates that have a natural appeal on the outside, while they work to hide the darkness inside. Everyone trusts a physician, right? 🙂

              The other part to this. While I don’t hold that picture against him – though admittedly it surprised me for 1984 vs 1964, he was a product of his times. Blackface was common everywhere in the country, including Hollywood. Though they pretend otherwise. The Klan thing, no I don’t get that. But the problem is that the Bill Clinton/Obama years transformed the country into hypersensitivity about race – where it’s now weaponized against people who aren’t Black.

              The issue in Virginia, is that Circle surrounding Northam kept the public from knowing about the picture, and if the Blacks had known it, they would have, at least in this case, realized that the Democrats have been scamming them for a long time on the issue of race. It’s the Democrats who are racist, especially with their intent to abort the minority babies, not the Republicans.

              You can bet the Dems had this on Northam. Maybe not right away, but certainly when he ran Lt. Gov. Prior to that there had been talk of him switching parties, from Dem to GOP. Dems met with him, and I’m convinced they told him he’d be finished in politics if he switched. The switch would have given the GOP the Senate.


    1. Wow. That says it all…

      Except that the DEMONcRATs have supported infanticide (and euthanasia, and “assisted suicide”, etc.) from the beginning…

      And isn’t Virginia the home of the rotten Mark Warner, and that crew?

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  16. Why aren’t people interviewing Northam’s VMI and medical school classmates, finding them at work or interrupting them at home, like they would do to friends and family of any Republican?

    “Mr. so-and-so, you were good friends with Gov. Northam at VMI, and yet neither you nor any of your classmates ever said a word about your classmate’s conduct. Not in 2008, not in 2013, and not even now.

    Are you all being blackmailed into silence by the Devilrat Party?

    Or are you all racists?

    Or are you all cowards?

    If you won’t even answer the question then our viewers will have to assume you’re cowards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be racists who are being blackmailed to.

    Are you a racist coward being blackmailed by the Democrat Party, Mr. so-and-so?”

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Need to add the questions “Are you all also in favor of infanticide” aka killing new born babies? And at what age of the unwanted child should the killing of children become murder?”

      Liked by 5 people

    2. Cowards and Democrats. If there are any genuine conservatives among them, they’ll be questioning why they didn’t speak up. It was certainly something that could have been done, even anonymously.

      Liked by 4 people

    1. Larry Schweikart tweeted this 3 days ago. Almost put it in the post, but decided it was a different focus.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Our Lt. Gov., Justin Fairfax, is Black. Worked for PP. He’s just as rabid an abortionist as Northam. Supports 40 wk abortions/infanticide.

        The Dems are Evil. This is who they are.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Larry Schweikart: “Question: Now that we see a pattern in two different places of anti-black racism with Northam,



        Larry is exactly on point here, fantastic.

        Not because I have any way of knowing whether Northam is eugenics-oriented… it’s not even a question that can be answered — but because this is a WAR and if we want to WIN, we have to take the opponents OUT of the game.

        What we do know is that Northam is a proponent of genocide; he supports the murder of the 60+ million babies in America alone since 1973, and as of last week, he is publicly supporting the insanely murderous position of post-birth murder. As the CEO of Virginia, he opposes both the Constitution and the Law of the Land (and the law of the sea, for that matter) against murder.

        Northam, and every last devilrat who supports his position, belong in an asylum for the criminally insane. These are lunatics — homicidal maniacs, mass-murderers — in positions of power in our civil government.

        And Larry’s approach here is ‘take no prisoners’, which is exactly what is needed, and what our side is normally unwilling to do.

        To be more effective, I wouldn’t use the word ‘eugenics’, because the ‘man on the street’ doesn’t know that word, not really. Most may have a general idea (as I do), or know that it’s ‘bad’ from the context, but going by the Jesse Waters street interviews from a few years ago, the average person doesn’t even know who fought in the Civil War (or why) (or when it happened) (or who won). What are the chances these same people have a coherent definition of ‘eugenics’?

        I’ll take that one for $100, Alex: what is “None”?

        You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) assume people are stupid (they’re not), but you do have to know your audience and talk to them in a way they can understand.

        Hammer Northam (and all devilrats) relentlessly on the post-birth murder. No quasi-rational human being can support that, just ask them “If I put a newborn infant in your arms, would you snap his little neck, or put your hand over her face and suffocate her to death?”

        Any normal person would recoil and say “of course not!”.


        Because it’s wrong, because it’s not right, because it’s against the law, because it’s murder, because you would go to prison for the rest of your life, because people would hunt you down and justifiably kill you — all of the above (and more) are ‘correct answers’, and everybody knows them.

        Once you establish a baseline that post-birth baby murder is categorically insane under any circumstances, you win.

        And the way you win is to make the devilrats OWN their heinous genocidal position. Confront them with it at every single opportunity.

        Make them defend it, and when they try, destroy their argument and destroy them WITH it.

        Don’t stop until they are crying.

        Once they start crying, that’s your sign to ramp it up.

        Don’t stop until they RUN AWAY crying.

        Or until their heads explode and a lizard crawls out of their ‘person costume’… that would be even better 😁

        Liked by 3 people

        1. I love your comment, Scott. It makes the bullet points regarding the fact that this is WAR! Take no prisoners. Someone commented about Bongino and his not releasing the info, because it wasn’t verified. All he’d had to do was hand it off, or investigate – he has contacts. It would have impacted several races in 2018 – Blacks would have voted naively for the Dem candidates.

          The Dems would have destroyed our candidates with that information, and btw, it’s clearly his yearbook picture, complete with his name. Two pages!

          Anyway, I said this upthread:

          We need action like Andrew Breitbart might have taken. That’s the difference – we need Andrew Breitbarts.

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