The Banhattan Project

What if I told you that free speech was about to strike back hard against censorship by Silicon Valley, using a simple but profound revolution in technology that can only be invented – and cannot be uninvented?

What if I told you that this PROJECT was based on an IDEA that should have been seen long ago, except that a kind of large-scale MIND CONTROL had prevented us from actually SEEING it?


I saved this tweet as an image, so Twitter can never destroy this moment.

Imagine. You cannot be banned from commenting on a site, because the FREE DISCUSSION of the site is no longer in the hands of the SITE or the hands of Silicon Valley Tech Censors. It is in the hands of people whose JOB it is to allow FREE SPEECH.

This is why I call it the BANHATTAN PROJECT. It NUKES the censors. You CANNOT BE BANNED from what will undoubtedly be THE most vigorous and unrestrained discussion of all.

And it will be ALL OVER THE INTERNET. There will even be a GAB LEVEL for every post here, where OTHERS (including ourselves, perhaps) can discuss things even more freely than we do here.

This is a revolutionary idea, and one that I eagerly support.

One thing I am counting on is the BRAVE BROWSER helping to back freedom of speech by backing the extension. Other browsers may make it hard to use the Gab commenting extension but BRAVE is likely to fight Gab less than anybody, and possibly even HELP them deploy the new extension.

One of the things I find incredibly interesting is the fact that this idea didn’t appear sooner. The question is WHY NOT?

In my opinion, the same reason Gab had to appear. We took free speech for granted, even as it disappeared.

Looking forward to this Gab comment extension very much.

You may or may not need this code to “get on Gab”.


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but a second layer of free speech commentary here will never hurt me, and thus I look forward to it.

100 thoughts on “The Banhattan Project

  1. Had to drop this on Twitter, too. Normally I don’t like to advertise this place, but this one is too important.

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      1. I even got a bell and an orange do too. But nothing loads from the bell. Have to go to my iPad for that.
        Wow, it looks like I won’t even have to re-enter my email and password again to post this now. We will see. Wonder what changed on my end. Or is it on wordpress. I’m stymied.

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        1. This is because you’ve allowed JavaScript, which is needed for the WordPress stuff to connect.

          Make sure that you’ve enabled THIS SITE to allow third party cookies (meaning WordPress), and also make sure that you open in another tab and log in with your password there, but DON’T SIGN OUT – just kill the tab.

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          1. Wish I knew. It just happened. Our geeky son was here again this past weekend, but I didn’t see him doing anything to our PC. He’s the one who runs our systems. DH had his fill of them when he was working. We do have automatic updates from MS on the PC. ???

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    1. Wolfmoon, I have a gab account but I don’t understand how to use this. I logged in to Gab and don’t see it. I clicked on the download tab in your article and nothing happened. Help. Thanks.

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      1. Don’t worry – it’s not here yet – they’re still coding, although I think it’s in test already. Once it’s ready, I’ll explain how to set it up.

        But as for this site, do you have the bell with the orange dot in the upper right corner of the page, and does it work for you? That’s the notifications. We should be able to get that to work for everybody.

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          1. I had a bell and orange dot (never noticed it or paid any attention to it before, lol!).

            But once I clicked on it, the orange dot has now disappeared.

            The bell is still there, though.

            Doesn’t make any sound… which is probably a good thing.


        1. I have been on GAB for a while since twitter started giving me 12 & 24 hour suspensions (lost count how many, thought they would have outright banned me by now). They tried everything possible to shut GAB down, their hosting kicked them off their servers, payment processors banned them, etc.The last week they have been under relentless attack by over 50,000 bots according to “@a”. They suspended new sign ups while they are trying to clean up all the fake accounts – might be open again. Even today it took 4 reloads to be able to get past the 404 errors and actually get logged in. Earlier in the week it was way worse, so I think they are close to getting it cleaned up. Does show that they will go to great lengths to censor anything they don’t like!

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          1. Gab should enlist the assistance of Anons everywhere to launch counterattacks against Twitter, Google, Youtube and Facebook.

            Like anything else, if it doesn’t cost them anything, if it’s a ‘war’ where one party never fights back, then they’ll just keep doing it.

            But start screwing up THEIR platforms, and they’ll think twice.

            Or the war will simply escalate the DJT administration crackdown.

            Either way.


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      2. Search for people who got banned from Twitter and they are there. The people with the Premium accounts are able to post more then just a regular user because they pay. The first person I would suggest you follow is @NeonRevolt, but there are many more that would take to long to list. After the big ban on Q on Reddit everybody tried Voat, but the community there wasn’t very welcoming, so most will be found on gab. Obviously there is the Chans, but you have to be ready to have some really thick skin to float in there and the time to learn how to navigate! Luckily Wolf has started this site on WordPress, so navigation and access to information is so easy!

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        1. I’ve been on GAB since the beginning but am not very active. Way too little time for so much social media. I did just go over and scoop up a lot of your followers. Nice to see all of the familiar names! Kudos to Jack Torban who has fought censorship long and hard.


            1. We had a Super Bowl Party –too many Normies in my real life…Great Family!! Great Friends!! No one really cared who won.. It was more Fellowship!!– But I wore my Drew Brees Jersey! In solidarity with my son in NOLA! And PATRIOTS always WIN!! It’s a thing!!! And The Trump Curse is REAL!!! So pay attention Blotches!!!

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  2. No more discus, fakebook, gulag to log in? 1 acct that cant be banned, cant be stopped, for every site? Oh that is something i look forward to! I dont comment on lots of things bc of that reason.
    Wolf, if you have reddit you should link this post to a post there.

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    1. It’s a beautiful idea because it basically separates the discussion from the site. It’s ALMOST separated from the browser – and if the browser manufacturer tries to kill the extension, ALL THE USERS just switch browsers.

      It’s the most significant WEAPONIZATION OF FREE SPEECH yet.

      LEFTECH is incapable of doing this. Fakebook and Yahoo distribute commenting systems to sites, as does Disqus, but these are basically SPYWARE, done through SITE OWNERS, so that visitors have no choice in loading the data-mining software. Gab, in contrast, has USER-DRIVEN software integrating through the BROWSER, not the SITE.

      This is extremely significant. The left is taking a HUGE hit here. AND it’s a WHEAT-CHAFF SORTER on a nuclear scale. Whoever opposes it is AUTOMATIC BLACK HAT.

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  3. Wolfie, I saw where you mentioned this last night and hinted about today’s article.
    It will be a revolution.
    I love it.
    They can’t silence us anymore.

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    1. Exactly! And anybody who works against this is an enemy of the Constitution and can be NUKED by conservatives, libertarians and classic liberals – divest – log off – close your account – whatever. It’s a major unmasker.

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  4. I have never used an extension that I know of, so I have a really dumb question, and I think I know the answer. Could someone who had been banned from commenting at The Last Refuge use it to comment there? Or wht about someone who was banned from here? I think one could not comment in that case, is that right?

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    1. Extensions are little bits of software that *extend* the features of your browser. In this case. they will add the ability to make comments on ANY url on the Internet. So yes, free speech, IN THE GAB COMMENTS on ANY page including OT. Won’t put your comments into the WordPress comment stream. It s a separate stream of comments.

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      1. A separate stream of comments that the people OT will want to check, to find out what’s being said about them 😁

        And as soon as they discover FREEDOM from the SD Gulag, the Gulag will look positively stifling by comparison…


  5. Oh man, this sounds so great wolf and I had no idea this was possible. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to register though, their code won’t work for me for some reason. I wonder if registering a couple years ago but not setting up a profile screwed me up? Do you guys know if anyone with Gab can send me an invitation or do I have to try and figure it out on their site/helpline?

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    1. I used to be on Gab and have not been there since they are in a new place. I cannot get in but can read. Maybe I need to set up a new Gab account.?

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          1. Hmmm, could be my real name I guess. I won’t post it here but you can find me on Twitter, @trever_garrison if that’s an obvious enough clue. Can’t think of any other username ida used but like I said, I never finished through with getting confirmed. Idk

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      1. Whisper 1 I believe. My handle always has been whisper on the Internet until CTH and here. I am not sure if I had a 1 after because sometimes I have to add something.

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          1. Wolf might be me? I might have to set up an account.
            Thank you for finding this. I know for some reason many people fallowed me even though I did not post much.

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            1. Whatever email you signed up with *should* still work for account recovery, although it would not surprise me if Microsoft spam-holed all Gab notifications. They have a few nasty habits that way!


              1. Wolf yes the whisper at Gab is me.
                I tried logging in and it tells me they send the new password to my email but I never get email from gab.
                Gab does not take new members one needs to be recommended.
                i thing that I am not supposed to be there and that is ok.
                Thank you for finding my laps account.

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              2. Be sure to check your SPAM and any “social” folders. Also be sure to check OLD email accounts. Hotmail is notorious for TRASHING emails before they even get to spam.


    Why free speech on the web – as we once knew it – will be over within a decade.
    February 1, 2019 Daniel Greenfield

    Very much worth a read:

    …”An iron curtain has descended across the Continent,” Winston Churchill once warned. A digital iron curtain is now descending over the internet. Free speech as we once knew it will be over in a decade. The internet will still be a noisy place, but it will be a managed noise of echo chambers, a moderated system in which dissenting views will be treated as trolling and purged as quickly as they are identified.

    The political causes of both curtain falls are the same. The Soviet Union and the American Left had both triumphed and inherited a large chaotic region that they had to consolidate under their control. The Soviet Union’s triumph had been a military one over physical territories while the American Left had conquered the messaging territories of the old cultural realm, media, entertainment and advertising.

    Having won those, it’s expanding its control over big corporations and big government. And to do that, it has to eliminate the independent voices on the internet that pose a threat to its messaging monopoly.

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    1. Gab has a @PlainJane named Janie L. – the person has no posts. You could use @Plain_Jane. There is no @BabushkaBabe or @Babushka_Babe on Gab.

      Twitter has @Babushka_Babe – her name is Chantal Yu and she’s a young handbag maniac – probably not you. 😉 Twitter also has a @PlainJane who wants Kathy Griffin for President, and a @Plain_Jane who set up her account in 2008 and made one tweet.

      What do you think?

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      1. Thanks Wolfie.

        Oh this stinks. I was the original Shadrach when dial up first happened. That name got taken over.

        I know there were zero Babushka Babes when I coined it to do reviews on products.

        I will have to think more here before I move on this. I was mortified when I learned there was another Plain Jane who came before me, and felt I stole it from someone.

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        1. “I know there were zero Babushka Babes when I coined it to do reviews on products. ”


          That’s YOU?!?


          (just kidding, I’ve never read any reviews by anyone called Babushka Babe 😁 )

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            1. “However, glad you haven’t read my reviews, as most of them were for ladies clothing and underwear. LOL”


              Well that explains it, it’s all coming back to me now, it must have been reviews by Babushka Dude that I was reading.

              ‘Dude’ (as he’s known by his friends) was a very famous reviewer, whose life was later chronicled in the Cohen Brothers film ‘The Big Lebowski


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  7. “Imagine. You cannot be banned from commenting on a site, because the FREE DISCUSSION of the site is no longer in the hands of the SITE…”


    Sundance is gonna be so MAD!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


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    1. Actually, this will almost certainly lead to the end of SD commenting at all, because if he can’t control it, he simply won’t participate.

      This new capability won’t really affect many url’s in a direct way, but for sites with comment sections, people will quickly gravitate to the uncensored comment section, while the censored ‘official’ comments section dries up and withers away.

      For example, why would anybody bother posting in the SD-censored zone, when you can finally speak freely without worrying about your knuckles being rapped by the SD Nuns, like in the Blues Brothers?

      Everyone will be using the uncensored area for any website that censors or bans people.

      I suspect this will lead to most websites abandoning censorship (and moderators) completely, because confronted with the new reality, they would rather have the discussions (without censorship or threat of being banned) taking place on their own website comments section, than having their own website comments section turn into a ghost town while everybody comments about their website via some 3rd party platform.

      In short, out of self-interest, this should compel the censor-Nazis to become stark raving FREE SPEECH proponents 😁

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  8. There is something that will need to be dealt with, and that something is porn.

    The (not)Supreme Court was W R O N G when they decided that porn was protected by free speech. The explosion of porn since that ruling has done nothing but cheapen and coarsen our culture ever since, and according to more and more that I read, much of the porn on the Internet is just a kind of psy-op used by the ‘Deep State’ to sow cultural destruction everywhere.

    They make billions of dollars form porn, it is highly addictive, it spreads like cancer, and it is societally destructive. It’s a perfect subversion tool.

    Furthermore, it serves no productive purpose whatsoever, especially on discussion forums (I don’t know why 4chan and 8chan allows it, except out of some misguided belief that ‘porn’ is ‘free speech’ just because the clown cars on the not-Supreme Court said it was). But what it does do is drive away people who don’t want to be exposed to it.

    Someone might say that there’s no way to stop it.

    Sure there is.

    Child porn isn’t covered by any misguided notions of free speech.

    Adult porn can be stopped the exact same way as child porn, using the same laws, the same enforcement mechanisms, and the same penalties.

    You don’t have billboards on buildings or on highways showing hardcore porn where kids can see it and where everyone else is exposed to it.

    So why should the porn sleaze-bags be allowed to shove their product in your face on the Internet highways and billboards?

    They shouldn’t.

    So while the robed clowns on the (not)Supreme Court are overturning Roe v. Wade, they can overturn their mistaken ‘porn’ case rulings, too.

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      1. Thanks Wolf. I don’t have a handle. Have not ever been able to access Gab.
        I think maybe a different browser will work for me.
        Will play around when I get the time


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