It Is Time To Return To Starbucks! Howard Schultz Is Scaring the Democrats To Death…..

A recent poll came out from Emerson Polling. It matched our President versus Pocahontas in Iowa and our President versus Pocahontas with Schultz as an option in Iowa. The difference was significant.

Schultz took far more voters away from Pocahontas than he did from PDJT. That will play itself out in many other states across our country. Especially in the Rust Belt. With Schultz running as an Independent, our President will win each of the states he won in 2016 and he will win the following states that he lost in 2016: Maine (the entire state not just the 1 Electoral Vote he won in 2016), New Hampshire, Minnesota,  Nevada and Colorado.

  • He lost Maine by 2.9% (+3 additional Electoral Votes)
  • He lost New Hampshire by 0.3% (+4 additional Electoral Votes)
  • He lost Minnesota by 1.5% (+10 additional Electoral Votes)
  • He lost Nevada by 2.4% (+6 additional Electoral Votes)
  • He lost Colorado by 5.9% (+9 additional Electoral Votes)

Add that to the 306 he won in 2016 and you have 338 Electoral Votes in 2020.

Schultz absolutely kills the radical Left because he talks common sense!

He also enjoys trolling the MSM and Democrats!

Never ever forget this tweet!

Does this look like a man who is worried?


30 thoughts on “It Is Time To Return To Starbucks! Howard Schultz Is Scaring the Democrats To Death…..

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        1. ‘He needs to lighten up.’

          Daughn, so now you’ve gone and given all the snowflakes another excuse to get their heads to explode….

          Howard, along with being white and a billionaire, he will now have ‘light’ privilege.

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  2. Oh, flep. You’ll be hard pressed to ever get me into a Starbucks again. His anti-Christmas moves, his willingness to hire illegals, his social justice crusades…well, I could go on. Anyway, I’ve only been in SB three or four times – don’t drink coffee – and had smoothies. I can live without that.
    Would not mind seeing him run, however, because I do believe he would pull votes from the Dems. He could position himself to appeal to those 54% who want to be more moderate.

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    1. I’m a big coffee drinker, their coffee is disgusting and overpriced. drillerwife likes the maciattos (whatever they’re called). Took a while to convince her that Starbucks isn’t all that but, lucky her, we have a little gift shop down the street that makes flavored coffees that she loves.

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  3. It does not matter who does or does not challenges our VSGPDJT. Our enemy is destroying themselves from within.

    Nothing can stop what’s coming.

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    1. The only thing that makes sense of Shultz’s independent run, is his hidden desire to defeat the swamp and give free reign to our President to finish what he started.

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  4. That Emerson Poll showed something that I was afraid would happen…

    Shultz drew 3 points from Trump.
    Yes, he drew 8 points from Warren…but he provides an alternative for some of the voters who would vote Trump, if there is no other alternative to a far left Dem nominee.

    It’s still very early.
    Schultz may not be able to get on the ballot in every state…because the Dem-controlled states will be trying to block him.

    I also think that it’s going to be difficult to get accurate polling, for the same reasons as in 2016.
    Some people are reluctant to tell pollsters that they like Pres Trump.

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  5. To be honest, the discussion of a Dem splitter shouldn’t even be necessary. If the states would just get rid of the millions of fraudulent votes being cast in every national election it wouldn’t be a problem…Republicans win. But we can’t rely on “them” to do that can we? Even when and if they do they’ll just run their chosen candidates as Republicans and try to gain office that way…

    Anyways…I guess this Schultz guy is better than a stale cup o’ joe…aka Senator Gropius…


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