Fake News Dies in Sunlight

Best video in ages.

Tweet version:

“Fake News Dies in Sunlight.”

Oh hell yeah. THIS is why we’re here.


Carry On.

61 thoughts on “Fake News Dies in Sunlight

  1. Speaking of fake news…wapo and justin fairfax are in a tussle. They wouldnt report on the sex assault for 1. Then he says yhey found red flags n major issues with the accuser. Wapo says nuh uh. Now i see he forced the female to perform oral sex.
    The gov and lt gov. Fake news, real problems…

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    1. IMO: The Dems had to put Fairfax on the ballot to keep that Black voting base here in Virginia. It’s a good bet they thought they had Northam’s history hidden and under control – until it wasn’t. Both men are deeply indebted to Planned Parenthood, which tells us where the Dem party is in Virginia, and elsewhere as we now know.

      I hope POTUS stomps on the Dems in his SOTU! Infanticide and the whole ugly story.

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        1. Fighting each other…that would be sweet. And the attorney general, the third in line to the governorship, has called for Northam to resign.

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          1. I was mulling some of this stuff over when I was out and about today, and I’m thinking Northam did everything that his bosses wanted, but didn’t know they were going to eat him. He set the table after PP wrote the bill, and the dumb woman sponsored it. The main course, infanticide, flopped, so now the only thing left is for him to be cooked.

            Put another way….kill the messenger so maybe the people will forget the message. PP was testing the waters….plus many more cliches.

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            1. That might work too. However the old fashioned eclairs are indescribable. I haven’t made them for about 20 years. Lots of work and tricky, plus I wouldn’t want to share them. Heehee.

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          1. Dang! Had to barter for some brownies last week. Now Eclairs?

            Don’t remember who did it but somebody posted a pic of brownies in the open thread. They got stuck on my mind for a couple days and. . .a pound is 3500 calories, right? LOL

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            1. Probably so Johnny. Darn, when a treat for me can’t be over 6 carbs 3 times a day, I’m destroyed by the thought of brownies or eclairs.

              Scratch frozen brownies are awesome straight from the freezer, while eating them in the basement, hidden from the kids before Christmas, stolen from the Christmas stash of goodies. I won’t say how I know that. 🙂


    1. Snap, as my 28 yo son would say. They spend money willy nilly and could care less about giving their own employees wage increases. These are the same bozos that encourage policies that foist a make or break $15 minimum wage on small business owners.

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      1. Not to defend Bezos and their ilk–But since they just take their am email talking points and run with it–No real research or investigation–why WOULD you pay them more than that—
        Maybe it’s a chicken or egg thing…


        1. For sure they run with the 4 am talking points but what I meant to convey was that companies like them profess to care about the common worker by backing the $15 min. wage. Meanwhile they ignore wage increase needs for their own employees but justify spending ludicrous amounts of money for SB ads. The hyprocrisy of the left.

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  2. According to an article in the NYT, re: Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax sexual assault:

    “Mr. Fairfax asserted that the woman had subsequently called him and said she wanted him to meet her mother. He said he had no documentary evidence of any further conversations after their sexual encounter in 2004, when he was working as the personal aide to John Edwards, then a senator from North Carolina and the Democratic vice-presidential candidate that year. Asked if he had seen her since the time in his hotel room, he said, “I don’t believe so.””

    This happened when he was working for cheatin’ lying John Edwards?! Whose wife was dying of cancer while he was boffing some babe on the side?!


    You can NOT make this stuff up! This is too much!!! I am dying laughing!

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    1. OMG – hilarious! 😀

      BTW Aubergine – got your message – awesome – we need to set you up to be able to publish stuff. I resent the invitation for author status – please check your email again and we’ll see if it’s there. If not, then send the email address to me privately and I can make sure the invitation goes straight to that. That technique worked for Wheatie and T3. Also if you get on Gab we can discuss there, BUT I have to let you know that Aubergine is taken as a handle there already, but orderinthecoop is not.

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  3. CarpeDonktum does some excellent work, doesn’t he.
    I love it!

    I miss Andrew Breitbart.
    And I still think his death was very suspicious.
    It wouldn’t be the first time that the dark operators of the Left were sent forth to silence someone.

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    1. Wheatie!!! Carpe Donktum Is One of my favorites!!! Seriously–Excellent Work!!!
      Andrew Breitbart is very much my hero–His early death–SMH– I WISH that it was FAKE and HE is Q!! LOL!!!
      Nothing is impossible with GOD…😉😊

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  4. Wolf that post turned something cynical and absurd and converted it into something truly inspiring, beautiful.

    It’s like CarpeDonktum has issued a charge to us, a commission.


    Be Independent Journalism!

    Be Andrew Breitbart!

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  5. Michael!! 100% I tweeted our site to him tonite…He RETWEETED!!! Hope he visits!!! I am more than inspired!!! T3–You keep us Prayerful and on track!! GREAT AWAKENING!!!! We are SO all connected!!!

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    1. But unfortunately, CarpeDonktum is not a fan of Q…so I wouldn’t expect him to comment here.

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    2. Those tweets were follow-ups to this exchange:

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      1. It’s Still OK!! He reminds me of my cousin!! Smarter than snot–Kinda of a dick! But we love him anyway… Dark to light!! WE FIGHT!! like our POTUS!!

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  6. Lurker at TCH since ’16, am so happy to have found you guys! Thank you Wolf for starting this page. I have missed you, Fle, wheetie, GA/FL, Sylvia,etc. Will be lurking on a branch here!

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